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Do you want to buy a mattress but are you confused?

THE Marion mattresses are undoubtedly gods good mattresses, but it is also true that the company has suffered some criticism in recent years by online users. Let's find out well together why and what the truth is.

It is clear that there are also valid alternatives, and in this article we will consider them.

Discover through our opinions and reviews what the online users of Marion think and eventually what model is made for your needs, don't worry because the choice is much simpler than what you think.

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Review and Opinions of the Marion Mattresses

What do consumers say about Marion mattresses?

The Marion mattresses are undoubtedly very famous because they are widely advertised in Italy on television networks, which of us has not run into a teleshopping of this company that offers very competitive prices?

Normally Marion mattresses are sold by a consultant who arrives at home and offers you samples of their catalog.

In this catalog there are several models suitable for all needs, such as double beds, transpiring, single, massaging, latex, with motorized network, etc.

The nets are composed of wooden slats and very often reclining, an important prerogative that can be very useful for the elderly or the sick.

But apparently from the opinions of the users on the Italian online forums the mattresses sold in telesales online are those there at the lower end of the company, the price is paltry to attract customers and induce them to make an appointment with one of their representatives who then will propose a high-end product. The real quality of Marion lies instead in their top of the range models.

Marion produces latex mattresses with differentiated zones, this means that not all the surface of the mattress is the same, but presents some variations between one part and another to better adapt to the shape and temperature of the body, a technology to be able to sleep better and without straining the joints.

Transpiration is ensured by the open cell structure which allows a very interesting ventilation allowing the fabrics to breathe and leaving the body at an excellent temperature throughout the night.

In addition, there are specific models with alveolus structures or massaging surfaces.

Ergonomics is undoubtedly the strength of Marion mattresses, even the duration is to be considered, they are objects made to be used for years without any maintenance.

The prices are advantageous, clearly using the online telesales you can buy the super-basic models at ridiculous prices, but this type of mattresses will hardly respond to your needs since according to the users tend to be low in thickness and suitable only for very people reading, it's only going up a bit in the price range that Marion gives its best and gives more satisfaction.

Online users are very critical in fact with regard to Marion mattresses purchased through a teleshopping offer, the reason is soon said in fact, the type of mattresses sold in these contexts tend to be simple attractions on the part of the company to convey more expensive products , which constitute the true main course of the company.

Products advertised on teleshopping in the opinion of users are only suitable for very light people, being very little thick and padded, those that can be purchased at higher prices are instead excellent products for everyone.

The price is certainly higher, because the quality is paid as usual, but if you want to bring home a great mattress, Marion can be one of the brands to bet on.

There are many users who buy top-quality mattresses and find them extremely well, those sold on television are only a pretext to be able to convey this type of more expensive mattresses, it is the truth. But unlike other brands that sell poor products, Marion knows how to treat the customer when it comes to ergonomic mattresses.

The mattresses produced by Marion are exclusively in latex, this material normally finds many detractors but also many enthusiastic users, so it is impossible to express an absolute opinion about it.

Continue reading this guide if you want to discover some tempting offers that can be purchased directly and quickly on Amazon.

Or Click here if you want to go to the Marion website and be contacted by one of their operators to receive a visit from a representative at home and discover their offers.

GoldFlex, Memory MOD Mattress, 5 Layers 4 Resting Solutions

Here is an excellent mattress produced by Goldflex, an excellent company, is sold directly under vacuum from amazon, although it is very easy to open and move immediately to action.

In fact, when you buy it, you need to let it swell a little to get it to its original size.

It is equipped with 2 separate plates to allow 4 rest possibilities. Which means the hardness of the mattress changes over the course of the night.

In fact, when one leans on as soon as one is about to fall asleep this tends to be a little harder than usual, then with the passing of the hours it tends to favor the shape of the body, favoring the comfort and well-being of the back.

Item recommended for those who normally have back or neck problems.

Materassimemory, Memory Aloe Therapy Mattress, of medium hardness

Here is an interesting memory mattress, also sold vacuum-packed in a large cylinder.

The mattress is in memory and is composed of four different layers to better adapt to the various phases of sleep and to the parts of the body, it is in fact distributed in 11 different areas.

Once purchased, it must be placed on the bed slats and wait for it to release and return to its expected dimensions in order to be used at best without problems.

It is certainly an upgrade compared to the old spring mattresses, you will immediately feel the difference.

The hardness is medium, if you like super soft mattresses it is better to aim at something else.

Marcapiuma – Memory Double Mattress good for back pain

Another mattress interesting for back pain and cervical.

We know that the spring mattress commonly used in Italian homes in recent decades does more damage than anything else when it comes to these two evils, that's why buying a memory mattress can be an excellent idea and a necessary and fundamental step to change your sleeping habits and solving postural problems.

From the outset you will notice improvements, especially with regard to the cervical, even if at the beginning it will take maybe a while to get used to this new type of mattress.


Mentor, Memory Med Advanced Mattress, for those who love to sink into mattresses

A very high mattress for those with back pain, produced by a very good company that has a very valid customer service appreciated by online users.

It is a medical device with certification, produced in Italy, an additional reason to be purchased.

Very comfortable, it is perfect for those who love softer mattresses, it has excellent support in the lumbar area.

Equipped with a good quality pillow.

Materassimemory, Memory Top Air Double Mattresses, good price quality - Top Air 160x190 Double Mattress ... – Top Air 160×190 Double Mattress …

  • NEW VERSION 2019 – Memory foam double mattress 160×190 Height 25 cm with Aloe Vera coating with class 1 medical device deductible with FREE TULIP MED PILLOWS
  • External covering in fabric treated with Aloe Vera, Anti-mite Anti-allergic antistatic with transpiring 3D Air perimeter band and handling handles

Here is the mattress with the best price quality of the 5 presented in this small guide.

Perfect against the numbness of the limbs, as well as against back and cervical pains.

Highly recommended for those who don't want to spend a lot but at the same time don't want to compromise on quality.

Characterized by an Aloe perfume immediately identifiable immediately after purchase.

Once a month it must be rotated, but do not imagine titanic efforts, it is very light so it will be child's play and will ensure a bomb-proof rest.

In conclusion

Choosing a mattress to sleep is certainly a very difficult passage because we know how important this object is in the home, it is indeed the place where we spend about half of our time available, or even more, there is who loves reading or even eating in bed.

This decision cannot therefore be underestimated and proceed with the classic lead feet.

The posture that the body assumes during the night has repercussions on what you will experience during the day, such as walking or doing other normal standing activities, such as sports.

It is therefore clear that in the light of this very precious information we should "waste" some time to ponder well which mattress to choose.

The market proposes different brands and models, to look at them from the outside they all look similar to each other and without big differences, but it is when you lie down above that you feel the real difference. Marion mattresses are one of many alternatives in the complicated and confusing world of beds and mattresses.

The best mattresses have precisely this ability to be excellent nests in which to rest, when you lean on you immediately feel the difference, what separates them from models of other brands is in fact their ergonomics, the possibility of lying down and not having to think about where you fall asleep. Because on a Marion mattress the body instinctively knows how to choose the right position in which to settle down.

Especially if you find yourself facing the important crossroads to decide which mattresses to buy for the whole family, searching the internet for reviews and opinions is always the wisest and smartest way to make the right choice, and this guide was written to make it easier for you in this arduous task.

Not many are in fact experts regarding mattresses, this is a world somewhat ignored by consumers, who usually prefer to be satisfied with what they naturally find when they are threatened, for example, in an already furnished house.

NOTHING MORE WRONG, the choice of the place where one rests should instead be made with the utmost awareness without giving the chance to choose for us.

What would you think if I told you to settle for the first random car assigned to you by luck? You would think I'm crazy. And well, all the more so when it comes to beds and mattresses.

Just as there is a big difference between a station wagon and a small car, so there is a huge difference between a mattress with differentiated lift areas and a massaging surface and one in ergonomic latex.

No joke when you are dealing with the health of your spine and any cervical problems that you may risk facing during your life.

This is the reason why an excellent mattress is the fundamental starting point, the root on which to base our personal well-being. Ask a posture expert and see what he will tell you.

Unfortunately the time has come to say goodbye, inviting you to take a tour on our site to find other guides written by consumers like us for consumers like you, I refer you to the next article.

I hope this guide will help you and that you will find the perfect mattress to accompany your best dreams.


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