πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Effective Lifesaving Phones for Seniors (2019) –

πŸ₯‡ 5 Best Effective Lifesaving Phones for Seniors (2019) –

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Do you have an elderly parent who lives alone?

Do you feel guilty for not being with him 24 hours a day?

Don’t worry, there is the solution for you: the life-saving telephone for the elderly.

My grandmother can no longer move since an operation on the femur blocked her and now she is forced to run around the house (very slowly) with a support, when she needs help she cannot always reach the phone in time.

If it weren’t for this technology, I don’t know how we would have done it as a family as we all unfortunately work and are busy all day. Although we take turns to stay close to it is difficult to always be present. Especially when it may need more help.

The lifesaver Beghelli (also sometimes called « salvalavita ») was introduced several years ago on the market with a lot of success, it was a real revolution and finally allowed to be in direct contact with family members in need of help and sudden treatment.

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The guide to lifesavers for the elderly

The life-saving telephone is a fundamental device to guarantee safety and protect the health of our loved ones, in fact it is a very advanced and simple system at the same time that allows you to keep in direct contact with the aid of a very simple button, to be pressed in case of emergency.

When the elderly or a family member feels ill or is afraid he will only have to push a button and we will be immediately notified.

Not convenient?

There are times when intervening in a timely manner can actually save the life of a person in danger, and we would be reproached all our lives for not having arrived in time, maybe just a few minutes just because our loved ones were unable to physically reach the phone to contact us in time.

Owning or not having a life saver can be decisive and even vital in certain situations.

There are various life-saving models and today we’re going to take them into consideration one by one to find out which one is the best for your needs, do not despair because the choice in this case will be very simple, in fact all those presented in this guide are excellent products, and if you buy one of these you will certainly not be wrong. Of course, they have different characteristics and could adapt better or worse to your situation, for this there is need to analyze their specifications.

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How the life-saving phone works for old people with a necklace

The life-saving telephone is a very simple device.

Often it is a very large button to hold around the neck, that the elderly will press in case of need or danger and this will send a signal to the control unit that will arrange to call us immediately warning us that there is need of our timely intervention.

There is no need for the elder to tell us his status by voice, because the lifesaver will take care of it with a pre-recorded message to let us know who the call is coming from.

Easy right?

The life-saving system is very simple and consists of two elements: the terminal and the remote control.

obviously the terminal will be connected directly to the home telephone line and the numbers to be contacted in case of emergency will be set, for example, you can choose to insert a long list of all the family members, who will be called in sequence one after the other.

This is to increase the chances of someone’s intervention. It can sometimes happen that some are busy or sleeping, but it is clear that out of ten calls, for example, one or two will certainly answer and they can go to the needy person’s home.

The sequential call system can obviously be interrupted by one of the people contacted, if it already knows you are going home by the person in need of help, you can usually press a special button (such as the 0 on the numeric keypad) to warn the emergency call receipt system, and this will automatically interrupt the round of phone calls.

The button, also called leafhopper, it is usually a red button to be easily distinguishable even to visually impaired people or in conditions of poor light or lack of clarity due to a sudden illness.

It is worn as a necklace by the person concerned or if you prefer it can be kept on the bedside table or in a drawer, it is clear that it is better to always tenderly if you know you are susceptible to sudden illnesses.

At the moment it is pressed, the alarm is activated immediately, which starts the number of calls pre-set by us. If we want to it will also be possible to insert a recorded message directed to the police or to the emergency services to directly request help from professionals.

Then there are very advanced lifesavers that can even trigger the alarm automatically without any human intervention, for example in the event of gas leaks or sudden water leaks.

It happens in fact that in addition to illnesses or infirmities the elderly who live alone are not at the maximum of their lucidity to keep under control important aspects of domestic life, and there is not always someone who can visit or control them, in this case he comes to help a last generation lifesaver.

It is important when choosing a lifesaver for the elderly or for their sick family members to consider its functions based on the type of illness of the person in question, in fact not all models are exactly identical to each other.

In fact, there is the SOS button on the phone, which allows you to immediately request help at the simple pressure without having to make a call by pressing the numbers and losing precious seconds that could be vital in an emergency situation.

SOS key on the phone, it is the key that allows you to request help simply by pressing a finger, without having to make a phone call (which would be longer and more problematic), but simply by pressing this button.

The system will then send a pre-recorded message. Convenient for those who do not have the time to remember the number of their children in a very terrible moment of fear.

Then there is the call in hands-free sequence to all the numbers entered in the list, this is a function that automatically calls handsomely the predefined numbers, this means that there will be no need to lift the handset, think for example of an old man suffering from pain, he will just have to say two words to his loved ones to make them understand that there is something wrong.

Then there is the possibility, as we said, of importing a call for help to law enforcement or first aid.

The remote control then has the same functionality as the SOS button only that you can wear it as a necklace to always keep it with you, even when you go to the bathroom for example, and we know that in this room of the house often the most dangerous situations happen for the sick , therefore it is essential to have at hand a means that allows you to request and get help in any context.

There is also the possibility to set custom keys that will contact a specific default number without necessarily starting all the calls in sequence.

The keys are often reactive and talking, or when they are crushed they will react by telling the user what they actually pressed, in this way the scared and lonely person can make sure that they are actually calling their children for example and so will be calmed.

There is also the mode in some models of light ringing, this means that if calls arrive to the device this will immediately begin to light up giving a visible and clear signal to the elderly that the call is coming. This system is obviously useful for people with no more perfect hearing.

So here is a guide compiled especially for you with the best models currently available on the market, we hope it is quite comprehensive and that it actually manages to meet your needs. Nothing can be left to chance when dealing with the safety of one’s family members.

1. Salvavita Beghelli 3112N, the great classic

Here is the classic of the classics, the Beghelli 3112N lifesaver, we immediately begin by saying that you are equipped with VoIP, or if you have the fiber at home and your telephone connection depends strictly on the data, you will not be able to use it. This system in fact only works on the classic telephone network.

The programming system is a bit tricky and rudimentary, but it does its duty perfectly, on the other hand the name Beghelli is not placed there by chance, this house has always been synonymous with reliability and safety.

It does not have many features, but it is certainly one of the best for the landline.

The speakerphone feels very good and there will be no problem listening to the voice of loved ones, even if they speak from a long distance compared to the device.

A great classic.

2. Vero + – TOS GSM, modern and equipped with a fall sensor

The True + proposes this beautiful system that is having so much success at this moment on Amazon, as you can see from you by clicking on the link above and going to read user reviews.

Unlike the others it can be used even without depending on the home phone connection, so on GSM mobile phones, it will be enough to have a common SIM card.

As an interesting feature there is the fact that the system is activated if it falls to the ground because it senses that something bad may have happened.

You can press the SOS button and immediately send the usual distress message.

It is possible to communicate hands-free directly with the patient.

You can have the device’s location directly on google maps via the app.

Very easy to program.

3. Beyond Telesalvalavita, very easy to install

Very easy to assemble and configure this Beyond system, all you need is 4 AAA batteries and you are ready to go. These in fact are not included in the package and if you want to start using the system immediately it is good to have them on hand even before the pack of this life-saving system arrives.

There is only to record the desired message of help request and then manually set, being very careful not to make mistakes, the numbers to be contacted sequentially if there is an emergency in progress.

There are two different remote controls included in the package, one for wrist and one for necklace, in order to choose the one that best suits the needs of the patient.

Care must be taken because remote controls tend to be very sensitive and in some cases unwanted help requests may start.

All in all a great product.

4. Konig Telesalvalavita, good price-quality compromise

KΓΆnig SEC-AED10 alarm button

KΓΆnig SEC-AED10 alarm button

  • Security system with integrated telephone keypad for emergency situations
  • When the panic button on the cable is pressed, a recorded message will be sent to a pre-programmed number

A nice telesalvalvate system that allows you to contact your family in an emergency.

Unfortunately it is not possible to configure the system to be able to speak directly with the desired rescuers instead of the classic recorded message.

It also has two remote controls.

Recommended for those who do not want to spend too much but still have a good rescue system, even if not the most advanced at the moment on the market.

5. Urmet Assist SOS, easy to use

Another very interesting and easy to use device, this Urmet Assist SOS is practical and effective, and does its job beautifully without disappointing in any aspect.

It is also equipped with an app to keep the system under control.

An excellent system that is very easy to use.

Some users have complained a bit about the housing of the SIM card that is not located in the easiest of positions, even the manual leaves something to be desired, but it is not a problem because in the end the installation will be very easy too to users who are dealing with a life-saving phone for the first time.

Highly recommended.

In conclusion

As you can see there are different types of lifesavers. All have their own characteristics and differ substantially based on what they can actually do to help.

In short, choosing the right one depends exclusively on the elderly person in question.

The basic operating principle does not change, but someone may actually need a fall sensor, for one thing.

I hope this guide was useful to you.

A greeting!


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