πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Rotomop 2019 Mop (Effective) in Microfiber –

πŸ₯‡ 7 Best Rotomop 2019 Mop (Effective) in Microfiber –

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Hi, I’m Antonella from Pro Contro.

You will agree with me when I say that:

despite all the modern appliances, the mop is still the reference tool for a thorough cleaning of the house.

The ritual associated with this object is undoubtedly fascinating and the movement in which we must try to use it is anchored in our imagination from an early age.

Have you heard of the rotomop?

On this page we will explain you exactly what is that is what are the alternatives to the classic vileda mocio is which are actually the best professional mopers.

It is not easy, however, sometimes to choose a suitable mop, especially if the surfaces to be cleaned are not regular, for example when we are faced with rough floors and parquet.

In this article we will review and indicate exactly the most recommended products for cleaning our home.

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The rotomop mop guide

Of course, many in recent years have preferred to be fascinated by vacuum cleaners, electric floor washers or steam brooms, but there is nothing more effective than the good old mop and I am sure that in the coming years it will never be completely replaced.

Indeed this does not depend on electricity, it can be used without having to read the instructions and it is always ready, without forgetting that the cleanliness it gives, if we have a good quality brand-new mop, well, it is difficult to match.

But most of us know only the traditional moci, those related to the classic iconographic imagery, but not everyone knows that there are actually much more avant-garde tools that exploit the basic design of the mop object but can give much more satisfaction and make save valuable time.

There are, for example, rotating mops, self-squeezing, telescoping to be able to stretch as far as needed.

You can therefore understand that it is no longer as easy as before to choose the best mop for your needs, when you just need to go to the haberdashery in the house and simply ask for any mop to take home to replace the old worn one.

A guide is exactly what it takes, therefore, to understand how to disentangle the complicated jungle of mops and understand which ones are the best most effective and durable.

It is not difficult, we proceed with order without being afraid.

Why choose the foot pedal rotomop?

In recent times there is much talk about the rotomop, or the centrifugal rotating mop, but how does it really differ from a normal mop? Simple:

The rotating pedal which allows you to squeeze the mop effortlessly, once tried it will be very difficult to do without it.

Fatigue is in fact halved and there is no need to bend, a characteristic that is convenient for people like me who have back problems or who are pregnant.

How does the mop work?

The mop is very easy to use, but I thought I’d write these two lines for those who have lived on Mars and just returned to our planet in recent years πŸ™‚

Joke of course, but as strange as it may sound, sometimes you meet people who are not familiar with normal everyday objects due to the most varied reasons.

The mop is made up of a bucket divided into two compartments: one for storing water and one for plastic for squeezing the piece with the many « hairs » designed specifically to allow excellent manageability when dealing with cleaning floors.

Compared to the floor mop, the mop is considerably more practical and much less tiring, because it avoids being forced to bend down each time to rub the dirt off the floor, it also allows it to be squeezed very easily directly into the plastic bucket.

There is no need therefore to squeeze the rag by hand, getting wet and getting your hands dirty every time, a real comfort.

This way you can save a lot of time when washing the floors with the traditional mop.

In fact, it is possible to immediately remove dirty and black water and wet the bat with clean water to start cleaning directly.

What are the different mop bits?

For some, mop is directly synonymous with Vileda, this being the most famous and historic company connected to this object, but in reality today there are many brands that have tried their hand at producing this precious instrument with equally winning results.

The rotating one, the rotomop

This is a category of particular models with rotating squeezing, very comfortable and fast halves time and effort. It will be enough to press the appropriate pedal with the help of your foot and you will not have to damn yourself by hand wringing the bat in the plastic compartment, certainly obtaining better results and removing all the dirty water.

With extendable handle

For those who have particular domestic structures and therefore specific needs, there are the extensible handle mops, equipped with a telescopic stick in order to be adapted to our physical needs, or to be able to access, for example, places in the home not normally allowed by traditional moci.

With articulated head

With 360 Β° swivel head: some kits have a comfortable mop with a swivel head for easy slipping even under furniture and in the most difficult corners.

In addition, there are some factors to pay attention to when buying a mop:

The most advanced mopeds are also made with special fringes in microfiber material, extremely resistant but at the same time delicate, it allows to attract the dust adequately without ruining the surfaces on which it rests.
The more advanced the model, the more fringes will be made up of high quality materials.

There bucket capacity it is usually included between ten and fifteen liters, it is always good to check on the site of the manufacturer or seller how exactly the capacity is so that it can be adapted to your needs, it is clear that a house with very large rooms will need a bigger bucket so you don’t have to constantly change the water.

The handle if it’s telescopic it can be adapted for example to very tall people, facilitating its use.

The squeezing system it is also crucial because it can be the basic element that will allow you to save precious minutes and make the cleaning of your home much more pleasant and fluid.

Some models also have a trolley at the base equipped with wheels, so as to allow the bucket to move much more easily, reducing even more effort.

When to use the mop?

The mop can be used in many situations, for example on kitchen or bathroom floors, where it can remove the vast majority of dirt.

But many people like to use it even outside, in fact it can safely face the most dirty dirt without fear and come out the winner.

Can it be used on parquet?

Many wonder if the mop can actually be used successfully on the parquet, e the answer is yes!

In this case, however, it is better to use the microfibre version or even with special fringes designed for cleaning the parquet.

However, we need to pay close attention to squeezing it very deeply to prevent water residues from ruining our beloved wooden floor.

The part of the fringes that goes on the floor obviously tends to wear out over time and is therefore replaced.

Don’t forget to wash the mop after every single use, since the principle at the base is the same as the rags to wash on the floor, it can therefore be stored without problems in the washing machine at high temperatures to remove all the dirt that could have accumulated.

Best Microfibre Rotating Mop

1. Leifheit Set Clean Twist Disc Mop, professional floor cleaning mop

Leifheit 52052 Clean Twist Disc Set Mop with trolley, Wheels ...

Leifheit 52052 Clean Twist Disc Set Mop with trolley, Wheels …

  • Efficient design: The mop scrubber works with the Leifheit rotation mechanism, which expels water and dirt without effort; with wheeled bucket
  • Easy squeezing: the rotation technology integrated in the home floor washer allows you to squeeze the mop into the bucket without having to bend or wet it

Here is a mop very easy to use and also to assemble and wash.

Perfect on the parquet.

It has the flaw of losing some lint at first use, but a little break-in will be enough to avoid having this problem and continue to use it in extreme safety.

Wringing out the mop’s bow happens in the best way, without letting the water splash out of the bucket, which unfortunately tends to happen with other models.

As a defect it has the fact that it tends not to reach all the most hidden parts of the house due to the size of the bow.

Nevertheless, it slips very well on all surfaces and it is a real pleasure to use it, it almost feels like you are not cleaning your home but doing a much more fun activity.

It is equipped with castors so it is very easy to move even with a full load of water.

Great recommended product.

2. Rotomop SuperFive, the innovative self-leveling mop

Here is the rotomop, a mop that has been talked about a lot in recent years, I must admit that it is really an interesting product.

For the record, although most users are very happy with the Rotomop, there is a small fringe of people whose pedal just doesn’t go down and continue to prefer the traditional mop.

If you are a little patient, a little nervous, and adore « mistreatingΒ Β» your objects, then opt for another model, in fact the rotomop should be used calmly to get the most out of it. πŸ™‚

There are some and some who have problems doing the squeezing movements of the cloth through the movement of the bat, for them the rotomop is the ideal.

It is very hygienic, in fact it can be disassembled and washed in pieces without allowing dirt and bacteria to lurk there without our knowledge.

The use is immediate but to avoid splashing the water out of the bucket it will be necessary to take a little hands at the beginning, once the first phase of « learning » has passed, you will never go back to the traditional mop.

3. Kasanova Strizzy, rotating mop, 2 cloths


Strizzy washes and dries, 2 cloths

Strizzy washes and dries, 2 cloths

  • FREE shipping for orders over EUR 59, click on KASANOVA above and take a look at all our products, you only pay for one shipment even if you buy more items!
  • Strizzy with replacement cloth, the washing system with extendable handle for easy transport and 360-degree rotation for maximum speed.

Another rotating mop of the famous brand of objects for the house Kasanova,
The rotation is obviously fundamental for those who want to do less effort.

The cap for emptying the bucket is a bit awkward, but otherwise we are faced with a very interesting product.

Very fun to use.

4. Vileda Revolution, does not leave halos

The Vileda could not miss in this guide of ours in search of the perfect mop, in fact it is a brand that has always been associated by necessity with this object.

However, the revolution system it presents is clearly superior to the classic one.
The price is a little higher than the other models, but the handful of extra euros is worth all of them.

The mop in question is excellent, with a beautiful and ergonomic design. It allows an extremely precise and at the same time fast house cleaning.

Furthermore, the structure of its fringes allows it to collect dust in corners that you did not think were otherwise accessible.

Never leaves streaks.

5. GreenBlue GB800, in microfibre with telescopic stick

The green blue is in very resistant microfibre, machine washable.

Equipped with a very comfortable telescopic stick that can be extended to your liking, very ergonomic and comfortable.

Very practical, although sometimes it can be a bit unbalanced due to the mechanism inside.

6. CleanAid BigFoot, pedal operated

Another very interesting product that uses the same pedal technology.
Especially recommended for those with arm or wrist problems.

This BigFoot, with an amusing and allusive name given that it means big foot or big foot, allows to have an excellent cleaning even without the addition of detergents.

Wringing can also be done with one hand, very convenient for those who like to clean quickly without sacrificing the quality of cleaning.

7. Vileda Easy Wring & Clean, the champion of the pedal

Here is a very good mop, also with a pedal, it is very recommended because it allows you to keep dirt to a maximum, but always with the comfort of the pedal.

The operation is the same as the rotomop: you have to put the mop inside our bucket, then run it without any effort thanks to the pressure of the special pedal and decide accordingly how much you want it wet.

The microfibre which is fitted is also extremely performing, giving a unique clean, the guarantee of the Vileda brand also does not deny this.

The braids allow you to reach even the narrowest and most hidden corners of the house.

8. Vileda Turbo, the economical but effective solution

I close with the Vileda Turbo which turns out to be an excellent economic alternative.

Vileda is therefore synonymous with quality and guarantee. This is also a pedal, and what a pedal! Dry the mop perfectly.

In short, with this rotomop you can decide exactly how much water you use to clean the floors.

Highly recommended!

In conclusion

It is not difficult to choose the most suitable rotomop mop for you.

It could depend on the type of flooring you have at home, the important thing in my opinion is to opt for a reliable and long-lasting instrument.

I hope this guide helped you. I can only wish you good cleaning!

Greetings from Antonella di ProContro.


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