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I’m Antonella!

You never thought it could happen to you and instead …

One day you find yourself home haunted by these cute rodents.

Yes, you have the house invaded by mice 🐭

But no fear, I have the solution ready for you: a rat trap!

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In this guide I’ll talk about the traps on the market: I’ll show you the different types, I’ll explain how to fix them and how they work.

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The guide to mouse traps

It can happen to everyone, it is not necessarily an indication of poor domestic hygiene, on the contrary sometimes it happens in the cleanest homes, it is often due to the shape of the house or because it is much easier to find yourself in the countryside.

You have to be very careful though because you risk a lot.

In fact the mice are carriers of salmonella, leptospirosi, plague, murine typhus, cholera and many other diseases.

Let’s not forget also the damages to the electric cables and to the furniture of home that these can provoke given their aptitude to gnawing.

Mice are attracted by the smell of food or in the months when the temperatures are more hostile they are naturally attracted by the domestic warmth to try to survive.

Not always, however, for the most varied reasons, it is possible to contact a disinfestation company, so what to do?

The solution is to rely on the best mouse traps on the market and finally try to get rid of these not too cute animals once and for all and in complete autonomy, thus saving a lot of money.

There are traps for ecological mice and others that are a bit more sadistic and cruel, in this article we will cover both for rigor.

Through their presence, mice can easily contaminate the environment in which we live, in particular our food reserves, but contrary to what we think the danger is not only in consuming food touched by rats, but it can also happen to be infected even with the simple contact through clothes.

The danger increases if we are dealing with sewage mice, which are carriers of diseases, coming directly from the discharges of our cities, there is no need to tell you to try to imagine the number of infections of which they are potentially carriers …

Another thing to consider is that mice often nest very quickly, and if you do not act in time you will risk finding your home literally haunted. Why risk it?

Household traps are among the safest, in fact they can be handled without any risk, there is no need to use poisoned baits of any kind, so if you have pets at home you won’t have to worry at all.

The poisoned baits are highly discouraged also because they do not allow the direct killing of the mouse, and you risk filling the house with dead animals in places that are literally inaccessible, imagine what you run the risk of finding yourself… literally a cemetery of dead mice maybe in the spaces of separation between one point and another, or in some hidden hole of your home.

If you intend to use rat poison, contact a professional and absolutely avoid doing it yourself, is a huge risk to your health and that of your family.

To use the traps you will need non-poisoned food lures, we recommend the use of chocolate cream, tested by me personally and guarantees excellent results, I assure you, even better than the classic cheese.

What types of mouse traps are there?

Let’s go together to analyze the different types of mouse traps, trying to shed light on what the market is offering right now.

There are cage traps for capture.

These allow the temporary imprisonment of the animal without causing injury or killing it. He will then be released elsewhere far from our property.

This type of cage is ideal if in the vicinity there are other domestic animals to which you do not want to hurt or if it is considered ethically more correct to save the life of the poor animal and transfer it elsewhere, for example in a beautiful forest, far from our foodstuffs.

Perfect for country mice, for example, the operation is a snap, when the mouse touches the mechanism, this one closes and imprisons it inside.

This kind of trap is made of plastic or metal and allows you to capture a single animal at a time.

Then there are the electric traps.

These ones, on the other hand, are deadly and designed to kill the animal directly, not everyone cares about the life of rats and mice.

In this case there will be a tunnel small enough to let only the mice enter and keep other animals away. A bait will attract the mouse inside which will be killed immediately thanks to a discharge of electricity.

Sometimes there is no need even to use the bait since mice love to attend this kind of burrows independently without the need to be invited by the smell of food, it is a natural predisposition of the animal.

There are also multiple capture electric traps, which can be used to catch more rodents at the same time.

Then there are the spring traps which are the most classic type of mouse traps, also present iconographically in several cartoons.

This kind of trap is highly discouraged for various reasons, first of all it is not ethical since very often it does not kill the animal on the spot leaving it in agony for hours to suffer, and then it can be very dangerous for other animals or humans in the vicinity.

Then there are the infamous glue traps, little used today because of their cruelty and the fact that they are not very intelligent. Even these do not kill the animal at once.

How to set up the mousetrap?

Many wonder where exactly the mousetrap should be placed, well we finally have the answer:

First you will need to check where the mice nest, you need to understand which are the areas most frequented by them, and if possible find the nest and then any food sources.

But how to find the « home routes » followed by rodents?

It’s easy. First of all, if you have a semi-invaded house of the type, you will easily notice traces of faeces in specific areas of the house, or of gnawed food. These will be the areas to be identified first.

Then there is the need to consider the areas where rodents tend to hide, such as:

  • Particular hidden corners of the house
  • Wardrobes
  • Under the furniture
  • Attics
  • Empty spaces between the walls
  • Next to heat sources
  • In the garages

It is essential to carry out a very careful check of the external spaces next to the house, as the nest could be outside and not inside our house.

It is also good to check if there are dead fruit trees around, cavities between walls, shrubs, foundations, and any verandas.

The traps at this point will be placed along the walls and skirting boards, because everyone knows that mice do not tend to walk in the center of the rooms, but almost always on the perimeter of the walls.

How do mouse traps work?

There are many non-fatal traps on the market, which therefore do not require the elimination of the rodent but allow it to be released outdoors.

But we must be careful not to release mice in outdoor areas adjacent to homes, and prefer for example isolated forests.

The traps usually consist of a metal cage or a plastic tube with a door on each end. When the mouse enters the cage or tube to eat the food you have inserted, the trap closes, capturing the mouse safely.

There is a need to open the entrances to the trap and activate the mechanisms that allow the doors to remain open before the rodent enters.

There is therefore a need to insert the bait, usually apples, cheese or peanut butter are used, but other foods can also be used safely.

At that point you need to check the trap often to see if it actually worked.

Be careful because if the mice are trapped together for long periods they tend to eat each other, so if you want to do things right in an ethical way it is better to be timely and free them immediately in the woods away from home.

The more traps you will be able to install, the greater the possibility of finding the mice.

Best mousetrap

1. No products found., the best electronic trap for rats

No products found.

Here is probably one of the best mouse traps on the market.

If your house is infested with mice of various sizes and you don’t mind killing them during the capture, consider buying this trap.

The higher price compared to the other models is entirely justified by its reliability and precision.

Based on positioning it and will do everything by itself, without the need for traps, you can also decide to keep it active for long periods of time in case of future infestations once the primary problem has been solved.

It is not unusual, in fact, that mice once defeated return to come.

Here is the trap for the most stubborn animals.

2. Victor M250PRO, electronic mouse trap

Here is a beautiful electric trap made by Victor, the leading brand in the field.

There is no need to use any kind of bait or poison, you will need a very trivial set of batteries, among other things already included in the package to start using it immediately, these are enough to eliminate up to well over 100 mice.

Just place it in the room where the mice normally wander around and place the bait inside, then just press the ON button.

The trap will do everything by itself, once it enters it will find no way out because the tunnel in which it will venture will not allow it to go back.

There is a metal plate then at the end of the tunnel that once in contact with the mouse will strike it directly.

Certainly it is not a device recommended for those who have hesitation in killing animals, because this is what it actually does.

There is no possibility of escape from the mouse that if it enters the interior it inevitably burns out.

It must be said that these animals are naturally guided by their instinct to enter into narrow and long environments, so it will not be difficult to attract them inside, even in some cases you will not even need the bait.

There is no need to see the dead animal or having to touch it to be able to throw it in the garbage, this is certainly a nice advantage.

It is one of the most sold models at the moment precisely because it is safe and effective, in fact there will be no risk of electrocuting larger pets or children coming into contact with the electrified plate, since there is a very advanced technological system which prevents other living beings from coming into contact with you.

Definitely recommended, but if you have ethical problems in killing small animals you can fall back on much less cruel solutions that will keep the animal imprisoned only for a few hours, avoiding death.

In that case, however, you will have to take care to free the mice one by one in the open air, this solution is not very suitable if your environment is infested with lots of small animals.

However, evaluate well with your conscience and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

3. Vensmile Humane Smart, the trap to capture and release

VENSMILE 2-Piece Humane Smart Mousetrap Active for ...

VENSMILE 2-Piece Humane Smart Mousetrap Active for …

  • HUMAN – No mousetrap, no harmful construction.
  • EXTREMELY SAFE: no poison; Without glue; No moving mouse or any drop therefore no risk of disease; Safe around children and pets; Particularly suitable for home use.

Here is a very clever non-electrified trap with an attractive design to quickly catch mice of any size.

If you have ethical principles and don’t intend to hurt the little mice this is the trap for you, in fact it is very easy to use and only needs a food bait.

The mouse will be locked up inside and can be released without problems in the open air.

4. Supporters, traditional iron trap

skycabin Product Anti-Rodents, Iron Cage Trap ...

skycabin Product Anti-Rodents, Iron Cage Trap …

  • non-toxic – safe for children and pets – Can be used with any bait
  • Humane live Rat Animal Trap – Prints animals caught involuntarily (squirrels, birds, possums, lizards, squirrels, weasels, including pets)

Here is a traditional mousetrap, which does not require any power supply.

Very light, which can be a counter since you could be forced to place a weight on it to make sure that the rodent does not try to break free thus negating the capture.

As against there is the fact that there are no handles for transport, this means that once the mouse is caught it will inevitably be necessary to equip itself with gloves for example to be able to move the cage to the outside and proceed with the release.

In conclusion

I hope I have been useful to you with this little guide, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives that they have to deal with these animals.

If all of a sudden you find yourself around home food, or worse still visibly bitten electrical cables, don’t panic.

Getting rid of mice and rats is not difficult, just a little patience is enough and follow the instructions on this page. For any questions do not hesitate to write me in the comments, I will reply as soon as possible.

See you soon.

Antonella of Pro Contro


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