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I’m Dario.

Today I want to talk to you about gas water heater, essential for those who are not equipped with a boiler in the house that can allow them to have heated water constantly available.

The water heater is also called a boiler and it is used to heat water for sanitary use, therefore mainly for washing.

The advantage of these devices is that they are inexpensive, therefore recommended for those who do not have very big needs, a small family and above all do not want to spend a capital without giving up great performance.

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It exists both in version from external that gives interior, that is the one we most commonly associate with the classic image of the water heater of bygone days.

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The guide to the gas water heater

The water heaters are not all the same, certainly among those there that we will present in this guide there will be the one suitable for your needs, it is only necessary to start with the assumption that according to need, the suitable device must be matched.

But let’s go with order.

The water heater has an undeniable advantage compared to normal boilers, that is that it does not need to be subjected to mandatory maintenance cycles.

This does not mean, however, that it will never fail, as it is still an electrical device over time it will undergo normal wear and it is clear that we must take care that there are no leaks in the exhaust pipes, to be sure that our safety is protected and there are no problems of excessive unexpected and unwanted consumption.

Gas water heater which to choose?

There are three types of basic gas water heaters:

The gas generates the continuous combustion of the flame which will heat the water, is a very elementary operation and understandable by practically anyone, it is a technology that still does its duty very well, despite being a little dated, especially recommended for those who want to save money without giving up the convenience of having hot water in the bathroom.

The flame ignites thanks to a simple piezoelectric contact.

It is this part that makes the gas boiler so cost-effective as the cost of gas is significantly lower than that of electricity for the same heating end effect.

To turn on it uses only very little electricity.

To make you understand how little energy is required just think that there are some certain models that work with simple batteries and do not need to connect to the home electrical system.

Obviously not all gas water heaters can be used at home in an indistinct manner, we must take into account the specific characteristics of each model, the capacity in liters that they can manage, the space they will occupy inside or outside our home according to our needs.

Then between one model and another there may also be different characteristics that will be reflected in the price of the device in question.

But let’s examine together what are the salient points to keep in mind when buying a gas water heater.

External or internal water heater?

The very first distinction to make when it comes to gas-fired domestic water heaters is the one between instantaneous and accumulation water heaters.

Clearly this is not the only substantial difference to be taken into consideration, so let’s proceed with order and try to understand what we are talking about.

Instant ignition water heaters

These are the most common models and can be activated by the water pressure of the hot water tap.

So whenever we’re going to manually operate a hot water knob, the pressure inside the water heater will decrease and the pilot flame will automatically light up. Hot water will then be channeled into the tap.

The one described above is the most convenient and economical method since it allows a substantial saving on the electric bill which could be very significant at the end of the year.

Not only that, it is also a very ecological perspective given that it allows you to consume only the gas relative to the water that we decide to consume from time to time, avoiding harmful waste for the environment.

Never before is there a need to consider the impact of our consumption choices, given that the planet needs special attention to return to shine.

Another real advantage of the instant water heater is the fact that it ensures hot water continuously, therefore perfect for both few people and families with many components.

The flow rate of instantaneous water heaters is expressed in liters per minute, and it is clear that we are going to choose a larger model in relation to our housing needs.

If at home we have more bathrooms or even more kitchens or more laundries, for example we will necessarily have to buy a much larger model. It will be good in this regard to always check the minimum flow rate of the appliance before proceeding with the purchase.

This is a very important factor, I would say decisive, given that it establishes the amount of water that will have to come out of the water heater itself before activating the flame through the pressure difference we mentioned above.

The best gas water heaters are activated even with very small amounts of water, this makes them extremely efficient both from an economic and ecological point of view, it is good to make sure that the flow rate is less than 2 liters per minute.

The storage water heater

This type of water heater is made up of a tank in which water is heated and kept warm through a thermostat.

The operation resembles that of the electric water heater, with the difference that the costs will be much lower because we said that the gas having the same heating effect has a lower cost than the electric current.

There are water heaters of 50, 80 or 100 liters, it will be necessary to choose clearly the one closest to our needs. The larger our family unit, the greater the volume to be considered.

Of course you will say, but what is the difference with the instant water heater?

The immediately noticeable direct advantage of this type of water heater is the fact that the water temperature will remain constant even if several taps are opened simultaneously, furthermore the hot water will be delivered much more quickly, almost instantaneously, because it is already hot and therefore ready for use.

We hear a lot about closed or open chamber water heaters, but what exactly does it mean? Let’s find out together.

Open chamber water heater

The open chamber is undoubtedly the cheapest version of the two, since the water heater in this case will supply air directly from the room in which it is installed.

The fumes will then be expelled out through special exhaust pipes.

Not all water heaters can therefore be installed inside our homes as the law provides that there are safety measures relating to the cubic meters of the room in which the water heater houses and the type of drain pipes.

Be very careful when you buy it and carefully check that the chosen model can be installed inside or outside according to your needs. There will be cases in which, for example, it will not be possible to install it inside small-sized bathrooms.

Watertight water heater

Here is a surely safer system: the sealed chamber system. The difference lies in the fact that instead of taking the air from inside the room, the water heater will capture it from the outside and then emit the exhaust fumes if necessary.

The reason that makes this system safer lies in the fact that the home environment is not put in contact with the ventilation system, in this way the health of the family elements is also safeguarded.

The sealed chamber water heater can be used without fear both inside and outside, the only substantial difference being in the price, which in this case is greater.

The best gas water heaters – most efficient price quality

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1. Ariston Next Evo, excellent design

Here is a very interesting gas water heater, energy class A, directly from Ariston, a leading brand in the sector, this Next Evo is a guarantee in terms of savings and introduces some quite unusual features for this market, for example it can work without any problem with a trivial water load below 2 liters, think a little, and can be integrated perfectly into existing solar panel systems in your home. Not bad.

Small in size, it guarantees unique versatility and flexibility, since it can be placed anywhere you want, in our bathroom or even in the kitchen.

There is an LCD screen that guarantees a very fast and intuitive adjustment of the water temperature, thus ensuring that consumption is kept well under control and saving considerable sums.

It lights up with an electric impulse, with a very practical flame ionisation system, which guarantees great savings in terms of gas consumption, up to thirty percent.

There is a convenient and practical flow switch for water and one for controlling fumes, so that nothing can escape us. There is also an electrical protection system in case something should go wrong.

A great device for those who do not need very large volumes of hot water at home and need something beautiful that does not give too much attention but is perfectly integrated within the home.

The features are all there and there is no need to sacrifice anything, a great product definitely recommended.

2. Vaillant AtmoMAG XI and AtmoMAG mini XI, small dimensions

La Vaillant is another famous manufacturer of high quality water heaters, and in fact these two models are its clear and direct testimony.

They have a battery ignition and a very small size, manual selectors, a very nice LCD display and let’s not forget a flame modulation through a very safe and reliable system, in order not to consume even a penny more

The Direct Start system guarantees a very fast ignition and the flame can be regulated through the Opti Mod system adapting to the temperature and the surrounding atmospheric condition.

The boilers presented here are of two sizes and different water flows, in fact one is from 14 and the other is from 11 liters, the functionalities are practically the same and also the design is very similar despite the different size.

They work in a sealed chamber, read on if you don’t remember what this means, and allow a great reduction in heat loss.

Both models are highly recommended, to be chosen according to your needs.

3. Saunier Duval Opalia C11E

Here’s another reliable water heater, which will allow you to save quite a bit on your bill.

Allow the desired temperature to be adjusted and is endowed with an attractive design that will certainly not leave the most demanding dry-mouthed.

In fact, we must not forget that the eye also wants its part and it is often good to guarantee a certain aesthetic level both inside and outside the home.

4. Junkers Hydrocompact Outdoor, perfect for the outdoors

Junkers WTD 15 AM E O Vertical Without tank (instantaneous) ...

Junkers WTD 15 AM E O Vertical Without tank (instantaneous) …

  • WTD WTD O bathroom heater (Art 7736502417) for installation External hydrocompact of 15 L / Min., in sealed camera, with ignition E electronic temperature control and ionization of Fiamma.SI can combine with the ACS solar systems. methane not convertible to LPG.
  • Series: heater.

Here is an excellent water heater perfect to be mounted outdoors, it can in fact withstand up to -26 degrees Celsius without any problem.

Moreover it guarantees a great protection also to the heat of the summer months and a protection from all the bad weather, being endowed with a remarkable electric protection system.

Of reduced dimensions, it allows not to hinder the view and any future installations of other elements.

It does not require suction systems and can therefore be controlled from inside the house thanks to a very practical remote control system by means of a remote control.

It is a very advanced water heater and one of the main features is that of being able to operate even with a very low initial water load.

Great for saving on your bill, as it has an ultra efficient flame regulation system.

5. Hermann Saunier Duval OpaliaFast, super fast

Here is a great fast water heater, which allows you to save quite a bit on home consumption without having to give up any convenient functionality and at a definitely special price.

Small in size, so very versatile to be positioned where it is best believed, it has excellent energy efficiency and the classic watertight chamber.

The water heating process takes place extremely quickly and there is an enviable flame presence control. Thanks to the Aquaspeed Fast system there is an immediate and constant supply of water, whenever you want.

The LCD screen allows you to keep everything constantly under control and connecting it to your solar panel system will be a breeze.

Suitable for slightly larger rooms, it finds its ideal place both in the kitchen and in the bathroom without any problem.

It delivers water quickly and at an excellent level.

6. Baxi Acquaprojet +, great for saving on gas

This model Acquaprojet + from Baxi already contains in its name its own intentions to save on water consumption and the possibility of perfectly adjusting the temperature thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

The integrated savings system is so efficient that savings are up to half, guaranteed especially in the summer months during which there is little need.

Waste is avoided thanks to a very intelligent flame management.
The ignition also in this case is obviously electric and you can keep everything under control thanks to the convenient display.

The space occupied is reduced and certainly will not bother you in any room in the house.

It works both with gas and LPG, highly recommended for those who do not have very high consumption normally and place savings as a top priority.

7. Immergas Super Caesar 17 ErP

Another very interesting water heater suitable for all needs, in fact it adapts with great ease whether you want to install it outside or inside your home.

Works with a sealed chamber.

The capacity is a good 17 liters per minute and there is an electronic system to have a constant and defined temperature stability during the whole time of its delivery.

There are therefore no sudden changes or temperature changes of any kind, a truly remarkable feature that will be useful to many.

Very easy to adjust thanks to the large LCD display that will allow us to escape even one detail during installation and subsequent configuration.

The design is efficient and beautiful, there is nothing to say, great for those with medium to large domestic hot water supply needs.

How to install the gas water heater?

Installing a gas water heater is a relatively easy operation, but it is always better to rely on a professional expert since it is a matter of having to deal with gas and electrical impulses, better not to risk, especially because in this case we speak of a device that will be used in close proximity to family members, in some cases children, the only way to ensure that everything is safe and to comply with is to rely on specialized personnel and avoid DIY.

Today’s gas water heaters are built to last a long time, they are durable and reliable and as we said before they do not require fixed maintenance.

However, it is a good idea to check that the water in your hydraulic system is not excessively « hard » so as not to generate limescale build-up, as these are the main enemies of the water heater and risk ruining it over months.

A possible solution if you live in areas with notoriously hard and full of limestone water is to have a so-called « softener » that uses absolutely non-toxic salts for humans in order to reduce the percentage of limestone inside water and make it « softer ».

It is good not to forget to carry out constant cleaning of the exchanger and of the coil of our water heater to avoid deposits forming which could compromise the heating of our device and therefore compromise consumption. All the savings we talked about would go to hell.

Every two to three years it is also advisable to carry out accurate checks on the machine to avoid any unpleasant odors and general malfunctions. In this case it is a good idea to notify a professional and have him intervene because there could be problems, for example, with flues that may require replacement.

It is clear that more precautions will be taken more our water heater will last over time allowing us to save money on the electricity bill and above all avoiding a premature replacement.

It is also good to always remember the Italian law what it says about the correct measures for the installation of water heaters: those in the open room can only be installed in rooms with a width greater than 20 cubic meters, with a ventilation opening of at least 100 cubic centimeters and are prohibited in the bedrooms. Those with a watertight chamber are instead allowed in any environment.

In conclusion

I hope I have been helpful, it is not easy to make such a choice lightly since the water heater is an undisputed protagonist of our house, and not only for the winter months.

Hot water is undoubtedly one of the most essential essentials of modern times and it is indisputable that it is virtually impossible to do without it. For this reason it is necessary to have a device that is reliable and requires the minimum of maintenance. possible.

The gas water heater is certainly an intelligent and functional option, but if you are interested in having information regarding electric water heaters click here.

The guide given above is exhaustive and touches on the main salient issues relevant to the choice of a domestic water heater, the models shown are the ones I believe to be the best, the most efficient ones and that allow you to save on your bill, in the long run period believe me your pockets will thank you.

A device that works well is the first step towards great savings, it is clear that we must not forget the importance of a small energy saving that can mean a lot for the environment today.

Spending a few euros more today means saving many in the future of repair or even worse complete replacement of the water heater, also we must never forget how important safety is. A slightly more expensive device can sometimes be really a guarantee of greater peace of mind.

See you next friends.

From your Dario of Pro Contro



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