Bose Only 5 Tv, All The Truth (Review 2019) –

Bose Only 5 Tv, All The Truth (Review 2019) –

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I'm Antonio!

Are you looking for a large soundbar that doesn't cost much but has excellent performance?

Let's go together to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the Bose Solo 5 in this comprehensive review.

The first thing you will surely want to know is: how powerful is this sound system? You can click on this video to immediately realize what we are talking about.


Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black
Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black

  • A single soundbar offers significantly higher sound quality than your TV
  • Dialogue mode to clearly distinguish each word and every detail

Imagine this device in your living room and watch a movie or a soccer game on one 4K TV. The dive will be total!

So let's not get lost in small talk, follow me in this guide to one of the best audio systems on the market.

Bose Solo 5 TV, among the best soundbar for cinema and Netflix

Many believe that the power of an audio device is measured in the watts shown on the package, but this is not exactly the case.

First of all there is a difference to be made between the RMS Watts and those there usually declared by the producers.

The RMS Watts are the actual Watts that a box manages to constantly deliver over time, those declared there are usually peak and therefore not necessarily relevant when we are evaluating an audio broadcasting device.

But the only real way to realize the reliability of a system is: LISTEN TO YOU WITH YOUR OWN EARS.

Only in this way will we realize the power of sound and if this tends to distort or be little musical.

The video you found at the beginning of the article speaks very clearly and shows how the sound is very clear, well defined and powerful.

The Bose Solo 5 is a very interesting audio object, from the low price and from the notable performances given its dimensions.

It is easy to use.

But most of all sounds very good.

Perfect for watching movies, slightly less suitable for music, it lacks the "punch" that many people look for certain musical genres such as hip hop or dance music.

Soundbars are usually made for those who do not have enough space inside their homes to mount a 5.1 system

Bose Solo 5 TV, Full Review and Expert Opinion


Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black
Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black

  • A single soundbar offers significantly higher sound quality than your TV
  • Dialogue mode to clearly distinguish each word and every detail

The Bose Solo 5 seems to have been created for those who really have very limited possibilities of space, given its very small dimensions even compared to its competitors in its category.

This is undoubtedly a strong point for those who want a contained object that does not steal space inside the living room and does not give in the eye.

Recommended for lovers of minimal style.

It is perfect for example to be placed under the TV set and amplify the sound of a television with limited sound possibilities.

Here I appeal to those who intend to make the leap to a beautiful one 4K TV. These televisions, being very small in thickness, do not have a particularly powerful sound compartment. Well, the Bose Solo 5 TV solves this problem perfectly.

There are no buttons or switches to complicate life, there is only a black grille in front and plastic on the remaining sides, this constructive choice certainly helps to keep the size and weight of the object in question but at the same time does not affect it robustness.

Behind the grid there are two speakers, positioned in the center of the unit with an angle designed specifically to enlarge the sound space.

Two LED indicators indicate the status of the Bose Solo 5 and whether some features are enabled or not at a certain time, plus they flash if you are changing the volume of the device.

The remote control is a bit big and it's not clear why Bose has opted for a design choice like this after having created the compact and minimal speaker base.

The implicit reason is that it can also be programmed as a remote control for the TV, for the Blue-Ray player, or for any device that can be controlled by infrared. Certainly a comfort because in this way it allows to reduce the number of remote controls present above the table in the living room.

In terms of connectivity, in fact Bose has thought of everything and you can connect the Solo 5 to optical, coaxial or auxiliary outputs, plus you can use the integrated blue-tooth if you choose the alternative of streaming your own music.

A very interesting feature is that of self-awakening, in fact when the device is on stand it can operate on its own in the event of sudden audio input, in the same way after 60 minutes of inactivity the Bose switches off automatically.

The Bose Solo 5 is very simple to use and requires no special precautions to be installed. There are some convenient equalization options and every single device detail is designed so that it can be plug and play, for a use and a setting without headaches.

In fact it can be connected with the optical cable included in the box (be careful though that the coaxial cable is not included, in case you want to use it you will have to buy it separately), and in a few seconds you are ready to experience an audio never appreciated before .

Obviously it is not comparable to a 5.1 home theater system in full effect, but it is normal since we are talking here about a simple sound bar that, however efficient, can certainly not work miracles. Despite this, the audio output is very interesting and undoubtedly constitutes an important step forward compared to the speakers supplied with the TV at home.

By the way, remember to disable the audio output of these when you are using the Bose Solo, the option should be present in the settings menu of your TV set, take a look at the manual if you are not sure where.

It is clear that the smaller your television is, the more you find yourself in a smaller room the greater the difference you will notice compared to the canonical speakers.

In any case, however, a substantial difference will be noted.

The voices will in fact be projected in a decidedly better way and with more clarity (even without having to enable the "dialogue" mode of the device). The sound in general will be more solid and full-bodied, especially compared to the thin and skimpy sound of normal TV speakers.

The mids are very focused and directed with controlled and precise highs.

The basses are present but not very strong as some might like, although it is certain that as this is a device with such small dimensions, one cannot expect the bass performance of a sub-woofer from a cinema or a disco, on the whole they are still acceptable. and engaging.

However, a bit of "punch" is missing, that is impact, which could be noticed especially in the action scenes, let's think for example of explosions.

There is an activatable option called "Bass Boost", which can help make the sound much more substantial though in this case by sacrificing the mids a little. What is certain is that with experience you will learn whether or not to activate this function, if you are a lover of the action genre and find it indispensable to hear the so-called "botta" when you are in the middle of an excited scene, then I advise you right away to enable this function, otherwise make your attempts and in case let me know in the comments below.

The dynamic rendering is not perfect, of course, and if you are a passionate audiophile, music listeners may find that you are missing that emotional tension in the orchestral crescendos.

It is obvious that if you want the maximum sound output, it is better that you turn to more expensive kits, but in that case the price will inevitably rise.

For those who aim to settle without sacrificing the diving experience, I think this Bose Solo 5 is really a good product, interesting and not to be underestimated, especially considering the small price to which it is sold.

The streaming of music via bluetooth happens smoothly and the audio rendering is satisfactory in this case too, it works very well with the encoding of Spotify.

Verdict and final opinions


Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black
Bose Solo 5 TV Audio System, Black

  • A single soundbar offers significantly higher sound quality than your TV
  • Dialogue mode to clearly distinguish each word and every detail

The Bose Solo 5 is, after all, a good soundbar, very simple, which succeeds in amplifying the sound of its TV system and at the same time settling in the living room without too many space and aesthetic obstacles.

There are certainly some more performing soundbars on the market, but in that case you have to go up a lot in price, and even the dimensions increase.


Among the pros there is certainly the fact that it is equipped with an excellent remote control with a distinctive and very elegant design, completely programmable even if perhaps a little too big for this.

The sound quality is remarkable and engaging, excellent if you are listening to and watching your TV in small and medium-sized rooms.

It is small, light (only 6kg) and integrates very well in any domestic, classic or modern environment.


If you want to install the Bose Solo on the wall, you will have to equip yourself with a support to be purchased separately.

The speakers are positioned perhaps a little too much in the center of the case, which can result in a sound stage that is not really immersive if you listen to classical or in any case orchestral music.

In conclusion

We are facing an excellent sound bar, recommended for those who finally want to stop watching movies with laughable audio, or what normally comes from the speakers integrated into the home television set and instead start enjoying movies in a more immersive and satisfying way.

Certainly this is just the first step to take if you want to actually start exploring thefascinating world of home theater, but as a first step it is certainly recommended and interesting, in fact not many have a lot of money to spend to get a taste of the real cinema sound, but we believe that despite this everyone should be given a chance to get closer to this exciting reality.

Happy listening to Antonio di ProContro!


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