🥇 9 Best 2019 Portable Air Conditioners? (Silent) –

🥇 9 Best 2019 Portable Air Conditioners? (Silent) –

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I’m Dario!

The heat in summer can be so hot annoying to prevent even concentrating, do you agree with me?

But not everyone has it space and possibility to install a wall conditioner in the house.

In this case there is a need for a silent portable air conditioner without outdoor unit, with or without tube.



The guide to portable air conditioners

Even if you have the space and the possibility of installing a traditional air conditioner, it can often be wiser to buy a portable air conditioner instead.

Discover with me when it is actually convenient to opt for portability.

First by purchasing a portable air conditioner there will be no need to drill holes in the wall and to visually alter the interior and especially the exterior of our home.

How do portable air conditioners work?

The portable air conditioners have included within them everything they need to function and do not require a cumbersome outdoor unit, are therefore easily transportable from one room to another in your home or even from one house to another.

There is no need to refer to a specialized technician and to spend more money on installation and maintenance.

The price is also decidedly lower if we consider models of conditioners of similar characteristics and capacities.

The portable air conditioners, in short, are ideal when you need to cool the rooms in your own home individually and you don’t have enough space outside for the external fixed units.

The models without tube are few, and in many cases it will be necessary to place a tube that brings the hot air produced by the motor out of our house through a window.

This solution is clearly much less invasive than installing a fixed air conditioner with outdoor unit, since it will simply be a matter of placing the air conditioner next to a window and positioning the pipe outside.

In our guide, however, we will deal with both i models with hose is i models without tube, so don’t worry, if you are looking for the least invasive solution possible you are in the right place and you can click the type you want to go into in more detail to scroll through the related reviews.

Portable air conditioners have casters in almost all cases, this feature makes them practically perfect to be transported from one room to another.

If, for example, we intend to buy only one for the whole house, we could move it with us, for example, from day to night air when we go to sleep, without the need for additional expenses.

Portable air conditioners, however, do not need a balcony to be installed unlike the fixed ones, you will not disturb your neighbors or the aesthetics of the building in any way. In fact, there are some living contexts in which the installation of a fixed air conditioner is practically excluded.

It is clear that when you are buying a portable air conditioner there is a lot of variable to take into account in order to choose the model that works best for us, it is still an appliance to be kept in operation for several hours a day, so it is It is essential that consumption is limited.

For this just take a look at the energy class that must be accurately reported by the manufacturer depending on the consumption characteristics of the device.

Inverter air conditioners

The air conditioners equipped with inverter motor technology also manage internal cooling in a much more balanced way.

How do they work?
Once the temperature previously indicated by us has been reached inside the room, the air conditioner motor lowers its power gradually so as to keep the room temperature constant and avoid overheating and waste of electricity.

The air conditioners without inverters operate in a slightly different way, in fact the motor in this case will immediately start operating at full capacity until the surrounding environment reaches the temperature indicated by the internal thermostat, once the desired effect is obtained it will switch off completely.

In this way the classic game of switch-on will take place, because the temperature will clearly not remain constant over time and the motor will return to stay on at its maximum consumption shortly thereafter to make it lower again those few degrees of difference.

It is therefore clear that inverter air conditioners consume much less.

Are Portable Air Conditioners Silent?

Noise is another characteristic to keep in mind, because having to work at night directly in the bedroom, the air conditioner must be optimized to be able to live with our needs for peace and tranquility.

It is therefore good to also take a look at the values ​​expressed in decibels indicated by the manufacturers.

It is very clear in this case that the lower the average value, the better the performance will be because it will indicate a low degree of noise and therefore the possibility of enjoying, for example, one’s television without any problem, or even better sleep without being disturbed.

I warn you already that a minimum of noise is inevitable given that these systems are practically an all in one, whereas traditional wall conditioners have the undeniable advantage of being able to place part of the device outside in order to be certainly less noisy.

But you won’t have to worry about it, the models chosen in this guide are the best performing on the market right now in my opinion.

There is often technology to help us with Sleep function which will significantly reduce engine noise at night to avoid disturbing our precious sleep.

The dimensions are another very important factor to consider, these clearly as well as inevitably influencing the space occupied in the home by our appliance are also directly proportional to the power supplied.

It is clear that a larger air conditioner will be even more powerful than a small vice-versa.

It must always be borne in mind that despite the fact that these air conditioners are portable and therefore do not need to pierce the wall to physically communicate with the outside, these air conditioners need to pass out the hot air that their motor produces by means of a tube. I want to remind you though that in our guide we will also present models without tube.

There are portable air conditioners for all space requirements.

The cooling power is measured in terms of BTU (British Thermal Unit).

The better this is the air conditioner’s ability to quickly and efficiently bring the temperature of the surrounding environment to that indicated by us.

The timer-thermostat is used to indicate a desired temperature to which we want the room to adapt so that the air conditioner goes to stop, progressive or not depending on whether it has an inverter or not and that manages to maintain the temperature of the environment consuming less current as possible.

The dehumidification function is present on some models and makes it possible to make the air in our rooms drier, which can be very useful especially in summer.

The ventilation mode instead serves to be able to use the air conditioner to simply expel air without cooling it.

Often it happens that air conditioners equipped with the latest features will be more expensive than the minimal models that do the same job but allow fewer customization of some parameters and in some cases even a worse consumption management.

If you want to have a long-lasting product that saves a few euros a month on your bill, it’s better to think about making a more substantial investment at the time of purchase in order to be sure then to take home a household appliance that lasts time and does not require any kind of maintenance.

Air Coolers vs. Air Conditioners

There are air conditioners that mimic the operation of the fans, in this situation the technology used is completely different from the one we are used to. Recently, such products are being introduced on the market to meet the needs of a particular niche.

In this case the cooling is realized with a particular ventilation system that uses the water inside a tank. This must be kept cold by means of ice which must be inserted by hand. It is clear that this is not the most convenient solution, but certainly economic.

As an alternative to the tank to be filled by hand in some there is the possibility of using some special cartridges sold for this purpose.

It is clear that in this way it is not possible to ensure a refrigeration system capable of operating undisturbed for several hours.

It is essential, in fact, to always be wise in this case to be able to replace the tank if necessary so as to keep the temperature always low and allow the ventilation to constantly supply cold air to the surrounding environment.

Only in this way is there a truly effective system.

Obviously this solution does not include the use of the typical engine of air conditioners that instead works by forfeiting hot air and turning it into cold in the room concerned.

Traditional air conditioners instead work with a heat pump and one for air cooling.

This is the classic system we have been used to for years now, there is no need to refill the water tank as in the previous mode. The operation is the classic one of the wall conditioners.

Conditioners without Pro and Contro tubes

Air conditioners without tubes are certainly much more comfortable than portable air conditioners, which instead always require an exit to the outside to be used in peace as the engine needs an « vent » for the hot air it produces. It wouldn’t make sense to return the warm air inside a place we’re looking for with a lot of effort to cool down, right?

Air conditioners that do not need the pipe will therefore not have to be positioned next to windows, and in this way they can be positioned where we believe best without any problem.

The counter however with this undeniable advantage is the fact that these models cool much less and fail to guarantee a coverage of square meters wide enough to cool a medium-sized space.

They are only good for really small environments.

Best Portable Tube Conditioner (opinions)

1. Argoclima Relax Style, great energy savings

ARGO Relax Style, Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu / h, 2.6 Kw, ...

ARGO Relax Style, Portable Air Conditioner 10000 btu / h, 2.6 Kw, …

  • Portable air conditioning, energy class A, 3 modes: cooling, ventilation, dehumidification and 3 ventilation speeds + car
  • Motorized air delivery vanes adjustable in horizontal and vertical, automatic oscillation, equipped with multifunction remote control with LED display

The Argoclima Relax is part of those appliances that are not too expensive or extremely cheap, it stands proudly in the middle, but without having the characteristics of a very small product, indeed presenting the merits of models coming from more high-sounding brands.

But let’s see well together what are the characteristics that make Argoclima a product that is certainly unique in its kind.

The flagship of this device is without a doubt energy saving. If you are interested in minimizing consumption on your bill and having excellent performance at the same time, Argoclima could be the model for you.

In fact, compared to other tube air conditioners, it is equipped with energy-saving features that allow savings of up to 10% compared to the air conditioners we are commonly used to.

It is equipped with very specific technologies that allow it to have an enviable refrigerating action in order to be able to produce the same amount of air in the surrounding environment with the same amount of electricity consumed, thus guaranteeing coolness in the environment in which it is located.

This happens without problems in fact even at very limited speeds.

On this aspect it is a surprising product that at the actual test proved to be very interesting and with an edge over other similar products in terms of consumption.

Noise is also limited, those who designed this appliance have worked well to ensure optimum cooling by using the minimum possible engine sound. It is possible to keep it up even at night without having to worry about waking us up in the middle of sleep.

It does not bother even above the normal television volume, so it will be possible to place it in the living room during the very hot summer afternoons and it will allow us to enjoy our well-deserved refreshment, even if we decide to place it very close to our ears and to our body.

The condensation water in the case of the Argoclima Relax is reused by the appliance with an extremely intelligent and advanced internal water recycling system, so that it can be recirculated for cooling purposes.

There is the possibility if we feel the need to convert the functionality of the Argoclima from air conditioner to dehumidifier, let’s think for example in those days of August in which to the turbid heat is added an incredible humidity that makes the high temperatures even more unbearable because it amplifies the effects on the body, deluding us that it is even hotter. A real hell.

The design is minimal, it adapts without problems to any home context.

2. De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent, the silent champion

Here is one of the best portable tube conditioners currently on the market: the De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent.

As we all know, De’Longhi has positioned itself as a leader in the field for years. Also this time he does not betray with a great product that gives opponents a hard time.

We are in fact faced with an extremely portable and powerful device, designed following all the modern trappings and which guarantees the usual De’Longhi reliability without betraying our already high expectations.

It is certainly a device that does not leave with the bitterness in the mouth, beautiful to look at, which looks good in any domestic context.

Compared to other similar models it is without a doubt faster, obviously this does not mean that it will make your room a cold room, the De’Longhi PAC AN112 Silent is in fact designed to provide refreshment but always taking into account the bodily needs of users.

The natural refrigerant gas it uses allows it to always be well balanced in full respect of the environment.

It also works as a dehumidifier, but to use this function it will not be necessary to disable the refrigerant, in fact the device is designed to merge the two actions together, lowering the temperature and reducing humidity at the same time. Certainly a step forward in the world of portable air conditioners.

If you wish, you can clearly isolate the two functions and, for example, use only the dehumidifier on days when humidity is the main enemy and temperatures are not prohibitive in themselves.

In short, there is no limit to personalization.

But the queen feature of this device is without a doubt the silence, it is not a case in fact that brings in the name the adjective Silent …

It is in fact a very very silent appliance, usable without problems even by those who are definitely light sleepers (and in this the sleep function runs in aid), but it behaves very well obviously also using the normal mode and I assure you that it will not cause any disturbance to family members.

Energy class A +, which places it in the gotha ​​of air conditioners with tube. It is very convenient and will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises on your bill, especially in the warmer months where you risk using these devices almost continuously with possible consequences on the costs of electricity. This is certainly not the case for this PAC AN112 Silent, effective and fuel-efficient.

The display allows us at any time to adjust the temperature as we wish and to be able to program switching on and off, thus avoiding the otherwise inevitable waste.

Being a tube air conditioner there is no need to specify that there is obviously need in this case to find the space to pass the tube necessary for its operation, but do not worry because a slightly open window will be enough and the problem will be soon Resolved.

Highly recommended.

3. De’Longhi PAC N87 Air-to-air Penguin, top class

But De’Longhi has many arrows to its bow, and does not disappoint in this case either with its PAC N87 Air-to-air Penguin, a model made very famous by an old and historic advertisement.

It is not very high end but with very advanced features that certainly place it one step ahead of competitors, let’s try to understand together why with this mini-guide.

Consumption is not at all exaggerated, so if you are looking for a device that consumes little, PAC N87 Air-to-air is certainly worth considering and pinning among potential candidates.

Absolutely not annoying while it is in operation, it shows a lot less decibels of noise than similar models, certainly an important plus because it promises peace while you are in the living room for example to chat with friends or watch TV.

The price is also reasonable, considering all these advantages.

Consumption is also not as optimal as that of his older brother but it is certainly very respectable, in fact it ranks among the mid-range products.

The energy class indicated by the manufacturer for this Penguin is in fact A, there are sure devices of this type that promise A ++, but we can’t complain because the performances are very interesting and there are different functions that can make our life easier.

He manages to cool rooms on 30 square meters in an optimal way, but you can also venture on larger perimeters as indicated by De Longhi, certainly a nice size considering the average size of the Italian apartments. If instead you are equipped with smaller rooms it is better to look at other models.

Attention because if you are not equipped with an electricity meter with a « generous » contract you may have problems, for example it is not recommended to switch it on at the same time with your home oven. Certainly consumption is not maximum but it is not even a « light » appliance.

Consider this aspect well then before proceeding with the purchase.

It is a silent conditioner that does not exceed 63 decibels in any case. The construction and the design of this appliance without a doubt have taken place with the utmost attention and attention to detail, in fact it seems that the De Longhi engineers have done everything to limit the noise and ensure maximum sound comfort for the end users.

Obviously the air conditioners for their own intimate nature cannot be very silent, since there will always be an engine running to generate cold air connected to a pipe to channel the hot air out.

It is implied that a minimum of noise must always be present. However, we take into consideration another fundamental aspect that not many people talk about when they read the data relating to the decibels emitted by a given household appliance, or the difference between the sounds emitted in a constant manner and those there with a dry impulse.

What does it mean?

It is very simple, I will explain it to you with an example that is very easy to understand: if you are in a room in the city center on a busy street where cars pass at any time of the day you will certainly be subjected to a certain level of  » noise pollution ”, this noise will be perennial, however, and your ears and your brain will get used to it after a certain amount of time until you no longer even notice it.

Let’s say this noise is around 60 decibels. If one day you are asleep and suddenly the other room emits a trumpet sound of equal impact, it is 60 decibels, it will wake you up for sure and ruin your sleep, why is this happening?

The brain willingly adapts to constant sounds (think also for example of the constant ticking of a clock, if you have one that beats in the room where you are reading our article right now I am sure that maybe you ignore it altogether existence, your brain just got used to it).

By this I mean that when you read that a given machine produces 50 decibels of noise you will always have to consider this sound as a constant because it is produced by a running motor, most likely despite the paradoxically frightening number a dull sound of the kind in the room where you are sleeping can even go as far as conciliating sleep by covering other, much more disturbing sounds …

Therefore, we always learn to intelligently analyze the data provided to us by a manufacturing company, to be not just passive silly consumers but informed and intelligent users, as stated in the Pro Contro slogan.

Having made this useful explanatory premise, we must still take into account that the Penguin in question reviewed by us is one of the quietest on the market.

When the Silent mode is activated you will have the maximum silence, it is good to know that this mode is activated automatically when the dehumidification mode starts.

With the « Silent » the speed of the fan of our Penguin will be significantly reduced.

The cooling in this way will remain constant even if slightly slowed down, so let the appliance go first for a first « cooling wave » and when the indicated temperature is reached, switch to Silent mode to keep it at a minimum. .

The performance rides the average of similar products, as we have already said if you have very large rooms, it is better to focus on other models that you can find directly on the Amazon website.

If the characteristics of the Penguin call you attention but you need something more challenging for very large houses I am sure you will find a viable alternative, in fact this is not the only existing Penguin but there is a vast range of models for all needs.

It is not equipped with the more advanced modes reserved instead for other more expensive models.

However, it is certainly a good compromise between consumption and cost.

Another key feature in the buttonhole of this product is without a doubt its lightness, it is really easy to place inside our rooms, its weight will not be felt practically given the comfortable wheels on which it is mounted.

Even the shape is very ergonomic and it will not be difficult to understand how to position the hands to be able to move it in comfort.

Obviously as with all tube models there will be a need to place it next to a window, as as we have repeated several times in this guide the engine to produce cold air constantly needs to pull out the hot one, and we can’t certainly make it fall imprudently inside our house.

There is a remote control supplied but if you prefer you can directly use the screen placed above the Penguin De Longhi.

There are three modes to choose from: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation.

Not to forget the very important Timer that will allow us to optimize consumption according to our will.

We also remind you that the presence of the tube is essential even if you intend to use the machine only to dehumidify the environment, since in this case it will be necessary to pull out the forfeited condensate.

A simple elegant and functional machine, with an absolutely affordable price. Highly recommended.

4. Klarstein New Breeze 7, very beautiful and elegant

Klarstein New Breeze 7 Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner ...

Klarstein New Breeze 7 Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner …

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  • Air conditioner for temperature management in the home | Powerful cooling capacity of 2.6 kW with low energy consumption with energy efficiency class A | Selectable temperature between 16 and 30 ° C in increments of 1 ° C

Here at the end of our article, Karlstein’s New Breeze 7, as the Americans say last but not least, given that this portable air conditioner is very powerful and interesting.

Let’s then go on to discover together the reasons that led us to include it in our list.

It is a relatively new product, with a very attractive design, very easy to move around our homes, as well as small and handy.

It is surprising in terms of performance, given that it is very powerful in terms of cooling power, which in this case settles at 9000 BTU.

It can therefore effectively cool a room between 20 and 30 square meters.

It is equipped with a very comfortable remote control that allows you to move easily between the many features and options that this device has.

It consists of 3 different methods, to be chosen according to your needs and how much you really want to burden your electricity bill.

There is the cooling function, the fan function and finally the dehumidification function.

Yes, our Klarstein New Breeze 9 will not only take care of keeping the temperature of our rooms low but if necessary it will also intervene to remove the humidity, when we can’t own it any more and feel the air of the house as if stuck.

It is possible to choose the desired temperature and also wanting to lock the buttons to prevent children from changing the settings of this appliance.

Trust that this function can be a real godsend when you live at home with very curious children who never miss an opportunity to put their hands everywhere.

Another very important feature is that of the timer, which allows us to schedule the start-up and closure of our appliance.

We must not forget how fundamental this function is, given that one of the crucial factors to make the best use of your air conditioner is to optimize the switching on and off times of the appliance to the maximum, so as to weigh less on your electricity bill.

Let’s not forget the night mode to use the device even when at home there is absolute silence to reduce consumption and noise so as to preserve the quiet of the home.

In terms of electrical consumption, this powerful appliance has some positive surprises in it, since the energy class in question is the A, certainly far from the maximum positive rating A +++, but at the same time it does not even come off badly, to the point of not bothering us too much with regards to electricity expenditure to make it work.

It is clear that if you live in particularly hot areas and aim to keep the device on for many hours a year, it is better in that case to opt for a product of higher energy, obviously in this case you will also be obliged to a little more expensive expense.

As we love to repeat within our guides and our articles, a saving at the time of purchase is not necessarily synonymous with a long-term investment.

It is often better to spend a little more in the first instance and then enjoy the positive effects of a product on our economies in the longer term.

What many people often ask us because they are worried by the noise of such devices and how much a portable air conditioner can annoy at home, the answer is that we need to take into account many factors and it is not possible to rely only on the values ​​provided by the companies.

What is certain is that this product is very quiet and with the Sleep function it reaches further levels of « sound tranquility ».

Slightly below average for what concerns the decibels produced.

Furthermore, the night mode is much less noisy than the normal daytime mode, which is already quite quiet.

Certainly at this price it is very difficult to find better, certainly it is not even a product to be bought with your eyes closed, but taking into account your needs can be a great alternative for those who do not intend to make a super intensive use of the air conditioner during the ‘year.

The functions are those based there, but by now the products of this range all tend to look quite like each other, do not forget to also consider the aesthetic aspect because these appliances, however small, are in any case remarkable inside an apartment and if ugly they can give a little annoyance to the eye.

This is not the case with this Klarstein New Breeze 9, very beautiful aesthetically.

Extremely easy to move around the house, a sure point of strength for those who think right away that they don’t want to leave it simply in a single room but plan to use it in different areas of the house, depending for example on the different periods of the year.

A product that will certainly not disappoint your expectations. Highly recommended.

Best air conditioners without hose – Air coolers

1. Radialight DAER0001, efficace e a buon prezzo

Ecco un raffrescatore eporativo, più che un condizionatore classico è un incrocio tra un ventilatore e un condizionatore.

Il risparmio sulla bolletta è evidente, così come il bassissimo impatto ambientale.

Come abbiamo già detto all’interno della nostra ricca guida i raffrescatori sfruttano l’acqua a una temperatura molto bassa per raffreddare l’ambiente circostante.

Questo Radialight DAER0001 è una vera e propria macchina da guerra, ha una forma molto interessante che si sviluppa verso l’alto, in più il suo vasto parco accessori lo rende di sicuro un acquisto da considerare se si sta per scegliere un’opzione di condizionamento dell’aria volendo fare a meno del tubo.

Il serbatoio di questo dispositivo è molto capiente e permette un lungo utilizzo e un grande raffreddamento.

Come sempre capita in questi elettrodomestici la presenza del timer è inoltre fondamentale per poterne regolare in modo razionale il funzionamento ed ottenere una grande prestazione energetica.

I raffrescatori funzionano prendendo l’aria calda intorno a lovo e trasformandola in aria fredda attraverso un pannello evaporativo collegato all’acqua fredda o ancora meglio al ghiaccio inserito all’interno del serbatoio.

Ci sono delle ventole che provvedono quindi a rimettere in giro l’aria opportunamente raffreddata.

Il peso e le dimensioni sono contenutissime, quindi non si avranno problemi ad utilizzarli in quelle case dove lo spazio può essere un serio problema.

Può essere utilizzato anche come ventilatore.

Il display touch è perfetto per attivare le numerose funzioni di questo dispositivo e comandare il getto d’aria secondo le nostre esigenze di potenza e di tempo.

Si può programmare lo spegnimento dai 30 minuti alle 7,5 ore.

Quando l’acqua o il ghiaccio all’interno del serbatoio terminano la macchina si blocca automaticamente per non dare vita a malfunzionamenti eventuali.

Può funzionare anche con i panetti freezer venduti nella confezione, questi vanno riempiti d’acqua e fatti congelare all’interno del frigo di casa.

C’è inoltre il comodissimo filtro anti-polvere in dotazione.

Di sicuro una macchina efficace e a buon prezzo.

2. Trotec PAE 25, Rinfrescatore d’aria

Ecco un altro importante climatizzatore portatile senza tubo, può quindi venire utilizzato in parecchi contesti differenti senza dovercisi preoccupare di trovare una soluzione per emettere all’esterno l’aria calda prodotta dal motore del rinfrescatore.

Ideale per essere usato in camper o in altri luoghi in cui non conviene installare un climatizzatore fisso o ancora uno portatile con il tubo.

Funziona tramite l’acqua che viene raffreddata dal ghiaccio e riesce quindi a raffreddare adeguatamente la stanza in cui viene posto, fornendo maggiore refrigerio rispetto ad un normale ventilatore.

Consigliato per ambienti di media dimensione, consuma solo 65W ed è decisamente silenzioso.

Non solo provvede a rinfrescare l’aria della nostra stanza, può anche essere utilizzato come depuratore, basterà semplicemente selezionare la relativa opzione.

E’ di dimensioni contenute, il che lo rende molto facile da spostare da una stanza all’altra. Programmabile facilmente anche da chi non ha mai utilizzato un apparecchio del genere.

3. Klarstein Maxfresh WH


Klarstein Maxfresh WH - Rinfrescatore Mobile, Raffreddatore...

Klarstein Maxfresh WH – Rinfrescatore Mobile, Raffreddatore…

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  • SEMPRE LA TEMPERATURA IDEALE: Aria fresca e pulita anche nelle giornate torride? Ora é possibile grazie al Klarstein Maxfresh 3-in-1, con la sua triplice funzione di umidificatore, ventilatore e climatizzatore. La potenza desiderata é selezionabile sul chiaro display a LED.

Ecco un prodotto sicuramente interessante nel campo dei raffrescatori eporativi come alternativa ai condizionatori col tubo.

Anche in questo caso infatti ci troviamo al cospetto di un ottimo climatizzatore senza tubo.

Il design è molto accattivante, può essere utilizzato anche senza aggiungere acqua al suo serbatoio, in questo caso funzionerà come un normalissimo ventilatore, nel caso in cui si decida invece di farlo funzionare nella maniera per cui è stato progettato avremo dei risultati molto più soddisfacenti.

Un’alternativa di sicuro buona per chi non vuole acquistare con climatizzatore con tubo, evitando in questo modo la scomodità di dover trovare una maniera di posizionare suddetto tubo verso l’esterno.

Non sempre si è dotati infatti di stanze che hanno finestre adattabili per questo scopo, e si corre il rischio di dover affrontare estati molto calde se non ci si industria con un’alternativa consona, in questo caso il Klarstein Maxfresh WH può davvero fare al caso vostro.

E’ molto facile da spostare da una stanza all’altra dato che è dotato di comodissime rotelle. Come tutti gli altri raffrescatori può essere usato sia con che senza acqua.

Nel caso si decida per qualche motivo di utilizzarlo facendo a meno di acqua o ghiaccio fungerà da semplice ventilatore, abbastanza potente per le situazioni di caldo meno estreme.

Se siete invece nel cuore dell’estate e volete godere del vostro meritato refrigerio, sarà invece d’obbligo inserire dell’acqua fredda all’interno del serbatoio affinché il getto d’aria sia efficace e soddisfacente.

Il cavo dell’alimentazione purtroppo non è molto lungo, e se si desidera posizionarlo molto lontano da una presa elettrica è bene considerare da subito l’utilizzo o l’acquisto di una prolunga, di certo un acquisto di poco conto considerato che già il prezzo di questo elettrodomestico è contenuto.

Di sicuro consigliato se si vuole sopravvivere ai momenti più intensi dell’estate ma non si ha la possibilità di utilizzare un climatizzatore a tubo o uno fisso.

Da considerare come acquisto per chi ad esempio dispone di una seconda o terza casa in cui dimora solo per pochi giorni all’anno e non vuole spendere troppo ma allo stesso tempo gradisce un’ottima alternativa.

4. Klarstein Whirlwind 3 in 1, molto versatile

Klarstein Whirlwind 3-in-1 - Raffreddatore d'aria 3 in 1,...

Klarstein Whirlwind 3-in-1 – Raffreddatore d’aria 3 in 1,…

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  • combinazione 3 in 1 raffreddatore d’aria-ventilatore-umidificatore | funzione di umidificazione attivabile per migliorare il clima delle vostre stanze | tre livelli di potenza impostabili e tre modalità di ventilazione

Ecco un condizionatore portatile molto ingegnoso, il Klarstein Whirlwind 3 in 1 è infatti un dispositivo molto portatile e dal design moderno.
Oltre ad essere un raffrescatore ad acqua, assicura altre due modalità di ventilazione.

E’ un vaporizzatore ad aria che funziona attraverso l’evaporazione di acqua o di ghiaccio.

E’ dotato di un comodissimo display a led per poter tenere sempre bene sotto controllo la situazione e regolare le impostazioni secondo le proprie esigenze evitando consumi inutili che graverebbero solo sulla bolletta inutilmente.

Considerato per chi cerca una soluzione high tech senza però voler investire troppi e soldi e soprattutto senza dover bucare vetri o muri per tirare fuori il tubo, dato che come dicevamo è questo un modello senza tubo.

Il serbatoio è da 5 litri e mezzo, abbastanza per garantire un’intera notte di refrigerio senza dover pensare di svegliarsi per riempirlo di nuovo.

Acquisto consigliatissimo.

I condizionatori fanno male?

Si potrebbe credere che utilizzare il condizionatore portatile sia elementare come inserire la spina, azionarlo e attendere che raffreddi l’ambiente.

Be’, in parte è vero, ma ci sono sicuramente delle accortezze da mettere in pratica per far sì che il nostro dispositivo funzioni al meglio permettendo un risparmio di elettricità e la massima sicurezza di noi stessi e dei componenti della nostra famiglia.

E’ bene non utilizzare il condizionatore a temperature troppo basse per evitare eventuali danni alla propria salute, soprattutto se in casa sono presenti bambini piccoli che meno sopportano sbalzi termici e potrebbero seriamente risentirne.

Le temperature consigliate sono tra i 23 e i 26 gradi. Vi è mai capitato di entrare in estate in centri commerciali o negozi di grandi catene e percepire uno sbalzo di temperatura surreale, come passare dal Sahara al Polo Sud?

Ebbene, questo repentino cambiamento termico provoca nel corpo un forte stress che provoca in molti casi problemi alla salute.

Bene anche ricordare di non indirizzare il getto d’aria fredda verso parti specifiche del corpo per tempi troppo prolungati.

Di notte è meglio programmare un autospegnimento o usufruire della modalità Sleep.

In conclusion

Quando arriva l’estate è sempre dura scegliere il dispositivo per poter raffreddare la propria casa e riuscire a trovare la pace e il confort sperati.

C’è chi dissemina la casa di ogni tipo di ventilatori piccoli e grandi, magari a soffitto, e chi invece preferisce affidarsi ad un condizionatore.

Al giorno d’oggi l’installazione di quelli fissi è sempre comune ma non è possibile in tutti i contesti abitativi, c’è quindi spesso bisogno di ingegnarsi per trovare una soluzione.

Pensiamo ad esempio ad una casa vacanze che si utilizzi solo per poche settimane l’anno, in quel caso non ha davvero senso installare un condizionatore a parete, e sarà di certo meglio optare per un modello portatile.

Se avete una casa grande inoltre probabilmente non vorrete i vostri balconi tappezzati di unità esterne dei diversi condizionatori da installare nelle diverse stanze.

Anche in questo caso potrebbe essere più saggia l’opzione portatile, per non andare a violentare tutte le pareti della nostra casa e ritrovarci praticamente con uno colabrodo il giorno che eventualmente decideremmo di fare dei lavori e rimuovere queste unità di raffreddamento.

E’ chiaro che l’acquisto di un dispositivo del genere è sempre una scelta che richieda uno studio oculato delle proprie esigenze per poter acquistare un prodotto che sia soddisfacente ma allo stesso tempo non vada ad alleggerire eccessivamente il portafogli, soprattutto in un momento come questo dove le spese superflue non sono effettivamente benvenute.

Spero che questa guida lunga ed esauriente vi sia stata d’aiuto, è sempre bello sapere di essere utili soprattutto quando si parla di qualcosa di così vitale come gli ambienti in cui viviamo ogni giorno.

Mi piace l’idea di poter aiutare la persone a vivere meglio e nel confort più totale, di sicuro un condizionatore portatile può migliorare la vita di ogni giorno, soprattutto d’estate, ed aiutarci a concentrarci sul nostro lavoro oppure permetterci di stare meglio assieme alle persone che amiamo.

Alla prossima amici,
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