🥇 7 Best Camping Beds 2019 (From Travel) –

🥇 7 Best Camping Beds 2019 (From Travel) –

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I’m Tony.

If like me you are a lover of travel and camping, when the good weather finally arrives you can’t say no to the call of nature and adventure.

But what do you do when you have a very young child?

Should we renounce our passion?

It is not said, follow me. What you need is a travel cot (or from camping, if you prefer).

In this guide I’ll talk to you about these travel cots for your kids, we’ll see together the advantages and, what many people ask, weight limitations. Then there will be reviews and my opinions about the best ones on the market.

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The guide to camping beds

It’s convenient to have a portable crib when you are away from home with your baby, prices of these fantastic objects they are not prohibitive at all is anyone who has children at home and often travels should consider buying them.

I own two, one from Chicco and one from Hauck Sleep and I have to admit that in any case I feel great, since I bought them every time I go camping with my wife putting our little ones to bed has become a pleasure.

When you leave for summer holidays or for camping it is good to be ready for everything, but one of the basic needs for a child is surely sleep, one cannot be superficial and leave the place where our little ones will sleep.

Camping cots did strides in recent years as for comfort is technology, there are more and more solutions designed to occupy the minimum necessary space as they are compact and closable, therefore very comfortable to store in the trunk of the car.

But let’s go together to analyze in this in-depth guide which are the best travel cradles without getting lost in further talk.

The travel cot up to how many kg can hold up?

Many parents are apprehensive because they do not actually know how many kilos a travel cot can normally withstand, well we can assure you that for most models the declared and approved kilos are 15kg but in reality we know that this information is always calibrated downwards for safety reasons, a few extra kilos can obviously tolerate it.

However, we invite you to use the models proposed here with common sense!

Avoid letting already large children sleep well beyond this weight, do not be superficial when dealing with the safety of children.

The products on this list are the top of what can currently be found on the market, so all models designed to the highest standards from the best brands.

We always advise you to read carefully the characteristics booklet before use and purchase to avoid taking a product home that is not suited to the physical measurements of the children for whom you want to use it.

The best camping cot

1. Hauck Sleep n Play Go Plus, beautiful and top quality

Hauck / Sleep N Play Go Plus / Travel Bed 4 Pieces / 120 x 60 ...

Hauck / Sleep N Play Go Plus / Travel Bed 4 Pieces / 120 x 60 …

  • WELL EQUIPPED – This complete set is modern and the perfect solution when traveling with a child. Folding mattress / base and carrying bag are included.
  • FROM BIRTH – This evolutionary table is suitable from birth up to 15kg. Ideal therefore also for older children.

Here is the prince of the travel cot in my opinion, or the model I chose for my firstborn, it’s really nice to look at, colorful and appealing.

My son literally adores him, the finishes are made with great skill, also the structure is extremely stable and efficient.

There is a very practical side exit that can be opened by means of a hinge, to allow older children to enter at will.

There are some very comfortable wheels at the base that make it even more versatile for « trips », even those between one room and another in a house for example.

Furthermore, when folded, it takes up very little space and there is nothing to worry about when it is closed, which is also convenient to put inside the car’s luggage compartment.

The inner mattress is also removable and can be used as outdoor play air.

It is certainly an object that can not be missed if you want to make your child or child comfortable, you can use it outdoors or for example in second or third homes.

Our little ones will feel at home wherever you are.

It is easily assembled, in no more than ten minutes to want to go slow and take it easy.

Highly recommended, one of the best on the market at the moment.

2. Chicco GoodNight

The Chicco could not miss in this list being a leading company in the sector of products for children.

And this time, too, he doesn’t disappoint with a very classic umbrella-shaped travel cot, measuring 70 × 120 cm.

The colors available in this case are blue, giorgio and graphite, green or orange, any of these you choose are all very elegant models that do not disfigure in the most modern houses but also in the most rustic contexts or even in the most fashionable campsites .

The bed itself is placed inside a bag with handles that allow an easy transport, making it very compact once closed, it will not create any problem of space neither in the house nor in the car or in the camper.

It is certainly a minimal model, for those who aim for comfort and do not like the sought-after products with too many options, in this case the Chicco has seen fit to aim completely at the essentials.

But there is to be clear, nothing is left to chance even this time, in fact the Chicco is a company that has very clear ideas and decades of experience, so the comfort and safety of the child are as always in the first place.

There is a net that protects and at the same time allows to ventilate the space where the child will sleep, but at the same time it will facilitate the vision both from the inside towards the outside and vice versa.

So don’t worry because you will always have the baby under strict control.

The Easy Sleep system also ensures easy opening, assisted by an extremely intelligent double safety system to avoid annoying accidental closures.

A product of great workmanship, as you can clearly see in the picture above, is made according to the most modern standards of homologation for safety and is very easy to handle. It will be child’s play to carry it with you on your adventures at the end of the world.

The assembly of cons is not extremely intuitive and can present some slight difficulties to those who are not very accustomed to this kind of products, but nothing that cannot be easily overcome with a little patience and some laughter in the family.

3. Chicco Easy Sleep, beautiful and functional

Chicco is again on this list with an extremely beautiful and functional bed.

Perfect for those who are planning to go on holiday these days.

You can see the details with loving care, for a product that surprises from the very first glance.

As a distinctive feature supplied there is a nice fridge bag!

As always happens with the Chicco models, this Easy Sleep once closed is incredibly compact and presents no problems.

Easy to assemble, even if among those proposed in this guide it is certainly not the most immediate model, but don’t worry just a little manual work and the product will be ready to use in four and four.

Even the colors are bright and appealing for the little ones, who will compete to use it.

The side hinge as usual is positioned at child height to allow it to enter and exit independently without our intervention. Certainly such a function can only be used with already large children, but why not think about the coming years when your baby will be grown?

Inside the package there is a convenient carrying case and a nice carrying bag.

Also in this case we consider the purchase of a softer separate mattress because some users have found an excessive hardness in that of « series ».

4. Chicco Lullago Zip, Travel Cot

Here is a very interesting travel cot because it differs in design from the other models presented in this guide.

It is again the Chicco that comes up with a very interesting idea, this is a real travel cradle in fact, equipped with a rigid mattress and side rails optimized to promote perfect ventilation.

Can also be used as a box, designed for those who do not have too much space at home but do not want to give up the maximum comfort for their little one.

The design is very modern and will certainly not go unnoticed, it is an object that looks good in any home, blending harmoniously with any style of furniture.

It is easily foldable and occupies an amount of laughable space once folded.

The assembly is very fast, much more than the other models we are talking about on this page, and in the end it is very comfortable.

Unique against is the mattress that some will find perhaps a little too rigid, but nothing prevents you from replacing it with a softer one.

All in all a great product.

5. Hauck Sleep n Play Center, an innovative bed


Hauck Sleep N Play Center Travel Cot, Included Second ...

Hauck Sleep N Play Center Travel Cot, Included Second …

  • WELL EQUIPPED – This complete and modern set is the perfect solution for traveling with babies. Changing table, pocket, mattress and carrying bag are already included.
  • FROM BIRTH – Thanks to the height adjustable on the newborn level, the camping bed offers excellent comfort from birth. The high level is also adequate for looking after the back.

The Hauck proposes this product very well done and thought, to meet the needs of modern parents, for new families always traveling and on the move.

It takes up very little space and can easily be stored inside your home without being completely bulky.

As a peculiarity this Hauck Sleep N Play Center sees the possibility of placing the mattress on which our little ones can sleep on two different levels.

You can opt for the level of the floor, that is the lowest one, or alternatively for the one higher up, or at the height of the mattress of a normal bed, to be able to align it for example with the Latvian parents.

Really a great idea!

The mattress, once folded, can be used without problems directly as a cot case, guaranteeing in this way an excellent chance to save a lot of space.

As always we see the presence of a hinge to guarantee the child the possibility of going out of the bed independently when he feels the need, or for example in an emergency.

The cot can also be used as a playpen.

This Hauck Sleep N Play Center is very complete and never ceases to amaze.

In fact, inside the package there is also a folding changing table that can be placed on the sides of the cot.

Certainly not the most comfortable solution if there is a real constant need for a changing table, but for the most extreme cases it is undoubtedly an excellent possibility to consider.

Unfortunately the changing table is not very rigid, it would have been possible to opt for a better solution and this bed would have been practically perfect.

The assembly and opening and closing of this Sleep N Play is to be treated with great care because there are parts that if not well positioned as indicated in the instructions will compromise its functioning. Don’t worry, however, nothing complex.

There is a very comfortable case that allows you to carry it like a trolley, perfect therefore also for air travel.

Very sturdy and great for children up to 11 kilos.

The possibility of positioning the double-height bed places this product for sure a small step over the others.

As against there is perhaps the retina made of non-perfect material.
But it is a totally negligible detail, given that we are dealing with a high-class product.

Many prefer to buy a new mattress because they are not satisfied with the one supplied, this happens practically for all the beds for sale, but we find that it is not a big problem also because if you want you can still use the basic mattress and if you do believes that this is not suitable with a handful of euros you can buy a new, softer and often softer mat without problems.

After all, however, it remains a great product recommended to all without a shadow of a doubt.

6. BabyBjörn Cradle Harmony, with spring rocking system


BabyBjörn Culla, White

BabyBjörn Culla, White

  • Soft spring rocking
  • In breathable mesh to promote air circulation and always control the child

The BabyBjörn offers us this futuristic baby crib with the appealing name Harmony.

Designed for children between 0 and 6 months, so avoid if you have older children, holding up to a maximum of 9 kilos. Pay close attention to this detail as it is a much lower feature in terms of scope than the other models presented on this page.

Aesthetically it is beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful model among these proposed.

Light and very compact in size, it is made with an extremely soft fabric, as well as when traveling, so it can be used comfortably at home, indeed, I highly recommend it because an object of this kind has its own romantic aura that will surely leave your friends with open mouth.

The child can swing very gently inside thanks to a futuristic mechanism that allows a spring movement, however the structure is very safe do not fear since the wood with which it is built is resistant and stable.

Recommended for those who want something different and want to grow their children surrounded by beauty.

7. Hauck Dream n Play Plus, cot with mattress

Hauck Dream N Play Plus Travel Bed 3 Pieces 120 x 60 cm ...

Hauck Dream N Play Plus Travel Bed 3 Pieces 120 x 60 cm …

  • Traveling: the Dream N Play Plus travel cot is a practical companion during travel or holidays; it allows you to always be mobile and the baby can continue to feel safe
  • Practical closure: the cot is light and foldable in just a few seconds; folded takes up very little space and can be carried in the included bag

Another excellent product presented by Hauck, a bed made as always in a workmanlike manner, very durable and aesthetically wonderful.

Very easy to assemble, with illustrations that you can understand (it’s appropriate to say) even a child!

This Hauck Dream N Play Plus is sold in a convenient case along with the mattress on which the child can sleep.

There is a very clever zip that opens a trapdoor into which the child can enter and exit independently.

Perfect especially in summer, very comfortable and ideal for those who travel a lot and do not want to miss anything for their children. When closed, it takes up very little space.

When it is not used as a bed it can be converted into a box where the child can play, certainly this aspect makes it a very convenient 2 in 1 product.

Highly recommended.

In conclusion

When you are dealing with the comfort and safety of our children, nothing can be left to chance, especially when you are away from home and you want to finally relax to feel free from everyday thoughts and routine.

However, this does not mean that we cannot neglect in any way such an essential element as the travel bed of the smallest of the house.

There is no excuse for not choosing the best in this case, given that the costs are really contained and that an object of this kind can be used for years to come without any problem, perhaps passing it on as a little brother or little sister on a little sister smaller.

Coming to the head of the right product in this incredible jungle that is the internet is not at all easy, for this they are useful guides like this one, designed to bring some order and organize the data in order to shed light and indicate consumers on the best purchase.

Whatever the camping cot or travel cot you choose from those proposed on this page, you can be sure that in any case it will be of the highest quality products approved to the highest European safety standards.

Well, I just have to say goodbye and leave you to the next friends guide, next time!

Your Tony from Pro Contro.


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