πŸ₯‡ 9 Best Injector Nail Lamps 2019 UV LED –

πŸ₯‡ 9 Best Injector Nail Lamps 2019 UV LED –

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I’m Antonella.

There nail art it is more and more fashionable lately.

I threw myself at headfirst in this world last year and I immediately discovered the existence of nail ovens also called LED or UV lamps.

Is one easy to use tool and in the following video you can find some useful tips and the principle of operation, great if you are a beginner and you are asking the usual ritual questions.

As often happens, I immediately became passionate about the subject and decided to inform myself as much as possible to write an article.

Obviously I will also reveal to you what my favorite oven is.

These tools were initially reserved for nail care and beauty professionals, while in recent years they have become more and more common use, quietly employed in home environment as simple and immediate to use.

Today the passion for nail art is practically diffused to oil stain and even my most suspicious friends seem to have finally « surrenderedΒ Β» to this fashion and begin to opt for home-made do-it-yourself with my great joy since I finally have loyal allies in my ongoing experiments πŸ™‚

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But no more talk and let’s start with the guide! Click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST LAMPS.

What is the nailer for?

It’s a small oven you use ultra violet or LED rays depending on the technology used.

The bulbs inside allow thedrying in seconds of semi-permanent gels or enamels designed specifically for nail art.

So watch out! Not good for normal glazes.

It hurts? Is it carcinogenic?

Many wonder if the led nail lamp actually hurts.

Since the use of UV burners has spread on a global scale, some doubts have begun to arise as to whether these were safe for the health of those undergoing treatment.

There is one study of a very important American medical university that has put the question of whether or not these tanning lamps actually emit harmful radiation on the skin.

The conclusion reached is that ovens with a very high voltage are potentially more risky for health than low voltage ones.

Other studies have found instead the completely harmless nail ovens as their very low UV emission is comparable to that used in the dental field for teeth whitening.

According to these scholars, there should therefore be no danger of using these devices.

It is always advisable to equip yourself with common sense and conscientiously use the nail ovens always opting for the highest quality products.

It is essential to always buy products certified by the European Union and instead avoid the Chinese market which, as far as the potentially more advantageous appearance is concerned, often reserves pitfalls.

Especially when we find ourselves dealing with objects that we will use directly on our body, we cannot in any way exempt ourselves from thinking about possible negative effects resulting from the use of instruments not properly tested on human skin.

So I invite you as always to pay a lot of attention.

LED or UV lamp?

First of all it needs to be clarified which are the substantial differences between the LEV and UV lamps.

The semi-permanent LED enamel lamps exploit the polymerization by means of LED bulbs, which are semiconductor luminous devices.

First of all, because of the use of this technology, they are faster than UV.

THE LED they have very low consumption and allow a much longer duration, they also emit a type of cold light, which is an advantage not just.

Cold light is in fact much safer for the health of one’s hands than hot, because it avoids any burns.

Semi-permanent UV enamel lamps emit ultraviolet radiation instead.

The UV they consume much more electricity and unlike LEDs they emit a kind of warm light on the skin, and can reach temperatures that are potentially harmful to the skin of our hands.

Moreover, UV technology is a little more dated and devices made in this way tend to be more fragile than constitution.

The substantial advantage over LED technology is the fact that they are universal, can be used with any type of product.

The traditional UV lamp bulbs must be replaced after a certain number of uses.

It is easy to understand when it is time to replace the bulbs of the UV lamps, it is sufficient to verify if on these are present or not some blackened areas, if so they will have to be changed as soon as possible.

Best UV LED lamp for nails oven (reviews)

1. Abody Auto-sensing, my favorite

Abody 48W / 24W UV LED Nail Lamp, Nail Oven ...

Abody 48W / 24W UV LED Nail Lamp, Nail Oven …

  • 【2 Power and 3 Timer settings】 Pressing the on-off button for 2 seconds can switch its power from 48W to 24W. 3 types of time setting: 5 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds. Choose and check the correct time according to your request.
  • 【Automatic Sensor】 This nail lamp can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing the time adjustment button. The maximum working time is 120 seconds and the fastest drying time is 5 seconds.

There are products towards which a relationship of affection is established, almost love at first sight, and for me this is undoubtedly the case of the Abody Auto-sensing, a nail lamp that has given me great satisfaction and excellent results worthy of a beauty center.

It is indeed a really interesting oven, we find ourselves in front of a resistant object destined to last over time.

You can set the timer to 15, 30 or 60 seconds, and you can set the function for which the device turns on when we go to rest your hand inside, a really nice and innovative choice.

The design is almost futuristic, so it won’t look bad in the most modern rooms, it has the ability to effectively dry all the fingers of the hand without the need for further review.

You can select the intensity by choosing 48W or 24W by long pressing the on and off button.

The power is interesting and the operation is LED, and as we all know LEDs naturally tend to last longer than UV bulbs.

It is very large and also allows you to make excellent pedicures without any effort.

The power supply is very powerful.

Dry nail art enamels very quickly without any problem or hesitation.

Certainly a great product for home use and to match the results that can only be had from the best nail artists.

The price is not of the lowest but there is a reason, in fact this Abody Auto-sensing guarantees a type of drying that is decidedly homogeneous and in a workmanlike manner.

2. USpicy 48W, excellent lamp

USpicy Nail Lamp 48W CCFL UV & LED Nail Polish Dryer with Light ...

USpicy Nail Lamp 48W CCFL UV & LED Nail Polish Dryer with Light …

  • NAIL LAMP IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GEL GLAZES: Quick dry 48W portable nail polish with UV and LED lights to dry any UV / LED gel polish
  • MORE LIGHT FOR MOST BEAUTIFUL NAILS: More light during nail polish application – even for the most original and detailed styles.

Another very interesting lamp that undoubtedly deserves to finish inside this guide is the 48 Watt USpicy, UV and LED.

The lamp in question is made with extremely light materials and even the dimensions are reduced, perfect for those who therefore intend to move it often from one place to another, perhaps during a vacation why not.

Equipped with a timer with 3 options, depending on your needs for curing the nail polish or gel.

The design is extremely attractive, in fact the shapes are seductive, it is a product designed for pleasure and not to go unnoticed on the table of make-up or manicure.

It is very round, all glossy and black, it immediately catches the attention and makes us understand its intentions without however being intrusive. There are indeed very flashy products that stand out yes but they are real fists in one eye, it is certainly not the case with this USpicy which is instead a very elegant device.

Very easy to clean since the lower part disengages from the upper part whenever we wish, in order to always guarantee maximum hygiene, and every new use will be like the first time.

One of the peculiarities of this lamp that immediately catch the eye and make it clear that we are dealing with a top class instrument is the presence of many LED lamps in the upper part of the oven.

On the walls of this there are then mounted mirrors that allow the light to be reflected and therefore to reach the entire surface of the nail in a uniform manner, thus ensuring a result almost equal to the professional one.

The value for money, even in this case, is very interesting, in fact there are not many products, not only in the field of manicure, but in general among the instruments dedicated to female beauty, which guarantee such quality at such a negligible cost.

The weight is very low, this may be synonymous with poor quality for some, because semi-professional appliances are expected to be heavy, as if to witness their bulk and importance with bulk, but we know by now in this historical period in which everything is thinning out and in which nano-technologies triumph that maximum performance does not always correspond to maximum bulk, indeed. It is often the opposite.

A product recommended for those who want to get serious, those who have already tried other models and want to take the next step higher or for those who want to start immediately in style.

3. SUNUV SUN2C 48W, excellent for beginners, fantastic on the semi-permanent

SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED Nail UV Lamp Manicure / Pedicure LED ...

SUNUV SUN2C 48W LED Nail UV Lamp Manicure / Pedicure LED …

  • Painless scheme design: Flexible drying options with 4 Preset time control: 10s, 30s, 60s and 90s low focus mode, Enjoy professional quality home polish
  • Smart Auto-sensing (no switch): If you put your hand in sun2 Sensing turns on, turns off automatically even for recovery

Not all LED lamps are the same, and here we are in front of the SUNUV, which immediately surprises us with its weight, given that it is incredibly light, but also for its incredible ease of use, which places it in pole position among the possible best purchases for those who are at the beginning and have a lot of curiosity to launch themselves into the fabulous world of do-it-yourself nail art.

Inside the package there are two spare colored pads, these have no purpose other than purely aesthetic and decorative.

An interesting choice that goes immediately to understand that we are not in front of the classic nail lamp.

There are also comfortable grommets to attach under the lamp to prevent it from slipping and therefore making it even safer and easier to use.

There are keys that activate a fundamental timer to keep track of the passage of time and avoid leaving our hands under the LED rays.

Polymerization is fantastic, especially for the semi-permanent.

The value for money is practically unbeatable, we find ourselves in the presence of one of the most loved lamps by the Italians.

The instructions are extremely easy to understand and after just a few minutes you can go directly to the action without the danger of making mistakes.

Also excellent for pedicure as there is all the space needed to safely rest your foot.

Dry the semi-permanent polish in an excellent way.



SUNUV SUN8 48W UV Nail LED Lamp for Nail Gel Automatic ...

SUNUV SUN8 48W UV Nail LED Lamp for Nail Gel Automatic …

  • COMFORTABLE WHITE LIGHT: SUN8’S with white light LED is more delicate than traditional purple UV light, it offers you a comfortable experience during your manicure and pedicure and better protection for your nails, for your skin and eyes.
  • DRY ALL TYPES OF GEL FOR NAILS: All the small bright LED beads inside the machine adopt an exclusive technology – with double optical wavelength (365nm + 405nm), makes it work with all types of UV hand gel and LEDs and enamels such as. Base Coat, Top Coat, Color Gels, Hard Gel, Builder, Acrylic, sculpture gel, gem glue, etc.

SUNUV is undoubtedly synonymous with products for the care and design of nails and this time it is not denied proposing a great product, with small dimensions but incredible performances.

The design is minimal and elegant, for those who love simple and effective things, but who at the same time do not disfigure on the table in the room.

The weight is extremely low, very easy to clean and use.

Ignition is automatic when the hand is inserted inside.

The price is certainly very affordable.

5. Morpilot LED UV 24W, perfect for the beginning


UV Lamp Nail, Morpilot Oven Nail CCFL UV 24W Dryer ...

UV Lamp Nail, Morpilot Oven Nail CCFL UV 24W Dryer …

  • Gel Compatible Lamp: Gel-UV LED and gel, for example Base coat, top coat, color gel, Hartgele, builders, acrylic, Skulpturgel, Edelsteinleim etc., fits well for hands and feet
  • Much Faster: The UV LED nail lamp is very fast for 24W drying, which shortens the drying time by 50%, the life of the LEDs can reach 50,000 hours

Here we are in front of an object that is first of all designed for those who are not very familiar and familiar with instruments of this kind, but still really want to enter the world of polymerization of semi-permanent glazes or nail gels from the main door.

There are 3 different timer modes, depending on how hard the enamel in question is to be fixed, it goes from 30 to 90 seconds.

Very interesting is the automatic switching on when the hand is inserted into the oven mouth.

The design is very appealing, it looks like an artistic object at first sight, a device coming from the future.

Very light and easy to use, it will hardly leave the novices disappointed in this field.

6. 2Prof Futura LED 3.0

Another hidden gem is certainly this 2Prof Futura.

Very small in size, but this does not mean that they have decided to save on features or effectiveness, far from it. We find ourselves in front of a device that, although compact, deserves great respect because it is capable of great results.

Products of this kind arrive in our lives as real lightning bolts from a clear sky, until a few hours before we completely ignore their existence and in a few moments we understand that we will never be able to do without them. Here is one of these indispensable objects from which you will struggle to separate in the future.

It is capable of accommodating all five fingers at the same time thus avoiding multiple exposures of the hand.

There is a timer that can be set at 5, 30 or 60 seconds for longer and more intense polymerizations.

It operates in two modes, the normal 48W one and the 24W soft one, certainly an important strength that makes this 2Prof Futura certainly very versatile and suitable for different needs.

The infrared sensor is activated every time the hand rests inside the oven, to start immediately with polymerization.

It is very easy to clean since the bottom is detachable.

7. Duomishu UV LED 48W, beautiful lamp

LED Nail Lamp 48W 30 UV / LED Nail Oven Nail Dryer ...

LED Nail Lamp 48W 30 UV / LED Nail Oven Nail Dryer …

  • UPDATED VERSION – This LED nail lamp has 48W power and 30 UV LEDs. Compared to the old version (36W, 18uv / led), add 12 lamp leds and the power adds 12W. Complete drying uses only 60% of the traditional nail lamp.
  • EFFICIENT UV / LED TECHNOLOGY – New dual light source technology covers a wider range of ultraviolet band, suitable for drying all gel nails, including UV-glue nails, gule generator, nail gel sculpture, gem glue and nail LEDs gel.

The Duomishu UV LED is without a doubt a surprising LED oven.

For those who no longer want to have to wait for the appointment with their beautician or their beautician to fix their nails and hands, this will certainly be excellent news.

The Duomishu is in fact a perfect manicure device for the home, and especially for those who are beginners with the care of their nails.

Aesthetically very beautiful and seductive, comfortable for those not very familiar with this kind of objects.

It is possible in fact to move it directly on the steady hand to avoid messes, instead of resting your hand inside as you usually do.

Very easy to clean too, in a few seconds it returns as new.

There is a very comfortable seconds timer that starts as soon as you put your hand underneath.

The instructions are not exactly the best I have to admit, but in a few minutes it comes to the head anyway, since this kind of devices in the end all work in the same way, at least in the basic concept and just a simple video on youtube to understand immediately how to do!

With a bit of dexterity you get excellent results.

8. Halicer, great for travel

This Halicer has a very nice design, in fact it uses red LED lights designed specifically to not damage the skin and even less our sight, revealing itself very pleasant to use.

I allow to dry both the nail gel and the semi-permanent nail polish leaving us the possibility to choose the times that we believe best between the preset timer settings at 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

The lamp will turn on automatically as if by magic when we insert our hand inside, and obviously it will turn off when we remove it.

The base of the oven can be cleaned very easily since it comes off in a flash because it is magnetized, so it will be child’s play to bring the lamp back to its initial state.

Online users tend to be very satisfied with this product.

It is certainly an excellent product for those who are impatient and do not like to wait with their hands suspended in the air for the enamel to dry, with the risk of it being ruined.

This is why lamps come in handy.

In the Halicer the lights have been installed in a very intelligent way so as to guarantee an almost professional result, there will be no need to go to our trusted nail artist for a quick intervention, we could do it directly at home and avoid continuous visits to the centers aesthetic to have our nails in order day after day.

I will always be grateful for life for marketing such small ovens at such an affordable price.

The lights are also arranged not to be touched with the fingers, since they are positioned very high compared to where the hand will be placed.

Obviously it is an excellent device also for pedicure, being very capacious, even for those who do not have a Cinderella foot …

Despite being large, this oven remains small and very practical to move, so it is a great travel companion to pack for a manicure even on vacation!

Highly recommended.

In conclusion

It is certain that in recent years the importance of the work of the beautician has increasingly focused on nails to the point of creating the figure of the nail artist.

A couple of decades the nails were cured and painted, of course, but not with the attention that lends itself now. A small but fundamental detail for seduction has become over time a real aesthetic weapon to stand out and proclaim its personality to the world.

The great nail art artists know how to make real masterpieces on nails, making them original and even artistic.

Nail art was born in Asia, during the Bronze Age with the practice of henna, a dye derived from the dust of some leaves.

In the rich Babylon, black nails were stained to distinguish one’s social position.

But it was in Egypt that the decoration of the nails began to be exalted, in fact in this society the color distinguished the social classes, plus the red used was in fact more intense meant that the woman in question belonged to a high rank, up to that real.

In the Middle Ages, on the other hand, for religious reasons, this practice gradually diminished.

In the Renaissance, on the other hand, he returned to vogue given the return to aesthetics and vivid colors.

In the twentieth century there was then the popular explosion in the whole way of the manicure with more and more original solutions and more and more innovative colors, up to the day today, with the introduction also of the false nails and those reconstructed.

Nowadays we see instead the presence of gels, semi-permanent glazes and the famous and adorable nail piercings, which I personally love to madness.

I hope the guide on the best nailer has been helpful to help you untangle yourself in this complicated jungle that sees day after day the introduction of always different devices, so it’s not at all easy to understand what can really do to the case own.

I wish you a good day, my friends and I greet you, referring you to the next article!

from your Antonella.


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