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Hi, I’m David,
I make an electrician by profession.

I was called by ProContro friends as an expert on driver assistance accessories.

You will agree with me on one thing:

It’s not always easy to park when you’re in a hurry. This is where parking sensors soccorso come to our rescue

Bosch 263009565 RIC.ELETTRICI

Bosch 263009565 RIC.ELETTRICI

The best parking sensors. The quality is very high, we are talking about sensors that many install as standard on their cars.

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Follow me to find out all there is to know about this formidable technology. Don’t worry, I will answer all your questions in detail. Let’s proceed then or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST SENSORS.

The parking sensor guide

In big cities full of cars and urban furnishings the parking area can become a real nightmare, especially if you have a car as big as an SUV, a camper, a minivan or a 4 × 4.

A time like « parking sensors« They used friends or parking attendants who gave us a hand in the maneuver to be able to » see « where our eyes could not get from the observation point of the driver’s seat.

Now there is no need for this human support anymore because there are highly intelligent ultrasonic or electromagnetic sensors that warn us through a clear sound signal, even if we are alone in the car.

THE parking sensors they come to our aid to facilitate this task and make our driving safer from the moment we put the key in the dashboard.

In fact these devices obviously are useful both during incoming and outgoing parking operations, or from the moment the car is started and maneuvers must be carried out in order to get out and get on the roadway.

Many people when it comes to parking are afraid, yes I know, the thought immediately goes to women. But I can assure you that apart from easy ironies I have friends who are much better at maneuvering the car than men I know completely hindered. So how well we can observe this phenomenon is unisex, and moreover it is a drama that unites all novice drivers since ever.

How do parking sensors work?

In the last decades the technology applied to automobiles has made real leaps and bounds, we have gone from having very complex machines to drive to very advanced cars equipped with all the options, if only we think about how indispensable and indispensable systems such as power steering, brake booster, airbag, GPS etc.

Parking sensors are among the latest inventions that have spread like wildfire from the United States to Europe.

This special device allows sensors of the rear and front bumpers to pick up the approach of obstacles using ultrasonic waves, to promptly warn the driver and avoid any impact.

There is a control unit which controls the entire system and manages the signals sent by the sensors. In turn it sends a signal to a loudspeaker that produces dynamic sounds adapting them to the distance or not from the obstacle, in fact they will intensify as soon as you will be in the vicinity of a possible contact and vice versa they will thin away the danger away.

This instrument has become extremely important in the new generation cars, as it has gradually begun to produce ever larger cars which therefore require support to be parked easily and quickly.

Parking sensors preserve the car body, especially if they are expensive machines, to avoid accidentally hitting obstacles, warning them before impact.

It is clear that these most precious sensors must be installed both on the rear bumper and on the front bumper, so as to have a sort of radar that « looks » both in front and behind, for complete security.

The rear sensors, however, unlike the front ones are activated only if you decide to engage the reverse gear, this will be the signal that will make it clear to the control unit that you are heading backwards and therefore need to monitor the distance between us and the car or the obstacle behind us.

The acoustic warning starts from about a meter and a half away until it intensifies to signal the approach to the foreign object.

The best car manufacturers are currently installing parking sensors as an option, and it is quite common that they are already present on the car you are going to buy, but if your car does not have them, you are always in time to add them, choosing those that can best do for you in the list on this page.

Types of parking sensors

They exist substantially three types of sensors, those wireless, those electromagnetic and those ultrasound. On the surface they look very similar, but they actually reserve particular differences.

THE wireless parking sensors, they can be installed without needing to drill holes on the body, in fact it will be enough to place them on the license plate holder and their power will come directly from the lighting placed on it. A nice convenience, don’t you think?

The display inside the car will be powered by the car cigarette lighter.

Communication takes place via wireless connection, like the one used at home to connect to the internet.

The cons of these sensors is that they tend to be a little less precise than those there are electromagnetic, but they are certainly recommended for those who need a « quick and painless » installation on their car.

THE electromagnetic parking sensors instead they are the futuristic and innovative alternative, the new system that will soon be the dominant one on all the cars on the market.

They consist of an adhesive strip that will be positioned inside the bumper and will connect to the control unit. This strip will generate an electromagnetic field that in the presence of obstacles will effectively warn the control unit and signal the danger.

Those ultrasound they produce sound waves to measure the distance between them and the possible obstacle, they are also able to detect and signal blind spots.

How do I install sensors for parking?

It is very easy to install a sensor system for parking.

  • First of all, before the application, it is preferable to turn them over to make them the same color as your car, in this way they will not get in the eye and will seem to be part of the car body.
  • It will then be necessary to take good measures to understand where to place the sensors.
  • Then make holes in the bumper.
  • Then connect the cable that will be connected to the reverse light.
  • Understand where you want to go and place the control unit in the rear bonnet and connect the sensor cables to it.
  • At this point the only thing left to do is to mount the display on the dashboard, to always have our sensors under control.

How do you make parking sensors invisible?

As we said, it will be enough to paint them in the same color as the bodywork and in this way the « invisibility » effect will be obtained, without fear of affecting the exterior appearance of our car.

Best parking sensors

1. Bosch Park Pilot URF7, excellent from an exceptional brand

Bosch 263009565 RIC.ELETTRICI

Bosch 263009565 RIC.ELETTRICI

  • Parking queue with 4 sensors for vehicles up to 2.20 m Width in top quality equipment.
  • 4 ultrasonic sensors contained in cart color lackierbar (81398044 help). Optical / akkustische via LED and speaker (adjustable volume). Wide range of mounting rings for an optimal sensor position

Here are some other high quality parking sensors, in this case we are talking about Bosch, a brand that has been able to gain great credibility over time, leaving many satisfied customers around the world.

Many cars choose to mount the Bosch series in fact, and there will be a reason.

We are in the presence of a product of excellent build quality, there is absolutely nothing negative to emphasize.

The material is very resistant, as well as cables and connectors that seem designed specifically to last over time and guarantee maximum safety.

The system seems made to be camouflaged to perfection within the interior of our car.

They can be assembled in four hours, like all advanced systems of this type, they are not very easy to assemble and require the hands of an expert, so expect to spend a little to be able to have them installed properly on your car, but I can assure you that the final result will be really worth it.

The price is also exceptional for such quality, if you have a solid budget I would not look elsewhere and buy them on the spot.

2. Active Park 4/14 Metasystem, fitted as standard by Fiat

Here are practically perfect sensors, not by chance they are assembled by famous car manufacturers like Fiat on their production cars.

A quality product that if installed correctly by expert hands can give great satisfaction.

That is why I invite you first of all to help you install this parking sensor kit by an expert.

It is equipped with 4 miniaturized sensors, arranged for a quick fixing on the bumper.

Sensitivities can be adjusted to suit your needs, so as to configure a tailor-made system for our car, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises during use.

The minimum safety distance for example can be adapted without problems to choose the one that can do for us.

If you wish, you can choose different tones to indicate whether the obstacles are approached from the front or back, so as never to be confused.

Just a few uses will be enough to get used to the two different sounds and in this way become experienced parking attendants without fear of making mistakes, practically even with your eyes closed. I’m joking of course, don’t even try it as a joke, in fact I take the opportunity to emphasize how important it is to remain vigilant and never let yourself be overwhelmed by laziness when driving a car, even and especially when you are equipped with driver assistance systems .

They are equipped with a hermetic IP 67 connector and an automatic switch-off.

They are paintable, so they become virtually invisible sensors.

3. Beneglow® with Dual-Core LCD screen, very nice display

Parking screen Beneglow Dual-Core Display LCD ...

Parking screen Beneglow Dual-Core Display LCD …

  • Independent Dual-Core Digital LCD display. With built-in microcomputer control, obstacle detection range can be accurate to centimeters.
  • All-weather design, anti-wind, anti-sand, anti-fog, anti-freeze, anti-rain, anti-snow sensor systems, for greater coverage and detection.

Here is another interesting product to consider if you are launching into the world of assisted parking.
The reason is easy to say, in fact, they are easy to assemble, sold also in a version with 8 sensors and the display is very nice to see, it does not look bad even in the most modern cabin.

Even the kit is equipped with everything you need to install them and in a few hours you will be ready to go.

The double sided tape for the display is not the maximum efficiency and it will be better to buy an alternative one in a hardware store, for the rest it is an excellent product that can very well compete with more famous brands.

Certainly recommended.

4. Cobra Park Master R394

Here is another model of highly professional sensors, just paint them to make them the same color as the bumper to make them camouflage with the vehicle.

Other economic types are not able to stay flush with the bumper and end up noticing each other, this is not the case with the Cobras, which once rendered of the suitable color will be practically invisible.

We recommend as always to have them assembled by the body shop because installation is not easy.

The sound begins with obstacles less than 2 meters and then becomes continuous at 35 centimeters from the obstacle.

Certainly excellent companions to make parking maneuvers at entry and exit extremely easy even for beginners.

The sensors are based on ultrasound technology, this method allows very precise measurements.

There is therefore an acoustic signal that warns the distance from the obstacle through a more or less intermittent sound.

The Cobras are sensors to be kept in mind if you have to choose a kit that lasts over time and is extremely reliable, promoted with flying colors.

5. Car Rover sensors

CAR ROVER Parking sensors Bibi Signal System sensors ...

CAR ROVER Parking sensors Bibi Signal System sensors …

  • Car Rover Customer Service & Quality: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, 12 Months Warranty Replacement.
  • We are very concerned about driving safety: Help to provide greater safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who seem to be around the moving vehicle.

An interesting kit with the only flaw of not being equipped with assembly instructions. If you intend to opt for DIY then stay away from it.

If instead you know a good specialized installer, you can certainly rely on this system of parking sensors, I’m sure it will not leave you disappointed.

The difficult part, as I always say, is the bumper drilling, I had countless times customers come with the bumper pierced as if they had just survived a shootout :), and instead they had simply tried to install the sensors autonomously with disastrous results and pretended to be resolved their problem.

It is a system that gives great satisfaction, sometimes it tends to sound even with obstacles a little distant, but this is not a problem I can assure you.

As always, we need to paint the sensors to make them invisible.

A great product.

6. KKmoon sensors, great value for money

This KKMOON is a sensor system that certainly represents a great compromise for price quality, certainly it does not have the same performance as more expensive systems but it can constitute a fair entry into the world of assisted parking.

Thanks to these intelligent sensors it will be possible to stop your car without any danger even a few centimeters from the obstacle in front of or behind us. The presence of small obstacles next to the road level will also be reported.

Are you aware of those slightly raised sidewalks that are sometimes practically invisible? Here, exactly those. You won’t have to be more afraid of ending up against us.

To install them correctly, however, it is necessary to remove the bumpers.

The kit consists of 4 different sensors, front and rear, the acoustic signal is double-sided so that it can be placed inside the passenger compartment where we believe best.

There is also a very convenient control unit to be connected with a cable to the reverse lights, so that you can understand when the reverse gear is active and adapt accordingly.

It presents 4 different types of sound, from intermittent to continuous. Then we go from the meter for the swinging sound to 20 centimeters for the constant one.
In short, you can’t go wrong.

The installation as we said is not the simplest, but this is not a problem for professionals who, once in hand, will know how to behave.

In my workshop we spend about 2 and a half hours on average to mount such a device, we need to disassemble the bumpers and the trunk panels so that it can be connected without problems to the reverse light.

The sensors are not really easy to assemble for a novice, who could encounter many difficulties. In fact, depending on the model of the car concerned, it will sometimes be necessary to slightly cut the fins that allow them to fit together.

The buzzer should normally be mounted inside the boot, better if easily visible.

Also this model can be easily painted before being mounted on the car, so as not to create an annoying anti-aesthetic effect and to make them integrate perfectly into the design of our beloved car.

The performance will absolutely not be that of the more expensive sensors of more famous brands, so do not expect the same yield and the same level of safety, above all they do not guarantee the identical duration over time. But at this price you won’t find anything better.

How much do parking sensors cost?

It is obvious that not all sensors are exactly the same, and you have to understand that in this case, given that it is your own safety in the car, you should not pay too much attention to saving and try to take home a product that can be a valid aid drive and make us feel more confident.

There are even complete camera sensors, it is clear that in that case the cost will tend to rise, but we must not be deceived because in the long run such systems can repay our small initial investment and make us bless the day we decided to opt for the most complete solution. And I know what I’m talking about.

It is also good to always rely on the installation of a car electrician, who will also be able to advise you in the most intelligent and suitable choice for your pocket.

DIY in this case is not exactly recommended, since an error in the installation could be expensive. Never joke when it comes to your own safety and that of your loved ones. We therefore recommend always asking for the advice and supervision of an expert.

It is understood that the initial expense of the parking device will need to be accompanied by the installation of a professional. Don’t forget this fundamental detail that sometimes seems to escape some.

Inside the sensor kit you can usually find everything you need to be able to install them without problems.

In conclusion

The giant steps technology is making in the car world are really incredible.

There are now more and more highly evolved systems to assist the guide and make our presence on the road safer every day.

Google and Tesla are also doing a lot of work to give us electric vehicles that will drive themselves shortly, it will certainly be a blast when we no longer even have to worry about driving manually.

I confess that I am not one of those luddites who look at technology with contempt and fear, because I recognize that despite some small incidents along the way, humanity today is moving towards an ever more splendid and happy evolution.

The average life span of a nineteenth-century man was around 40, think, while in a few years it is said that the life expectancy of industrialized and developed countries may exceed 90 years. It is without a doubt an excellent goal that would have been unthinkable without the most modern medical and technological discoveries.

The parking sensors are undoubtedly excellent travel companions of which you can no longer do without and this guide shows all the most obvious advantages clearly, clearly based on my experience in the world of cars. For example, take a look at this four-piece article.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand which is the best device that can do for us and not leave us disappointed, at the same time avoiding a real economic drain.

You know, quality is often paid, and I invite you once again to invest a handful of euros more for the purchase of a good parking device. You will be grateful.

There are people who, months after reading our guides, write us satisfied and thankful emails, because without us they might have fallen back on the cheaper or even Chinese models, thus negating the purchase.

I hope I have been helpful and I refer you to the next guide.

Your David.


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