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All The Truth (Opinions and Guide) –

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Hi, I'm Antonella.

What I want to tell you today is one love story. The one between me and the products Honey πŸ’–

Miele is undoubtedly a brand synonymous with reliability and high quality products.

But today we will talk in particular about his washing machines. You may also be interested in the best guide ELECTRIC STOOLS.

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The guide to the world of Miele washing machines

The name misleads some who believe it Italian, but was founded in 1899 in Germany. The slogan of the house was and still is: "Immer besser", or "Always better". The creators already had clear ideas and aimed to improve themselves day after day to aspire to engineering and production perfection.

I must say that in more than a century the German house it has not been denied, given that it continues to be one of the most cited when it is desired to purchase high quality and durable appliances.

When I got married 6 years ago, I knew right away that my kitchen would be made up of Miele devices, and certainly couldn't miss a washing machine to complete the work.

Miele appliances are designed to last a long time over the years and always working as the first day, if the promise is not maintained due to various unforeseen events, there is always assistance ready to serve you better and solve any of your problems.

Miele washing machines are perhaps the real flagship of the German company, considered by many together with the Bosch la best producer of cloth washing devices.

Honey is famous not only in Europe, even the Americans in fact in recent decades have noticed the great quality of the products of the German company and they import more and more.

The lowest common denominator of these machines is that they belong to the energy class A +++, which is the best in saving and protecting the environment.
It must never be forgotten, in fact, how the consumption of electricity and drinking water is increasingly affecting our planet earth. If you are environmentally friendly then you certainly can't underestimate this important aspect.

Miele washing machines use the ProfiEco motor, which combines one great silence with very low consumption.

How many times have you jumped thinking you were in the middle of an earthquake or a hurricane and then you noticed after a few seconds that you had simply turned on the spin of your washing machine?

To me several times, but only before passing definitively to Miele two years ago.

Now it doesn't happen to me anymore because since I have the W1 at home I have no more noise problems, in fact the decibels are noticeably reduced even in the most "tumultuous" phases of the wash in which the sound obviously increases but it is never annoying, just keep it closed the laundry door and you almost don't realize that there is a washing machine running.

This clearly also depends on the acoustic characteristics of your home, so take this last statement with pliers πŸ™‚

The latest models are also equipped with PowerWash 2.0, a feature that allows these machines to save up to 40% of the normal consumption of their energy class, a truly impressive number.

Are Honey prices justified?

I already know what you are thinking by reading this article: Miele products are excellent, they are great, they are a dream … but this dream makes you pay.

Well it is true, Honey is an expensive brand that not everyone can afford.

If you are looking for low-priced products to furnish your beach house, look elsewhere for something more convenient.

But if you want fixtures that you can use and reuse every day without having to worry about their wear, in the utmost security and remaining sure of always having access to state-of-the-art devices, then do not look elsewhere and do this royal buy a Miele washing machine, the euros spent more will now come back to you over the years in the form of savings in consumption and possible premature replacement of the appliance.

Miele washing machines manage to last even more than 20 years without needing maintenance, this obviously if they are always used following all the indications present in the manual.

Features of Miele washing machines

They are also equipped with functions for optimize low-load washing and not too dirty clothes, to minimize electricity and water consumption.

Each Miele washing machine mounts one anti-flooding system, which doesn't hurt since these appliances, as you well know, after a few years, they usually start to lose water on all sides, this is not the case with the devices of the German company, which prevent the problem.

Another interesting feature of these washing machines is the patent for the honeycomb basket, proprietary prerogative of Miele, which serves to protect the garments, forming a thin layer of protective water between the garments and the basket. A futuristic feature that is mounted only on the washing machines of this machine.

The most advanced models have theQuick ironing option to heat the basket immediately after the last spin phase, in this way it immediately softens the laundry, making the ironing process unnecessary in some cases.

There are also innovations in the field of detergent selection for these machines, in fact the latest models use technologies Capdosing is TwinDos.

The Capdosing allows the dosing of softeners and additives before washing through capsules produced by the Miele itself, so as not to exceed the risk of ruining the clothes.

The Twindos foresees the existence of two trays loaded with two different detergents, which will then be poured during the washing and delivered at the perfect moment, thus allowing an even more optimized, precise washing that aims to save even detergent.

The models with the normal detergent drawer are instead equipped with self-cleaning function, which will be activated automatically after each wash, to remove any residual detergent and thus avoid annoying incrustations, which let's face it, are also ugly to see.

Then there is the QuickPowerWash, which through load sensors allows you to immediately recognize how much laundry you have actually inserted inside the basket and will regulate water consumption accordingly.

Best Honey Washers – Reviews and Opinions

1. Miele TCE530WP Active Plus – 8kg, the one I use at home

Here is the washing machine that I use at home, I decided to opt for a middle ground as far as capacity is concerned because we are actually only 4 in the family and although my children are very prone to dirty their clothes at lightning speed I thought (rightly) I didn't need 9 kg.

I've been owning this W1 washing machine for two years now, and what can I say?

It is a real gem, I find it very well and I have never felt so much pleasure in using the washing machine as from the day I own this Honey.

The Miele WKB 130 WPS is equipped with a Softsteam basket that accurately spins your clothes and gently vaporizes.

This allows you to have far fewer folds over your clothes and in some cases you avoid ironing.

Equipped with Capdosing technology, or by inserting certain special detergent and softener capsules, it is possible to create tailor-made washes according to the clothes you intend to wash, and even the most delicate and particular ones will come out perfect without any effort.

The washing machine in fact doses the content of the "doses" in the right moment of its washing program and thus guarantees the correct treatment of the fabrics.

As we said, it is extremely quiet even when starting the centrifuge, but this is obviously a common feature of all Miele washing machines.

Practically perfect, I am very satisfied.

2. Honey WWR860 WPS – 9 kg, for those who have a lot to wash

Here is the Miele 9kg capacity washing machine, for larger families where you often find yourself having to wash large quantities of clothes at full load.

Equipped with 10 pre-set programs, and a multitude of options to facilitate washing and meet any needs and eg

In addition it is very advanced because it has an internal electric safety valve, which interrupts the flow of water in the event of problems.

Equipped with TwinDos technology and the Capdosing technology for perfect washings without wasting detergent or electricity.

The washes are practically perfect, you can't ask for more from a washing machine in my humble opinion.

Silent, practically sometimes it happens that one forgets whether one has activated it or not because one does not understand if it is in operation and it is up to going to look at the display to make sure.

A gem that can not miss in homes where many clothes get dirty every day, in fact its capacity of 9kg allows you to wash many clothes at the same time.

3. Honey WDB 038 WPS Active – a gem

Here is a very interesting Miele washing machine, because of excellent quality although slightly less expensive than the other models on this page.

It has a capacity of 7 kg, the energy class is A +++ to guarantee great performance with minimum consumption.

It washes well and has an incredible centrifuge for such a machine.

Extremely silent, while washing it produces only 50db, think a little, so there will be no need to silence it even if the laundry is not well insulated from the rest of the house.

However, be aware that the opening is only 30 cm, this size could be uncomfortable for someone.

It does not have a Steam function.

The Miele washing machines without a doubt stand out for their solidity, both inside and outside.

Bosch has been the queen of 7kg washing machines for years, but since the WDB 030 WCS came onto the market, the game has been rebalanced and we can say with certainty that this is one of the best washing machines with a capacity of 7 kg currently present on the market.

The Express 20 function catches your eye, to wash only slightly soiled clothes, which will be ready in just 20 minutes, certainly great for those who, like me, are in a hurry and often don't have time to wait for a full washing cycle.

Equipped with a DirectSensor touchscreen, with which it is possible to make further choices in the washing program. The screen is very clear and legible.

Many standard settings can be adjusted very easily, such as spin speed, temperature and extra rinsing.

Very convenient on the bill for Eco modes that allow you to save even more, without compromising on the final results.

It is difficult to find yourself in front of a product made with so much care and precision, the German house loves to surprise us as always, if you don't have very big needs and you live in a small family unit, this is the washing machine for you, once purchased there is you will fall in love and never leave it, because you know that Miele products last for many years.

Highly recommended.

4. Honey WW67, top-loading washing machine

Here is a beautiful Miele washing machine from above, I don't know if you knew but some countries like Brazil prefer to use top-loading washing machines.

It has a load capacity of 6 kg and is energy class A +++, an excellent and incredible parameter, it is designed to consume very little and with excellent performance.

It is equipped with a special washing program for wool. You can wash delicate fabrics without worries.

The Miele W667 in addition to consuming little in the normal mode is even equipped with Eco programs.

To spend less time washing, consuming as little water and electricity as possible. Perfect for those who want to respect the environment and wash well.

It has a special program for washing shirts without damaging them.

Perfect so as not to damage the garments by cleaning them adequately.

The control panel is well positioned and easy to program, it only takes a couple of days to get the hang of it since it has many features, but I can assure you that it's really worth it. In fact, we are in the presence of one of the best top-loading washing machines currently on the European market.

In conclusion

Choosing the Honey you can hardly go wrong and regret it, certainly not all models "come out of the hole" and a faulty washing machine could happen to you, but the guarantee of the German brand is so serious and advanced that even in this unfortunate hypothesis you won't have to worry because they will solve you the problem in record time.

Personally I've never met a faulty Miele model, but a friend of mine once bought a Miele oven with an internal lighting purchase problem, it was solved within a few days.

Buying a Miele appliance means practically investing in an item that will last you over time and will save you a good deal of euros each month on your electricity bill.

I hope this guide has been of help to you as usual and I refer you to the next article, I anticipate that I am working on something very tasty that has never been treated until today in the world of the web. You'll see some good ones.

A hug from your Antonella.


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