🥇7 Unicorn and Animal Pajamas 2019 (Warmer and Beautiful) –

🥇7 Unicorn and Animal Pajamas 2019 (Warmer and Beautiful) –

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I’m marco.

Perhaps you are already passionate about unicorns 🦄 manga 9 (◕‿◕) 6 souls 🎌like me, or just a curious person in the world kigurumi, in any case you are in the right place, this is indeed the ultimate guide to the world of unicorns, kigurumi and cosplay.


Unicorn pajamas and other gadgets dedicated to this fantastic animal seem to have conquered the market and our imagination, but have you ever wondered why this ubiquitous fashion in recent months?

Obviously they do not exist only pajamas dedicated to unicorns, but the so-called kigurumi are now on everyone’s lips and it is not difficult to find the pajamas that represent one’s favorite animal, of imagination or not.

What are the Kigurumi

Whole pajamas they were classically used in the cold nations of central Europe exclusively by children. In recent years, however, above all thanks to the fashion of cosplay imported directly from Japan and to the massive influence of youtubers on the collective imagination, we have seen more and more adults wear headdresses or whole overalls and animal-shaped pajamas. In some cases even adding the tail, without any shame.

The Japanese call this type of costume « kigurumi« Which derives from the fusion of the verb » kiru « which means to wear and of » nuigurumi « or » rag doll « .

The kigurumi can be purchased in many different sizes, they are designed to be easily adaptable to both sexes and can be easily used or as suits to use at home when you feel in the mood for humor and tenderness or directly as pajamas, being these extremely comfortable to sleep. They are also perfect for keeping warm, so a great choice for those who live in places with particularly cold winters.

The kigurumi are equipped with a hood with the appearance of the animal or the character they want to portray, a comfortable back zip even when there is need to go to the toilet and sometimes there is the suit that also includes comfortable slippers in line with the design of the dress.

They portray animals or characters from video games and cartoons, especially Japanese, but lately due to the strong demand of the market, pajamas and overalls are also spreading that represent the darlings of the Western world.

Why the fashion of unicorns?

It has spread like an oil stain the passion for unicorns, as suddenly, without an apparent reason. But on closer inspection it is possible to trace the reasons for the return of this fashion, which has much to do with the nostalgic contemporary trend that leads to revive myths of the past.

Yes, in the case of unicorns there is to go back in time to the ancient Greeks, so it becomes immediately easy to understand the instinctive passion of humans for this animal.

Simultaneously with the unicorns the passion for multicolored things is also back in fashion, for example we think of the girls who like these days to paint their hair with the strangest colors, in many cases not limiting themselves to one color, but choosing different ones to get effects very surreal, almost cartoonschi.

In the Anglo-Saxon culture the word unicorn is also used to define something rare, for example a girl with particular qualities, or a company that has succeeded in establishing itself in record time on the market, almost magically.

Unicorns are so relevant because they have the ability to please practically everyone, not just children. They were soon adopted by the LGBT queer community precisely because of their association with the rainbow of the movement’s flag but also because of the characteristics of strangeness and rarity that this fantastic animal implicitly carries with it.

The ancient Greeks already talked about unicorns, they believed that these were actually existing animals and it was not uncommon to find testimonies of people who swore they actually met them.

Let us not forget that in ancient times it was very easy to attribute an aura of magic and myth to completely natural phenomena which, however, had not yet been explained in the past.

Also in the Middle East we also encounter graphic representations of unicorns, to testify how deep these have always belonged to our collective unconscious … who knows what Dr. Jung would think about the return of this fashion.

In the Middle Ages this fabulous animal began to be associated with the sufferings experienced by Christ and the legend widely spread that the unicorn can only be tamed by a virgin woman.

With time he lost sexual connotations and began to be associated with the rainbow, and therefore with the world of children.

In the last few decades then cartoons began to be created that saw these bizarre flying horned horses as protagonists, the craze of the My Little Pony broke out, recently returned to great.

In America these have also been rediscovered by a community of adult males who have begun to create a true cult around them, complete with gatherings and internet forums.

As inevitably happens when a new craze is discovered, merchandising is immediately created around it, and so it was also with unicorns that began to be immediately the subject of t-shirts and graphics on the internet.

Of particular importance is the use of unicorns and their rainbow aesthetics linked to food, in fact over the last few months the American passion for creating colorful foods to be photographed on instagram is spreading. Also particularly fashionable is the unicorn color slime or youtube tutorials on how to make a unicorn style make-up.

Obviously there was a sort of « astral conjunction » that favored the rise of this fashion, and it is to be found in the fact that never before has the nostalgia for the 80s been very strong, plus a great many stars and influencers hasten to copying each other’s findings and styles, the world of unicorns so colorful and evocative obviously found a very fertile territory on the internet and in social media, so this craze erupted.

There are also many shops entirely dedicated to the rainbow world of unicorns.

Even the fashion of cosplay has been heavily influenced, so what’s better than following the trend and dressing a nice unicorn costume at the next Comicon to surprise all your friends?

Unicorn pajamas and baby animals and cosplay adults

The animal-shaped pajamas are certainly a fantastic innovation in the field of clothing suitable for the home, and undoubtedly meet the enthusiasm of adults and children. But let us first try to understand what these unicorn pajamas are on everyone’s lips today, then we will go on to show the most popular pajamas depicting the most varied types of animals.

The unicorn pajamas are nothing more than comfortable full body pajamas, which also cover the head to represent the characteristic horn of this mythological animal.

The materials are usually flannel or cotton but there are also some in polyester or fleece.

The first to have spread the fashion of unicorn pajamas was the pop teen star Ariana Grande, who was photographed while sporting an elegant as well as very funny unicorn suit outside the home.

One could believe that unicorn pajamas are dedicated exclusively to children, nothing could be more wrong, lately more and more adults are victims of this fashion and want to show off this kind of clothes showing the world all their desire to get involved and to make them understand to others as far as they can go in terms of self-irony and childish spirit.

Unicorns, as we said in the paragraph above, are often associated with rainbows, and there will be a reason. In fact, what is more carefree and visually joyful than a beautifully colored rainbow?

How do I do if I’m wearing a kigurumi and have to go to the bathroom?

Some people are a little intimidated by cosplay kigurumi costumes, especially if they imagine having to dress them for long hours during public events, in fact they fear that to go to the bathroom it is necessary to get rid of the whole costume and it is known how uncomfortable it can be a similar occurrence in a very crowded place and with very little time available.

There is absolutely no fear, however, these fears are completely unfounded when the kigurumi costumes and pajamas are all equipped with very comfortable zips designed to avoid having to remove the entire costume every time you want to go to the bathroom.

Unicorn Pajamas

Rainbow unicorn pajamas

No products found.

Certainly the most classic pajamas, we know how the idea of ​​rainbows merges with that of unicorns in the common imagination.

So here is the most classic of the unicorn pajamas, white but streaked with wonderful rainbow veins, to catapult us immediately into the fantastic magical world of these enchanting animals.

The material is very warm, so perfect if you want to use it as winter pajamas even in harsh climates.

It does not have the typical smell of « made in China » clothes, so it is possible to buy it as a gift without any problems for family members. Not to be considered as a simple gimmick so that it is discarded and then never used, but rather as a pajama in everything and for everything to be exploited on cold winter nights, durable and safe.

The model is a bit wide and the horse is low, keep this information in mind when you go to choose the size for you or your loved ones, however there is no problem being a pajama-suit that is naturally designed to dress wide.

Made of flannel, which makes it extremely soft to the touch, comfortable and excellent for not losing body heat, thus maintaining an ideal temperature.

Certainly one of the best unicorn pajamas currently on the market, the Yuson Girl brand is a guarantee of quality, resistant to various washes and does not wear too easily. Highly recommended.

Even the ABYED presents a very interesting unicorn rainbow costume, with a different fantasy but no less interesting, indeed that sees on the internet a large group of fans.
An excellent brand and an excellent alternative.

Blue unicorn pajamas or other animals

For those who want a more sober alternative, here is the famous blue unicorn pajamas, used by many online influencers.

Also this made completely in flannel, guarantees a peculiar softness and an excellent resistance to cold, ideal for those who want to use it as pajamas or why not in some funny cosplay happenings, at some fair or during the carnival.

Made by another famous brand that will not fail to impress as quality and care of materials.

Like all kigurumi models, it is equipped with a very comfortable zipper that does not force you to remove all the costume in case you wish to go to the bathroom.

On the Amazon page there is a wide range of different animal costumes presented by the ABYED brand, take a look to choose the one that suits you best.

Unicorn pajamas for children

Here is the choice if you want to make your children happy, be it a Christmas gift or a costume for halloween, carnival or mini-cosplay, this unicorn pajamas for children is what you need.

The seams are very resistant, which makes it perfect even for slightly livelier children who like to run and run around. There is a convenient front opening by means of buttons and a rear one with a zip, to easily encourage their children to go to the bathroom.

Available in different colors and sizes.

Inflatable unicorn

Inflatable Giant Unicorn, Float Pool Swimming Pool ...

Inflatable Giant Unicorn, Float Pool Swimming Pool …

  • Summer paradise – Cute pool float in the shape of a giant unicorn / flamingo, for endless summer fun. Just lie down and enjoy your vacation!
  • Large size –100 * 52 * 56 in (255 * 130 * 140cm) (Fully inflated), designed to support 2 adults and over 500 pounds (227 Kg). This gigantic unicorn / flamingo will catch everyone’s eyes and make you the center of attention.

For those who like to be a little eccentric or want to give their children a real dream, here is the inflatable unicorn to use at the beach or in the pool.

Can be used without problems by two people, or three small ones.

It is inflatable by means of a hairdryer or a special pump.

Excellent material, easy to inflate and deflate, it can be easily stored in a backpack and transported where it is best believed.

Surely an eye-catching gadget, not suitable for those who want to go unnoticed on the beach 🙂

It doesn’t hole easily.

Unicorn plush Agnes of Despicable Me

Here is the beautiful unicorn-shaped plush of the character Agnes directly from the movie Despicable Me, a choice without fail for those who have seen or not the film, given that we are in the presence of a very funny and very cute design that will make even the happiness of simple enthusiasts and collectors of unicorn gadgets.

Kigurumi dragon pajamas

Here is a very interesting kigurumi for those who want to dress up as a dragon. If the unicorns theme has tired you a little and you intend to stand out from the crowd, the dragon is a character that is always interesting and certainly effective in all contexts.

Whether it is halloween, carnival or a cosplay gathering, you will always be a great figure with this costume made in detail and suitable for any occasion.

Kigurumi panda, giraffe, alligator

LATH.PIN offers an interesting kigurumi line, all you need to do is choose your favorite model and embark on an exciting new adventure.

Be aware, however, that sizes are a bit small, for safety it is advisable to order a larger size than what is commonly worn.

Usable both as overalls and as pajamas, they are very comfortable and keep warm.
The closure is central by means of a button and with a zip in the rear section. Excellent build quality.

Kigurumi Abyed

The Abyed proposes this very interesting line of kigurumi, to satisfy all the needs, presents a very rich variety of characters and animals selectable from the comfortable drop-down menu, the photos of the chosen model will be shown from time to time.

Certainly an excellent choice for a brand that has accustomed us to quality in terms of stitching, materials and fit.

Comfortable to use both as pajamas and as overalls, inside or outside the home then.
In winter, in fact, they keep you warm, while in summer they allow you to stay comfortably outdoors, perhaps in case you intend to participate in any particular social event.

Kigurumi children’s pajamas

If you have small children and you want to amaze them and keep them entertained both in the tender afternoons spent at home or with friends at the park during the carnival, these are the swimsuits that are right for you. There is an excellent variety of animals and characters that will surely meet all tastes.

They do not shrink even after several washes, the material is decidedly soft, suitable for the skin and body of the little ones and does not lose color.

The seams, as always, are made with great care and do not break easily, even if your little one loves to run and run wild.

Kigurumi of Stitch

If, on the other hand, you are passionate about the Lilo and Stitch cartoon, here you will get your teeth, we present you a magnificent pajama dedicated to the Stitch character, for those who want to surprise their friends.

The famous horse mask


CreepyParty Halloween Costume Party Latex Mask ...

CreepyParty Halloween Costume Party Latex Mask …

  • Spacious enough to fit any child or adult. You can see through your nostrils or mouth.
  • Made of 100% natural latex, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Look how realistic the mask is. The details will tell you why.

With the advent of BoJack Horseman and the numerous youtube videoclips in which it is worn by irreverent and ironic influencers, the horse’s head mask is undoubtedly one of the most quoted at the moment on the market, and certainly could not miss in this list, although not directly part of the kigurumi world, but certainly akin to cosplay aesthetics.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to surprise your friends with a super ironic instagram story, or maybe do a cover of your favorite horse theme song, don’t waste your time and buy this horse mask, one of the best on sale right now, the reviews enthusiastic users are the most sincere witness.

What is cosplay?

The word cosplay comes from the fusion of « costume » and « play », quite clear therefore also without the need for explanations.

The phenomenon was born in America and quickly spread to Japan, a country that is always ready to copy and take on the world’s fashions. Only from the 90s onwards, however, it became a mass phenomenon that began to influence more and more people and take hold until the global proportions in which it can be admired today.

In Tokyo there are the most aggressive and « professional » cosplay communities, but also in the rest of the world there are more and more fans of fictional characters who do not spare themselves and decide to resemble their idols as much as possible.

In Italy, only in recent years has this phenomenon exploded thanks above all to the various comics fairs and sector conventions.

Also Instagram, given its natural visual matrix, has been the stage and instrument of the spread of the trend, cosplay are in fact increasingly followed as real influencers, and there are also some beautiful cosplayer model girls who have real ranks of fans .

In conclusion

Whatever happens, fashions are always a reflection of the society in which we live. In a world so dominated by images, it is inevitable that the new generations will become attached to something as suggestive and wonderful as unicorns.

We are all looking for an escape of reality that allows us to catapult ourselves into another fairy and colorful world where there is no concern, and there is nothing better than a mythological animal so deeply anchored in our collective unconscious to help us live for a few hours in an Elsewhere better than the one we live in now.

It is clear, however, that this must absolutely not mean losing the connection with the reality that surrounds us, unicorns undoubtedly represent a temporary escape that must remain so.

Buying unicorns for loved ones, especially for the little ones, is certainly a very important sign of affection, plus it is a matter of going without fail because this subject is so loved today. Unicorns are everywhere, on the Internet, on television, on Netflix, and they are destined to stay for a long time and continue to be loved.

So buying an item that resembles the shape of this fantastic animal is a sure investment for years to come.

Being involved in adult fashions like this can be a bit confusing, but what we recommend is not to ask yourself too many questions and let yourself be carried away by the vortex of this new colorful fashion, letting yourself be infected by the young energies that prevail in this moment the socials.

A unicorn pajama is what it takes to recover from the difficulties of life, in fact I challenge you not to smile when you see your child, your daughter or your partner with this funny costume, it is certainly a great example of kawaii fashion, or that tenderness all Middle Eastern that has conquered us all in recent years.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you, as usual, dear friends, and I wish you a good day.

Marco from Pro Contro.


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