🥇9 Best 4K TVs? (Expert Guide 2019) [Classifica Mondiale] –

🥇9 Best 4K TVs? (Expert Guide 2019) [Classifica Mondiale] –

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My personal experience with the 65-inch LG OLED65E7V

First of all, I want to describe my recent experience with 4K Ultra HD TVs.

I have always been passionate about technology, a passion that was transmitted to me mainly by my father and also by my grandfather. We are the classic family of geeky scientists, in which it is important to keep up to date on the latest arrivals of the hi-tech world.

Television is a fundamental object in Italian homes. Always our trusted companion in moments of relaxation. For this reason, when it comes to having to choose such a dispotive one must be very careful and leave nothing to chance.

The living room is the home of the house synonymous with peace, tranquility and serenity. This is where we spend our evenings after a long day at work, on Sundays watching games, a special evening in the company of best friends or with our better half watching a romantic movie.

After contacting nonbuttarlo.com and having discovered that my old TV was unfortunately no longer repairable, I decided it was time to buy a new TV.

It was a long time since I wanted to change TV, I was looking for something bigger and much better for video quality.

I then went to the nearest shopping center with ideas that were already clear and hoping for a salesman with the right amount of patience to meet my needs.

It didn’t take much in reality, I had already noticed this TV on the internet and it was a bit of a dream: theLG OLED65E7V. I didn’t pay any expense and I wanted not just any TV, but the best one. And so it was that, in January 2018, the dream became a reality.

The previous TV was LED. But when you discover that OLED displays exist in the world, that’s where the spring that makes you want to take a quality step, the definitive upgrade, takes place.

The screens OLED they are really good, a quality that I have to be honest makes you pay, but as usual the money spent at the beginning turns out to be a brilliant investment over the years.

LG had already released a television with OLED screen, the W7, unfortunately a little too expensive for the pockets of the common spectator. This 65E7V, on the other hand, is the excellent affordable and cheap alternative.

I buy the TV. The time to get home, I set it up and the first thing I notice is that I feel like a Scrooge. The style of television is not simply beautiful, it is luxury, both watching it and touching it you realize you have a very high quality product. No one at home remained indifferent, everyone had their say for what concerned the design of the television and the opinions were positive unanimously.

A 65-inch television with an OLED screen installed on a very thin black frame, finished in glass for a total of 1 centimeter. On the bottom is the soundbar that runs the full length of the TV, really sensational, which despite the position, does not distract at all. The central support is very resistant and the whole apparatus is stable.

In all honesty, I saw a TV as science fiction. Having her in front of me made me very happy. And I had not yet turned it on!

Smart TV with OS operating system, which I had only heard of and never used. I knew he was one of the best but I was ready for anything. LG amazed me.

It only takes something like 60 seconds of clock, the time to understand the basic mechanisms and you are immediately in charge of the main functions of the TV, ready to go. The OS, now in version 3.5, is intuitive, fast, not at all invasive so I can consult it while I watch TV normally. And the remote control, as LG calls it, the Magic Remote, as it is nothing more than a magic wand in the form of a remote control. It has the classic physical buttons, it mounts a mechanical wheel like mouse to scroll where it is needed in the menus or in the applications and it is equipped with a pointer so the selection can be made directly « on screen » and not by remote control.

I had tried such remote controls at the mall, but having it has a completely different effect. You feel powerful.

There are also buttons dedicated to Netflix is Amazon Video.

As usual, when I buy a new TV, I put in place my personal tests that are used only and exclusively to prove to myself that the product is valid and basically to compliment myself.

I take small steps.

I open Youtube and look for the trailer of the latest Avengers movie, Infinity War, strictly 4K and 60 fps. Beautiful Ultra HD images, perfect streaming. I should say it looked like you were watching the movie trailer on a multiplex cinema screen. At this point, next step. I press the Netflix button on the remote control, I log in and immediately look for something to see to make the most of the TV’s potential. I saw an episode of Narcos, one by Stranger Things and one by Marco Polo. I have no words to describe the beauty of the images on this TV. I had already seen these series on my previous 4K TV, but on this I am on another level in every respect.

The HDR is supplemented by fear. Supports HDR10 content, HLG, Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR and the vision is perfect. The details are so many, I was sincerely surprised by the visual quality of the screen of this LG OLED65E7V. It will definitely not be a top of the range TV, but it is very difficult to think that there could be anything better than this. The upscaling managed by this TV is noteworthy. Content in standard quality like the normal television programs are really beautiful to look at. Also in this case the quality is not reduced but the process of converting the HD standard signal to 4K Ultra HD is well managed.

The standard contents, it must be said, are already very beautiful of them. Thanks to the OLED panel, the colors are natural, the brightness is perfect and the blacks are really black like the darkest night. The scenes appear in front of you as if you were looking at them in reality in front of you, they literally take life and when in the movie or in the series you are watching you find the fire of a candle that shines in the darkness of a room, you will want to get close and touch that flame with your hand and maybe try to turn it off by blowing on it. This feeling of visual « reality » is, I think, not easily described in words. We must be in front of such a display, surely in all calm, peace and serenity in our living room to understand what all this means.

When the HDR function is activated for the specific contents, the reality goes beyond reality itself. The operating principle of an OLED screen is different from the classic LED or LCD. Every single pixel has its own brightness and this helps the image to be first « stopped » on the screen, rich in color and details and three-dimensional, not in the sense that the TV supports 3D (it does not support it of facts, maybe the next TV that I will buy it will have), but it seems the same as to really have the actors in front of you playing in your living room.

With this TV I can say that I have finally solved that long-standing problem that afflicts most modern televisions, sometimes even high-end ones: I’m talking about the greyness that makes the shadows especially annoying. Now I can finally consider myself satisfied. I never, ever say, divert attention from the scene since I bought this LG. Sometimes it happens to observe imperfections while watching, maybe some every once in a while, some « noise » of upscaling, a shadow out of tune, a color that is not really there, and so on. With the 65E7V, none of this has ever happened to me.

I knew that the OLED screens of a few years ago were not exactly perfect, the same old models of the LG, however excellent, suffered from some imperfections. But I must say that this is a fantastic OLED and, alas, it will be really hard to go back now. Not that I really want to do it, mind you, I’m fine. And if the technology is still going ahead, I honestly don’t know what to expect from the next generation displays.

This TV is perfect for large gatherings of friends. These can even watch the television literally from the side, without suffering from this because of the quality of the image. Both front and side, the contrast remains the same and the color does not lose its saturation. We have seen almost all the World Cup matches here at my house, needless to explain why.

Why buy the costosissimibiglietti for the game and go for a moment in Russia when you have a TV like that?

I have said it too many times to friends and so my house has become the editing of a sports news program for a month. Impressive watching football matches, I can’t wait now for the championship to start.

Now a problem exists, but I don’t consider it a problem at all. An OLED display is not made to stay in an over-lit environment but needs a suitable habitat. I placed it in the corner where there is no direct sunlight at all, so even in the daytime I can watch TV without problems, usually linked to an HDR that isn’t really natural. The brightness of the TV does not stand out on the strong external light, both of the sun and of the internal artificial lighting. If I wanted to push the TV, so to speak, to show me content in the presence of strong light sources I would have to activate modes that increase the brightness, but in doing so I would lose all the goodness of the images and of the pure HDR that this LG carries with it.

The corner of my living room is sufficiently « dark » to hold the TV in standard mode, and if I watch a movie or a series, the Cinema Pro mode, which is not very bright in itself, can be seen fantastically.

Moving on to something else, I find the idea of ​​integrating a soundbar into the TV as LG did in this model excellent. Usually this type of modern television, Ultra Slim, suffers as far as audio is concerned because there is actually no space to mount the appropriate speakers, or at least the video quality that these devices boast. Sound is often muffled, a result expected. But audio is an important factor and with these images I expect a soundtrack and effects that literally move me from the armchair. In short, I want to perceive the air that is compressed and decompressed in front of me. I know it’s exaggerated, but this LG really comes close to this effect. Spacious, full-bodied and engaging. All the audio power is heard, the bass is very beautiful. And at this point, however, I wonder what is possible, given that the soundbar itself is not very large.

I’m a big fan of video games, always. I owned all the computers from 286 onwards and (almost) all consoles (do you remember the Atari?).

Obviously I had to try my Playstation 4 Pro.

And nothing, what to say, I fell in love with video games again.

This television has 4 HDMI inputs, all with 4K and HDR support, and the LAN port for cable network connection. Once the TV is connected to the internet, the first thing I do is try a game of Fortnite, which recently took me too. With a maximum delay of 20 milliseconds, necessary for the TV to process the image coming to it from the signal (HDMI) and transmit it to the screen (4K-HDR), videogaming is surreal. The game is an extreme pleasure, and being multiplayer in this case, it is very playable without monstrous problems linked to the lag. I have also tried to connect my home computer, on which I have some games purchased on Steam. Playing Fallout 4 at the highest quality video on this TV is like playing the movie they shot based on video games. I spent hours exploring the map only to notice every single one graphic detail.

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