🥇7 Best 2019 LED Flashlights? (More Powerful than the SUN)

🥇7 Best 2019 LED Flashlights? (More Powerful than the SUN) –

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I’m marco.

Today I will talk to you about my love for LED flashlights.

LED flashlights are like having a small sun in your pocket.

Looking for the most powerful LED flashlight on the market?

I still remember when we used to pull out of the closet as a child giant twisting every time there was no light at home, it was very heavy and produced a dim light despite all the heavy batteries we used to keep it running.

Those times are over.

Follow me in this guide, or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST LED TORCHES.


My Favorite Led Flashlight

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED ...

Convenient and Powerful

Zweibrüder 9407 LED flashlight P7.2,

Economic but Interesting

Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of ...

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED …

Zweibrüder 9407 LED flashlight P7.2,

Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of …

My Favorite Led Flashlight

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED ...

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED …

Convenient and Powerful

Zweibrüder 9407 LED flashlight P7.2,

Zweibrüder 9407 LED flashlight P7.2,

Economic but Interesting

Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of ...

Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of …

The LED flashlight guide

I love climbing mountains, and when I venture into nature I always prefer to bring reliable tools with me that I can rely on.

The electric led torches allow a more powerful lighting than the traditional ones, but also very interesting applications such as underwater and military, it was in fact from this area that they developed and evolved up to the state of the current art. They are also preferred among those who practice hunting and fishing.

LED torches are certainly one of the most important innovations coming out of the LED revolution, in fact you will surely notice the increasingly decisive presence of this acronym within the technological panorama, there is certainly a reason. The LED revolution has arrived, and it would be foolish not to take advantage of the many advantages that this brings.

What is LED technology?

source: http://www.ste-pignotti.com/prodotti/led/tecnologia-led.asp

LED technology is certainly the most interesting in the field of lighting, as we have already seen in the guide to LED bulbs.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode or light-emitting diode and exploits the optic properties of semiconductor materials that allow the conversion of electricity into light with a minimum dispersion of heat.

The most interesting thing is that this way they generate a light free of ultra-red and ultra-violet rays. In this way the color generated by the torch that uses the LED technology is clearly more pure than that of normal torches.

This advantage however is not only aesthetic, batteries are also saved because the energy used to generate the light flow is less, the life of the LED bulb mounted on the torch itself will be longer also than the normal ones and at power on the torch will immediately be at its maximum expression of brightness, without having to wait.

It is possible to use LED torches for a variety of uses, such as emergency lamps the times in which electricity is unfortunately lost in the home.

Lot of professionals they also like to use them for precision work, for example on work tables for complicated DIY jobs, plus it is perfect for keeping your hands completely free while you’re dealing with situations where it would be impossible to hold a torch.

In this case it can be placed on a head covering so that it emits a beam of light to be directed into the affected area.

In short, the applications are endless, and if you are curious about which is the most powerful LED flashlight in the world, you should definitely continue reading this article of mine.

The led torches are appreciated also in the sub area, in fact their technical peculiarities make them perfect for scuba diving where there is need for very important beams of light that can help illuminate the seabed and allow those who are immersed to find their way around.

In such delicate situations where one’s own survival is often at stake, you can’t get your hands on reliable technology like LED.

The led torches have been improved in military sphere, we all know well that the various armies, especially the American one, make use only of the best technologies since in war contexts often a technical advantage can also be a great advantage on the field against less developed armies. They are in fact also called tactical torches.

Even outside the LED torches are essential for example during very long excursions such as fishing or hunting trips, or for lovers of trekking, climbing and hiking.

How can you tell if a LED flashlight is powerful?

There is a unit of measurement with a very fascinating and evocative name that defines the power of the brightness emitted by a torch: the lumen.

In the past it was used to use WATT as a power unit to describe the intensity of a light source, but now we tend to use lumens, which represent nothing other than theactual amount of light visible to the human eye, therefore a much more useful and interesting reference.

The normal torches are between 15 and 1000 lumens, already with these numbers we can move very well for any type of common use.

Then there are the most powerful torches, the brightest that are found on the market that travel around 10,000 lumens.

Here is the video of an American who has made the most powerful torch in the world at 90’000 lumens at home, noting that he is able to illuminate the entire side of a mountain starting from conditions of total darkness.


The power is often adjustable, many times in fact we will not want to deploy all the lumens available, for example we think of contexts in which the light beam could disturb the vision of some people or dazzle cars in the street.

It must always be remembered that the most powerful torches can also be dangerous, never look at the light source directly for more than a few fractions of a second, in fact the retina could be permanently damaged.

Adjusting the power of the torch can also be useful when we are outside the home and we want to save on batteries, allowing them to last even longer.

Lumens, however, are not the only factor to consider when looking at the power of a torch and considering the purchase, in fact there is a light beam to bear in mind.

Some torches are in fact equipped with zoom or adjustable beam, it is clear for a physical question that the narrower the beam, the greater the distance that can be traveled by it, so it will illuminate farther away (let us think, for example, of lasers); the smaller the distance covered but at the same time we will have more light around the torch.

Everything depends on the type of use we are doing of course.

How long do the batteries in LED flashlights last?

LED flashlights can feed both through the common batteries and by means of internal rechargeable batteries.

Some torches are equipped with USB port to be connected to the most varied devices in order to be rechargeable in any context. Certainly a nice comfort that makes this kind of torches even more versatile.

Some even can be used as a powerbank to recharge other objects, a unique convenience.

What is the world’s most powerful LED flashlight?

45000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Cast Iron Power 18 X XM-L T6 Super LED ...

45000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Cast Iron Power 18 X XM-L T6 Super LED …

  • Super bright pocket flashlight. 45000 Lumen (masiima emission), 18 XM-L T6 LED bulbs with a duration of 100,000 hours. Produces a light beam of up to 250 – 300 meters.
  • 4 modes of light regulation: high, medium, low and strobe function adjustable via a button. With a light and brief pressure on the multi-function button, the intensity of the light changes from clear to medium, while pressing the on / off button for 3 seconds activates the function with flashing light.

Here it is, the 45000 lumens flashlight, if you are looking for a truly powerful LED flashlight for supernatural performance, to illuminate entire mountains.

It is a truly incredible torch that allows you to light up any environment, try it.

How do LED torches work?

In ancient times, to have a very powerful light source, there was a need for a very large torch that could accommodate a light bulb capable of producing a certain number of Lumens that could satisfy our needs.

This is no longer the case.

LED technology has completely changed the cards on the table, nowadays it is extremely easy to have an impressive light power in a device with very small dimensions. (The speech is different when it is obviously a matter of superhuman light needs, at that point the LED torch must also be a little larger than the norm …)

Most LED torches are transportable in their own pockets, so they are perfect for those who do night work or need to carry more than one in a backpack.

The operation of these very comfortable torches is simple and minimal, it is usually enough to rotate the back part in fact and these will turn on or off according to our will.

The dimmer function

Some certain torch models also have a built-in dimmer function, that is, which allows check the amount of lumens dispensed, that is brightness, possibility that is very comfortable in some situations.

Usually this function is operated by means of a ring positioned at the base of the head of our torch.

There is also in certain cases the « Moonlight » mode, that is the ultra-low mode, for when you need a small halo of light, or the Turbo one for when, on the other hand, you need a very high power for a limited time.

Obviously, the SOS feature cannot be missing in most of the torches, to report in case of danger.

For those wishing to have fun with their friends there is also the « strobe » mode, that is the fast and intermittent switching on and off, famous for being used in most dance clubs, obviously this mode will not be very useful to who uses these devices professionally.

The length of the light beam

Torches as a characteristic apart from the production of more or less powerful light depending on the lumens indicated, they change between them also for the « throw » of the light beam. The best LED torches start from at least 100 meters in length.

The technology currently in vogue for the production of LED torches is the CREE XM-L LED.

Modern LEDs tend to have a much longer beam range than antique models, because they have a larger center, which allows light to travel for more meters.

LED flashlights usually have a single battery, unlike those we were used to when we were little, who sometimes saw very bulky giant piles, which often weighed more than the torch itself. Well, forget these times because the keyword linked to the LED world is: practicality.

Lithium batteries tend to be more powerful than alkaline batteries, so keep that in mind when buying a LED flashlight. Alkaline batteries in fact travel at a lower voltage than lithium ones, with the increase in voltage there is also a logical increase in lumens.

The best powerful tactical military LED flashlight

1. 45,000 lumen Gusspower, among the most powerful in the world

45000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Cast Iron Power 18 X XM-L T6 Super LED ...

45000 Lumen LED Flashlight, Cast Iron Power 18 X XM-L T6 Super LED …

  • Super bright pocket flashlight. 45000 Lumen (masiima emission), 18 XM-L T6 LED bulbs with a duration of 100,000 hours. Produces a light beam of up to 250 – 300 meters.
  • 4 modes of light regulation: high, medium, low and strobe function adjustable via a button. With a light and brief pressure on the multi-function button, the intensity of the light changes from clear to medium, while pressing the on / off button for 3 seconds activates the function with flashing light.

The 45,000 lumens usspower is one of the most powerful torches in the world, if we consider those for sale, because there are some military or « custom » models made by enthusiasts for the simple pleasure of seeing « how far you can get » as at lumen delivery.

If you are looking for the best ever, look no further, this is a torch that will allow you to illuminate very far and very strong. One warning: be extremely careful when using the eyes because it can be extremely dangerous given the power of light supplied.

Ask yourself a few questions, however, and ask yourself if you actually need something so absurdly strong, personally I have never felt the need.

2. Lxh / Imalent DX80 with 32000 lumens, extremely powerful but affordable

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED ...

LXH / IMALENT DX80 32000Lumens 8Pcs CREE XHP70 second LED …

  • 8 CREE XHP70 2 generations of LEDs, 50,000 hours duration, super bright output up to 32,000 lumens, high speed 3000mAH discharge battery stick with 8 segments
  • High performance with compact dimensions; with a ridiculous yield of up to 32000 lumens, there is nothing that this torch does not illuminate Six output levels + Strobe (Turbo mode: 32000 lumens, general mode: 13000lm, 5000lm, 1500lm, 500lm and 120lm); no matter the terrain, the environment doesn’t matter, your DX80 will respond almost anyway you’d like.

Here is another powerful torch at a much more approachable price, even if it remains a niche product for enthusiasts.

We obviously talk about objects for those who want to make professional use of them, otherwise there is really no reason to spend so much.

It is clear that if you can afford the shopping, this is the torch to buy because it guarantees an incredible brightness, it can practically light up a soccer field for a night game, or be used to maneuver industrial devices at night.

Everyone must evaluate well before buying such a product, which is obviously not for all budgets.

If you don’t have incredible needs and want to spend a little less instead here are the models I recommend:

3. Led Lenser P7, the one I personally use in the mountains

After so many years and so many experiments, starting years ago with classic vintage flashlights, here is the torch that I would recommend because it is the one I personally use, or rather one of those I carry with me on my mountain hikes, the most reliable and powerful trio.

The beam is projected up to 300 meters and a few meters the intensity is blinding making invisible those who maneuver it.

It is extremely robust, with a beautiful design, and equipped with a safety strap so as not to lose it even in the most agitated situations.
The light beam is adjustable and the pack already contains 4 AAA alkaline batteries.

The quality of the workmanship is very high, it is in fact made of aeronautical aluminum, leaving it to be understood that it was originally a military project perhaps … The grip is perfect even in situations of humidity or rain, this makes it an excellent companion for camping and excursions .

The color is opaque black anti-reflective, the button is very precise and easy to control, just a very light pressure in fact to turn on, but at the same time it never turns on unintentionally, something to consider absolutely in fact some Chinese models that I had purchased in the past tended also to activate themselves in the backpack ..

The beam in the first 200 meters is very strong and then tends to get lost a bit, it clearly depends on the light and reflection conditions of the objects around you, it still arrives safely at 300 meters even if the last 100 meters are not as strong.

What can I say, highly recommended.

4. Anker LC130 1300 lumens, a tactical torch much loved by users


Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of ...

Anker LC130 LED flashlight, 1300 lumens with 5 modes of …

  • SUPER-LUMINOUS: 1300 lumens real lumens coming from 3 Cree LEDs, a beam of light that can cover over the distance of two soccer fields (250 m). 5 different selectable brightness modes: High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS
  • EXTRA DURABILITY: Up to 6 hours of constant brightness ensured by the included 5000mAh premium battery. High quality LEDs ensure optimal performance for over 50,000 hours of use. Charges in 8 hours with a 1A charger (not included) and USB cable included

Here is a torch that I have owned in the past and that is a real joy to hold in my hands, unfortunately it is of Chinese production so the materials are not of the same quality as the previous ones. I can assure you that this is still a good performance.

It is a so-called tactical torch because it is designed to be used in trekking, camping or emergency situations.

Think of all the times you have found yourself changing a wheel on the highway at night, so here is a respectable emergency situation that I do not wish on anyone, but that in the company of such a torch becomes a simple nuisance resolvable in few minutes without danger.

Also equipped with SOS morse signaling, or three short signals, three long and another three short, in the unfortunate case you should find yourself in a really difficult situation and you needed help.

For a Chinese product the quality of the light is really impressive, the color of the beam is white, in this it stands out from the low-quality Chinese LED torches that illuminate little and produce an unpleasant light with dominant in some cases blue in other green, which say, horrible.

It recharges via USB and this is a bit the weak point of this Anker torch, as it takes some time to recharge.

It is a bit heavy and the back button may be a little awkward for some, but it is recommended if you intend to spend a little less and still have a very strong light for your excursions or why not at home or in the car.

5. ThruNite TN12 1100 lumens, powerful professional torch with medium beam

Another interesting torch proposes Thrunite, which already promises the name.

The TN12 torch works with a 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries (not supplied).

The power is incredible, the radius reaches about 200 meters. It can be used in 5 different modes, but in most cases there will be no need to go beyond the 2 initials, especially if you want to preserve the battery life, but still with very powerful performance.

You can then scale up the few times you need more power, thus sacrificing battery life somewhat.

Made by artwork and waterproof, so there will be no problem if you decide to use it even in particularly adverse weather conditions.

This is the second LED torch I carry with me on mountain hikes and I can assure you that it is a real beast, it has never left me « on foot ».

It’s not very compact, you can’t easily keep it in your pocket, but it’s not even gigantic, a good compromise between size and power.

As already specified above this is a torch recommended for those who, like me, use them intensively, both at work and in their free time.

The engineers who built it focused particularly on the waterproofing characteristics of the product, so there is no need to worry even if it is expected to expose it to particular stresses of use.

The handle for this too is very good and reasoned.

Equipped with two buttons, the rear one acts as ON and OFF, while the one placed on the circumference of the torch head acts as a dimmer to adjust the power of the light beam to your liking, conveniently not?

Very comfortable inside your car, in case you need to change wheels suddenly at night, or decide to read maps or very simply when the car’s interior lights are not enough, let’s say for example the case in which you lose a small object inside the passenger compartment and you want to recover it quickly, well with this torch there will be no problems.

The width of the light beam is not adjustable, so be very careful and if you are looking for a model with an adjustable beam you better go elsewhere since in this case it is fixed. But I assure you that for basic uses it will be fine.

Inside a dark room it lights her up.

Highly recommended despite the price a bit high perhaps for some, but remember that a handful of euros invested today can mean great advantages in the future, so when the difference is really of little money it is better to avoid savings and aim for quality.

6., excellent value for money

ThorFire is definitely a gem if we consider its impressive value for money.

The scope of this torch is in fact very long, but with the moonlight function it is however possible to reduce it so as to use the light in contexts such as indoors where you do not need the maximum power of the device.

Made of excellent materials, even here we see military technologies peek out, thanks to the use of so-called aerospace aluminum and joints that allow the ThorFire torch to be hermetically sealed. In fact it is also waterproof, what do you want more from a small object like that?

There is also the strobe function for those wishing to have fun with their friends or want to use the torch in signaling situations in case of emergency or danger.

The strength of this object is undoubtedly its price, extremely limited considering the performance it is capable of. In fact it is a little object that does not look good in the backpack of the most adventurous explorers of isolated and dark areas.

Equipped with a wrist strap to keep it close at hand, the battery is 3400 MAh.

The finish instead is matte black, very elegant.

In the package we also find the very comfortable support for the bike.

Obviously the finishes of the product are not really those of much more noble products, but what can you expect from a product of the kind that already offers monstrous performances for its price range?

The brightness is adjusted to 4 levels, but you will hardly find yourself using the more intense one, because already at intermediate power it risks to blind you if you put it in your eyes, I said it all.

If you turn it on at night in a room it lights it up.

Does not heat even during prolonged use.

Recommended for those who want to enter the world of LED torches from the main door without bleeding, here we are in the presence of a small war machine that has nothing to envy to much more expensive competitors, certainly the quality is not exactly the same but if you do not intend to make a super professional daily use, bet on this torch and you will not regret it.

7. Linkax 800 lumens, the perfect economic torch

Linkax High Power LED Flashlight Electric Torch LED Flashlight ...

Linkax High Power LED Flashlight Electric Torch LED Flashlight …

  • 【Super bright with multiple modes ente Powerful 800 lumens generates a large bright projector or a perfect focused reflector. Adjustable focus with 5 modes: (High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS / Emergency)
  • 【High quality】 This flashlight body is constructed of high quality aluminum alloy and has a very solid construction, high efficiency and large LED output chip

If you want a really economical LED flashlight without having to give up quality altogether, bet on the Linkax instead.

The brand will not say much to most of you, but for sure the features will make you mouth water and they will order one for you as a second additional torch.

Why not? The price at the end is limited and it never hurts to have a pair of LED flashlights in the house for when the light goes away, there are some areas in Italy in which this happens that even misses for several hours, and those who have small children in home knows how easily this can become a « tragedy ».

Inside the package you will find the instructions, although they will not be indispensable given the extreme ease of use of the object and also 3 AAA batteries, these are necessary for the operation of our small torch.

Made of metal, in hand it is immediately robust and durable, in short, it is not the Chinese ones that immediately give the feeling of literally lasting from Santo Stefano to Christmas, as my father often liked to repeat.

In the front of the torch there is a lens which, when rotated, gives rise to the regulation of the light beam emitted, in fact we do not always require the maximum length of range, we think for example when we are inside our home and we want to go around the rooms without waking up or even worse blinding anyone.

There is a little note to be made that, unlike vintage torches, these modern tactical LED torches are made with a technology that makes them extremely powerful, so you will have to pay close attention to how you use them, in short, they will never be treated like the common torches of the past, this is specific especially for those of a certain age and is accustomed to the stunted light of certain ancient twists.

But now let’s talk about the quality of the light produced by this small device, in fact it is impressive, beautiful white and clear, very precise. It is not like the lights emitted by much more expensive torches, it is clear, but it defends itself very well.

It is also possible to choose the type of emission, which can be continuous, or the classic one, or become alternate and discontinuous, for example in case of emergency, if it were to indicate our position to a rescue team, in the unfortunate and unfortunate hypothesis obviously that we hope it never occurs in the course of our lives, but we know that we are under the sky.

The price is very cheap, so it is recommended for those who want to make a nice bundled purchase and, for example, to provide a copy of it with each member of their household, why not, so as to never be dry.

The light radius is quite precise, very long and as we have already said adjustable.

It is also possible to set the classic flashing from SOS, launching the morse signal of the distress call.

An object that should not be missing in the bag, in the car or in anyone’s house given the very low cost and the relative high quality.

Promoted with full marks.

In conclusion

The world of lighting is undoubtedly very fascinating but also complicated for the layman who often finds himself facing an almost incomprehensible set of technical terms that are not explained in detail.

Keep in mind friends that the « lumens » are the contemporary unit of light, do not be misled by those who use other terms to sell you torches.

Many are in search of the most powerful led torch in the world, well friends, I am sorry to dampen your dreams of megalomania but I can assure you that you will never need such a great power in your life, unless you intend to be denounced by the neighbors for « excess of annoying light at night ».

Believe me, I handled one of these powerful lamps and apart from the initial fun, and the feeling of being able to light up the entire front of the hill in front of my house, when I returned to the reasoning I realized that I would not actually never served and that a paperback would have done rather to my case.

In fact, I love launching myself into adventurous mountain hikes, often in solitary, and the use of a reliable light source is an absolutely necessary prerogative, in fact I often love to take with me more than one light to feel comfortable and be sure that even in case of tragedy always have something on you to see well in low light conditions.

It is important never to be misled by misleading advertisements and always take a look at consumer reviews that very often provide fundamental data to help us understand if a product can or cannot be used in our case.

I also know many friends who often use them underwater and find themselves very well, LED flashlights are inseparable companions even in the deep depths.

I also have a nephew who is a soldier and he assured me that military LED flashlights are very popular even in tactical situations.

The LED flashlights are certainly fundamental for anyone who wants to get serious in low light, let’s think for example of the night watchmen, I have a very dear friend who does this job and I often referred to him to advise me on the best torch model of the moment.

Who moves at night needs a complete visibility in case of danger, for example, if there is a thief or a threat to be discovered you need to deploy the maximum lumen power in the shortest time possible and over a considerable distance, so as not to be caught unprepared.

These are the cases in which the sky is literally blessed to have an excellent LED torch with it.

Il mondo del LED ultimamente ha fatto passi da gigante e troviamo infatti questa tecnologia nei televisori, in monitor e anche nelle comuni lampadine da casa, che per mezzo dei LED riescono a durare molto di più e a sprigionare una quantità di luce assurda in comparazione a quanto poca energia elettrica consumano.

Nei prossimi anni sono sicuro che sentiremo sempre di più parlare di questa tecnologia, che diverrà all’ordine del giorno.

Sono molti anni che acquisto torce su internet e sono sempre rimasto molto soddisfatto dalle loro prestazioni, spero che con gli anni la tecnologia si evolva al punto di produrre delle torce LED alimentate a luce solare o magari tramite l’energia corporea, quello sì sarebbe un sogno.

Infatti vi confesso che spesso trovo un po’ scocciante l’operazione di ricaricare le batterie al litio e di montarle nelle rispettive torce, lo so che è un’operazione da niente, ma sono un pigro incredibile un po’ sbadato ed amo avere la mia attrezzatura da campeggio sempre pronta quando devo partire.

Spero che questa guida vi sia effettivamente stata d’aiuto, vi saluto quindi e vi rimando al prossimo appuntamento.

Un caro abbraccio dal vostro

Marco from Pro Contro.


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