🥇9 Best Lightweight Strollers 2019? (+ Safe and Manageable) –

🥇9 Best Lightweight Strollers 2019? (+ Safe and Manageable) –

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I’m Antonella.

Today I’ll talk about the my personal experience with light strollers.

You will agree with me on one thing:

the stroller is cross and delight of having a small child.

It is certainly a very convenient tool, but sometimes it can be a problem to carry, for example when we are around, that’s why we need the best to live comfortably and peacefully ultralight reclining travel stroller.

I remind you that here on ProContro we care about your child’s health. In fact, you will also find guides to THERMOMETERS FOR CHILDREN and at PALESTRINE FOR BABIES.

Follow me in this guide then, or click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST LIGHT STROLLERS.


The Stroller I Always Use

Hot Mom Lightweight Stroller, Gray

The Wonder Chicco

Chicco 04079482700000 SimpliCity Plus Top Stroller, Red

Elegant and Reliable

Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

Hot Mom Lightweight Stroller, Gray

Chicco 04079482700000 SimpliCity Plus Top Stroller, Red

Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

The Stroller I Always Use

Hot Mom Lightweight Stroller, Gray

Hot Mom Lightweight Stroller, Gray

The Wonder Chicco

Chicco 04079482700000 SimpliCity Plus Top Stroller, Red

Chicco 04079482700000 SimpliCity Plus Top Stroller, Red

Elegant and Reliable

Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

The guide to light strollers

In this comprehensive article I will talk about my experience and what led me to opt for the ultra-light solution instead of the traditional stroller.

At first I was skeptically.

I thought light was synonymous with poor quality.

I had to think again.

Doing in-depth research on the internet, I realized that the buggy industry has made great strides and now they are on the market of real hi-tech solutions that can satisfy even the most demanding parents like me.

The ideal solution is to have two strollers ideally, a normal one equipped with all the accessories, and another ultralight and therefore easier to maneuver and more agile in movements, to allow a pleasant walk on all types of terrain and even in the most chaotic cities and full of architectural barriers that for new mothers constitute a real nightmare.

I was in Sweden with my cousin in the company of my puppy and I must confess that I was very surprised at how easy the steps for disabled people and strollers were, a real paradise.

Unfortunately, Italy with its ancient streets and many unhappy architectural choices with regards to urban planning has many obstacles that sometimes make it very difficult to walk with your little ones in the stroller.

Why choose a light stroller?

Many wonder if it is actually worthwhile to combine a light stroller with the classic one, let’s try to find the answer together.

The strollers are of the very comfortable objects that allow us to transport our children safely, but sometimes they are really difficult to transport, for example when we are traveling, or we think when we are in the presence of real architectural barriers that requires use to overcome them. of physical strength to lift the stroller and child, perhaps even for several meters.

In this case it is really convenient to have a lightweight, comfortable and reliable stroller that does not sacrifice safety to reduce weight.

The only way to buy a safe stroller is to rely on brands that have always been synonymous with attention to detail and scrupulous application of all European safety standards, which as we know are very strict.

The light stroller is above all ideal when you make trips out of town and don’t want to carry a bulky and heavy stroller, for example I think of those among you who have more than one small child.

The two fundamental aspects to consider when buying an ultralight travel stroller are the frame and the wheels.

These are in fact the most important structural parts on which all the weight of the stroller holds, the frame must be designed to be at the same time comfortable to maneuver but without any compromise with regards to resistance, it will have to bear not only the weight of the small but also of all the essential accessories for its care.

The wheels are therefore important that they are very large, also designed to fit
to all the lands, for example those uneven, to the countryside, to the sand of the beach and so on.

Light strollers normally have four wheels but it is possible to find models that fit three, for more immediate handling and a very quick response when changing direction.

Let’s not forget a fundamental aspect of light strollers: their incredible agility that places them without a shadow of a doubt one step ahead in all senses compared to traditional strollers.

There hood it is another fundamental aspect not to be overlooked, in fact there are some Chinese models currently in circulation which are fitted with ridiculous little coats that are extremely dangerous for the safety of our children.

It is always important to keep in mind how important sun protection is at this age, in fact, and cheap coats certainly cannot be trusted on this point, allowing very little UV rays to penetrate the skin of the baby.

In recent years we have seen a growth of the so-called full-length canopies, which serve to protect the entire seat from the sun, the manufacturers seem to have finally realized how important this aspect is.

There are also smart little coats, designed to be moved depending on how the sun moves in the sky, to allow constant protection at all hours for our little ones, without however « distressing » them within the total protection, which for some children may be slightly claustrophobic.

Important therefore the existence of small transparent windows at the edges of the canopy, to allow us always to « throw an eye » inside, even when it covers the whole session.

Light strollers must also be equipped with handles, these are essential for an easy transport of the object, and to allow a comfortable walk at the same time.

Don’t forget to measure the size of the trunk of your car to always be sure that you can store the stroller when you have to make a long journey for example and you will need this fundamental tool.

There are strollers that can be closed with just one hand, but I advise you not to be deceived by advertising and instead to always think of these other factors, which are essential to ensure complete transportability and safety of the light stroller.

There are excellent strollers that close in two hands, but they are perfect, in fact there is no need to make more than one attempt to close them again and even the reopening is easy.

The most important brands are sure to take care of this fundamental aspect, too, and I’m sure you will never have problems arranging the stroller once it is used.

Within this guide of mine we will analyze in detail which can be the perfect light stroller for your needs, without leaving anything to chance this time either.

Given that we absolutely must not forget that such an object will have to accommodate our children, which are obviously the most important thing we have in the world. So let’s not get lost in talk and move on to the list of the best lightweight stroller 2010.

The Best Lightweight Strollers of 2019

1. Foppapedretti Più Leggero


Foppapedretti Lighter Stroller, Pink

Foppapedretti Lighter Stroller, Pink

  • Superlight stroller, usable from birth; weighs only 3.6 kg (weight without accessories)
  • It is equipped with an extendable and removable footrest and canopy with upf 50+ sun protection (fencing ultraviolet rays with 98% protection)

Foppapedretti offers an extremely interesting line of light strollers and among these we see the « Più Leggero », the name is obviously already a whole program and fortunately keeps its promises largely.

This is the stroller chosen by my sister Lucia, she has two little girls and is very happy with the choice, she uses it every day. Attention, my sister lives on the fifth floor without a lift … I said it all.

Such a clue can surely help you understand how effectively this stroller is easy to maneuver.

It is certainly a great alternative, or an addition to the trio, as in the case of my sister who at first had bought a more cumbersome one, believing that it would have been enough to then realize how inconvenient it actually was especially when going running and no one is there to help you with the maneuvers

This lighter is particular because it is not cluttered at first, and the price is more than reasonable, which absolutely does not prevent you from buying two.

There are, however, also some cons, in fact not everything that glitters is gold, in fact the seat is a bit short, so if you have children who are a little big, think about it. My 16-month-old niece at the moment gets it just right, in case it should grow quickly it would be a little tight soon.

The wheels are not very suitable for rough country roads, so it is not suitable for all terrains … If you are not careful and there are some big obstacles on the road you risk tipping the stroller, but nothing to worry about of course, just hold your hand steady and don’t go too fast!

The handlebar is a little too protruding, that is very attached to the seat of the stroller itself and perhaps and sometimes there is the risk of touching the wheels if you walk with wide steps, but this depends on your style of step and your preferences , it is not necessarily a negative aspect of course.

All in all, however, it is a great product that also makes the difference in the design, this Most Lightweight by Foppapedretti is certainly an excellent choice if you are looking for a stroller that can satisfy even the most demanding.

Be careful because the seat is also very straight, there are some models that have a slightly more raised mode, it obviously depends on your preferences, this does not mean that there is a 180 degree mode to stretch the baby in case you want to, so don’t worry.

Of note also the presence of the parasol that is always comfortable, it goes to completely cover the seat.

The rain cover is missing.

2. Bébé Confort Noa, the King of Strollers


Bébé Confort Lara Ultra Compact Folding Stroller, Unisex ...

Bébé Confort Lara Ultra Compact Folding Stroller, Unisex …

  • Ultra-light and compact stroller indicated from birth up to 3.5 years (15 kg baby weight) with included handrail that you can put on and take off to easily accommodate the baby
  • Reclining stroller up to the horizontal sleeping position, suitable for newborns, the high and padded seat is made of breathable material to regulate the child’s body temperature

Here is practically the king of strollers, the top of quality, for the child who never has to ask and for the parent who wants only the maximum for their children. Of course the price is not paid here, but in return you have the quality of a brand that in recent years has stood out as the queen of the stroller.

But let’s see well with order because this stroller is considered one of the best on the market.

Equipped first with a rain cover, an accessory that is missing from some similar light strollers, and space to install an umbrella if necessary.

Extremely light and easy to handle, designed to be opened and closed when the baby is in your arms, perfect for single mothers or for those extremely busy parents whose children give a real hard time.

Once closed, it is possible to carry it around for example at the airport using the convenient handle that makes it very similar to a trolley.

It is the stroller to recommend to parents who are very often on the go given the very small size it takes.

Very narrow, which makes it perfect for passing where other strollers do not pass, think for example of those particularly small lifts that often cause pain.

Also great for children who grow up quickly since it is able to accommodate even long legs.

Very little noisy and with an excellent sunshade.

It has a very comfortable storage compartment.

What distinguishes this stroller is without a shadow of a doubt the quality of the materials with which it is made and the great attention to details, even those of an aesthetic nature, which make this stroller undoubtedly one of the best at the moment on the market.

The price certainly may seem prohibitive to most people, if you are looking for something cheap look elsewhere, it is obvious, there is no need to emphasize it.

But if like me you are always looking for quality products and you are never satisfied, then here is the stroller of your dreams, you will not regret it and you will continue to love it even once your children are grown.

3. Foppapedretti Hurrà, equipped and convenient for those who travel often

Hurrà is another great top model of Foppapedretti, which has thought of satisfying a range of different needs without leaving anything to chance, so let’s go together to analyze this lightweight stroller to see if it’s right for you.

Foppapedretti is a leader in terms of furnishings and accessories for children, has distinguished itself in recent years for products of unquestionable taste and great reliability, and to be honest this time does not disappoint providing us with a very interesting product that can do the happiness of many mothers.

The price is not exactly very low, but as we like to reiterate on Pro Contro often, investing a handful of euros more today can mean an important investment in the health of our children, so it is better not to be stingy and focus now on the safety and longevity of the products that we’re going to buy.

This Hurrà model by Foppapedretti is all designed to accommodate children up to 3 years of age, for a maximum weight of 15 kilograms.

It is light, but it is the most « heavy » among the strollers of the Foppapedretti light series, made of aluminum, weighs 8kg.

Very resistant and with an elegant design, it would not look out of place in some nice instagram snapshots by new mothers, a feature not to be overlooked since Ferragni has been setting up a new aesthetic standard in this regard.

The closing and opening mechanism is an umbrella, very simple even for those who are beginners, once closed it is compact in a practical way that can be stored without any problem in the car, not taking up excessive volume. A nice convenience for those who travel often with their children.

It has the so-called pirouetting wheels, the rear ones are equipped with a special brake.

The backrest can be reclined in different positions, not only the standing one and the lying one then.

There is also a beautiful doll directly on the canopy to distract and cheer the child during our walks.

The fabrics that cover the seat are perhaps not exactly the best, considering instead the other technical features of the Foppapedretti product.

Aluminum undoubtedly allows you to save on weight without making concessions on strength, which makes it perfect for constant daily use.

Good even on the most uneven terrain, or if you have busy arms and can’t handle it easily, it doesn’t give any problem in any case, certainly an interesting aspect for those who intend to use it on different types of terrain, without obviously exaggerating.

The umbrella-shaped closure also allows you to tighten the stroller without wasting time even when you are in a hurry or if you are very busy with other activities, without having to rush through it too much, a strong point that should not be underestimated in a hectic world like the current one.

The puppet on the canopy is a touch of style that is always nice, these small details make the difference between one brand and another and make us understand how much attention there was in designing such a gem.

Hurrà is comfortable for those looking for a light stroller with something more, sturdy, solid, stable and equipped. An excellent choice certainly for those who want to invest a handful of euros more and have a top of the range product. Certainly a recommended choice, in a time like this full of poor quality products.

But be careful, it is not a model of off-road stroller, although it lends itself to being led in the streets with some small obstacles it is not very suitable in case you are for example in the middle of the countryside, better in that case to opt for more robust strollers.

Perfect for city walks but not the most recommended so on poor roads.

It is also very easy to lift, and this will delight single mothers or at least they cannot rely on anyone’s help.

It is convenient for those who already own a trio stroller and need something slimmer and faster, in this case you will certainly not be dissatisfied.

Perfect for outdoor excursions.

Equipped also with a storage basket to always have the need and the games of the little ones at hand.

The wheels are still very stable and there is no fear, it is a great stroller.

4. Inglesina Trip


Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

Inglesina Trip Lightweight Stroller, Red

  • Light and compact stroller, suitable for use from 6 months onwards
  • Easy to open and close, it moves everywhere with great agility and takes up little space, even when closed

The Inglesina Trip is undoubtedly an institution when it comes to light strollers, there would not even need too many presentations but I thought it was right to include them in case there was someone who lived on another planet in these last decades .

We are dealing with one of the most serious and important brands in the world of children in fact. This Inglesina Trip is a peculiar product, suitable for those who want a worthy ally of their Trio stroller, but let’s see together because it is so worthy of praise.

The Inglesina Trip is characterized by its lightness and agility, a veritable prodigy, weighing only 7 kg, certainly not the lightest stroller on the market at the moment, but not even the heaviest.

In hand it is very well made and solid, Inglesina leaves nothing to chance even this time.

It is small in size so perfect for transport by car or on the road, it closes like an umbrella, which means a perfect close to the art, even when you’re very busy with something else, perfect.

The seat can be reclined but in a somewhat cumbersome manner, it is not an action that can be done in a hurry, unlike the opening and closing of the device.

The accessories are obviously not far behind, there is an excellent canopy to protect children from rain and sun, certainly indispensable considering at this age how delicate the skin of our babies really is.

Available in many colors.

The price is not too low, but there is a reason, the quality is paid in the world of childcare articles, and this Inglesina Trip stroller is certainly not an exception, but do not worry because you will not have to borrow buying it and such an object is always a great investment for the future, I guarantee it.

Some strollers are light, but « too » light, becoming difficult to maneuver, this is not the case with this Trip which in hand is very pleasant to drive without ever being cumbersome.

The numerous accessories available are another strong point of this article and will meet the many needs of parents of all kinds.

There is also the drink holder, think a little.

In addition, the backrest is totally adjustable, and it is possible to optimize it to make it become a kind of mini bed perfect for when you want to put the child to sleep because not even in very unusual places. After all, this is the advantage of having a light stroller, isn’t it?

It is certainly an article to consider if you want to be serious with your children and if you intend to combine the classic trio with a stroller with controfiocchi that does its duty perfectly, you can’t always bring the big stroller with you, and it really is in those moments this kind of articles comes to our aid.

5. Safety 1st Peps, very light

The Safety 1st Peps weighs only 4.6kg.

When we talk about strollers we sometimes have in mind a simple object to safely transport our children from point A to point B, so here comes the Safety 1st Peps, a minimal stroller, equipped with what is enough for being functional and at the same time not betraying expectations.

The watchword in this case is: practicality.

Extremely light and therefore very easy to maneuver and store inside your car if you do not need it, but at the same time it is easy to carry around even in an airplane or train, a real convenience for those traveling so much with their own small and usually does not know how to always have the stroller with you.

The wheels are very small, of course, but they move well on most surfaces and terrains, you will have absolutely no problem, for example at the airport or on normal pavements, a bit more difficulty instead on uneven ground.

The wheels can become pirouettes as needed, to facilitate mobility.

The front suspensions are designed to provide an ideal seal.

It closes at five points, this system is very safe because it allows us to take the safety of our children first.

Together with the stroller a small hood is attached to be able to repair it in case of rain and a footrest in case you want to allow our children more comfort.

Recommended for children up to 15 kg, so up to about 5 years, or even later if you have light children.

It opens and closes with an umbrella in speed and safety, this type of system is very convenient when you are busy and in a hurry.

It is certainly one of the smallest and lightest strollers in circulation, perfect therefore for those who have, for example, a car that is not very big and maybe more than one stroller to accommodate inside.

Obviously the small size makes it perfect if you want to take it with us on long journeys or to store it at home, as it takes up very little space.

The backrest is unfortunately not reclining.

It is a minimal stroller, but that does not mean that it is inferior to the competitors, far from it, the American company has decided to focus on practicality and essentiality, and we are grateful to it. You needed a lightweight stroller like that.

6. Chicco Ohlalà, ideal for older children

The Chicco Ohlàlà weighs 8 kg.

The Chicco never disappoints, it is since I was young that this name has incessantly represented that particular category of products for children colored and designed to perfection that never leave disappointed.

And this time too it is so.

The Chicco Ohlalà is a true explosion of colors, ultra-light, very easy to open and close, in fact you can do it without any problem with just one hand, think a little.

It is also easy to recline and is equipped with a parasol and straps, what more could you want from a stroller?

But at the same time it also has flaws, or being very light it tends to twitch a little if you make sudden movements in curves or on very bumpy roads.

This however should not scare us because it is typical of light strollers, if you are looking for total stability and mini-tank strength, bet on normal strollers, light ones in fact serve for other contexts, and stand out for example for their great portability.

I always recommend that you consider these kind of strollers as secondary to the normal ones, for example to the trio. In fact, they are perfect to take on the road, when you don’t want to pull away all the bulk of the classic strollers.

Actually it also steers with some problems, sometimes there is need for strength to make it turn.

It is also equipped with a specially shaped rain cover.

The footprint is minimal, in a trunk of a car there are two without problems, so if you have more than one child it can be ideal as it is very thin and this makes it perfect for the car.

It is lighter than those that close like an umbrella.

A note of merit goes to the hood, perfect for covering our little ones from the sun.

The seat is also perhaps adjusted in a way that is not entirely optimal, there is a need to try a little, but it is a system that in the long distance can be considered a winner as it is decidedly solid and robust.

It also allows the child to lie down completely to sleep, raising the foot rest and making it a kind of cradle in this way. Believe me, true comfort.

The wheels are a bit too small for some and give some headaches on the most uneven and problematic terrains, but in principle they behave very well.

It is certainly an excellent investment for those who intend to spend on Chicco quality and be repaid so even after many years, there is no need to explain it to you, this brand has gained respect and fame over time thanks to the quality of the products that he proposes, and this Chicco Ohlàlà is no exception.

It is perfect for those who live in the city and want a stroller that is ideal for long journeys on foot.

Ideal for older children who can stand without problem at the front handle, and also reserve a lot of space for the legs by not hindering their movements in any way. Tell me if this is not the first thought of a parent …

Obviously it is also suitable for use by small children, but for whom there will be a need for a gearbox sold separately.

The inclinations available are as many as four, ideally it can also be used as a travel emergency bed.

7. Hauck Sport Disney Minnie Geo, one of the lightest

The Disney Sport Minnie Pink Hauck II weighs around 6 kg.

A very special stroller, because it is dedicated to a beloved Walt Disney character, namely Minnie, Mickey Mouse’s companion, Mickey Mouse in English.

This Disney Sport Minnie Pink Hauck II is a gem that deserves the right attention due to the peculiarities of design that it presents and for the ergonomics of the reclining seat, particularly interesting.

The inclination is adjustable and entirely customizable, it is possible to position the seat in fact at 180 degrees, to allow a quiet rest to your child (or why not to your child, in this contemporary world made up of mixtures of genres and total fluidity of sexual preferences I wouldn’t be surprised if someone bought Minnie’s stroller for their child 🙂

To close it two hands are needed, unlike other pushchairs that close like an umbrella, this Hauck Minnie closes like a book, which makes it slightly less comfortable for those who prefer this kind of comfort, but it is certainly forgiven on the other sides .

In fact it is very easy to carry around because with a side handle that will make handling this stroller child’s play, the weight is around 6 kg.

It is not a perfect stroller for the « off-road » since the wheels are not cushioned and it is not perfect in terms of « driveability », it is certainly an excellent
support for a first stroller, something that can be used with tranquility.

This Hauck is undoubtedly one of the lightest models currently in circulation, if your main gripe is the weight of the stroller, well, if I were you I wouldn’t look any further and I would go straight to the purchase, in fact with just 6kg it’s surprising how many features have been able to integrate.

The design is fantastic, and attracts the eye and the hearts of the little ones who will be happy to jump in and even carry it around alone, even dreaming of it at night (this happens with my niece at least :).

It is very easy to place the backrest so that the child can lie down and sleep, even in the most difficult situations.

Obviously as we said earlier compared to other models is less manageable, but all in all considering the value for money and eye-catching colors I thought was a great competitor for this guide.

Plus my granddaughter really loves it.

8. Chicco SimpliCity Plus Top

For those who are tired of using a stroller that is very heavy and difficult to maneuver, the Chicco Simplicity could finally be the right answer, but let’s discover together why we are so enthusiastic.

In English, Simplicity means Simplicity, and this is the strong point of this object, in fact it is first and foremost very easy to open and close, the dimensions are very small both from open and closed.

It also has the ability to stand up on its own, a convenience for those who may not have a wall to rest it on at home, or when they are in a public place and need the stroller to remain exactly where they left off, without playing tricks …

Lightweight, however, does not mean not very robust, in fact this Chicco Simplicity is noted for its solidity of materials.

Alcuni utenti online hanno però purtroppo segnalato un leggero difetto che sembra essere comune a questi modelli ovvero le ruote anteriori che dopo un po’ di utilizzo cominciano a cigolare, niente che un po’ di olio possa correggere fungendo da lubrificante.

Lo schienale è completamente reclinabile, ma quando sarà in questà posizione non potrete avere accesso diretto al vano portaoggetti situato nella parte inferiore del passeggino Simplicity.

Facile da controllare anche sui marciapiedi più insidiosi.

Quella che c’è da notare è la mancanza di un gancio appendibuste, di solito presente nei modelli simili e inspiegabilmente non disponibile per questo passeggino Chicco, strano.

Per il resto tutto perfetto, un passeggino lodevole, molto pratico e con un vano portaoggetti estremamente capiente. Entra senza problemi nell’auto.

Tra i tanti accessori di cui è fornito c’è anche il coprigambe, il teletto per la pioggia e una piccola borsetta sul maniglione.

Per chi desidera un passeggino davvero leggero ma senza compromessi sulla stabilità e sulla tenuta di strada, il Semplicity della Chicco rappresenta senza ombra di dubbio un’ottima alternativa, che non lascerà scontenti.

Consigli per usare il passeggino leggero

Il passeggino leggero è di sicuro un passaggio obbligato per chi si muove o viaggia molto oppure adora perdersi in lunghe passeggiate con i propri piccoli.

Per prima cosa quindi vi consiglio di controllare l’apertura e la chiusura dei passeggini, a volte i sistemi implementati nei modelli ultraleggeri sono particolarmente “smart” e garantiscono un controllo incredibile delle fasi di apertura e di chiusura.

E’ sempre bene comunque controllare che i fermi siano effettivamente scattati come prevede la casa produttrice, per non incappare in brutte sorprese.

Un’altra buona norma è non sovraccaricare mai il passeggino, per nessuna ragione, non dimenticate che sono modelli leggeri e nonostante siano progettati per grandi performance, non sono pensati per reggere pesi eccessivamente importanti.

L’aspetto fondamentale come abbiamo più volte ribadito dei passeggini leggeri è la loro manegevolezza incredibile unita ad una grande mobilità. E’ bene quindi preservare queste importanti caratteristiche evitando di riempire di oggetti il vano inferiore o ancora peggio di andarne a rovinare il bilanciamento ponendogli sul manico delle borse pesanti, come sono abituati alcuni.

Bene, in questo caso evitatelo.

Esistono delle apposite cinture di sicurezza che permettono di posizionare in tutta sicurezza i propri piccoli evitando che determinati movimenti bruschi durante le passeggiate possano compromettere la loro sicurezza o addirittura la loro salute.

E’ bene ricordare sempre di tenerle allacciate, avendo cura di non trascurare mai questo aspetto fondamentale, per potere essere sicuri di sfruttare tutti gli aspetti ignegneristici e di design che rendono questi passeggini così all’avanguardia.

A volte può addirittura capitare che il piccolo tenti da solo di scendere dal mezzo, questo è un altro ottimo motivo per cui conviene allacciare le cinture.

Il passeggino è anche un ottimo mezzo di intrattenimento per il piccolo, che oltre a permettergli di spostarsi senza alcuna fatica in alcuni casi e per quello che riguarda determinati modelli bene illustrati all’interno della nostra guida, permette anche di fargli trascorrere armoniosamente le ore divertendosi grazie a dei giochini che può ospitare, che permettono quindi al piccolo di distrarsi mentre noi saremo intenti ad esempio a fare la spesa.

Fondamentali sono le ruote grandi, che permettono una mobilità molto interessante unita a grande sicurezza, come dicevamo sopra esistono anche degli ottimi modelli a tre ruote, pensati per essere ancora più agili, ma non per questo meno sicuri.

Prima di procedere all’acquisto, nel caso si tratti di una marca poco conosciuta (ma non è il caso di quelle presenti nella nostra lista, che sono tutte sinonimo di garanzia totale, basta dare un’occhiata ai nomi dei marchi), c’è bisogno di fare un accurato check-up delle cuciture sul tessuto, dato che come abbiamo già detto esistono dei modelli cinesi realizzati con materiali poco affidabili che possono mettere in pericolo l’incolumità del piccolo.

Quando si è terminato di utilizzare il mezzo è sempre bene ripiegarlo e sistemarlo in una parte tranquilla della casa, dove non arrecherà alcun genere di disturbo, un’alternativa è quello di riporlo in macchina, ma è sempre bene tenere a mente le misure per essere sicuri di non acquistare un passeggino troppo grande per il nostro bagagliaio…

In conclusion

Che decidiate di comprare un passeggino ultraleggero, trio, doppio, reclinabile o meno, mettete sempre al primo posto la sicurezza, soprattutto se intendete utilizzarlo in contesti di viaggio.

Il motivo è presto detto.

Quando non siamo a casa nostra, e siamo alle prese con un nuovo contesto estraneo che non conosciamo, il nostro livello di attenzione di colpo cambia, e può succedere che ci si concentri su altre cose, ad esempio sulla cartina per giungere al luogo desiderato, sui preparativi, eccetera…

Può quindi accadere che cali un po’ l’attenzione per quanto riguarda la cura dei propri piccoli, non lo si fa volontariamente, capita anche al genitore più attento e premuroso, vi posso assicurare, mia cugina Giulia ne sa qualcosa a riguardo…

E’ per questo che è sempre bene assicurarsi di acquistare oggetti che possano permetterci di stare tranquilli e sentirci al sicuro, anche quando i casi della vita ci obbligano ad “abbassare la guardia”.

Fidatevi, so bene di ciò che parlo.

Meglio non badare al risparmio quando è in ballo la salute dei propri piccoli.

Se viaggiate spesso in aereo comunque un passeggino leggero vi potrà essere utile per evitare inutili seccature, dato che non è facile gestire i più piccoli quando si è a bordo di questo mezzo tanto stressante, e chi c’è già passato di sicuro ne sa qualcosa e starà in questo momento sorridendo…

Oppure pensate a quando siete in spiaggia quanto possa essere difficile manovrare il passeggino sulle tavole in legno delle strutture balneari… oppure in campagna, sui terreni più impervi. Se sapete di cosa sto parlando allora non pensateci due volte e facendo affidamento alla mia guida comprate subito un passeggino leggero, me ne sarete grati.

Le ruote grandi sono un aspetto fondamentale da tenere bene in considerazione quando si acquista un passeggino, mia cugina ne ha acquistato uno pensato apposta per le discese a mare, e si trova benissimo.

Vi invito quindi innanzitutto ad informarvi, per procedere quindi alla vostra scelta nella maniera più consapevole possibile.

I passeggini leggeri e ultraleggeri sono una vera e propria manna dal cielo, e da quando l’ho acquistato la mia vita è sicuramente migliorata.

Spero che questa guida vi sia stata utile per affacciarvi in questo mondo apparentemente tanto complicato ma in realtà facile da venirne a capo una volta che si sa bene quali caratteristiche guardare.

Vi abbraccio e vi saluto invitandovi a seguire la mia rubrica su Pro Contro

Ciao Amiche e Amici dalla vostra

Antonella of Pro Contro.


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