🥇5 Best GSM Telephone Combiners 2019 (Infallible) –

🥇5 Best GSM Telephone Combiners 2019 (Infallible) –

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I’m Dario.

As you already know work in the field of security, I am an installer and technician.

Have you ever suffered theft at home?

You know that feeling of annoyance mixed with vulnerability that you have the first moment that you realize that they have stolen us?

Well, I know it very well, having suffered two relevant thefts in the past, and having left it traumatized

It was precisely these that convinced me to become what I am today: a installer of ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS, among other things.

It was a while since I wrote about Pro Contro and the boys missed me, there was to be clarified regarding the gsm telephone dialers and I decided to take the field to write this guide and help our readers.


The guide to GSM telephone dialers

What is the telephone dialer?

Telephone dialers are also called dialer.

They are fundamental allies for ours safety.

It is true that there are sirens that they hear in the surrounding areas of presence, but these are basically used to intimidate possible ill-intentioned people, instead the combinators do the « dirty work » of contacting the people directly by phone and possibly law enforcement services or security guards to intervene promptly on the scene of the crime and to prevent any robbery that may still be in progress.

The dialers are usually mounted inside the control units themselves and warn of numbers previously set by us through an effective previously recorded message that clearly warns and scans what kind of break-in is taking place, where, and urges to intervene as soon as possible.

The anti-theft system once triggered « will command« To the combiner to activate itself and this will quickly begin to go through all the numbers in it recorded by telephoning them and making them listen to the pre-recorded message.

Usually the first to be warned will be the police, professionally authorized to intervene and to use extreme measures in extreme cases, then the owner of the property and subsequently any close relatives or close friends to the place where the alarm is installed, so that even in the unfortunate hypothesis of the unavailability of the person concerned it will always be possible for someone to intervene.

Telephone calls can be made either through the home phone line, but it can happen in certain cases that the bad guys, more and more clever and prepared, have already cut any telephone cables thus preventing the operation of a possible combiner that works on the fixed network.

Here because GSM dialers are superior in this sense, in fact they can work independently from faults or malfunctions of the fixed home telephone network (provided they are always placed in a place where there is easy access to the GSM line of the SIM card reference operator, in other words we recommend mounting on a number of telephone of the most efficient telephone operator in the area in which you are going to mount the burglar alarm in question).

We remind you that if you decide to include the police and the carabinieri among the phone numbers that can be contacted by the dialer, it is always a good idea to specify the correct position of the apartment or building to be protected with extreme care, to prevent them from going to the wrong place if they want to intervene.

Finally, there are combiners who use both the fixed and GSM lines at the same time, to ensure an additional level of security, and using both channels to contact more people as soon as possible.

Many burglar alarms today have a landline dialer already inside, this guide will instead consider GSM telephone dialers trying to figure out which features to actually take into consideration when choosing a device of the genus, given that in many cases these are very similar and cannot be distinguished from one another.

How do universal GSM dialers work?

GSM dialers usually work via SMS, this is the channel dedicated to communications between us and our remote control unit. Through the text messages of the GSM network it will be possible to be aware of the operating or alarm status of our anti-theft system or to activate and deactivate it according to our directives.

The burglar alarm control unit as soon as an attempt is made by some thief is activated by activating an alarm relay and giving the signal to the sirens and the dialer to start up.

The siren begins to ring and the combiner starts to call the numbers that have been programmed in it.

Some burglar alarm control units are equipped with dialers, while others need to install a dedicated external one, these are the devices that we are going to deal with in my guide.

The external GSM dialer usually consists of a metal box that connects to the burglar alarm control unit by means of an electrical connection that will allow it to draw energy for its operation.

It is equipped with keyboards and displays to allow programming of the numbers that we wish to call to warn of theft.

Communication can take place via telephone calls but also via SMS.

It is possible to configure the number of attempts that the combiner will have to make in calling each individual user.

There are some combiners also equipped with microphones to allow an environmental listening of what is happening in the neighboring vicinity to the device, in case we wanted to do a control even in the absence of an alarm, to understand « what air pulls ».

Other models even have a small loudspeaker available to facilitate a two-way type of communication, in other words they allow the owner to talk to whoever is at that moment in the room where the dialer is installed.

Other combiners are « smarter » and can be combined with different devices in our homes.

What is the difference between PSTN and GSM dialers?

The traditional telephone dialer is called PSTN, or « filare », meaning that it works through the normal telephone line cables, the classic analogue one.

In this way it will be connected directly to the landline of our house and can call the numbers indicated by us. If only this system is used, it is highly recommended to supply a multi-number line, which will serve to avoid any neutralization by thieves, for example in the event that they try to keep the only available telephone line at a distance.

The GSM dialers instead, also called mobile, work through a common SIM card, the same one we use to have « the number » from our telephone operators on the phone (Wind, Tim, Vodafone, etc.)

Universal GSM dialers are usually much safer, since their reference phone number is first known only to those who install it, and thieves can do nothing to keep the line busy and prevent calls, plus they are also more convenient because they don’t force you to use a line fixed in a place where maybe there isn’t even a phone line. As was unfortunately the case in the past.

Despite this, as you may well know, there are devices at the limits of illegality called Jammer that are used to disable electrical devices in the vicinity and are unfortunately often used by ill-intentioned people to disable anti-theft devices, fortunately they exist on the “antijammer ”That resist any electromagnetic and radio attacks, to prevent this problem.

source: https://www.elettronsicurezza.it/2017/01/09/combinatore-gsm-o-combinatore-pstn/

How to program a GSM dialer?

Here is a video that shows, as a general example, how to program telephone numbers to call in case of theft on a GSM dialer

The best affordable universal GSM dialer

1. WMG Dialer GSM Dialer

Another noteworthy dialer is this one from WMG, which certainly does not allow itself to be disconnected in terms of ease of use and installation, in fact even in this case we find ourselves in front of a minimal and simple to use device.

The design is pleasant, and works very well, it does its duty.

It can also be controlled from a remote app, available for both Android and Iphone.

It is not equipped with buffer battery and the manual is in English, which could be a bit of a limit for those who do not chew this language very much, but in reality these devices are so intuitive and easy to install that there should be no problems even if for the installation (and here I am advertising against being a technician myself) you decided to do everything yourself, thus avoiding calling a professional.

Make sure you have a GSM card and not a UMTS card, because with the latter it does not work, but if you are in doubt, do not worry, since the vast majority of cards purchased now in specialized shops are all GSM.

The cost is reduced and works great, what do you want more?

2. Zerone GSM PSTN Terminal

Zerone 900 1800 MHz gsm Gateway Fixed Wireless Terminal ...

Zerone 900 1800 MHz gsm Gateway Fixed Wireless Terminal …

  • 【LED INDICATOR】 – with 9 LED indicators, signal display, call status display.
  • 【NEW SLOT UPGRADE】 – it is easy to visualize the contact between the card and the chip, but also to favor some customers with Cato, easy to insert and remove the phone card.

Here is a nice universal GSM dialer that is economical but powerful, it also works on a PSTN network, so you have the convenience of a dual mode which certainly makes this device very versatile and ready for any type of use.

It connects and works right away.

Very easy to use, there is only to insert the SIM, acquiring an adapter in case you have a micro or nano SIM in your hands, and you are ready to start with the configuration.

The display is very readable and easy to use.

Unfortunately it lacks a detailed instruction manual, the one inside was considered ineffective by various online users and people I know.

But I assure you that it is so easy to configure that you will not even notice this lack.

There is a 12 volt power supply inside the package and a cable to connect it to the control unit, it has a 20 cm antenna.

The price is good and gives great satisfaction, certainly a recommended purchase.

3. AMC Universal GSM dialer, 4 lines

The dialer proposed by the AMC is undoubtedly very interesting, and I mounted it in several homes with my customers’ sincere satisfaction.

It is an excellent product that is very easy to use, you will immediately become familiar with it.

The value for money is excellent, because it is a low cost that gives great satisfaction in its use, it is resistant over time so it will hardly be a bad surprise.

White, aesthetically pleasing with a nice lcd screen very easy to read.

The remaining credit and the expiration date of the SIM are also indicated, a fundamental characteristic for never being caught by surprise.

However, the internal buffer battery is missing.

A product definitely worth considering if you have a burglar alarm unit that you want to combine with a GSM dialer.

4. Lince Universal GSM dialer

Here is the Lince GSM dialer, this too obviously universal.

A combiner that can be deactivated or activated via SMS. It is also possible to consult the alarm status if desired.

If you want to use the lince app directly for remote device management, it has a somewhat spartan graphic but is very functional.

Be careful, however, that even using the app, it will send the same in the background SMS to the control unit to know the conditions and to issue orders, so always make sure you have on the GSM SIM card that you will use a plan with a number inside the control unit adequate SMS to use, you will not need many monthly, of course, but never commit the lightness of leaving it « dry ».

Unfortunately it is not equipped with a power supply, inside the package there is only the classic auxiliary battery, if you have a control unit of the same brand or if the output of the terminals has the same voltage as the combiner in question will be possible instead without any problem to draw from this the electric current suitable to make it work, a nice comfort without doubt.

It is also possible to connect it to another brand of anti-theft device, this being universal.

Some, few, users have complained a little online about the reliability of this universal GSM dialer model, but Lince assistance seems very attentive and willing to intervene, so in the unfortunate hypothesis that you should find yourself dealing with a slightly faulty model you could without problem ask for a replacement or the intervention of the technician, it is clear that each case will be adequately analyzed also based on the product warranty, so for extremes it is always better to ascertain this by referring to the information material present inside the package.

In conclusion

Whether you choose a landline dialer or a GSM dialer, always remember that in these cases you are dealing with your own safety at home or at work, and it is the classic situation where it is not a good idea to look after your expenses and try to save too much for example by buying a Chinese device.

I have a friend who bought a telephone dialer from a well-known Chinese online electronic site and then found the house burgled, since the device unfortunately hadn’t worked in that situation …

Imagine his face the next day.

The first thing he did was therefore to call me to give me reason, a kind of reason that I never like to have, since it is always a tragedy when you suffer a theft at home, not so much for the stolen goods as for the fact that one always feels violated, raped, something like that, I guess the women who suffer rape must try.

Even years ago I unfortunately had to suffer such a trauma, and I do not wish it on anyone.

As I said earlier in this guide, it was just that spring that one day convinced me to become an expert in security systems and burglar alarms, and from that moment I never stopped updating to keep up with the latest technical discoveries and to serve my customers as the best version of myself.

It is therefore not worth thinking about having saved a few euros when you are dealing with your own and loved ones’ own safety.

Investing a few euros more today can prove to be an excellent idea tomorrow, that’s why I always recommend betting, not necessarily at the top of the range, but at least for good and recognized products that guarantee a basic level of quality and above all reliability.

Without a doubt, however, the GSM dialers are powerful allies that, if purchased with full knowledge of the facts and then installed in a workmanlike manner, can give all the security we need at home and away from home.

Obviously I am not responsible for any malfunctions of the systems in question, many I have tested and assembled personally and I know for sure that they work, but in this crazy world you never know, so I recommend a fraternal advice, always do your due tests to make sure that the installation was successful and that the GSM dialer does its job as expected, otherwise contact the assistance or a good technician immediately.

Having said this, I greet you and refer you to the next guide,

As always your Dario.


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