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here is my beautiful Rinowash

I’m Davide.

Are you having trouble breathing? Or are your children unable to clear their nose of mucus?

Listen to me then.

Last year I had a car accident. And as a result I suffered one deviation of the nasal septum.

I’m fine now, don’t worry. But my nose is no longer the same as before.

Aesthetically yes, more or less … but it does not work exactly as it used to, I realized it at night when I was in sleep with your mouth open although I tried desperately to blow my nose several times before going to bed.

While I wait for the right moment for a possible rhinoplasty in the coming years I had to devise something to prevent mucus from forming in my ears and for return to breathe as before.

I found the answer in Jala-neti, or the nasal shower, ancient Indian method, little known in the West but much practiced in the yoga culture.

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The Rinowash guide

I decided to look online for information the day I realized that I was beginning to feel ill.

I was visiting from mine Ear and told me that it was formed of catarrh inside the ears.

Nothing serious, of course, but I should have immediately run for cover, in fact I no longer breathed as before, for this reason mine respiratory system was a little occluded, a tragedy especially during the winter months, because it also brought me one annoying sinusitis.

Sleeping with an open mouth is never advised, if you feel rested at night with your mouth open better to think of a nasal shower to clear your airways, follow my advice, you will thank me …

What is the nasal shower?

The nasal shower is a very ancient practice which consists in gently washing the nasal cavities with a physiological liquid.

How to blow your nose, but in a much much deeper and more efficient way!

In this way mucus and bacteria are almost completely removed present in the nostrils, favoring breathing and the flow of air throughout the respiratory system (let us not forget that a occlusion of the nose could also affect the ears).

The nose is our personal filter used to keep external agents away from our body, leaving only the oxygen we need to live through. Its job is to keep the larger particles out of the body that could be harmful to our body.

The nasal shower works by producing a jet of micronized solution and making it pass from one nostril to another, it is totally painless, the liquid is atomized by small particles.

If you have children, even very small ones, with mucus or phlegm problems, the nasal shower can be an excellent solution.

The nasal shower treats the pathologies of the respiratory tract maintaining free the cavities and therefore allowing a better passage of the air giving difficult life to the microbes that are not able to multiply in time and therefore they are eliminated.

But it is also obviously an excellent ally for personal hygiene.

The mucosa present in the respiratory tract is a very powerful shield against external agents, but this tends to ignite, and become an easy breeding ground for viruses and bacteria of all kinds.

A simple inflammation can therefore become a dangerous infection.

And therefore you can be a victim of colds, cough, stuffy nose, sinusitis, rhinitis, adenoids and nasal polyps.

The nasal shower is therefore essential to avoid all this, because it reaches the depths of the respiratory ducts, relieving them.

How does the nasal shower work?

The nasal shower is to imagine how a kind of aerosol, the Rinowash is the most popular and one of the most effective devices to carry out this cleaning.

Inside the room used is inserted a physiological solution suitable for this kind of cleaning, and if there is need, other medications prescribed by your doctor are added.

In the external chamber the liquid resulting from the cleaning is collected, which will then be thrown away.

The cleaning takes place by means of a small tube that is applied to the nose, the process is absolutely painless, in practice a nebulization takes place inside our respiratory system which, as the ducts are released, pulls the dirt away.

Is the nasal shower good for children?

Let’s start by clarifying that the nasal showers are recommended especially for newborns, they do not constitute any danger and they have no contraindication, but they are also perfect for older children and adults.

However, we always advise and always before using devices of this kind to seek the advice of your pediatrician and to avoid taking personal initiatives, do not mess with health, especially that of the little ones.

Children are the weakest subjects and exposed to inflammation and infections, especially the smaller ones, and many times we see them breathing badly and are not even able to explain why.

A cold is a common illness in childhood, it must not frighten us obviously because in most cases, if the child is healthy, he goes and goes away by himself, but certainly it is a great annoyance that often also hinders common daily actions.

The deficits in respiration also lead to being tired and nervous, as well as making rest a lot more complicated, just as it happened to me after the accident …

In fact the Rinowash was excellent not only for me but also for my wife Giulia and for my little ones, who have never had any particular respiratory diseases, but now they manage to overcome the cold a few times a year much faster that arises.

The sons of my brother Giacomo, Mirko and Charlotte, are sick with adenoids and constantly use this device, which has come like a godsend to make life lighter, especially in the winter months.

Rinowash, the nasal shower most loved by online users (Opinion, Review)

The Rinowash nasal shower is one of the best present at the moment on the market, certainly one of the most loved by online users as you can see from reviews that are found around the net.

It is composed of an atomizer, an internal chamber that will house the liquid to be atomized inside our nasal duct and a basic body
equipped with special valve.

The external spout is also very soft, designed specifically to not annoy the nose of the little ones.

You can use physiological solutions, hypertonic, thermal waters but also hyaluronic acid.

In case your doctor thinks it appropriate to prescribe them (and only then I recommend) it is possible to add medicines such as antibiotics to fight more serious pathologies.

The materials used in the creation of the Air Liquide Rinowash nasal shower are all biocompatible, designed specifically to avoid allergies or problems of any kind, in total safety.

They are also very durable and guarantee a long life of the product, unlike « disposable cinasate » that really leave the time they find.

Considering above all the negligible price of this product, it is useless to look for easy savings, when buying a semi-professional appliance of this kind, you can enjoy it in peace in the years to come.

The new version has also clearly improved, I was explained by my pediatrician.

Before starting the treatment it is good to blow your nose vigorously, since the nebulization is deep and at the same time delicate, better to facilitate the action completely.

How is Rinowash used?

It is extremely easy to use the Rinowash, even a child alone could use it independently, having said that we do not want to encourage you in any way to distance yourself from the little ones when they use these appliances, they are still electrical devices that, although they are super safe, need the supervision of a adult.

There is only need to insert the special liquid ready to be nebulized inside the device and then place the nozzle of the nasal shower near one of the nostrils, the other nostril must be closed by lightly pressing ourselves with a finger, and then all that remains is to press the Start button. The machine will perform its own « magic » and free the respiratory tract.

It only takes 3-4 minutes per nostril to achieve an excellent degree of cleanliness.

Rinowash generates particles 10 microns in diameter and the nebulization delivers about 5 ml of product per minute.

Then there will be nothing left but to empty the part of the device where the dirt is going to settle.

Children know they have very little attention and patience, so it is ideal a nasal wash that lasts very little and allows the child to be immediately ready to return to his games.

Otherwise this treatment would become a real nightmare experienced as a torture by the little ones who would try in every way to avoid it. It is especially important when dealing with newborns.

It is very easy then to keep the nasal shower sanitized, since it is enough to rinse it under running water and it will immediately return clean and ready for re-use.

It is clear that every few weeks it is better to think of proceeding with a complete sterilization of the Rinowash, by boiling the plastic components of the device one by one for 5-6 minutes.

Most people simply use a saline solution in Rinowash, which is an easy ancient method to fight mucus accumulations.

As soon as it is bought, it is better to proceed with a complete sterilization of the product, you never know, then just insert the physiological solution and you are ready to start.

The Rinowash nasal wash is considered to be much less invasive than the competing ones by children and this is an advantage not just, we are still talking about a spout that should be placed on the edge in the nose, and not everyone is unhappy, especially to most little ones.

How often should the nasal shower be made?

It certainly depends on the pathology to be treated and the time of year.

Consult a pediatrician in the case of children or your doctor if you intend to have a consultation for adults and never rely completely on what you read online.

However approximately in winter the washing should be performed once a day, so as not to give the bacteria time to reposition itself.

In spring and summer instead you can switch to 2-3 times a week, since in this period of the year you are much less vulnerable, because it is warmer.

The Rinowash method is totally natural, unless you decide to add to the saline physiological solution of the medicines, in that case will obviously depend on the drug you will be using.

At the beginning I started with a certain skepticism, but after consulting with my wife we ​​decided to try it, Antonella often suffers from sinusitis in winter, especially in the coldest weeks when the temperature drops below zero, thanks to the Rinowash discomfort has decreased significantly and if you remember to carry out daily cleaning (which is not easy as far as it is engaged …) the headache and the sense of occlusion of the sinusitis practically disappears.

Also recommended in the case of catarrh in the ears, for me it was a real lifesaver, because I could no longer hear well because of the phlegm formed in my ear canals.

If you wish, you can also directly use hypertonic and isotonic solutions produced at home, avoiding the purchase of vials in pharmacies. Just take a look on google to find out how to prepare them safely and effectively.

In conclusion

When we are dealing with the health of children it is necessary to never leave anything to chance and always intervene in a timely manner.

It is even better to prevent and try to mitigate the evil action of microbes and bacteria on their body.

Even if you are healthy, nasal washes are an excellent hygiene rule and should be a habit for those who really care about their family’s health.

Since I discovered this practice my life has changed, literally, I know I write a common place but it really is.

I am waiting to do a rhinoplasty, I confess that the reason for my waiting is purely economic, but in the meantime I can keep my nose and ears free from mucus, otherwise it would be a real tragedy, especially during the winter months.

I hope this guide has been helpful.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not want to replace a doctor’s consultation in any way, for any doubt and before buying and using the Rinowash we invite you to contact your doctor, who will be able to advise you properly, never trust blindly what you read online, but always rely on the experience and skill of the professionals.

I greet you and leave you postponing the appointment to the next page,

Marco from Pro Contro.


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