🥇5 Best Yoghurt Makers 2019? (Personal Review) –

🥇5 Best Yoghurt Makers 2019? (Personal Review) –

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« Mamma Yogurt you prepare a thousand times better than the supermarket »

My 5 year old daughter Angela

I’m Antonella.

You also love that great one natural yoghurt that melts in your mouth to the taste of fruit, coffee, honey or cocoa but at the same time you smell industrial yogurt?

Want to find out how to do it at home?

Today I will explain to you everything I have learned about yogurt in recent years with continuous domestic research and experimentation.


My Favorite Yogurt Maker

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

My Sister’s yogurt maker

Moulinex YG231E Yogurteo Yogurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars of 160 ...

La Yogurtiera from 12 jars

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars ...

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

Moulinex YG231E Yogurteo Yogurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars of 160 …

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars …

My Favorite Yogurt Maker

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

My Sister’s yogurt maker

Moulinex YG231E Yogurteo Yogurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars of 160 ...

Moulinex YG231E Yogurteo Yogurt Maker with 7 Glass Jars of 160 …

La Yogurtiera from 12 jars

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars ...

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars …

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The guide to yoghurt makers

My grandmother taught me that there is nothing that tastes great like the things you prepare with your own hands, and this is undeniable.

Both in the sense that what I realize at home contains only genuine ingredients that I personally choose at the market near home, both because what is prepared personally seems to always have « something extra« , An extra special flavor, I like to think of it as the flavor of thelove, which as always makes the experiences of everyday life richer and fuller.

An excellent complement in the kitchen to the yoghurt maker is the MINIPIMER, do you know what is it? No? Here on ProContro you will find a beautiful guide.

The properties of Yogurt. Why is it good for you?

It is now several decades that Yogurt has arrived on our tables, and has become part of the eating habits of many, however, sometimes we tend to take for granted the fact that this food is healthy, but we do not remember or know the reasons.

Unlike what you can imagine, yogurt was not invented by food multinationals, but is a very old food which was consumed already centuries ago.

It is not only a food with an exotic name and a particular taste, but it is also endowed with excellent properties which make it perfect for the health of our body.

They were the Greeks first to discover this curious food, observing that preserving the milk at room temperature (yes, at that time there was no refrigerator inside skins obtained by processing the stomach of animals, this over time was gradually attacked by the organisms present inside of these containers and thus began to ferment, becoming a digestible compound with an acid taste and a creamy and inviting appearance.

In ancient times it was thought to be excellent for regenerating blood, at the beginning of the last century, thanks to the invention of the microscope, they began to look for what were actually these bacilli that by acting on the milk transformed it in that typical manner, and were isolated the Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus and it Streptococcus thermophilus.

These microorganisms make yoghurt rich in enzymes that remain alive exactly until they are consumed by humans, and it is these that are so beneficial to our body.

Not everyone knows that lactic bacteria are in fact able to separate lactose dividing it into glucose and galactose, more easily absorbed by the body.

Yoghurt for this is highly detoxifying is antinfiammante, acting especially on the intestine and promoting the restoration of bacterial flora.

Being a derivative of milk, it also maintains its nutritional properties, including vitamins, proteins and minerals such as calcium, which is essential for our body’s essential bone structure.

It is also fundamental for make nails and hair shine at best and to produce antibodies.

Also perfect for the elderly.

But it is a food that does not fail to please the fanatics of beauty of the body, it is in fact the basis of many recipes that can help the process of aesthetic improvement, famous exfoliating scrub bases made with yogurt for example. Also excellent as a nutrient to use on the hair to make it softer and more elastic, or to care for the skin on the hands.

How to make yogurt with the yogurt maker?

The yoghurt makers keep the milk at a constant temperature of about 40 degrees to favor the fermentation of the bacteria we were talking about a little above, or those that attack the milk turning it into yogurt.

An almost magical process if it is observed live, but quite naturally seen under a microscope.

There different types of yoghurt maker, with a single container or with multiple containers, but even the carafe ones are excellent for those who intend to produce large quantities of yogurt.

We think for example of those who have a very large family and therefore find themselves unable to reason in « jars », because these would end immediately and would not be able to meet everyone’s needs.

yogurt-made-in-home "class =" wp-image-2568 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574840835_378_🥇5-Best-Yoghurt-Makers-2019-Personal-Review.jpg 597w, https : //procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yogurt-fatto-in-casa-150x150.jpg 150w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yogurt- done-in-home-192x192.jpg 192w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yogurt-fatto-in-casa-384x384.jpg 384w, https://procontro.com/ wp-content / uploads / 2018/08 / yogurt-made-in-home-110x110.jpg 110w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yogurt-fatto-in-casa-220x220 .jpg 220w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/yogurt-fatto-in-casa-364x365.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max-width: 597px) 100vw, 597px
Here is the yogurt I make at home and my daughter loves it!

It is very easy to make yogurt at home using a yogurt maker, let’s see the steps to follow:

  1. Take a liter of milk at room temperature;
  2. Mix the milk with a jar of whole yogurt, this will be our so-called « starter », to quickly start the bacterial process;
  3. Instead of starter yogurt you can buy and use sachets of live lactic acid bacteria. If lactic ferments are used, it is best to proceed very calmly to avoid foam;
  4. Then proceed to mix the milk gently to avoid lumps;
  5. Then pour it in the container or in the multiple containers of the yogurt maker;
  6. Then start the 8-hour dedicated program;
  7. After 8 hours you need to wait until the yogurt has cooled;
  8. At this point it will be possible to transfer the containers into our refrigerator;
  9. Inside the refrigerator it will be necessary to wait a few hours so that the milk enzymes stabilize and the yogurt is finally ready to be consumed.

Here’s how I do it for make the yogurt more creamy for my children if it is very dry:

To make the yoghurt creamier it is necessary to use a mixture of milk and cream, for each liter of yogurt it will be necessary to add the whole milk and the cream in a 7/10 proportion for the milk and 3/10 for the liquid cream. And then I add a little cornstarch to finished yogurt.

To reduce the acidity of yogurt instead it is good to sweeten it with a natural sweetener of your choice.

With the yogurt maker I also love to give free rein to my imagination and always vary the various declinations of the yogurt I create, in fact after a while the white one comes to boredom, with time I have experimented a lot and I launched myself in fruit yogurt. , trying practically with any seasonal fruit available, but it comes out especially excellent with cinnamon and vanilla, wonderful and very tasty, my children are literally crazy about it.

However, if you intend to add extra flavors, you will need to increase the amount of lactic ferments before incubation begins.

What are lactic ferments?

For decades, we have heard of milk enzymes added to this or that food to make it healthier, good for the intestine, etc.

But do we know exactly what we are talking about?

Often it is advised to those who are ill of the intestine, or simply to those who suffer from disorders of the digestive tract, to take lactic ferments to « restore the balance of the intestinal flora », how many times even in advertising we have heard repeated this sentence almost as a nursery rhyme?

However, the functioning of lactic ferments is not simply imaginable by visualizing these little creatures that are inoculated in our organism as a model « Let’s explore the human body » (remember this wonderful cartoon from our childhood, don’t they?) Intervene to fix everything as if by magic, order in our intestines.

In truth, things are a bit different: our body, as we know, is an extremely complex perfect machine, which is based on very complex and interdependent internal systems.

Our intestine is very delicate and is based on a particular internal balance which, if altered, compromises its correct functioning.

Subjects like we are at these frenetic rhythms of the modern world that subject us to continuous stress, and as someone said any disease at the end of the day is psychosomatic, then adding an incorrect diet full of industrially refined foods, it is easy for our intestines to become irritated and start « going crazy ».

Without forgetting the vices of some who love to abound with the consumption of alcohol, smoke and fizzy drinks.

Our bacterial flora synthesizes the vitamins that we ingest in food and regulates the immune system, in some cases it therefore needs an external « help », and this can come through the ingestion of lactic ferments.

The lactic ferments already live naturally within our body and feed on what we eat in turn, are alive within us and collaborate with our body for its general well-being.

Probiotic lactic ferments are called this because they produce lactic acid.

The bacterial flora is positioned in the final part of our intestine, ie within the colon.

The lactic ferments are self-instructing to protect the mucous walls.

How to store yogurt?

Yogurt should be stored on the top floor of our refrigerator, or between 4 and 5 degrees, so that it retains its beneficial properties almost unchanged and the microbial flora can retain its unique characteristics.

Not everyone knows in fact that a proper storage of yogurt at an adequate temperature is essential so that our bacteria « friends » can keep alive and maintain the same vitality, and therefore the same effectiveness.

Please do not treat these recommendations superficially, as they are essential to preserve the cure-all aspects of this incredible and powerful drink.

Homemade yogurt vs industrial yogurt

By now we know our shelves are flooded with industrial yoghurt, the needs of consumers in these modern times require manufacturers to make a very high variety of types of yoghurt, which in some cases promise real miracles … but is it really trustworthy?

  • The whole yogurt it is produced with whole milk and is the healthiest and most beneficial type of yogurt, because it is the least refined, with fewer industrial additions, and is also highly recommended by doctors.
  • The light yogurt instead it is made through the use of skimmed milk and the fat inside is poured away.

We live in a world a bit obsessed with this « fat-phobia », in which fat is always synonymous with bad, something to avoid, but not everyone knows that in many cases fat is a simple component of food, which it does not have sense to try to avoid at all costs, because it is a potential part of a balanced and correct diet, but everyone has their own convictions and I don’t want to stay here for sure to give you diet lessons, because I have neither the desire nor the capacity.

Just know that often food companies tend to « deceive » consumers through inaccuracies that are not exactly correct, riding this or that other food fashion to get rid of them alive …

That said, however, low-fat yogurt is among the easiest to digest and has very few calories, so it is often recommended for those on a diet.

White yogurt vs Yogurt with fruit

The white Yogurts are superior to those from fruit from a nutritional point of view, and the reason is very simple: often in fact to give that characteristic taste of « fruit » are added preservatives and special flavor enhancers that « improve » the taste but at the same time they alter all the food properties, paradoxically transforming yogurt from one of the healthiest foods you can eat into a kind of « snack bar » from the fridge … think again the next time you buy a yogurt « flavored » for you or for your children …

Completely different discourse if the « correction » you make it yourself with a yogurt made at home by means of a yoghurt maker, in that case you will have both all the fabulous beneficial properties of yogurt and at the same time an excellent extra taste that will make it look like a excellent ice cream, to be consumed in peace as you will still be tasting a perfectly healthy food.

But there is a very important clarification and distinction to be made, given that white yogurt must be completely « white », that is free from additives to improve its taste, because otherwise the matter does not change, there are producers who sell their yogurt white full of sugar and additives such as « natural » « white » yogurt … be very careful if industrial yogurt tastes like ice cream, beware. Real yogurt has a very acidic characteristic taste, and it is this acidity that represents the true quality of yogurt, in fact it is not difficult to train yourself to distinguish a good yogurt from a poor one.

Always remember that inside commercial yoghurts there is no real fresh fruit but only flavorings that recall the taste of fruit … a bit like it happens with perfume essences … Very often waste pulp from other processes is used, same speech attention applies to those who put « real pieces of fruit » into their products, they are almost always waste materials, pay close attention to what you ingest and never treat these products superficially by letting yourself be seduced by impeccable marketing full of bright colors and wonderful photos of tropical fruits.

The same can be said of cocoa or coffee flavored yogurts, which often do not even have a trace of these ingredients of which they promise the flavor, but only natural flavorings.

This is especially true for those who do not intend to use animal products in any way, well, friends, be aware that in many cases these « natural flavoring » come from our very dear animal friends … I don’t want to give you examples to avoid hitting the your sensitivity, but know that if I told you how many dyes or flavor correctors are obtained you would probably not think about one, not two, but three hundred times before buying an industrial product from a refrigerated counter …

As a rule know that the food industries work for their own economic gain, it is not their job to feed you with the best foods, their job is to earn and to do so they use techniques to the limits of legality, it is clear that not all brands do this anti reasoning -etic, but most yes … I always ask you to inform yourself in depth about the contents of the labels of the foods you eat, not just yogurt, and to try to trace those cryptic acronyms that are often used to include within our food ingredients not exactly orthodox …

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is certainly a very peculiar type of yogurt, as it has some peculiarities that we will now calmly discover.

First we talk about « Greek » yogurt but in truth it is Bulgarian yogurt, it is called with the Hellenic variant for marketing reasons, in fact it is much easier to sell a product in Italy pretending to be « Greek », we are always inside the Balkan peninsula, but we know that Bulgaria is unfortunately only associated with desolate post-Soviet scenarios and some camps here and there, in reality I was there on vacation last summer and it is a fascinating land full of traditions and spectacular landscapes , as well as EXCELLENT AND ECONOMIC YOGURT!

The difference between traditional yogurt and Greek yogurt lies in the filtration operations, which in the normal one are two, while in the « Greek » are three. The third filtration takes place extremely slowly, in the liquid that remains outside there is all the lactose that the bacteria have not been able to ferment. The final product is therefore fatter but at the same time much richer in proteins than the traditional one, and I can assure you that if you can find TRUE “Greek” yoghurt, that is Bulgarian, not the industrial one produced in the United States and passed off as such, you will understand the reason for this differentiation and the reason of so much merit of this quality of yogurt.

Greek yogurt also naturally has far less sugar in it, so it is more bitter and acidic, but in a tasty sense, don’t worry.

For this reason, Greek yogurt is actually excellent for its healthful effects, a little less suitable for a certain type of diet, but rich in nutrients, it also has less sodium.

Greek yogurt is widely used in the kitchen, precisely because of its tendency to « bitter », in fact it does not alter the taste of foods like traditional yogurt and can be easily combined with savory foods.

Why make yogurt at home

Homemade yogurt is certainly a kind of « magical food », because it preserves all the beneficial properties of an extremely healthy food.

Making yogurt comfortably at home we will be sure not to have added preservatives, additives, industrial flavor enhancers, and therefore to have pure simple yogurt in your hands.

If and only if we wish, we will be able to add flavors chosen by us, but in that case remember that the « correct » yogurt with other ingredients lasts slightly less than the « pure » one because it tends to be corrupted even more easily given the different chemical composition with more lactic ferments inside and higher overall density.

So if you make fruit yogurt, cocoa, vanilla or coffee, remember that you won’t be able to keep it for many days in your fridge, it will have to be consumed almost immediately in a couple of days.

The industrial yogurt to be produced generates a lot of waste materials, it is extremely eco-friendly, a different matter for the home-made one … at home you know how grandmothers teach « you don’t throw anything » …

And then let’s face it, a good quality yogurt made at home is paid for, producing it on our own will solve this problem, saving a good deal of euros a month.

Preparing yogurt at home there is also the possibility to consume it « freshly made » by exploiting the beneficial effect and the total vitality of lactic ferments, which will not have to undergo any further cooling process to be conserved, and more is known as time passes. more these tend to be less vital and therefore less effective for our body.

There are also many recipes in the kitchen that include the use of yogurt (such as curry chicken), which often replaces cream, which is much more oily.

Whichever way you turn it, making yogurt at home alone is a real breakthrough, my husband and my children love it for breakfast and the afternoon snack.

The best yogurt maker – cheese board

1. CuisinArt YM400E, my favorite cheese maker that I use every day at home

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

CuisinArt YM400E, Yoghurt maker & 2-in-1 cheese board

  • Yogurthiera with brushed stainless steel design
  • Two temperature levels: both for preparing yogurt (43 ° C) and for preparing cream cheese or cream cheese (33 ° C)

Here is the Yoghurt maker I use in my home, after having tried so many different ones in these years, together with my sister Laura who is a great passionate but a « moulinexista » …

It is a semi-professional product and very easy to use, it also works as a cheese maker.

Switching off occurs completely automatically, so you don’t have to worry, it’s extremely safe.

But what struck me about this product and it was really love at first use is the fabulous taste of the yogurt you get.

The temperature is adjustable from 33 to 43 degrees, this possibility of choosing is ideal for using it also as a cheese maker, in fact it is good to point out that in general the yoghurt makers, especially the high-end ones, are very versatile and not simply delegated to the « incubation » of the yogurt. They are real laboratories for experimenting with dairy products and derivatives. So down with ricotta and cream cheese as if it were raining.

It can accommodate up to six glass jars without any problem.

The design is very interesting and looks good even in very modern kitchens.

Well, what to say, I have owned several yoghurt makers but this really makes the difference and I recommend it because I feel great about it.

2. Moulinex Yogurteo, my sister’s favorite Laura

My sister instead opted for this Moulinex Yogurteo, and I won’t tell you how many verbal confrontations we had about it, real wars are established in our house when it comes to tastes in the kitchen. Apparently the brand Moulinex triumphed in Laura’s family.

I can certainly tell you that I have personally tested it for a whole month and it is an excellent yoghurt maker, very practical and infallible.

It is very compact and has a particular color, takes up little space in the kitchen and is perfect for those who want to start seriously producing excellent yogurt at home. It can work up to 15 hours in a row, so you can rest assured that most yogurt recipes can be made.

Inside the package you will also find an excellent cookbook on which to base yourself to start your experiments.

The jars have a peculiarity, or a numbered grid that allows you to always keep the « deadline » of the yogurt you have prepared under control, so as not to risk nasty surprises …

Great display, very well readable, what I like about Yogurteo is that it turns itself off.

It is of good construction, it soon becomes clear that the materials are top of the range and that it is a product that will obviously last over time.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced producer of homemade yogurt, this Moulinex Yogurteo is certainly something to keep in mind.

Highly recommended by my sister Laura, and also by me!

3. Klarstein Gaia, 12 jars at a time

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars ...

Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine (stainless steel, 12 jars …

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  • With the Klarstein Gaia yogurt machine you can prepare tasty and healthy yoghurts with ingredients of your choice. Just how yoghurt must be sweet, neutral or bitter or enriched with fruits or other delicacies you simply decide.

Another very interesting yoghurt maker of a less known brand but not to be considered inferior when it comes to making our final choice is the Klarstein Gaia, certainly a great product that produces a remarkable yoghurt.

This yoghurt maker is perfect for those with very large families or for those who want to prepare their own yoghurt in advance and enjoy it during the week, given that it can accommodate up to 12 jars at the same time, which clearly you are not forced to use all every time if you want to produce less yogurt.

Unfortunately, the manual is a bit lacking in information, but it is so easy to use the yoghurt makers that I assure you you will not need too much explanation, since most of what you need can already be found in my guide above.

It produces a compact, dense and tasty yogurt, not too acid.
It also depends on the yogurt that you will use as a « starter » and on the quality of the milk.

As with any homemade food creation, you need to experiment a lot until you find the perfect balance to make a yogurt that is right for us.

In any case, I recommend using long-life whole milk for better results.

Made of steel, the design is very attractive and the display gives that note of particular color that makes it without a shadow of a doubt an elegant object, perfect to keep in your kitchen and make a great impression with friends.

The yoghurt maker works in a completely automatic way, just press START and set the appropriate number of hours necessary for the preparation of the yoghurt we are treating. As a rule, white yogurt tends to have to be « incubated » for less hours than one full of ingredients such as honey and cinnamon, which I have included in my recipe book.

It is very small, so you can place it everywhere, even for those who may live in a studio apartment and unfortunately don’t have a lot of space available.

It is cleaned with a wet sponge.

4. Aries Yogurella, also makes Greek yogurt!


Ariete 621/1 Yogurella Electric Yoghurt Maker with Accessory for ...

Ariete 621/1 Yogurella Electric Yoghurt Maker with Accessory for …

  • Fresh and genuine: yogurella is the right product to have a healthy and genuine yogurt prepared with your own hands, without preservatives and additives, at home every day.
  • Roomy: the 2 baskets of 1 Liter and 1.5 Liters allow you to get a generous dose of yogurt and are conveniently replaceable in the refrigerator thanks to the freshness-saving lid

Here is an interesting product instead proposed by Aries, it is possible that you have already heard about this Yogurella because it is very popular.
The name is already a whole program, it makes us understand that we are dealing with a nice and fast product.

And it does not betray expectations.

The yoghurt produced is dense at the right point, it won’t mind any palate, I’m sure. I used this yoghurt maker in the past for a couple of months and my children loved it, they loved it for its funny and colorful design, I liked it because of the difficulty of the operation and the fact that the yogurt produced was so good.

Unfortunately it is not possible to set the timer, you will have to take into account the time spent by yourself.

Another negative note is the fact that the yogurt basket is made of plastic … that’s why I stopped using it at the time.

This does not mean that it is unsafe, indeed, the Ariete brand has always been synonymous with reliability, but I do not like using plastic when dealing with food.

The strength of this Yogurella yogurt maker is undoubtedly the price, very reasonable, which makes it perfect for all those who are not very sure of this new « hobby » and prefer to proceed with feet of lead, trying first perhaps with a product more economic to then pass over to something more demanding and top of the range if the experiments succeed to the great one.

It is certainly a completely reasonable approach, even I do so sometimes with certain devices, I prefer to first purchase the base model to verify that I actually like that particular activity and then eventually proceed to the « upgrade », and usually I immediately go straight in the second place at the top of the range, because for my children I always want the best.

Another strong point is the accessory to make Greek yogurt, a perfect food for very particular and exotic recipes.

It does not work with jars like other yoghurt makers, yogurt is produced inside a container and then eventually it will be up to you to divide it into smaller portions. This surely will not be a problem if you are a beginner and you just want to be a little aware of how to make yogurt at home, otherwise if you are already practicing I suggest you throw yourself on more challenging models but at the same time that offer many more gratifications. in terms of practicality.

Certainly it is not a top-of-the-range product but perfect for those starting out, it will not leave you dry I can guarantee it and you will make yogurt that will be appreciated by friends and relatives.


5. Girmi YG03, cheap but nice

The Girmi brand is undoubtedly known and therefore could not miss within this guide to the best yoghurt maker.

This YG03 is a very cheap appliance but it does its duty extremely well, certainly not at the level of high-end competitors, but if you intend to tiptoe into the world of homemade yogurt to start trying and realizing, you can constitute perhaps a good choice.

The flavor of the yogurt will depend as always on the quality and quantity of the milk you use, have you ever tried yogurt with buffalo milk for example? It is something divine …

The value for money is good in this case.

Even aesthetically it looks good and has a great handle on top of the lid to keep in mind the time that has elapsed since the start of the process.

Recommended for beginners.

Il mondo dello yogurt è sicuramente molto affascinante, ma mi rendo conto che non tutti hanno la pazienza necessaria per prepararlo ogni giorno o ogni settimana. Io personalmente sono innamorata del mondo dell’autoproduzione del cibo, ma qualcuno magari entusiasta in prima battuta potrebbe poi rendersi conto col tempo che la produzione dello yogurt non fa per lui.

Se siete stati già a contatto con questa affascinante tecnica domestica di produzione, vi consiglio subito di puntare ad uno dei primi modelli presenti in lista, per andare sul sicuro e portarvi a casa un modello che senza ombra di dubbio vi durerà negli anni, altrimenti puntate su qualcosa di basso prezzo per cominciare.

Personalmente consiglio comunque per evitare sprechi, quando si tratta di prodotti in fin dei conti economici, di puntare subito al top di gamma, di modo da avere a casa un prodotto durevole nel tempo e di testare effettivamente cosa voglia dire avere a che fare con prodotti semi-professionali.

Perché ad essere sincera a volte capita di utilizzare cinesate e pensare che magari quel determinato hobby non faccia per noi solo per la scarsa praticità dei dispositivi in questione, magari realizzati in plastica scadente.

Vi faccio un esempio che non c’entra niente ma che allo stesso tempo rende molto bene l’idea: è come imparare a suonare su un pianoforte a coda molto costoso e vintage o invece cominciare sulla tastierina “Bontempi” (ve la ricordate)? Se volete innamorarvi della musica, il metodo migliore è partire con un bello Steinway (marca rinomata di pianoforti), non credete?

Ecco, stesso discorso con gli elettrodomestici per produrre il cibo, specie in questo caso se parliamo di un alimento delicato come lo yogurt, in cui basta una leggera disattenzione o un piccolo squilibrio nella preparazione degli ingredienti per compromettere il risultato.

Con questo non voglio dire che le yogurtiere di fascia bassa siano pessime, tutt’altro, producono dell’ottimo yogurt, ma dal momento che decidiamo di acquistare una macchina del genere secondo la mia modesta opinione è meglio puntare subito al top, data l’esigua differenza di prezzo.

Ricette per gli yogurt (il mio ricettario personale)

Ho delle ricette che potreste trovare interessanti se desiderate apprendere i rudimenti per realizzare dell’ottimo yogurt a casa.

C’è lo Yogurt al caffè ad esempio, che preparo utilizzando 700 ml di latte intero, un vaso di yogurt intero per avviare la fermentazione, come già spiegato sopra all’interno dell’articolo.

Poi metto 30 g di latte in polvere, 50 di zucchero e aggiungo il caffè infine, io preferisco usare 4 cucchiai, ma se lo desiderate più leggero potete provare con 3 o addirittura arrischiarvi utilizzandone 5 se amate il sapore del caffè e volete assaporare qualcosa di molto intenso e deciso.

La preparazione quindi è estremamente facile, una volta che si saranno preparati da parte gli ingredienti bisognerà procedere a versare il latte all’interno di un recipiente, aggiungere poi il latte in polvere, lo yogurt “starter”, zucchero e infine caffè, che come abbiamo visto dipenderà dall’intensità che vogliate conferire alla preparazione.

Si proceda quindi a sbattere il preparato con una frusta manuale o ancor meglio con un frullino o una frusta elettrica, come più credete opportuno.

Io personalmente per queste operazioni sono una fanatica dell’intervento “manuale”, mi capita di sentire più mia la ricetta se la sbatto energeticamente di polso, mi sento parte completa della preparazione.

Continuate a sbattere finché il composto sarà infine divenuto omogeneo e quindi provvedete a versarlo all’interno dei vasetti, che poi vorranno ovviamente collocati all’interno della vostra yogurtiera.

A questo punto come sempre potrete premere il tasto di partenza, di solito contrassegnato dalla dicitura “yogurt”, e sarete pronti per avviare il processo.

Consiglio di scegliere 10 ore come timer, dato che abbiamo a che fare con un composto molto particolare e non il classico yogurt bianco.

A preparazione ultimata tirare lo yogurt fuori dalla yogurtiera e riporlo in frigo in cui si potrà conservare per circa una settimana senza alcun problema.

I miei figli adorano anche lo yogurt al miele, ho pensato quindi di farvi una bella sorpresa descrivendovi nei dettagli la mia ricetta personale di questo magnifico yogurt dal sapore sfizioso e ottimo per la salute.

Ci vanno anche in questo caso 700 ml di latte intero pastorizzato, il solito yogurt di avviamento, 30g di latte in polvere e 5-7 cucchiai di miele a vostro gusto.

Dipende chiaramente anche dall’intensità iniziale del miele che state utilizzato, di solito il miele industriale tende ad essere più “diluito”, mentre quello artigianale, più denso e saporito, regolatevi di conseguenza magari effettuando diverse prove prima di trovare il bilanciamento perfetto che vi regalerà le più grandi soddisfazioni.

Procedere quindi a riscaldare il latte e a farlo raffreddare, versarlo quindi quando sarà giunto a temperatura ambiente all’interno di un recipiente ben capiente. Poi procedere ad aggiungere il latte in polvere con lo yogurt, anche qui stesso discorso per lo yogurt al caffè, si tratta di utilizzare una frusta per renderlo ben omogeneo, solo a quel punto ci si potrà fermare e procedere a versarlo all’interno degli appositi vasetti.

Qui però è un po’ diversa la preparazione perché a questo punto tocca aggiungere un cucchiaio di miele all’interno di ciascun vasetto.

A questo potrete finalmente posizionarli all’interno della vostra yogurtiera e impostarla per le 9 ore. Benissimo, quando la macchina avrà completato la sua opera emetterà un suono che vi avvertirà che è giunto il momento finalmente di coperchiare i vasetti e infilarli in frigo, dove dovranno soggiornare un paio di ore prima di essere consumati.

Anche in questo caso potrete conservare lo yogurt in frigo per un sei sette giorni senza paura.

Ma il vero yogurt geniale che la fa da padrone all’interno del mio personale ricettario è quello alle prugne e cannella. Una vera e propria esplosione di gusto.

Anche in questo caso c’è il miele di mezzo, e vi posso assicurare che questo mix è micidiale e farà convertire al mondo dello yogurt anche i più scettici.

Ci sarà bisogno di 700 ml di latte intero, un vasetto di yogurt starter, 3 cucchiai di latte in polvere, 200 grammi di prugne snocciolate, mezzo cucchiaino di cannella e 2 cucchiai di miele. Siete pronti?

Sono molto eccitata all’idea di condividere con voi questa ricetta perché credo che sia la migliore.

Come prima cosa procedete a tagliare le prugne a pezzettini, poi fate riscaldare per bene il latte, a cui aggiungerete le prugne e lasciate cuocere il tutto per una decina di minuti prima di passare allo step successivo.

Bene, fate raffreddare questo preparato a temperatura ambiente e travasatelo all’interno di un recipiente. Aggiungete quindi del latte in polvere, lo yogurt, cannella e miele, sbattete con una frusta così come avete fatto con gli altri due gusti precedenti, quando ad occhio vi renderete conto che il composto sarà diventato finalmente omogeneo, procedete a versarlo all’interno dei vasetti, riponeteli senza esitazione all’interno della yogurtiera, e avviatela.

In questo caso ci vorranno ben 12 ore prima di ottenere il vostro yogurt. Come al solito appena la macchina avrà compiuto il suo lavoro, mettete i vasetti all’interno del frigorifero e attendete 4 ore.

Perfetto, adesso leccatevi i baffi e ringraziatemi all’indirizzo email redazioneprocontro@gmail.com

In conclusion

In un mondo così frenetico e pieno di distrazioni, ho scoperto da un po’ di anni che non c’è niente di meglio che ricominciare a produrre le cose con le proprie mani.

Lo ammetto, ho tradito gli insegnamenti di mia nonna.

Per un periodo anche io mi sono affidata ai prodotti industriali, ma il sapore dei cibi non era mai come me lo ricordavo da bambina.

Da quando ho ricominciato a prepararmi tutto in casa, è vero che impiego più tempo in cucina, ma sono ricompensata dalla qualità di ciò che preparo, dai complimenti delle mie amiche e dei miei familiari e dal fatto che più passa il tempo più divento brava. In più mi sento un po’ slegata da questo mondo capitalistico che ci vuole tutti passivi spettatori e mai protagonisti della nostra vita.

Pensate un attimo a quanto da piccoli il mondo fosse più “interattivo”, con molte più possibilità d’azione, le persone non si confinavano in casa con la stessa facilità di adesso, e diciamo la verità, ci si muoveva di più, si realizzavano le cose con le proprie mani, i nostri nonni erano dei grandi artigiani e sapevano come aggiustare tutto.

Col passare del tempo ci stiamo distaccando da questa dimensione sensoriale e diventiamo sempre più dipendente dalle aziende e dai servizi che promettono di lavorare al posto nostro ed offrirci prodotti confezionati appositamente studiati da team di specialisti che a tutto pensano fuorché alla nostra salute personale.

E’ arrivato il momento di dire basta a questo strapotere delle aziende e cominciare a dotarci di strumenti che ci consentano di realizzare in casa ciò che normalmente siam pigramente abituati ad acquistare al supermercato.

Io sono per l’autoproduzione di tutto, ho un mio orticello personale e cerco di acquistare quel poco che mi serve da contadini vicini a casa mia, di modo da ottenere tutte materie rigorosamente a km 0.

E’ un vero e proprio mestiere quello di assicurarsi che gli ingredienti che toccherà ingerire ai propri familiari siano sempre di qualità e quanto meno possibile raffinati, sappiamo bene infatti quanto la raffinazione del cibo sia putroppo oramai all’ordine del giorno e diventa sempre più difficile starne alla larga.

Ciò nonostante invito a tutti a cercare di resistere e di sviluppare una specie di sistema di auto-sufficienza in modo da limitare i danni di questo mondo così tecnologicamente avanzato ma a quanto pare anche così poco attento alla salute degli esseri umani.

Spero come al solito che questa guida vi sia stata d’aiuto e vi lascio, sperando che tornerete presto a trovarmi su questo sito.

Vi assicuro che presto ne vedrete delle belle, ho in serbo delle sorprese per voi,

Vi abbraccio,
la vostra Antonella


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