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Hello I am marco.

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

Smoking is bad for your health, but the vices are essential to live happily, cuddle, and above all make us feel good mentally.

228W Electronic Cigarette Kit, B5 E Cigarette / Shisha Vape Mod ...

228W Electronic Cigarette Kit, B5 E Cigarette / Shisha Vape Mod …

  • SVAPO POTENT – The 228 W output provides impressive steam. Adjustable from 6W-228W, you can enjoy ideal clouds, regardless of whether you are a veteran or a new user.
  • More ‘SVAPO – Thanks to a larger glass tube supplied in the kit, it is possible for longer sweeps without worrying about continuous refills.

There is only a distressing problem:

Being able to cultivate them without getting serious physical ailments over the years.


You already knew that quitting traditional cigarettes makes sex much more pleasant and intense, why does the surplus oxygen in our body awaken the sensations and amplifies the pleasure we feel?

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Cheek pull or lung pull?

Sometimes it happens to read on the sites that a model is better suited to shooting from the cheek rather than the lung, what does it mean exactly?

  • the cheek shot, or even closed, is what is normally done with traditional cigarettes, it is a sweeter and more moderate shot. It’s the kind of shot that enhances the aroma of the liquid better. Usually associated with lower rates.
  • the lung pull instead it is the deep one that is made with the cilum or the bonga, it is sucked directly as if you were breathing through a straw. It is the roll performed to generate that one large amount of smoke which you often see associated with electronic svaping.
    It is in practice the kind of clumsy shooting that instinctively give traditional cigarettes to people who have never smoked in their lives and try to smoke for the first time. Associated with this in more important vattaggi, it provides a particular and recognizable blow in the throat.

Best 2019 Electronic Cigarette, reviews and opinions

1. Atvs Cigvaper – Very powerful and light

228W Electronic Cigarette Kit, B5 E Cigarette / Shisha Vape Mod ...

228W Electronic Cigarette Kit, B5 E Cigarette / Shisha Vape Mod …

  • SVAPO POTENT – The 228 W output provides impressive steam. Adjustable from 6W-228W, you can enjoy ideal clouds, regardless of whether you are a veteran or a new user.
  • More ‘SVAPO – Thanks to a larger glass tube supplied in the kit, it is possible for longer sweeps without worrying about continuous refills.
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Accurate display
Attractive design

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

After years of experience with svaping, here’s my trusted electronic cigarette.

I would not have hoped at the end of a long journey to find a product that would satisfy me one hundred percent, and instead …

One day it happened.

The Cigvaper Atvs is a very interesting product, minimal but at the same time extremely efficient. Inside the kit there are two excellent resistances and a special reserve tank, a cable to recharge the two batteries, which I must specify well, they must be purchased separately.

The interesting feature of this product is that it uses two batteries.

It is very light and the design is very appealing, I am never ashamed to hold it even in professional contexts, where I had problems with other models from different manufacturers that sometimes left me in situations that were embarrassing to say the least …

The display is very accurate and indicates all the values ​​necessary for a total and satisfying svaping experience.

The maximum power is 228w, but I normally love to smoke at 120w.

The steam delivered is absurd, if you are like me in love with this art and you want to make huge clouds of steam to surprise your friends, this is the electronic cigarette for you.

Obviously I also recommend it to those who use it normally, you are certainly not obliged to dispense large columns of smoke, I recommend it to almost everyone.

2. No products found. – Good price quality

No products found.

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Excellent value for money
Excellent for those approaching the world of svaping

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

A very interesting product for those who want to save money without sacrificing quality.

This is the electronic cigarette I gave my sister to start the mythical art of svaping.

The wattage reaches 100w, beautiful design, comfortable to hold in your hands or in your pocket.

I recommend buying it as a backup cigarette, in addition to your « flagship » electronic cigarette, or giving it to your friends to introduce them to this world.

Efficient and dynamic, highly recommended!

3. Ecosvap – Interesting compromise

Electronic Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Kit 25W Top Refill ...

Electronic Cigarette, Electronic Cigarette Kit 25W Top Refill …

  • Advanced configuration — High capacity battery, electronic cigarette can be charged from the power bank, PC (USB cable is included in the package), longer operating time, more convenient charging mode electronic cigarette battery charger.
  • Easy to fill And liquid — The vaporization kit is supplied with the top refill nozzle, simply fill the juice from the top, instead of removing the entire ecig tank.
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Best quality
Includes a spare resistor
Perfect for lung shooting

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

It is not recommended for cheek shooting

An interesting compromise that does not mean poor quality, indeed!

Ecosvap reflects its name as characteristics.

The packaging is highly professional and we find a spare resistance inside the box, which is always convenient for not losing even a vape.

Indicated mainly for vaping with the lung and not the cheek, therefore it is not recommended for those who intend to find a substitute for the cigarette.

4. ATMAN Pretty Plus

ATMAN Pretty Plus vaporizer grass vaporizer, Ceramic Room ...

ATMAN Pretty Plus vaporizer grass vaporizer, Ceramic Room …

  • With a high-tech design, which comes with color change, the orange alarm. To indicate when he is ready to shoot and warn the customer that the atomizer is warm, do not touch it directly.
  • Unscrew the lid of the tank to fill the dry grass. Entering with the ceramic tank, ensure a pure taste.
🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Fantastic design
Simple and elegant
Ceramic combustion chamber for top flavor

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

The Atman Pretty Plus is the direct and concrete evolution of Atman Pretty, so let’s look at the new interesting features together.
First of all it has improved in design, the ceramic combustion chamber allows to develop the best flavor of what you decide to burn and smoke.

It is a very simple, discreet and elegant object. The upper part of this Atman lights up intelligently when combustion occurs, thus indicating when is the right time to vape.

The Atman Pretty Plus can be turned on by clicking the start button 5 times. If you hold it for 3 seconds instead it will start to warm up, when the light turns to green it means that the cigarette is ready.

The quality of the steam is very interesting, the first cycle produces an interesting aromatic flavor with little steam, while the second cycle amplifies the flavor and gives a much bigger steam hit.

It has a very large ceramic combustion chamber and reaches temperature in record time.

5. Eleaf Istick Pico Kit 75 W Tc, excellent for cloud chasing

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Excellent for lung shooting
Small battery size
Recommended for beginners and more

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

It tends to consume more liquid than other models

This Eleaf is equipped with a small battery, absolutely manageable.

Equipped with different settings to be able to adjust it according to your smoking style for a completely customized vape.

Among the many possibilities to be included there is even the possibility of using it as a mechanical electronic cigarette.

The atomizer supplied is very large and allows you to better express the smoke with a nice cloud of smoke every time you breathe out.

Therefore excellent for lung shooting, the smokiness is interesting and does not disperse all the aroma of the liquids you decide to load.

Interesting product for those who decide to go big in the world of electronic cigarettes but do not want to immediately aim for top-of-the-range expensive models, but also recommended for those who have been smoking for quite a while and want a variation on the theme that allows them to express this passion in different way.

The smoke resembles that of the traditional cigarette with the difference that the smoke produced is much more. However, it tends to consume a little more liquid than other electronic cigarettes.

6. X-Max V2 Pro Vaporizer

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Made of steel
Excellent workmanship
The package includes everything you need

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

It tends to overheat often
A little ‘heavy

The package contains everything you need for the vape: spout, tank, atomizer and battery.

It is made of steel, therefore, it can be very heavy and uncomfortable.

The spout is made of rubber and can cause discomfort to the lips when you pull too hard and at short intervals. Therefore, it is a product that overheats very often.

Great product, after seeing various reviews on Youtube I decided to buy it.

7. Salcar S60 Electronic Cigarette

Here is an interesting cigarette produced by Salcar, equipped with a 2.0 ml tank, an attractive price to consider.

It has a nice air flow and is equipped with refill.

8. Kebor Cloud 50W

The Kebor Cloud kit is complete with everything you need for your vape.

It is very easy to adjust the wattage using the + and – keys.

The recommended power falls within a range of 20-35 watts up to the maximum combustion of 50w.

The coil is made of pyrex glass and ensures higher performance than other products.

The tirade experience is pulmonary and the design is standard, classic and not extremely flamboyant.

Finally, the kit comes with two spouts, one 14mm and the other small 9mm.

When used at moderate wattages, the battery has normal performance; but if used intensively it can be easily discharged.

9. XiGer Ego-T

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Moderate price
Complete kit

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

Long charging times
Instruction manual only in English

It is one of the cheapest products in the world of vaping. In the kit there are two electronic cigarettes together with the charger connectable via USB.

Thanks to the backlit LED, it is very intuitive to keep the charge level (red, blue or white light) under control.

It is a very economical e-cig but which, inside the kit, includes a very comfortable case and a neck strap.

It is a good vaporizer for those wishing to start living the experience of svaping.

10. Vikeepro

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Very nice design
Moderate price

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

The tank is not at all large
The flavoring liquids included in the kit are of very poor quality

The quality is not excellent and the tank is too small: in fact it can be filled up to a maximum of 3ml.

The small size makes this electronic cigarette very practical to carry on the road or, simply, around the neck with a cord.

Moreover Battery performance is admirable for this price range.

Certainly not the best electronic cigarette, but a good one. In conclusion, it is aesthetically very beautiful.

11. Tesla X 90W

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Long battery life
Perfect atomizer for intense vaping

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

The design is not aesthetically pleasing
Liquids included in the package not exactly exalted

This last electronic cigarette bears a name of a certain resonance and we have tried it in the color silver.

The first advantage is that the rechargeable battery can be mounted and removed with the USB cable.

In addition to this, it is compatible with any type of atomizer, but the one in the kit already has excellent performance and spare slides.

Vaping works with the process of pulmonary dripping and produces a voluminous, intense and flavored vapor.

The 18650 battery is very powerful in terms of wattage and, in conclusion, it is an advisable article for more experienced steam smokers.

A nice shot in the throat. Instead, as far as beginners are concerned, it is a product that we highly recommend.

12. TC 60W Box

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Excellent workmanship
The price
Possibility to adjust the intensity of vaporization at will
Oled adjustment and control screen

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

High battery consumption

Thorvap is a important brand and prized in the world of electronic cigarettes.

Present the TC 60W model with a really complete and super organized kit, an excellent quality of materials, you will already notice the fine workmanship to the touch.

Even the battery inside the pack is sold charged and you can immediately start vaping without wasting time.

Delivery of 60W produces one very large amount of smoke compared to competitors in the market.

In addition we emphasize the presence of HD Oled screen which allows us to know battery life, tank resistance level and real-time consumption in the form of watts and volts.

It is possible to regulate the level of vaporization at will, thus allowing it to smoke even when the circumstance requires a fair amount of smoke to avoid disturbing other people nearby.

In the kit there is a resistor and a spare atomizer, a bvetro tube and a USB charger.

Use is simple and immediate, turns on thanks to 5 fast pressures in sequence, its ease of use and charge make it the best model among those on sale in 2018.

13. Vapbus, for those who want to start in style

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Good shot
Small, elegant and practical
Excellent value for money

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

The tank, which is only 2 ml unfortunately
It tends to heat up in the central part

Probably the perfect purchase for those who are beginners with the svap experience and they don’t have big claims, but at the same time they love to have an object of value and charm in their hands.

The realization is excellent.

In the box there is a 50W battery, atomizer, pyrex glass, USB cable.

Small, compact and durable, the design is very pleasant, elegant and cool.

The battery is not replaceable, can be charged via USB, and has a charge of 1200mAh, the right one to last a day.

Also the VAPBUS is equipped with monitor to keep the temperature under control.

The quality of the smoke depends on the wattage that we will set on the cigarette, on the type of inhalation, whether on the cheek or on the lungs. The best electronic cigarette? It is up to you to decide.

The amount and experience of smoking is good and satisfactory in both cases.

The cigarette is very light and manageable, not cluttered, however, it tends to heat up in the central part after a sustained use.

14. LoVaper, excellent for lung smoking

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Competitive price
Fine-tuned atomizer
Simple assembly
Does not overheat

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

Manual a little rough with typing errors

Size a little bigger than the previous one, but don’t overdo it.

This is also aexcellent cigarette, atomizer made with excellent metals, it overheats little and offers an exceptional vape experience.

Being this wide enough, it is excellent for lung aspiration.

Very simple assembly. Coil, glass, drip tip, spare o-ring and the usual USB charging cable.

Easy to read monochrome display.

It holds up well and the puff is good, safe and precise. Remarkable blow in the throat.

15. Justfog Q16 complete kit, for an entry level cheek vape

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Amazing and tasty svapata

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

Not good for 70-30 liquids, 50-50 recommended
It is not suitable for people with lung problems

Great product at reasonable price. Perfect for those who want to enter the world of e-cig from the front door without spending a lot.

Aesthetically it is pleasant, full and consistent vaping full of flavor.
The battery lasts more than two days.

The aromatic yield is truly amazing for an e-cig of this size, in fact the product is very small and pocket-sized, for those who do not want to give too much attention when they vanish.

Of all the electronic cigarettes on the market this is one of the most minute.

This is also equipped with a display to make it easier and more intuitive to use.

16. IJOY Only ELF 80W Kit, the elegant e-cig

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3767

Beautiful and elegant
Good price
Good vaping

🥇 17 Best Electronic Cigarettes? (November 2019) "class =" wp-image-3769

The battery has been found to be defective in some cases

Excellent aesthetics, one of the most beautiful e-cigs on the market with a great design.

Create different volumes of steam at will depending on the need for svap.

The battery lasts a whole day without needing to recharge.

The power of 80W ensures an important versatility, you can choose to aspire to lungs or cheek depending on your needs.

The kit is satisfactory and allows you to stay calm for a long time, in fact all the usual spare parts are present.

It is the e-cig suitable for those who love to vape in public and let themselves be admired in the exercise of his hobby and ultra-modern vice.

WOLFTEETH GS II 2200mah, best battery for electronic cigarette

(GS Genuine Genuine) WOLFTEETH GS EGO II Edition Lumia 2200mAh ...

(GS Genuine Genuine) WOLFTEETH GS EGO II Edition Lumia 2200mAh …

  • European brand WOLFTEETH, authorized / authentic agent of GS products, CE / FCC / ROHS certificate, customized WOLFTEETH package.
  • Build in high quality battery cell, designed with global protection system, including atomizer protection, low voltage protection and short circuit protection. Compact Constructer and Special Groove Design guarantee shock and shock protection, the battery is rechargeable and protected by safety.

Wolfteeth surprises with this very interesting electronic cigarette battery. It is very resistant to the usual charge and discharge cycles.

The size is contained and this is certainly a very interesting aspect, unlike similar batteries, the other particularity is the peculiarity of retaining the paint that covers it, always remaining shiny and beautiful, an aspect not to be underestimated for a product that in any case must be kept in hand and exposed in public.

It lasts a lot, it can get to last for more than a day even if you smoke often.

The volts supply is variable, it goes from 4.2 when the battery is full of charge, instead while approaching discharge it will pass to 3.8.

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The electronic cigarette is of the same cylindrical shape as common cigarettes, but larger.

Inside there is a resistance, in the part of the atomizer which, thanks to the power of a small battery, is able to heat to nebulize, or to make the liquid contained inside the cigarette tank smoke.

The pros of smoking

Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to explain to a non-smoker the pleasure of smoking?

Cradle the cigarette gently between your hands, meditate, inhale slowly, taste the tobacco, exhale …

Especially if you have smoked for a long time, for many years, it is a tragedy to have to separate from this precious ritual.

I Against smoking

But sometimes the need for a healthier life, the pleasure of being able to breathe deeply, enjoy 100% food, have a healthy and efficient circulation, be able to practice our favorite sport without having to breathe, and not we forget the advantage of a more satisfying and pleasant sex life.

It is then decided to stop smoking.

It is difficult to stop, it requires great discipline and perseverance.

And all your life you have to say goodbye suddenly to a ritual that takes place 10-20 times or even more in one day.

Many people use cigarettes as a meditative, reflective moment.

Here then arrive the electronic cigarette, an excellent substitute, which will allow you not to deny yourself the unquestionable pleasure of smoking at the same time by eliminating all the risks and problems associated with nicotine use and addiction.

How many types of electronic cigarettes are there?

There are cigarettes very similar to the traditional ones, in everything and for everything, with the difference that when you pull there is on the tip a small light that simulates the small embers of the cigarette.

In many cases they are sold in packages indistinguishable from those of ordinary cigarettes.

they tiny batteries and with the power needed only for one use.

There are therefore rechargeable and other disposable models.

They are recommended for those looking for a type of ritual experience similar or identical to that of traditional cigarettes, but who do not feel the real need for cigarette smoke.

In fact, their smoke production is poor. And more seriously, they are not biodegradable.

The two main parts of an electronic cigarette are the battery and the atomizer. These parts can be separated and replaced at will.

It is also possible to experiment with different types of aromas and tastes and to choose whether or not we want and in what percentage the presence of nicotine.

Screen 2017-10-21 at 21.00.33 "width =" 630 "height =" 360 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-21- at-21.00.33-1.jpg 630w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-21-alle-21.00.33-1-364x208.jpg 364w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-21-alle-21.00.33-1-608x347.jpg 608w "sizes =" (max-width: 630px) 100vw , 630px


The more powerful the battery the more heat will be given off by the cigarette in the form of smoke. More capacity corresponds to a greater possibility of « vaping », this is the neologism used by electronic smokers.

The manufacturers currently indicate the duration of their batteries for sale in « puffs », or in the number of cigarette throws. But it is obviously a purely indicative value. Given that there are various types of smokers, and the size of the « puff » is related to the lung capacity and the ardor of the end user.

The batteries are usually between 350mha to 1100. A less powerful battery allows a smaller cigarette size. An avid smoker will prefer a battery with more capacity at the expense of size. A light smoker will instead be able to choose models with smaller capacity and size.

Electronic cigarettes with a smaller battery are 10 cm long, while long cigarettes are even 15 cm long.

The batteries of the past emitted greater power to their maximum charge level, and then decreased over time.

When the steam is warmer you have a better « hit » in the throat, more satisfying and dynamic, but at the expense of tasting the aromas present in the liquid.

You can therefore imagine the variability and unpredictability of the smoking experience, which varied with time.

On the other hand, modern batteries are able to deliver constant force from start to finish, to ensure a solid veal-free experience.

Before choosing the cigarette that best suits your needs, try different ones. It is difficult to establish the best model for everyone.

In fact a different cigarette corresponds to a different feeling of satisfaction in the experience of smoking.

Unless you choose the variable power models that eliminate this problem.

To activate the battery of an electronic cigarette just press the button on the same.

In most models there is also an accidental ignition system.

With a quick press of the button, the battery can be switched on or off, thus avoiding inadvertent activation.

In fact, the resistance of the atomizer can even burn out in the event of prolonged ignition of the object, for example if we had to forget it turned on in our pocket or bag.

The atomizer

Another fundamental part of the electronic cigarette is the atomizer.

An atomizer consists of a tank and a mouthpiece.

The tank contains a metal cylinder with a resistance inside.

The atomizer vaporizes the liquid by heating up the resistance, and then you can finally breathe comfortably from the mouthpiece.

Atomizers can come in different forms, but the basic principle is basically the same. The atomizer is a cylindrical tank with a base that can be screwed onto the battery.

The mouthpieces

There are flat or round jacks.

The round spouts have been shown to guarantee a better and prolonged svap hold, without ruining the smoke experience at any time.

Is smoking an ancient habit?

Vaping is a recent trend, but even the new vaporizers are based on very old ideas.

It is known that in Ancient Egypt they were usual vaping techniques, for example the use of incandescent stones used to vaporize herbs.

The shisha (an ampoule that produced water vapor) was introduced to India a thousand years ago. All these traditional customs anticipate the invention of modern electronic cigarettes that many of us today smoke.

Who invented the electronic cigarette?

What seems to be a recent history (vaping) actually, as we have seen, has ancient origins. The first person who conceived the idea of ​​an electronic cigarette is Joseph Robinson, which patented a prototype already in 1927.

Later, Herbert Gilbert and the « cigarette without tobacco » made vaping very popular in the United States.

Beginning in the mid-2000s, the pharmaceutical entrepreneur Hon Lik introduced the first modern electronic cigarettes.

History of vaping

The most popular drug in the world is nicotine, a substance that is still today socially tolerated and consumed everywhere.

For this reason, people have invented many different ways to make use of them: from the traditional cigarette to the pipe, from smoking on the map to chewing tobacco, up to nicotine patches.

In short, to imagine that someone injected nicotine in the mood (no matter how dangerous and absurd it may seem) would not be a shocking fact.

People usually consume tobacco containing nicotine, mix it with marijuana or smoke cigarettes to accompany a high-alcohol drink.

Over the centuries, all sorts of pipes and devices have been invented in order to satisfy people’s obsession with nicotine: hookahs, bongos, wooden pipettes, silum, etc. Today, however, we live in a technological society. That’s why, recently, vaporizers, thanks to their futuristic shapes and the variety of aromas, have become very cool objects.

Steam smoke has a long history. Erodoto narrates that, in the Egypt of the V sec. BC, the people loved to heat herbs and oils by burning stones to produce steam. And there is no reason to doubt the testimony of Herodotus to whom Cicero assigned the role of « Father of History ».

Moreover, more than 1500 years ago, Irfan Shiekh invented the first shisha, a sort of glass ante-litteram nargilé from which it was possible to aspirate an aromatic water vapor.
The shisha was widespread in that part of the world that we now call Afghanistan. Later, the habit of smoking shisha also conquered India.

If even then, smoking steam was very popular, today in 2018 it is a truly fashionable practice.

What are the origins of cigarettes and electronic pipes?

Not many people know that in 1927 Joseph Robinson was the first man to patent the idea of ​​the electronic cigarette, although he failed to market this brilliant intuition of his.

Yet, as previously mentioned, the history of vaping is linked to the name of Herbert A. Gilbert. In fact, he was the one who in 1963 had the idea of ​​marketing the steam and accessories that did not simply produce nicotine smoke.

In 1965 he succeeded in patenting his most famous product: the cigarette without tobacco (and therefore without nicotine).

Wouldn’t a widespread dissemination of this invention have saved many lives?

Would the history of smoking have gone differently?

Difficile dirlo, anche perché la sua commercializzazione venne molto ostacolata nel mercato mondiale dell’epoca.

Durante gli anni 80, Phil Ray e Normal Jacobson lavorarono intensamente affinché si potesse introdurre con forza nel mercato l’idea della sigaretta elettronica.

Malgrado questi sforzi, l’ente governativo FDA statunitense impedì negli anni 90 il lancio sul mercato delle prime sigarette elettroniche.

In Europa, invece, il vaping era molto popolare. Negli anni novanta, Eagle Bill Amato inventò il vaporizzatore alla cannabis. Amsterdam, ovviamente, fu la prima città in cui si diffuse. Un fatto interessante: l’azienda tedesca Volcano creò la tecnologia del suo primo vaporizzatore d’ambiente proprio sulla base delle idee rivoluzionare di Eagle Bill Amato.

Il vaping dagli anni 2000 a oggi, nel 2018

Ognuno di questi eventi ha aperto la strada al vaping per come lo conosciamo oggi.
Agli inizi degli anni duemila, l’impresario farmaceutico Hon Lik creò la prima sigaretta elettronica. Nel 2006, la Ruyan Group (azienda che oggi porta il nome di Dragonite International) aiutò Hon Lik a commercializzare la sua invenzione in tutto il mondo, partendo dall’Europa.

Ciascuno potrebbe chiedersi, che cosa spinse Hon Lik a credere in questo prodotto?

Hon Lik scoprì la sua determinazione e il suo coraggio imprenditoriale in seguito a una tragedia personale: purtroppo il padre morì a causa di un cancro ai polmoni dovuto a una forte dipendenza dalla nicotina.

Nel 2007, gli Stati Uniti videro distribuita la prima sigaretta elettronica ed ottenne immediatamente un successo clamoroso. Da allora, il mercato dei vaporizzatori ha sviluppato moltissime varianti.

Una menzione d’onore è assolutamente necessaria: nel Regno Unito, i fratelli Umer e Tariq Sheikh hanno per primi introdotto delle sigarette elettroniche più customer-friendly grazie all’invenzione dei cartomizer.

Si tratta di filtri personalizzabili che danno al consumatore una vasta gamma di scelta di aromi e liquidi pensati per il vaporizzatore.

I vaporizzatori moderni: componenti ed aromi

Per scegliere il tuo vaporizzatore hai bisogno di conoscere le principali componenti da cui è composto.


La batteria è la componete principale del dispositivo che, per l’appunto, definisce la parte elettronica della sigaretta e del vaporizzatore.

Si può attivare premendo un bottone (accensione manuale) o semplicemente iniziando a inalare (accensione automatica). Una piccola spia luminosa LED ci dice quando la batteria è attiva. Ricorda che un uso improprio o la mancata cura della batteria possono causare dei guasti. Infine, la batteria ha differenti capacità di ricarica a seconda dei modelli e del voltaggio supportato dai dispositivi.

Il problema dell’Atomizzatore

L’atomizzatore è la componente collegata alla batteria in cui si vaporizza il liquido della sigaretta elettronica.

Attraverso un leggero riscaldamento, produce la combustione necessaria all’aspirazione del vapore dando una sensazione al tiro della sigaretta. Per questa ragione, è una componente essenziale al fumo del vapore liquido.

L’atomizzatore funziona tramite una bobina attaccata alla batteria e il suo processo viene denominato “dripping”, ovvero sgocciolamento. Ciò permette di gustare l’aroma scelto “goccia per goccia”.

I Pro?

  • Hanno un design estremamente intuitivo

I Contro?

  • Vanno riempiti molto spesso.

Non è finita qui. A volte, possono esserci altre componenti fra l’atomizzatore e il serbatoio del liquido. Specifichiamo rapidamente le differenze fra atomizzatori, clearomizer e cartomizer.


I cartomizer si collegano alla batteria e riscaldano il liquido aromatizzante. Appena raggiungono la giusta temperatura creano il vapore, proprio come un atomizzatore.

Ma, a differenza di quest’ultimo, il cartomizer è dotato di una fibra in poliestere con cui è possibile prolungare l’azione del vaping. Comparati agli atomizzatori, una maggiore durata è certamente un vantaggio non indifferente.


Se è la prima volta che ne senti parlare, rimarrai sorpreso. Sono una novità del mercato dei vaporizzatore e ti danno la possibilità di controllare la quantità di vapore da inalare.

Sono molto pratici perché, essendo trasparenti, ti permettono di controllare la quantità di liquido consumata e rimanente nei serbatoi.

Pur essendo più costosi degli atomizzatori e dei cartomizer, i clearomizer offrono un’esperienza del vaping più piacevole e sono decisamente componenti più longeve.

Cartucce e serbatoi

Si tratta dei contenitori del liquido (con e senza nicotina). Rammenta che la nicotina pura può essere molto dannosa. Infatti, non permettere ai bimbi o agli animali di giocare col tuo vaporizzatore.

Ci sono due tipologie di liquidi, l’ e-juice e l’ e-liquid da poter scegliere in diversi aromi e gusti. Oltre alla nicotina e agli aromi, le fiale contengono glicole propilenico e/o glicerolo vegetale.

Ad ogni modo se vuoi ridurre i rischi del vaping, la scelta consigliata è sicuramente il glicerolo vegetale.


L’inalatore, infine, è la componente meno complessa del dispositivo ma non per questo la meno importante poiché, per l’appunto, è la parte da cui si inala e si aspira il vapore.

Il Futuro del Vaping

Grazie a un passato glorioso e a una storia avvincente, oggi nel 2018 possiamo trovare ovunque gadget del fumo a vapore. Dalla stazione di servizio vicino casa fino a un sito web visitatissimo, chiunque può accedere facilmente all’esperienza del vaping.

Ci sono così tante varietà di aromi e di liquidi vaporizzanti che di fatto l’uso della sigaretta elettronica è oggi una pratica comune a tantissime persone. La si fuma con gli amici quando si esce, oppure, costituisce un argomento molto appassionante fra i forum online frequentati da ex-fumatori.
Inoltre, i diversi aromi presenti sul mercato rendono il vaping un’esperienza intrigate e piacevole. Per giunta, tramite i kit ricaricabili e riempibili, potrai risparmiare un bel po’ di quattrini nel lungo periodo.

D’altro canto, molto studi rivelano la presenza di alcuni effetti nocivi connessi al vaping.
Fra questi ci sono secchezza della bocca e l’accumulo di minime sostanze tossiche che possono essere cancerogene.

Da un altro punto di vista ancora, la popolarità delle sigarette elettroniche porta a chiedersi se tutta questa pubblicità possa indurre i minori a farne uso. Eppure, sappiamo bene, che ci sono molte canzoni che promuovono spudoratamente la promiscuità sessuale e l’aggressività. Pertanto, credere che una sigaretta elettronica sia pericolosa risulta un po’ esagerato.

Già in molti Stati sono state applicate norme che vietano in alcuni luoghi l’utilizzo del vaping. Ma a parte tutto questo, il futuro della sigaretta elettronica è lungo e radioso.

Conosci bene i prodotti e le marche delle sigarette elettroniche che sceglierai e fai attenzione alle aree in cui è vietato il loro uso. Cerca la sigaretta elettronica migliore per te. Fuma con moderazione e prova la storica e antica esperienza del vaping!

In conclusion

La sigaretta elettronica è senza ombra di dubbio un preziosissimo oggetto, nato come status symbol hipster e destinato a diventare di consumo di massa.

Fumare tabacco e nicotina è oramai demodé e obsoleto. Impugnare una sigaretta elettronica porta in sé un fascino ultra-moderno indiscutibile, chi avrebbe mai immaginato anni fa infatti che le tradizionali sigarette avrebbero lasciato il posto a un oggetto tanto avveniristico e cool.

Quando le sigarette vennero introdotte sul mercato, non si conoscevano i danni provocati dal fumo tradizionale, per questo si diffusero tantissimo.

Adesso che conosciamo invece le gravissime conseguenze di una vita passata a fumare involucri di carta, tabacco e nicotina, non possiamo ignorare gli effetti che questi hanno sul nostro corpo.

E’ opportuno procedere ai ripari e rinnovare il nostro vizio. Non si tratta di sostituirlo in questo caso, ma di renderlo più affascinante e interessante, con la scelta della sigaretta elettronica migliore per le nostre esigenze.

E, cosa fondamentale, senza alcun effetto nocivo sulla nostra salute.

Via auguriamo una buona e consapevole svapata!



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