🥇9 Best 2019 Roof Racks? (Personal Review) –

🥇9 Best 2019 Roof Racks? (Personal Review) –

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I'm giovanni.

You too like me Do you love traveling by car and always have a bike or scooter available?

It is not clear to you how to mount the roof bars? This video explains it to you very well and below I will do it in words in detail.

Do you want to avoid making the end of Ugo's reasoning of the cover photo? Then know that you've come to the right place!

I'll tell you first about my personal experience with the roof bars. Then we will see together how to choose the best ones more robust and easy to assemble and especially suited to your needs.

If you want to know the regulation of the highway code as regards the object rails, click here and I'll explain in detail how to behave for do not risk very high fines.


The perfect bars for my SUV

Thule 9595B Wingbar Edge Fixpoint / Flushrail, Aluminum, M
The bars for my Citycar

Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm
The pride bars made in Italy

Fabbri 2AW67 Aluminum bars for Integrated Railing

Thule 9595B Wingbar Edge Fixpoint / Flushrail, Aluminum, M

Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm

Fabbri 2AW67 Aluminum bars for Integrated Railing

The perfect bars for my SUV

Thule 9595B Wingbar Edge Fixpoint / Flushrail, Aluminum, M

Thule 9595B Wingbar Edge Fixpoint / Flushrail, Aluminum, M

The bars for my Citycar

Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm

Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm

The pride bars made in Italy

Fabbri 2AW67 Aluminum bars for Integrated Railing

Fabbri 2AW67 Aluminum bars for Integrated Railing

Well then, let us proceed; you can also click here to scroll directly to REVIEWS OF THE BEST RACKS.

The guide to roof bars

My experience with roof bars

I have always loved to travel madly.

I don't wait for the summer holidays, as soon as I have some free time, a weekend away from work, I start driving my car and leaving.

Often the destination is set at the start, when I want to visit places in particular. Sometimes I literally go on an adventure, without knowing where the road will take me.

Italy is a place that never ceases to amaze you, and when you travel without knowing what awaits you, well, there is only to be amazed and contemplate the landscape.

It was years ago that I began to understand that the trunk of my car was not big enough.

When you work you earn, and when you make money you can afford to buy many items, and they all seem somehow indispensable.

Of certain things you can do without, but others it is nice to have when you are around, for example in our seaside residence.

But why is it a choice every time? Why do I have to decide each time what NOT to take with me?

This is the question I asked myself years ago and which I gave immediately one answer: the roof bars for cars.

Looking for the luggage carrier for my Panda

I am a happy owner of a new Fiat Panda. The Panda is perfect for getting around the city, for going to work or downtown for shopping. It's big enough, park it easily anywhere.

I often use it to go to the park just outside the city; it is a large park, with paths and waterways, obviously closed to traffic and fantastic for trips out of town.

Some time ago I bought a professional bicycle, one of those with which you can go for a picnic on any type of route. At that moment I felt for the first time the need for a universal roof rack for the car, and specifically a roof rack for the Panda and the bike.

I couldn't put it in the car, I tried several times. He goes in there too, but if I have to spend half an hour each time to get her in and half an hour to get her out, I get the urge to ride a bike.

I then did a thorough online research that led me to discover the fabulous world of roof bars.

First I inquired about the universal bars, and I immediately realized the world that was opening up before my eyes.

I realized that in my case the one I needed was a roof rack and a crossbar bike rack. The crossbar is the one that allows the accommodation of the bicycle.

But let's start from the beginning.

How to mount the roof bars?

First of all, the greatest advice I give you is to look for the roof bars made especially for your car. Make sure they are certified and certified. Always remember to respect the law.

Universal luggage racks exist and are excellent, but to avoid minor mounting problems it is always good to rely on specific products.

If you think mounting the luggage rack is a very complicated procedure, you're wrong. It is a very simple operation and takes a few minutes.

The first thing, important, is to understand if your car is equipped with longitudinal bars, or as they are called in technical jargon, rails or railing.

Roof types

roof-standard "class =" wp-image-2872 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574838636_621_🥇9-Best-2019-Roof-Racks-Personal-Review.jpg 500w, https://procontro.com/wp -content / uploads / 2018/10 / roof-standard-364x165.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px
Standard roof, or classic, without railing and even fixed points of attachment.
railing-integrated-low "class =" wp-image-2873 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574838636_463_🥇9-Best-2019-Roof-Racks-Personal-Review.jpg 500w, https: // procontro .com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/10 / railing-integrated-low-364x165.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px
Roof with integrated railings. The handrail is low and the roof is often referred to as low railings for this reason.
railing-alto "class =" wp-image-2874 "srcset =" http://geeky-mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/1574838636_206_🥇9-Best-2019-Roof-Racks-Personal-Review.jpg 500w, https://procontro.com/wp -content / uploads / 2018/10 / railing-alto-364x165.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px
Roof with high railing. Also called longitudinal bars or America bars. They are called high because there is space between the roof and the railings.

The longitudinal bars are the basis for mounting the luggage rack. They act as guides on which the pieces of the luggage rack fixing kit slide. Once in position, they are anchored to the longitudinal bars. This depends on the type of product purchased.

If your car does not have longitudinal bars (railing) then the kit must be fitted following the kit manufacturer's guidelines. Mounting points are provided on the car roof, if present. Otherwise, finally, the luggage rack must be fixed inside the passenger compartment, always following specific fixing points dictated by the manufacturer.

Once you have fixed the roof bars, you can start thinking about what to bring with you for your next trip.

Just remember that the maximum weight can vary between 50 and 100 kilograms depending on the roof rack models. I personally always prefer to be on the side of common sense and try to be far below the maximum limit. I never load my car over 60 kilograms.

Depending on the load you will need different accessories.

If, for example, you have to bring a bike or a scooter with you, or skis for your skiing holiday, or a surfboard for a trip to the beach, or kayak if you have to go to the lake, then you'll need crossbars.

Few but important details and rules to which you must be very careful:

  1. The mounting kit is equipped with a user manual, follow it step by step and don't take anything for granted;
  2. Make sure you have tighten the screws tightly during fixing so as not to lose your load and therefore not run the risk of causing accidents;
  3. Remember that there is one mask that goes to protect the screws, this one has a lock and is made on purpose to prevent theft.
  4. Never exceed the maximum weight allowed, always check well what you load on the car: too much load means more fuel consumption, moreover if the load is not well positioned the guide will suffer and you could be a danger for the other drivers;
  5. Pay attention to the layout of the load: if it is a bike, make sure it is in the center, if it is made up of luggage, again make sure they have a fairly "symmetrical" layout with regard to position and weight. The general rule is for heavier baggage to the center. If you don't follow these rules, your guide will be totally altered.

How far to mount the roof bars

It may happen that in the instruction booklet in the assembly kit the positions to which the roof bars are mounted are not specified on the longitudinal bars.

In these cases you need to have a meter and make sure that the two bars are mounted to one minimum distance of 60 centimeters.

Clearly this can happen for universal bar models and for those that do not have a specific fixing point.

As long as this distance is 60 centimeters or more, there will be no problems.

What the Highway Code says about the transport of loads

Don't make the mistake of buying the roof rack for your car and don't take into account the regulations in force!

Always remember, when you start driving, be careful for yourself and those who are driving with you and for other drivers.

With this section, I want you to be aware of what the traffic rules say about transporting a load, so that when you drive, you will be 100% sure that you don't forget anything.

I go to the point: the law is clear.

Article n. 164 "Adjustment of the load on vehicles" of the highway code (which I invite you to read in full, it is not long) reads the following words:

Source: ACI official website, Automobile Club of Italy

  1. The loading of the vehicles must be arranged in such a way as to avoid its falling or dispersion; not to reduce the visibility to the driver or prevent him from having freedom of movement in the driving; not to compromise the stability of the vehicle; not to mask lighting and visual signaling devices nor the identification plates and signals made with the arm.
  2. The load must not exceed the gauge limits * established by art. 61 and cannot protrude longitudinally from the front of the vehicle; it can protrude longitudinally from the rear, if it consists of indivisible things, up to 3/10 of the length of the vehicle itself, provided it is within the limits established by art. 61.
  3. Without prejudice to the maximum limits of shape referred to in art. 61, paragraph 1, things can be transported that protrude laterally outside the shape of the vehicle, provided that the projection on each side does not exceed 30 cm of distance from the front and rear position lights. Poles, bars, slabs or similar loads that are difficult to perceive, placed horizontally, cannot in any case protrude laterally beyond the vehicle's own shape.
  4. The mobile accessories must not protrude into the oscillations outside the vehicle's own profile and must not crawl on the ground.
  5. It is forbidden to transport or pull things that crawl on the ground, even if they are partly supported by wheels.
  6. If the load protrudes beyond the vehicle's own profile, all appropriate precautions must be taken to avoid danger to other road users. In any case, the longitudinal protrusion must be indicated by one or two special quadrangular panels, covered with retro-reflective material, placed at the ends of the projection so as to be constantly normal to the vehicle axis.
  7. The characteristics and methods of approval of the panels are established in the regulation. The panel must comply with the approved model and indicate the approval details.
  8. Anyone who violates the provisions of the preceding paragraphs is subject to the administrative sanction of the payment of a sum from € 84 to € 335.
  9. The vehicle cannot continue the journey if the driver has not arranged to load the cargo in the manner established by this article. Therefore, the verifying body, in the case of motor vehicle, in addition to the application of the sanction referred to in paragraph 8, proceeds to the immediate withdrawal of the registration certificate and driving license, providing with all precautions that the vehicle is conducted in a suitable place for such accommodation; of the withdrawal is mentioned in the report of dispute of the violation. The documents are returned to the claimant when the load has been placed in accordance with these rules. The methods of return are set by the regulation.

* The shape limits are stated in Article 61 of the highway code and are the following:

  1. maximum width not exceeding 2.55 m; the projections due to the rear-view mirrors are not included in the calculation of this width, as long as they are mobile;
  2. maximum height not exceeding 4 m;
  3. total length, including towing devices, not exceeding 12 m, with the exclusion of semi-trailers, for isolated vehicles. In the calculation of the aforementioned length, rear-view mirrors are not considered as long as they are mobile.

So I urge you not to be superficial when it comes to installing the luggage rack for the car, but to pay close attention to all the subtleties of the highway code.

The Best Durable and Easy To Mount Roof Bars

  1. Thule 9592 Wingbar Edge – The perfect roof bars for my SUV
    -For cars with integrated handrails or with fix points.
  2. Thule 961 Aerodynamic Wingbar – The roof bars that I use on my Citycar
    -Adaptable to different types of roofs with special fixing feet.
  3. Fabbri 2AW67 Alu Viva 2 – Resistance and lightness in the first place
    -For cars with integrated handrails.
  4. Menabo Dozer XL – The perfect made in Italy roof bars
    – For cars with open handrails.
  5. Farad BEAMAR 5 – The roof bars that support up to 100 kg
    -For cars with integrated handrails.
  6. Menabo BRIO – The best economical roof bars
    – For cars with open handrails.
  7. Green Valley 156025 Easy One – The best steel roof bars
    -For cars with normal roof, no holds.
  8. GEV 9200 Geo – The perfect roof bars for integrated longitudinal bars
    -For cars with integrated handrails.

1. Thule 9592 Wingbar Edge – The perfect carrier for my SUV

There was a period that I had literally lost my mind: I wanted to buy an SUV myself. Then I saw on television that Peugeot had launched its sports car model.

I ran to the dealership to try it and I fell in love with it. So immediately I filled out all the cards needed to take it.

Being a sports car, an SUV, it's made for outings. And I love all this.

I love getting lost out of town, in the mountains, on the trails and through the woods. And I love being away from home even for a few days. So I had to equip myself well and decided that for my Peugeot 3008 I wanted the best of the best.

I already knew Thule. I couldn't help buying Thule 9592 Wingbar Edge roof bars. Once you had checked the correct mounting kit for my car on their site, mounting them was child's play.

They cost enough, true, but they are probably the best roof bars available. They are resistant, they are light, they are beautiful to look at, they are silent. I don't know what more you want.

If my opinion is not enough, you can go and look for reviews from other users online. Anyone who bought them was deeply satisfied. They do their work exceptionally.

They are aerodynamic and do not impact on fuel consumption. They have a very low profile and can be left there without any worries. When you drive without a load on the roof it will make no difference whether you have mounted them or not.

They are silent, of the "really silent" type. There is nothing to do, you don't hear them. The Thule already made silent bars but these are a marvel of technology. Not even a hiss at high speeds, the wind caresses them just a moment and then changes direction without being heard.

Even when I'm driving normally without anything on the roof, I never heard any noise. Basically it's like mounting them when you need them and taking them apart when there's no need. Excellent.

I already told you about the ease of fixing. Thule is also famous for this.

The T channel of the Thule bars is of unprecedented comfort. The accessories are easily threaded and can be removed without too many problems. Not to mention the anti-theft system, so you can keep them mounted 365 days a year. There is a panel with the lock that protects the fixing screws.

They support a maximum load of 75 kilograms. If you know the rules well (which I strongly recommend) and you fix the load well, you can exploit the bars and its limit optimally.

What to say to conclude, except that I am really satisfied with the purchase. Thule 9592 Wingbar Edge roof bars are the best on the market, resistant and easy to assemble.

If you want you can also take a look at the entire 9590 series of Thule roof rails.

2. Thule 961 Aerodynamic Wingbar – The roof bars that I use on my Citycar


Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm
Thule 1205245 Roof bars, Aluminum, 118 cm

  • The strongest and quietest bars in the world. Inspired by the wings of airplanes, the wingbars are safe, elegant, aerodynamic and above all extremely silent.
  • Super light aluminum. Compared to the old aerobar thule the noise has been reduced by 90% and the air resistance by 55%.

After having tried various roof racks on my car, I came to a conclusion: I wanted to stop trying, I wanted to spend what I needed and buy bars that were nice to look at, resistant and reliable.

That was how I decided to buy the Thule 961 Wingbar and since then I have never had any problems.

I have literally transported everything to it: they are very quiet, really very resistant and aerodynamic. When I drive the car, the bars with their load are barely audible.

My guide is not affected in any way by the presence of the load on the roof.

They are a great upgrade compared to previous Thule models. It can be said that with this new model the Thule has literally surprised everyone. It is not easy and not even by all to succeed in this enterprise.

If the key points of your research are unique reliability, safety and durability, then Thule 961 Wingbar roof bars are absolutely what you need.

Starting from the design, it is immediately clear that something great is in hand. They are similar to the wings of a hang glider or an airplane, from which they clearly take inspiration. They are light and highly resistant.

They are built in aluminum and the Thule, with this model, has managed to significantly lower the noise level. There is talk of as many as 13 decibels less.

They are very easy to assemble. Just check the type of car roof and then buy the necessary feet and assembly kits, specific for the car. Follow the steps carefully and assembly becomes child's play.

The Thule 961 Wingbars not only look to improve cargo transport on the car's roof. Thule has implemented some technologies, such as the TrailEdge, or the specific shape of these bars. The profile is aerodynamic and we can say goodbye to high fuel consumption.

Always to reduce consumption, another technology is that of the WindDiffuser, a protective rubber that is applied to the raceway, which prevents both the loud noises caused by the wind and the waste of the fuel.

Staying on the subject, we need to say a few words about the T-shaped duct. A special duct, invented by Thule herself, which allows you to house the accessories in comfort.

Every centimeter can be used. Not just one but more accessories can be anchored to the roof and therefore you have even more choice as regards transport.

They are bars that can be adapted to different types of roofs. Just buy the correct fastening feet.

If your car has a fix point or integrated handrails, I recommend the Thule 753 foot set.


Thule 753 - 4 feet for roof bars
Thule 753 – 4 feet for roof bars

  • Set 4 lowered universal feet for cars with fixed coupling points or integrated profiles.
  • To be completed with the assembly kit and thule roof bars. Locks included.

If your car is equipped with high railing or longitudinal bars, then the advice is the Thule 757 set or the Thule 775 set, depending on the size of the longitudinal bars.

Thule 757 Set 4 Feet for Railing Car Rail System
Thule 1096820 Roof bars, Set of 4

Thule 757 Set 4 Feet for Railing Car Rail System

Thule 1096820 Roof bars, Set of 4

Thule 757 Set 4 Feet for Railing Car Rail System

Thule 757 Set 4 Feet for Railing Car Rail System

Thule 1096820 Roof bars, Set of 4

Thule 1096820 Roof bars, Set of 4

If the roof of your car is normal and has no attachment points, then the optimal choice is the Thule 754 set.


Thule 754 - Set 4 Feet New Rapid System, Black
Thule 754 – Set 4 Feet New Rapid System, Black

  • Set 4 feet per car with normal roof
  • Set of feet for cars with normal roof (without longitudinal bars or fixed attachment points). To be completed with the assembly kit and thule roof bars.

Personally, I consider them the best roof bars. The Thule 961 Wingbars have great versatility. They certainly cost, but they are worth the whole price, if not more than the amount you read.

If you travel a lot with your car and always carry anything with you, the Thule 961 Wingbar roof bars will never let you down. You can even pair them with Thule accessories like the luggage rack.

With Thule you have the guarantee of a reliable product, really safe and durable.

3. Fabbri 2AW67 Alu Viva 2 – Resistance and lightness in the first place

Here we see the Fabbri 2AW67 Alu Viva 2 Integrated roof bars.

There are different models that depend on the type of roof of your car.

The version reviewed here is for cars with integrated railings. There is also the model for cars with open railing or handrail bars.

Fabbri knows perfectly what the needs of the traveler are. Its products are specific for every type of car and every type of roof.

If your car is equipped with integrated railings, that is the longitudinal bars on the sides of the roof, then you can ask for the eyes and buy the Fabbri roof bars 2AW67 Alu Viva 2.

They are made of sturdy and durable aluminum. The zinc coating on the inside and on the outside also contributes even more to making Fabbri roof bars among the best on the market.

They are equipped with a panel that covers the mounting screws. In short, the Fabbri anti-theft device, to protect the bars from nocturnal bad guys.

The assembly kit for the Fabbri 2AW67 Alu Viva 2 roof rack bars is an ease that will leave you stunned. All the steps are very clear and many choose the Fabbri bars for ease and comfort during assembly.

The bars are very light but at the same time very resistant. They support a maximum weight of 50 kilograms and therefore, given the limit, the advice I give you is to pay attention to the layout of the load.

Always follow the rules in force, both those of the highway code first and those of common sense. In doing so you will have no driving problems and fuel consumption will remain low.

4. Menabo Dozer XL – The perfect made in Italy roof bars

When it comes to cars it is not easy to decide, I am perfectly aware of it. And I know you agree with me.

I have always been passionate about cars and I read specialized magazines to always be aware of everything. But when it comes to buying, whether it's the car or a simple accessory, I always do it tragically.

A rule, however, is always valid: there is no magazine that holds, the word of your friend is increasingly important.

From this point of view, Menabo is a fixed star in the firmament of roof bars. Online reviews, or what real people write, are always positive.

First of all, we are talking about an Italian company that is famous throughout Europe. The credit is due to the quality of the product invoice. Excellent from all points of view: resistant, light and safe.

The Menabo Dozer XL roof bars are available in different models, the one I review here is the 135 cm model. This version is specific for cars with open railings, such as station wagons.

They are not very expensive, their price is relatively low considering what the competition proposes. Nevertheless, the first guarantee is safety and resistance, which is an economic product but at the same time top quality.

The Menabo Dozer XL roof rails are among the best roof bars on the market.

They can support a maximum weight of 90 kilograms and have an anti-theft system that prevents direct access to the screws that keep them anchored to the roof.

They are made of aluminum, so they are very light and super resistant. The handrail has a rubber finish to increase adhesion and avoid scratches.

They are absolutely easy to assemble. Even if it is your first time, when you see them mounted on the roof of your car you will realize how easy it was. Seeing is believing.

If you travel a lot and want an effective, resistant and safe product, and above all you don't want to spend a lot, then choose Menabo Dozer XL roof bars. Satisfaction is included in the price.

5. Farad BEAMAR 5 – The roof bars that support up to 100 kg

Farad BEAMER5 120 Bars

When we talk about roof bars we cannot help but mention the Farad. And Farad is a 100% Italian company. It makes Made in Italy a fundamental point in its production.

Farad is known both in Italy and throughout Europe. Its bars are everywhere considered among the best on the market. Strength, safety and quality are the keywords.

The Farad BEAMAR 5 roof bars here reviewed are the aluminum model for cars with integrated handrails. Models are available for high and low handrails. In the Farad catalog you can also find those for standard roofs.

In case you need the specific mounting kit for your car, just check on the Farad website, which from this point of view is always ready to give the most accurate information to the customer.

For aluminum bars like the Farad BEAMAR 5 the maximum supported range is 100 kilograms.

Farad BEAMAR 5 roof bars are very easy to assemble. Even taking them apart, in case you don't need them, is quick and easy. They arrive already assembled so it is clear that the fixing times are far reduced.

The BEAMAR 5 are made of aluminum, super strong and light enough. Not only that, they are also aesthetically beautiful to look at and look good on the roof of your car. Seals mounted on the roof, without any load, do not make themselves felt and do not affect driving.

Aluminum is synonymous with lightness, so you can safely forget about them mounted. Moreover, they are aerodynamic and avoid the useless waste of fuel.

They have a very attractive price, they are cheap and affordable for everyone.

If you are a lover of trips and like to stay away from home, and also want to contribute and support an Italian company, you should definitely take a look at the Farad BEAMAR 5 roof rack bars.

Best Economy Roof Bars

6. Menabo BRIO – The best economical roof bars

I've already talked about the Menabo Dozer XL roof bars. These are not the only excellent bars produced by Menabo.

Among the best, and among the customers' favorites, there are also the Menabo BRIO. Available in standard and XL versions, just like Dozers.

The ones I show you here are the standard ones, 120 centimeters long, for cars with traditional railings.

They are very easy to assemble. The guide with the instructions is very clear and you can find it in the box. However, know that if you need it, or if you want to consult it to remove any doubt about the ease of fixing, this is available in pdf format on the Menabo website.

Menabo BRIO roof bars are the ultimate solution for those who don't want to spend a lot. They are inexpensive, yet their bill is at the top, they are quality, durable and safe.

A separate chapter would be filled only to list the accessories, always by Menabo, available and perfectly compatible.

The maximum capacity limit is 90 kilograms. It may seem strange, given the lightness of these bars, but they are made of aluminum. In your hand they will never give you the impression of being able to support this scale.

Menabo BRIO roof bars are also quite quiet, especially if the load is well fixed to the roof.

They are equipped with a lockable panel, which prevents theft by malicious parties.

If you are looking for cheap and very versatile luggage racks, the Menabo BRIOs are for you.

7. Green Valley 156025 Easy One – The best steel roof bars

Green Valley is among the best manufacturers of articles in the field of transport solutions.

I will be very sincere, I didn't know her. It is an Italian company, expert in the production of roof bars, luggage racks, bike racks and bike racks.

It is a pleasure every time, and I am surprised to know that an Italian company is there among the best in Europe. It is something that makes us feel proud to be Italian, especially in a historical moment like this, where it seems that our country has a lot of trouble staying in a European context.

Green Valley roof bars are among the best on the market right now. The numbers say it, or sales and above all the positive reviews that are found online. I clienti sono puntualmente soddisfatti.

Le barre portatutto Green Valley Easy One sono la soluzione ottima per tetti standard normali oppure dotati di punti fissi di aggancio. Controlla sempre bene la tipologia del tetto della tua auto prima dell’acquisto.

La facilità di montaggio è implicita. Arrivano già preassemblate e si fissano sul tetto in un batter d’occhio.

Sono fatte di acciaio, sono resistenti. Sono lunghe 120 centimetri e supportano un peso massimo di carico di 50 kilogrammi.

Si può pensare di accoppiare l’acquisto con uno degli accessori della Green Valley per aumentare l’ottimizzazione. Se hai una bici o un paio di sci e ami le pedalate nei boschi o le settimane bianche in montagne, puoi considerare l’acquisto di un portasci o di un portabici.

Le barre portapacchi Green Valley Easy One non solo sono ottime ma sono anche economiche. Sono insomma un prodotto di tutto riguardo e da non sottovalutare.

8. GEV 9200 Geo – Le barre portatutto perfette per barre longitudinali integrate

GEV 9200 Geo Barre Portatutto
GEV 9200 Geo Barre Portatutto

  • Barre portatutto universali per le auto con barre longitudinali
  • Omologato TÜV City Crash Test, Dynamic Test e Static test superati

Altra marca, di nuovo italiana. La GEV è un’altra azienda che produce articoli 100% made in Italy. Nel catalogo si trovano barre portatutto, portapacchi, bauli da tetto, portasci e altro ancora.

Le GEV 9200 Geo sono barre universali, sono insomma adatte a tutte le auto dotate di barre longitudinali. Sono telescopiche, ovvero le puoi allungare a seconda delle tue esigenze e della tua auto, da un minimo di 80 centimetri a un massimo di 111 centimetri.

È disponibile anche il modello GEV 9200 Geo 3, più lunghe, espandibili da 101 centimetri fino a 132 centimetri.

Le barre portatutto GEV 9200 Geo così come sono possono già essere installate su tetti con barre longitudinali integrate staccate dal tetto, come quelle delle station wagon. Le barre sono preassemblate e dotate di cinghie di fissaggio in acciaio con rivestimento di gomma.

Nel caso in cui la tua automobile ha le barre longitudinali integrate (ovvero attaccate al tetto) allora dovrai acquistare il kit di fissaggio con le staffe apposite.

Le barre portatutto GEV 9200 Geo sono ottime e resistenti, fatte in acciaio zincato e capaci di sostenere 75 kilogrammi di carico.

Sono dotate di un sistema antifurto. Un pannello con serratura protegge le viti che le fissano al tetto.

Se la tua auto le barre longitudinali integrate di serie, allora le barre portapacchi GEV 9200 Geo sono perfette per te e i tuoi viaggi.

Migliore Portapacchi Box da Tetto

Se hai bisogno di trasportare bagagli, il migliore box da tetto è sicuramente il Thule Touring 780. Ha una capacità di 420 litri ed è aerodinamico. Ottimo per i lunghi viaggi e grandi carichi.

Thule Touring
Thule Touring

  • Box da tetto auto Touring 780 titan aeroskin
  • Capacità: 420 lt. Dimensioni: 196x78x43 cm. Colore: titan aeroskin

Migliore Portabici Posteriore

Se cerchi un ottimo portabici posteriore per la tua auto, il consiglio numero uno è il Thule RaceWay. Resistente, solido, può portare fino a due bici.

Thule 1255130 portabici Posteriore
Thule 1255130 portabici Posteriore

  • Il rivoluzionario Thule Raceway 991 è il portabici posteriore più robusto, e facile da usare (per due bici).
  • Non ha un montaggio universale. Si prega di usare il prontuario applicativo Thule per informazioni relative al modello di auto specifico.

Migliore Portasci Magnetico

Se ti serve un portasci magnetico davvero affidabile, ti consiglio il portasci Thule Xtender. Si monta facilmente sulle barre portatutto e può portare fino a 6 paia di sci o 4 snowboard.

Aerodinamicità delle barre portatutto e test di sicurezza

Il mondo dell’automobile è in continua evoluzione e il progresso tecnologico fa passi da gigante.

Però viene ovvio chiedersi come influisce la presenza di una barra portatutto sul tettuccio della nostra auto nell’aerodinamicità generale del veicolo.

I punti davvero fondamentali che interessano noi guidatori che utilizziamo le barre portatutto sono pochi e importanti: come funziona l’aerodinamicità della nostra autovetture con le barre montate e come si riduce il consumo del carburante quando si viaggia e quali sono i test di sicurezza che devono affrontare e superare le barre portapacchi.


Il progresso tecnologico è all’ordine del giorno per le aziende che producono barre portatutto.

Le barre sono costruite apposta per favorire il passaggio dell’aria su di esse.

Ciò è importante per due motivi:

il primo riguarda la stabilità dell’autovettura durante il viaggio,

il secondo il consumo del carburante.

Se le barre non fossero aerodinamiche, le sentiresti eccome! Quando sei in autostrada a velocità sostenuta, l’aerodinamicità di accessori come le barre portapacchi deve favorire la tenuta di strada e non opporsi. In caso contrario, si potrebbe sbandare facilmente, perdere il controllo dell’auto e correre il rischio di incidenti.

Considerando i peggiori scenari, le barre portatutto potrebbero deviare letteralmente l’andamento dell’auto, specialmente in condizioni meteo avverse, come per esempio con venti molto forti.

Se le barre non favorissero il passaggio dell’aria, l’altro fattore a rischio sarebbe il portafogli! Il consumo di carburante infatti aumenta vertiginosamente in caso di cattiva aerodinamicità del veicolo.

Le nuove barre portapacchi in commercio soddisfano tutti i criteri per l’ottima aerodinamicità in viaggio.

I materiali con cui sono costruite sono leggeri (vedi per esempio l’alluminio) e le barre di per sé hanno una forma più ergonomica che consentono di tenerle montate anche quando non si trasporta nessun carico, senza dover preoccuparsi dell’aumento dei consumi.

Ci sono poche e semplici regole che bisogna seguire per far sì che il tuo carico abbia la massima aerodinamicità.

  • È bene innanzitutto posizionare i bagagli pesanti al centro del tetto, e quelli più leggeri verso l’esterno.
  • Inoltre è sempre meglio metterli in una sorta di “ordine di grandezza”. I più piccoli e bassi davanti, i più grandi e alti dietro. Così facendo non farai altro che favorire il passaggio dell’aria sul carico.

Se hai un portapacchi di quelli moderni, non devi preoccuparti perché questi hanno una forma tale da non impattare un maniera seria sull’aerodinamicità e sul consumo del carburante.

Test di sicurezza

Sono tanti i test di sicurezza che le barre portatutto devono superare per essere conformi alla legge prevista in merito.

Tra questi forse il più importante è il TÜV City Crash Test.

La sigla TÜV sta per Technischer Überwachungsverein. Si tratta di organismi di certificazione tedeschi di livello internazionale.

La società originale nasce in Germania nell’800 per un motivo molto serio (per l’epoca). Le macchine a vapore nelle fabbriche erano pericolose se non tenute sotto controllo e manutenzione. Si correva il rischio di esplosioni molto pericolose che potevano provocare feriti o addirittura morti.

L’esplosione della macchina a vapore presso lo stabilimento Mannheimer Aktienbrauerei nel gennaio del 1865 decretò la nascita di un simile organismo, il cui scopo era quello di garantire la sicurezza degli impianti in modo da evitare la perdita di vite umane.

Col passare degli anni, anzi dei decenni, la società TÜV è passata dalle macchine a vapore, oramai obsolete, al collaudo e la messa in sicurezza di sistemi e centrali elettriche, sistemi di gestione, sicurezza antincendio, protezione ambientale, impianti e per finire veicoli a motore.

Le barre portatutto per legge devono passare il TÜV City Crash Test per poter essere messe in commercio. Questo dettaglio è sempre specificato dalle case produttrici.

C’è differenza tra barre portatutto e barre portapacchi?


Praticamente la differenza sta solo nel come si decida di usare di volta in volta le due parole.

La barra portatutto è, in termine più tecnico, quello che viene chiamato barra portapacchi, o meglio, più semplicemente portapacchi.

In alcuni casi, quando si compra un’auto nuova, la barra portatutto o portapacchi è in dotazione, per esempio nel caso di alcune station wagon.

Detto ciò, barra portatutto o barra portapacchi che sia, è un elemento indispensabile e fondamentale per chiunque viaggia spesso. Che siano le ferie o il fine settimana, magari in montagna e si abbia voglia di portare gli sci, in questo caso si ha assolutamente bisogno del portapacchi per l’auto.

A me è capitato spesso di osservare in autostrada automobili con un grande bagaglio sopra il tetto. Non era altro che un baule guardaroba da viaggio, ovvero, in parole povere, un armadio che si fissa sul portapacchi dell’auto.

Se il portapacchi non è in dotazione, sempre al momento dell’acquisto, si può controllare se è presente nella lista degli accessori per l’auto. Insomma potrebbe essere a disposizione ma non incluso nell’acquisto oppure ancora potrebbe trattarsi a tutti gli effetti di un optional.

Come scegliere le barre portatutto?

La primissima cosa di cui devi tenere conto per scegliere le migliori barre portatutto è l’automobile che possiedi, la sua marca e le caratteristiche del tetto.

La marca dell’auto è importante per capire se esse sono un optional a tutti gli effetti oppure se sono presenti nella lista degli accessori. In poche parole, la marca dell’auto e spesso il numero di telaio sono importanti per sapere che tipo di barre dobbiamo acquistare.

Esistono sul mercato quelle universali ma, come ti ho già detto prima, è bene che consideri un portapacchi specifico per la tua automobile per evitare problemi o difficoltà nel montaggio.

Nel caso in cui vuoi optare per le barre universali, devi tenere conto delle dimensioni del tetto della tua auto e quindi prenderle idonee a quella grandezza. La maggior parte sono regolabili, ma non tutte.

Ricordati insomma di controllare bene il tetto della tua auto.

Esistono due tipi diversi di barre per quanto riguarda il materiale di fabbricazione: di alluminio e di acciaio. Solitamente l’acciaio è più pesante dell’alluminio e per questo una barra portatutto in acciaio va ad influire sul peso totale del carico.

Quelle in acciaio sono più resistenti di quelle in alluminio.

Quelle in alluminio costano di più e tendono ad essere leggere e ad avere una aerodinamicità tale da influire positivamente sul consumo del carburante, rendendolo più basso.

Io personalmente preferisco le barre portapacchi in alluminio. Sono più belle.

Perché le barre portatutto fischiano

Quando ero piccolo mi divertivo a fendere l’aria con una spada di plastica che mi regalarono per il mio compleanno. Il mio divertimento non era tanto nel giocare ai pirati ma più nel tentare di imprimere una forza tale per cui la spada inziava a fischiare.

Tanta più forza mettevo, tanto più veloce riuscivo a muoverla e tanto più forte fischiava.

Ebbene, questo è il motivo per cui le barre portatutto e qualunque altro oggetto, di fronte alla resistenza dell’aria, fischiano.

Non è un problema alla base, non è un difetto del modello acquistato, è semplicemente la fisica che ha le sue regole.

Ovviamente ci sono barre portatutto che fischiano di meno, per esempio le barre portatutto Thule che ho montate sulla mia vettura, e di cui ti ho anche parlato nelle recensioni, sono molto ma molto silenziose.

Queste barre sono costruite ad arte e sono fatte apposta: fischiano, si, ma di meno.

Tutto sta nell’aerodinamicità: più sarà alta e meno fischieranno le tue barre. E come ti ho spiegato poco fa, con piccole accortezze è sempre possibile ridurre il rumore.

Quali sono le migliori marche di barre portatutto?

Ora ti farò una carrellata di quelle che sono le principali compagnie sul mercato. Nella lista troviamo Thule, Menabo, Fabbri, Farad, Green Valley, GEV, Hercules, Carpoint, Outsunny, Streetwize, Cam.


La Thule (Thule Group) è una società fondata in Svezia negli anni ’40. È specializzata nel campo delle soluzioni per il trasporto come cargo box per auto, barre portatutto, barre portabici ma anche zaini e borse per il laptop o per la fotocamera.

Al giorno d’oggi è un’azienda internazionale che ha più di 4.000 punti vendita in 136 paesi diversi nel mondo.

Probabilmente è la prima soluzione quando dici barre portatutto. L’affidabilità e l’ottima fattura sono alla base di una società così importante come la Thule.

Il loro motto dice tutto: “Bring your life” ovvero, in italiano, “Portati dietro la vita”.

Insomma la soluzione perfetta se viaggi spesso e ogni volta devi portarti dietro con te, appunto, proprio la vita.


La ditta Menabo prende il nome dai fratelli Menabo che nel 1972 fondarono una piccola azienda dedicata a piccole soluzione per l’automobile.

Oggi, negli anni duemila, la Menabo è una tra le produttrici di punta nel campo delle soluzioni per il trasporto.

Tra le migliori opzioni non solo in Italia ma anche in Europa.

Se vuoi le migliori barre portatutto e vuoi un prodotto fedele al made in Italy, allora Menabo è la soluzione per te.


La Fabbri è un’altra famosa società italiana che produce quelle che sono considerate tra le migliori barre portatutto.

Siamo sempre in Italia e stiamo parlando di prodotti made in Italy, presenti sul mercato da più di 50 anni.

Al giorno d’oggi è specializzata nelle soluzioni per il trasporto ed è famosa in tutta Europa.

La qualità dei prodotti e la sicurezza sono i punti forti della Fabbri che non delude mai il cliente.


Un’altra azienda italiana in questa lista.

Famosa in tutta Europa e leader nel settore delle soluzioni per il trasporto, le sue barre portatutto sono compatibili con tutte le tipologie di auto, con o senza barre longitudinali.

Con prodotti affidabili, sicuri e dall’ottimo design Farad ci fa sentire orgogliosi di essere italiani e porta con orgoglio la bandiera del made in Italy.

Produce anche bauli, deflettori dell’aria, copricerchi, bulloni, dadi e antifurti per le ruote.


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