🥇9 Best 2019 Hair Straighteners? (Personal Review) –

🥇9 Best 2019 Hair Straighteners? (Personal Review) –

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"Hair is a living being, it speaks, it is a diary, it tells the story of the woman who wears it." Emma Watson

Hi friend,
I'm Antonella.

Six tired of the usual frizzy hair?

You want to make your hair become smooth like silk?

Do you want conquer your followers on Instagram with a fabulous look?

Then follow me in this guide. I will answer all your questions. If you want to know immediately how easy it is to use a hair straightener, then click on this video below and you will understand that it does not take a degree 😛

I will guide you through the purchase of one of the fundamental accessories for us women with unruly hair: the professional hair straightener.

Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium? Find out what the most suitable coating for your hair.

I will explain to you how to use it and calmly you can read my reviews of the best hair straighteners currently available on the market.

I remind you that on ProContro you will also find the guide to WAVY PLATES and that ai CURLING. Enjoy the reading!


The professional GHD plate that I use regularly

Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, ...
The professional plate of my friend Giulia

Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 Hair straightener with ...
The best professional steamer plate

L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod White Hair Plate

Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, …

Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 Hair straightener with …

L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod White Hair Plate

The professional GHD plate that I use regularly

Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, ...

Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, …

The professional plate of my friend Giulia

Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 Hair straightener with ...

Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 Hair straightener with …

The best professional steamer plate

L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod White Hair Plate

L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod White Hair Plate

The guide to the best professional hair straighteners

Hair for me is a reason for living.

They are a very powerful seduction weapon, do you agree?

Men are fascinated by healthy and tidy hair.

Also it's always nice to make my friends jealous of my hairstyle.

But in the morning, when it wakes up, it's always torture.

My first experiments with a hair straightener go back many years, when I was young and I went to high school.

I'm obviously talking about an inexpensive plate that isn't very easy to use. It took him a long time to warm up, and every time I prayed that nothing would go wrong.

I admit to being decidedly clumsy.

I still remember a fantastic trip to Sicily, we knew that the professors would take us to the disco one night to dance and to look good I took my plate with me.

I was literally in a panic.

If the evening was a success I owe it to my best friend Giulia, much more practical than me, who helped me with her hairstyle.

Let them tell you how it went.

Taken by enthusiasm I began to smoothen without paying too much attention to what I was doing.

Maybe the plate was dirty, or maybe the temperature was too high, or maybe I was just doing everything as fast as I sometimes do. The fact is that my hair was a disaster.

Brutti is an understatement. Since I wanted to be like Jennifer Aniston in the Friends series, I had become a mussel. Goodbye disco, I could go and lie down on a rock on the Sicilian coast.

Here Giulia comes on the scene, who hastened to rescue me.

Imagine the situation: I was shut up in the bathroom, in tears, and by now I had given up the evening on record. She, outside the bathroom, promised me that if I opened the door she would do anything to make me beautiful.

I let her in: the first thing she did was get me the cazziatone I deserved.

He began to explain all the rules for the correct use of the hair straightener. He seemed to be listening to a record so perfect and precise in detail.

As he spoke, I noticed my hair slowly coming out just as I wanted it: smooth as silk. It was like a nice Disney movie, everything was going to end with a happy ending.

Clearly the disco night was beautiful and unforgettable. Even today, when we do high school reunions, some bring up the "trip to Sicily" at dinner, and among us, a group of close friends, we inevitably laugh remembering the tragedy touched upon.

And for the record, Giulia has become one today great hairstylist.

My quick buying tips for you

Giulia and I are great friends. I can say that we are friends for skin and hair!

When we talk about our hair, we exchange all the news and all the information we have learned from the Internet and from TV. Among the divas I follow on Instagram, the gossip magazines and the countless videos seen on YouTube, I could talk about hair and hairstyles literally forever.

We both have our own professional hair straighteners. I have always been faithful to GHD, I bought the GHD V Gold Classic Styler years ago and from this year I switched to brand new GHD Gold Styler.

My friend Giulia instead, a great hairstylist, is for Imetec Bellissima. You have the Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 plate.

Know that we are both passionate about the world of steam hair straighteners. The best plate of this type is the Steam Pod de L’Oreal Professionnel.

If you are interested in steam hair straighteners, or if you need them because your hair is already very weak and thin, click here now to go directly to the dedicated section.

If you are looking for the best cheap plate, my choice for you is the Remington S6500 Sleek & Curl.

If you finally look for the travel hair straightener, the best and the most versatile is the Imetec Bellissima Mini M 200.

Is it easy to use the professional hair straightener?

Absolutely yes.

Don't believe we need a degree. The modern professional hair straighteners are made for use without any problems and without any worries.

It's just like having a hairdresser at home, ready to smooth your hairstyle in complete safety.

The results are visible and are always excellent.

With my plate I never had any difficulty, everything went smoothly like oil.

The advice I give you is to pay attention to the basic rules for the correct use of the plate.

Let's see them together now without getting lost in too many words.

How do you use the professional hair straightener?

Let me reiterate that you don't need anyone's help to use the plate. You just need a perfect result!

Whether it's your first time with the plate or you already have some experience, pay attention to these simple rules to follow so as not to ruin your hair and risk burning it.

Don't worry, I'll try to be very clear.

  1. Take your time! When you wash your hair before the plate, do not do it superficially and try to use specific products for leaving. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to help the hair be soft and ready for the plate. Remember also that the pollution of the city and in general the products used for styling must be eliminated by rubbing well so as to have a completely clean hair.
  2. Use a shampoo without sulfates! These types of shampoos do not eliminate sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands and is a natural fat. Among the various functions there is that of keeping the hair soft of its own. There are harmful shampoos that eliminate sebum and make the hair even more dry and frizzy.
  3. Never use the plate on wet or damp hair! This is a very important rule that you must always follow. Dry your hair well and do not start to smooth if it is not completely dry before. And also remember not to rub with the towel, but to dab it. Doing so will avoid breaking them. Then try to use the hair dryer for the shortest possible time, preferably at the end when the hair is wet.
  4. For each hair its plate! There are different types of plates on the market, and the needs are very important. When I talk about needs I clearly mean your hair type. If they are short, buy a plate with a width of less than 25 millimeters. If they are long, the length of the plate must be over 30 millimeters. If they are very curly, the plate must be at high temperature and preferably in ceramic.
  5. Comb your hair well before you start! If they are well combed, the result will certainly be better. If you have slightly wavy hair you may not need it but if you have curly hair, you can help with a comb while smoothing. A very used technique is that of combing while smoothing: it starts from the base with the comb, immediately after it starts to tear. Slide them together to the tip and the curls will be dominated.
  6. Start from the back! The rule of the biggest and most famous hair stylists of the world wants the smoothing phase to start with the hair on the back of the head. Then calmly proceed to the front ones.
  7. Use a specific product to protect your hair from heat! Don't underestimate this aspect and don't trust in cheap products. Your hair is important and you deserve the best. These are products to be applied to the hair and not to the scalp.
  8. Smooth locks not too big! Organize the entire smoothing phase well. Divide the hair into sections and each section in layers. Fix everything with pliers. Each layer will have its strands but don't make them too big. Pass the lock in the plate following a very natural and fluid movement. Do not force it because otherwise you risk damaging your hair.
  9. Check the temperature well! Each type of hair has its perfect temperature for smoothing. Particularly thick or very curly hair requires a temperature above 200 degrees. For wavy hair, never exceed 200 degrees. Normal hair smooths smoothly at 150 degrees. If you have very sensitive hair, keep at 120 degrees.
  10. The plate must be at the right temperature! Do not start smoothing if the plate has not reached the temperature in order to distribute the heat evenly over the entire hair.
  11. Be careful if smoke comes out of the plate! If during the smoothing procedure you see smoke coming out of the plate, it is very likely that you have not dried your hair well. In this case, stop immediately and dry well.
  12. Always clean the plate well! The hair straightener is a device that requires careful and regular maintenance. Clean it well after each use so as to eliminate any kind of dirt inside. Also be careful that there is no dust if you do not use it for a while.


Ceramic, tourmaline or titanium coating?

You will surely be wondering what is the best material for coating the hair straightener.

Or you will have read so many things around and need a definitive answer. I'm here for this.

I try to make you clear and explain what each material is for.


The ceramic coating is found on most hair straighteners on the market.

The advantages of ceramics are various. First, it conducts heat well so it takes little time to reach the set temperature. In addition, it spreads heat evenly, so few steps are needed to get straight hair.

A few steps means less exposure of the hair to intense heat, and therefore less damage.

The other advantage is that the hair slides more easily on the ceramic. This results in less hair being torn during smoothing and even less knots.

It is not the best material ever but the results with professional ceramic-coated plates are punctually excellent.

The ceramic lends itself to fast smoothing and for those who do not use the plate too frequently.


Tourmaline is the leading material for this type of product.

The tourmaline is infused on the ceramic plates, so technically they are ceramic tourmaline hair straighteners.

The first great advantage of this material is the ability to release ions during the smoothing phase, and we know that the release of ions helps to combat the bad effect of moisture on the hair and give a smooth that lasts even when the day is very wet .

Furthermore, the ions are used to heal damaged hair by acting directly on the hair and promoting the release of natural oils.

In conclusion, the tourmaline keeps the hair smooth and hydrated for a long time.


Titanium is a very strong and light material, and is an excellent heat conductor.

It heats up very quickly and is the better the higher the plate usage temperature is.

Titanium at high temperatures releases infrared heat and ions, so the advantages in this regard are the same as for tourmaline.

It is the material preferred by professional hairdressers.

Temperatures of high usage have a counter: you have to be very careful not to do damage when you are such a plate at home alone.

Once the individual materials have been analyzed, the final question you are asking yourself, I know, is the following.

What is the most suitable material for my hair?

– La ceramic is suitable for normal, thin and thick hair.

If you have slightly damaged hair, you can still use ceramics but pay attention to the frequency of use. Do not overdo it!

– La tourmaline is perfect for both healthy and normal hair and damaged hair. Also suitable for rough and frizzy hair.

– The titanium is for experts and is suitable for normal, thick and rough hair. Titanium goes hand in hand with unruly and difficult to manage hair.

Steam hair straightener or traditional professional plate?

The alternative to the common modern professional plate that usually works with ion technology is the steam plate.

Steam plates are created with the aim of preserving the health of the hair in the case of very frequent use of the plate.

The speech is very simple: the professional hair straightener cannot be used every day. In the long run the hair ends up brittle, loses its radiance and strength, and the end result is split ends.

I use my plate 2 or 3 times a week and I have no real need to switch to the steam plate. I have only one very healthy passion and I am strongly attracted to these new products based on the properties of steam.

I imagine there are some of you who want to use it every day. In this case it is good to consider the choice of a steam plate.

The operating principle of the steam plate is simple: it is equipped with a tank that must be filled every time before use with distilled water. Once it reaches the desired temperature, when it begins to smooth, the plate releases a jet of water vapor at high temperature onto the hair during the passage.

Water vapor has a great property: it keeps the hair soft. The smooth hairstyle becomes more delicate and soft to the touch and your hair will stay smooth longer.

Imagine an iron: done? It's the same.

The steam plate performs a real hair straightening in the true sense of the word. Naturally hydrates the hair and keeps it soft.

Perhaps you are wondering: Is the traditional plate or steam plate better?

It depends strongly on the frequency of use. As I have already explained to you, if you want to use the plate every day, then the steam plate is more suitable for you.

Our trusted hairdresser has the L’Oreal steamer in her salon. Since he is a friend of ours, he helped us to understand the difference, offering us a test: he took two of us with very similar hair, smoothed his hair on both using the two different plates but secretly.

When we went out into the open the friends had to guess who had used the traditional plate and who was the steamer instead.

The result? Chaos. The hairdresser put her to the vote, and nobody won because nobody could make up her mind.

The real result is that both of us had smooth hair that was perfect, soft and bright, since both plates were professional. As for the long-term, the steam-smoothed hair won, and actually lasted longer.

I will tell you my point of view: for now I am satisfied with my plate. I use it, more or less regularly but not daily, and it does not ruin my hair because it is professional. But I already know that I will buy a steam plate and will probably definitely switch to this type.

If your hair is already very dry and fragile or very thin and therefore particularly subject to the risks of a traditional plate, then you must necessarily buy a steam plate. The health of your already weak hair is at stake.

In these cases the use of the steam plate I also recommend it because over time the hair becomes stronger.

Before proceeding with smoothing, a keratin based lotion should be applied to the hair. This protein is already naturally present inside the hair. If your hair is weak, applying the lotion before each smoothing and it will help you not only to have a better result but also to strengthen the structure of your hair.

Do you want advice on which steam plate to buy?

My first choice is definitely the Steam Pod de L’Oreal Professionnel plate, as you've probably already read above.

Go directly to the Steam Pod de L’Oreal Professionnel steam plate review.

But the L’Oreal Professionnel steam plate is not the only one on the market.

Another beautiful plate of this type is the Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam.

It is the first choice of Belèn Rodriguez, and this alone serves, in my opinion, to trust Imetec. And then, who wouldn't want to have Belen's hair?

This plate is perfect if you have very unruly, frizzy or dry hair and are generally weak.

It is built to art, you can use it not only to smooth but also to create perfect natural waves. Hydration and softness guaranteed, the smooth will be perfect and will last a long time.

I searched online to see this plate in action and I must say that the result is really good.

Best Professional Hair Straightener – The Reviews

  1. GHD Gold Styler – The hair straightener that I have at home and always use
    For all hair types
  2. Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 – The plate that my friend Giulia always uses
    For long, thick and frizzy hair
  3. The Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod – The best steam hair straightener
    For all types of hair or curly, frizzy or weak hair
  4. MadameParis Nina – The perfect gift for yourself
    For all hair types
  5. Cloud Nine The Original Iron – The top of professionalism
    For all hair types
  6. Remington Keratin Protect S8598 – The plate that takes care of your hair
    For all hair types except sensitive ones
  7. Remington S6500 Sleek & Curl – The best professional economic plate
    For all hair types
  8. KIPOZI Pro – High quality at a low price
    For frizzy hair
  9. Imetec Bellissima Mini M 200 – The mini plate you carry anywhere
    For normal hair, not too long and thick

1. GHD Gold Styler – The hair straightener that I have at home and always use


Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, ...
Ghd Gold Professional Styler Professional hair straightener, …

  • New dual-zone technology: two new-generation thermal sensors instead of one; optimal styling temperature control from the base to the tips, for smoother, silky and healthier-looking hair
  • Optimal styling temperature of 185 ° C: a higher temperature would damage the hair, lower would compromise the styling result

I have been faithful to GHD for years now. The British company has conquered my heart years ago with the GHD V Gold Classic Styler.

I remember the wait at the beginning of this year for the release of their new plate and I couldn't wait for it to be available to buy it.

The transition was easy and really satisfying from all points of view: the new GHD Gold Styler is the perfect plate for my hair.

Where to start if not from the brand that is the synonym of reliability and quality. The GHD plates have been superior since the first releases on the market, for the construction materials and the reliability and ease of use. Women who use GHD have always been punctually satisfied.

I can consider myself one of these: the GHD is the best professional hair straightener.

It's simple, it has a minimal design, the power button is now also digital pressure.

The new GHD Gold Styler only takes 25 seconds to turn on and reach the fixed temperature of 185 degrees.

The flagship is the Dual Zone technology: on this plate there are two thermal sensors, one per lamella. The temperature in this way remains constant and uniform, and is constantly distributed over the entire hair to perfection.

Furthermore the slats are tilting and the use is made even easier. When I slide my hair into the plate, the movement in the smoothing phase is much more fluid. The anti-frizz effect is ensured with each use.

You will have certainly noticed the shape of the plate, which lends itself easily to the creative imagination of us women. Various effects can be easily obtained, such as a good blur.

This plate is equipped with the auto-off function, so I never worry about having left it on. After 30 minutes of inactivity, the plate switches itself off.

Whatever you have in mind for Saturday night, the new GHD Gold Styler will make you happy in short.

Super smooth and soft hair, natural curly effect, soft and durable beach waves, everything is possible with this plate.

Remembering as always to treat your hair well, I leave you with a few tips. I use my GHD with the GHD protective spray, which can be used on all hair types.

And also, since I often go to my friends' house to tan for the holidays before going out, I also decided to take the case that also includes the thermal mat.

The case makes the new GHD Gold Styler an excellent travel plate.

2. Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 – The plate that my best friend Giulia always uses

My best friend Giulia, also a super fan of hair, hairstyles and hair styling, has an Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 plate.

It is certainly an excellent choice as one of the best professional hair straighteners. The ion and infrared technology, the width and the construction material are the characteristics that make it such.

Between me and Giulia is always the usual twist: what is the best plate, mine or hers?

The plate has a very professional design: a very solid zebra-striped handle that makes it safe to use. There is a backlit mini screen that allows you to adjust and display the preferred temperature.

The lamellas are beautiful and therefore the use is also foreseen for those with very thick hair. Infrared and ions give a brighter look to the hair and the smooth is always perfect.

The lamellas have a special titanium and ceramic coating. This is what Imetec calls Gloss & Shine coating: this detail makes it distribute the temperature evenly over the hair during the passage in the plate. Furthermore, the final result has a beautiful luminous effect.

Gloss & Shine are two English words that translate well with a shiny and brilliant effect.

The plate temperature is not fixed and can be selected thanks to two buttons located near the handle. A small display allows you to keep an eye on the chosen temperature.

You can set a temperature between 160 and 230 degrees. This makes the Imetec plate excellent and perfect for various types of hair.

The slats that heat up are four and are independent of each other.

I know this Imetec plate very well, not only does Giulia always talk to me about it but often we pass the preserata together and see it in action.

It is very beautiful, it is really a professional hair straightener. The first thing you notice when you use it is the big red line in the middle of the blades where the hair passes. This would be infrared and ion technology which makes the hair smoother and brighter.

Infrared is used to spread heat more easily and deeply into the hair, making it faster to use. Ions, on the other hand, have the property of destroying one of the greatest enemies of hair: electrostatic energy.

Giulia's hair is super smooth and soft every time. I am always very surprised and that is why I say that the Imetec Bellissima Absolute BA 230 is one of the best professional hair straighteners on the market.

3. L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod – The best steam hair straightener

When both me and my best friend Giulia started getting passionate about steam hair straighteners, our eyes inevitably fell on just one product: the Steam Pod de L’Oreal Professionnel plate.

The best steam hair straightener currently available on the market, judging by what you read online. Countless positive comments and women satisfied with the results.

I start from the base: a steam plate is different from the normal plate. While the latter are only limited to "ironing" the hair, the steam ones use water that in the gaseous state makes the smoothing phase more delicate and reduces the risk of excessive heat damage.

The steam plate therefore has a small tank destined for water, preferably distilled. The Steam Pod plate also has a filter that demineralizes the liquid to return a perfect vapor.

The temperature is selectable between 140 and 210 degrees. This means that the plate can be used for different types of hair.

Steam is released when you close the plate on your hair. The vapor spreads evenly but clearly never goes to moisten but simply to moisturize. The plate also thinks about that. At the exit the hair is dry, soft and bright.

Although the Steam Pod is a great plate for anyone, there are perhaps some cases where this becomes the perfect plate.

As mentioned above, the steam plate can be used every day because it does not affect the health of the hair.

If you have very curly, particularly frizzy hair or hair that is ruined and weak, the Steam Pod is the right plate for you.

Before each use, a treatment with pro keratin is recommended. We understand what the result is: if you have weak hair, using the Steam Pod steam plate will only slowly restore your hair's good health.

Hair smoothed with this plate will have a protection against moisture. The duration of the smooth is guaranteed even against the worst weather conditions.

The Steam Pod plate is a beautiful hair straightener, certainly expensive and also bulky due to the water tank but the results are absolutely sensational.

We must take our hand, surely. It is a product, how to say, new. Accustomed to normal plates, between pretreatment and the tank to be filled it might all seem a bit complicated. But we know that nothing is impossible.

Having the Steam Pod plate at home will be like having a hairdresser at home, ready to smooth your hair to perfection, keeping them healthy, soft, hydrated and radiant.

You can definitely say goodbye to frizzy hair.

4. MadameParis Nina – The perfect gift for yourself

MadameParis - Infrared Smoothing Plate Model Nina ...
MadameParis – Infrared Smoothing Plate Model Nina …

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the Nina plate offers you the quality of a fold like at the hairdresser but at home. The ceramic plates offer an ion function that will allow you to achieve a perfect smooth, without electrified effect.
  • 2x GREATER BRILLIANCE: Thanks to its ceramic plates (11.5 x 2.5 cm) and its ion technology, the Nina plate will make your hair soft and shiny. You can finally say goodbye to the electric effect thanks to the negative ions released by the plate. Equipped with ultra-fast infrared ray heating, you will get a smooth effect 2 times faster and 2 times brighter than a classic plate.

One of the best hair straighteners available on the market is the MadameParis Nina.

The innovations made on the Nina model are many. The first is definitely the design: compact, solid and at the same time light and therefore easy to use. A big plus point that makes the MadameParis plate model Nina one of the best in terms of handling.

Thanks to the shape, you can use it both to smooth the hair and to curl it. Creativity has no limits.

The plate can now also enjoy infrared and ion technology: what does this mean? That the ceramic heats up faster (25 seconds) and maintains the uniform temperature. And that the hair will be much smoother and softer when finished. All combined with the complete safety of an artfully packaged product.

Each type of hair is perfect for this professional plate. We could almost consider it as an excellent universal plate, which lends itself well to both natural wavy hair and thicker curls.

The plate is easy to use. Reading online, I discovered that the use guide in the package is very clear.

To make everything even more user friendly, on the plate there are two buttons to adjust the temperature. Quest’ultima è settabile tra i 130 e i 230 gradi ed è visualizzabile su un piccolo schermo LCD.

Non preoccuparti di lasciare la piastra accesa: il modello Nina è dotata della funzione di autospegnimento dopo un’ora di inutilizzo.

Un capitolo a parte merita la confezione con cui la MadameParis modello Nina arriva a casa tua: dentro troverai le mollette, pinze per capelli, un pettine, uno specchietto e un guanto termoprotettivo. Insomma, il regalo perfetto per te che ami i tuoi capelli!

Se proprio sei esigente e vuoi di più, concludo ricordandoti la garanzia di 5 anni di cui le piastre MadameParis godono e il servizio clienti, tra i più efficienti al mondo, che è sempre pronto a rispondere a tutti i tipi di domande che avrai.

5. Cloud Nine The Original Iron – Il top della professionalità

The Original Iron - Piastra per capelli
The Original Iron – Piastra per capelli

  • Lamelle in ceramica: Le lamelle in ceramica nera, lucide e basculanti contengono una componente speciale che lascia i tuoi capelli setosi e lucenti ogni volta che usi la tua piastra.
  • One-Touch Temperature Control: Con la possibilità di impostare una temperatura alta, media o bassa puoi scegliere la temperatura più adatta al tuo styling e ai tuoi capelli. Con la One-Touch Temperature Control cambi facilmente la temperatura, con il display a LED puoi sempre controllare con che temperatura stai modellando i tuoi capelli.

La piastra Original Iron della Cloud Nine è una delle migliori piastre per capelli professionali presenti sul mercato.

Qualunque sia la tua tipologia di capelli, con Cloud Nine sei in ottime mani.

Dietro questo brand c’è il cofondatore della GHD. Puoi capire da subito quindi che Cloud Nine è sinonimo di qualità e affidabilità.

Questa piastra è molto bella esteticamente; si presenta con un design nero, snello e fine che le dona un look davvero professionale.

Si presta a tutti i tipi di capelli, dal momento che ha una temperatura settabile tra i 75 e i 225 gradi. Sia che tu abbia dei capelli ondulati o un riccio crespo, la piastra Cloud Nine saprà come lisciare la tua chioma alla perfezione.

Puoi tenere sotto controllo la temperatura grazie ad un display a LED sul manico.

È fatta di ceramica. Le lamelle sono libere di muoversi e rendono la fase di lisciamento molto fluida e più veloce. I minerali infusi donano al capello una luminosità e una morbidezza senza precedenti, qualunque sia il tuo tipo di capello.

È facilissima da usare. Il cavo è lungo e può essere ruotato di 360 gradi intorno al corpo della piastra. Questo chiaramente si traduce in una facilità di utilizzo che non ha nulla da invidiare alle altre piastre professionale. Insomma, il cavo non ti darà mai fastidio e i tuoi movimenti saranno liberi.

Ha una funzione di auto spegnimento dopo 30 minuti di inutilizzo, quindi massima sicurezza. Il raffreddamento viene attivato direttamente quando si spegne la piastra. I coprilamelle termoprotettivi poi consentono di chiuderla in tranquillità anche se è ancora calda.

Nella confezione, oltre ai coprilamelle, trovi anche una comoda custodia per trasportarla dove vuoi.

La tecnologia One Touch Temperature Control ti permette di modificare la temperatura facilmente ed immediatamente premendo i pulsanti sulla piastra.

La piastra Original Iron di Cloud Nine è un prodotto al top della professionalità. Si scalda in un batter d’occhio, liscia perfettamente, ampio range di temperatura per adattarsi a tutti i capelli.

Uno strumento davvero indispensabile se per te stessa cerchi solo il meglio.

6. Remington Keratin Protect S8598 – La piastra che si prende cura dei tuoi capelli

Un delle migliori piastre per capelli professionali al momento disponibili sul mercato è sicuramente la Remington Keratin Protect S8598.

Già dal design non si può fare altro che notare quanto sia bella la piastra: è slanciata e moderna, le rifiniture sono ottime e personalmente mi piace molto il logo Remington. Il punto a favore è il tocco di femminilità, dato dal colore rosa dorato che ben si accosta al grigio metallizzato di base.

Le lamelle sono di ceramica, e il calore si diffonde uniformemente prima sulla piastra e poi sui capelli durante la fase di lisciamento. Il risultato è sempre un liscio perfetto.

La tecnologia qui la fa da padrona: le lamelle rilasciano keratina e olio di mandorle donando una luminosità e una morbidezza uniche all’acconciatura.

La funzione più bella di questa piastra è quella che permette di tenere sotto controllo l’idratazione del capello durante il lisciamento, misurandola per ben otto volte ogni secondo. Questo permette di usare la piastra in tutta tranquillità, senza correre il rischio di rovinare il capello.

La temperatura può essere settata tra i 160 e i 230 gradi grazie ai pulsanti che si trovano vicino al manico. Inoltre potete sempre tenerla d’occhio grazie ad un mini display a LED.

La piastra raggiunge la temperatura selezionata in soli 15 secondi. Super veloce. Neanche accesa, ed è già pronta all’utilizzo. E quando hai finito, se la dimentichi accesa, si spegnerà da sola dopo un’ora di inutilizzo.

Il cavo ruota attorno alla base per permettere qualunque movimento senza ostacoli.

La piastra arriva con una custodia inclusa nella confezione, di modo da poter essere trasportata con facilità.

Se cerchi una piastra che sappia anche prendersi cura dei tuoi capelli mentre la utilizzi, allora la Remington Keratin Protect S8598 è quella che fa per te.

Ti ricordo che questa piastra non è altro che la versione nuova della Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Pro.

Questa piastra è un bestseller della categoria ed è senza alcun dubbio una delle migliori piastre per capelli. Ad oggi rimane ancora una delle piastre più vendute.

Migliore piastra per capelli professionale economica

7. Remington S6500 Sleek & Curl – La migliore piastra professionale economica

Da tempo ormai, se ti chiedi quale sia la migliore piastra economica sul mercato, la risposta è sempre stata una: Remington S6500.

È una piastra molto semplice ed efficace. Già dal design si vede che non si perde nei dettagli ma punta al sodo: due pulsanti per la regolazione della temperatura, un piccolo display per visualizzarla e un pulsante di accensione e spegnimento.

Comoda e facile da usare, la presa è solida grazie alla gomma presente sul manico. Inoltre il filo può ruotare intorno alla base, quindi la libertà dei movimenti è assicurata.

Grazie alla sua forma arrotondata, può essere utilizzata sia per lisciare che per creare boccoli naturali o beach waves. Da qui il nome Sleek & Curl.

Grazie alla funzione Turbo Boost, quando si tiene premuto il tasto “più” dopo aver selezionato la temperatura, la piastra raggiunge i gradi visualizzati sul display in pochissimo tempo ed è subito pronta all’uso.

La piastra Remington, grazie alle sue dimensioni e il suo peso davvero minimo, è utilizzabile su qualunque tipo di capelli. Che tu abbia capelli corti o lunghi, la piastra è perfetta. Inoltre, le piastre sono lunghe 11 centimetri, ovvero si possono anche lisciare ciocche più grandi.

La Remington S6500 è una piastra economica di grande qualità. Adatta sicuramente a coloro che si avvicinano per la prima volta al mondo delle piastre per capelli. Puoi cominciare sicuramente con questa per destreggiarti, capire che non ci vuole davvero nulla, e poi passare ad una piastra professionale più costosa e con più funzionalità.

Questa piastra è di ceramica, quindi il calore si diffonde uniformemente su tutto il capello.

La temperatura è selezionale tra i 150 e i 230 gradi e dopo un’ora di inutilizzo la piastra si spegne da sola.

La Remington S6500 è uno strumento affidabile, economico e allo stesso tempo di qualità. Adatto a tutti i tipi di capelli e perfetto sia per principianti sia per professionisti.

8. KIPOZI Pro – Qualità alta ad un prezzo basso

Basta farsi un giro tra le piastre più vendute per capire quali sono le migliori. Tra tutte spunta la piastra Kipozi Pro.

Non la conoscevo e ho cercato subito recensioni in giro sul web per capire cosa la rendeva così richiesta. È servito ben poco per capirlo.

La prima cosa che balza all’occhio è l’ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. La piastra Kipozi è fatta in titanio ed è molto resistente. Facile da usare, comoda in mano durante l’utilizzo, si riscalda in pochissimi secondi ed è subito pronta.

Questa piastra risulta essere perfetta per chi ha i capelli crespi. I risultati sono garantiti, su internet ho letto centinaia di recensioni positive ed entusiaste. Le donne sono soddisfatte.

Il prezzo sarà basso, ma la piastra presenta caratteristiche assolutamente professionali.

È flottante ed è di 2,5 centimetri. Sulla base ha un gancio per cui è possibile appenderla facilmente. Inoltre arriva dotata di una custodia di velluto e quindi è trasportabile.

La temperatura è settabile tra gli 80 e i 230 gradi. Due tasti sul manico ti permettono di cambiarla mentre puoi visualizzarla su un piccolo schermo LCD.

Ha una funzione di autospegnimento ed è personalizzabile: scegli tu dopo quanto tempo la piastra dovrà spegnersi automaticamente, da 30 fino a 180 minuti.

È praticamente perfetta se stai cercando una piastra in titanio economica per i tuoi capelli crespi. Facile e veloce da usare, è anche bella da vedere.

Migliore piastra per capelli professionale da viaggio

9. Imetec Bellissima Mini M 200 – La mini piastra che porti ovunque

Imetec Bellissima Mini è non solo una delle migliori piastre economiche ma è anche la piastra perfetta da viaggio.

Il design minimale e semplice la rendono anche una piastra molto bella. La forma arrotondata permette non solo di lisciare ma anche di creare onde o ricci naturali.

A distanza di anni, con la sua lunghezza di soli 17 centimetri e il suo peso di soli 180 grammi, la Imetec Bellissima Mini è la piastra più versatile che c’è sul mercato.

Piastra piccola, risultati ottimi. È di ceramica e il calore si diffonde uniformemente sulla ciocca al passaggio sulle lastre.

Essendo piccola, è sicuramente più adatta a chi ha capelli normali e non troppo lunghi. Non è di facile utilizzo per capelli molto ricci in quanto è necessario passare la piastra più e più volte, e non è salutare per il capello.

La temperatura è di 200 gradi. Una volta accesa basterà aspettare un paio di minuti per potere utilizzarla.

Ti ricordo che è anche disponibile il nuovo modello, la Imetec Bellissima BM 200

La Imetec Mini è un’ottima piastra se sei sempre in movimento. Arriva dotata di una custodia termoprotettiva ed ha il doppio voltaggio automatico.

I migliori accessori professionali per la tua acconciatura

Migliore piastra per frisè

Tra tutte le piastre per frisè che ci sono sul mercato, probabilmente la piastra Gama è la migliore.

È rivestita in ceramica. È di qualità ed è anche economica e alla portata di tutte.

Raggiunge in pochi istanti la temperatura ideale di 220 gradi. Facilissima e comoda da usare. Segue i tuoi movimenti grazie al cavo rotante alla base della piastra.

Te la consiglio se vuoi aggiungere un tocco di classe alla tua acconciatura.

Migliore spazzola lisciante

La più bella spazzola lisciante termica.

Migliore spray protezione termica

Ce ne sono tantissimi disponibili ma quello GHD secondo me è il migliore. Lo uso sempre prima di lisciare i miei capelli con la piastra.


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