πŸ₯‡ 9 Best 2019 Inverter Welders? (Personal Review) –

πŸ₯‡ 9 Best 2019 Inverter Welders? (Personal Review) –

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I'm Dario.

You will agree with me on one thing:

For a man, welding is one of the most exciting activities.

The inverter welders they have always been my favorites.

The reasons why I love them so much?

  • They supply direct current, which is essential for excellent welding.
  • They are small, light and easily transportable.
  • They consume little electricity.

With the electrode inverter welders it is possible to weld in a professional way without the need for a supporting metal (let's think of the classic tin), plus the results are wonderful, with a little practice your works seem to come out of a specialized laboratory.

I thought to include models of gas welders, for the most demanding welders.


The guide to inverter welders

How to use the inverter welder? Tips

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I am happily intent on welding with an inverter

I have always been passionate about DIY, but I do not deny that in the past I had some serious problems with welding, especially at the beginning.

In fact, I had some disastrous results, it took me some time and the support of my friend Gerardo, very patient and skilled, to allow me to become familiar with this exciting world and become (after much study and several attempts) a experienced welder.

The true breakthrough but it certainly happened for me by discovering the inverter welders, after having tried them for the first time my life has practically changed. I realized in a flash what was the secret of the real professionals.

In this article I'll explain why.

If you are looking for one automatic welding mask, this is a bomb:

Automatic masks they autonomously obscure the glass based on the intensity of the light that arrives against it, so as to ensure maximum operability and comfort in all contexts, leaving those who use it great freedom of use.

This mask guarantees excellent visibility and is equipped with very precise adjustments.

The inverter welders weld by means of the so-called TIG welding, or by establishing an electric arc between the metal to be welded and a tungsten electrode.

It is without a doubt the welding mode preferred by professionals, because it allows to obtain very high quality welds and, in addition, various types of metals or alloys can be melted together without running into problems that classical welding brings with it.

It is possible to use a supporting metal if desired, but it is not essential.

Furthermore, in the course of welding the inverter incurs a limited number of sprays, unlike the other types where the waste slag is very many and very annoying, as well as sometimes dangerous for our health.

I believe that this factor is too often taken lightly when it comes to carrying out work "as real men", indeed it seems to us that the more we put our life in danger carelessly the more work has come "done well", "with the "attributes.

A few years ago this was also my philosophy of life, then I actually realized how foolish I was to not protect myself scrupulously in the use of manual tools.

Now I have changed my conduct, I feel calmer, and I will confess to you that the quality of my work has also improved.

There is also to say, however, that there is a need for more time to obtain the final weld, and there is a need for excellent coordination between hands and feet, to regulate the flow of the current.

This seems much more difficult to say than to do, given that with a little practice it is easy to get to the bottom of it and become a skilled welders, obtaining results that will envy your friends.

But at the same time only with prolonged use it is possible to manage with wisdom and mastery all the nuances that this type of welding carries with it.

The intensity of the sprays, the preparation of the material, the pulsation, the ascending and descending curves, the peak intensity, the current of the current must be considered.


It looks like child's play, and it is if you practice a lot, but don't hope to get the same results as a professional welder at the beginning, it will take a while to get carried away.

It took me 5 months personally to reach a satisfactory result.

The inverter welders allow very high powers unthinkable a few decades ago, moreover they take up very little space and guarantee excellent results.

They can also be used inside their own homes since an incredible amount of electricity is not required to operate, so they are easily portable.

The substantial difference between inverter and traditional welding machines lies in the fact that the former use a particular electronic circuit that generates a current similar to the continuous one, whereas the normal ones work with the normal alternating current.

It is precisely the current that continues to guarantee better results.

You may have heard of abbreviations such as MMA, MIG is TIG, and you will have wondered what they actually mean.

Let's find out together.

1. MMA (electrode welding)

Here is the most economical type of electrode welding currently on the market, it is a welding that uses an electric arc between a consumable electrode and the material involved. Perfect method for welding dirty metals.

2. MIG – MAG (Continuous wire welding)

In the case of MIG – MAG with continuous thread, welding takes place without an electrode, only the material to be welded and a metal wire are used.
Allows better visual results and to weld more delicate materials.

3. TIG (Electrode and gas welding)

Here is the main welding that I have instead dealt with in this guide. The favorite of body builders. The TIG uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode. In this case the surface to be welded is protected by the use of a gas. Perfect for welding stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys, such as magnesium, aluminum and copper.

4. Tin soldering

Tin soldering is the traditional one, the classic type that comes to mind when we talk about welding, by means of an electric resistance welder and a tin strip. Used in electronics.

You have certainly heard often making a distinction between welding and brazing, but what is the real difference between these two procedures?

Very simple:

Brazing consists of connecting metal parts with the aid of a filler metal without the fusion of the parts to be assembled. The filler metal penetrates through the pieces to be assembled by capillary action.

In this way it is possible to avoid the heating of the pieces, when for example they want to preserve their aesthetics for some reason.


Brazing is also essential when the two materials are of a different nature and welding between them simply would not be possible even if you wanted to.

We therefore use a filler material that acts as an INTERMEDIARY between the two materials that interest us, which we will not join DIRECTLY with each other, but rather with the added material.

I hope I was clear.

The welding instead involves the union of generally similar materials heated to a high temperature.

In brazing, however, there is a need for areas large enough to allow the filler material to "grip", but with welding it is possible to exploit even smaller spaces.

Gas welding is the most refined and effective, even one of the oldest, used by real professionals.

To do this, small diameter rods are used, heated by powerful flames generated by the gas.

In some cases silver alloys are used for these rods, which guarantee a very high resistance.

This type of very sophisticated welding is obtained by melting the filler metal by means of flames fed by propane or butane, grafted by a piezoelectric ignition.

1. Telwin Force 165, the one I use, very easy to use

Here is my favorite "war machine", I use it every day and I am very satisfied.

A welder that is costraddisting, due to its extreme ease of use and lightness.
It works very well with 2.5mm electrodes, but can be used without any problems even with larger electrodes.

The departure is also very fluid.

The accessories are not of the highest quality, apart from the mask which is very effective and allows a safe and inclusive blackout.

A plastic case with accessories is included for making MMA welds.

The welder in itself is recommended for both professionals and those looking for the first time in this fascinating world, but it must be admitted that if you intend to go big, perhaps in this case an additional expense will be required to purchase other accessories from higher quality. If you just want to say "get your feet wet" instead these accessories will do just fine.

The welding is very smooth even at low power intensities, I suggest you use the normal 2.5mm electrodes to get already excellent results, but if you want you can also experiment with other measures.

Certainly the Telwin Force 165 is a great tool for those who want to enter the world of welding from the main door and do not want to settle for objects of poor quality that as usual end up breaking before time leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths.

It is also Italian, it always has a certain effect to use a product of excellent quality, knowing that it comes from our country at a time like this in which the made in Italy is losing its charm and luster due to products from China and passed away. unfortunately like Italians.

It is a welding machine of the right dimensions, and even the design is very interesting, the weight is limited, which makes it without a doubt a must for those who want to take home great power and at the same time an excellent handling.

The strong point of the welding machine is the use of direct current at 165 amps, which avoids annoying noises typical of antiquated and outdated vintage welders, which used alternating current.

Nevertheless, there are those who say that it has cables that are perhaps a bit too short, I personally find it very well and that is why I promote it with flying colors.

2. Helvi Galileo, the cadillac of welders

Here is the cadillac of welders, a product that costs much more than the others presented within this list of reviews, and there will be a reason …

It is an excellent machine for Tig welding without the need for a specialized laboratory and very complicated equipment.

Powered by 220v power, so it won't give you problems on your home's electrical system.

Excellent for welding both with electrode and Tig, but also TIG hf, TIG lift and ARC.

The quality of the welds is excellent, a product definitely for those who want to get serious and maybe even reserve a professional use, given the high price, in fact it is not exactly a machine recommended for those who are beginners and just want to get a idea of ​​this fascinating and complex world.

3. TigMig tm223, the Swiss boxcutter for welding machines


  • INVERTER MIG ED ​​MMA WELDING MMA TM233INVMIG 180 AMP TM 223 INV MIG consists of a high technology inverter IGBT inverter, which guarantees lightness and sturdiness combined with excellent welding performance both in MIG continuous wire mode and with MMA electrode.
  • Technical characteristics: 220 V single-phase power supply Vacuum voltage 50 V Welding current adjustment range 40-180 A Working cycle at 180A 60% Maximum absorption 6.1 KVA Insulation class F Usable wire diameter 0.8-1.2 mm Usable electrode diameter 2.5- 4.0 mm Weight 16 Kg Dimensions 510x230x420 mm

Here is a great product that certainly could not be missing from my exhaustive guide to inverter welders, a real war machine recommended by real professional welders.

Some online users have complained a little about the thickness of the supplied crocodile clip, perhaps a little too thin for some. Even the length of the ground cable seemed to be slightly short for some, but nothing that cannot be overcome using an excellent extension.

The performance is incredible if you take into account how many a few euros this welding machine can take home, the machine in fact performs well both with continuous MIG gas, but also without gas and with the MMA electrode.

A Swiss soldering knife.

The welding is very stable because the power surges are avoided through an internal control system that helps a lot to get a job done in a workmanlike manner.

Many also wonder if it is necessary when using an "important" inverter welder to increase the consumption capacity of its own electric line, for example the electrical systems of some garages or country houses support only 3 Kw, well there will not be to worry in this case because the use of energy in this machine is highly optimized and can perform well even with limited capacity meters.

It is very simple to use, especially with the many accessories in equipment that come to help us get the best from this TigMig tm223.

In fact, the manual mask, the clamp, the power cord can be found without any problem inside the pack. Although obviously it should be emphasized that as often happens in these cases the mask you will find inside is not exactly the best on the market, it is normal because it is an accessory, but easily online you can find better and complement a mask more powerful to make a perfect kit.

Transportation is facilitated by the integrated handle.

It is certainly a product to take into consideration if you intend to enter the world of inverter welding from the main door without having to compromise easily.

Not many are ready to invest a few euros more at the beginning when they approach a new hobby or a new mind-set, but if you are ready to invest a little in this first phase I can assure you that the payback will be great, because between some years you will smile happily to have in your hands an object that can still be used as if it were the first day, also because this TigMig tm223 is very resistant and you will not have to worry about repeated use.

A welding war machine.

4. GrecoShop SIL 313, I gave it to my brother, powerful and fun to use!

This GrecoShop welding machine is another interesting gem to keep an eye on if you intend to upgrade your "war arsenal".

It is the welding machine that I decided to give to my brother Franco, as it is very easy to use and recommended for beginners.

In fact, it allows the use of various types of electrodes and metals, guaranteeing great versatility.

I also recommend it to those who are totally dry on welds, in fact it allows a safe adjustment of the power in amperes in relation to the electrode that we intend to use, clearly based on the work we are going to perform from time to time.

It is recommended for steel and iron, but it can also be used on other materials and the welds will always be stable and clean.

Very light and easy to handle, it is equipped with an extremely interesting anti-sticking system as far as the electrode is concerned, which makes it extremely easy to initialize. There is also a very comfortable anti-overheating block, for those who intend to operate in total calm and safety, who will immediately turn off the welding machine if it reveals an excessive temperature during its use.

Franco, my younger brother, finds himself very well with the GrecoShop SIL 313, at first he was a bit skeptical when years ago I advised him to learn how to weld, how awkward he would never have imagined becoming over time and a little practice an experienced welder and now he can no longer do without using it every week, when the weekend comes he goes down to the garage to start his experiments.

Certainly an interesting product for those who intend to spend a little less but still have excellent results.

It is equipped with a hot-start system to always ensure an easy start, thus avoiding the metallurgical defects of the joint.

With the anti-sticking function there is the possibility of avoiding that annoying problem of sticking the electrode to the piece we are welding, with other cheap welding machines this often happens and I can assure you that it is a real nuisance.

The arc force then allows you to dynamically manage the delivery of power amps, increasing them if the welding arc is shorter, a real convenience that makes this inverter electrode welding machine really smart.

The price is very low, but it must not be misleading for this, in fact we find ourselves in front of an extremely efficient device that is certainly not comparable to those of the higher end but does its job very well and if we are not professionals who require the daily use of welds for hours and hours is certainly the machine that can do for you.

The value for money is excellent.

5. Stanley 460180, small and powerful


Stanley 460180 - Inverter welding machine, 160 A
Stanley 460180 – Inverter welding machine, 160 A

  • Welding station, inverter, compact and light article. At the same time compact and light, this article facilitates welding operations thanks to its IGBT inverter technology which allows for easy priming, fewer gluing points and easier and more homogeneous welding.
  • Ideal for welding steel / cast iron / stainless steel, making wrought iron objects, hardware, sheet metal working, metal structures, repairing metal parts.

Here is a less famous welder but not for this not to be considered when it comes to understanding which is the best tool that can do for us.

It is a welding machine to keep in mind if you don't want to spend a fortune but at the same time take home a good product that can give you some satisfaction thanks to its qualities of power, silence and precision.

But let's not waste time then and let's go immediately to see together because this Stanley 460180 is one of the best welding machines present in the market right now.

The reason is soon said, it is not easy to find a welding machine so small and yet so powerful.

In fact, sometimes the portability component is underestimated when we think of work tools or DIY.

Not for everyone this is a fundamental fact, but for many it can be a real strength.

In fact, this product seems to have been conceived with the first thought in mind of being able to carry it around without taking up too much space, and this seems to me to be a very good idea given that other welders are a bit lacking in this regard.

Also in this case we will see the usual set of objects and accessories to be able to launch immediately in the welding, without having to resort to additional expenses. It is clear that if you intend to build an entire kit for quality welds, it would be better in this case to purchase the accessories separately to ensure higher quality, but we can say that we are altogether satisfied with what concerns the equipment of this Stanley.

It is possible to use a multitude of different electrodes and metals, as the machine does not tend to overheat and you can continue without problems even after several minutes of intense use.

Without a shadow of a doubt this is an extremely positive aspect that should not be taken lightly in fact some competing instruments of a similar bill have the bad habit of overheating and not being able to be used unless you have the patience to wait for any cooling.

Certainly an excellent entry level inverter welder that will satisfy those who are approaching this world, but even those who are already familiar with welding can find bread for their teeth.

6. FIXKIT IGBT welding machine, with a surprising price

If you are at the very first weapons and want to spend very little, even if I often advise you not to panic and spend those few extra euros that in many cases can be synonymous with safety and reliability for years to come.

Then the FixKit is the object on which you have to focus your attention.

It is no longer the time to joke, in fact, these guys are serious, and this time they surprise us with an inexpensive inverter welding machine that welds from God.

I had to change my mind, of course the more famous brands and the more expensive models reserve professional high-level welds, but what this Fixkit is capable of would make even the most experienced welder jump on the chair.

Let's understand together why.

The basic power is set at 110 amps, and already with this it is possible to make enviable welds using 2.5mm electrodes.

A very important and extremely surprising aspect of this machine is that it does not present any problem of overheating, despite being so small and cheap, which would make many people worry about the usual Chinese.

And instead friends don't.

Obviously it is not recommended for professionals because it is not powerful enough.

But for young people and hobbyists it could be the right key to open the big door in the welding world.

It is very manageable given its size and is very easy to use, obviously do not expect miracles because there will always be a need for a warm-up period to get the hang of it.

We must not forget that welding is a real art, and despite the right tools, you do not become a welding expert any day.

Inside the kit, as usual, we find the basic elements to start welding without the need for further purchases. The quality of these accessories as usual is not the best and if you want to make a small investment, in my opinion essential, an excellent automatic welding mask is the one that will do for you, you can find it at the beginning of this guide, above all, it is the mask that I use every day and I find it really great.

For those who want to do odd jobs at home and surprise their friends by saying "look here, I did it …", this is definitely the right tool.

Plus it doesn't overheat.

7. Boudech, economical and super inverter welding machine

Here is a "minor" welding machine, but only in price, I can assure you, in fact I bought it to make a case of spare tools to use in my house in the country and in the end I surprised myself last summer by using it for odd jobs what he actually was able to do.

We are faced with a product far superior to its purchase price, equipped with all the accessories needed to immediately start welding such as cables, pliers, etc.

It does not overheat even after 4-5 hours of use.

It can mount the 3.25 electrodes without any problem.

It delivers 200 amps of power.

A little beast if we consider the price at which it is sold.

The cables are quite long and allow excellent handling. It is a product that has surprised many of my friends who, after using it, decided to take it as a "second" welding machine to be installed alongside their flagship welding machine.

A product to be highly considered and not to be missed while in storage.

8. GREENCUT MMA200, excellent for beginners


Greencut MMA-200 DC Inverter Welding Machine MMA 200Amp iGBT ...
Greencut MMA-200 DC Inverter Welding Machine MMA 200Amp iGBT …

  • DC inverter welding machine MMA200 is a turbofan welding device with iGBT technology designed for particular users who need a powerful and reliable device able to offer professional results.
  • The power is adjustable from 25A to 200A to guarantee precision welding even on the thinnest sheets.

Another great welding machine very recommended for beginners is this Greencut mma 200, I had the opportunity to use it a couple of times at my friend's house and it left me a good memory, that's why it could not be missing from within this guide of mine where nothing is left to chance.

Excellent to be used even for several hours in a row, it can be used without problems for example at 100 amps.

It has very low power consumption, so you won't have to worry if you intend to use it on systems that hold only 3kw for example.

Recommended for those who are unable to weld, if you have tried outdated welding machines in the past for your first experiments and you have not been able to pull out anything good, I recommend you focus on this, you will be amazed by what you are capable of doing excellent quality economic welder, trust me.

It is certainly a good tool on which to begin to cut one's teeth and find your way in the world of welding before aiming for something more serious and professional.

The price is very interesting, I recommend however to take a helmet separately, bet without delay on the one recommended in this guide and you will not regret it.

Masks or Glasses?

Protective goggles are useful only at low welding intensities, so they are not recommended for electrode welding, so it is better to use a real mask in our case to prevent our eyes from getting damaged irreparably.

Auto darkening helmet

Much better directly then a blackout car helmet.

The self-darkening helmets, also called electro-optical liquid crystal masks have the advanced possibility to adapt to the flash produced by our welding machine: the stronger it is, the darker the screen will be; work with a small battery.


Welding Helmet, Tacklife PAH04D with Optical Class: 1/1/1/1, ...
Welding Helmet, Tacklife PAH04D with Optical Class: 1/1/1/1, …

  • Auto-darkening: Full tonal range 4 / 4-8 / 9-13, Complete number of colors for more conventional welding modes (TIG MIG MAG MMA plasma cutting and more. In front of the time-consuming arc during welding , different from the traditional helmet, this helmet starts working automatically, becomes light to dark, protects the user's eyes from light damage
  • High class optics: The class of optics is 1/1/1/1 (The smaller the number, the higher the level), which guarantees the best visibility and comfort with a curved screen for heat dispersion, the polishing function is suitable for not very bright works. Anti-UV / IR classification up to 16 DIN

Without forgetting of course the gloves, to preserve our hands.

In conclusion

Welding has existed since the Middle Ages, in which iron parts were joined by heating them to yellow-white heat on the forge and then hammering them until they were homogeneous.

However, in order to have welding processes with homogeneous and reproducible characteristics, it was necessary to arrive at 1901 with oxyacetylene welding, in which the parts were joined by fusion of the edges. In this welding procedure the energy necessary for the casting of the pieces was provided by the combustion of a gas (in this case acetylene) with pure oxygen.

By reaching sufficiently high temperatures (and above the iron melting temperature) the hammering operation was no longer necessary to join the pieces, to the advantage of the simplicity and repeatability of the operation.

Nowadays welding is fundamental in many fields, in such a technologically advanced world there are more and more occasions where it is necessary to unite two materials in a safe and accurate way. Think for example of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, but also the world of aeronautics.

There have been real leaps and bounds in recent years and now there is no need to resort to the classic tin or improvise weld seals. In fact, you can have the same quality and safety as the welding laboratories in your own home.

It must never be forgotten, however, that in the first place there must always be one's personal security, so never neglect the welding mask, i gloves is adequate clothing which allows us to work with extreme security without any risk to us and to the environment in which we operate.

It is also better to carry out your welding operations in a different environment than the home one, to understand each other evita il soggiorno di casa e opta magari per un garage o ancora meglio per uno spazio in cui non siano presenti oggetti infiammabili o danneggiabili.

Spero che come al solito questa guida alla saldatura a inverter ti sia stata d’aiuto e ti saluto calorosamente rimandandoti al prossimo articolo che riguarderΓ  un aspetto del fai da te molto spesso trascurato, diciamo che Γ¨ un segreto del mestiere, riservato solo a pochi eletti, e voglio condividerlo su queste pagine per ripagare i ragazzi di Pro Contro dello spazio offertomi in questi ultimi anni.

A prestissimo,


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