🥇 7 Best 2019 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner? (Personal Review) –

🥇 7 Best 2019 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner? (Personal Review) –

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I'm Antonella

You are wondering: what is the wireless vacuum cleaner for? This video could brighten your mind considerably ✨

It was November 5 three years ago, I will never forget that day.

I had been called by my son's teachers to school because of his bad behavior, I was very nervous, I came home outside of myself …

But I had to attend to them housework.

That was how I pulled out my old vacuum cleaner and started cleaning the living room.

I was still absentmindedly, and humiliated for what my son had done in class …



The guide to cordless vacuum cleaners

One of those days when the world seems to have stood against it.

I was in a hurry, more and more nervous … and that was how I tripped over the vacuum cleaner cable and fell, banging my thigh to the ground.

7 days of hospitalization …

In addition to damage, insult.

Now fortunately I'm fine, don't worry.

But the first thing I did when I got over was buy a wireless vacuum cleaner.

The beautiful and interesting part of the wireless products is that they are more willing to use them, because it is easy to take them in hand and immediately press the power button and go, for example to quickly suck up some crumbs on the floor in the kitchen.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are a real godsend for those like me who are a little careless and can't do without making trouble.

They are also very comfortable to use to clean the passenger compartment of the car.

The operation of cordless vacuum cleaners is very simple: they use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, without having to worry about connecting the plug every time and risking resounding tumbles as happened to me that bad day.

I am fortunate to have a house on two levels because we live in the province, in a house, we are practically in the open countryside.

Living in a big house is beautiful, I admit, but at the same time it can be a real problem when it comes to having to clean it.

The electric cable in fact very often it risks being of hindrance and being able to be very dangerous if it is a question of passing from one floor to another.

But the wireless vacuum cleaner is also suitable for those who live in apartments arranged on one floor.

How many times have you happened to get in the way of the cable and have to perform real acts of contortion to get on top of the thread that has become twisted in the most unthinkable places?

With this type of cordless vacuum cleaner you no longer have to fear, I assure you.

If you are willing to spend a little, you will take home a great product that can also be used as a single vacuum cleaner, completely replacing the traditional vacuum cleaner.

The pointless vacuum cleaners in fact outperform the cheap ones and are easily comparable to the traditional cable-powered counterparts.

The wireless vacuum cleaner, my opinion


Cordless cordless vacuum cleaners are essential tools in any modern home that can be defined as such.

If you have noticed, in fact, it seems that the era of objects that need cables to be used is finally over, for example we think of the accessories of our computers that all go in the direction of wireless. and not just them.

Wireless electric brooms could not fail to appeal and arm themselves with this innovative technology to facilitate our lives once and for all.

But it is not easy to choose which vacuum cleaner to buy, because the market is saturated with alternatives that at first sight seem very similar to each other.

The truth is that sometimes apparently very similar models contain quite a few differences and if you do not pay attention they can also hold several pitfalls.

Wireless vacuum cleaners must rely largely on the autonomy and efficiency of the battery which must be fully performing so that the purchase of such a device makes sense.

I'll explain.

A few weeks ago I had the Chinese wireless electric broom of my friend Giulia in my hands (before he finally threw it in favor of a brand that I recommended), and I could see that this had a range of about twenty minutes … a time that was certainly ridiculous, which even with the passing of uses tended practically to decrease visibly.

Another fundamental aspect to take into consideration when making a purchase of this kind is the noise level of the device, be it with or without wires, a noisy vacuum cleaner can trigger the wrath of our neighbors or our family members, especially if we use several hours a day and we have particularly delicate members of the family.

It is also important that the tank is very large and allows many uses without having to be constantly cleaned, making us in this case lose a lot of precious time that we could dedicate to other activities such as the full realization of ourselves.

Battery life


Battery life is certainly a factor to be taken into full consideration when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners, in fact it is undoubtedly the first objection that comes to mind when we actually think of the infinite possibilities that

If with the cordless vacuum cleaners, that is powered by electricity, the only limit was and is in your good will to clean, with a vacuum cleaner without wires to dictate the times is the autonomy of its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In most cases it fluctuates between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the models, so you will have to learn to hurry and optimize times, passing several times on the same point only if strictly necessary.

Producers also offer optimistic estimates in the sense that the declared autonomy refers to the vacuum cleaner used at the minimum of its power. At most it tends to halve until it is reduced to a few minutes if the cordless vacuum cleaner is used for example in "turbo mode".

Not included in all models, this should be activated when you are faced with stubborn dirt or coarse debris. The value of autonomy, in the list of technical characteristics, is most often accompanied by the expression "up to …".

If the battery runs out while cleaning the floor, you will need to put the broom in charge and wait at least three hours. Pay attention also to the time required for a complete recharge. There are models that require six or seven hours.

There is another aspect to consider: the battery tends to wear out over time, gradually reducing its autonomy. Something similar happens, for example, with smartphones. When you buy them, the battery lasts longer. As the months go by and after repeated charge / discharge cycles, it lasts less and less.

Here, the batteries of electric brooms and cordless vacuum cleaners are no exception. The effort of the producers is in fact to guarantee you the maximum efficiency at least for the first 12 months from the purchase. Many models fortunately allow you to replace it as soon as it shows obvious signs of old age. However, take into account that an original cordless vacuum cleaner battery can cost several tens of euros.

How to forget then the aspiring power of the product.

First of all there is a fundamental clarification: that wireless vacuum cleaners are often inevitably much less powerful than traditional ones.

The reason is simple to understand.

In fact, not being able to use the continuous electric supply of the home network, they only have to rely on their batteries, which, although very powerful, are not yet 100% comparable to traditional power supply.

What does this mean? Which wireless vacuum cleaners are ineffective?

Absolutely not. As for the normal daily home aspiration I can assure you that they do their dirty work and are surprisingly effective.

Especially if you bet on one of the flagship models proposed in my exhaustive guide, for example the Hovers constitute a good compromise for those who do not intend to own a wired and wireless vacuum cleaner but prefer a single solution.


However, rechargeable lithium ion batteries have the latest technological advances in terms of power supply stability, suction wattage supply and safe use.

The suction power is sometimes expressed in watts, others in kilopascals, others still in amps per watt, so it is really difficult to make a "textbook" comparison of the various models, the only truly intelligent and reliable way was to try these vacuum cleaners. wireless one by one to finally show you in detail in this guide the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

The wireless vacuum cleaner is however indicated to be used in combination with the traditional one, so as to be able to take advantage from time to time of the strengths of one or the other according to one's needs.

What does it mean?

That if you need a more "aggressive" cleaning and in depth it will be better to turn to the appliance powered by electricity, while if you are looking for something fast and practical to arrive even in the most unthinkable points, for example to stretch yourself up a flight of stairs not supported by nearby electrical outlets, then in that case you will opt for the wireless vacuum cleaner. Simple right?

Then another fundamental thing to consider is that if you really want to buy a portable wireless vacuum cleaner you will need to make a small investment and opt for one of the top models recommended in this guide, especially if you intend to use this appliance for the years ahead, the cheaper models in fact tend in some cases not to be super reliable especially as regards the battery.

What is the cyclonic vacuum cleaner

The word "cyclonic"Is without a shadow of a doubt suggestive, resonating almost biblically, epic. And sometimes this is enough to convince us to face a certain purchase or not.

But let's see what it actually means and if the cyclonic vacuum cleaners are actually superior to the normal ones.

This type of technology is not very recent, it was developed at least 30 years ago by the Dyson company.

The cyclonic vacuum cleaner works like this: the air sucked in is channeled inside a spiral path, exploiting the centrifugal force (hence the cyclonic name) causes the dirt particles to deposit on the external part of the container used.

The air that comes out will therefore be clean, a panacea for those who are allergic for example and suffer a lot when they find themselves using the traditional vacuum cleaner.

Usually other filters are added, specifically designed to filter the air at other times, so as to guarantee an almost perfect purification.

Since the air is whirled around the air inside the air, not visible to the naked eye, but which can be highly harmful to our body, they are separated from the air we are going to breathe.


What is immediately understood is that therefore this CYCLONIC POWER refers to a purely hygienic and sanitary purpose, certainly not bad considering that this kind of devices are usually used to clean rooms where, for example, they will then go to play and live our children .

Over time it has come to an improvement in cyclonic technology, which was initially launched at the experimental stage.

Very often these commercial "findings" remain such and last for one or two seasons, only to end up in oblivion.

In the case of cyclonic technology, well, things have gone very differently, and in fact this has developed into multi-cyclonic technology that uses more cones side by side, smaller than the only one used previously.

These allow to split the work optimizing it, and in this way they are able to increase the centrifugal force, purifying the air that passes through it even more accurately.

Cordless cyclonic and multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners do not have the bag, this is an advantage not just, and those who have struggled for years to find bags compatible with their traditional electric broom can finally breathe a sigh of relief because in this case we will have only a container that can be emptied by hand and cleaned to be reused as often as we want.

Certainly an excellent choice also for those who profess to be friends of the environment and ardently want to combine practice with theory in order not to denote incoherence in everyday life.

If you are like "schifetti", I advise you not to opt for this solution, and I will explain why.

The beauty of disposable bags is that dirt gets in through you and you never have to see it again, once the vacuum cleaner bag is full you can simply throw it away by throwing it in the garbage.

When it comes to emptying the container that will be filled with the most unspeakable garbage, you will have to come into direct contact with it, certainly an option not recommended for the weak of the stomach or those who are quite prone to allergies.

However, in my opinion, cyclonic technology together with that of the absence of wire is one of the last brilliant discoveries in the world of domestic cleaning and it should not be taken under the light as it can represent a huge step forward in improving your quality of life.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners without bag, reviews and opinions

1. Hoover FD22RP Freedom 2IN1, a good economic compromise

Here is the vacuum cleaner that I currently use at home, I decided at the end to opt for a model that is easy to use and manageable.

What is striking about the Hoover FD22RP Freedom is its lightness.

In addition, the range of accessories is unique and makes this product truly versatile, allowing me to reach all corners of the house, even the most unlikely and hidden.

I have cats at home, and thanks to this cordless, bagless broom I can easily clean all their hair. The performance is quite effective even with bigger dust, even if it doesn't perform exactly like the top-of-the-range vacuum cleaners, if you intend to have an effective product at 360 degrees it is better to aim for more expensive models.

It is certainly not Dyson-level, but it does an excellent match with a traditional flush-mounted vacuum cleaner.

I love using it to clean the stairs, living in a small house with spiral staircases can sometimes find it difficult to get on and off with the normal vacuum cleaner, but with this I do it in a moment.

The motorized brush also works perfectly on carpets.

A great product this Hoover.

2. Dyson 227296-01 V8 Absolute, fantastic vacuum cleaner (my sister's favorite)

Here is the model that my sister uses at home, she is a real cleaning freak and wants only the best for her home.

My sister is nothing short of enthusiastic about this product.

Dyson is definitely the leading brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners, especially in those where wireless is the host.

What is certain is that his products are paid a little …

But what good is it to save money to then find something in my hands that lasts from Santo Stefano to Christmas, how do you say in my part?

This Dyson 227296-01 V8 Absolute is a household appliance that without a doubt is able to replace the flush one, provided however that there are no houses with very large perimeters.

It is made of plastic, but don't be fooled, in fact it is a very resistant type of plastic that immediately makes you understand the quality. The assembly is easy and immediate, within the reach of virtually anyone.

Inside it has a brush for carpets, a brush for hard floors, a mini brush for sofas, mattresses and upholstery, a lance, a dusting accessory and an accessory for collecting crumbs. Also very recommended to collect the hair of our animal friends.

Council to place the charging base of this vacuum cleaner in a place that allows you to keep it constantly under hand.

The beautiful and interesting part of the wireless products is that they are more willing to use them, because it is easy to take them in hand and immediately press the power button and go, for example to quickly suck up some crumbs on the floor in the kitchen.

Perfect also on carpets, mattresses, in fact it is equipped with a mini turbo brush and a special carpet brush.

The performance on the floors is also very good but not excellent.

The battery lasts an hour in normal use.

The autonomy using the rotating brushes goes down a little, due to the obvious additional power consumption, but I assure you that I have tried it and in this mode it is a true aspiring beast!

It takes three hours for a full charge, not bad.

It is a great product, one of the best wireless electric brooms available on the market right now.

3. Dyson 226397-01 Cyclone V10, the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners

Here we are faced with a veritable miracle of technology.

For those who really want to get serious about cleaning their homes and don't want to compromise in any way.

I had the chance to try it only once but it was enough for me to be appalled by the explosive potential of power of which this household appliance is capable.

But let's proceed with order.

The power is phenomenal, the brush allows you to scratch even the deepest dirt, which makes it a real boon when it comes to carpets and rugs.

Also perfect for those with pets in their homes who lose hair all the time.

It is easily assembled and disassembled.

The dust container is extremely easy to clean, just pull the red button down and it's done.

Thanks to the accessories it is possible to get to clean in previously unthinkable points.

The power station has an extremely intelligent system that saves a lot of space.

All this emitting very little noise compared to the power it is capable of delivering.

The autonomy is not exaggerated, but just enough to make a medium-fast aspiration, without however accessing very great powers, in that case it will certainly tend to decrease.

One thing that I definitely didn't like is the power button that you have to hold down to start the vacuum cleaner, a simple button would have been enough. But I believe that Dyson has devised this system for security reasons, for example for those who have small children.

The recharge also in this case takes place in three hours.

If you have an apartment of a hundred square meters, you will be able to clean it all in one charge, I assure you.

4. Rowenta Air Force 360, cyclonic

Here is a cyclone vacuum cleaner without bag and really interesting bag.

I will explain the reasons easily.

First of all we find ourselves in front of a Rowenta product, and we know that this is already a guarantee of quality.

The suction capacity is in fact excellent, with a lithium ion accumulator perfectly effective and performing.

The weight is concentrated on the handle so as to be perfectly balanced and centered in the operations of cleaning the house.

There is no need for a top-up to clean an average apartment, which also makes it a valid substitute for the household vacuum cleaner.

Also convenient for cleaning high floors.

The accessories include the rotating brush and a mini brush perfect to remove all the dirt that accumulates in the interstices of our sofas.

The design is great, and it looks good in any home.

With its cyclonic technology in full effect and with the Rowenta brand, we know we are immediately in front of a large vacuum cleaner.

Certainly an object to take into consideration if you are looking for great quality.

5. Dyson V8 Fluffy +, a battle vacuum cleaner

The Dyson again amazes with a great battle vacuum cleaner.

Perfect for home use.

First of all it is very light, and then it is equipped with three different accessories, which allow you to clean carpets, windows, shutters and even your car, clearly a difficult task for other vacuum cleaners.

The autonomy is half an hour at standard power, clearly this decreases the more the required power will be, in fact at full capacity, ie using the standard power the battery life will be around ten minutes, however not bad for a device of this species.

We all know by now the discomfort of the flushed vacuum cleaners, all the chaos that these create at home, for no reason, the era of electrical cable connections is over, we officially begin the season of cordless appliances, which can make life easier in ways that before we didn't even imagine possible.

Dyson is a leader in the field of cordless and bagless vacuum cleaners, and clearly this time it doesn't disappoint us by presenting a great product with cyclonic technology.

In fact this is one of the strengths of the Dyson V8 Fluffy +, this innovative technology allows to separate the dust from the air and in this way optimize consumption, reducing them to a minimum, for sure a convenience when dealing with an appliance that it must use a portable battery to be used, and otherwise it would drastically reduce its performance capacity.

In the box we will find a soft velvet-like roller, for the hardest floors and carpets, the mini turbo brush for sofas and upholstery, a multi-function accessory for use with or without bristles, a lance for joints and a nozzle with soft bristles for the most delicate objects.

Surely a handyman vacuum cleaner that can be convenient for people like me who like to carry around, for example on vacation, their cordless appliances for a carefree and fast use, without too many worries.

Thanks to these accessories, the Dyson wireless broom can be transformed into a handy laptop for cleaning the car and any surface, even if not hard, of the house. At minimum power, the V8 Fluffy + reaches 30 minutes of autonomy but the house guarantees that they will not be characterized by a progressive decline in suction capacity.

This thanks to the latest generation Dyson V8 digital engine that combines efficiency and lightness. The vacuum cleaner weighs less than 3 kg. The 2 Tier Radial technology foresees the presence of as many as 15 cyclones arranged in two concentric rows able to totally separate the dust from the air that will be released into the environment free of pollutants.

Technology: cyclonic • Suction power: 115 AW • Maximum autonomy: up to 40 minutes • Container: 0.54 liters • Suction speed: 2 • Charging time: 5 hours • Battery: lithium ion with cobalt-nickel manganese • Weight: 2.6 kg

The Dyson V8 Fluffy + is certainly very easy to handle and light, so it's easy for people like me who are small and not very strong, alas!

This also makes it very convenient to carefully remove all the cobwebs from the ceiling and clean over the furniture.

In the same way it is perfect to slip under the furniture.

Certainly an object recommended for all those looking for quality without spending a fortune but at the same time avoiding unnecessary compromises.


6. H.Koenig UP600 easyclean 2 in 1, excellent price quality compromise

The Koenig could not miss within this guide of opinions and reviews, the reason is simple: it is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, and this time it does not disappoint us thanks to the H.Koenig UP600 easyclean 2 in 1

A very good quality price compromise that will surely make those who for the first time are entering this world happy.

Perfect for making quick and immediate house cleaning, without thinking too much, it does not need a cable to operate, being completely cordless.

Just take it from the wall on which we will leave it resting to always keep it under hand, and take it up to immediately take out any crumbs that have fallen on the kitchen floor.

Also excellent for parquet floors and for those with pets.

The power of this product is very interesting, especially considering the small price at which it is sold.

The engine is decentralized, that is placed on the handle, which could seem a bizarre idea, but in reality it is an excellent design choice to allow the appliance to remain well balanced during our house cleaning.

Also great for cleaning the car.

The accessories supplied are those based there, without too many frills.

I recommend this vacuum cleaner to those looking for an object designed to do their job well, without wasting too much time with too complicated abstruse or manual functions.

Inside the box there is a head equipped with a rotating brush with sinusoidal bristles, a lance for the joints and a multi-function nozzle perfect for sofas and curtains

The autonomy of this product surprises, coming to touch the 40 minutes, certainly a very interesting figure and that allows very long cleaning without having to worry about recharging too often.

Also in this case we find ourselves faced with a vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology. The suction power is not great, but at this price you can't really ask for more.

It is also very quiet even at very high speeds, when the vast majority of competing products, especially in this price range, tend to be much more noisy.

It is not recommended for those looking for great power, but for those who want to embark on the world of cordless vacuum cleaners and discover what they are capable of.

And I assure you: you will not come back easily.

7. Severin HV 7158

Here too we are faced with a very high level product, perhaps with a slightly lesser known name than the other models featured in this guide.

But I thought that this Severin HV 7158 also deserved an honorable mention and a review.

Then proceed with order.

The cordless vacuum cleaners are certainly very interesting and this Severin reflects perhaps a perfect synthesis of the best features of this kind of appliances without having to sacrifice anything.

The Severin HV 7158 in fact has a medium to good suction power, for those who do not have very great needs, but autonomy is excellent and will not leave anyone unhappy.

Recommended for those with small apartments and minimal demands, it is great for cleaning really fast and less recommended for those who instead want something that removes all the dirt, even the most stubborn, in that case maybe it would be more recommended a normal flush vacuum cleaner .

However, this does not mean that you could combine your cordless appliance with this cordless Severin.

Inside the box in which it is sold you will also find a convenient kit of nozzles to be able to clean in all points of the house.

The technology in this case is cyclonic and the promised autonomy is 30 minutes.

There is a front LED to illuminate the floor and better track dust and crumbs, an excellent innovative idea not to be underestimated.

Very handy and light.

Unfortunately the only real deficiency of this product is the suction power that could have been better, but to obtain miraculous results, unfortunately, it is necessary to make a decidedly greater euro investment and focus on one of the models previously illustrated within our guide.

Definitely recommended.

How to use the cordless electric broom

Before buying it, I thought that the wireless vacuum cleaner was who knows what instrument of high witchcraft, but I soon had to request it.

In fact, its operation is extremely basic, and anyone can learn to use it in the blink of an eye.

But let's go and see together how to effectively become operational by using a wireless electric broom to clean our house to the fullest.

For example, remember that the first charge is the one that is crucial for the health of your instrument's battery, in fact it will be the one that will take the most hours, don't be frightened if in this phase it will take a while to get 100% charge, the recharges later I assure you that they will be much faster.

To ensure satisfactory battery life, it is a good idea to have the battery of our wireless broom almost completely discharged before recharging it.

This advice applies to the "health" of all rechargeable batteries on the market and not only those of our dear wireless vacuum cleaners. In fact, many people do not know that these batteries have a sort of "memory" that they use to recharge themselves at their best, and it is wise not to circumvent them in order to be able to preserve their charging characteristics for as long as possible.

It is important to place the instrument on its charging base at the right time to keep it always ready for the next use.

Since this is a device that does not work from the electricity in your home, it is better to get used to dosing some of the energy right away.

Mi spiego meglio, nel caso vi troviate a dover rimuovere semplicemente polvere e capelli, oppure ancora i peli dei vostri carissimi amici animali, è bene mantenere la potenza al minimo, di modo da garantire una durata maggiore della batteria.

Alcuni modelli inoltre permettono di passare con nonchalance dal pavimento al soffitto, sono gli aspirapolvere dal baricentro alto, molto intelligenti.

Altri modelli prevedono addirittura di poter essere utilizzati solo tenendo premuto il tasto di potenza, l’unico momento in cui l’aspirapolvere si troverà effettivamente in funzione, evitando in questo modo di consumare energia elettrica inutilmente. Un sistema senza dubbio molto comodo che consiglio a chi intende vivere nel totale rispetto dell’ambiente senza consumare nemmeno un watt di energia inutile in più del dovuto.

Rispetto molto questa linea di pensiero e sto facendo di tutto a casa mia per adattare gli elettrodomestici a questo genere di consumo intelligente, educando giorno per giorno anche i miei figli al rispetto dell’ambiente.

Credo infatti che sia fondamentale cominciare dando da subito il buon esempio, che funziona sicuramente meglio di sgridate e punizioni.

Come pulire l’aspirapolvere wireless

E’ essenziale dedicare un minimo di attenzione alla pulizia quando si ha a che fare con apparecchi sofisticati quanto delicati.

Infatti se seguiremo delle semplici regole basilari non avremo alcun problema a permettere al nostro apparecchio di durare per parecchi anni senza intoppi, garantendo un livello di performance sempre alla grande.

Per prima cosa c’è da tenere ben presente che la potenza di aspirazione dell’apparecchio si riduce di tantissimo nel caso in cui il contenitore della polvere sia pieno all’orlo oppure nella sciagurata ipotesi che i filtri si siano sporcati e richiedano una bella pulizia.

What to do then?

Be’, quello che bisogna tenere sempre bene in mente è svuotare con il giusto tempismo il cassetto della polvere ben prima che questo si riempia, per evitare spiacevoli sorprese quando meno ce lo aspettiamo.

A volte è necessario solamente premere un pulsante per lo sbloccaggio, in questo modo sarà possibile rimuovere il cassetto e quindi procedere a svuotarlo nei nostri rifiuti.

Consiglio personalmente anche di lavarlo sempre sotto dell’acqua corrente tiepida in modo da mantenerlo sempre pulito ed in condizioni esteticamente piacevoli.

Perché diciamoci la verità: anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte!

I filtri possono essere ripuliti utilizzando un comune spazzolino da denti ad esempio, ovviamente vi invito ad sfruttare uno che state per buttare e di non acquistarne uno apposito solo per questo. Dovete sapere che io sono innanzitutto per la frugalità in casa, per il riciclaggio degli oggetti, prima di buttare qualcosa mi scervello parecchie volte su come poterla riutilizzare, di modo così da risparmiare ogni mese un bel gruzzoletto da mettere da parte.

Assieme ai miei figli abbiamo organizzato un bel porcellino per raccogliere tutti i soldi che di volta in volta risparmiamo tramite espedienti del genere, e vi assicuro che è diventata una vera e propria avventura e gara a chi riesce a risparmiare di più.

Scusate la digressione, torniamo ora alla pulizia del nostro aspirapolvere senza fili.

Ricordate che i filtri non possono essere ripuliti all’infinito tutte le volte che si desidera, bisognerà invece sostituirli con dei filtri nuovi quando si vedrà che questi cominceranno ad assumere un colorito poco rassicurante, grigiastro scuro o addirittura nero.

Come in tutte le cose, lasciate vincere sempre il buon senso.

A volte questi filtri non sono nient’altro che dei semplicissimi fogli di spugna che vanno ritagliati per mezzo di forbici, in modo da adattarli al modello che abbiamo a casa.

E’ un procedimento molto semplice, non lasciatevi trarre in inganno, all’inizio anche io che sono una completa imbranata pensavo che avrei avuto dei problemi, ma mi sono dovuta ricredere, è un gioco da ragazzi!

Anche la spazzola rotante va pulita ben bene ogni volta che la vedremo piena di peli e capelli di vario tipo, questo consiglio va soprattutto a chi vive con animali in casa, questi infatti lasciano delle vere e proprie “giungle di peli”, a volte nemmeno completamente visibili ma che vanno a insinuarsi nelle insenature del nostro aspirapolvere e possono costituire un vero e proprio pericolo per il corretto funzionamento dello stesso.

Nulla di cui preoccuparsi però se si procede costantemente alla pulizia del nostro apparecchio di fiducia.

Alcuni aspirapolvere hanno dei veri e propri accessori prettamente dedicati per questo scopo, ovvero per ripulire la spazzola rotante, nella sciagurata ipotesi che il vostro modello non ne fosse provvisto, sarà necessario semplicemente comprarlo in uno shop di articoli per la casa.

In conclusion

Il mondo della pulizia della casa è affascinante quanto complesso, nel corso dei secoli si sono sviluppate delle vere e proprie scuole di pensiero differente riguardo quale possano essere i migliori metodi per pulire velocemente ed efficacemente l’ambiente domestico.

Per un periodo ho lavorato addirittura con una ditta di pulizie, quindi posso affermare di saperne qualcosina.

Negli anni ho utilizzato i più svariati apparecchi, e ogni volta è stata una gioia nuova apprendere dell’esistenza di un nuovo strumento che potesse aiutarmi nella pulizia di casa.

Niente però è confrontabile con la gioia di quando ho cominciato ad usare l’aspirapolvere senza filo.

Una vera e propria comodità che va oltre ogni spiegazione; bisogna infatti provare a tenere in mano un oggetto del genere per apprezzarne tutte le sfumature e chiedersi come si è potuto effettivamente fino a quel giorno vivere senza.

Devo ammettere che la prima volta che mi hanno parlato di questo genere di aspirapolvere cordless ero stata un po’ scettica, il mio primo pensiero andava senza dubbio all’autonomia della batteria che immaginavo ridicola e non adatta ad un utilizzo costante nel tempo.

Mi sono dovuta richiedere.

Gli aspirapolvere senza fili sono una vera e propria manna dal cielo, degli attrezzi che rendono le pulizie di casa più efficaci e divertenti, e di sicuro più sicure.

La scelta del miglior aspirapolvere può sembrare complessa, dato che in rete sono molti a esprimere la propria opinione a riguardo e a scrivere di continuo recensioni che presentano prodotti nuovi. Può apparire a primo acchitto una vera e propria giungla!

E’ questo il motivo per cui ho pensato potesse essere bello e utile redarre una guida che guidasse voi amici nella scelta del migliore aspirapolvere senza fili.
Per ridurre al minimo i grattacapi e per scegliere quello che potesse fare al caso vostro tenendo ovviamente in considerazione il prezzo giusto per le vostre esigenze.

Sul mercato in questo momento ci sono aspirapolvere senza fili economici e altri più impegnativi, sono strumenti indubbiamente per tutte le tasche.

Alcuni mantengono le esaltanti promesse che fanno, altri purtroppo no e non costituiscono dei veri e proprio affari se andiamo a considerare in effetti il rapporto qualità prezzo.

Solo un esperto, o comunque una persona che ha masticato da tempo la pulizia domestica e industriale a livello semi-professionale può essere un’ottima guida in questo mondo irto di ostacoli, perdonatemi il gioco di parole ma ci può stare dato che in questo caso parliamo di uno strumento che può aiutarvi proprio ad evitare questo genere di ostacoli e muovervi con eleganza tra le pareti della vostra casa quasi come se conducesse una specie di balletto.

A volte resto stupita delle meraviglie della tecnologia, di quanto effettivamente si è fatto negli ultimi 50 anni e di quanto ancora si potrà fare con l’avvento definitivo dell’internet delle cose all’interno delle nostre case.
Ovvero degli oggetti smart che comunicano tra di loro e sono capaci di servire le nostre esigenze al meglio, come dei veri e propri maggiordomi super intelligenti.

Non vedo l’ora di poter automatizzare ed ottimizzare al massimo a livello tecnologico tutte le faccende di casa, sì sono una donna vecchia maniera ma con un piede sempre nel futuro, questa è la mia specialità, è per questo che adoro lanciarmi in questo genere di sfide e fornire idee sempre nuove a chi come me ama coniugare il vecchio con il nuovo verso un mondo più semplice e piacevole da vivere.

Amici spero che questa guida vi sia stata di aiuto e che alla fine abbiate fatto la vostra scelta in piena consapevolezza senza affidarvi al caso ma lasciandovi guidare dalla vostra coscienza, per portarvi a casa la scopa elettrica cordless perfetta per voi.

Vi saluto e vi rimando alla prossima.

Un abbraccio,
your Antonella.


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