🥇 9 Best Magnetic Mosquito Nets 2019 (Personal Review) –

🥇 9 Best Magnetic Mosquito Nets 2019 (Personal Review) –

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"I will never forgive Noah for having loaded a couple of mosquitoes on the ark." Enzo Costa

Hi friend,
I'm Francesco.

Despite the precautions taken, you have a "weak point" in the house from which they come in profusion evil mosquitoes to disturb your well-deserved rest?

I know the problem very well, I was in your shoes last year …

Then I discovered the magnetic mosquito net.

Very easy to assemble, both on doors and windows. It's just enough take the measurements well of the door on the balcony or window to which you want to apply it.

Follow me in this guide to magnetic mosquito nets. I will explain to you well what they are and how they work, I'll tell you how they mount, I'll show you the different types available on the market and in the end you can easily choose the magnetic net that is right for you.


The mosquito net I installed in my house

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Super Fine Network, ...
The best-selling mosquito net

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Dimensions 140 x 240CM, ...
The best economic mosquito net

Tesa TE55679-00020-03 Insect Stop Mosquito Nets Attack and Detach ...

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Super Fine Network, …

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Dimensions 140 x 240CM, …

Tesa TE55679-00020-03 Insect Stop Mosquito Nets Attack and Detach …

The mosquito net I installed in my house

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Super Fine Network, ...

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Super Fine Network, …

The best-selling mosquito net

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Dimensions 140 x 240CM, ...

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Dimensions 140 x 240CM, …

The best economic mosquito net

Tesa TE55679-00020-03 Insect Stop Mosquito Nets Attack and Detach ...

Tesa TE55679-00020-03 Insect Stop Mosquito Nets Attack and Detach …


Table of Contents


My personal experience

There are so many valid reasons to buy a magnetic mosquito net.

My most indelible memory certainly concerns my childhood: I lived in an apartment that was exactly above my grandparents'. Needless to say, Sundays were always partying.

My grandmother used to cook for everyone and we would go down to eat and enjoy the days in front of the TV, watching football matches or Formula One. There are no more Sundays than once.

Now, my memory goes to when in those days, I used to go down from my grandparents well before lunchtime, I was fascinated to see my grandmother busy in the kitchen and struggling alone with a thousand things to do.

However, I did not remain idle, she had a very interesting task for me: I was the official fighter hunter of the house.

What a nuisance flies are especially when you're cooking!

All I had to do was put myself at the kitchen table and be careful that these hideous insects did not settle on anything, but nothing at all. I had to chase them away with my hand or with a fan that my grandmother used to use on hot days to enjoy fresh air.

But I, who was an engineer already at that age, thought to myself: but why not find a solution to the base, so that the balcony could remain open and at the same time prevent flies from entering?

Well, my grandmother wasn't really stupid but unfortunately a normal tent is useless. It only serves to prevent the entire annoying 6-legged fauna of my country from entering the house. But it is inevitable that you cannot completely shield a door with a simple curtain.

This situation, so to speak, "historically" was then again and again clearly and in any case, both at my grandparents' house and at my house with my mother, who could be heard screaming from my room with a very strong “It's ready! Come to the table that there are flies! ".

Now a separate chapter deserves mosquitoes, companions of many sleepless nights scratching their arms, legs or neck.

These are really incredible! When you think you're sure you've taken any precautions, here is the bastard mosquito that bites you!

What a nuisance especially at night, when you're in bed and ready to fall asleep. There is that mosquito that has managed to enter who knows how and starts buzzing around its head.

Whether flies or mosquitoes, or even other types of insects, one thing is certain: we don't want them in our house.

And I still remember the time when there was the invasion of ants at home.

After several patrols involving my entire family, we discovered to our great surprise that the insects came from outside.

It was not clear but the colony of ants was able to enter the house overcoming barriers such as a kind of curtained mosquito net that we bought at the time and the closed balcony.

We were able to solve the problem by using one of those white powder products that are easily found around, whose purpose is precisely to keep insects away but certainly at the cost of aesthetics.

It is clear that anyone who came home would spend part of his time asking what he was doing with white powder on the ground.

Since we bought the magnetic mosquito net in our house we have solved all these small and big problems.

I'll tell you the truth: before buying it the big doubt was linked to the fact that the net could actually prevent sunlight from entering the house.

All wrong! The magnetic mosquito net does absolutely not this: its texture is often very dense but it never acts as a filter or a screen for the sun.

In summer, with the balcony and window open, it is as if it were not mounted and the sunlight enters without difficulty.

In short, the tent does not obscure the rooms at all.

Moreover, they also make their figure once mounted!

I find mine very beautiful, an object that does not disturb the movements, specifically when you have to go out and come back from the balcony, and not even bad to see.

At the beginning I bought it for the summer but I realized that it embellished my house and I kept it for a much longer time.

What is a magnetic mosquito net

We all know what a mosquito net is. But perhaps few still know that a very reliable and durable typology is available on the market: the magnetic mosquito net.

These are nothing but the classic anti insect nets but they have a magnetic closure that allows them to always remain closed automatically.

You can easily go out on the balcony without worrying about leaving the open mosquito net behind you; this will close by itself taking advantage of the small magnets that are located along the edge of the opening.

In this way, when the edges approach, they will simply stick together attracted to each other by the magnetic force of the magnets.

If you have pets at home, such as a dog, you can rest easy. Your best friend will have no problem, like you, of using the mosquito net.

Put it to the test right away, you will see that it will come out and come back in comfort!

The magnetic mosquito net is a purchase that simply needs to be made. And it will be once and for all.

They are easy to assemble, they are beautiful to hold, they keep insects away and do not involve an excessive thickness.

Nowadays, they are at very low prices and always come with a mounting guide to make it even easier.

Everywhere online there are also videos that explain how they are installed and how they work.

My purpose today is to take you by the hand and guide you precisely in this; I want to describe the assembly phases well and I want to explain to you what tricks you need to take to have a really good end result.

So let's go in order and see how a magnetic mosquito net is mounted.

How magnetic mosquito nets are made

The magnetic mosquito nets are curtains built in such a way as to be easily applied to the frame of a door or window.

There are seams on the top, bottom and side edges. In the central part, these seams serve to contain the small magnets that will make the curtain automatically close by itself once opened.

The finishes also serve to make the net a beautiful object to have once mounted. They also protect the net around the frame.

The texture of a magnetic mosquito net is a tight mesh; this detail makes sure that no type of insect, even the smallest ones, can pass the embroidery.

At this point it is necessary to make some clarifications.

Do mosquito nets affect the brightness of the rooms?

Many online people wonder if a mosquito net can actually limit the amount of sunlight entering their homes.

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This is a bit of a myth to debunk. A net of this type is made on purpose so as not to affect the brightness of the environment.

I can give you my example: when we installed the magnetic mosquito net in the kitchen, we didn't notice any difference between before and after.

The light that passed without the curtain also passed with the network installed.

A tight knit weave does not necessarily mean that it is a filter for sunlight.

The composition of the network is designed and made ad hoc, so as not to affect the amount of light passing through it at all.

Types of magnetic mosquito net

There are some things you need to take into account, clearly simple things that you can easily do yourself.

I'll tell you right away that from the beginning it will be child's play. You can rely on your workforce, the presence of a professional is absolutely not required.

The only thing you might need is a pair of scissors, to cut off any excess tissue along the edges. This will not be necessary if you buy the network of the exact size of the door or window or window.

There are three different types of attack, always specified by the manufacturer, which also depend on the type of door to which the mosquito net is to be mounted.

This is perhaps the most challenging but not difficult attack. In the mosquito net packaging you will find small nails, which will be fixed with a hammer on the sides of the door to keep the net in place.

  • Adhesive attachment with velcro

Very easy installation. The velcro included in the package must be glued to the door frame and to the edges of the mosquito net. It will be enough to fix the latter along the edges of the door and you're done.

  • Adhesive attachment with clips

Easy installation also in this case. In the package you will find clips that are to be placed on the door frame and to which the mosquito net is then attached. Work done in 5 minutes.

Size of the mosquito net

The dimensions of the magnetic flyscreen clearly depend on the size of the door or window to which it is to be mounted.

On the market you can find everything: you will find both mosquito nets with fixed dimensions, for "standard" doors or windows, and networks adaptable to the frame to which you want to install them.

However, if you have doors in your home with different sizes than the so-called “classic” doors, you can always opt for a mosquito net that exceeds the size of the door, and then cut away the one that remains in excess after installation.

Let's look at some of these fixed dimensions.

Standard sizes of fixtures in Italy

In general, the doors in our homes have very precise measures.

Searching on the Internet, I found the Edilval website which explains this in detail. I'll report below what it says about standards.

Unless you have built something to your liking, you will almost certainly be in one of these cases. So what are you waiting for, take the meter and check which type of frame is yours.

– French doors are those doors of a house that allow access to the outside, so for example balconies or terraces or small garden. These can be single or double doors. The standard size of a single-door French window is 90 x 255 cm, double-leaf instead of 120 x 245 cm.

– The classic double-leaf windows can be of the following sizes: 90 x 120 cm, 110 x 150 cm, 120 x 130 cm, 120 x 140 cm, 120 x 150 cm, 120 x 220 cm and 140 x 228 cm.

– The single-leaf windows can be 60 x 120 centimeters, 70 x 120 centimeters, 70 x 140 centimeters.

– Just for the record because it could be useful to you, the internal doors, that is those used for the passage between the internal environments of a house, are usually large 88 x 214 centimeters, measures that include the frame which in most cases is 4 centimeters.

– Finally, the main door is 90 x 215 centimeters large and usually has only one door.

I remind you once again that these are nothing more than the standard dimensions of classic home fixtures in our country. If you want to know the measurements of your fixtures, take a meter and check which category you are in.

After doing this you can then take the magnetic mosquito net that best fits your size.

It is clear that it is always better to opt for a slightly larger size to avoid any kind of problem. It is always better to be careful, because the excess can be easily cut with a pair of scissors.

How to fit the magnetic mosquito net – The DEFINITIVE Guide

Some fundamental premises that should be kept in mind.

First of all, NEVER cut the net before installation. It is absolutely true that you can eliminate the excess part, but always and only after you have mounted the mosquito net on the door or window.

In addition, the mosquito net has an upper part that MUST NEVER BE CUT. If it exceeds the end of the assembly, then you can cut it, but remember, only the lower part.

The part to which it is to be installed is the frame, or the frame of the French window of the balcony or window for example. The frame can be made of different materials.

It can be in wood, aluminum or metal. Finally, there are also those in brick or stone.

On the sides of the frame there are the jambs while at the top is the crossbar.

These are guidelines based on some magnetic mosquito nets available on the market.

Always check the type you buy and always refer to the assembly instructions that will be included in your package.

Mounting with tacks

Mosquito net of the same size as the door

The mosquito net has an upper part that MUST NEVER BE CUT. If it exceeds the end of the assembly, then you can cut it, but remember, only the lower part.

You must always start from the top, then take it and place it on the crosspiece of the frame by placing it in the center. Take the supplied pegs and start fixing the net, starting from the center and continuing along the crossbar until you reach the two edges.

If you leave the central part one centimeter higher than the edges, you will facilitate the closing of the mosquito net.

At this point the upper part is mounted. Now let go of the mosquito net naturally, under its own weight. Don't pull it, but at the same time don't do the opposite either. Simply accompany it along the edge. You can then start to fix it on the jambs following the full height, starting from the top.

During this delicate phase, the advice is to wait until it is completely settled before hammering the nails thoroughly. Simple, if a part is too stretched, for example, it will still be possible to remove the nail and fix it again.

If you followed all the points, now you will have the mosquito net practically ready.

The last thing you will need to do, as mentioned before, is to cut off any excess that will be at the bottom at this point.

Great! You have installed your brand new magnetic mosquito net!

Mosquito net larger than the size of the door

If you bought a mosquito net larger than the French window, it will be equally easy.

As before, start from the top and mount the net on the crossbar.

The sides will now be folded back on themselves until you reach the width of your door.

You have two options: you can hammer the nails directly onto the stitched edge of the net after folding it over itself, or, if the mosquito net is too big, you can cut the part you don't need and then fix the nails directly on the net itself.

As before, go slow with the nails. Lay the mosquito net along the entire edge, and when it is properly fixed, only then can you hammer well on the nails so that they are well planted.

Once this is done, all you have to do is check that on the bottom, and in this specific case also on the sides, you have not advanced the network. If this happens, you can cut the excess with a pair of scissors.

Good! You have installed your brand new magnetic mosquito net!

Assembly with adhesive with velcro

Mosquito net of the same size as the door

When it comes to attaching something to the door frame, the first thing to do is to clean the surface thoroughly with alcohol, so that the velcro adheres perfectly.

The velcro you will find in the package is usually of two types: a soft one and a hard one.

Start at the top and attach the hard velcro along the whole crossbar, making sure that no bubbles are created. At this point wait for the time necessary to be sure that the Velcro has adhered properly.

Do the same thing with the jambs, then apply the hard velcro along the entire height.

Then take the soft Velcro and apply it first to the top and then to the edges of the mosquito net after spreading it well on the ground.

Now you can proceed with fixing the mosquito net. Start from the center of the crossbar and match the two velcro straps of the net and the crossbar itself until it reaches the edges. Continue along the edges and go all the way up so you don't leave "holes".

Remember that if you leave the middle part of a centimeter or even a centimeter higher than the edges, you will do nothing but help close the mosquito net.

This is all there is to it. You have installed your new magnetic mosquito net.

If you feed net at the bottom at the end of work, cut it with a pair of scissors.

Mosquito net larger than the size of the door

As before, the procedure is very similar.

The first thing to do is to clean the surface of the frame well with alcohol so that the adhesive velcro adheres well and does not make bubbles.

Starting from the top of the frame, then, attach the hard velcro to the crossbar. Be careful that you take it well and help yourself with a teaspoon to press thoroughly and avoid air bubbles.

Do the same thing with the two jambs. Always use hard velcro. Wait a bit, so that the glue is completely dry.

In the meantime you can start with the network. Take the mosquito net, spread it well on the ground and attach the soft velcro on the upper part of it. Since your mosquito net is larger than the size of the door, DO NOT stick it on the sides, but only on the top side.

Now take the net and start attacking it starting from the crossbar. Start at the center and hold it half a centimeter or a centimeter higher than the edges to make it easier to close the net.

When you get to the edges you will clearly see a mosquito net. Don't worry yet, take the net and, without pulling it, press it along the edges on the previously applied velcro.

Obviously it will not adhere perfectly but only serves to fix it momentarily. At this point you have to take the soft non-adhesive velcro you find in the package and apply it so that the mosquito net is in the middle of the two layers of Velcro. In short, like a sandwich.

Pressing well, the network will never move again.

At this point, you will surely move on to the sides, beyond the Velcro. Take a pair of scissors, you can cut off the part that exceeds, leaving just a little bit in case you need to rearrange the net later.

If the net is longer than the height of your door, always cut the lower part with the scissors.

Well, you've just finished mounting your magnetic mosquito net!

Assembly by adhesive with clips

Mosquito net of the same size as the door

As this type of assembly involves an attachment by adhesive, the first thing to do is to clean the surface of the frame well with alcohol. By doing this you will be sure that the glue on the back of the stickers fits well.

In this case you must follow the specific instructions of the magnetic mosquito net you buy.

In general, you must start by applying the clips on the crossbar, reading the number indicated in the instruction manual. Apply the central clip first and then apply the others at the same distance up to those on the two upper corners.

The number of crossbar clips is odd.

Now take the mosquito net and spread the top naturally on the crossbar and, by pressing on the clips, punch it into the hooks. Be careful as always not to pull it too hard.

I remind you to leave the central part up to a centimeter higher than the edges to facilitate the magnetic closure of the net.

Once this is done, you will also find protection brackets for the clips in the package. When the mosquito net is completely fixed to the crossbar, take these supports and apply them to the tips of the hooks. They are used to avoid scratching the net or even your own hands.

Now you have to proceed with the sides. Let the mosquito net go under its own weight naturally. Don't pull it.

Also in the instruction manual that comes included in the package, read how many clips you need to apply to the two jambs. By eye or by helping yourself with a meter, make sure they are at the same distance.

As for the crosspiece, it pierces the mosquito net on the sides at the applied hooks and uses the protection supports to cover the ends of the clips.

The last thing to do is cut the net if it moves on the lower side.

The work is finished. A child's play install the magnetic mosquito net!

Mosquito net larger than the size of the door

The procedure is practically the same as in the case of the mosquito net of the same size as the door.

Summarizing the similar parts, clean the frame well with alcohol beforehand, read the number of clips to be applied to the crossbar in the package instruction manual.

When you have finished this phase the same as in the previous case, take the mosquito net and, without pulling it, start fixing it to the clips, piercing it on the hooks.

Still referring to the manual, read how many clips you need to apply to the left and right edges and attach them.

At this point your mosquito net is fixed on the crossbar and advances to the sides as it is larger than the door. Proceeding first with a jamb and then with the other, take the net and start folding it on itself until it reaches the width of the door. At this point fix it on the hooks of the jambs, pressing on them and then piercing it.

Once this is done proceed to cover the clips with the protective supports you find in the package.

Cut the net at the bottom if it is too long.

Job done! Your magnetic mosquito net is ready!

The best magnetic mosquito nets – The Reviews

  1. APALUS – 140 × 240 cm
  2. LICTIN – 140 × 240 cm
  3. SEKEY – 160 × 230 cm
  4. ANPRO – 100 × 220 cm
  5. MYCARBON – 110 × 220 cm
  6. GIMARS – 110 × 220 cm
  7. JAROLIFT – 140X250 cm
  8. TESA Economic – 130 × 220 cm
  9. Lictin for window – 130 × 150 cm
  10. Window brim – 130 × 150 cm

1. APALUS – 140 × 240 cm – adhesive attachment with Velcro

Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Super Fine Network, ...
Apalus Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Super Fine Network, …

  • FRESH AIR INSIDE AND INSECTS OUTSIDE: Thanks to this revolutionary mosquito net, you can leave the door open without fearing the annoying insects, which especially in summer, could infest our home! The magnetic mosquito net is the alternative solution to the classic fixed mosquito net. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MEASUREMENTS AND MEASUREMENT EXAMPLES, PLEASE SEE THE DESCRIPTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
  • CLOSE ITSELF! A new revolutionary mosquito net that opens easily and closes magically by itself behind our backs. You can go out and enter home millions of times, even if your hands are busy, without having to worry about closing the mosquito net! His secret lies in his 32 magnets! When they are separated, they automatically attach to each other by recomposing the mosquito net and leaving out any type of insect!

The Apalus magnetic mosquito net is the one I chose for my apartment and also for my parents.

It is simply perfect, it does not cost much, it is easy and quick to assemble, it holds very well on the frames.

Online has lots of positive reviews. I trusted clients and can say that I am very satisfied.

The net is made with excellent materials. The finishes are really beautiful and the curtain itself is very pleasant to look at. Clearly they are summer products but keeping them even in the first days of autumn doesn't hurt.

It keeps out even the smallest insects, there is absolutely no way for them to cross the net, which is a tight mesh. This does not hinder the passage of light at all. With the mosquito net installed you will have the same amount of light.

Inside the central seam there are 32 magnets. You can open the net simply by passing them through, even if your hands are busy. Once outside, this closes perfectly thanks to the magnets that will make the two parts stick together.

The advantage of being able to use it without hands is that you can install it even if you have pets at home. Your dog, after the first use, will get used to it and will not take it anymore. It will come out and come back as if nothing had happened.

The installation includes the adhesive attachment with Velcro which is included in the package. Follow the instructions on the Apalus guide and if you want you can also refer to the instructions I wrote above, in the definitive guide to the assembly of the magnetic mosquito net.

In the package you will also find some nails, which are used to better fix the net to frames where the glue of the Velcro cannot adhere perfectly, as for example the wood.

Finally I remind you that Apalus thinks of everything and everyone.

The product reviewed is 140 × 240 centimeters in size. But many other measures are also available.

The Apalus mosquito net is available in sizes 80 × 200 centimeters, 90 × 200 centimeters, 90 × 210 centimeters, fiberglass 90 × 210 centimeters, 100 × 210 centimeters, 100 × 220 centimeters, 110 × 220 centimeters, 120 × 220 centimeters, 120 × 240 centimeters.

2. LICTIN – 140 × 240 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors - Dimensions 140 x 240CM, ...
Lictin Magnetic Mosquito Net for Doors – Dimensions 140 x 240CM, …

  • Insect protection: The practical magnetic connection automatically closes the curtain. Bring in fresh air – but without insects
  • High quality and good design: Compared to other products, only sewn, tear-resistant mosquito nets are used on all sides. In this closure, the magnets are sewn over the full height

The Lictin magnetic flyscreen is the best selling online.

It is a product that has its own charm due to the black color and the really good finishes. It is a network that looks good from an aesthetic point of view.

I'm talking to you about a really high quality mosquito net.

The net is very resistant. This is absolutely the strong point of this product, which must take into account stresses of all kinds, such as wind or continuous opening or even the presence of animals in the home.

Even your best friend will have no trouble using it. Cat or dog proof.

The tight mesh texture of the net keeps out insects of all sizes and does not obstruct the passage of sunlight.

Installation takes place via adhesive attachment with Velcro. It is very easy to assemble, it will only take you 5 minutes and the result will be 100% excellent.

For this, refer to the Lictin guide in the box first. If you need help you can refer to my definitive guide to the assembly of the magnetic mosquito net.

This product is only available in the 140 × 240 cm size.

3. SEKEY – 160 × 230 cm – adhesive attachment with Velcro


Sekey 230x160 cm Magnetic curtain for mosquito net, ideal for ...
Sekey 230×160 cm Magnetic curtain for mosquito net, ideal for …

  • Black curtain for door in 100% polyester with improved magnetic strip that allows the curtain to close faster and more solidly. It is machine-stitched with a double-cut cloth that makes cleaning and prolonged life of the tent easier.
  • Effectively prevents the entry of mosquitoes, bees, flies and dust. It also allows good ventilation. It allows children and pets to enter easily.

Another product among the most sold online.

The Sekey magnetic mosquito net is a great article that brings everyone together when it comes to quality and durability.

The curtain is black and in the central part there are the magnets used for automatic closing.

The weft of the net is effective against insects of all sizes and in addition does not in any way limit the amount of light entering the French window. It is also made to be very easy to wash.

Even with busy hands, you can open it simply by crossing it. And you can feel comfortable, the magnets will think of everything: the two edges will stick together attracting each other.

Even the animals you have at home will have no problem getting used to his presence.

Mounts via adhesive attachment with Velcro included in the package.

Refer to the Sekey guide that you find with the mosquito net. If you need help you can refer to my definitive guide to the assembly of the magnetic mosquito net.

This reviewed is the 160 × 230 cm mosquito net but you can also find the 130 × 220 cm version. It is easily adaptable to different types of French windows, folding it on itself to the sides if too large.

4. ANPRO – 100 × 220 cm – adhesive attachment with velcro

Anpro Tenda Zanzariera Magnetica 100 x 220 cm per Porta con...
Anpro Tenda Zanzariera Magnetica 100 x 220 cm per Porta con…

  • 〔Note di acquisto〕Per acquistare autentico, si prega di acquistare da Jueeustore. Il marchio Anpro non è responsabile per i prodotti acquistati da altri negozi come ZCJZ e nissidgds .
  • 26 MAGNETI cucito in – 26 punti di forza magnetiche di contatto cuciti nella RINFORZATO bordi in modo che si apre e si chiude automaticamente senza spazi

La zanzariera magnetica Anpro è ottimamente recensita online. Si tratta di un prodotto molto valido dalla ottima qualità e dalla alta resistenza.

Rete nera con rifiniture cucite fatta con ottimi materiali. Nella parte centrale della cucitura, all’interno, si trovano i 26 magneti che faranno chiudere la tenda in automatico una volta oltrepassata.

Comoda da usare anche con le mani occupate. Il tuo cane addirittura non avrà problemi ad usarla.

Si monta tramite attacco adesivo con velcro. Trovi tutto nella confezione, anche la guida Anpro a cui ti consiglio di rivolgerti per installarla. Se ti serve aiuto puoi fare riferimento alla mia guida definitiva al montaggio della zanzariera magnetica.

La versione recensita qui è quella di dimensioni 100×220 centimetri. Esiste anche il modello più corto da 90×210 centimetri.

5. MYCARBON – 110×220 centimetri – attacco adesivo con velcro

MYCARBON Zanzariera Magnetica Adesivo 110 * 220cm Zanzariera...
MYCARBON Zanzariera Magnetica Adesivo 110 * 220cm Zanzariera…

  • Montaggio semplice, accessori completi – Alla zanzariera magnetica si applica il disegno dell'adesivo da un lato e l’adesivo dall'altro, senza forare e senza altri strumenti, nessuna difficoltà nel montaggio. Si può essere messa in estate e tolta in inverso, senza rimuovere l’adesivo dall’infisso. La dimensione della zanzariera magnetica è 110*220cm, adatta all’infisso interno largo entro 106cm
  • Magnetismo forte, chiusura automatica – Grazie alle 26 calamite centrali che sono posizionate sulla striscia centrale in verticale della zanzariera magnetica e che hanno il vantaggio di non notarsi essendo cucite all'interno, si chiude automaticamente. La si trova molto comoda quando si torna a casa con i sacchetti della spesa, si può entrare ed uscire semplicemente senza il bisogno di aprirla e chiuderla con le mani. Perfetta anche per chi ha un cane/gatto che ama scorazzare dentro e fuori casa

La zanzariera magnetica Mycarbon è una rete molto elegante adatta a tutte le portefinestre.

Il modello che ti propongo qui è quello da 110×220 centimetri. Online trovi anche altre dimensioni, rendendo questa zanzariera adattabile a qualunque esigenza.

Nell’ordine dalla più piccola alla più grande troverai le seguenti dimensioni: 90×210 centimetri, 100×220 centimetri, 110×220 centimetri, 120×220 centimetri e 140×240 centimetri.

Una rete facilissima da montare grazie al velcro e a tutti gli accessori inclusi nella confezione che ti arriverà direttamente a casa. Ti basta seguire le indicazioni presenti sulla guida Mycarbon inclusa. Se ti serve aiuto puoi fare riferimento alla mia guida definitiva al montaggio della zanzariera magnetica.

Molto comoda, non sarà mai di intralcio al passaggio. È fatta in modo da poter essere aperta anche senza l’uso delle mani. I magneti si staccheranno facilmente per poi andare ad aderire e far sì che la tenda si richiuda da sola.

La trama fitta lascia fuori zanzare e insetti, anche i più piccoli. La luce del sole non avrà problemi a passare attraverso le maglie della zanzariera.

6. GIMARS – 110×220 centimetri – attacco adesivo con velcro


Gimars Zanzariera Magnetica in Rete per Portafinestra con Strisce...
Gimars Zanzariera Magnetica in Rete per Portafinestra con Strisce…

  • FACILE DA MONTARE E DA RIMUOVERE-Nel pacco vengono dotati di adesivi e chiodi per installare e fissare bene la zanzariera sulla portafinestra, e non richiede nessuno altro attrezzo per finire il montaggio. La dimensione si adatta alle porte di 110*220cm(larghezza*altezza) al massimo. SI PREGA DI VERIFICARE LE MISURE PRIMA DI PROCEDERE ALL'ACQUISTO!
  • Adesivo SUPER FORTE-L’adesivo aderisce saldamente al telaio della porta finestra senza cadere, adatto alle portafinestre di materiale legno, plastica,metallo o mattone e le superficie devono essere lascie pulite e asciugate. In alternativa è possibile utilizzare i chiodini in dotazione per fissare il montaggio.

La zanzariera magnetica Gimars è di ottima qualità. È disponibile in diverse misure così da adattarsi alle esigenze di tutti.

Questa che ti propongo è da 110×220 centimetri. La trovi anche da 100×220 centimetri, 110×220 centimetri, 120×220 centimetri, 140×240 centimetri, 160×230 centimetri, 80×200 centimetri, 90×210 centimetri.

Si installa tramite attacco adesivo con velcro. Troverai tutto quello che ti serve nella confezione. È facile da montare e puoi farlo da solo. Ti ci vorranno pochissimi minuti.

Si apre semplicemente attraversandola e si richiude da sola grazie ai magneti presenti nella cucitura centrale. È molto resistente grazie all’alta qualità dei materiali utilizzati.

Puoi dire addio alle zanzare e agli altri tipi di insetti che erano soliti invadere la tua casa. Apri il balcone per far passare aria e luce senza più preoccupazioni.

7. JAROLIFT – 140X250 centimetri – attacco adesivo con velcro

La zanzariera magnetica Jarolift è disponibile anche nelle versioni 110×220 centimetri e 160×230 centimetri, rendendola così una rete adatta a tutte le portefinestre. Inoltre è disponibile sia bianca che nera di modo da andare d’accordo con qualunque tipo di interni.

È una rete di ottima qualità. Facile e veloce da montare tramite l’attacco adesivo con velcro che si trova nella confezione.

I magneti nella cucitura interna penseranno a far richiudere la tenda su stessa, rendendola quindi utilizzabile anche senza mani. Basta semplicemente passarci attraverso.

È adattabile alla propria portafinestra, dal momento che è possibile tagliarla in base alle proprie specifiche misure. Ricordati sempre che la zanzariera va sempre prima installata a partire dalla parte superiore.

A lavoro ultimato puoi eliminare la rete in eccesso tagliandola.

La migliore zanzariera magnetica economica

8. TESA – 130×220 centimetri – attacco adesivo con velcro

La zanzariera magnetica Tesa è tra le più cercate online. Sono reti di ottima qualità e allo stesso tempo economiche.

Sono disponibili sia nere che bianche e inoltre in diversissime misure. Queste che ti propongo sono di 130×220 centimetri. Nella confezione troverai due reti da 65×220 centimetri da installare al telaio della tua portafinestra.

Partendo da questa proposta, puoi cercare quella più adatta a te. Ti basterà prendere le misure del telaio della porta a cui vuoi installarla, poi ti consiglio di aggiungere qualche centimetro e comprare quella che fa al caso tuo.

Aggiungere centimetri alle misure prese significa essere dalla parte del buon senso. È sempre meglio ritagliare la parte che non serve piuttosto che comprare una zanzariera che non si adatta alla perfezione.

La zanzariera Tesa è un ottimo prodotto. Coniugare la semplicità, la facilità di montaggio, il prezzo basso e la qualità non è facile. Ma Tesa ci riesce alla grande.

Si installa tramite attacco adesivo con velcro. Lo troverai nella confezione.

La zanzariera magnetica per finestra

Le zanzariere magnetiche per finestra sono articoli specifici per le finestre di casa.

Le reti presenti sul mercato, oggi, sono adattabili a qualunque porta o finestra di casa. Basta prendere bene le misure e il gioco è fatto.

Ti basteranno pochi clic per renderti conto che le reti anti insetti di questo tipo sono adatte a tutto.

La grande differenza sta tutta nella dimensione di ciò di cui stiamo parlando.

Una portafinestra permette il passaggio attraverso la stessa, per esempio per uscire sul balcone di casa oltrepassi la portafinestra.

Una finestra invece serve spesso solo esclusivamente per affacciarsi, non di certo per attraversarla!

La portafinestra è grande mentre la finestra è più piccola.

Le ditte stesse di solito propongono due modelli diversi di rete adattabile a quello che serve.

La cosa importante che ti serve sapere è che non cambierà nulla per quanto riguarda il montaggio, che sarà sempre facile e veloce.

Ecco alcuni consigli d’acquisto veloci se sei intenzionato a comprare una zanzariera magnetica per la tua finestra.

Migliori zanzariere magnetiche per finestra

9. LICTIN per finestra – 130×150 centimetri

Lictin Zanzariera Magnetica per Finestra - Dimensioni 130 x...
Lictin Zanzariera Magnetica per Finestra – Dimensioni 130 x…

  • Protezione da insetti: La connessione magnetica pratica chiude automaticamente la tenda. Far entrare aria fresca – ma senza insetti.
  • Alta qualità e buon design: Rispetto ad altri prodotti, solo cucito, zanzariere resistenti allo strappo vengono utilizzati su tutti i lati. In questa chiusura, i magneti sono cuciti su tutta l'altezza.

Soluzione molto elegante per la tua finestra. Rete di alta qualità, è facile da montare, il velcro è incluso nella confezione.

10. TESA per finestra – 130×150 centimetri

tesa Insect Stop Zanzariere Attacca & Stacca STANDARD per...
tesa Insect Stop Zanzariere Attacca & Stacca STANDARD per…

  • Godetevi l'aria fresca senza questi fastidiosi insetti con Tesa Insect stop zanzariere attacca stacca standard per finestre – zanzariera semplice ma efficace
  • Il tessuto della zanzariera è ritagliabile su misura – nastro adesivo Tesa attacca stacca incluso, per una facile installazione senza perforazione

Soluzione un po’ più economica per la tua casa. Nonostante il prezzo più basso, la qualità è senz’altro garantita. Si monta tramite velcro adesivo che trovi in dotazione.

Tipologie diverse di zanzariera per la tua casa

Sul mercato esistono tipi diversi di zanzariera. Ovviamente in questo articolo ti parlo esclusivamente della comodissima zanzariera magnetica, che è desiderata e comprata da chiunque. Inoltre è facilissima da montare e ci vogliono solo 5 minuti.

In generale sul mercato troviamo disponibili due grandi categorie di zanzariera: le reti fisse e quelle mobili.

Alcune possono essere rimosse o spostate o fatte scivolare e consentono un passaggio facile e comodo tra ambienti mentre altre vengono installate dove non si transita spesso e non possono essere rimosse.

Un esempio può essere la finestra in un bagno, che può essere non molto grande e anche rialzata, non permettendo già di suo nessun passaggio. Le finestre di questo tipo hanno la sola funzione di ricambio di aria e illuminazione degli interni.

Un altro esempio è appunto un balcone. Se aggiungiamo il fatto che alcune casalinghe, come mia madre, usano proprio il balcone per stendere i panni appena lavati e farli asciugare su uno stendino, allora si capisce come sia necessaria una tipologia di zanzariera che permetta un passaggio facile.

Ti passo ora in rassegna alcuni prodotti interessanti, con dei consigli veloci di acquisto nel caso tu sia interessato.

Zanzariere a singolo o doppio battente

Questo tipo di zanzariera si installa direttamente sul telaio di una portafinestra. Questa va a diventare una vera e propria seconda porta che dà sul balcone, in modo da permettere di tenere aperto per far passare aria e luce, ma evitare che insetti e soprattutto zanzare si intrufolino in casa.

Zanzariere a pannelli scorrevoli

Le ho viste a casa di amici, soprattutto quelli che hanno grandi portefinestre nel salone.

Queste zanzariere si spostano lateralmente per permettere alla persona di uscire sul balcone. Vanno installate su misura direttamente al telaio e scorrono sul bordo inferiore.

Zanzariere a rullo

Queste zanzariere vanno anch’esse installate direttamente sul telaio di una porta o di una finestra.

Il principio del funzionamento è simile a quello delle persiane, il sistema presenta un rullo sulla traversa e la rete si avvolge su se stessa all’interno di questo.

Tirandola, la rete si srotola e solitamente si fissa in automatico una volta raggiunto il bordo inferiore. Risalendo, si riavvolge e va a risistemarsi nel rullo.

Zanzariere adesive

La zanzariera adesiva fa parte della categoria di reti fisse.

Queste si installano esclusivamente su porte o finestre che non servono per essere attraversate.

Le reti di questo tipo si applicano tramite colla al telaio e sono abbastanza facili da montare da soli a casa.

Da ricordare ovviamente che sono fisse e non possono essere rimosse.

Zanzariere plissettate

Si possono installare ovunque direttamente al telaio. La caratteristica sta nella rete ad impacchettamento, come si dice in gergo.

La zanzariera aperta va a piegarsi naturalmente su se stessa seguendo la plissettatura. Si possono piegare orizzontalmente o verticalmente, quindi possono adattarsi facilmente a qualunque tipo di porta o finestra.

Zanzariere con telaio

Queste rappresentano delle vere e proprie porte che si aggiungono alla porta già presente nella tua abitazione.

Hanno un proprio telaio per l’appunto e non si possono installare da soli a casa. C’è bisogno di chiamare ditte specializzate che verranno a casa tua per prendere le misure necessarie.

Chiaramente questo tipo di zanzariere sono più costose.

Zanzariera per il letto

La zanzariera per il letto non è una cosa che si vede spesso però è molto usata.

Il montaggio può variare come anche i modelli. Sono delle reti che vanno a coprire il letto, singolo o matrimoniale, che presentano un’apertura per facilitare l’ingresso.

Servono per le notti d’estate, quando le zanzare proprio non riescono a smettere di importunare il tuo sonno.

Sono davvero utilissime.


Sekey 220x200x200cm Zanzariera per letto singolo/Doppio, senza...
Sekey 220x200x200cm Zanzariera per letto singolo/Doppio, senza…

  • Offriamo solo il meglio per la vostra famiglia – si adatta facilmente a tutte le misure standard, per proteggere le persone dagli insetti. Anche per lettini dei bambini e come protezione per animali domestici. La migliore protezione dagli insetti senza dietiltoluamide (DEET) o altre sostanze chimiche aggressive.
  • Qualità eccellente: le nostre reti da letto con zanzariera sono realizzate a mano in 100% fibra di poliestere multifilamento e sono quindi al 100% ecologiche. Progettata per la massima resistenza – ogni rete è molto elastica.


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