🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) –

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) –

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I'm Alberto.

I always loved shaping the world with my hands.

Since childhood, I was not satisfied of the toys my parents gave me.

I wanted shape the material, dealing with them, creating, feeling myself a divinity.

The pleasure of doing with your own hands is what makes us really free and creative.

That's why love you there 3D pen, and today I want you to fall in love in the same way.

The following video shows you how easy it is to use a 3D pen. You would think it is a gadget for artists, but no. I myself am not an artist but I create works of art every day!

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The guide to 3D pens

If you want to give yourself a gift to rediscover the child or child in you, or better yet share the joy of creating with someone younger, and print a nice smile on your lips, the 3D pen is the right tool.

This is the right way to bring out the child within you.

Digital technology is fascinating, but nothing beats the pleasure of creating an object directly with their own hands. You can touch it, feel it, smell it and admire its colors and shadows.

The 3D pen is quickly gaining popularity with the best visual artists in the world who try to express their creativity with this innovative medium.

As if by magic.

What is a 3d pen?

A 3D pen in appearance is a somewhat more chubby version of a common pen or pencil, but writes and draws with plastic instead of ink. Nothing could be simpler!

But it really is easy to draw in 3D and satisfactory results can be achieved in a short time?

Yes, holding a 3D pen is nothing different than using it a very common pen, is held in the same way and allows you to immediately and directly track your ideas without using any software or make-up, you create objects in the real world.

A bit like being God, isn't it?

In the past, such an object could have been born only from the imagination of a great visionary genius, let's think of Philip Dick or Lovecraft.

The artist-demiurge who takes charge of creation directly and gives rise to any kind of reality. A truly fascinating and unusual perspective.

Experiments in this field had been made in the past during the Renaissance through the art of sculpture, but many means and laborious years of research were required for the research of the material and finally for the production of the work. And the result was always uncertain.

Today, instead, they have opened up unthinkable possibilities, thanks to the virtual reality that made the third dimension palpable and real, we are about to face the marvelous beginning of a new era that who knows what exciting adventures will give us.

Best 3D pens and 3D pens of 2019, guide and reviews

That's why we made this very comfortable guide with the best 10 3D pens selected with very accurate field tests by our editorial staff during the first months of 2019.

1. Homecube, recommended by our editorial staff

Homecube 3D Pen, 3D Printing Pens with the Hood of the ...
Homecube 3D Pen, 3D Printing Pens with the Hood of the …

  • 【Humanitarian & Secure Screen】 The LCD screen can display information directly, such as supply type, speed, temperature and security warning. The aeronautical ceramic nozzle material makes it safer during use.
  • Alimentazione Power Supply Provider】 AC / DC Adapter 5V 2A. Can be driven by standard power bank. No need AC / DC adapter, just connect the device to the USB port, so you can enjoy your paintings everywhere.
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– Beautiful aesthetically
– Robust construction
– Make any kind of artistic and design project quickly
– Fluid and very precise trait

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– The tip heats up quickly, which makes it less suitable for children
– The price slightly higher than the others, but justified by the superior quality

Of all the pens that arrived on our table this seemed to us the most powerful and effective. But also to the most surprising in terms of artistic results.

Screenshot 2017-10-22 at 02.32.24 "class =" wp-image-957 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle -02.32.24.jpg 409w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle-02.32.24-364x398.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max -width: 409px) 100vw, 409px

See here our young collaborator Paolo what he managed to create:

Inside the package we find:
– 3d pen
– 3 PLA filaments ready for use
-Power supply
-Station for the pen
-User Manual
– Sheet with drawings

The LCD screen shows the temperature, the speed, the type of filament.
The temperature of the plastic and its modeling can be faithfully controlled.
Ceramic tip.

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the product automatically switches to stand-by for safety reasons. The type of stroke is safe and controlled, it is very simple to draw in the air even for the most denied to manual creation, in fact here in the editorial office we have been able more or less of us to realize colored objects in 3d in a short time.

This 3D pen is recommended as the yield is surprising and the results are professional.

2. Kaotoer 3D pen, good quality price compromise

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– Light and beautiful
– Excellent value for money
– Easy to use

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Not suitable for very precise jobs
– The handle is not the most ergonomic, not suitable for long jobs
– Length of the feeder wire a little too short

Pen of good workmanship and design as well slight.
It cannot compete with the Homecube in terms of results, but it is more economical, for those with less creative needs, but still wants to give itself or others an excellent product that will allow hours of family fun.

The pack contains the feeder, 3 colored threads to start drawing right away, and a handy instruction manual.

The pen has two buttons, the lower one allows you to insert the colored filament inside the pen, while the upper one will be useful when we wanted to pull back the filament, or to remove it.
On the other side of the pen there is a potentiometer to adjust the speed at which the plastic to be modeled exits.

3. TECBOSS, resistant and performing

Tecboss 3D Pen, 3D Pen Printing with LCD Screen and Control ...
Tecboss 3D Pen, 3D Pen Printing with LCD Screen and Control …

  • 【PERFECT GIFT FOR BAMINS AND OWN DEARS】 The 3d pen is a great tool for making artisan furnishing, art and model works. It is also a good ally for your family to create works of art together, relieve stress and have fun together.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL】 3D Pen Printing with 8 different speed levels, the filament output speed is precisely controlled; The temperature can be adjusted to use different materials. The LCD screen displays the temperature constantly.
🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Warms up in record time
– Easy to use
– Invoice quality
– Good grip

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– The base with suction cup attachment does not do its job well

Durable, high-performance pen easy to use and excellent workmanship.
Supplied with two different types of filaments, a PLA, an ABS, the manual, the USB power cable, the charger.

It is certainly one of the best models, slightly higher than the Kaotoer, but justified by the better workmanship.
It allows excellent results and does not leave on foot even after numerous intensive uses.

It does not heat up too much and the handle is excellent. Recommended for those who want an object that lasts over time and is more demanding in terms of precision results.

The only flaw is the suction cup base that does not hold the weight of the pen, a somewhat useless accessory.

4. Lauva, honest and efficient

Lauva 3D Print Pen, (New Version 2018) Intelligent 3D ...
Lauva 3D Print Pen, (New Version 2018) Intelligent 3D …

  • 3D printer pen with a functional design: it has great energy savings during standby. It is light and thin so that it can be used in a simple way and enjoy 3D creations to the full.
  • The speed is adjustable: you can control both the output speed and the size of the filaments, building beautiful 3D structures.
🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Resistant
– Good modeling results

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Pen design not the best
– Instructions in English

Fun pen for those who want to indulge themselves and get closer to the world of 3D pens.
The design of the pen itself is not the most exciting, but the realization is good, in fact it seems very durable in hand and we bet also durable over time.

Equipped with classic accessories, ie power supply, USB cable, basic filaments to start with.

Pressing the down arrow button for three seconds the pen shows a red and a blue light, you have to wait from that moment a good minute that both lights turn blue and you can then insert the filament and start drawing.

The results are good and satisfying.

5. 7TECH Pen for 3D printing

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– LCD screen
– Silent and odorless

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– The keys tend to get stuck
– It's not very well made

Here is another good medium price pen, for those who want to make a gift that will not leave disappointed.
Supplied with 3 colored ABS or PLA filaments and the usual power supply.

The presence of an LCD screen is surprising to check the temperature and the emission.

In the long run, however, we have noticed the tendency of the keys to lock slightly, in hand it also does not give the feeling of a great product like the previous models.

6. 3DYAYA Makerable, Italian product

Mcoplus - 3D pen -3DYAYA NEW MODEL: The pen that draws in ...
Mcoplus – 3D pen -3DYAYA NEW MODEL: The pen that draws in …

  • Handheld 3D printer will free your creativity – powered network: Cheap startup costs, 5% of the price of a 3D printer, including also ABS plastic; No computer or software needed, without a printer means savings on money and time to learn how to use packages.
  • Complete the upgrade generation II cooling system. It is best effective 3D pen on the market. 0.7mm copper nozzle for freehand 3D drawing (Tip is very hot)
🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767
🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Keys a little hard
– Deburring problems during creation
– Non-professional results

We are pleased to present an Italian product on this list of hi-tech items.
We would also like to praise its exciting features and performances which it does not provide.

In fact, in our opinion it is a rather disappointing product.

The charger tends to give problems, during creation we also noticed the difficulty of pressing some of the pen keys, and it is also easier to smudge.
Compared to the other models it is easier to make mistakes and it is necessary to proceed with greater calm and slowness.

It is however an Italian product to which we want to leave the benefit of the doubt.

7. 3Doodler Start Essentials, kit for children

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Cute design
– Designed without hot parts to ensure greater safety

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Low quality

Kit for children, and also the bill is such.
We regret not being able to recommend a kit that looks very cute and appealing to the little ones.

However, quality does not meet expectations, the impression is of a pen that will not withstand many uses,
The plastic hardens quickly to avoid smudging and to allow simplicity and immediacy of use.

8. 3Doodler, the top of the range

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Excellent workmanship
– Excellent results

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Price a little high
– Works well only with the ABS
– Sometimes it tends to get stuck

Top of the range pen, it is also one of the most expensive indeed, but it is for those who love good things, and those who wish to have a durable object that will hardly have to replace.

The packaging and design of the pen is very beautiful, the material is light aluminum, the handle is excellent,
Complete set accessories like nozzle, Jet Pack, doodlepad etc.

Two types of creation speed.
Unfortunately it seems to guarantee good results only with ABS filaments.

9. Giochi Preziosi IDO 3D VERTICAL Design Studio

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767

– Nice and attractive design and packaging

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Bad smell
– Unsatisfactory results

Another product designed for the little ones but which leaves something to be desired.
There is not much to add, the realization is poor as well as the results, if you intend to buy a product for the little ones you can opt for one of the previous ones and provide supervision during use.

10. Elegiant 3D, pretty and cheap

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3767
🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– Striking results
– Object of quality a little poor

An interesting product for those who want to launch into the world of 3D pens, however, does not intend to spend large amounts of money.
A great way to start, the pen is indeed very cheap, however of not disappointing invoice.

Compatible with PLA and ABS filaments, complete and exhaustive kit.

It is possible to make basic drawings, do not expect miraculous results, it is an ideal pen to get an idea of ​​this world and then eventually move to more challenging models.

11. Plusinno®

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– Excellent with materials such as ABS and PLA
– The price

🥇9 Best 3D pens 2019? (Personal Experience) "class =" wp-image-3769

– No one in particular

Here is a 3d pen to make your three-dimensional drawings and amaze your children or friends.
A nice new product that will satisfy even the most demanding creators.

The amateur 3D printers will also be grandiose and lately very popular, but nothing beats the pleasure of making something with your own hands and this pen will allow you to materialize directly from your hands beautiful 3D drawings that can then be exhibited at home or why not to give as gifts on special occasions.

For example, I love to make special charms for my friends and give them, I get amazed looks and lots of enthusiasm every time. There is nothing more satisfying than making a person happy thanks to our creation.

This is why 3D pens are becoming increasingly popular, allowing the whole family to be involved by exercising imagination and dexterity.

But let's see well together what are the features that make Plusinno unique and let's examine them one by one in our review.

Well, the pen in question knows how to behave very well both with traditional materials like ABS and PLA, which we examined very well in our guide on this page, both with the flexible material, and there is the real surprise.

In any realization context, whether it is a simple test circle or the sketch of a cartoon character, or even a colored writing in large letters that magically takes life from the table and surprises everyone, the Plusinno pen never betrays.

The price is low but the yield is considerable.

Easy to use even for children who will easily find themselves at ease holding it in their hands, made of very resistant material, it includes in the box where several filaments are sold that can be a good stock before thinking of buying new ones, a nice comfort no doubt about it.

Screen 2017-10-22 at 02.32.50 "width =" 739 "height =" 471 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22- alle-02.32.50.jpg 739w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle-02.32.50-364x232.jpg 364w, https: // procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle-02.32.50-608x388.jpg 608w "sizes =" (max-width: 739px) 100vw, 739px

How to use the 3d pen?

First of all it is essential to understand the parts of which the pen is composed, which is a complex mechanism with different parts that work in harmony at the same time to allow the pen to generate three-dimensional structures more or less graceful depending on the hand of the designer.

The filaments must be inserted into the bottom of the pen before the creation process begins, the other end is equipped with a metal pin which, warming up to 270 degrees Celsius, allows the solid filament to melt slowly or faster depending on the wishes of whoever holds it.

When drawing 3D, the most difficult part is learning how to measure the tip temperature.

We are used to normal pens and pencils that do not have this feature, but we must try to imagine that the pressure on the sheet we normally make with normal drawing tools corresponds to the more or less high degree of filament temperature.

Once the pen has turned on, the filament is released slowly until it becomes semi-liquid. In this state, in fact, it is much easier to give it the shape we want and to start layering it to create the 3D sculpture.

Once the filament is exposed to the air it immediately begins to solidify, so you have to get carried away and become fast enough, otherwise you risk creating unwanted and unsightly effects.

There are several considerations to keep in mind while using the pen. One of these is the color of the filament. You can buy it in different shades, depending on your tastes, but unlike felt-tip pens and pencils that can be changed on the fly and follow our creative flow, the 3D pens predict that every time you want to change color you need to remove a filament and replace it with that of the desired shade.

Another important thing is the speed of filament extraction. There is a speed regulator that controls the speed with which the semi-liquid comes out of the stylus of the pen.

If you are creating a shape that will be crushed on a surface, imagine a kind of portrait in 2d but raised, you can safely keep the speed high so you can draw as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if you draw more complex things and in true 3 dimensions with edges, indentations, raised parts, etc., you need to release the liquid very slowly to be able to create complex patterns calmly and with extreme care, avoiding making mistakes and getting dirty .

It will be difficult to give birth to works worthy of art without errors at the first attempt, not everyone possesses the appropriate manual ability to carry out aesthetically pleasing works. This is why 3d pens are commonly associated with artists and sculptors.

But don't be put off! Because even people who are not as gifted as me can create small objects and give vent to their imagination.

You can create the pen to make ornaments, jewels and decorative objects for the home. You can also add custom shapes to existing objects. The best can make statues and sculptures, there is no real limit to the possibilities.

To keep the pen in top condition it is important from time to time to rub alcohol on its surface. There is no need to apply too much pressure while laying the filament inside, or while pulling it out. There are instruments made specifically to be able to load and unload the pen without breaking it, thus ensuring that it can last a long time.

It is important to always use the pen with extreme delicacy, it is not a common pencil, it is a very complex and delicate object, formed by several parts that cooperate with each other.

We must therefore always be very careful and not make sudden movements or even worse, let the pen fall to the ground.

The metal tip also reaches very high temperatures, so children should not be allowed to play without careful adult care.

Even adults themselves are obviously required to pay attention because such a burn can do a lot of harm and have very serious consequences even after some time.

However, there is no reason to be afraid, since it is enough to use the attention and care that would be used to do any other housework.
The danger is always around the corner.

Even the filament released by the pen becomes very hot, so avoid touching it for at least the first tens of seconds while waiting for it to solidify and begin to cool.

It is important to remember to keep the pen well away from pets and heat-sensitive surfaces.

ABS and PLA, two types of 3D filament material

We often hear about ABS and PLA when we launch into the world of 3D creation, both in terms of printers and pens.
We see together the difference between these two types of materials.

Both ABS and PLA are thermoplastic polymers, both are readily available on the market in the form of colored or neutral filaments and of variable diameter (generally 3mm or 1.75mm).

  • ABS:
    It is recommended for objects that must guarantee a certain rigidity and durability and, compared to the PLA, it is less friable, withstands higher temperatures. It is modeled at temperatures between 200-250 ° C, therefore higher than those of the PLA, the pen will heat up faster and will remain quite hot. It presents the catastrophic propensity to retreat and deform, especially in the corners, if the material cools too quickly.
  • PLA:
    It is less resistant than ABS, but it models itself at lower temperatures, so it does not require the pen to heat up excessively. It also allows a more defined type of modeling and is easier to control.

Can children also use it?

The 3D pen mainly uses plastic as a creative element. A plastic filament is inserted into the base of the pen, which is heated to be shaped by the technology present inside.

The hot product is intense enough to burn the plastic and make it liquid. After this process you can freely start using the pen to write, or better to draw in three dimensions on whatever support you want.

To make you understand better … the hot glue gun works almost on the same principle as the 3D pen. Easy and effective.

If you're wondering what you can draw with a 3D pen, well the possibilities are unlimited. We can add a further dimension to the two we usually use and make our works of art much more realistic and "tactile". In fact, the 3D pen will add that organic feeling to our creations and make them "caressing".

But let's think for example of the immediacy of such an instrument, which allows us to create three-dimensional prototypes in the blink of an eye. As if by magic. In an afternoon you can imagine an object in your head, and immediately begin to make it happen, and in a few minutes you will have it before your eyes, to be shared with your family or friends.

On the market, however, there are literally hundreds of different options and if you are not real experts without the help of a guide it would be really difficult to deal with them.

Screenshot 2017-10-22 at 02.33.23 "class =" wp-image-961 "srcset =" https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle -02.33.23.jpg 379w, https://procontro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Schermata2017-10-22-alle-02.33.23-364x340.jpg 364w "sizes =" (max -width: 379px) 100vw, 379px

Guide to buying 3D pens

Now I imagine that you will be familiar with the functions and applications of the various 3D pen models. Between filaments and pen design there can be hundreds of variables to consider.

The new 3D pen models may not share the same features as the first 3Doodler models. For example, 3Doodler uses plastic filaments that make it very easy to draw in the air.

Real-time creation of real 3D objects in space was a real possibility considered plausible.

3D pens also don't have a long history

The first project of this type was funded in crowdfunding with kickstarter. The success of 3Doodler inspired Scribbler, produced in China, which despite this had a 6 month guarantee and a return policy for the object.

If you don't know exactly how to choose the 3D pen that's right for you, this market can be very insidious and even risky, in fact you have to consider that in most cases you are dealing with objects that heat up and that must be kept in the hand for several hours. The risk is therefore concrete, only the best authorized and patented brands allow you to sleep peacefully while our pen rests on the desk.

3D technology is making great strides just as we speak. However, there is not much to learn about it. The evolution of this technology is easy to explain if we start by considering and treating the difference between plastic and cold ink as working materials.

The plastic of the 3D pens vs. cold ink pens.

3Doodler and Scribbler were the main brands for 3D pens in the initial phases of this market. This type of pens used plastic to draw 3D objects in the air. Subsequently the development of this technology moved in the direction of cold ink pens. This type of pens made drawing in 3D similar to that of plastic-based pens.

The added benefit was to get rid of hot parts inside the object. Without hot components, it was a safer option for all age groups, especially children. In September 2015, the first models of cold ink pens came out and began to compete in the market.

Some pens of this type such as 3D Creation Maker did not allow users to draw in the air. The drawing took place on a solid horizontal surface and later the scaffolding of the possible 3D object was raised. But this type of work was not comparable with the fascinating sensation of drawing directly in the air.

During November of the same year, products like CreoPop arrived with an incredible new solution.

They added the UV, which finally made it possible to draw in the air.

At the moment the 3D pens are produced following two different technologies: FDM which stands for "Fused Deposition Modeling" or the same process as desktop 3D printers. The plastic is expelled through a heated needle.

Most of the 3D pens in our article use this process.

There are others that use a special ink called "photopolymer" that solidifies only when exposed to UV light. The liquid is poured through a needle which is then solidified through a special LED placed on the tip of the pen.

Additional Features

The first and most common function of 3D pens is to draw art or objects in 3 dimensions. Function and design facilitate filament charging, its conversion, and therefore the actual drawing process. Moreover some additional features can be very useful for our artistic work.

LCD screens can give the product an advantage over competitors.

Some products even have a filament loading level detection system. So-called Smart 3D pens have options like temperature management, work LEDs, etc.

Technological control of writing flow

The quality of a 3D pen can increase if we take into account the possibilities for checking it.

For example, temperature is a creative factor that can be controlled in 3D pens. You can also check the drawing speed in some products. The adjustable spout can help to adjust the flow and the drawing speed. A continuous adaptation of the drawing speed allows a high grip comfort and an incredible ease of use.

The adjustable temperature also helps the smallest adjustments on your work. Smart controls are the decisive appeal for products of the new millennium.


The ergonomics of the design is a necessity of the 3D pens out now on the market. Many promises did not become real, including Lix's small 3D pen. The 3D slim pens are preferable in today's scenario.

The best existing products are very small and rechargeable, even via the USB of the laptop.

The design covers a fundamental decisive factor to separate a common 3D pen from its rivals and make it a pleasure to hold and use for long work sessions. The design should allow easy access to the display and the part that releases the ink or plastic.

A light and ergonomic pen is what you need.

Type of filament

The type of filament is what defines your 3D pictorial style. Determine how the pen is held in the hand and what kind of movements to do to achieve the desired result.

Al momento ci sono più di una dozzina di diversi tipi di filmamenti disponibili sul mercato.

Come regola base, più facile è da sostituire, migliore è il filamento.
Ci sono quattro tipi di filamento: Standard, Flessibile, Composito e Speciale.

Il marchio

Il marchio è fondamentale e importa in questa tecnologia così giovane eppure tanto promettente. 3Doodler inventò la primissima penna 3D. Scribbler offre il lusso di una garanzia di 6 mesi.

Però la sua produzione è basata in Cina, che si sa a volte essere sinonimo della non migliore qualità. Marchi come Lix sono molto innovativi in questo momento. Ti consigliamo di comparare marchi e modelli sulla base delle features che offrono e della qualità di produzione della penna.

Il marketing illusorio è quello che si trova normalmente in questo genere di prodotti. E’ tua responsabilità esaminare ciascun marchio e sapere quello che ti aspetterà.

Le recensioni

Devi dar retta alle recensioni scritte sul web a proposito delle penne 3D, essendo un prodotto molto giovane è indispensabile affidarsi all’esperienza contemporanea di migliaia di persone come te che si stanno rapportando per la prima volta a questa tecnologia e sono ansiosi di condividere le loro scoperte sui pregi e limiti di ciascun modello e marca.

Cosa si può realizzare con le penne 3d?

Non c’è un vero e proprio limite alla fantasia e all’immaginazione, l’unico aspetto da considerare è che non è possibile ovviamente disegnare nell’aria senza nessun appoggio, la regola base è che ciascuna linea deve partire da un’altra già esistente.

Immaginate di stare costruendo una piccola architettura dalle strane forme e dai vari colori.

Le penne 3d da quando sono entrate in commercio hanno dato adito alla fantasia di molti creatori di potersi liberare e adesso su youtube ci sono molti canali di artisti e creativi che le utilizzano nei modi più disparati e imprevedibili.

C’è chi con santa pazienza ama realizzare complicatissime microsculture di personaggi del mondo dei cartoni animati o dei videogiochi, mentre c’è chi si dà all’architettura vera e propria molto complessa.

C’è un giovane ragazzo spagnolo che ha tentato di realizzare un’intera auto in scala 1:1 e be’, mi fa piacere dirvi che è riuscito nel proprio intento, certo voi non potrete aspirare agli stessi risultati complessi acquistando una semplice penna 3d e cimentandovi in qualche pomeriggio.

In questo caso parliamo di complicate tecniche avanzate, sfruttabili solo con l’utilizzo di parecchie penne 3d e letteralmente kilometri di filamenti di colori diversi da incrociare con grandissima abilità e manualità.

Non significa che non potrete arrivare anche voi agli stessi risultati, ma di sicuro vi ci vorrà un po’ di tempo, niente che non può essere ottenuto con la dedizione e la disciplina adatte.

Quella che all’inizio è una semplice passione se coltivata bene può trasformarsi perché no in un mestiere, il mondo contemporaneo sforna giorno per giorno nuove specializzazioni e nulla vieta che voi possiate far parte della nuova categoria degli artisti delle penne 3d.

E’ chiaro che utilizzando delle penne 3d professionali è più facile giungere a risultati concreti e duraturi, e anche il miglioramento tecnico avverrà con maggiore velocità.

Le penne 3d possono essere utilizzate per creare oggetti decorativi per la maggior parte, con un po’ di sforzo è possibile fornire a questi anche un intento artistico, un mio amico recentemente ha dato una mostra a Bologna composta di oggetti realizzate esclusivamente con questi strumenti, ed è stata un successo.

Le persone rimangono molto facilmente affascinate da queste creazioni dato che sono insolite e la tecnologia 3d non è ancora familiarissima al grande pubblico.

La penna lavorando con filamenti plastici sciolti può realizzare facilmente tutte le forme che avete in mente, o se preferite potrete lavorare su modelli già pronti, consiglio questa strada a chi è alle prime armi e ha bisogno di una guida per cominciare a prenderci la mano, infatti all’inizio non sarà per niente semplice far tradurre dalle vostre mani nel mondo reale ciò che avete in testa.

Potrete perché no decidere di scrivere il vostro nome a caratteri tridimensionali come la scritta di Hollywood che troneggia sulle colline della città. Oppure potrete realizzare qualcosa di mai visto prima, non c’è un vero e proprio limite all’immaginazione.

Una cosa è certa: preparatevi a fallire e all’inizio siate pronti a vedere il vostro lavoro perdere pezzi da ogni lato, non è facile. Una volta acquisita la giusta tecnica sarete in grado di modellare i filamenti come un vero artigiano.

E’ importante non scoraggiarsi mai, perché posso assicurarvi che i risultati alla fine si vedono, e sono tangibili.

Non c’è niente di più soddisfacente che mettere in bella mostra i propri lavori sui tavoli in casa e sentirsi chiedere dai propri amici dove si sono acquistati questi oggetti tanto particolari.

In conclusion

Il mondo delle penne 3D è affascinante e giovane, sicuramente ci serberà delle sorprese negli anni a venire. L’evoluzione di questo oggetto potrà permettere la nascita di un ventaglio sempre nuovo ed emozionante di possibilità espressive.

La terza dimenzione, grazie alla realtà virtuale e alla realtà aumentata, rappresenta senza ombra di dubbio il futuro, e non vogliamo di certo essere lasciati indietro in questa avventura. La fantascienza è proprio dietro l’angolo, e siamo prontissimi ad accoglierla.

I hope this guide helped you. Ti auguro un sincero in bocca al lupo e buon disegno 3D! A greeting!

Il vostro Alberto.


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