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« Are you beautiful today, did you go to the hairdresser? »

My boyfriend, who never notices the changes in my look

I’m Antonella.

A total freak.

Looking for excellent plate waves?

Do you want to make your hair a powerful machine? seduction? 👸

And since we talk about hair and seduction, I remind you that here on ProContro you will also find the guide to PLATES FOR SMOOTH HAIR and that ai CURLING.

Follow me in this fantastic guide. But first, to see a wave plate at work and understand what it can do, click on this video. You will be amazed!

The secret is in the wavy wave plate. If even mine distracted boy notices the difference every time I use it … there will be a reason.

I’ll teach you to make the famous Belen hairstyle, and make yours yours wavy, wavy hair beach waves, beautiful, seductive and enviable.

Let’s not get lost in small talk then! Enjoy the reading!


The guide to the wave plate

If I managed to get excellent results alone at home, they can all do it, I assure you.

In fact, manual skill is not my forte, I often make disasters, but the technology has reached such a level that it is not difficult to obtain excellent results today without the risk of ruining your hair.

In addition there is always my friend hair stylist Giorgia to help and advise me.

I used the knowledge of both to write this guide.

On the one hand there is the expert on hair with her professionalism and wisdom, on the other hand a chronic nerd (I) who loves to be always in order and have an impeccable instagram profile.

Whether your hair is short or long, or that you want narrow or wide, medium or small waves, or an afro, the wave plate can actually be the ultimate solution for make you happy.

Whatever the type of wave you want to get, soft, tight, well defined or natural as if you were asleep in the sun of a warm late-afternoon after a good bath and waking up with a beautiful shiny hair.

There wavy plate is the one for you.

There is also the triferro plate, convenient to carry out with the aid of three irons the waves by means of a single very fast passage.

Not bad.

It is clear that we always find ourselves dealing with the health of our hair, so it is good to implement certain precautions to avoid disasters.

But with a little attention and love, there is no risk, I assure you.

You should never overdo it with heat, because you know, hair is very sensitive to strong temperature variations, and very high degrees can damage them irreparably.

It is good practice to stay between 180 and 190 degrees if your hair is thin, for hair that is thicker, you can push up to 210 degrees.

In recent years there have been real giant steps in technology to « print with heat » waves on our hair, and we have moved on to using very advanced materials that without a doubt are more delicate and effective than those that we used a couple of decades ago. For example, ceramic coating or argan oil infusions are used to improve hair shine.

The Belen wave plate

The hair style of Belen has without a shadow of a doubt captured the attention of all and of all, those sinuous and elegant waves are one of the secrets that make the Argentine diva even more beautiful and seductive.

Surely you will have wondered how do you get a similar wavy style, I had also asked myself, and as usual I went to my friend Giorgia, a renowned hairdresser in Parma, to ask for advice.

Here’s what he explained to me:

Basically to get the beach waves or beach wavy styled hair you need to have one wide wave plate.

The final effect we will aim at is the one that is obtained naturally by letting the hair dry in the sun after a long swim in the sea on a hot day, do you know?

Well, that’s one of the ways, but if you’re not in the summer or if you’re in a hurry and want a more controlled effect, make yourself comfortable and listen to me well.

The wide wave plate is a fundamental accessory in the arsenal of anyone who takes seriously the refined art of styling their hair.

How does the large wave plate work? The large wave plate is an instrument which, as the name suggests, serves to create beautiful, long and wide waves on the hair in perfect wavy style.

So if you like the waves of Belen and if you’re wondering how to do them, the answer is this: with the triferro plates also called wide wave plates.

Guide to Wave the Belen

Hair Washing Stage

To give a style direction to our hair it is essential to take our intention into account already starting from the washing.

In fact, this phase is very important to start shaping our already damp hair immediately through a shaping foam.

I recommend drying them upside down with the hair dryer at medium temperature, removing the classic spout in front, so that you already have a good bit of base volume on which to go to work by means of our plate.

Post-drying phase

Once the hair has dried out well, proceed with great care.

At this point we need to divide our hair into diagonal sections about 5 cm wide and 3 or 4 cm thick.

To heat our triferro plate, and then proceed strand by strand very calmly starting from the middle of our head to print the waves on our hair.

It is a simple procedure, but it must be done with care and grace.

Place the lock inside the plate, push gently and wait a few seconds for the wave to impress on that part of the crown.

Final Stage – Natural Effect

In the final phase it will be necessary to widen the waves to give the natural effect that will make our hairstyle fantastic.

We need to take the hair dryer again, set it this time in cold mode (still without a spout) and pass it back on our head.

This process is easier to do than to give myself, I assure you, I have now become an expert, and for someone like me it is not easy, given that I am a chronic freak.

Can the broad wave plate ruin your hair?

My friend Luisa cried an entire week, she called me every night in despair because her hair had become sickly and brittle.

Do you know what a mess he had made?

He had used a Chinese wave plate.

Dear friends, let us first clarify one thing, in my life I too have made mistakes, like all of them, and like anyone I have tried a thousand ways to save.

But there is nothing to do.

European and American products have something extra, even if you have to make a small initial investment.

Do not misunderstand me.

There is nothing wrong with buying a plastic battle clip from Chinese at home.

But when it comes to products that can seriously affect our health and beauty, I’m not there.

I’m not at this game of slaughter.

I only want the best for my hair, so here I invite you to use the brands recommended in my guide, and I assure you that you will have no problem, my friend hair stylist strong of her experience explained to me that with giant steps that has made technology nowadays it is very easy to take a professional or semi-professional product to the point where you can use it every day in complete tranquility, without having to worry about the health of your hair.

It is always veins, however, to choose materials such as tomaline or ceramics which are sweet on the hair, and do not use too high temperatures for too long.

In short: common sense is enough!

How to make beach waves?

Here is a video showing how to make beach waves.

Best Wave Wavy Plate – Reviews and Prices

1. BaByliss Pro BAB2269TTE, triferro, the plate I use and love

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Beautiful waves
– Very customizable temperature
– Power cable along the right side

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Some might find it heavy, for me the weight is perfect

I love this plate desperately, first I used a cheaper one, then I took the leap into the void and spent a bit more euros for it, and I will never go back to it for sure.

It is a not excessively large plate that allows you to treat the entire lock of hair in a precise and stylish way. Perfect for those looking for a not too dense effect, for that it is better to fall back on a curling.

Why do I like it so much?

First of all because it heats up very quickly and can even reach very high temperatures (which I always remember to use with extreme caution and only for a few seconds).

Then because it gives very precise and sexy waves, which give a real plus to my look.

Even my distracted boyfriend, as I said before, realizes the difference every time I use it …

Inside the package we find a case and special gloves to avoid ruining our hands when using this BaByliss BAB2269TTE.

In your hand the right is heavy, you feel like you’re handling a very respectable object, you know I don’t like too light tools, sometimes you get the impression that you are dealing with real toys, instead I prefer to hear the « Mass » of a tool.

For some the weight of the BaByliss can be a negative aspect, but I am not of this opinion, I have well-trained arms since I do volleyball.

The opening for threading the hair is a bit too tight, maybe you need to be careful when you put the strands on it.

The BaByliss is certainly an essential tool to have beach waves with that famous natural effect to the Belen much sought after at this time.

There is a handy wheel to easily adjust the temperature, perhaps the position of this could have been better designed, but you can’t want everything from life …

It is good as usual to use a protective oil for your hair before using the plate so as not to take any risks.

If then a bit of lacquer is added to this after the heat treatment, the result can hold up for more than three days.

It is good of course to avoid a daily use of the plate because it can be highly stressful on the hair, all in all however it is a product with an excellent price quality, suitable for those who want the most from their hair.

The shape of the waves is almost perfect.

The temperature can be set from 120 to 200 degrees.

He works by exploiting the strength of three cylinders.

The handle is covered in velvet, certainly a touch of class for those who care about the aesthetic side of the objects they use every day, to always feel like a princess.

It also has a cool mode.

The cable measures 2.7 meters, a size in my opinion perfect because it is a hybrid between those very long cables that you don’t know where to put and those that are too short that don’t allow you to distance yourself too much from the electrical outlet, making use a nightmare.

Very simple to use, it does not disappoint even after repeated use, indeed over time you get carried away and it takes less and less effort to achieve a great styling that your friends will envy on time.

2. BaByliss Easy Waves C260E, economic plate for Belen waves

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Ceramic plate
– The waves last for days

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Only 3 temperature levels to choose from, making it a plate not suitable for professional use

Here is a plate that immediately stands out from the others on the market.

The waves made with the BaByliss C260E tend to be slightly narrower than normal.

Very easy to use alone and the waves remain even for days, so there is no need to re-face the procedure every morning before going out.

Certainly a nice comfort.

Realizes very natural soft waves, the use is extremely simple and direct, in fact it is enough to place the hair between the ceramic cylinders and these will provide to act with the heat on your hair generating a convincing wave effect.

You’ll feel like you’ve spent a day at the beach and let them dry in the sun, a completely natural and enviable hairstyle.

It will be necessary to divide the hair into four parts and then gently proceed to pass the plate until it reaches the root of the scalp.

Even beginners can achieve excellent results with this BaByliss C260E.

The coating is in ceramic, as I had clarified a little above in my guide this material lends itself to obtaining good results without weighing on the cost of production of the product, which means that you can take home a plate for sexy and effective waves without having to shell out too much.

But at the same time without having to compromise on quality.

The plate has two cylinders that allow the heat to spread evenly. It has three settings suitable for basic needs, 160-180-200 degrees, good for both fine and thicker hair.

In case you forget the lit plate you can sleep quiet dreams because this will provide for itself to turn off through the internal automatic shutdown mechanism, certainly a function not to be underestimated for those who, like me, is very careless and tends to continually put on jeopardize one’s life and that of one’s loved ones.

The rotating cable is almost three meters long, which allows use without the use of extensions, in any situation and at home.

Certainly an aspect not to be underestimated, because there are models of other brands with short cables that are sometimes very difficult to use without standing there continually tangling.

The waves are very well defined even using a medium temperature, this obviously prevents the hair from being damaged. However, it is good to remember the use of an oil to protect the tips, certainly an excellent ally if you want to get amazing results, better than what you might expect from a hairdresser.

As always it is better to avoid laying the plate too long, this is always a useful recommendation, but it is good to use your common sense and notice if you begin to feel discomfort or pain in your hair, for example.

Your body is always the best ally in these cases and it is essential to listen to it, avoiding exposing it to dangerous situations of excessive stress.

A fundamental aspect of this Babyliss plate is that the desired effect once created will last days, even if you start from a very smooth base of hair.
Obviously it will last until you decide to wash your hair.

Like all quality products, if used with common sense and delicacy it never spoils the hair on which it rests, in fact unlike Chinese economic brands and the like it indicates precisely the working temperature without being misleading.

Perfect for those with thin and delicate hair or for those who have thick hair or who want to get very extreme and interesting sways.

A cheap plate of all respect, but if you are looking for something professional, look elsewhere.

3. Imetec Beautiful My Pro Beach Waves, the legendary plate


Imetec Beautiful My Pro Beach Waves GT20 100 Hair Straightener ...

Imetec Beautiful My Pro Beach Waves GT20 100 Hair Straightener …

  • Plate to make tight or soft waves to give character to your look
  • Unlock the double iron and rotate it thanks to the two side buttons and choose the desired effect: wide side for large waves soft and natural effect, narrow side for narrow and defined waves
🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Effective on all types of hair
– A legendary brand

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– It tends to heat up

The Bellissima brand by Imetec is certainly one of the best known, perhaps even the first that springs to mind when it comes to hair straighteners, and even in this case does not disappoint.

In fact, we are talking about one of the best hair straighteners on the market right now, very very easy to use and ready to give practically professional results.

The Bellissima plate is capable of handling even large strands of hair, thus allowing complete treatment of the head in less than fifteen minutes. Practically a record time if we consider the competing models.

It is always good to use a protective oil or spray on the hair before going on to work and then maybe after styling, waiting for the proper time for the hair to cool down, you can use the lacquer to ensure a better hold over time. ‘ripple.

If your hair is very fine, the hold is not very long over time, and you will inevitably need to set a higher temperature for a longer effect.

We are in the presence of a brand that has made history, and for this reason performances are guaranteed, there is not much to discuss.

The type of wave that you will want to create will simply be at our discretion, the Immetec Bellissima 11619 is indeed a tool capable of everything, with great versatility, it will be enough to change the setting and switch from one style to another as if by magic.

The coating is ceramic and the temperature settings range from 160 to 200 degrees.

As we all know, the ceramic allows a uniform diffusion of heat over the entire surface of the hair without causing damage to it, a cure-all for the health of our hair.

The Bellissima plate by Imetec is equipped with a very convenient plate on which to store when not in use.

The super intelligent closing system also guarantees the possibility of always keeping the plate in full working order even if it is not used for long periods.

Bellissima is equipped with a double iron, a motive depending on the effect we would like to give to our hair, by means of simple buttons positioned on both sides.

It will be possible to switch between wide waves for a natural effect to narrower waves, as if by magic, if you want to try something more daring and sparkling, why not?

Bellissima by Imetec is undoubtedly a plate that can boast many fans around the world, and there will be a reason if it is so much talk, I find it fascinating when such a product manages over the years to generate a real almost religious following.

Unsurprisingly, this jewel of the Imetec house has succeeded in enthralling so many women, the waves it manages to create are indeed impeccable, and it will seem to have come out of a beauty salon.

The duration of the effect is also considerable.

4. D90 – wavy hair for days without lacquer

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Nice design
– Perfect waves that last over time

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– No one in particular

The D90 immediately struck me for its color and ease of use.

Such a design is not found every day in hair-care appliances, as you can clearly see from the photo, it is very interesting and even my friend Luisa immediately fell in love with this plate precisely because of the color and the purchased immediately online.

It heats up very quickly and makes the hair soft and very shiny in a single pass, the waves appear natural and very well defined, even with the passing of the hours they tend to conform and become even more natural.

A product that actually surprised me and led me to doubt my first choice for a few moments. Suffice it to know this.

Waves last quietly for days even without the help of other products, this is certainly a strong point for a wave plate, given that not everyone is willing to spend more time in the day to apply lacquers or oils.

It is certainly the ionic component that makes this plate special.

There is no need to have great dexterity or expertise in the world of hair styling, in fact we find ourselves in front of a plate with exceptional performances that does not require commitment to immediately show the maximum result.

Perfect for those who are clumsy like me.

I am very sincere, I know my strengths as well as my weaknesses and I am not ashamed to show myself for what I am: an imperfect being and for this human and sincere.

Durable, minimal and effective, and the price is excellent.

What more could you want?

5. Junma F-15, with 5 branches

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Excellent heat diffusion
– Beautiful well defined waves

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– It is not top quality

The Junma produces an interesting plate, first of all as you can see in the picture the cylinders in play are this time 5, the aspect is undoubtedly curious, almost vintage.

I love this kind of objects, they seem to tell a story like this alone, even though they are actually modern, they have that fascinating thing that captures me and makes me use them.

The cylinders in question are coated with ceramic, a material that combines convenience and efficiency.

The heat is therefore very homogeneous and allows it to spread along the entire surface of the hair generating very interesting waves, nothing to envy of more expensive models then.

The special conformation of this plate makes it definitely interesting for those in search of well-defined waves.

210 degrees is the maximum temperature that can be supplied.

Perfect for those with medium-length hair, honestly there are better options on the market, but if this model should happen to you, I’d definitely give it a chance, it’s those objects with a soul of their own that can give great satisfaction, of course already from the moment you pick it up.

The construction is not excellent, but it is reasonable considering the price at which it is sold.

Certainly a plate that will not leave many doubts.

For those who don’t have many expectations with respect to the world of hair styling.

6. Sonar F-11, fashion color, minimal travel

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Easy to use
– Comfortable non-slip handle
– Minimal plate that goes straight to the point

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– The quality is not high

Here is an interesting plate starting from the color that surely attracts attention and does not go unnoticed.

If you are a woman who loves to look and be noticed, this can be an interesting plate to consider.

Equipped with three three-centimeter-thick cylinders, it is undoubtedly a valid alternative to the well-known and famous names above.

It’s a plate that does its job, easy to use and doesn’t take too much time when you want to get the desired beach waves effect on your hair.

The handle is non-slip, certainly a convenience for those like me who have rubber hands and easily tend to drop objects on the ground creating real disasters.

It has very few operating buttons, its strength lies in minimalism.

The cable is rotatable and therefore allows a perfect mobility, without being there as usual to get tangled up, which happens with similar cheap appliances of the lowest value.

Perfect to be taken on the road.

It is made of ceramic and is extremely easy to use, nothing else is needed except to insert the strands of hair inside the inlet, obviously a lock at a time, taking care not to use too high a temperature.

And in the blink of an eye you will have very interesting waves.

It is economical, the price is honest considering the performance it provides, obviously if you are looking for greater reliability and a higher result it is better to rely on bands higher than this, focusing on the most popular brands of which I have written above.

But for those who do not expect too much from their objects and want something that « does the job » without too many frills, this one from Sonar can undoubtedly be a plate to consider.

Interesting for those who want a wavy not too tight.

7. Inkint Hair Corrugator, excellent value for money

Hair Wavers , Wave Hair Plate, Beach Waves , Iron ...

Hair Wavers , Wave Hair Plate, Beach Waves , Iron …

  • Professional hair iron: use of PTC heating elements, rapid heating at 60 230 ~ 230 ℃ C (446 ℉). Clear LCD screen, easy to identify the current temperature.
  • Hair plate waves: the temperature can be adjusted between 80 ℃ to 230 ℃, adjustable to 10 ℃ (50 ℉) speed, the temperature can choose the structure of the hair temperature.
🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– Perfect on long hair
– Economical and excellent for beginners
– Natural waves

🥇9 Best Wave Plates? 2019 (Experience Reviews)

– No one in particular

Here is a brand that is less known but still gives great satisfaction, certainly a product to consider this Inkit for those who want to enter the world of wave hair from the main door without spending an eye on their mind.

Effective from the first use, it is equipped with a very useful glove for those who care about the health of their hands and do not want to run the risk of burning them while using the plate. Certainly one more point for this plate coming from a minor brand but which reserves many surprises, and I will list them one by one below.

But let’s not get lost in small talk.

For those with long hair it is undoubtedly perfect, it creates very natural and sexy waves, certainly on a par with more noble models, in fact I assure you that sometimes you do not recognize are actually the work of this plate or much more objects expensive.

However, it is good to use a little bit of fixative lacquer to allow the wave to stay longer. Certainly a fundamental step if you want to get a result that lasts over time without having to go over the plate every day.

Also because it is good to remember once again that it is better not to subject one’s hair to excessive stress with an indiscriminate and continuous use of the wave plate.

An excellent product for those with long or medium hair, less suitable for those with short hair. The waves leave the hair bright and soft.

Pay attention to the temperature of use, sometimes it may be necessary to increase it to ensure a good result, but this can also be a risk if you let yourself get carried away and you don’t actually pay attention …

It can deliver a maximum temperature of 230 degrees, certainly an excellent milestone for such an inexpensive plate of a non-famous brand.

Recommended for beginners and for those who want to get their feet wet in this world without taking up too much of their wallets.

How do wave plates work?

Hair straighteners of any kind all work basically through the use of heat.

A heat source released from a certain type of material is used, depending on the effect to be obtained, which goes to shape the hair and make it the most suitable shape to our tastes and whims of the moment.

The wave plate is not limited to the Belen Rodriguez style waves, absolutely not, in fact it is excellent for obtaining any type of wave and hair movement.

There are, for example, Afro style waves, natural, soft or narrow, there is no limit to one’s imagination when it comes to hair styling. The beauty of living in these modern worlds is that you can act on your aesthetic image quickly and at home without the help of professionals.

Here is how to use the wave plate – Tutorial

I always recommend the pre-wash with dry shampoo and seawater spray. These are two very effective allies to be added to the plate if you want to have voluminous and healthy hair all the time.

First of all it is necessary to dry the hair well from the roots to the ends, however I recommend using a special thermal protector spray to avoid damaging the hair during the process.
In fact, these devices are designed to be used even by inexperienced hands without combining damage, but there is never a limit to prudence when dealing with your precious hair.

Then you can proceed to comb it well with a wide-toothed comb.

Then let it dry.

At this point the plate can be put into operation to make wavy hair, and wait for the few moments needed for it to reach its working temperature.

At this point it is important to divide the hair into different sections and perhaps keep them firmly up high by means of the usual hair clip, an object that is always trusted and very useful, which, as usual, will come to our rescue in this case.

At this point you can adjust the level you want to start shaping your hair.

Then remove a part of the hair from the pliers and grasp it at the root, and the plate is placed on top of it.

The plate will then be moved with great care and grace along the entire surface of the hair, to carry out a precise and long-lasting modeling work.

Then repeat this operation on all the hair.

The time has come to let them cool, a tip I give you dear friend is at this stage to use your fingers to give the strands a natural appearance, to make that real effect that we love so much.

At this point, at your discretion, you can use a product to give shine to your hair and emphasize the shape of our waves.

Wave plate materials

Given the rather simple nature at the base of the plate to shape the wave hair, the producers have always been able to indulge themselves to find the perfect element, the material suitable for heating in a uniform and healthy way for the hair.

Nonostante gli sforzi fatti dalle migliori marche del settore non si è giunti comunque ad un materiale univoco che possa andare bene per tutte le esigenze e tutti i tipi di capello.

Ma andiamo ad esaminare per bene i diversi tipi di piastra.

Le piastre in titanio, per capelli ricci e spessi

Le piastre realizzate in titanio sono quelle che tendono a scaldarsi più velocemente, capaci di indurre temperature molto alte in maniera però uniforme.
Non sono molto economiche, ma sono efficacissime, consigliate a chi ha una chioma riccia e molto spessa.

Le piastre in ceramica, buone per tutti

Le piastre in ceramica sono il miglior sunto di qualità prezzo e possono essere adoperate comodamente su ogni tipo di capelli.

Le piastre di tormalina, ottime per capelli danneggiati

Le piastre in tormalina vengono spesso appellate anche piastre ioniche, capaci ovvero di produrre ioni negativi, una innovativa tecnologia utilizzata anche in molti asciugacapelli moderni, sono ottime per risanare i capelli danneggiati.

Le piastre cinesi

Ecco le piastre da evitare, costruite solitamente in materiali plastici scadenti con un minuscolo rivestimento in titanio o ceramica. Sono quelle che hanno danneggiato i capelli della mia amica… Serve aggiungere altro???

Piastra triferro o normale?

Molte mi chiedono quale è la differenza sostanziale tra la piastra triferro e quella normale.

La triferro è dotata di tre tubicini capaci di modellare le ciocche con un semplice e diretto passaggio.

E’ la più facile di utilizzare e si adatta ad ogni tipo di capelli.

Dato che non obbliga a ripetuti passaggi, ma basta una sola volta per ottenere un risultato soddisfacente, ottima quindi per chi va di fretta.

Come scegliere una piastra onde professionale?

La piastra onde è senza ombra di dubbio un oggetto che negli ultimi tempi sta riscuotendo un grandissimo successo.

Però a volte non è facile optare nell’acquisto per un modello piuttosto che per un altro, e bisogna tenere conto delle dimensioni della stessa quando si acquista.

Non è facile scegliere se si sta valutando l’acquisto di un modello professionale, ovvero se si desidera il massimo della qualità senza scendere a compromessi.

Che voi abbiate capelli corti o lunghi, o desideriate onde strette oppure larghe, medie o piccole, non c’è dubbio che tenga, uno dei fattori fondamentali è la dimensione della piastra, oltre considerare il materiale di cui è composta.

In generale più è larga la pinza per prendere i capelli più questo è sinonimo di qualità e professionalità, in quanto sarà di sicuro più veloce e semplice trattare i capelli a ciocche più larghe e quindi accelerare il trattamento, senza ovviamente scendere a compromessi con la qualità.

La piastra a pinza larga va preferita soprattutto per chi ha capelli molto lunghi, preferibilmente va scelta tra i 32 e i 38mm.

Chi ha invece i capelli sottili deve prediligere le piastre più piccole, dato che producono meno calore e sono più gentili sui capelli, il diametro della pinza da preferire in questo caso è di 9-13mm.

La grandezza della pinza condiziona anche lo stile di acconciatura che si andrà a realizzare, mi sembra inutile sottolineare che una piastra di dimensioni ridotte sarà perfetta per onde molto strette e boccoli, mentre quelle grandi sono più indicate per acconciature vaporose.

Ma per quanto riguarda i ricci, vi rimando al mio altro articolo sull’arricciacapelli.

In questa sede ci stiamo occupando della piastra a onde, quindi se sei interessata ad ottenere boccoli piccoli meglio fare riferimento direttamente all’altro articolo.

Le piastre per capelli mossi non sono tutte uguali, anzi, ce ne sono alcune che hanno un design che permette la realizzazione di un effetto lisciante leggermente diverso, di sicuro un ottima arma nel proprio arsenale seduttivo.

Le piastra piatte con i bordi dritti servono ad ottenere effetti liscianti degne di un salone di bellezza.

Consigli di sicurezza

Per non correre mai nessun rischio consiglio di evitare di superare i 200 gradi di temperatura di lavoro, è sempre meglio tenersi sotto i 150 gradi per preservare la salute dei propri capelli, e se proprio ci si può spingere per pochi secondi a 180.

Fate sempre attenzione alla piastre cinesi che indicano spesso temperature sbagliate e possono inficiare irrimediabilmente la salute dei vostri capelli.

I capelli non vanno ovviamente maltrattati, sono una importantissima parte del nostro corpo e non si deve mai dimenticare che sono delicatissimi.

Quindi meglio non indugiare troppo tempo su una ciocca, ma muovere spesso la piastra in modo da indurre uniformemente il calore.

E’ bene piegare le ciocche assecondando la forma naturale del nostro capello.

Arricciare i capelli non è facile come stirarli, infatti la comune piastra per capelli è estremamente facile da utilizzare e anche le adolescenti riescono in poche ore a venire a capo dell’impresa di stirare da sole i propri capelli a casa.

Invece ondulare i capelli è più difficile e richiede più attenzione e delicatezza.

Un fattore fondamentale è ricordare di arricciare i capelli lontano dal proprio viso, ovvero tenere la piastra nella mano dominante (la sinistra per le mancine) e arricciare i capelli sul lato opposto della testa.

Importante tenere la piastra per capelli direttamente sul proprio capo in posizione verticale e avvolgere le ciocche lontano dal proprio viso.

Se la temperatura utilizzata è alta basta trattare i capelli per un 5-10 secondi alla volta, per evitare che si brucino.

Importante trattare prima la parte posteriore della testa e poi passare all’altra parte. Con il ripetuto utilizzo della piastra si diventa brave, all’inizio può sembrare difficile e addirittura innaturale, ma vi assicuro che è un’operazione che una volta imparata non si dimentica più, proprio come andare in bicicletta.

E’ bene poi evitare di lasciare raffreddare le proprie onde prima di pettinarle, altrimenti si corre il rischio di farle ammorbidire troppo.

E’ bene poi evitare di arricciare le estremità, ma lasciarle sempre un po’ lisce. Ignorando le punte si ottiene un effetto meno artificiale, più alla moda e fresh.

Nel caso poi che i capelli si siano arricciati troppo, ovvero che siano fuggiti al vostro controllo, è bene utilizzare in questo caso una piastra tradizionale lisciante.

In conclusion

Il mondo delle piastre onde per capelli senza ombra di dubbio ha fatto in questi ultimi anni passi da gigante, il motivo è che sempre più donne (ma anche uomini) amano prendersi cura dei propri capelli ed imitare lo stile dei vip.

Non passa un momento nella nostra vita in cui non “corriamo il rischio” di essere fotografate, con le nostre amiche durante un esagitato party durante il weekend, oppure per strada, mentre stiamo andando a fare la spesa.

C’è sempre qualcuno con un cellulare in mano che sta fotografando magari il panorama dietro di noi, ignare di essere le inconsapevoli protagoniste di una foto ricordo che magari finirà su instagram…

Capite bene amiche che con un’esposizione visiva e una probabilità di essere immortalate anche senza la nostra volontà è necessario farsi sempre trovare in perfetto ordine, e per fare questo occorre esercizio e volontà quotidiane.

Non si può uscire di casa dopo essersi svegliate senza prima definire il proprio stile, per poter urlare al mondo ECCOMI, sono UNICA e DIVINA.

Potrà sembrare un discorso un po’ narcisistico, ma in realtà io credo che sia dovere di ogni donna essere costantemente alla moda e alzare sempre di più un po’ al giorno l’asticella del proprio livello estetico, in una corsa all’eccellenza, nei nostri riguardi, in quelli delle nostre amiche e in quelli di tutte le donne mondiali.

La tecnologia quindi ci viene in soccorso, le nostre nonne e bisnonne infatti non avrebbero mai potuto ottenere gli stessi risultati di adesso, o comunque sarebbe stato molto più dispendioso in termini di energie e di tempo.

Molte di noi adesso lavorano, ricoprendo anche posizioni di rilievo e di responsabilità, non è difficile trovare donne a capo di aziende, impegnatissime a sfruttare la propria energia mentale e fisica per mandare avanti un business molto complesso… le stesse eroine poi tornano a casa ad allevare i propri figli, badando bene di farli crescere in modo impeccabile e sano.

Non è facile quindi trovare il tempo per provvedere al proprio look.

E’ per questo che vengono in aiuto questi strumenti preziosissimi come la piastra ad onde, che con pochi minuti e senza bisogno di conoscenze pregresse ci permettono, in fantastiche combinazioni, di realizzare lo stile che abbiamo in mente.

E’ sempre bene comunque ritornare su un particolare di fondamentale importanza su cui spesso pongo l’accento, ma non tutti sembrano avere capito a sufficienza, ovvero di evitare l’acquisto di prodotti economici scadenti quando si ha a che fare con la salute del nostro corpo, e anche la sua bellezza, due aspetti che vanno sicuramente di pari passo.

Vi invito apertamente ad evitare l’acquisto di elettrodomestici cinesi perché potreste fare la stessa fine della mia amica Luisa, e ritrovarvi così con una chioma amaramente bruciata…

I prodotti consigliati in questa guida sono stati tutti testati negli ultimi anni da Giorgia, una hair stylist professionista che conosco da anni, c’è quindi da fidarsi sulla loro più completa affidabilità, funzionano il 100% delle volte e si possono ottenere grandi risultati, come insegna l’esperienza di una delle migliori acconciatrici italiane a mio parere.

Non c’è niente di male di fare un piccolo investimento all’inizio per potersi poi ritrovare tra le mani un prodotto destinato a durare magari un paio di decenni senza problema, dotato di garanzia e assistenza, e “rodato” sulle chiome di molte altre donne nel mondo.

Io nelle guide che faccio ci metto il mio cuore, tutta l’attenzione possibile e spero che anche questa guida sulle piastre onde e triferro vi sia stata d’aiuto e vi auguro un’ottima giornata, felice e serena.

See you soon.

La vostra Antonella


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