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I'm Antonella.

As you know, they are literally obsessed with my hair.

My best friend Giorgia is one hair stylist very well known in Parma.

And it is always you to update me on the news concerning the care of the canopy.

Last year he showed me the smoothing brush, to be honest I had heard about it in passing but I didn't know that it would actually change my life.

The smoothing brush is a very interesting one mix between the common hairbrush and the smoothing plate. A simple but revolutionary idea.

The benefit it is possible to style the hair quickly by combining the action of the plate and that of the brush and the hairdryer.

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Does the smoothing brush work?

Based on my personal experience, the smoothing brush works quite well.

But there is something to make it very clear.

In fact, combing your hair with two simple taps is not enough to immediately find yourself a stunning hairstyle, unfortunately you need a little patience.

It is necessary to wait until the brush, once turned on, is brought to the appropriate temperature to start shaping our hair. It is therefore important to prepare the hair because it is knot-free, otherwise you will end up like it happened to me the first time … I still feel pain to remember it … auch!

Then it is important to proceed by brushing the hair into strands.

It is also essential to buy a handy brush that allows you to adjust the temperature easily, the first one I purchased was quite tricky and led me to press keys by mistake …

I have relatively smooth hair, and not very fat, so it is not difficult for the brush to do its duty, perhaps those with decidedly wavy hair will find it more difficult. Perhaps in this case it is better to think of other options.

It is always good to keep in mind that in order to effectively test the efficacy of a certain category of products, in this case the smoothing brushes, it is essential to rely on known brands and avoid the seduction of Chinese products. The reason is simple, these often contravene any EU safety rule and risk being harmful to the health of our hair.

Moreover, they are often simply ineffective.

So before you complain that the smoothing brush is useless or not for you, make sure you are using an effectively performing model.

Here is a simple guide for what temperature to use based on the type of your hair:

Thin and / or bleached hair: from 140 Β° C to 160 Β° C
Normal and / or colored hair: from 170 Β° C to 190 Β° C maximum
Thick and / or curly hair: from 200 Β° C to 230 Β° C

How to use the smoothing brush?

On hair that is washed and perfectly dry, free of any spray or hairspray that could obstruct the brush from getting smooth. It is also good to untangle the hair well to untie any knot.

If you have dry hair, avoid the drying caused by heat using nourishing masks, and make the hair more shiny by distributing a few drops of oil after eliminating the excess of water.

The correct movement a delicate dance is slow, like a dance.

You pass the brush with a slight hesitation, stopping at the points where your hair is more wavy. You can use it as if you were brushing it normally or passing it from the inside, but to get the best results, it's always good to divide the hair into strands and proceed very calmly.

Don't make my mistakes at the beginning, when I was a newbie and I thought that the hair straighteners were magic wands that it was enough to rest on the hair to make it fantastic in the blink of an eye.

Although these devices are sophisticated and advanced, there is always a need for the human hand, for that touch of fundamental Love when we take care of ourselves.

Which hair is it suitable for?

It is suitable for all hair types, although the best results are obtained on wavy hair but not too curly.

Does it hurt your hair?

The smoothing brush does not ruin your hair because the temperature is constant at 180 Β° and is coated in ceramic, the material of choice for hair styling, excellent for distributing heat with less impact.

It is no coincidence that it is also used in straightening and wave plates, and in curling tongs.

Can you use it with short hair?

Yup, also good for short hair, but in that case it is better to opt for a plate with a smaller surface.

The best smoothing brushes of 2019 – Reviews

1. Babyliss HSB100E 3D Liss Brush, my favorite brush

Here is my favorite smoothing brush, I tried a couple before reaching pure satisfaction, but once it was in hand it was love at first sight.

Obviously it was the classic gift from my friend Giorgia (in fact I take this page to thank you again, dearest πŸ™‚).

But no more talk, I want to explain to you why I love the Babyliss HSB100E 3D Liss Brush.

When it comes to top-of-the-line products it is not easy to choose, given that after a certain price range they all look the same, they all promise miracles, but few actually keep these promises.

The BabyLiss makes my hair smooth like no other brush, it is perfect for those looking for a natural smooth effect.

Very quick to warm up, easy to handle even for a bumbling woman like me.

The hair is immediately smooth, even at a glance, my boyfriend is very distracted, but when I use this brush he immediately realizes that there is something different in me, a new shine.

It is clear that if you want a super smooth effect it will be necessary to use the plate directly, there are no means.

This is an excellent alternative if you want an "on the fly" effect, perhaps at home just before going out to work, to amaze everyone with their hair always in order.

Babyliss Liss Brush works with negative ions, a highly innovative technology that allows perfect control of the hair.

I gave one last Christmas to my friend Tatiana, she was very skeptical at first, never having used a product like that, then she was amazed how a seemingly simple and minimal product could make her hair so smooth , to the tips.

Perhaps the only negative is the position of the heat setting power button, sometimes you tend to switch off the device inadvertently.

But it's just a small flaw in an otherwise perfect product.

2. Remington CB7400, a perfectly natural smooth

The Remington is known, never betrays when it comes to products for the style of their hair, and even in this case it takes the field with a respectable smoothing brush, starting from the design that is the unmistakable Remington.

It's the second brush I prefer, but almost on a par with the Babyliss HSB100E, and there will be a reason.

But let's find out together.

Let's start by saying that this Remington brush is perfect for people like me who are a total clumsy and if it weren't for the help of such modern objects they wouldn't know how to go about being impeccable and going out of the house in a presentable way.

I love taking photos on instagram and every time before posing I like to check that everything is in order, that's why I always have a smoothing brush in my bag, for the final touches needed before shooting.

It is a brush that heats up quickly, at the beginning it tends to have a slightly unpleasant smell which, however, disappears completely after some use, so there is nothing to worry about.

It takes about 4 minutes to reach the maximum temperature, but this is not always essential, in fact I prefer to work at lower temperatures to avoid ruining my hair, I do not like to take risks when my hair is at stake.

And then as I said, I'm a chronic nanny, so it's better to prevent … than possibly cure disasters.

It is heavier than the normal hair straightener, but this could be a negative aspect for people like me who like to have tools that are actually "present", "alive" in their hands, and do not love things that are too light and give the feeling of "cinesate ”Or in any case of unprofessional products.

But this is a matter of taste clearly.

The outer part of the bristles does not heat up, so even for this it is very difficult to burn yourself, you have to make an effort of it, let's say.

It is the right product for those who, like me, have problems caring for their hair styling, it seems designed to be used also for those who have very little familiarity with this kind of tools.

It often happened in the past to create real disasters, mistreating my hair, fortunately without ever having tragic consequences. Over time I learned how important it is to take care of your hair, and with a lot of patience and with the help of my trusted friends, especially Giorgia, I was able to solve the problem.

What for others is natural to me requires a lot of discipline, but I know this is the price to pay for looking flawless, and looking nice on Instagram.

I'm not a model but I know how to highlight my strengths, and look more beautiful than I am, and modesty aside I think my long hair is one of my best mass seduction weapons.

Discovering that there are products on the market that are so easy to use to obtain almost professional results always cheers me up a bit, it lightens my soul and puts me in a good mood.

The smooth that you get with this Remington is very interesting because it is not the classic smooth "plateau", but it looks like a natural smooth effect. Almost a miracle if we consider that we are talking about a simple brush and not a complicated device.

Just divide the hair into large sections and take a single pass, Remington will take care of the rest. Everything will be done in about 5 minutes.

The next day the hair will still be sorted and there will be no need to go over the hair dryer.

So recapping is easy to use, has a nice grip, creates a smooth natural effect.

Promoted to the fullest!

3. MiroPure CS0504

2 in 1 Smoothing Brush Irons Straight Hair Plate and ...
2 in 1 Smoothing Brush Irons Straight Hair Plate and …

  • THE IONIC GENERATOR FOR SEXIUM AND HEALTHY HAIR gives your hair a smooth, silky and naturally luminous appearance, sealing their cuticles, reducing frizz, split ends and knots. It gives you a healthy and natural silky appearance rather than an off and burned appearance and allows you to manage your hair easily.
  • BRUSH FOR COMBING NANO COMPACT CURLY HAIR: Smoothing Brush, in a few minutes it makes the hair from smooth to smooth and eliminates frizz, with a pleasant optimal massage effect for the scalp and the stimulation of hair follicles.

Here is a brand that I didn't know but that my friend Giorgia presented to me, as always at the forefront of what concerns new trends.

And well, I tried it and I can say I'm satisfied.

The MiroPure CS0504 is an excellent smoothing brush, similar to Madame Paris Lila, I don't know if you know it.

The price is limited but the performances are beyond doubt beyond expectations.

It has a beautiful design and is beautiful to hold in hand, a factor not to be underestimated for an object that is made precisely to be used precisely in this mode.

When you buy a smoothing brush you obviously can't imagine the results of a plate, it is clear that we find ourselves having to weigh two completely different products, for a different use, and also with a very different cost.

So don't expect straight hair with a single pass of this brush.

It is a perfect tool for when you want to give your hair a quick fix, perhaps before leaving home or from the gym.

Certainly a brand to keep an eye on.

4. Rowenta CF5712, ionic

Rowenta is another brand that certainly could not miss in this comprehensive list.

I would like to remind you that the smoothing brush is not a plate, so it is good not to expect that kind of effect, but to lower one's expectations, or rather calibrate them based on what this product promises and actually maintains.

The smoothing brush is in fact used to keep the hair in order and arrange it after using the hair dryer.

This is where the Rowenta CF5712 shines.

It is certainly an indispensable tool for all those who do not want to be addicted to the hotplate and have to use it every day just to set up their straight hair.

The Rowenta brush has only one temperature, so it is not possible to choose based on the desired effect. But it must be said that this only option does its dirty work, and you can't ask for more from a brush in this price range.

Sometimes I think that having tools with too many features leads to add even more mental confusion to what the modern fast-paced and fast-paced world imposes on us, let's face it, everyone's secret dream is to have objects that don't ask us to make choices in every minute of the day but that simply "limit" themselves to work and leave us time to think and live!

To smooth the hair takes several passes, do not expect a magic wand, but in the end it is a very interesting product.


5. Imetec Beautiful Magic Straight Brush PB5 100


Imetec Beautiful Magic Straight Brush PB5 100 Electric Brush ...
Imetec Beautiful Magic Straight Brush PB5 100 Electric Brush …

  • With the Belliating Magic Straight Brush smoothing electric brush you will have smooth and luminous hair in 3 minutes, without frizz; optimal results on thin or medium-thick hair
  • The 40 central bristles and the heated surface are completely covered with Gloss Ceramic Coating, which allows for uniform heat distribution and excellent brush flow.

Imetec's Bellissima brand is undoubtedly synonymous with quality and good taste when it comes to the world of hairstyles and hair care, and even in this case it does not betray expectations.

If you are looking for a perfect smoothing effect, it is better to go directly to the classic straightening plate, but if you are looking for a tool that will facilitate the arrangement of the fold before leaving the house every morning, this could be the object that is right for you.

My friend Marta is crazy about this beautiful brush.

The shape of the brush is not ideal for some, I know girls who consider it a bit bulky and cannot get well at the root of the hair, it is because they have short hair, in fact this is a brush that I recommend to those with medium hair long.

The rest of the brush is very light and warms up very quickly.

In a few minutes it is possible to achieve satisfying results, you can go from having your hair waved to find yourself like a smooth magic.

The ionic function in this regard is very interesting, and can be attractive for those who are more hungry for technology and want an avant-garde device to be discovered in its innumerable functions.

Always remember to have your hair well clear of knots if you don't want the brush to pull them out, with all the pain that goes with it.

To achieve satisfactory results like all things, a little practice is required, but nothing that cannot be easily managed within a few days.

On balance I consider this brush certainly very interesting, it is not my favorite, I will be honest, but some of my friends prefer it to BabyLiss, a matter of taste …

6. Beurer HT 10, detangling brush

Here is a very interesting brush, able to act directly on the hair leaving it at the end of the shiny and soft treatment as if you had just come out of a beauty salon.

Capable of eliminating frizzy hair and eliminating the electrostatic effect of these.

In hand it is perfectly ergonomic, simple to use and to let go on the scalp, it is a pleasure to handle to be honest.

Great for travel due to its small size.

The price is also contained, and it is precisely this aspect that makes this product so interesting and makes it part of this guide.

It is not very suitable for those with thick and short hair, better with long hair.

The teeth may be a bit too aggressive on certain types of hair, so if you have very delicate hair I recommend you fall back on other products.

Otherwise what are you waiting for? It is certainly an interesting product to try at least once in your life.

The heated professional, thermoceramic, electric, ionic, battery-powered smoothing brush

The aspect of crucial importance to consider when dealing with a smoothing brush is first of all the bristles that surround the head.

You may wonder why.


Brushes of this type resemble in all respects the brushes of everyday use that are used on the foliage of the whole world.

So why opt for a smoothing brush?

The difference in our particular case is that the "head" of the brush is heated to have a hair modeling effect. Yes, a technology that is as easy as it is surprising.

The external bristles are not heated, be careful, their task is exclusively to untangle the strands and elegantly pass them on the internal bristles, these so beautifully heated, that make up the original heart of the smoothing brush, its essence.

The number of bristles varies depending on the brush, the more numerous these are the easier it will be, and there will obviously be less need to get the desired result.

The ceramic coating without a shadow of a doubt is essential to make the brushing operation more fluid, in fact thanks to this material the hair glides into the brush, as in a dance, and there is no danger of running into knots that would bring pain atrocious.

Another fundamental step forward was made with the introduction of the ionizer, also used in hair dryers, plates and curling irons, to generate negatively charged particles, which create an antistatic action on the hair, thus freeing it from the classic frizzy effect, loved by few, and hated by the rest of the population.

But also the structure is obviously fundamental, I happened to try in the store some decidedly unbalanced brushes, which made it difficult to grip and regulate the heat.

Others even had problems, and switched on and off randomly due to inadvertent on-off button pressures, given its poor positioning.

The shape of the brush also influences its smoothing action, and there is a difference if it is used on long or short hair.

The smoothing brushes are made following a rectangular or oval design, just like traditional brushes.

This particular I must be sincere is not fundamental, it is reduced more than anything to an aesthetic choice, therefore it does not influence its functioning.

One thing to check immediately when holding a smoothing brush is how the bristles are positioned inside.

Such as general rule, listen well, the longer the hair, the wider the brush should be, otherwise it is better to opt for a small brush, which will be more effective.

A big brush will make the operation child's play, and it will speed it up a lot, in case you are dealing with a long or medium-long thick hair.

As a general rule, oval brushes tend to be smaller than rectangular ones, this particular shape in fact implies play-force that the brushes must be positioned in such a way that I cannot cover a too large surface, so if you are in need of a brush that it can act on more space, better to prefer the rectangular one as a rule.

Some models are equipped with a very precious detail, that is a small display that indicates the temperature and the state of operation of the brush.

Certainly this is a detail to be taken into account if you intend to use our brush every day and have full control over its functionality.

As I always say and I love to repeat, there are two types of users, those who prefer simple accessories that have a single function and do their duty, and others who love products full of possibilities and options.

I believe that both approaches are right and that there is no single winning line of thought.

There are times in my life where I prefer to focus on what makes me feel good, giving less weight to objects, while others where I feel more "nerd" and I want to understand how things work, I want to explore all the innermost depths and exploit its most complex features.

The beauty of being human.

The brush panel is not to be underestimated, because it is thanks to this that it will be possible to take total control of our precious ally.

Some brushes instead of keys use paddles, which I personally prefer.

The length of the cable is of fundamental importance, how many times you will have found yourself dealing with very interesting appliances but who maybe had a little cable of a meter and it was impossible even to fix them on a piece of furniture, they seemed to be built specifically to create headaches.

You will tell me that there are electric extension cables, and that they do just that.

But they are uncomfortable, and then I never understand what it costs to put a meter
extra in certain appliances to make life easier for everyone!

We then consider that the brush is usually used standing, moving, while doing other things, for example I love talking on the phone while I take care of my hair, to make the operation less tedious and to feel in company, imagine that annoyance when I find myself with instruments from the micro cable. Grrr, what an anger!

It is convenient to have a smoothing brush that allows you to choose between many different temperatures with which to treat your own hair, sometimes in fact a certain type of hair may need a higher or lower temperature depending on the weather. The hair is known, they are strictly dependent on the barometer.

Some brushes have very low heating times, in a short time they can reach the desired temperature. But this is another obviously very relative factor, which changes from model to model, and is clearly also correlated to the maximum temperature that can be reached by the device.

Other brushes require at least 2-3 minutes before getting up to speed, obviously it also depends on personal patience, I who am a very impatient girl in fact prefer a tool that warms up immediately and is immediately ready to use, otherwise I get the urge.

Sometimes the maximum temperature is 180, others 230, it is difficult however to find models that exceed this threshold, since over 230 begins to become dangerous for the health of the foliage.

Accessories are another thing to take into account, which goes to add to the value of a kit for the care of one's hair.

Some brushes are sold with a very comfortable thermal glove, useful for not getting burned and for keeping an excellent and non-slip grip on our instrument. There are some very stylish and elegant ones.

It is worth remembering that ceramics is king when it comes to products for the care and health of one's hair, and there will be a reason.

Over the years it has been discovered that this material is perfect for spreading heat evenly, but at the same time keeping it perfectly under control, without reaching exaggerated temperatures and thus compromising the health of our hair.

Personally, I love ceramic products, although of course we only talk about coatings, most of the brush will for obvious reasons be rigorously made of resistant plastic, but we don't care, since the important part is the one that comes into contact with our hair. Always better not to compromise anyway and focus on quality.

Many people wonder if it is worthwhile to buy a cheap product, maybe when you are a beginner … I get angry when I hear this kind of question sincerely because I believe that when you are dealing with tools that involve the health or not of our body do not you can in no way compromise, but you must always look for the best.

It's like when you go to buy glasses … would you ever think of taking cheap lenses? They are still objects to have on every moment, which will direct the light into our eyes. So why think differently when talking about smoothing brushes?

I always remain of the opinion that five was the most spent today can represent thousands of euros earned in the future, that's how my mom raised me and the experience taught me that she was right!

Very often, saving does not mean being smart, but only deceiving oneself for a few hours of having made a bargain. For a while, when I was in financial straits, I also bought Chinese objects … where am I now? All in the garbage, in who knows what landfill.

Where are the valuables I bought instead?

They are all in my house, and I still keep them with care and attention, they are fully functional and I don't regret having spent a little more to buy them.

In conclusion

The smoothing brush is without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest allies for the health and beauty of the hair of us women.

Whether you have curly, short hair, or want to work on wet hair, perhaps with a steam-smoothing brush, it's always a good idea to buy it and combine it with the arsenal of tools for personal beauty.

I am always very skeptical when a new product is presented to me, even though it is recommended to me by one of my most trusted friends.

But there is a logical reason for this:

I believe that in this world there are now too many objects, specialized in small tasks, and sometimes these devices seem almost useless.

At the same time it happens to amaze me, as it happened with the discovery of the smoothing brushes, and to have to deal with something new that enters my world and completely modifies it.

Something that opens my head at 360 degrees and forces me to rethink everyday beliefs.

I'm not a technology fanatic, but at the same time I believe that futuristic objects can help us live a more serene and carefree life.

When an object of common use enters my life and allows me to free up space but above all time making me less a slave to tasks that might take much longer, that's when I actually feel happy, and I begin to smile.

I do not agree with those who paint this world in gray colors, I will tell you more friends and friends: we live in the best of all possible worlds.

What more could you want? An economical, small, pocket-sized travel brush, which allows you to achieve results similar to those of the straightener for hair straightening.

Had they told me twenty years ago I would have taken them for fools.

I take this opportunity to remind you how important it is to take care of your hair and rely on recognized brands, avoiding the usual "cinesate", which are also aesthetically ugly.

The use of beautiful objects makes life beautiful, so I invite you to don't be stingy and pay a few euros more to bring home the tools that will accompany you in the coming years giving you happiness.

I hope that this ranking guide on smoothing brushes has actually been helpful and I invite you as usual to leave me feedback, I will be happy to answer your questions.

See you soon, friends!

Your Antonella.


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