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πŸ₯‡9 Best 2019 Wireless Microphones (Wireless)

As I also explained in other posts, if you want to get serious with audio, it's best to avoid using wireless wireless systems and rely strictly on the cable.

In fact, the amount of sound information to be processed in real time is so great that even though your analogue digital adapters are extremely advanced, the final effect that will be obtained with wireless will always be lower than with traditional cable.
Unless, of course, we are willing to spend a few euros.

However, there are exceptions.

In fact, the maximum audio quality is not always necessary, some contexts do not require great performance, but only great portability.

Many have asked me for a guide on the best wireless wireless microphones, despite my obvious and obvious idiosyncrasies with this world, I decided to compile it.

There is a whole category of people who work with sound but are not directly part of the musical world, these professionals I believe deserve all our respect.
I'm talking about street artists, fitness instructors, karaoke managers, people who need a great deal of movement to be able to deal with a wide audience and set up a real entertainment show, being very often obliged to improvise from time to time.

But we also think of other contexts in which wireless wireless microphones are essential, such as in the theater, where there are often companies with many actors and the budget is limited, so the use of wireless microphones is mandatory, since it would be extremely difficult to microphone in a balanced way all the performers with simple environmental microphones.
Believe me I've been there and I know very well what I'm talking about.

The possibility of having full freedom without even obstructing the appearance of microphone cables is a privilege that certain professional groups certainly cannot give up.
The solution is often to use headband or lavalier microphones, or so-called flea microphones that are easily concealable in clothes.

On the market there are a lot of offers regarding wireless audio systems, not all of them are at the same level clearly and in many cases we are faced with real "cinesate". Care must always be taken when buying electronic products because you run the risk of buying low-value items that guarantee near-zero longevity. As my dad likes to say, objects that last from Christmas to Santo Stefano.

Saving on a wireless system does not necessarily mean buying something of poor quality, there are excellent economic alternatives and today we will examine them together.

The radio microphones used in concerts or television programs are programmed for use through a broadband distribution system, with an expansion of the signal by means of directional antennas. These serve to enhance the signal transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver, preventing unwanted interference from occurring while you are working.

Before buying a wireless microphone it is essential to check which are the free frequencies that can be used, in fact in recent years the transmission systems used by these devices have undergone a radical change in the frequencies available. It is a good idea to make sure that your wireless microphone works on frequencies other than those used by other operators in the area.

Unlike the speech if you intend to use the microphone exclusively for amateur use on short distances, in this case there is no need to foresee its possible use on crowded frequencies.

The most important producers and distributors of radio microphones have resolved this problem by inserting in their broadcasting systems free and legal frequencies for the entire Italian territory.

The best 2019 wireless microphones

Choosing the best wireless microphone for our needs is without a doubt a delicate process, as these objects are to be used remotely and therefore keeping in mind any problems that may arise from the use of certain radio frequencies.
Some products are Chinese and of poor quality and can pick up unwanted frequencies or even go to position themselves on bands dedicated to the use of the strength of the order. It is better to make sure that the product purchased is therefore of safe origin, if you do not want to face unpleasant surprises.
The cheaper models are clearly good for home contexts, perfect for having fun at home with friends or family.
Going up in price, it is possible instead to ensure a much more reliable device, perfect for use in professional and artistic contexts.
A fundamental factor to consider is the total number of microphones that a particular control unit will find itself managing.
There are situations in which there is a need to simultaneously manage many microphones at the same time, in this you will need much more advanced control units.

Wireless analogue or digital wireless?

There are two types of transmission, one analogue and one digital, the analogue one works on UHF and VHF frequencies, the digital one instead uses a proprietary signal network, as if it were a sort of internet router.
The analog connection despite the name can be misleading, given that we are used to considering the "analog" world in audio as "superior" in terms of audio quality, it is inferior to the digital one, for the simple reason that it is much more subject to interference.
The cost in this case is even lower, this solution is recommended only to those who have no major claims and need a system to use at home, the price to pay will be some interruption on the signal every now and then.

Karma SET 6172PL

Here is a superlative kit that sees the presence of two radio microphones available, one handheld and the other with a bow. A real bargain for those who want versatility of use without any limits.

The microphones in question are of the dynamic handheld type. The working frequency is UHF, without external antennas for up to 32 channels.
The receiver of the Karma SET 6172PL is extremely small, equipped with a cutting-edge Japanese technology of the latest invention to obtain the maximum signal yield and audio quality even in very difficult contexts, where other similar devices would normally trudge with a limping signal.

The distance at which it can operate is a full 60 meters, the connection is very easy to configure, without any problems even for those who are beginners with this kind of microphones.

Karma SET 167

KARMA ITALIANA SET 167 - FM Wireless Handheld / Ice Cream ...
KARMA ITALIANA SET 167 – FM Wireless Handheld / Ice Cream …

  • receiving:
  • operating frequency: fm power supply: 1 1.5v battery (type aa – not included) radius of action: 25 mt (approx.) operating temperature: from -10 Β° to + 50 Β° signal to noise ratio:> 100db frequency response: 40hz – 15khz (+/- 3db) dimensions (in mm): 77 x 45 x 18 weight: 30 gr

An extremely economical set, recommended for those with few pretensions but not wanting to compromise on quality.

The Karma SET 167 works on FM frequencies, is suitable for home contexts, it can be used either in normal mode via cable, through XLR or large attack jack, or in wireless mode thanks to a reception unit that can be connected directly to any microphone input .

The range of use is about 30 meters, not recommended for professional applications, as this is a very economical product, but in return it is very easy to use and its use is extremely fast to understand, there are no complicated connections to make or adjustments to be carried out before use.

Zzipp series 100

The zzip is a well-known brand in the field of wireless microphones, this model works in VHF mode, and is equipped with a dual antenna receiver.
The zzip microphone can be purchased in a handheld or lavalier version, for the uninitiated this type of microphones are those commonly used in television contexts, for example in contact with the interviewee's clothes, also commonly known as flea microphones, via of their small size.

At the time of purchase it is also possible to directly choose the frequency at which our device will work, depending on the Italian area in which we intend to use it, to avoid any interference on the signal.

The Zzip series is recommended for those who want to launch into the world of wireless microphones without spending a fortune but at the same time without sacrificing quality, at least the basic one necessary to ensure an entertainment experience without too much headaches.

Karma SET 7302, the best quality price for conferences

Here we are faced with a marvel of technology, above all if we consider the competitive price to which it is sold.
Also in this case we find ourselves in the presence of a microphone without any type of external antenna, operating on 32-channel UHF frequencies.

The construction is very solid and in hand it is very sturdy, of small size in order to guarantee an enviable signal and at the same time a great audio quality, perhaps the best with regard to similar products of the same range.

It can operate at over 70 meters, the indicated use is for contexts in which singing is not expected, but for simple speech, given the somewhat limited expression in frequency.

Karma SET 7430 perfect for karaoke

The Karma SET 7430 can be purchased in two different modes, namely in the bow or palm version.
The system in question has incredible versatility, in fact it is possible to set it on as many as 16 channels available, considering that each of these can be associated with a different microphone and possibly extend its range.

I recommend this kit to theater companies equipped with many actors, who will be able to benefit from the vast microphones park which can be set at will.

Thanks to the digital display it will be possible at any time of the show you want to configure the frequency you want, thus avoiding any kind of interference on stage.

We have used this kit many times in theatrical contexts together with a touring living theater company, which means having an incredible number of artists and performers on the stage who could potentially cause unexpected system problems due to the large amount of audio to be managed. of wireless management. This was absolutely not the case with regard to the Karma SET, which fortunately has proved to be a highly professional system that has never given any kind of problem.

Highly recommended.

SoundSation WF-U1300H

The SoundSation is a company that has just entered the world of wireless wireless microphones, and offers a series of very interesting products that can do for you if you are interested in having a wireless microphone with a cardioid dynamic capsule, which is in fact the type of device handheld included in this kit.

The WF-U1300H operates in UHF and gives highly professional performance, especially compared to the price at which it is sold. The technological system on which it is based is the True Diversity, useful to select in a completely automatic way the strongest signal available among those present on the band at a given time.
A sort of natural selection of the best radio band.

Also present in this kit is the Digital Pilot technology, to directly monitor the reception level and operate with multiple systems without any problem. Another product therefore easily usable in the theater due to the great versatility and the possibility of simultaneously connecting up to 30 different microphones and channeling them one by one on a different frequency so as not to have interference problems.

The audio quality is comparable to that of a good dynamic cable microphone, I honestly don't know how SoundSation managed to achieve such cleanliness despite not using common cables, which as we all know are the only ones to guarantee excellent sound quality with a very low noise level.

AKG WMS45 Perception Presenter

The AKG is a very famous brand of corded microphones and does not disappoint even in this wireless expression, a completely professional system that can be used for various applications, such as conferences, karaoke, street performers, etc.
All the most popular microphones can be connected to the bodypack without any problems.

Works on UHF radio waves as always. A highly recommended product, perhaps the best wireless microphone on the market, in terms of versatility, audio quality and total compatibility with almost any AKG microphone.

A recommended purchase without a shadow of a doubt to those who want to get serious in the world of wireless wireless microphones.

Zzipp TXZZ622

Here is Zzip again arriving with a highly competitive product, perhaps one of the best as far as price quality is concerned, inside the kit there is a double microphone that transmits on UHF frequencies. The available microphones are a palmtop, a bodypack with a bow and a comfortable lavalier. The wireless microphone can be synchronized on as many as 16 different channels, the battery lasts at least 9 hours depending on the intended use.
It is clear that the greater the distance to which the microphones will be used, the greater the consumption of these, because they will require much more power to support the connection.

On the receiver there is a large display with a double antenna, whereas the handheld microphone has only one unidirectional dynamic setting, not suitable in contexts where an omni condenser would be required instead.

Recharging the system is extremely simple and well thought out.

For those who manage a karaoke system, this is undoubtedly the most suitable choice, given that this radio microphone excels in making the best voice frequencies in singing, perfect especially for female voices.

The battery can be recharged via a simple microphone holder.

The audio quality is also impressive in this case, the Zzipp exceeds once again and offers a comparable product to the cable microphones, it is difficult to grasp the difference in fact in a live context and only those who have a really trained ear can identify the difference. The general public assured you that they will imagine they are dealing with a cable system.

Karma SET 7822 Double Microphone

The Karma Set 7822 system immediately strikes for the great quality of construction, it is equipped with a double transmission receiver in UHF, the sound quality is amazing.
The range of coverage is a good 80 meters, far beyond the useful distance to be used in most applications.
It is equipped with two displays that allow you to have all the parameters in real time.

Easily usable on stages without encountering signal instability problems.

The microphone is built to perfectly render the frequencies of the voice.

Battery life is perhaps the flagship of this product.

In conclusion

Remember that if you need the highest audio quality, wireless microphones are not the best option on the market. I always recommend opting for normal microphones to be used through the canonical XLR cable, in fact in the radio transmission as far as the quality nowadays has reached remarkable technological peaks, there are obvious and inevitable losses.
Not all the public, however, will be able to notice the difference, in many cases if you need a simple microphone that "does its duty" and amplifies the voice so dearly, it's not a bad idea to consider buying a radio microphone.

The purchase is recommended especially for those who often conduct conferences, karaoke sessions at home or in clubs, street vendors, street artists, fitness experts, in short, anyone who needs physical mobility while amplifying their voice.

Without a shadow of a doubt the world of wireless miking is making great strides, but I don't think it will ever reach the quality of cable audio.

There are obvious problems of spreading audio from a distance, while wireless data can be connected without loss, the passage of audio inevitably implies a loss of quality.

I hope this guide has been helpful and that you can find the best microphone for your needs, if you have changed your mind and want a traditional device instead, you can take a look at some other article I wrote about good products normally usable by cable.

Next time boys and girls.



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