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OmeHow to take care of the beard? (Guide to the Nicola Barber) –

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I'm Antonio.

You want to know which beard the women like best?

You want to learn how to properly take care of one perfect long beard?

You want to know the secrets to make it grow more quickly?

Follow me with extreme attention.

I will tell you all the tricks that I learned with experience and thanks to the advice of my close friend barber Nicola.

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Show off a beard on the face can change the perception we have of ourselves and consequently our attitude and behavior in everyday life.

Psychological and neurological studies have been made and it has been discovered that by wearing fake beards and mustaches to hairless men, these suddenly began to perceive themselves already very much more masculine and to behave differently with respect to a given control group which in the meantime had remained without hair on its face.

Even if you have a fake beard, imagine a little, you have the feeling of being more masculine and serious. Let alone be true, cultivated with hard work and skill.

Over time the beard begins to become a direct extension of man, a part of us.

The perception that one has of oneself naturally influences behavior, let me explain better, a man who feels himself suddenly more virile will inevitably begin to behave more safe and dominant, because the brain itself will be influenced by it self-awareness.

It is normal and logical.

Without forgetting the precious pleasure of scratch his own beard from time to time, and only those who have it or have had it can know exactly what I'm talking about … 😉 It's a way to set a tone, to feel intellectual, wise and poetic. Like modern Hemingways.

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If you have the feeling that something is missing in your life, you feel it without a specific direction, little in control of the situation, I advise you to start immediately to make you grow a good beard. And I assure you that your life will change slowly for the better.

My friend Fabio didn't believe me, I persisted in telling him that it was time to finish it with that look so hairless and childish, without even a hair on the face.

Until one day driven by desperation and a difficult period, he left himself grow a beard.

Month after month, he did not realize it at the time but I did, he began to behave in an increasingly masculine manner, I almost didn't recognize him in certain attitudes.

One evening we had a slight car accident, I was on the passenger side and he was driving, nothing serious, but obviously we had to get out of the car to compare the other driver.


The old Fabio would have put himself ashamed of his own shadow and would have sent me to speak with the other driver, but the new Fabio bearded he seemed not to be afraid of confrontation and in fact he promptly got out of the car and I still remember what words he said: "The fault is yours, we don't make stories."

I was literally shocked.

And in fact the other driver remained petrified and intimidated, ready to admit his obvious guilt.

Back in the car I told him, did you see Fabio? It looked like the beard was talking in your place, you had two incredible balls.

He nodded, proud of himself, and from that day on he behaved more and more manly.

For some this little anecdote will seem like a minor thing, but I can assure you that at that moment having a nice long beard in place was giving to Fabio the security he lacked. He was making it a real one warrior.

Over the past decade the beards are back in fashion, and they are practically essential at this time.

Did you happen to try to grow your beard and not get the desired results.

Maybe it didn't grow luxuriantly, or maybe it took too long to grow and in the meantime you looked like a ridiculous balding teenager.

And so you gave up.

There are no magic formulas, if the growth of your beard is very slow it is usually a genetic issue, but it is also true that there are excellent products that can slightly accelerate the growth of hair and hair.
These can be crucial to help you have a lush and healthy look, which usually drives women crazy.

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The first thing is to be very patient, since the facial hair grows at different speeds and more or less bristly depending on the DNA we have. It is possible, however, to guide the growth of our beard while this takes place, and thus learn to "tame" it. We must also learn to know our face and how hair growth normally occurs, for some it may take more than a year to have a shaving beard, while others within 3-4 months will already be able to show off an enchanting look.

The important thing is not to give up, and stay focused on the final result you want to get.

At first I was willing to do anything, I would have gone to New York to do a course if it was necessary. I tried literally all the products in circulation in my city, I asked everyone, I inquired about the forums in English, until one day I met Nicola, my trusted barber. And now we've been great friends for years, and he's the main architect of my screaming hipster beard.

The first time you grow a beard you should not touch it, let it grow like this, wild. At first it will give a little itch, but you have to be patient and let nature take its course.

It is not true that shaving often accelerates the growth of the hair, this is only an urban legend.

It is important then sleep well, practice in the gym or in any case making a heavy sport, like boxing or weights, that facilitates the metabolism and keeps testosterone at excellent levels.

If you do not sleep well your body is known, it is hard to regenerate, and therefore the fall and consequent growth of new hair and hair slows down.

Sleeping badly also slows blood circulation, which means less chance for nutrients to reach the hair follicle.

It is important to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night, do not try to superman, especially if you are no longer young. In fact, with age we know that testosterone tends to decrease and the body recovers more slowly. It is therefore essential to give him respite and time to calmly regenerate to work 100%.

If possible remove from alcohol and smoke which only damage the peliferous bulbs and general health.

In this modern society the general levels of testosterone they are falling from year to year.

I'm not kidding, unfortunately.

Take a look at the online statistics of testosterone measurements in the new generations. There is a worrying decrease in the average of this hormone.

The reason is that we are too exposed to chemicals and pollution that we know, are enemies of testosterone and drastically lower the level in our body.

This is why it is good to first avoid exposing yourself to pollutants and not consuming the products contained in plastic containers.

Optimize your own testosterone levels automatically leads to optimizing your genetic possibilities. If you are not predisposed there are no miracles to take, but if there is the predisposition favoring the increase of testosterone, the growth of a long and luxuriant beard will also be favored.

It is also good to take care of the skin under the beard, often overlooked by many, but in reality the founding "ground" at the base of a large beard.

It is good, therefore, to combine a good set of skin care products with beard care products, and to perform a good exfoliation of this every 2 weeks at least.


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Why the itching beard?

Do you sometimes feel a strong itchy beard and you can't resist and have to scratch it all the time?

I've been there.

I discovered by asking my friend Nicola, a trusted barber for years, he explained to me that at the base of the itchy beard there are basically two causes that should not be underestimated.

The first is when the shaving is wrong, in fact if you proceed by cutting the hair at an angle, these in their regrowth rub against our skin and cause the typical irritation that then generates itching.

The second cause is dry skin. This can be congenital or a consequence of the climate, which in some months of the year makes our skin very dry and makes it crack, but also from food, stress, and the way we take care of facial skin.

To remedy the itching of the beard it is necessary first of all to keep it very clean, because the dead hairs and the dirt that accumulates tend unfortunately tend to incredibly increase the irritation of the face.

By the way I recommend a good shaving shampoo or a good conditioner, I use these.

If the beard is itchy, it is good to use a dandruff shampoo for hair to try to remove the disorder, shaving it 2-3 times a week.

It worked great for me.

The use of a brush, already widely recommended, is fundamental.
This accessory is crucial to remove the external particles that accumulate every day above our hair, especially in the most polluted cities, or in the spring.

The brush should be used daily.

But it is important not to forget and use a special shaving brush and not the hair brush that you find at home, perhaps owned by a female member of your family … do not do nonsense and do not do naivety for pleasure, and go buy a beautiful shaving brush.

I use this:


Brush and comb for the beard Kit from Camden Barbershop Company ...
Brush and comb for the beard Kit from Camden Barbershop Company …

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It is also important to use an excellent shaving oil, so as not to be found unprepared. This in fact, used consistently, makes the beard softer and more beautiful and hydrates it, avoiding the phenomenon of dry skin.


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WINNER OF THE TEST 2019 "ORIGINAL" shaving oil from Camden …

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A careful and balanced diet is also important. The times in which we ate at random were past and we could not provide for an adequate daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. Now you have no excuse.

A proper diet puts the beard back in shape and also fixes any dehydration problems.

How to soften the beard

Unfortunately, due to the position it occupies on the body, the beard exposes itself to weather, atmospheric agents, dirt resulting from food, and from the contact of our face with everything that surrounds us. For this reason it is very difficult to keep it beautifully soft and clean without the help of special products.

If you live in a harsh climate the problem becomes particularly serious, because the cold temperature makes the beard harder and uglier, unless you take care of it often.

To soften your beard you need to use a shaving shampoo 3 times a week and remove all food residues from time to time.

It is clear that the thicker our beard is, the more attention we will have to pay after every meal.

But as the old adage says, "If you want to look nice, you have to suffer …"

To make the difference compared to the other males and to always be in order and sophisticated, having that extra gear on Instagram that can work as a real mating call, especially in these times so superficial and attentive to the image, is always better not never lose your focus and take care of our beard day after day with continuous effort.

Moisturizing creams and balms are our friends in this case.

There are a couple of links below, these are the ones that Nicola recommended me and honestly I found myself very well:


BARBMAN: Beard Balm (100 ml) enriched with Jojoba oil ...
BARBMAN: Beard Balm (100 ml) enriched with Jojoba oil …

  • A SOFT AND BRIGHT BEARD put a knob of balm in your hands, warm it up, apply it to the beard, then comb it with a brush to moisturize the hair in depth and promote the growth of the beard. Regular use eliminates irritation and annoying itching that can appear when the beard grows.
  • 100% NATURAL contains only natural ingredients: olive oil, jojoba oil, Macadamia oil, beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter … all carefully selected with fragrant sandalwood notes to give the beard the care and the freshness it deserves.

Beard oil is at the same time fundamental, because it has a decisive role, very different from shampoo and conditioner. In fact, it is important to deeply nourish the beard.

It is good to take into account in this case the natural composition of the oil, it must be at least 80%, otherwise you will be throwing money.
Argan oil is excellent if your beard is particularly hard.

Here is what I use every day for two years now:


WINNER OF THE TEST 2019 'ORIGINAL' shaving oil from Camden ...
WINNER OF THE TEST 2019 "ORIGINAL" shaving oil from Camden …

  • FOR A CURATED AND SOFT BEARD: Our shaving oil is used to treat dry and bristly beard, leaving it soft and shiny. The oil gives the beard a fresh and pleasant scent. It also stops the itching and eliminates dandruff. All the ingredients are 100% natural and vegan.
  • WITH A REFRESHING AROMA – THE SAME AROMA FOR ALL PRODUCTS FOR THE CARE OF THE BEARD: The sharp scent of cedar wood blends with the fresh aroma of lemon, creating a unique, unmistakable and fresh fragrance. The aroma matches perfectly with that of our beard care products. This way you can easily combine oil with our conditioner or shaving shampoo.

Why do women like beards?

It is true that women like beards.

Even a not very handsome man, endowed with a nice groomed beard, entering a bar or walking on the street immediately makes his dirty impression.

It is an ancestral question, women do not know how to resist it, because it symbolizes virility, wisdom, represents the man who knows what he wants, all in one piece, who never bends to compromises but is capable of guiding and defending his mate.

The clean-shaven look has been out of fashion for a few decades now, the modern alpha male sporting an impeccable beard.

According to a reliable survey, 2019, 65% of women prefer the man with a beard, as long as it is well defined. In particular, 33% of Italians love the man with a short and well-groomed beard, able to give balance to the face. At 28%, however, like the man with a semi-thick but sculpted beard, because it allows, for example, to rounder faces, to stretch and have a captivating effect (38%) and sexy (35%). For one in 2 women (46%) face care makes the man more orderly, but above all more reliable (52%).

A beard in perfect shape immediately communicates order, precision, the idea that the man who carries it is able to take care of himself and of those around him, leaving nothing to chance.

Obviously we must take care to cultivate a beard that adapts to your face, enhancing its merits and why "hiding" a little the defects.

Men are devoting more and more care to the details of their image and in these modern times you really can't help but neglect important details if you don't want to stay behind.

Much of the game of seduction is made today on Instagram.

Another reason why women like beards is because it is very fashionable among Hollywood VIPs and the protagonists of magazines and television series.

This vintage look, in fact, a bit like a woodsman, a bit like a hipster, is very fashionable at the moment, and if you want to stay on the crest of the wave, you can't really ignore this trend.

Why doesn't the beard grow in some places?

A patchy beard is one of the main problems that afflict and discourage all those who intend to grow up a beautiful strong and lush beard.

But why doesn't the beard grow in some places?

It sounds like a curse, but in reality it is pure genetics, despite the fact that our DNA is indeed the master in being predisposed to fast hair growth, there are some tricks that can be taken to facilitate this process.

The beard ends its development around the age of 25, up to this age one can still hope for sudden and surprising changes.

It is important to first allow the beard to grow free, as this tends to grow unevenly all over the face.
Some individuals, for example, see the one on the cheeks first and then on the chin or vice versa.

Sometimes the "delayed" areas in which the beard grows after a while seem to present real patches, which are a great problem from an aesthetic point of view, because they make our face resemble a slightly bald head.

We have to wait at least a month to give the beard the opportunity to grow in all points of the face, only at the end can we actually realize if we are in the presence or not of a real "hole".

Testosterone is essential for beard growth, and in some cases is the main culprit of the spots present in it.

Why is this hormone so important to humans?

Testosterone is the muscle growth hormone, classically associated with masculinity, because men tend to produce much more than women. It is also essential for hair growth. It is therefore important to promote high values ​​through a diet rich in proteins, iron, a lot of physical activity of strength, better if you drive to a high intensity HIT training. For example, short shots in which all your energy is concentrated as in a sprint, and small rest periods in which, however, you never return to total rest.

Also the reduction of body fat improves the levels of testosterone circulating in our body.

Sleep is always a panacea, it is never good to reduce it, and 7-8 hours for adults are always recommended to allow the body to regenerate and rest.

It is good to remember that all the beards however are different and the key in life is always to use resilience, that is the ability to adapt that allows the survival of the species, learning to exploit the "negative" points to one's advantage, thus adapting in this case your look and cut of beard and hair starting and based on what mother nature gave us.

Why do you shave in the morning?

There are many who wonder if they should shave in the morning or evening.

I personally love shaving in the morning, I wake up very early, I put the alarm clock around 5:30, I go to the bathroom and I start an almost sacred ritual. When everyone at home is still sleeping, and I have plenty of time to reflect and use the long minutes in front of the mirror as a philosophical and meditative moment.

There are different schools of thought in this regard, which are based on popular wisdom or common places as appropriate.

Even in this case it is impossible to provide a single answer, since each individual reacts differently to external stresses, and the skin always remembers that it is a living organism.

It is good to avoid haste, which as always is a bad counselor, and makes us do bad things.

So I advise you to first disconnect the internet and social networks and take the beard as a real meditation activity.

Many believe that the morning is the best time to shave, right after the shower, because this way the skin wakes up.

It is the preferred time for those who suffer from the so-called 5 o clock shadow, that halo of hair that has regrowth starting from 5 pm.
Made in the morning in this case it allows to increase the smooth effect.

Shaving at night instead allows the body to have all night to regenerate any cuts on the skin.

If you have a bristly and bushy beard but shaving in the evening upon waking you will already begin to notice an annoying regrowth.

In the morning the skin is no longer relaxed, as some believe and profess.

In conclusion I can say that there is no better time of the day to shave, that you prefer to shave in the morning or evening, it does not make much difference, it is always important to do things in harmony with your time and with your body. Maybe experimenting and understanding carefully what is the time of the day that brings maximum benefits.

How to grow a beard faster?

Here is a thorough guide to getting your beard to grow faster if you are in a hurry.

First of all it is essential to always keep your face well clean and also very hydrated.

So don't forget to drink plenty of water and provide your body with a proper intake of vitamins.

It is good to remove the sebum and dead cells from the face, to prevent it from creating a barrier that would otherwise be impenetrable by the follicles, greatly slowing down the growth of the beard.

A clean face certainly speeds up the growth of the beard.

It is good to wash your face with warm water and a detergent of your choice both in the morning and in the evening. Soap is usually too abrasive, better to use a dedicated product.

If the beard is itchy, it is good to use a dandruff shampoo for hair to try to remove the disorder, shaving it 2-3 times a week.

Better to avoid shaving, and leave the hair free to grow since shaving the beard does not stimulate faster regrowth, this is just an urban legend without a scientific basis.

Hair growth is faster immediately after shaving, but slows down a little later. For this reason any advantage due to shaving is soon canceled.

A nice face massage can do wonders

Facial follicles love to be pampered, and if you take care of them they will grow faster.
Stimulation through massage is in fact the last frontier to allow the beard to grow lightly.

The massage is carried out by applying a light gentle pressure in the areas of the face where growth is desired.

It is therefore good to stay relaxed and sleep a lot

Stress weakens and slows down the regeneration of our body cells, as well as poor or lack of sleep.

It is therefore good to remain calm, peaceful and well rested.


Exercise promotes blood circulation in an almost miraculous way and helps testosterone to stay at high levels, also avoiding overweight, the main antagonist of this hormone.

Stop smoking

Smoking always hurts, even to hair and hair. Stop before it's too late.

Take protein and saturated fat

Also avoid sweets, as sugar weakens the hair, and then favors foods containing vitamin B.

How to grow a thicker beard?

First it is important to have patience, Rome was not built in a day and even our beard takes time to grow and strengthen.

A lifestyle and a sloppy and confusing approach certainly do not help to have a beard in great shape.

If you want to avoid patches and a bum look, then start taking care of your beard immediately.

Some require more time to grow a beautiful powerful and virile beard, others already within two months begin to have appreciable and cinematographic results.

The main task of the beard as of the hair is to protect the skin. Sometimes the beard does not
exceeds a precise length. This is because of our DNA, nature has equipped our body with a precise response to external stimuli to allow it to adapt, if we belong ethnically to one or another strain we will see completely different results.

If you see your friend develop a merlin-like beard while you grow just a little hair at the same time. Don't worry about your viritlià. It's normal. It is genetic.

It is also good to know from the very beginning what your aesthetic goal is, I advise you to take a nice newspaper or internet picture of our favorite VIP and stick it in the mirror to always keep in mind the look you want to achieve.

Sometimes the reason for a mottled beard is simply the young age, some must reach 25 before they can afford to show off a beautiful lush and bushy beard.

Many know they have to eat well but don't know exactly what this means, perhaps confused by the billions of diets that are around.

The basic vitamin for the beard is B, the biotin. But the A and the E must not be underestimated either.

It is good to consume many green leafy vegetables, beans, fish and carrots.
Red, white and liver meat. Not forgetting the eggs and every type of vegetable oil.

Food supplements can be of valuable help for the growth of beard and hair, on the site I wrote a very interesting article that can help you if you are interested.

How to cure a beard. The Official Guide.

As the very first thing there is an essential step to do:

It is essential to have a brush, in fact, although this may appear to be a female accessory at first glance, it is actually a powerful ally to keep our beard in great shape.

It is then necessary to proceed with the trimming of the beard, which must be ordered regularly, with patience, as if you were gardeners of your personal garden.

In fact, the skin is a real living organism and responds to the care that is placed on it.

Nor did I believe this adage so much until my barber Nicola, with the direct example, guided me and made me realize how important it is for a man to take care of his beard.

If you want to understand if a man takes care of himself, look first at his beard.

The beard very easily tends to become asymmetrical and unsightly, it must constantly be addressed through strategic splits.

It is good to shave the area under the neck in the shape of a U, to make the beard appear tidier.

On your own it is very difficult to obtain professional results, I do not deny that it is better to use the help of an expert or in the absence of it and of time, of the use of products precisely indicated and designed for the care of one's beard.

Shaving shampoo

Shaving shampoo is essential in a man's locker.
The beard should be washed regularly every three days, if this seems to you exaggerated, well, a friend, I advise you to settle for your bearded bearded beard.

Serious beards need serious and patient men.

In this frivolous and feminine world there is no longer time to do anything well, everything is approximate. This is why the beard is now the bulwark of those who first want to show others their determination and tenacity.

And I assure you that women know how to recognize and judge a good beard held well. And if so, they will also know how to reward you …

The shampoo helps the skin to keep itself clean and to get rid of sebum and dead cells.
Shaving shampoos have a more delicate composition than hair shampoos.

Shaving oil

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Pennello e ciotola

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Meglio non andare al risparmio su questi due elementi.

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O a quello dei regolabarba.

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La storia della barba

La barba, essendo un simbolo fisico tanto ancestrale e potente, ha origine nella notte dei tempi.

Si sa che l’uomo primitivo era giocoforza peloso, diretto discendente della scimmia, è solo arrivando agli Assiri che si comincia a trattare la barba in maniera “civilizzata” ed esteticamente “moderna”.

Questo popolo infatti attribuiva alle lunghe barbe il simbolo della potenza e del comando. Una lunga barba era sinonimo di uno status sociale superiore, e nelle opere d’arte che questa cultura ci ha lasciato troviamo larga testimonianza di questo.

La barba era protagonista delle cerimonie civili e religiose, in queste occasioni infatti venivano cosparse di oli profumati e anche di polveri di argento ed oro.

Se vogliamo era un popolo che addirittura ci teneva alla barba molto più di quanto si faccia adesso, strano ma vero.

Esistono d’altronde i corsi e ricorsi storici, le epoche dell’uomo si intrecciano, si ripetono, come un serpente che si morde la coda. E’ questo il fascino della storia umana, così ricca, sempre in moto, mai uguale a se stessa e pure quasi immobile. Un paradosso che mi ha dato spesso da pensare, da quando ho letto Nietzsche.

Gli Egiziani avevano delle barbe decisamente più appuntite e stilizzate, almeno da come siamo riusciti a dedurre tramite le loro iscrizioni.

Le barbe in questo periodo erano portate intrecciate ma senza baffi.

La barba anche in questo caso era fortissimo simbolo di potere e religiosità, non tutti potevano portarla. Le statue reali erano spesso dotate di barbe posticce.

Se la barba era liscia significava che il faraone era ancora vivo durante la costruzione del monumento a lui dedicato, se era arricciata significava al contrario che questo già era morto quando veniva realizzata l’opera.

Un simbolo quindi potentissimo e molto comunicativo, non sorprende che parimenti al giorno d’oggi sia così cruciale nei rapporti umani, è un qualcosa che non ha mai tramontato.

Per gli ebrei era ed è invece un precetto religioso farci crescere la barba, i sacerdoti non possono arrotolarla né spuntarla. La Bibbia è molto chiara a riguardo. Le capigliature e le barbe ebraiche sono talmente iconografiche che basta vedere la foto o un signore per strada per additarlo immediatamente a “ebreo”,. tanto è forte il collegamento culturale quasi inconscio che lega la meravigliosa cultura ebraica alla barba e ai capelli.

Gli islamici invece amano portare la barba piena, basta vedere le immagini dei beduini al giorno d’oggi, che ancora amano raderla solo sotto il mento.

I Greci e i Romani, nostri progenitori, adoravano la barba, che era simbolo di saggezza e serietà.

Basta farsi un giro in qualche museo e vedere come venivano raffigurati i più grandi uomini di quest’epoca, per capire quanto la barba fosse praticamente obbligatoria se si voleva essere presi sul serio, proprio come al giorno d’oggi.

Anche le divinità erano dotate di una barba lunga e folta, logicamente.

Alessandro Magno obbligò invece i propri soldati a radersi, per questioni igieniche e di comodità. Infatti fu un imperatore molto moderno e anteponeva alle questioni estetiche quelle di praticità. Meglio infatti vincere qualche battaglia in più che presentarsi ineccepibili con la barba a posto.

La barba inoltre rappresentava un forte handicap durante i combattimenti, perché il nemico spesso la usava come appiglio per tirare giù il combattente da cavallo o per tenerlo fermo mentre lo trafiggeva.

I Romani tendenzialmente preferivano far radere i propri soldati per lo stesso motivo.

Nel Medioevo la barba viene utilizzate per segnalare l’appartenenza a una fazione religiosa piuttosto che un’altra.

Gli ortodossi mantenevano barbe lunghe mentre i cattolici si sbarbavano fino al sacco di Roma.

L’Ottocento fu però il secolo che portò la barba alla sua massima espressione.
Essendo infatti un periodo esteticamente così pieno e rigoglioso non poteva fare a meno di glorificare questa fantastica espressione naturale di virilità, ponendola a simbolo di artisticità e virilità romantica.

In questo periodo si misero a punto anche molti degli strumenti che con molte migliorie tecnologiche vengono tuttora utilizzati, anche se la sostanza rimane la stessa, questi diedero modo alla diffusione della cura personale della barba di accrescersi. E si cominciarono a vedere delle proprie manifestazioni artistiche di esibizione di barba davvero strane, soprattutto con la moda dandy in pieno effetto.

Anche i cosmetici per barbe in questo momento presero piede, e non ci furono più scuse per non curare la propria acconciatura.

Cominciò quindi la moda della basette molto lunghe e dei baffi arricciati verso l’alto. Chiaramente visibile in foto e ritratti dell’epoca.

Il rasoio di sicurezza nel Novecento arrivò infine ad apportare una vera e propria rivoluzione nel mondo della rasatura mondiale, infatti non era mai stato più facile di quel momento ottenere un look totalmente glabro e molti lasciarono sedursi man mano dal trend, finché la rasatura quotidiana divenne lo standard.

Solo negli ultimi 15 anni il look hipster da boscaiolo sta tornando di moda e condizionando molto le scelte estetiche del maschio moderno.

In una società così tendente alla femminilizzazione credo personalmente che sia fondamentale per un uomo alfa sfoggiare un’ottima barba rigogliosa.

In conclusion

Il mondo della barba è senza ombra di dubbio affascinante, io sono cresciuto col mito delle barbe anni 70, quelle dai lunghi baffi e dalle lunghe basette, quello per me rappresenta lo stile di riferimento, ma apprezzo moltissimo anche la moda hipster che imperversa in questi anni.

Qualunque sia la tua attitudine naturale, il tuo stile personale, l’importante è prendersi cura di se stessi.

L’aspetto esteriore è quello che conta, certo non bisogna essere superficiali e concentrare tutte le nostre energie su questo, ma parliamoci chiaro in questi anni dominati da internet e Instagram l’abito fa il monaco e può capitare di essere trattati in maniera diversa ad un colloquio di lavoro solo perché magari non si sfoggia una barba impeccabile.

E’ bene quindi allinearsi al diktat moderno e sfoggiare un look irresistibile in ogni momento della giornata, chiaramente non comportandoci da pecoroni ma imparando a personalizzarlo e a farlo nostro. Solo così si può spaccare nella vita.

Con questo vi saluto e vi rimando alla prossima guida,
W la barba!



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