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I'm Dario.

Want a wireless video door phone long-range that allows you to live more calmly?

You are not at home and you need to give directions to the carrier at a distance who brought you a very important package?

Finally you can.

Listen to me, have you ever heard of wireless bells?

One of the things I have always hated is having to stand up like a soldier, or even worse, like a fireman called for immediate action for an emergency, whenever you hear the intercom sound.

Instinct is immediate, he leaps to his feet, almost in a state of panic, and we run to answer.

I always wanted to be able to control the intercom directly from the couch at home.

This has been possible for some years.

What I love in wireless video door phone systems it is precisely the possibility of using the external viewing mode without having to move from the sofa at home, sometimes I lie down, I hear a noise outside, I just need to open the app and Taak! I can immediately check what is happening outside my terraced house.

If you'd like to answer the intercom from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in your home, then you've come to the right place.

Listen to me well.

I'm a home automation expert, as well as a specialized installer technician, and today I want to amaze you and take you by the hand into the fabulous world of digital wireless video door phones.

The wireless video door phones are often equipped with apps, which in some cases allow total control of the device, even remotely, or when, for example, we are not physically present in our home.

Can wireless video door phones work without internet?

The answer is: absolutely Yes.

Some ask me if the wireless video door phone can easily continue to work if the internet is off for some reason.

In this case it will work as if you were using a very common normal telephone, it will still be possible to view, talk and open the gate on the monitor. The internet connection is only for advanced requests, so there is no danger of being without an intercom.

Is it possible to control the video door entry unit outside your home while you are out and about?

Absolutely yes.

Most wireless video door phone models are equipped with apps for both android and ios (hence iphone), which allow total control of the device even outside the home. Therefore, if desired, they can also be used as small security IP cameras.

What cables are needed to connect the wireless video door phone?

The monitor requires only two cables or a power plug.
The bell gets the electricity from the monitor.

Wireless video door phones are basically composed of two parts:

One is the push-button panel, to be placed outside your home.

The other is the hearing aid, to be placed inside, through which you can communicate with the outside.

Incorporated in the panel there is therefore an external camera, also wireless, that captures the image of who is pressing the button and projects it inside our house, to be always aware of what is happening outside our house .

In some cases, night vision is also possible thanks to external lighting that is activated at night.

But the feature I prefer most about wireless video door phones is the fact that they can be driven by apps on the smartphone.

How to install the wireless video door phone?

Installing a professional digital wireless video door phone is very easy, and does not require the intervention of a technician in general, it is clear that if you want to be sure of doing things properly you can ask for help from a friend who is more experienced in electronics, but in principle with a little patience and a free Saturday afternoon you can succeed on your own even if you are completely hindered.

The wireless video door phone can be easily integrated into the home's WiFi security system, if it is already present.

Click here to go to the guide of the best wireless alarms.

The components to be dealt with are generally four, there is the button panel, the camera to view the external environment, the loudspeaker and the microphone out on the unit that will go into the street.

The external unit and the internal unit communicate wirelessly, via wireless network, the camera can in turn be arranged as we wish, we will not be bound to point it directly from the push-button panel, but if we wish we can also keep the side parts under control , or use it as a kind of wide-angle lens for a more extended guard in the surrounding area. That is the way I personally prefer to use it.

Night vision is the gem that usually distinguishes this type of wireless professional system, which allows you to avoid the uncomfortable and unsightly fixed spotlight to be placed outside. A nice convenience to make the system even lighter, more versatile and easier to install.

The images are projected inside on an LCD screen, usually in color, this is usually equipped with an SD card that allows you to save videos of those who visited us.

The internal unit can be fixed to the wall in a way we can say reversible, or it can be recessed like the common old school telephones, the ones we used to see in the houses of the past, equipped with cable. Alternatively you can decide to opt for a cordless solution, which is the display that you carry around the house like a touchpad and can be used wherever you want, without the inconvenience of having to get up every time to answer.

Wireless technology seems almost miraculous for those accustomed to the objects of the past, in fact my father, an old electrician, still cannot understand how he has reached this level in the past that was absolutely unimaginable.

Sounds and images are in fact conveyed without any need for the very uncomfortable threads, which alternatively have always been a real problem, forcing holes and very ingenious solutions to connect the devices between them within the walls of the house.

This moment is fortunately over.

The Smart objects, so called because Intelligent, can be easily connected to the internet and be configured and controlled from your home computer, or from your tablet, and possibly even interfaced with the anti-theft system, also wireless.

IP video intercoms are in fact capable of exploiting the internet to be able to easily communicate with us, and show us what is happening in front of our front door without necessarily being there in front of the control unit.

I know that such a perspective seems to come from a futuristic film, but it is pure reality.

The video door phones can be either built-in or wall-mounted, in the first case there will be an old-fashioned installation, recessing the device in the wall, in the second case it can simply be "placed" with a nail. Certainly an excellent option for those who, for example, often move and want to take the device behind, or for those who need temporary solutions, or why not for those who want to change their system every few years to update it at the time.

If you have a very large house it is also possible to install several workstations, without being there too much to worry about their layout, also because this can be changed at will at any time.

Once the devices have been installed, the tablet and PC smartphone apps provided by the manufacturers must be provided for their configuration. But it is a really simple process, designed specifically for those who are fast on technology.

I also remind you that if you are going to apply a video door phone with an image recording and storage system outside of your home (what happens for example for those models that save videos on the SD card), that the law makes it obligatory to notify via external posting of a sign indicating the presence of a video surveillance system. All this to comply with the laws protecting privacy.

Yes I know it sounds like a nuisance, but the law is law, and I am sure that if you were on the other side, or on the side of the person being shot, you would be sure to like that there is a recording in progress, not you never know …

The video door entry units can also be two-family, four-family or condominium.

Depending on the needs, the internal central unit must be more or less able to manage several wireless video door phones at the same time.

It is obvious, however, that all connections will be made independently, the data will be passed in an encrypted manner, and in no way can a condominium view the data belonging to another. This is an objection that my clients often give me, and I am quick to show them that it is actually impossible to "spy on" their neighbors. There are clearly also those who, on the other hand, WANT to spy on their neighbors, but I am ready to explain to them that the first thing is not correct, second thing is not absolutely foreseen and feasible, even with a brute forcing the equipment.

Best Wireless 2019 Outdoor Video Door Phone

TMEZON Wifi, the one I installed in my house


TMEZON Wifi Video Doorphone System With Intercom, Monitor ...
TMEZON Wifi Video Doorphone System With Intercom, Monitor …

  • 【7 inches LCD Monitor and Mini Doorbell】 7 inch monitor with slim design TFT display, tactile keys, speakerphone, WiFi / RJ45 port to connect to the Internet (adaptable only to 2.4GHZ router). Outdoor bell with waterproof cover, 1200TVL camera with built-in infrared sensor and 100 Β° viewing angle, which can provide a clear view at night, rainproof, dust-proof and vandal-proof and connection to all electronic locks.
  • 【TMEZON Intelligent and innovative IP video door phone system】 Equipped with an intelligent system, it is possible to connect the monitor to the free mobile application via wifi. The user can receive the APP notification in the phone when the visitor presses the bell. Through the phone, you can see, hear and talk to visitors at the door, even unlocking yourself from a distance. Using both hands, you can answer the door!

Here is the video door phone that I installed in my house, and there will be a reason.

But let's find out together why after so many experiences this model has convinced me more than the others.

What stands out first of all in this product is the magnificent monitor, which allows you to see in crystal clear what is outside of our home.

It is equipped with an IP camera, which travels at very large, really fast, and you can talk quietly in full duplex with your smartphone.

I give you a dispassionate advice from an expert: when you go to mount it, better position the power supply unit for opening the gate next to the electric lock on which it will have to act by means of a control relay, so as not to unnecessarily strain the contact anymore on the outside.

It is very easy to install, and you can easily do it yourself or have a more practical friend help you, there is no need for a professional.

The price for sure is one of the strong points of this product, which resembles similar products that are much more expensive and noble, but at the end of the fair we say that it brings home the result, because it is effective, durable, in short, really a great product.

There is the possibility to choose ringtones, but this is a fairly standard prerogative in the world of wireless video door phones, it has two external stations, and it can be connected via ethernet or wifi to the home network, to be easily controlled via the internet.

Equipped with very comfortable infrared lights, which have a range of a couple of meters, perfect for seeing the face of the person at night.

A detail on which often the similar models are a bit lacking is the volume, in the case of the TMEZON the volume is perfect, we speak that it is a beauty.

Highly recommended if you want to make the famous decisive step forward and finally put aside the old vintage intercom to enter the world of smart home automation technology from the main door.

Promoted with full marks.

Mbuynow, videocampanello with a 170-degree wide-angle camera

Wireless Video Doorbell, Mbuynow Wireless Video Door Phone 1080P ...
Wireless Video Doorbell, Mbuynow Wireless Video Door Phone 1080P …

  • 1080P HD Bidirectional Audio: The ability to open or talk to guests directly from a smartphone or tablet, using the home WiFi connection. Of course, even remotely. In other words, you can answer the intercom from anywhere in the world you are.
  • RIP Motion detection: The best WiFi doorbell videos are equipped with motion sensors and are activated only in case of presence near the access point. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be adjusted.

This is the videophone that I gave to my brother when he got married (it wasn't the only gift, do not worry … one of a long series …;).

The Mbuynow is great, because with a motion sensor and night vision, not only that, to complement everything there is also a beautiful wide-angle camera that can show the world in front of you up to 170 degrees, exactly what you need to have a overall view of the surrounding environment and to realize what is actually happening in the vicinity of your home.

The video door phone in question has a nice design and a nice construction, it can be used both with android and ios, so you won't have compatibility problems.

However, the android app is faster than the one for iphone.

The app can also be used remotely with the normal internet connection, without the need to stay inside your own home, certainly a nice convenience.

When you answer the intercom inside the application it will seem to be responding to a real phone call, no strange learning curve so you just need to install the app and you will be ready to go.

It is also possible to always activate through the app a nice 170 degree view of the area around the house.

N.B. Remember to remove the adhesive film from the supplied batteries, they are not discharged, there is only a thin plastic patina that covers them to protect them!

There is an additional bell with as many as 52 ring tones!

OWSOO 7 inches

OWSOO Video Intercom 7 Inch Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell ...
OWSOO Video Intercom 7 Inch Wired Video Door Phone Doorbell …

  • The internal monitor supports the monitor, the visual intercom, the release, the hands-free function and does not disturb. It can also take pictures and record videos, max to support the 64GB TF card. The outdoor camera has anti-rain function and automatic infrared night vision, which can provide a clear view during the night.
  • When a new visitor arrives, he will automatically call you to remind you or send snapshots of lost visitors. Remote unlocking functions: home owners do not have to perform on the door that you can remotely unlock from the APP phone or unlock directly from the internal monitor. Supports unlock delay.

Everything is included in the package, there is a beautiful screen, a transformer, the 5-meter cable, the convenient installation plugs, the pins for the door opener and also the spare.

An article certainly interesting and easy to assemble, the monitor especially, connects with 4 dowels, and are already included the attacks for other additional monitors, in case there were any need, for example in a complex with several families, or more areas of the home from which you want to keep an eye on the framed door.

Excellent audio reception, the video is also not far behind, although for some it may be slightly grainy, but here we are not talking about a 4k television, it is simply a small monitor to watch for your own safety and to understand who is out there , whether open or not.

An easy task that this OWSOO performs very well.

The volume of the bell and the call is also good.

Recommended for those who do not have many claims but want an effective product that lasts over time. Without obviously putting too much stress on your wallet.

Definitely recommended.

KOBWA Doorbell Videophone, very easy to install

KOBWA Video Door Phone Doorbell, Smart Wireless WiFi ...
KOBWA Video Door Phone Doorbell, Smart Wireless WiFi …

  • 【Easy installation】: download the APP, then connect it to your bell, no wires or cables are required. Respond to the door wherever you are, watch and talk to visitors directly from your smartphone or web using the On-Demand video. Supports multi-device connection Android, IOS, Windows.
  • 【Lower power】: adopt very low power technology. Adopted two branded 18650 lithium batteries, increased safety performance, extended use and waiting time. In this mode, the waiting time of the intelligent bell exceeds 8 moths. The operating conditions work with minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit at 131 degrees.

Here is a video door phone bell, excellent and very easy to install, perhaps even more than the TMEZON, the reason is simple, first of all because it is a bell and not exactly an intercom is smaller.

The Kobwa is very beautiful and elegant, perhaps the best from an aesthetic point of view among those present within this guide.

Just download the app on your phone and you can immediately access all the features of the wireless doorbell.

What do you need to know before buying a wireless video phone?

The first thing I want you to notice is that the wireless video door phones with respect to the traditional ones need a bit of maintenance as far as the batteries are concerned, in fact if you opt for the solution that you do not go directly to interface with the electrical network , these must be replaced.

For this reason, despite everything, even to the detriment of some of the "magical portability" of the devices, I insist on connecting them to the electricity grid, removes a headache, and makes the system more stable and reliable, without sacrificing Smart power.

The system's range must instead be calculated on the basis of the size of your apartment, in fact it is useless to opt for small coverage systems if your home is huge, this could seriously compromise the comfort of the appliance.

If you have a fairly large house like mine it is good to think of a wireless system with a nice range, for example of 100 meters, or why not more.

I also recommend checking that the IP camera function is present, that of driveway and door opening, as well as the night vision, the real gem of these intelligent wireless systems.

Before purchasing such a device, it is also important to make sure that the apps combined with the device are available for mobile operating systems of mobile phones that we already have, for example Android, Iphone or Windows Phone, this last system is very little supported , so if you want to enter the world of home automation from the main door I recommend a small investment and immediately buy an Apple or Android phone, any one.

In conclusion

Whether it is a four-family professional wireless video door phone or a battery-powered waterproof wireless video door phone, the wireless video door phone remains without a doubt one of the greatest innovations of recent times.

The real revolution we were waiting for has finally arrived, it's called home automation, and it's here to stay, in fact more and more Italians are bewitched when they discover all the countless possibilities of control and security that this fascinating world reserves.

It is now understood what the future is, a wonderful and fascinating future of connected objects that will act in synergy and allow us to free ourselves from the labors of everyday life.

Personally in my house I use wireless bells, a beautiful wireless alarm that in one case was also helpful directly helping me to avoid a practically already completed theft, even the smart thermostat I find it very convenient, but what matters most is the fact to be able to interface these devices to have them easily controllable remotely on my phone and tablet.

Even my wife, very skeptical at the beginning, is definitely convinced and now she is converted to home automation, in fact she is often the one who makes me discover new functions and possibilities of the objects we have at home, not to mention our children who with technology they go to wedding and find it impossible to imagine a world in which to turn off a light switch it was necessary to get out of bed.

It is fantastic how in recent years the world of home automation has made great strides in the genre, and in the coming years I am sure that we will see a total metamorphosis of the normal household appliances used to use for years in vintage mode, which will finally become Smart, to make life better.

The wireless video door phone will become the standard in Italian homes, because it allows a great versatility, let's face it, the wires are so obsolete, that it's almost funny to think that our homes are actually still wired on electrical cable systems.

In the not too distant future, electricity will also be transmitted wirelessly, and we can finally get rid of the annoying thread that still binds us like an obnoxious umbilical cord to the world of the past.

I am a fanatic of electronics at the service of everyday life, I can do nothing, as long as there are gadgets to buy, I will be here to install, test and review them, to finally give my opinion.

We hope at least that artificial intelligence will not steal this fun pastime, do you imagine objects that are so smart that in addition to doing their duty they even RECENSISON themselves? πŸ˜€

I'm obviously kidding.

I'm ready for the revolution, and you?

Until next time,
your Dario.


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