πŸ₯‡5 Best Tandem Bikes? (Wonderful Romantic Rides) –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Tandem Bikes? (Wonderful Romantic Rides) –

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I'm Tony.

I am a real person fanatic of the bicycle, and consequently of the tandem bike.

The pirate Pantani was my myth.

My father infected me with his passion, he took me as a child to the hill, always in front of him and I behind, our game was this: at a predetermined signal I began to pull the sprint, I passed it, I felt just like Pantani, defending the pink jersey, and he did the teammate who had the task of supporting me.

When I remember those moments of freedom and carefree, with the sweet sun of the nineties beating on the head and the coolness of the Marche hills to caress my cheeks, I shiver, I feel alive Like never before.

This is why mine love with the bicycle it is indissoluble.

There tandem bike it's a passion that came later, when I got engaged, and in my turn I caught my sweetie with my passion for outdoor life: Giada.

The halo vintage of charm that envelops this medium is without a shadow of a doubt fortissimo.

I believe that the tandem bike is a practically revolutionary vehicle, in the good sense of the word.

It is the antidote against nervous breakdown.

The contemporary world is so frenetic and dehumanizing, but when I get on the bike I feel like a carefree child again, and I reset all the negative energies I accumulate during the day.

When you think of the tandem bike idyllic scenery opens up before your eyes, I personally immediately think of the French countryside of Burgundy, where I spent an unforgettable summer, between harvest and romantic bicycle rides in two.

Here are two guys who explain how to mount and drive on a tandem bike, with the driver in front of them telling the time for pedaling (video in English):

How does the tandem bike work?

First of all, keep in mind the fact that to go in tandem the two people that go up must both have a sense of balance, in fact if one of the two is not able to stay in balance on a bike he risks unbalancing the other and dropping him .

The tandem is a two-seater bicycle with an elongated frame and two sets of pedals instead of one.

Equipped with two transmission axles, the pedals are connected together by a chain.

It is therefore important synchronize your pedaling to that of your partner, to maintain a uniform rhythm and thus guarantee uniformity of pedaling.

It is good squeeze in an area with little traffic first, because going in tandem is not difficult, but neither super fast if you have never done it before.

I therefore recommend that you try at least a few dozen minutes in an open space before setting off on the road with your adventure partner.

The one who stands at the head of the vehicle, that is forward, must be the driver, or the one who will establish the pace of pedaling and who will decide the path to follow, for this reason it is good that in this position the more experienced and adult driver is placed, if you decide to use the tandem with the younger ones.

Tandem is really it funny, a unique experience, and a little practice at the beginning is enough to become familiar with the medium and become its masters in a short time.

Some tandem models have a secondary handlebar and a third brake, others do not.

It is important to establish the order of ascent and descent of the tandemists to avoid having balance problems on arrival and departure.

However, going tandem is more easy to do what to say.

I taught my fasting bike friend the same day to ride a bike and to go in tandem, if he succeeded he was completely denied they can all really do it.

Best Tandem Bike Prices 2019

tandem Atala Due Smart, the bike I use, black 21V measures 26 β€³

Here is my current tandem bicycle, I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Every weekend my wife and I go to our house in the countryside and we can't wait to get our beautiful Atala Due Smart,

The bike is about 2 meters long, equipped with a hi-ten tig frame and Shimano Tourney RD-TX800 7V transmission, Shimano Tourney FD-TX51 31.8mm derailleur and Shimano Tourney SL-RS36 RevoShift controls while the wheel is free Shimano Tourney 7V 14- 28.

There are two speeds available, it is really easy to drive, it is very beautiful, it looks good in both informal and more elegant settings.

The ride is very harmonious and pleasant, perfect for trips out of town to go at medium or slow speeds. Practically perfect for those who love the outdoors, and intend to use it to carry around two adults.

Comes in packaging and before jumping in the saddle you need to mount the pedals, the saddle and the handlebar, they are very easy but they allow you to customize it to our height and our taste.

Very simple assembly even for beginners.

Γ“rbita – Tandem in steel with 21 speeds, mod. Sintra

Here is another fundamental tandem bike to consider if you intend to enter the world of tandems from the main door.

The frame is in steel and the Shimano 21-speed transmission.

Perfect both for couple walks and for people with disabilities, an important factor to consider.

A bicycle that can surely give you so many satisfactions, is beautiful, resistant, it easily carries two adults without problems.

Highly recommended.

SCHIANO Bicycle Bike Tandem Wheel 26 β€³ Shimano Gearbox

Another excellent tandem bike is this Schiano, with the 26 β€³ wheel, SHIMANO 7 speed gearbox with steel frame and fork.

The design is based this time on white, very beautiful and elegant, perfect for those who want to run around making a good impression but without giving too much attention.

The frame is in steel and the brakes are in aluminum.

The gearbox is SHIMANO TZ 50

It weighs almost 25 kilos.

The Schiano is my brother's bike, which always tells me he is fine, he uses it with his son when he goes to the beach house. An honest vehicle for those who want to have fun in the open air.

OSMO 50.80 cm (20 β€³) – Folding city bike

Here is another very interesting tandem bicycle because in this case it is foldable, so perfect to take with you on trips outside the city, perhaps to be stored comfortably in the trunk of your car.

It comes disassembled and you need to mount pedals, handlebars and seats. However it is not a difficult operation and allows you to customize it to the measures of the people who will have to climb up.

Comfortable, with the right dimensions to close in on itself and not take up too much space, so it is also excellent for storing at home if you don't have too much space.

The fact that it is a folding bike, however, does not compromise its functionality and manageability, in fact it is great to ride, very funny, I used it for a while with my nephew and we had some great rides.

Definitely highly recommended for those who want to opt for a more "Elon Musk" solution.


The structure is in Hi-ten steel, the dimensions of the wheels are 20,50,80 cm
The speeds are well 7.

Tandem Bicycle for Parents with Children – 22 "

Tandem bicycle - 22 'tandem family of the ...
Tandem bicycle – 22 "tandem family of the …

  • Suitable for parents to go with the child to mount, go to the park picnic, take the child to see the landscape, breathe fresh air, increase feelings between parents.
  • Non-slip enlarged and thick tires, wear resistance and more grip

Here is a perfect bicycle to go around with your child.

The tires are widened just to increase safety, the grip on the ground is incredible, almost an off-road vehicle.

It is very easy to remove the child seat.

The handle is made of aluminum, strong, stable and extremely comfortable.

For those who want to ride with their children in complete safety.

Trail-Gator 650025 – Tandem bar

The Trail-Gator is not a tandem bike, but a tandem bar, or to adapt two normal bicycles to a comfortable tandem.

It is especially useful for those who want to connect any children's bike to an adult bike, to go around with their little ones in complete safety and freedom.

Fast to assemble, even those who have never seen such an object before can do it.

The important thing to note is that it can also be connected without any need for tools, so by hand, this is an important factor for those who are less geeks and do not have a toolbox, or for those who can easily be intimidated. when there is to mount an Ikea cabinet. πŸ™‚

It can be used with children's bikes measuring 12 "to 20".

Supports children up to 32 kg, if your child is older then avoid buying it.

Definitely a great product, which I saw used by a friend of mine who loves optimizing his means and making them a bit cyberpunk, certainly an essential item for those who love customization.

How to choose the tandem bike?

First of all, when you are dealing with tandem bikes you have to take into account a very important factor, namely that the vehicle structure must be strong enough to support the weight of two adult individuals, or children if you decide to buy a tandem bike for the little ones.

Compared to traditional bikes we are faced with a very special job, because in addition to supporting the weight, the tandem bike must also be able to maintain a good balance, remember that two people will be pedaling, so everything gets complicated.

Those presented in this guide have all been tested by me very accurately, I have chosen only the best ones, those that allow excellent road holding, that are easy to drive and that are fun to use even for the most inexperienced cyclists. To make it easier for me to do this, I brought a friend with me who practically can't go by bike, and together we decided which is the best tandem bike currently on the market, according to our taste, of course.

The quality of the brakes is also not to be taken lightly, because we are talking about a vehicle that will go on the road, where there are several dangers and therefore we cannot rely on a poorly made Chinese object, our life is at stake, not joking.

The same applies in this case to the fact that for the balance of the structure, being in fact in the presence of a long vehicle and that it will accommodate two people of varying weights, even the brakes must be up to date, because we know that more energy is released during the pedaling, the more the brake must be able to put resistance to the wheel and to allow a gentle and at the same time safe maneuver.

Wheels and spokes cannot be by hand, because the parts of the structure will be in direct contact with the road, you cannot rely on poor quality tires, but it is always good to ask for the best, we would not like our romantic trip to change in a nuisance, right?

The market presents many alternatives, because we know that the world of bicycles is so varied, and more and more are the enthusiasts who decide to opt for this fabulous vehicle that has never been as fashionable as it is now.

Let's face it, people are getting more and more tired of moving on board those annoying tin boxes, the freedom allowed by the bicycle is priceless, and above all in times of crisis the cost factor is not to be taken for granted.

Gasoline costs, while a healthy ride is good for your health and above all it's free, pedaling then with a friend is even easier and more fun.

In conclusion

In a world as hectic as ours that imposes speed at all costs and forces us to spend a large part of our time at home, or even worse in that hellish four-wheeled steel car that is the modern car, the bike tandem represents the last outpost of an old-fashioned society, because it is almost Pasolinian.

A last moment of romance in the robot world.

The direction is now clear, we are moving towards total automation of life, artificial intelligence, there will be less and less room for man, and roads will be increasingly colonized by automated electric vehicles.

But I say, what a pleasure it is to be on board of a vehicle that, even if it is ultra-technological and maybe even non-polluting like the electric car, cannot be compared to the pleasure of designing with one's own feet and with one's own head continuously the route you want to take.

Feeling the masters of your own movement.

This is the most secret and powerful charm that is contained within the bike, and no innovation can ever emulate it.

There will be a reason why the bicycle endures almost unchanged in its form over the centuries.

The tandem bike is a real human-sized vehicle, it tickles our most hidden instincts, our truest humanity, our need for romance and being outdoors.

Because let's be clear: the man was not born to live in concrete cages.

Our bodies are sadly adapting to this sedentary condition, to this imposed netflixianism, to being sadly curved on the screen of our smartphones.

But the truth is that inside we hide a child who wants to jump, run, laugh, throw himself on the ground, play in the sun and why not take long bike rides (strictly without wheels, which we are now big children).

The tandem bike is an object that alone makes us slip back into a slower and more fascinating world, when slowness allowed us to enjoy more of our humanity and the nature that surrounds us.

Haste is known, is a bad adviser, and this is a world dominated by haste.

The bicycle is therefore a real revolutionary means, a weapon to regain possession of our roads and to return to being masters of our destiny, against all the logic of power, which requires zombies and slaves.

I hope with this article to have sent you a shred of my passion for the two-wheeled world, I refer you to the next appointment.

In the meantime I wish you some wonderful bike rides, in the company of your sweetheart, your children and your friends.

See you soon,
a hug



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