πŸ₯‡5 Best Manual Logsplitters? (SUPER POWERFUL) –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Manual Logsplitters? (SUPER POWERFUL) –

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I'm Giuseppe.

I love to hearsmell of freshly cut wood.

When I can, I escape from the roar of modern life and take refuge among my animals and my plants.

One of the favorite items in my mountain cabin is it manual log splitter, I don't use an electric one because I prefer to work as much as possible with my hands on the matter, using only mine muscle strength.

I am not one of those jocks who loves automation at all costs, I prefer to be the direct author of my life, to intervene on the matter, as it used to be.

There manual log splitter it is used to cut firewood in several blocks. Perfect for reducing large logs to a smaller size.

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Here is a video that shows the simplest and most spartan model of manual log splitter, there is nothing to say however impressive:

How to cut firewood?

I remember one important thing, however, that wood releases more heat in relation to the humidity contained in it. Therefore a dry wood normally burns much better than a wet one, and is therefore much more efficient during combustion.

More efficient combustion also means less wear on the devices we use for heating.

The ideal humidity for firewood should be less than 20%.
I recommend always leaving the wood to dry outdoors in a well-ventilated place before cutting it.

How does the manual log splitter work?

It is very easy to use the manual log splitter, do you want to know how I do it?

Well, as the very first thing I go around in my backyard looking for a log of wood big enough to place the log splitter on it. It is important to find a support base that does not get damaged, in this case a beautiful log of wood is the ideal solution.

It takes at least 50 cm in diameter to allow me to have excellent stability when I go to cut, but at the same time it is better not to get too much enthusiasm and limit myself to a few tens of centimeters in height, otherwise it will become extremely difficult to lift the wood to rest on it.

At this point, I will drill the base for 10-15 cm using my trusty drill, a dear friend of DIY adventures, and insert the bar on which the blade is connected.

Be careful, however, to make the hole with the exact diameter of the bar, otherwise you risk that it starts to dance and behave in an unstable way, thus compromising the whole, and also making the wood cutting operation very dangerous.

Safety first of all, once when I was very young, I was also very stupid and didn't take the right precautions when I was working in the country, believing I was immortal, then a bad accident happened to me (luckily solved in the best way ) and from that day I always take extreme care to implement the best rules of behavior without compromising my health and that of those around me.

Once the assembling of the log splitter was successful, all that remains is to place the log I want to smash on the base I have prepared, position the blade, lift the weight up and let it fall … ZAAAK

As if by magic the piece is split.

The operation is very simple, and it is much easier to do than to say.

If the wood is particularly hard, it is better to add strength to the falling of the log, to enhance the effect of the blade.

In short, as always, it is enough to use a little common sense and take the result home.

Over time, practice obviously makes perfect.

What are the dimensions in which to cut firewood?

For the wood-fired and wood-fired boiler, the pieces must normally have a length of 50 – 55 cm.

For fireplace and fireplace, 33 – 36 cm.

For wood stoves, 25 – 27 cm.

Manual log splitter with vertical or horizontal pedal?

There are basically two main types of manual log splitters: vertical and horizontal.

The one treated in this guide of mine is the domestic one, or the horizontal one, because it is smaller in size and differs from the vertical one for professional use.

Another common log splitter is the hydraulic one, which is operated by a fluid driven by an oil pump, but in this case the prices rise vertically.

This is why if you are an ordinary person like me and not a professional, the best choice is necessarily the horizontal manual lumberjack.

The best 2019 manual log splitter

Forest Master Duo10T The cadillac of manual log splitters, 10 T

Forest Master Duo10T Manual Spaccalegna, 10 T
Forest Master Duo10T Manual Spaccalegna, 10 T

  • Hydraulic log splitter manual with a rapid lift of 16-20mm and a cutting force of 8 tons.
  • Both blades work together to cut the trunk from both sides giving more effective and efficient results.

Here is the cadillac of manual log splitters, my favorite: the Forest Master Duo10T.
The name is already high-sounding, epic, and it immediately differs from that of the other models featured in this guide of mine.

The log splitter in question is in fact for those who are really demanding and without spending too much money, they want to take home a fantastic object that is destined to be used to exhaustion without giving signs of abating.

It weighs as much as 50kg, it is not a joke, even if from Amazon you can order and receive it at home without any problem, as I did.

It is very powerful and can split even very large trunks as if it were a walk.

After trying other pedal-powered and not manual log splitters, finding myself in the presence of this seemed to me to have opened the door to a new world, I practically didn't believe my eyes.

I am not kidding, just look at the photo to immediately understand what distinguishes the Forest Master from its competitors, with a simple lever it is possible to split non-stop wood without slowing down, blockages or various nuisances.

It can be used both in portrait and landscape mode, without any problem.

It is equipped with two pumping elements, one that serves for power and the other for happiness.

I'll explain what they are for: if you want to make less effort, use the one on the right, if you need more explosive power you can use the one on the left, but at the expense of a little more effort, but don't worry that even in this case it will remain child's play. And if you need maximum strength because maybe the log is a bit too knotty, just join the two pumping elements and get maximum strength.

The machine can be used by practically everyone, clearly with common sense and always keeping in mind the basic safety rules, ie not putting your fingers in the cutting parts and not letting yourself get too caught up in the cutting enthusiasm, but always being very careful during operations of cutting

Some complain that it's a bit too heavy, but this aspect I honestly don't mind, I love heavy machinery, I seem to command real war machines, and I'm happy when I use them.

Extremely solid and robust. It also works well with cypress, olive and orange wood.

Perhaps the only real negative aspect of this log splitter is the fact that you have to lower yourself to open the tap.

Overall it's almost perfect, highly recommended for those who want only the best.



  • Working capacity ΓΈ 254 x 460 mm

Here is a manual pedal splitter, with a minimal vintage design, terribly effective.

At first glance it looks decidedly robust and solid, it is clear that it was built keeping in mind the task it will have to rise.

It works well with both small and large sized logs, but gives its best with those of 10 cm in diameter and 40 cm in length, acting at maximum speed and without causing any fatigue to the user.

A nice comfort in short.

Beware, however, that it must be used with very dry wood, because as I have already pointed out in this guide, wet wood is not very friendly to log splitters and use as a heating source.

If you wish to use very moist wood at the start it is best to always leave it to dry beforehand in the sun in a very ventilated place, otherwise you will have problems both in the cutting phase and in terms of general combustion performance.

The Fervi machine is still perfect for home use, it cannot break pieces that are too big and is not ideal for huge quantities of wood. For example, perfect for those who need to cut a few pieces of wood on the fly to keep the fire burning in winter without having to go to the woodshed all the time, let's imagine for example the situations in which travel is very difficult due to snow. Well this machine comes to your rescue and can practically save your life, or at least make it much easier and more convenient.

Promoted with full marks.

AGMA, Spartan log splitter


AGMA, Spaccalegna
AGMA, Spaccalegna

  • Extremely safe wood splitter. 100% precision – don't worry about your legs or your thumbs anymore
  • Ergonomic use with 2 hands and straight back

Here is another manual but incredibly effective Spartan log splitter, recommended for those who are skeptical towards the world of electric log splitters but at the same time cannot use tools such as the hatchet due to health problems.

Well this Agma absolutely does not betray the expectations, the log splitter behaves well in any situation, even with the most knotty stocks.

It can split oak, cherry, acacia, chestnut up to 30cm in diameter and 45cm in length without any problem, there is nothing to say, not bad at all.

The first time I tested it I almost couldn't believe my eyes, how could such a cheap tool work with such speed and precision without being intimidated even by the most knotty woods. I was astonished.

Clearly, if the strain is particularly knotty, I advise you to pay special attention and proceed with more caution.

It is good to have an adequate support stock, as I told you at the beginning of this guide.

It must be at least 40cm high and have a diameter of at least 50cm.

Indeed, the greatest problems during the cutting phase are due to inadequate cutting surfaces.
In fact, they risk vibrating in a way that is not exactly appropriate, making the dispersion of a large amount of energy used in the cut inevitable.

With this object even people with very little strength can cut wood as if it were child's play, even my wife who has the strength of a child can do it.

Fiskars Log splitter

Fiskars Log splitter, Length: 98 cm, Steel, ...
Fiskars Log splitter, Length: 98 cm, Steel, …

  • Log splitter bar for splitting logs effectively and safely and for preparing pieces of wood
  • Optimal working height with a posture that does not damage the back thanks to the total length of 98 cm, High precision during splitting thanks to the telescopic handle

Here is a log splitter that offers many satisfactions, Fiskars produces it and it is for those who want a much spartan approach to the world of manual wood cutting.

It works in a way that is as simple as it is incredibly effective, perfect for working with pieces up to 60cm in height and 30 in diameter

My cousin Paolo had back problems to cut wood with a hatchet every day, since he didn't need an excessive amount of lumber, I advised him to buy this cheap but very effective log splitter, he called me after two enthusiastic days.

Finally his life had become much simpler, in fact with this bar it is possible to split the wood in a much faster way.

The only shortcoming of this object is that during use after a few dozen strokes it tends to hang in the closed position a little, but a light pressure is enough to unlock it and return to working at full speed.

However it is very fast, a real jewel of simplicity and elegance.

How to choose the right manual log splitter

The first thing to consider when buying a manual log splitter is without a doubt the pushing power of the same.

The thrust power is expressed in tons. Usually it is between 5 and 10 tons, obviously the more this will be the more the machine will be powerful and capable of facing demanding cuts.

Some machines are capable of processing larger logs, others only small ones.

The vast majority of models are fortunately equipped with an accident prevention system that allows you to work in complete tranquility without being too worried.

In conclusion

I love the manual log splitter.

The world of wood heating is without a doubt extremely fascinating.

Those who live in the city do not have the faintest idea of ​​how to cut firewood, now they are all zombies without consciousness and ability to take care of themselves.

All chained in this eternal blackmail of the metropolis, I pity them, but those who live in the countryside know how important it is to be able to provide for their own livelihood. To warm up is an almost religious ritual, which without a shadow of a doubt makes me feel more alive and in contact with nature.

Choosing the manual log splitter is almost a clear political choice, a clear delimitation of one's philosophical and mental space, to feel still alive and well, present, on this earth, more and more protagonists and not passive spectators.

When I don't use the manual log splitter, however, I prefer to use the hand saw, which is even more hardcore, for when I want to feel more human and manly, and above all when I'm not in a hurry, because it takes longer to cut several logs in this way.

At the moment unfortunately I am also bound in some way to the tasks of modern life and therefore I cannot stay in my hut as long as I wish, yes, I admit it, I also have a job in the city. But still for a short time, in a few months I will definitely move to the mountains, to lead a completely free life.

I hope this brief guide of mine has been helpful and inspired you above all,
next time!



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