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I'm Sabrina.

You don't know how to dry your dog and you're always afraid that it will ill after the bath?

The professional hair dryer for dogs it is a tool that cannot be missing in the arsenal of a self-respecting dog enthusiast.

THE'blower dryer it is a simple and salvific device, in fact it can facilitate the life of every master at a level that sometimes is not even imagined.

With a normal hair dryer I also used more than an hour to dry my dog ​​with the dog dryer about ten minutes!

I do not consider myself in any way an expert, I am just a woman who has spent many years of her life in contact with dogs, and she has really seen all sorts of things, she thinks that for a time I was even a dog sitter, and I was shooting with 5-6 dogs at a time, of different breeds!

And today I want to share my experience with you.

Every time I bathed my dog ​​it was the same story.

Our four-legged friends are animals with few claims, you know, it's very easy to make them happy.

How to wash and dry the dog?
Can the "human" hair dryer be used to dry the dog?

For this reason paradoxically there is sometimes the risk of thinking that they are doing their best when something very dangerous is being done for their health.

If you want to prevent your dog from having the smell of wet fur characteristic of the post-bath phase, then you need to buy a dog blower.

It should be noted that the sound of the blower does not bother the dog:

In the past when I was not equipped with a dog blower dryer it happened that I realized after several minutes that the dog needed to "do another lap" in the bathtub, because it had not dried properly.

You can imagine that subjecting our animal friends to too many washing sessions is an unnecessary stress for them and the risk of getting sick.

It is therefore good to optimize the bathroom, and to do this it is necessary to optimize the drying process.

Too many bathrooms also means too much here and there, to literally invade the house and the dogs are never completely dry at the end.

The traditional drying of a dog can take up to an hour if you do not have a blower.

Choose theperfect dryer for its dogs it is an easy operation, but since it is an object to be bought fundamentally once, since it will not be replaced often (it is hoped) it is necessary to rigorously choose the best based of course on its own needs and on its economic resources .

Not all blowers are the same, as there are more or less powerful dryers, depending on the energy delivered and also on their cost and size.

The hair dryers for dogs allow you to regulate with extreme precision the quantity of air that you want to dispense, to act in an absolutely rational manner and avoid causing damage to our animal friends.

There choice of temperature it is essential, because not all dogs are the same, some breeds have thicker and stronger fur, while others have a lighter coat. It is clear that you cannot expect to use the same setup for this or that other dog.

At the beginning there is a need for a bit of study, but it's inevitable if you really like our four-legged friends.

Perfect drying is possible with the hair dryer for dogs, and I want to show you this with this brief guide I have compiled for dog lovers like me, thanks to the experience accumulated over the past few years.

We must not sin of carelessness and superficiality when it comes to drying your dog, on the contrary, you must take care to work on each area of ​​your body to leave it completely dry at the end. In fact, the parts that leave themselves wet tend to remain wet and over time to stink, but not only, also constitute a strong risk for our four-legged friend, because if there is cold outside can also get sick. And we all know it's worth having a sick dog at home, when it happens my children don't stop being worried and worrying day and night.

To avoid panic scenarios, therefore, I always wash and dry my dogs, since I am a maniac of order accuracy, I can do modestly well in this activity, completing a perfect drying of the animals.

But in addition to my personal expertise there is the not inconsiderable fact that I always make use of the best hair dryers for dogs to perform this operation, which honestly in this way becomes very easy. Child's play, as they say.

The phon nozzles for dogs are not to be underestimated, because they allow to emit hot or cold air in a different way.
It is very important that you can act quickly and immediately on their attacks, so that you can have full control even during the drying phase.
In some cases it is convenient, for example, to change the nozzle to intervene on one part of the shot of the dog rather than on another.

Choose the best dog blower therefore it is easy, if one takes into account all these factors and above all if one relies on this guide of mine, easy to consult as it is exhaustive.

In fact, to complete it, I asked for thealso opinion of my dog ​​lovers friends, who in these years have accompanied me in this long and very important adventure.

But then let's go together to see which are the best blowers for dogs and how to dry your dog properly.

Can the "human" hair dryer be used to dry the dog?

Many wonder if it is possible to use the hair dryer at home, the one used for the hair of us humans, to dry the hair of dogs after bathing.

The answer is NO, first of all the common hair dryer is too noisy for our animal friends, and risks ruining his hearing, and then secondly it is better not to risk it, given that the β€œhuman” hair dryers are not calibrated for use on the hair of animals, whose skin is much more delicate than the human one.

Both the air jet in terms of size and the temperature could in fact be harmful to the physical well-being of our animal, and have consequences in the future.

Best Blower dryer Professional dryer for dogs

BAODE, the dryer I use at home with my dogs

The Baode is my favorite dog dryer, and there will be a reason.

The cost is a bit high, but if you really care about the care and health of your four-legged friends, I suggest you buy it with your eyes closed, you won't regret it.

I tried many blowers before this, but there is nothing comparable, which is why in the end I decided to give away relatives and dog lovers the dryers I had bought over the years and leave this at home, for my usual intensive use. I don't need anything else.

It is very useful for the grooming of my dog, very quiet, it beats all the other models, the dog practically does not seem to notice when I point it on the hair, I do not read in his eyes even the shadow of a slight annoyance.

There are models around China that pretend to be silent but in the end they are extremely noisy (I didn't include them on the list because I don't review or use Chinese, never, I care about the quality of my products).

The power is adjustable according to our needs, you can easily adjust the flow you need to blow away all the water from our dog's hair immediately after a wash.

The tube and the sleeve are practically perfect.

The temperature is excellent.

My dogs have a very thick coat, but this does not frighten the Baode, which acts deeply, without however affecting the health of the skin of my dear friends.

Air heating can be regulated on two distinct levels.

Effective, impeccable, of excellent workmanship and also has a beautiful design, I consider myself fully satisfied and I recommend it to everyone without a shadow of a doubt.

The interchangeable nozzles make it extremely versatile, therefore adaptable to the size and needs of our animal.

The manual is not translated into Italian, but its use is so simple and immediate that there is no need to consult it.

If you are a demanding master, and you have always had dogs at home or in the country and plan to have them forever, look no further and choose this model directly, there is no better on the market in my humble opinion.

The few euros more spent on this object over the years will be absolutely justified and repaid.

Ten more for this Baode blower.

Amzdeal Dog Blower with 4 Nozzles, 2800W

amzdeal Dog Blower with 4 Nozzles, 2800W, 2 Levels of ...
amzdeal Dog Blower with 4 Nozzles, 2800W, 2 Levels of …

  • POWERFUL AND SAFE – Power 2800w, pure copper motor, powerful jet and high efficiency, gives you a longer life than aluminum motor. Built-in overheat protection device, automatic protection function, allows you to use it without worry. A heat insulating sleeve is also added, which protects your hands from scalding during use
  • LESS NOISE – Noise is inevitable, the noise is partly given by the engine and partly by the volume of air emitted. The size of the environment of use will also influence the degree of noise from the sense of ear. Our blower has a damping noise reduction device, effectively reduces noise as much as possible. The noise during use is: 70 – 80db (We advise you to let your dogs get used to the lower ventilation fan)

Here is a really easy to use blower, that's why I love it.

It has only two keys.

One of ignition and one of heat, plus there is a handy knob to adjust the power of the outgoing air to your liking.

It can be used both to dry your dog after a long bath, to sweep away dead hair.

The noise is moderate, but unlike normal hair dryers for humans the sound is emitted all from the back of the blower, to avoid disturbing the animal in any way.

Dogs are well known as they are sensitive to noise.

Faster and more comfortable than common brushes to blow away the hair, and perfect for drying.

In the kit there is also a nice brush with a comb.

The dog comes out very dry after about ten minutes.

No particular skill or experience is required to dry your pet, as all our love and care that we reserve daily for our four-legged friend is enough.

Promoted with full marks.

Outsunny – Blower Phon

This Outsunny is perfect for drying medium-sized dogs, there is my friend Nicola who is practically in love, a product that leaves practically nothing to chance.

It is recommended to use it in an outdoor environment, because it "moves" many of the animal's hair and you risk finding it all around the house πŸ™‚

It is very noisy, but I do not recommend to point it directly at the muzzle or in the dog's ears, as they are very sensitive in these points.

You need to wait about ten seconds for the dog dryer to warm up completely.

You could perhaps do better with regards to the tube connections with the vents.

All in all, however, one product, Nicola, owner of two beautiful huskies, recommends it.

Paneltech 2800W

Here is a blower for those who like to dry their dog without other people to keep the animal still.

It is very silent, and does not bother the dog as it happens with the common hair dryer that some masters still insist on using in this way traumatizing their poor animals.

It is possible to adjust the intensity of the heat and the air flow, as it happens for the other models present within this list.

The tube is perhaps the only negative aspect of this product, which in my opinion seems a bit too rigid, but nothing that prevents excellent drying and a work of art.

Also equipped with perfect nozzles to adapt the air jet to the type of hair of our dog.

Promoted with full marks.

Kenley Blower Hair Dryer Heater for Dogs

Here is another nice heater for dogs not to be missed if you are summing up and want to make a selection of the best dryers present on the market right now.

The Kenley is a perfect blower for those who can no more than the traditional hair dryer and want to finally switch to a professional product, the jet in fact in this case is calibrated to safeguard the health of our friends.

Paradoxically, the air jet is less hot, but the power is much higher than that of a common hair dryer.

The only drawback to note is that the blower in question is a little noisy, but not excessively, in fact it will not disturb our dog in any way.

The Kenley dog ​​blower is easy to handle and very small in size, drying is quick and very precise.

It can also be used to simply remove dust from our animal's coat after it has returned from an outdoor raid.

Some dogs may be a bit scared of the dryer, I have a friend who took a couple of weeks to get his half used to cleaning with a dryer, but I assure you it's worth it.

PawHut Economical but very effective blower

Here is a very cheap product, but that leaves nothing to chance, in fact it is designed precisely to contain costs but be effective and perform one's duty without too many frills.

When using the "phon" function it tends to heat up a bit, but nothing to worry about.

Perfect for drying your dog in just a few minutes after a nice wash.

My friend Antonella also uses it to blow away the old hair from the coat of her long-haired dog, without the need for a bath, an operation she loves to take every 2-3 days, because it is fun and she loves to see her dog bend over blow dryer.

The power is adjustable according to your needs and the size of the dog.

Definitely promoted, although it is not at the level of the other dryers featured in this guide, it is certainly an excellent option for those who want to spend less without giving up the final effect.

How to wash and dry the dog?

Washing your dog is often an extremely important operation, in fact there are dogs that tend to get very dirty because they love to play outside, putting themselves in the most incredible places, rolling in puddles and so on.

A clean and dry dog It's a dog happysoon said.

However, it is important to always use the right tools when you carry out this delicate operation, many dog ​​owners do not really know what to take and the mere idea of ​​having to wash your dog sends them into a panic.

The first few times the dog tends not to like the bathroom too much, but over time it learns to get used to it, some dogs rejoice even when it is time for a bath, because their owners have taught them to take it as a game.

It is good to choose a precise moment when you want to take care of cleaning your dog. At that point it is necessary to draw up a list of the indispensable tools to carry out the operation.

Are needed:

Specific shampoo for dogs
** Non-slip mat **
Container for liquids
Brush, comb and cotton

Here are the steps to follow to properly wash your dog without exposing it to unnecessary risks:

First of all, carefully comb the dog to remove the biggest dirt from its coat which will not affect the bathroom. In this way the dead hairs are also removed and the knots of the hair are dissolved.

Then you can switch to immersing the dog in a bathtub or in a very large shower box, I do not recommend using the same one you use for people, but if you don't have anything else you can proceed without problems.

It is a good idea to place a non-slip mat, because given the material of the shower or tub the dog may not grip and tend to slip, thus avoiding risks.

Then plug your dog's ears with cotton flocks to prevent water from entering, which is very annoying in the case.

Wet the dog first with lukewarm water, starting from the legs, from the bottom to the shoulders, then the chest and head as a last, avoiding touching the ears and eyes.

Not everyone is familiar with a demon-possessed dog that is afraid of water, depending on the temperament of your animal, this washing operation can be more or less complex. The dog must be treated gently but at the same time firmly, in some cases it is good to reassure the animal.

At this point we proceed to soap our friend with shampoo, to be measured relatively to the size of his body.

Put the shampoo in the palm of the hand and massage the hair by diluting the shampoo in a container.

A small foam is left to form and everything is soaped.

At this point it is necessary to let the shampoo act for a few minutes, clearly avoiding that the dog escapes, you do not know how many times I had screamed victory before time, and then I found the runaway dog ​​at home, full of foam … πŸ™‚

At this point proceed to rinse with warm water. Better to prefer a container of water to avoid pointing the jet of the shower directly at the dog's body.

This avoids frightening him more than necessary.

Make sure that all the shampoo is removed from the dog's body.

At this point we proceed to the drying, and this is where the hair dryer for dogs comes into play, also called dryer-blower, it is pointed directly on the dog's skin, avoiding however to use hot air, preferring the cold one.

One thing to definitely consider when using a dryer for dogs is that these are not human beings, so it is not like using the hair dryer on our hair, the skin of dogs is in fact much more sensitive than ours.

Before the coat is completely dry it is important to comb the dog, so in the end you will find it beautifully ordered.

In winter it is recommended to use a dry shampoo to avoid using water, and then to make the dog ill for no reason.

In conclusion

Love for one's dog is certainly the most pure and incredible expression of sentiment in the world.

Our four-legged friends are a precious resource for us, because it is thanks to their affection that we can go on in everyday life, I have two beautiful dogs, two golden retrievers for whom I would literally give my life.

Over the years I have really had many animals, because I live in the countryside and therefore I have no space problems, then since we are a large family, each of us has his own favorite animal to which he dedicates preferential care. I am the dog manager, we say, because I believe that the affection that these animals can give is truly unmatched.

Providing hygiene for our friends, however, is really fundamental, and from my experiences at the park outside the city, a place where I can compare myself with the other owner-drivers, I have come to the terrible conclusion that many of them do not have the faintest idea what the substantial rules to prevent our four-legged friends from running unnecessary dangers.

Washing and drying a dog is a very delicate matter, to which we must always devote the utmost attention, because we know that any superficiality can constitute a danger for the health of an animal.

Domestic animals, domesticated for centuries to live in the homes of humans are in fact much more sensitive than their wild "colleagues", which is why they are more susceptible to diseases and has paradoxically caused stress precisely by sharing the same living spaces as their owners.

In fact, there are dog owners who always imagine their animals as human beings without the gift of speech, and therefore treat them as if they were children. If this thing is positive on the one hand, because it makes our friends an integral part of our family, and our children are also educated in this way to respect for all living beings, on the other hand it can lead to reserving attitudes for animals which in the long run can be counterproductive.

It is for this reason that suddenly we find ourselves with dogs that are too "spoiled", hyper-aggressive, unaccustomed to the presence of strangers, too lazy or vice versa too lively, and in the worst cases of sick dogs both psychologically and physically.

Deciding to become a "parent" of a dog is a step that should not be taken lightly, especially if you live in the city, and therefore the dog has less play-force than vital space to express itself.

I advise before adopting a dog always to read up on the internet, from friends who have already had several animals, and through special books.

It is true that Love can do everything, but too often I see dog owners behaving superficially, and in that case, unfortunately, ignorance also overcomes love.

With this guide on the best hair dryer and dryer for dogs I hope I helped you.

Until next time,


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