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I'm Martina,

I personally I love cats, but at the same time I can't afford to have the garden full of wild cats in the mood for raids continuous.


This is why I have searched far and wide on the internet for a non-harmful method to avoid bringing my garden closer to i Stray cats of the neighborhood.

You're wondering how to keep cats away from your garden?

Listen to me then

At the beginning I had fenced the garden well, but cats always found a way to penetrate inside, in fact we know that cats are not afraid of climbing over great heights, and in any case they are slender enough to be able to post anywhere.

As far as they are careful, they always rubbed me.

Cats tended to ruin the garden that I was pulling up with so much care and love,

In the end I discovered the cat repellent, a way to keep the cats away from my property without hurting them.

Exactly what I was looking for.

I am opposed to any kind of drastic, or even less lethal, solution, some had suggested that I poison the cats, but I sent them directly to that country, in the grip of disgust. Some human beings do not really deserve this name, such is their cruelty.

Mechanical ultrasonic tools are definitely the best system for move the cats away from our home and then save our gardens.
Not only do these devices act on cats but also on other animals.

How to keep cats away from the garden (remedies)?

There are several useful objects as allies for help us keep cats away.

Some instruments use ultrasounds specially designed to be annoying for cats within the range of their action, it is clear that once the cat has moved away it will not suffer no damage, neither during, nor after exposure to noise.

I was well informed on the internet and by a veterinarian friend before using these devices, because I wanted to be sure that there wouldn't be any kind of damage for the cats, that although a little annoying, certainly didn't deserve any physical harm.

Then there are also gods spray repellents, to be sprayed or spread on the plants.
The smell of these sprays is annoying for the animal that therefore desists from biting and destroying them.

Then there are repellents in the form of small sprayers of water, which do nothing but release water spray on the cats that approach them, a method that is certainly extremely painless, very "sweet", which exploits the simple reluctance of cats towards water.

The various solutions can also be used in combination, as I did at the beginning, when I was experimenting and at the same time I was desperate to finally get rid of these animals that were carrying out raids inside my garden.

Does cat repellent work?

My experience tells me absolutely yes.

I have had particular luck with the ultrasonic repellent, less so with the sprays, which are very dependent also on the atmospheric agents, on the species of plants and on many other factors, among which the determination of the cats.

The ultrasonic repellents have an action air normally of about 50-80 meters and can be powered either by battery, which will therefore have to be replaced once discharged, or by solar energy.

These devices use a frequency range between 10 and 30hz.

The spray-on spray repellents are cheaper but much less effective, at the same time acting directly on the plants, and the health of some of them could therefore be affected. We never know how healthy these chemical compounds really are.

My personal advice is to fall back on ultrasonic repellents, they are the ones with whom I have had better luck and I immediately started to notice the hoped-for effects.

Can the sound produced by ultrasonic repellents be heard by humans?

Children and particularly young people have a hearing that is particularly sensitive to HIGHER FREQUENCIES, which over the years become less and less perceptible for adults and therefore for the elderly.

This means that if you set the device to maximum power, the youngest could (it is not said, however, because it depends on each person) to hear a slight sound every time the bollard goes into action activated by its motion sensor.

But nothing that cannot be solved by pointing the device towards the outside and setting its power adequately, after a couple of days I assure you that you will understand perfectly how to aim it and at what power to place it in action.

Does ultrasonic repellent also annoy the cats in the house?

Many friends ask me if ultrasonic cat repellent bollards can also annoy the cats in the house, the answer is no, because these bollards, once positioned in the garden, have action only in the immediate vicinity. For example, you can operate them at night and leave your cats at home, they will not be disturbed at all.

Do ultrasonic cat repellents also work on rats and mice?

Yes, they also work on birds.

Most animals are in fact sensitive to a greater or lesser extent to ultrasound.

Although not directly designed for other animals, the sound waves produced by ultrasonic dissuaders can also annoy other animals such as rodents, rats and mice, which will also be kept away from the area surrounding the one where the device will be placed.

Best Repellents to Remove Cats

Ultrasonic Repellent Cats with solar energy

Repellent for Ultrasound Cats, Repellent for Cats Repellent for ...
Repellent for Ultrasound Cats, Repellent for Cats Repellent for …

  • How it works: The ultrasonic cat repellent removes unwanted animals with ultrasonic waves and strong LED flash. When the animal enters the effective area, the infrared sensor is activated and the cat repellent emits a variable frequency ultrasound that causes the animals to feel sick and escape.
  • Motion Sensor & LED Flash: Equipped with an infrared motion sensor that detects movement and body heat and activates the repellent machine when the animals enter the covered area. It has 12 white flash LED lights and 4 red LED flash lights that can actually scare the animals.

Here is my favorite ultrasonic repellent, the one for which I finally opted after many different tests.

Unfortunately, we do not find the Italian language inside the instructions, but this is not a problem given the extreme ease of use of the product in question.

It is possible to activate the visual effect independently of the sound effect, or activate both to have the maximum action and act with all the forces of the device in case the invasion of cats or other animals is particularly serious.

In fact, this type of bollards can be particularly useful for small and medium-sized animals, such as various rats and rodents, or in some cases even for dogs.

It also works with birds.

There is a movement function that activates the sound when it recognizes the presence of an animal in the vicinity, it has a fairly wide range of action.

The solar panel allows the bollard to recharge itself without our direct intervention.

My aunt uses it for example to keep birds away from her balcony, a use that at the beginning we didn't think possible, but which on the first try proved to be highly effective.

In fact, as soon as it perceives the presence of an animal, the device emits light and noise (ultrasound therefore not normally perceivable by human beings), and manages to keep out unwanted animals.

For those who do not want to use poisons or traps to solve the problem of unwanted animals, this is certainly an excellent alternative.

I still use it today and I'm really happy with this purchase.

AngLink 2 x Waterproof Cat Repellent

AngLink 2 x Repellent for Cats Ultrasonic Repellent ...
AngLink 2 x Repellent for Cats Ultrasonic Repellent …

  • UPDATED VERSION 2019: This cat repellent is very fast and the most efficient to stop cats, dogs and all other unwanted animals from your garden. Register on our website to extend the one-year warranty.
  • IPX44 IS RESISTANT TO WATER: In fact it can be left outdoors in any weather condition. Easy to install, it can be placed inside or outside the garden thanks to the peg supplied.

The AngLink 2 is an excellent waterproof ultrasonic cat repellent, with a nice design, perfect to be placed in the garden, but that can be used in peace even at home.

There are many who, like me, have the problem of having a garden perpetually invaded by stray cats.

I really love cats and all animals, domestic and otherwise, but unfortunately I can't let the plants in my backyard be brutally torn apart.

This is why the AngLink has been of great help to me, the stray cats in fact now go well away from it, avoiding entering my garden and ruining years of hard work and a green thumb.

It is possible to calibrate them properly, by setting the power, depending on the length of influence that you intend to project, with some tests they can actually remove cats and large animals.

As soon as you open the two bollards that come in the package, you should leave them in charge all night, and install them the next day in the area you want to check. From this moment on, it is enough to expose them to sunlight and they will recharge themselves, in fact they work with solar energy.

They also manage to keep away mice, rats and rodents, sometimes also bitter enemies of our terraces and gardens.

It is possible, if necessary, to change the batteries supplied inside the package with some more powerful 2400 mah batteries to extend their autonomy.

If the sun in your area is not particularly strong, it will still be necessary to recharge the bollards once a month, for example, in the middle of summer for example I have no problems because I live in southern Italy where the sun beats strong and does its duty, however in the rainiest springs I need to take them home to make them "go for a ride".

AngLink Solar energy repellent


AngLink Repellent for Cats Repellent with Ultrasound bollard ...
AngLink Repellent for Cats Repellent with Ultrasound bollard …

  • UPDATED VERSION 2018: This cat repellent is very fast and the most efficient to stop cats, dogs and all other unwanted animals from your garden. Register on our website to extend the one-year warranty
  • IPX44 IS RESISTANT TO WATER: In fact it can be left outdoors in any weather condition. Easy to install, it can be placed inside or outside the garden thanks to the peg supplied

Here is another interesting AngLink product, for those who want to be serious about protecting some areas of the house or garden from the presence of unwanted cats.

There are often, for example, cats that literally invade the gardens, and they take to meowing all night, arguing frantically, or even spending long nights of love in the mating season.
If maybe these attitudes experienced by spectators a night or two can also be nice, in the long run they become unbearable, especially if like me you have an extremely light sleep, and therefore easily compromised.

The Anglink product is a repellent that can be used with three rechargeable batteries using solar energy, and it also has a decidedly intense LED light that therefore annoys the cats and can even frighten too daring thieves if necessary.

The device is equipped with a proximity sensor, it is activated so if there is someone nearby, you will see the cats literally leaping away, once they dare to approach it.

Some cats, especially the very small ones, and therefore less accustomed to "alert" states, may not be particularly disturbed by the ultrasonic noise of this device, so do the necessary tests before being sure of its operation on the animals on which you intend to act .

I remember, however, that ultrasounds in no way damage the animal's hearing and safety, I talked to Sabrina, my veterinary friend and reassured me about it, this was the main reason why I was a bit at the beginning hesitant.

The device recharges itself if there is sun, otherwise it will be necessary to intervene directly by loading the batteries at home.

It is also excellent for deterring cats from peeing in particular areas of the house, so it is perfect to be used as an educational "tool" for their animals.

My cousin Ornella uses it in this way, in fact, and is very satisfied with the product, her cat no longer peeing where it should not, after a while she has even become used to avoiding certain areas, and even without the bollard behaves as it should πŸ™‚

Rhutten 280622, spray desiccant for cats and dogs

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, sprays are much less functional and effective than ultrasonic bollards, but there are cases where for one reason or another you may want to prefer this type of solution.

The sprays are not miraculous as we have seen, but they can work for certain applications, I recommend them particularly in homes to define specific areas.

I then thought of including the sprays in my guide, and I personally tried them for you.

This spray can even be used on furniture at home to prevent your cat from climbing on it, and I believe that this is one of the most interesting possibilities for this kind of repellent.

It can also be used to prevent the cat from peeing in certain areas of your home, in fact it is enough to make a pass of the product on the square meters you want to be "avoided" by the feline, and these theoretically should not come close.

I use the conditional because the beauty of these sprays is that they do not work exactly on all cats and all dogs, you have to test it directly in the field and give it a try, for what it costs for sure to try does not harm.

As a temporary solution for my home, for a while I was able to use the sprays with moderate success. And I considered myself satisfied, but then I switched to ultrasound.

My brother Lucio also uses it on his car, to prevent the cat from getting on it, and so far it has worked.

However, there are some online users who have not had as much luck with their cats and dogs.

Flower, Repellent Educational spray for Dogs and Cats

Here is an excellent alternative to Rhutten, an excellent educational spray repellent for dogs and cats that have not yet learned good education, or to avoid access to certain areas that we have tried to forbid them with so much patience.

If you do not want to use ultrasound, this Flower is ideal for trying the "spray" route, this product tends to bother cats and dogs, and prevent them from approaching certain areas that we will decide to limit.

It can also be used simply on the sofa, to be sprayed of course every time it is washed, to infuse it with a smell that will disturb our cat, who will prefer to avoid it.

Obviously the disorder is only relative, and it does not harm absolutely the health of our felines, because they are substances specially designed to be repellent and not harmful.

It is clear that I do not take direct responsibility for any damage to things, animals or people, it is always good to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE PRODUCTS WITH EXTREME CAUTION BEFORE USING THEM.

And to never act with unconsciousness, I simply report my experience, but I cannot take responsibility, for example, if you have a particularly delicate sofa that is ruined by the application of this product.

It is always good to use common sense, and make progressive tests for example on small portions of a fabric or material and eventually extend its use to the entire surface.

In conclusion

I love animals, but at the same time I also love my plants, and it is often known that it is difficult to mediate between these two passions and keep plants and flowers free to grow and develop without the paw of pestiferous animals. I know very well it is the instinct of every animal to interact freely on nature, I just want that the nature with which they interact is not the piece of land behind my house, a few square meters that represent my whole life, years and years of hard work.

Let me be clear, I have never poisoned or hurt any animal in my life, I have also been a vegetarian for decades, since I entered the age of reason, and I could tell my parents that I would never, meat and fish, ever again eaten.
This is why when I was faced with the problem of finding a solution to the problem of stray cats in the neighborhood that destroyed my garden, making my continuous efforts completely in vain, it was a strong ethical problem for me to figure out how to chase them away. .

For a period of time I even let them do it, because I didn't want to intervene in any way in the course of nature, until my husband suggested me to look on the internet for some solutions on how to keep cats away from their property, in a non-violent way.

Whether it's the spray, or the acoustic dissuader, the choice to opt for such an instrument is certainly obligatory if you want to get rid of the presence of animals in your property but at the same time maintaining an adequate ethical profile.

Some of my friends, seeing the success my methods were having, decided to imitate me, and now even their gardens are free from the presence of animals.

If you prefer an alternative solution made at home, you can opt for this.

I hope this guide has been helpful, I always like it when with a few simple words you can help your neighbor to eliminate a problem that is as apparently simple as it is in reality complex.

Hi from yours

Until next time


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