πŸ₯‡7 Best Night Vision goggles 2019? (View from Cats!) –

πŸ₯‡7 Best Night Vision goggles 2019? (View from Cats!) –

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I'm Tony.

As a child I loved playing war and going on adventures in the woods.

I dreamed of having the night vision and to blend into the leaves, invisible to the enemy, just like an American Marine.

I sneaked around in the garden of my house with fake ones infrared vision glasses, built by myself, but often making spectacular tumbles and banging everywhere … Once we had to run to the hospital …

If you were like, I'm happy to tell you that finally: our dream has come true!


Looking for a cheap night vision device for the Soft Air? Click here directly.

If you do a night job, you love to go hunting or fishing, or simply if like me you want to finally make a childish wish come true, the night vision device is what it takes.

I personally love going on long nocturnal adventures with my children, to whom I taught love for nature and beauty, and there is no more loyal roadmate than a nice infrared viewer for our missions.

The main feature of modern night vision goggles is the possibility of saving videos and photos taken directly on SD card to be able to then view and calmly edit them at home, reliving the emotions we experienced outdoors directly in the living room and sharing them with our friends, maybe less adventurous than us but no less curious for that πŸ™‚

Night vision goggles can be monocular if we intend to favor long distance, useful for example for the observation of animals that do not allow themselves to be easily approached, we think of birds.

Or binocular in case you want to concentrate on the nearest neighborhoods and enjoy the nocturnal nature in all its splendor.

How to build yourself a night vision device?

How do night vision devices work?

Night visors use two processes:

Light amplification
o Detection of infrared radiation emitted by objects.

To sum it up quickly, light amplification maximizes the brightness present in the environment, while infrared they return a sort of reality impossible to perceive with the naked human eye, because they basically trace the warmth of objects.

Light amplification

The first method is to make the faint light that is also reflected at night much more intense.
In fact, despite the fact that at night our human eyes that are not very sensitive to light do not manage to imagine the space around them, the light coming from the stars and the moon continues to reflect on the objects around them.

The devices that exploit light amplification do just that, they take this faint light and make it much stronger, making it similar to daylight.

It is clear, however, that there are contexts in which darkness is really dark, or black, in these cases this technique does not allow any advantage over the naked eye, because there is simply no light to amplify.

And despite the pitch darkness unfortunately in many cases the image is still not clear enough despite the amplification of the light, because the reflections are in any case insufficient.

This kind of technology also presents technical problems related to image construction, which does not make it very efficient for this.

There is blooming in fact, or the overexposure of a part of the image, the halo, a kind of aura of light around some lights.
The more expensive and technologically refined the instrument, the less the visual technical problems, for example the NSI was invented, that is the technology that allows an increase in quality in conditions of limited brightness, increasing the sensitivity of the sensors.

Passive infrared viewers

There is also infrared night vision, which works by means of a small camera that processes in real time the infrared radiations emitted by the objects around.

Obviously this camera does not fit the normal sense present inside the digital cameras to make videos that we commonly know, but it is designed specifically for the infrared radiation, that they are not normally perceptible to the human eye.

In this case there is no need for reflections of the faint night light, given that the objects themselves provide this radiation, and give the possibility of a visual tracking of the same even in conditions of zero light, pitch darkness.

We could therefore think instinctively that the infrared viewers are better for this reason, but in reality it depends on the situation.

The image that can be obtained through infrared vision is completely different from the one we are commonly used to imagine.

The objects will appear more or less bright depending on the heat that their surface naturally emanates. So the brightest objects in the vision will be the hottest ones.

Even in these cases, therefore, there are inevitable problems, cold objects may for example be invisible.

This is the reason why we often see the two technologies used simultaneously in military applications, infra-red vision is infallible for finding living beings that are still or moving.

The main paradoxical technical problem is that the infrared device itself, or the camera that takes action again, tends to heat up, and therefore to invalidate the vision in some situations. For this reason we tend to equip them with cooling systems, which compromise weight and size.

As we have seen, therefore, night vision is not a trick, but the implementation of highly advanced technologies, the greater the investment, the better the yield will be.

But there are also some undeniable advantages of infrared vision:

Infrared viewers literally allow you to see where the human eye cannot, for example in a fog.

Not everyone knows that infrared radiation also allows for agricultural estimates, for example one can be aware of the health of a plowed field.

The hot objects, therefore equipped with infrared, leave a trace of themselves even when they move, and therefore this trace in the INFRARED WORLD can be figured, it is as if one could see the old "ghost" of the object, its " trail of heat "a perspective without a shadow of a doubt.

Active infrared viewers

The active infrared viewers instead project (hence in an active manner, hence the name) the infrared rays on the objects they want to show.
Obviously these rays are not visible to the naked eye, but only to the viewer camera.

This technique allows for better contrast and better resolution.

Monocular night vision device for crossbow, rifle and hunting, softair

ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 Night Vision Hunting ...
ESSLNB Night Vision Monocular 5X40 Night Vision Hunting …

  • Night vision goggles for IR infrared hunting: Built-in infrared illuminator and CCD auxiliary illumination enables the observation of the target in conditions of total darkness and the range up to 656 feet. During the day or in low light conditions, the viewing distance is infinite. Please do not use the infrared night vision device in a small room. It can damage the lighting system.
  • Ir night viewer has photo shoot and video recording with sound, playback features on 1.5 inch TFT LCD. Take photos or color videos during the day and in black and white or video at night. Video with audio. The included 8G TF card can enlarge the memory. A TF card up to 32G can be used.

The ESSLNB 5X40 is a Monocular Night Viewer, using an excellent quality infrared sensitive CMOS sensor.

Here is an excellent night vision device to mount on your own rifle, crossbow, or soft air rifle.

It has beautiful clear and precise images, it can show an excellent field of vision, up to 100 meters with complete darkness. If there is a bit of night light, you can see far beyond.

A great product, also equipped with SD memory for recording images.

He can film short videos and take pictures, this particularity puts him without a shadow of a doubt above similar objects in the same price range.

Best night vision device 2019

Bushnell Equinox Z, perfect for the Hunt

Here is a great night-time long-distance viewer, perfect also for those who love hunting, after having tried many I decided to sell the others and to keep this for my nightly excursions in the nature with my children.

As I said, I'm a fan of night vision and walking in the woods, these two things in combination are an explosive mix that can really revolutionize your life if you're ready to face it with the spirit of adventurers.

The Bushnell Equinox Z is equipped with three different infrared sensors, which allow synergies to observe environments with different degrees and lighting conditions.

It is a viewer that works mainly for long distances, has a reduced field of vision and therefore does not show a wide visual radius, but on the other hand allows you to see very far and with extreme precision.

Obviously it works on batteries, to be able to operate its infrared sensor.

The Equinox viewer is perfect for those who like to observe animals at night, analyzing all the details, thanks to the highly sensitive and well-calibrated infrared sensors it is possible to distinguish the images in any light condition, both natural and artificial.

However, it is good to always avoid enclosed spaces that are too bright, let's not forget that this is a night vision device and not a day monocle.

The animals obviously cannot perceive in any way the presence of infrared rays, therefore they will not be disturbed and it will always be possible to carry out long observation sessions in total freedom.

The zoom is 5x, perfect for those who do not want to miss any details of the nocturnal nature that surrounds them and the body of the animals, which is known, are often elusive.

The image is good up to three hundred meters and does not blur.

I recommend it particularly to those who practice birdwatching, its long range in fact allows excellent observations of birds.

On the negative side, there is the fact that it is a bit heavy, so it's better to have a tripod if you intend to do long night stalking.

It also has the ability to save images captured on an SD card, so that they are always available on your home computer.

The beauty of these appliances is precisely the fact that they combine the spirit of adventure, the "dirty hands" literally, being in contact with matter, with atmospheric agents, and why not also live a little risk with the high technology.

For example, I have a personal catalog of all the animals I meet at night and I like to keep it updated, that's why being able to save images on SD and then at home on hardisc is a great opportunity not to let slip any of my experiences oblivion.

Connection to the PC is via a simple USB cable.

However, it should be noted that the save function is a bit intensive on the device's batteries, which in this way will tend to run down soon.

Yukon Optics NVMT Spartan 1 Γ— 24, to be mounted directly on the head!

Yukon 1824125 - Night vision device NVMT-4 1x24, incl.
Yukon 1824125 – Night vision device NVMT-4 1×24, incl.

  • Transform the NVMT into a hands-free monocular with the Yukon NVMT 1×24 head mounting kit
  • The 1×24 NVMT head mounting kit was designed according to military models, offers hours of hands-free operation, suitable for high-tech ranger games and night excursions

Another viewer of the Yukon Optics, this NVMT Spartan 1 Γ— 24 is a bomb, the peculiarity is that it can be mounted directly on the head, just like you could see in the movies, to always be ready for action.

This is also an object particularly appreciated in the context of soft air, since it allows great mobility of action, in addition it is designed to operate even in extreme temperatures, in fact it goes from -30 Β° up to 40 Β° Celsius.

Much loved also by the units action and first aid.

Worn the eyepiece will be fixed at 12 mm in relation to our eye.

The name Spartan immediately makes it clear that this is an object for those who are not joking, only those who really want to be at the center of attention without paying attention to frills can buy such a viewer and launch into action, like a Spartan verse.

The eyepiece can be adjusted according to your own diopters of sight, up to a deficit range of plus or minus 4, perfect therefore to be used without the hassle of holding up the glasses.

It is active thanks to an IR LED lamp illuminator, which offers perfect vision for a maximum range of 80 meters.

The only negative aspect, if we want to define it this way is the fact that it is equipped with a fixed optic, it does not foresee enlargements, but the convenience of having a viewer that can be used without engaging the hands is great enough to forgive any limit of this wonderful device.

Promoted with full marks!

Yukon Optics NV 5 Γ— 60

Here is another very interesting model that I have been using for a while, the Yukon Optics NV 5 Γ— 60 is a really nice product, which must surely be taken into consideration if you want to enter the world of night vision goggles from the main door.

Mounts a 50mm lens with a 5x magnification factor

It works in an active way, which as we said is that mode that projects infrared rays on surrounding objects to receive their reflections and visually analyze reality, obviously all in real time, creating an infrared image for our eye.

The illuminator is powered by a CR132A format lithium battery, included in the package, which allows for a clear and clear night vision up to a distance of 50 meters.

The lens is great, it looks like a good quality photographic lens, I know something about it because I'm also a photography enthusiast.

The focusing system is a double pass, not too easy to be used effectively by a beginner to the first experience with this kind of device.

The truth is that you have to squeeze a bit to take advantage of the full potential of this Yukon Optics NV 5 Γ— 60.

Unfortunately it is not equipped with auto focus, and this detail could discourage someone.

But otherwise it does not disappoint, across the board.

The zoom works up to 5x, which works very well within 50m and allows you to have the reality around us under control to be able to observe it in all its magnificence.

Perfect for less demanding birdwatchers who still want the best in terms of image quality.

All in all a beautiful product that will not disappoint fans of natural observation.

Infrared binocular bestguarder 7x31mm, wide view


Bestguarder Binoculars for night vision Binocular hunting ...
Bestguarder Binoculars for night vision Binocular hunting …

  • Long life: Up to 6 hours of continuous operation with IR illuminator on or 14 without IR operation, powered by POWER BANK (not included) and 8 AA batteries (not included), without worries for battery discharge for long monitoring term
  • Infrared night vision binoculars with recording function: These digital binoculars are not only infrared night vision binoculars, but also an IR video camera. Images and videos (date and time can be stamped on photos or videos) can be stored on a micro SD card (SD 32G card included). Suitable for wildlife observation, reconnaissance, security and surveillance

Here are a pair of binoculars for those looking for a viewer with a beautiful clear and wide view.

This Bestguarder 900 has a 4-inch screen that does not disappoint.

Perfect for those who are thinking of a gift for a nature and hiking enthusiast.

It can also be used with glasses, the image is very clear and sharp.

Also great to be used as an ally for your nightlife when camping in areas that are not exactly safe, my brother uses it this way, he is a scout and often goes on long excursions with his boys.

Even the design is no different, it has a very nice and pleasant case.

It is also capable of recording photos and videos, both in color and in infrared, certainly a great advantage for those who do not want to carry even a camera with them every time to capture the highlights of their adventures and see them again later with friends, or why not post them on youtube procuring the envy of the whole world.

Save on SD card, of course.

It can capture photos and videos at 720p both day and night.

It has an internal illuminator that works 150 meters away.

If you want, you can connect the device to an external power bank, but for most situations you can use the internal rechargeable AA batteries.

Bresser – 3 Γ— 20, perfect for soft-air

Here is the Bresser in action:

Here is another great night viewer, he was bought by a friend of mine at work, also fond of hiking and soft-air.

And when he talks about it he is happy as a child.

It's nice to have people with our own hobbies around, to share tips and tricks, and always feel surrounded by a world like us.

The Bresser is a 3 Γ— 20 digital night vision device, stands out for the quality of vision, excellent up to about 100 meters.

Perfect for amateurs then.

It is a visor widely used by those who haunt soft-air environments, for its low price and for its great aesthetic and functional performance.

When playing soft-air it is essential to have detailed images to track down the enemy and constantly monitor the environment around us, the magnification in this case reaches up to 3x, adjustable with a special switch.

It is a product designed for those who do not want to spend a fortune but take home and around an instrument that does its duty in any condition, never leaving disappointed.

It consumes a lot of batteries, it works with eight AA batteries, so it is good to have rechargeable batteries, and maybe have another 8 batteries ready, so as not to take risks.

Solomark Night Vision, very long distance binocular (400 meters)

Solomark Night Vision Binocular / Digital night vision device ...
Solomark Night Vision Binocular / Digital night vision device …

  • Equipped with 3 W infrared LEDs, the 850nm infrared illuminator allows viewing up to 1300 feet / 400 meters viewing distance in the dark; Day or night use (with IR deactivated for daytime color); Use the supplied AV cable to view images on a TV or transfer files to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  • Exceptional optical clarity, digital binoculars for high-performance night vision, allows you to clearly see magnification up to 7X in the dark, 2x digital zoom and 31mm lens aperture, view images and videos on your TV.

Here is another binocular viewer with excellent performance.

If you are looking for a binocular night vision device at a great distance take it directly without wasting time, it is practically the best on the market in this aspect.

It has a good 31mm lens and 7x magnification, but the digital zoom is 2x.

It can be connected directly to the TV via AV and USB output if necessary, supports microSD and TF cards with capacities from 4 to 32 gigabytes.

It is a high-end night vision device, and can take HD Ready photos, 1,280 x 720 pixels.

Its strength is precisely these 400 meters of action, which it covers very well with a great resolution. Just think for a moment about the possibilities open to hunting and bird watching enthusiasts …

I won't add anything else, just give us a look and fall in love, you'll never come back.

APEMAN Hunting phototap with night vision

APEMAN Hunting Camera 12MP Photo Traps 26PCs 940nm IR LEDs ...
APEMAN Hunting Camera 12MP Photo Traps 26PCs 940nm IR LEDs …

  • Low Glow Infrared Technology The camera has 26 white LEDs and will not produce a bright flash that can scare animals away when taking pictures. The IP66 waterproof design makes it ideal for all outdoor applications.
  • Capture high quality and resolution images up to 12 megapixels (black and white at night) and 1080p HD video with clear sound recording. The length of the video can vary from 10s to 10 minutes. Multiple video modes: Photo, Video, Photo + Video

This is not a real night vision device, but a camera trap, or a camera to be set up "remotely" like a real trap ready to escape, especially at night, without the need for our presence, to resume the activity of animals.

It is a real gem, I love it, it was my last purchase and I must admit that I am really happy about it.

Given that in addition to being a walker I am also an amateur nature photographer, and I have always wanted to keep the woods near my home under control, the Apeman camera trap is not really professional but the results are similar to those of a real pro machine.

The construction immediately catches the eye, in fact the design is captivating, gritty, you want to use it practically when you pick it up, and even my children are crazy about it.

Opposite there are infrared LEDs and a light sensor that is activated when there is actually darkness around.
At the center we see then dominate the photographic sensor, with a nice motion sensor ready to shoot every time it perceives action in the surroundings.

The camouflage design allows the machine to blend into nature, so as not to be noticed by the animals and thus be able to function freely.

It is very easy to operate, just move the switch to the ON position and once programmed through the TEST section of the menu, it will be ready to act and leave us stunned.

You have no ideas of wonders that such a small object is capable of bringing out. At night nature has another life, especially when it is not disturbed by the presence of man, who too often is able to get intrusive to disturb its magic.

This night vision camera is what it takes if you want to get serious about observing animals.

It has batteries that last a long time since most of the time the camera stays on standby, waiting for the motion sensor to reveal something.

It can also be operated in video or timelapse mode, which generates photos at set regular intervals.

The resolution of the photos is egregious, clearly we must take into account the boundary conditions in which this machine is forced to operate, so we cannot imagine clear images and hyper detailed images that can be printed on giant posters, the light available is very little and therefore also the quality of the photos is very good, but don't expect miracles πŸ˜€

The videos are beautiful, engaging and beautiful.

How to choose the night vision device

Night vision devices are at the center of the spotlight right now, more and more fans are attracted by the purchase of such a device, thanks to the reduced prices and the evolution that technology has made in this sector.

The viewers were born for military use, as always is the war industry that integrates the most innovative and advanced technologies to exploit them for war purposes.

This was my first approach to the world of night vision, I saw American war films as a child and I dreamed that one day I could also have an infrared night vision device to find the enemy and act undisturbed.

However, night vision goggles are also used a lot in the hunting world, or by nature lovers, who love them for the chance to observe the animals that live at night. As we all know, the nocturnal fauna is different from the diurnal one, or at least the animals behave differently at night.

The night is certainly a very fascinating world, and why not live it with new cat eyes, with the chance to finally peer into the darkness.

Night vision goggles, as we have seen, work by means of light intensification or by infrared rays, which are either received directly in a passive manner by the objects or in an active way, are instead directed to the objects and then receive the reflection.

Many infrared viewers allow you to move in pitch darkness in complete freedom, almost as if you were in the day, dodging obstacles.

Infrared diodes can work up to 20 meters.

However, not all night vision goggles are the same, so you need to understand well what are the essential features to look at when we find ourselves choosing the viewer that we will take home and give us unparalleled nights of adventure.

The viewing distance of the different viewers obviously changes in relation to the model and the price, but not only, there is also to consider the technology used by the model in question. Focusing is another of the fundamental factors not to be forgotten.

The viewers are used not only for hunting but also for night explorations, boat trips, naturalistic observations and night walks.
I love to go around with my children at night and teach them the secrets of nature, they are already big, so there is no danger, but they love our nocturnal adventures and every time they are not in the skin before leaving for one of our walks .

That's why I purchased a display for every member of my family.

The prices of night vision goggles vary clearly according to their capacities, I recommend spending a handful of euros more but above all AVOIDING CHINESE NIGHT VISORS, given that the technology used for this type of activity is highly sophisticated and Chinese objects as usual I'm not up to it.

But not only that, they break very soon and risk leaving us in the middle of the night, perhaps in a wood, alone, without night vision … and this is not nice.

The viewers also differ for generations, those more recent there are equipped with zoom and protection against humidity, for those who intend to embark on bolder explorations.

Not to be underestimated is also the function that provides for automatic shutdown in the case of sudden light, or when the device will not be needed because there will be enough light around that we can see with the naked eye.

The visors also vary according to their weight, since it will be an item to wear on the head they suggest not to underestimate this fundamental aspect in order not to get caught off guard in the case of long walks, in which even a kg more on the head can do the difference…

In fact I love technical clothing and for me being able to save even half a kilo for example when it comes to venturing into the forest is important.

I am a person who loves a minimal lifestyle, and perform with few objects, optimizing them to the maximum.

But let's go at this point to make a very rapid excursus in the world of night vision goggles.

First generation viewers

They are the ones that directly exploit the light intensification as we said.

Second generation viewers

They allow visibility up to 500-600 meters away, thanks to a special chip that allows better light amplification.

This chip is called MCP.

Third generation viewers

This kind of visors is used in the military sector and involves the use of gallium arsenide.

They work with infrared rays and are very silent and camouflaged, they cannot be recognized by other sources nearby.

But not only, in the third generation the quality of the focus image is much higher, it is clear that this kind of viewers are designed for "advanced" users and not for Sunday amateurs.

If you want to be serious and have great satisfaction, this is the place to start from to find the right viewer for you, to enter the world of night vision from the main entrance, making zero compromises.

The fourth generation viewers

These are the most advanced viewers, because they take advantage of all the most advanced technologies currently available on the market, and allow you to have really sharp images
In this type of viewers, technologies and microchips are exploited that are able to guarantee clear images and distances greater than KM, with optical and interpolated digital zoom for capturing long distance images.

How to build a night vision device?

Here is a nice video that explains how to build yourself a nice DIY night viewer:

In conclusion

I am of the opinion that one must always and in any case satisfy one's dreams as a child. There is nothing more satisfying than waking up one day and realizing that you are finally living in the world you have always dreamed of.

In which it is possible with a voice command to start your favorite song in the home stereo, turn on the light, own fully electric cars with autopilot, you can have all the movies you want just a click away.

Sometimes it really seems to me to live in paradise, I can't believe I'm telling the world in which I actually live now, I feel like a kind of divinity, considering the power that technology gives me today.

Quando ho finalmente scoperto che era disponibile anche la tecnologia di visione notturna per il grande pubblico, letteralmente non ero piΓΉ nelle palle, mi sentivo come quando i miei genitori mi comprarono la mia prima BMX e potevo finalmente scorazzare libero nella stradina vicino casa, e mi sembrava di essere il Re del Mondo.

A volta basta poco per fare felice un uomo, e finalmente con la visione notturna mi sento allegro come un bimbo, la utilizzo spesso, mi capita di uscire di casa solo per avventurarmi nel boschetto del parco vicino casa e sentirmi di nuovo un bambino che gioca ai Marines, questa volta perΓ² coi miei due figli, a cui a loro volta ho acquistato un visore.

Non c’è niente di piΓΉ bello di vedere le proprie fantasie realizzarsi, invidio praticamente i miei piccoli, che possono vivere da bambini una realtΓ  cosΓ¬ affascinante, lasciarsi rapire dalla realtΓ  virtuale, e allo stesso tempo sfruttare le meraviglie tecnologiche per affrontare il mondo reale, e sentirsi piΓΉ vivi, piΓΉ consapevoli, praticamente in una parola, piΓΉ felici.

La visione notturna perΓ² non Γ¨ solo un gioco, ma puΓ² rappresentare per alcuni professionisti una vera e propria manna dal cielo, un aiuto indispensabile ad esempio per andare a caccia di notte evitando pericoli, oppure per lavorare in quelle zone in cui non basta una torcia per capire quello che c’è effettivamente intorno di notte.

Spero che la mia guida oltre ad essere stata suggestiva sia stata effettivamente utile e vi abbia aiutato a capire qual Γ¨ il migliore visore notturno per le vostre esigenze presente in questo momento sul mercato.

Il Vostro Tony.


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