πŸ₯‡5 Best Powerful Machetes? (To Become Rambo) –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Powerful Machetes? (To Become Rambo) –

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I'm Fabio.

If you are here it is because you are looking for the best machete in the world.

πŸ₯‡5 Best Powerful Machetes? (To Become Rambo)
When a man with a machete meets a man without a machete, the man without a machete is a dead man πŸ™‚

Whenever I see a machete, I come to mind the time I wandered in a market in Asuncion, Paraguay, with salesmen brandishing dozens of machetes in the air and suddenly a beautiful woman looked me straight in the eye and invited me to enter his humble home …

I'll tell you my story quickly.

Listen to me.

For fifteen years now I have left the city and become a landowner.

Can I carry the machete around? What does the law say about it?


In the countryside there is a need for reliable tools, that solve problems, without frills, essential and durable.

The machete means first of all direct action on the world around me, I can make my way in the woods, cut a coconut, cut the weeds, but above all feel like a man.

I also love going to do great excursions in nature.

As a child I am a big fan of books by adventure of Salgari and courageous expeditions in tropical paradises.

For me the machete first represents a object of worship.

It is also widely used in braceries around the world to cut and prepare large pieces of meat.

This is why I decided to write this very precious one guide and to review the different types of machetes currently on the market with extreme attention and love.

The machete or macete is a metal cutting weapon, with a single cut handle and straight blade. The blade is typically 32.5 to 60 centimeters long (12.8 – 24 inches) and its thickness is usually under 3 millimeters (0.12 inches). In English the equivalent term is matchet (1) even if the term machete is more common. In the English-speaking Caribbean, such as Jamaica, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, the term used for this agricultural instrument is cutlass. In East Asia the term "panga" is used instead.

source: Wikipedia

The history of machete

in tropical countries this wonderful tool is used to make its way into the undergrowth, as often seen in some movies, or to cut the sugar cane.

The dual use of this type of cutting weapon is what has always fascinated me, as well as its elegant shape that immediately brings to mind brave men who never have to ask but at the same time hard-working people who only want the best from the own land.

It is also used for this in South America, among native and non-native populations, to cut food products, just like that time in that Asuncion market … ah, what memories …

It is often used for example to crack coconuts and to clean scrublands.

In the past it was also used to chop hemp and as a kitchen knife.

The machete as a powerful cutting weapon

The first to use machetes like lethal cutting weapon they were the comrades of the notorious French foreign legion.

Since it is so widespread among tropical populations, machete is often the privileged weapon for start the riots.
A powerful and fearful underground clandestine organization has even taken its name from the machete, renaming it "Los Macheteros", for example.

Best Machete 2019

GERBER G2850, the best tropical machete in the world for me

This is the knife I use practically every day in my farmhouse in the countryside.

With Full Tang blade.

It weighs 760 grams, the blade is 5 mm, it is sold already with a good sharpening, but I advise you to have it redone (or make it yourself) if you want to obtain optimal results.

It has a nice handle covered entirely with non-slip rubber, to ensure a good grip.

But be careful when inserting the blade inside the case, because you risk cutting it.

It has a great value for money, as I said it is Full Tang, so built a solid body, a single piece.

The cut is very effective and lasts over time

The Gerber Gear is undoubtedly an excellent brand, and this time again it is convincing.

Martinez Albainox ALB-31966

Here is the Desert Storm OPS machete, produced by the Spanish firm Martinez Albainox, the blade in this case is 41.7 cm long.

The material used for this beautiful blade is stainless steel, then subjected to the tempering process to increase its durability and therefore resistance, and I must say that this aspect is already felt when it is picked up. It soon becomes clear that we are dealing with a quality product that will last over time.

The handle is instead made of ABS material, ergonomic, designed to be comfortably in hand without any sort of nuisance, the Desert Pixel camouflage finish, for those who always want to feel on a war footing, even while doing gardening jobs πŸ˜€

The sheath is in nylon cloth.

Excellent value for money.

If we wanted to, we could have done something to make the handle even more anti-slip, also because I noticed sometimes that when I use it with my sweaty hands under the scorching August sun, the grip isn't exactly the best, or rather it's enough but not comparable to that of similar models.

Personally I remedied replacing the ABS material with excellent solid wood, I asked a friend for help one afternoon and now the machete in question is more beautiful and functional than before.


GERBER G2848, perfect in the woods!

Here is a truly precious object: the GERBER G2848. With a 4mm blade, Full Tang in full effect, very good and sharp, ready to use. It is perfect in the woods, for example to cut twigs and bamboo.

Efficient and non-slip handle, as this brand has accustomed us to.

The measurements are: 28 x 5.5 x 1.8 cm. The blade is 45 cm. Overall length 61 cm.

The Gerber is ergonomic, robust, performing, I love it. Definitely recommended for those who intend to make gods intensive gardening jobs.

The blade lasts over time and does not lose color. There is a safety line to prevent the machete from getting out of hand during use.

The sheath leaves a little to be desired if we want, in fact there is no loop for attachment to the belt.

The solution I recommend is to buy a carabiner and attach it to it. I did so and I solved it great.

Gerber Gear 31-000759 Gator, for nature lovers

Here is a nice machete designed specifically for hunters and all those who ultimately love being in close contact with nature. We say for those people who are not afraid of "getting their hands dirty", therefore not advised to the city jocks.

The blade is shorter in this case, just 27 centimeters, but it compensates with the resistance, which is really incredible.
The material is steel with a high carbon content in its interior.

It is always a pleasure when from the first operations with a tool it is immediately possible to feel the love and commitment of the engineers who have contributed to making it. These are things that are good for the heart and the mind, to know that there are still people who work with passion.

The blade is double-edged, which is perhaps a bit unusual for the world of machetes, but certainly a help for those like me who often find themselves in close contact with nature, and must make their way through the woods, cutting the scrub away stubborn.

It is also equipped with a serrated side, on the back, which comes to the aid just when there is something to do with thicker branches, or even small trunks.

On the handle there is a comfortable anti-slip rubber with dignified ergonomic capabilities. Also in this case there is the safety cord to help us not to lose our machete but above all not to hurt us.

I will never spend enough words to remember that such objects always need the utmost care and attention to be used, don't mess around. Remember that the machete is considered a sword, you do.

Perhaps the only drawback of this product is the reduced thickness of the blade, which for some was a problem compared to other models.

How to choose the machete

The machete is a metal cutting weapon whose dimensions, including the handle, can vary from about 35 to 75 centimeters in length, with a blade whose thickness varies from about 1.5 to 6.5 millimeters, depending on the model.

The peculiarity of the machete is that the handle and the blade are practically straight and the cutting part cuts to a single thread, only on one side, not like most of the swords (of which the machete is in all respects a representative), which cut to double thread, ie on both sides.

The best machetes are made of steel, it is clear that the higher the price, the higher the quality. When you buy such an item it is good as usual to totally distrust Chinese sellers and stalls, which always provide shoddy and dangerous products.

We must immediately give a careful eye to the handle, and check that there is a certain ergonomics of the handle, especially if you imagine using the machete that has lasted over time, for long hours a day.

Let's imagine for example those who want to use it as a professional tool, perhaps to cut fruit in a market.

In this case, some machetes use solid wood, others leather.

What are Full Tang Blades?

Sometimes it reads Full Tang, when referring to the type of blades used for a given knife or sword. But not everyone knows exactly what this term means.

Let's find out together.

Full Tang literally means full tang, that is when the tool is built in the way that the blade and the shank are forged from a single piece of steel, and are therefore solid body, a single indistinct body.

What is the tang?

The tang is the part of the blade of a sword that, passing through the coccia implant in the handle, in simple terms is the part that attaches to the handle.

Some models of machetes are Full Tang, in this case it is indicated, others are not, it is clear that the Full Tang guarantees better cutting power and greater resistance, but to be honest there are also excellent machetes that are not Full Tang and in any case very valid and dignified.

The shank-free models are to be preferred for applications such as gardening or indoor home use.

What does the law say? Can I carry a machete around?

The machete is considered a sword.

We must first dispel a myth that has been widespread for generations: that is, that there is a threshold in centimeters beyond which carrying a given knife in the pocket is considered illegal or not.

Cutting weapons in Italy cannot be carried in a pocket or worn freely, except in the case of transport from the shop to home. Don't be a hero because the sanctions in this case are very serious.

The only case in which it is permissible to have a knife with you around the street is to transport it.

That is, if you just bought a knife in a store and you're taking it home, or if you are transporting it to the house in the country from the house in the city.

However, in this case it is necessary to demonstrate and explain to the officers who find it on you that you actually did not keep it with you to use it on the street, but only to take it home.

Obviously, as in many cases, the legislation has some areas of shadow, you must always use a little common sense, but it is clear that if you are caught at the stadium with a huge machete it will be really difficult to convince even the most unprepared policemen of our good intentions.

It is also clear that a boy scout with a very short pocket knife in his pocket does not generally run any risk.

Remember that weapons in general must be denounced, Article 38 reads as follows:

"Anyone who holds weapons, ammunition or explosive materials of any kind and in any quantity must immediately report them to the local public security office or, if they are missing, to command the real carabinieri. The following are exempt from the obligation to report: a) armed bodies, shooting companies and other authorized institutions, for objects held in places expressly intended for the purpose; b) the holders of authorized collections of artistic, rare or ancient weapons; c) persons who, due to their permanent quality, have the right to go armed, however, limited to the number and type of weapons permitted to them ”.

However, I advise you not to treat this thing lightly, and above all as a general rule of not considering the machete as a weapon of self-defense, and not to turn around on the street doing Rambo's situation.

However I do not take any responsibility for the use that you can make of the machetes recommended in this guide of mine, my recommendation is to use them only at home or in the agricultural lands of your property.

In conclusion

The machete for me is immediately linked to an unconscious dream dimension, it is the weapon of someone who has never stopped believing in ancient virile values.

There are objects that immediately call adventures in distant tropical paradises and feats of brave men who fear nothing.

These are the objects that I adore, and which I have always surrounded myself with since I decided that city life was no longer for me.

I was tired of the frills, of consuming soulless objects, I felt that my energies were constantly drained and annihilated.

I was becoming less man.

For this reason I moved to the countryside, in an isolated area that I do not want to reveal, because I love the peace and tranquility that I found here and I would not risk for anything in the world that this area would now be populated with agricultural upstarts.

Some people only play with life, buying this or that new electronic gadget, believing they are satisfied, but in reality the discomfort immediately takes over, the emptiness inside is unbridgeable … at least until you decide to roll up your sleeves and finally start living the life as protagonists and no longer as stupid passive extras.

I have long since stopped believing that buying items for no reason can lead to happiness, now I only buy online what I really need, and I can assure you that knives of every kind and type are always indispensable, especially for those like me who have decided to vote for one's life to total freedom.

Retiring to the country also made me a more independent man, after a short time my mind worked in another way, I came out of the daily work routine from 8 am to 5 pm, I knew I could finally find my own way to live.

Here is all that the machete represented for me, a new life practically.

And I hope he can do the same for you.

I hope that this guide was first and foremost a nice personal diary to read, full of useful considerations, as well as obviously indicating which is now actually the best machete on the market.

See you soon friends,


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