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I'm Antonella.

Far away cousins, uncles, friends of a lifetime, it happens that they come home to visit us, and then later stay to sleep.

But my home is not huge.

This is why I have a great deal of experience folding beds.
There is nothing better as a solution than confort is space.


THE Folding beds are also called folding beds, composed of a structure called frame folded comfortably in half, to allow the bed to occupy a tenth of the space it would occupy open.
Also the mattress it is foldable, otherwise it could not adapt when it is time to close the bed again.


THE folding beds are the perfect solution for second homes or houses by the sea.

What is certain is that Folding beds make the hideous air mattresses look much nicer, of the bunk beds put on the ground at the good and of the sleeping bags, I know people who when they invite home use such tricks and in my opinion do not represent the maximum of elegance.

I love i foldaway folding beds, those Wall that they are camouflaged in the walls of the room, I have always loved them since I was a child when I saw the old films.

There are some folding beds that can be moved very easily because they are designed with very comfortable wheels at the base, which allow incredible mobility from one side of the house to the other, I personally have three folding beds and I love to compose and disassemble rooms to my liking , in a sort of perennial reorganization of my home. Always work in progress πŸ™‚

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What is the folding bed?

The folding beds are like normal beds, extremely similar, with the added convenience of being folded when needed and being "hidden".

The most common bed of this type is the folding bed, usually consisting of a folding bed base and a normal mattress.

There are also folding sofa-beds, are the most famous and used in northern Europe, loved for their versatility, in fact there is nothing better than a piece of furniture that can be used during the day to sit on as if it were a normal sofa and then then open at night to be used as a bed.

I love to optimize the space inside my house, I don't want half a meter to be wasted, that's why over the years, since I got married and I could finally enjoy a home of my own, I learned to use folding beds.

There are folding beds from a square, folding beds for one and a half, two squares, there is practically no limit to the choice.

This is a market that is ignored by many, but if we actually start to get excited and get inside it, we realize how vast it is and how with a little attention it is possible to find a cot to deal with our case.

The folding beds are usually made of metal, because it is a very versatile material and allows convenience and lightness, comfortable qualities both in production and with regard to the home organization of the elements of the house.

Being able to move a bed with ease is certainly the main feature for which you are looking for a folding bed.

However, there are also folding beds with wooden frames, in this case the price rises, and you risk going to spend almost as much as a normal fixed bed, clearly in this case the design and the quality of the structure benefit from it.

Choosing a product is always a question both of the head and of the heart, in fact we must realize what our most pragmatic needs are, such as how many times during the year we will actually use this bed, what kind of person will sleep there , if they will be very young or old, and take stock. At the same time, however, one can also look at an image and fall in love with a particular model, if this sort of "love at first sight" occurs, I always recommend following it, because very often one chooses another with household objects, this is my theory.

There are beds that have a trampoline base, these are my favorites, because they are the most comfortable and durable.

The mattresses of the folding beds are often made of foam, because it is a material that can easily bend without problems, and follow the shape of the bed, at the same time it is a comfortable material.

There are various types of foam, however, ranging from the most economical (on which it seems to sleep almost on the ground or on a park bench, these kind of mattresses I have in fact specially kept out of this guide of mine), to that memory foam there high density, for those who really need to sleep well even when using a folding bed.

Let's face it, who sleeps on a folding bed is not a B-series sleeper, and deserves maximum comfort! πŸ™‚

Folding beds are used as I said by those who have large families, or who are often hosted and do not have a guest room, for example.

I have a very large family, with relatives living abroad, some in Canada, some in Denmark, some even in India! This is why I need to "reformulate" my home every few months, reorganizing the spaces, or pulling the folding beds out of the closet.

Foldable folding beds have the fantastic advantage of being cheaper than normal beds, that's why they can be bought more "lightly", without lightening your wallet too much, but at the same time taking home a quality bedding!

Foldable beds with castors are certainly to be preferred if you intend to move the bed in question often from one side of the house to the other, especially if you are not (like me) with a lot of strength, in fact even if this kind of bed is very light, in some cases they may not be easily movable. Unless they are not equipped with wheels.

I believe that the thing to absolutely not neglect when buying a bed of this kind is the quality of the mattress and of the foam therefore of which it is composed. As I said in this guide of mine, I decided to keep out excessively cheap products and instead opt for comfortable solutions, not too expensive but above all beautiful to the eye. Because we know that even the eye wants its part.

But it is clear that 80% of a folding bed is due to its size and comfort.

A poor quality foam does not allow an adequate posture during the night, with serious consequences on the back and on the general health of the individual who will go to sleep on it.

The memory foam is easily foldable, which is why it is preferred over spring mattresses, which would certainly not be suitable for this kind of beds.

Foldable beds tend to be slightly smaller than normal beds, for obvious space issues, so it is difficult to find such large beds, such as those in King Size squares.

Normal marriages are great.

It is always a good idea to check the actual dimensions on the product sheet to avoid surprises.

In fact it is clear that not all of us have the same body dimensions, for example there are very tall people who have different needs when it comes to bed length, so in this case it is better to check the characteristics of the various products.

There are also, for example, people a bit bigger for whom the common bed in a square can be a little small, in those cases perhaps better to opt for a square and a half.

It must be checked that the mattress provided with the bed is not too thin, because there are some sellers who take advantage of the issue of the folding mattress (Chinese species …) to cover ridiculously thin, extremely uncomfortable mattresses.

Most folding beds are simple to open and fold, so use is immediate.

Normally, folding beds are around 15-30kg, a very low weight for a bed.

The folding beds in my opinion constitute the future of sleep, I imagine a world in thirty years in which we will no longer have the common beds with spring mattresses so bulky as useless in the phase of the day in which it does not rest, will be replaced by very comfortable beds concealed furniture integrated directly into our home, perhaps on the wall. To open and close by pressing a simple button.

I know, I'm a dreamer … but let me dream about my folding bed.

The Best Quality Folding Beds and Beds (FINAL GUIDE 2019)

MIASUITE bed, my favorite, very comfortable

Perhaps the design is not the strong point of this bed, but certainly its comfort is remarkable and extremely satisfying.

Of excellent workmanship and excellent quality, one of those times when you open the cardboard of the package and you do not believe that with so few euros you have taken home such a product.

It is a folding cot without a shadow of a doubt over the competitors. Although to be honest the podium of this guide of mine shows three folding beds that could easily be tied, and it is only for inevitable questions of space that they are thus placed one in a row to the other.

But what is it that actually makes this Miasuite cot so special?

The supplied mattress is more consistent than the classic foam, it looks like the mattress of a "real" bed.

Equipped with wheels, like all the beds reviewed by me on this page.

Perfect to be placed in the vacation home, I personally have three of this brand, so I was satisfied by the purchase of the first one.

My guests always compliment me on how much I can make them sleep so comfortably, better than they tell me at home! πŸ™‚

The folding bed is equipped with a comfortable cap designed to protect when the bed is closed on itself.

The mattress is not very high, but it is when one tries to rest on it that one understands that one finds oneself in front of a quality product, such is the comfort of the same.

The design as I said is not the best, but it is an imperfection that can be forgiven, given that we do not forget that such a bed is certainly not meant to be from "exposure", but normally only needs to be opened if necessary .

Open it has these dimensions: 80 x 200 x 38 cm; closed measures 80 x 110 x 34 cm. The product is made in Italy and has a 15-year warranty.

Not bad for a bed.

GOLDFLEX, Emergency Bed refined with wooden slats

Goldflex - Folding Folding Bed MOD. Emergency Bed with staves in ...
Goldflex – Folding Folding Bed MOD. Emergency Bed with staves in …

  • DOGHE folding bed in ROBUSTISSIMA wood with square profile frame, including mattress H.12 cm in Waterflex (water foamed) anti-mite
  • Measurement Overall dimensions CLOSED: once folded it is very small, 111 cm in height // 35 cm in thickness // 80 cm in width

Here is a wonderful MADE IN ITALY bed.

I like to reiterate when such a beautiful product is the fruit of the inventiveness and industriousness of our country, sometimes so much mistreated but in truth capable of giving birth to real masterpieces.

Here is a folding bed usable as a real bed, because it has an excellent thickness of mattress and above all the wooden slats.

Product made to perfection, as big as a normal bed.

It can be easily opened by releasing a retainer located on the upper part of the bed, for some this mode may be a bit awkward indeed, because this hook is sometimes a bit harsh.

The cot is very light to move around the house, even a person with very little physical strength like me can do it πŸ™‚

Very small once it is folded back on itself.

My sister has practically fallen in love with the madness of this product, sometimes it happens that an object that you bring home can be a vehicle for great feelings, I am not exaggerating, even I sometimes develop a real affection with some furniture in the house, it does not always happen, but when it happens it is something unparalleled.

This Goldflex is perfect when you have guests at home and you want to look good, but also if you want to tastefully furnish a second home or beach house.

Folding folding beds usually do not shine in elegance, being developed and designed with very different purposes than the aesthetic one, but sometimes it happens that there are products that present themselves as true champions of their category, here is precisely one.

The initial assembly of the wheels can be a bit tricky, but with just a few minutes of patience, to be used only once, I assure you that everything is solved and you can have the bed completely assembled in its beauty in your hands.

Goldflex has managed to do a good job, developing high quality materials. The staves are made of wood, therefore very resistant, and the frame has a square profile.

A special mention deserves the mattress, which also deserves a careful analysis: it is in waterflex, 12cm high anti-mite.

We all know well how annoying it is to suddenly find ourselves the victim of the so-called "bedbugs", those annoying little insects that feed on human remains and infect entire houses, jumping from beds to bags, and going on a real tour before hitting, usually by night, attracted by the heat of the body.

They are very annoying and very painful, in the most treacherous and difficult to drive away, I never wish you an invasion of bed bugs, I have a couple of newly married friends who have recently moved into the house to rent, and the first night they have unpleasantly made I realize that the whole house was infested with these little animals. Well, they had to run like hell.

The dimensions are: 111 cm high, 35 cm thick and 80 wide.
Open measures 80 cm wide x 200 cm long x 28 cm high.

The net is orthopedic, composed of as many as 13 slats in beech plywood.

The price range is quite high, but nothing prohibitive, is that of course the folding beds are quite cheap and this given its superior characteristics has a slightly higher price.


Beautissu Folding Bed Venetia 90x200 cm Stable Bed ...
Beautissu Folding Bed Venetia 90×200 cm Stable Bed …

  • SALVASPAZIO The Venetia bed with included mattress can be closed in space-saving mode – equipped with wooden slats and a solid steel structure – agile wheels to move the cot anywhere
  • CONVENIENT AND RESISTANT Complete measures of the cot: 90x200cm – capacity around 100/110 kg – very comfortable the foam mattress of 10.5cm (41% polyester / 59% cotton) – distance from the floor: about 40cm – weight: about 25 kg

A large bed, a bit expensive, but worth EVERY SINGLE EURO.

I assure you.

It looks like a bed to all effects, it has a decidedly robust structure, it doesn't seem to have to do with a folding bed, but in reality it is also light.

Raised from the ground more than the usual folding beds, this is certainly one of his flagships that also sets it apart from the other products featured in this guide.

The scabbard is included.

Also perfect for use as a normal bed, so not only as a makeshift bed.

The Beautissu Venetia camp bed is a product that leaves you stunned, you have to try it for yourself.

90 cm wide, 200 cm long,

It therefore easily adapts to every need, also obviously with wheels, for a very fast transport from one room to another.

The mattress is made of foam rubber, very comfortable.

What do you want more?

EUROPRIMO LUXOR-S, the space-saving

This Europrimo Luxor-s shines practically for its versatility, it can in fact be used both as a camp bed and as a folding bed for guests.

Perfect if your priority is to save space inside your home.

Equipped with a beautiful, very resistant metal frame and reinforced iron posts on the sides, to be able to withstand even more robust people, or in any case to guarantee the stability that is sometimes not present in products of the same price.

Certainly a surprising folding cot, which can give you a lot of satisfaction.

The feet fold up automatically.

Transport is always immediate, as it is light, of course, and has nice wheels included.

It is also equipped with a cotton lining with a winter side and a summer side.

Very easy to assemble.

Also very convenient.

2 meters long.

VERAFLEX FOLDING BRAND, very thick mattress

Here is a cot that surprises for its incredible mattress very often that immediately puts a head over the others on the market.

A quality bed, very comfortable, you want to sleep on it even when there are no guests or emergency situations, some prefer it even to the normal bed, and put in front of the choice opt for the Veraflex.

Designed to HOC for the most demanding, it has closable feet in the structure below automated, meaning that they open when the bed is opened and vice versa close when you decide to close it.

It's nice when you see small finds of the kind found in products that look simple but can actually hide big surprises.

Veraflex is an Italian company that in the last fifty years has managed to carve out a place of honor in the field of bed and mattress manufacturing, and their experience in the sector is absolutely evident.

This folding Veraflex folding bed is undoubtedly highly competitive and can give even the most noble brands a hard time.

Do not forget the role of the wheels, which make the product even more versatile and always ready to use, very easy to move.

The dimensions are 80 x 190 cm; the closed cot, instead, measures 80 x 35 x 105 cm; the mattress dimensions are 78 x 182 cm; the distance from the floor is about 30 cm.

It weighs 16kg.

Perhaps the only real disadvantage to note is that it turns out to be perhaps a bit too low off the ground, a detail that for some may not even represent a limit, but on the contrary another positive side.

Promoted with full marks.


Here is another good quality cot that certainly could not be missing from our guide.

This is one of those products that you can already see by looking at it, there was love behind it, nothing is left to chance, despite the low price.

Perfect if you are suddenly guests at home and do not know what to do, this Bedstore product solves all situations, even the most dramatic.

The mattress is very high, much more than what we are used to when talking about folding beds, and it is also extremely comfortable.

The product is very interesting, the only flaw is that sometimes it is really difficult to close, but if you take your hand it can become perhaps more immediate.

However promoted for its incredible comfort and value for money.

TRESKO XXL Camping Bedding

For those who like to be comfortable even while camping, Tresko offers this very elegant camp bed that will make even the most extreme hikers happy.

Holds up to 150kg, so you can easily sleep even a very robust adult, but as always I advise you not to challenge fate by approaching the limit too much πŸ™‚

The structure is in metal and the seams are very resistant.

The design is also eye-catching, 190cm long, so it can accommodate people a little higher than average, so if you are too tall you might want to look elsewhere.

It is sold inside an extremely convenient bag for transport and quite light. You will not regret taking it with you, my husband and I have two as far as we allow ourselves romantic outings to the adventure, and we find ourselves really well.

Very easy to assemble, it does not require any special skills or previous knowledge of the world of cots.

The measurements are 190 Γ— 64, take a meter and check if it is enough for you, yes for me. πŸ™‚

Soges folding camping bed

soges Portable Folding Camping Beds for ...
soges Portable Folding Camping Beds for …

  • 【Dimensions L x W x H = 190 * 71 * 37cm, Package weight: 7.7 kg.
  • 【Material】 Built on a square structure in rustproof steel with tube thickness: 0.8 mm. Bed surface with three layers 600D Oxford, durable and durable, water resistant and easy to clean, supports up to 100 kg.

Here is a nice folding camping bed with padded cushion, for those who don't want to compromise on comfort even when they are on a camping trip.

The dimensions are: L x W x H = 1907137cm and weighs about 8 kg.

Built on a square structure of rustproof steel, to withstand the elements even if the weather is not exactly favorable.

Designed to be particularly resistant to water, very easy to clean then simply rinse it off if it is dirty with mud and it will immediately be ready to be used again.

It is also versatile, because as well as a comfortable camping bed it can also be used as a leisure chair or as a portable cradle.

Clearly nobody forbids the use of a camping bed even inside the house as a makeshift bed.

Unlike the other beds on the list, this one of the soges would not shine, let's say inside a house it is clear πŸ˜€ if you want to amaze the guests better to fall back on some of the models presented above, but if you are in real emergency and yes has the house invaded by people to put to sleep can prove to be saving.

The padded cushion avoids the annoying pains of awakening on the first day of sleep in the open air, a sensation that is too well known among campers and outdoor activity lovers.

There is a convenient side pocket for storing cellular mobile phones and other objects, such as water bottles and food.

Very easy to open and close.

In conclusion

Sleeping well is something essential for the well-being of the person.
I do not know if you too are understood to have problems with insomnia for periods of your own or anyway unable to sleep the canonical 7-8 hours.

It's a real nightmare.

Or when, for example, you go to sleep in a strange bed, and you wake up in the morning with incredible back pain, which inevitably compromises the whole day.

I was educated with the idea that the guest is sacred, and rather than making someone uncomfortable at home, I prefer to die, something to really put my head in the sand and then cover.

This is why I decided to write the guide of the best folding bed, to make everyone more aware, and at the same time more free.

To free ourselves from the catanas that hold us prisoners and bind us inextricably to our illnesses.

The revolution begins in the bedroom, there are people who have large families and cannot afford the presence of beds in every part of the house, imagine someone with 10 children, in a normal apartment.

Now the houses are getting smaller and smaller, the ages are past when everyone lived under a BIG roof, now those family roofs are getting smaller and smaller.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, however, to use the folding beds even when there are no guests at home, simply to save space within your own home.
There are countries in Northern Europe, especially in the North East which usually have sofa beds, and where normality is to have such an alcove, the classic double or single beds are a luxury that few can afford. But some, to tell the truth, just don't want to indulge in such luxury, and prefer to continue to use these majestic folding canopied beds anyway, even when they have the opportunity to do otherwise.

No wonder, every world has its traditions, and lives according to different customs.

The only thing that unites us all is that we all need human beings, need a good restful sleep.

In recent years, more and more people talk about sleep hygiene, so appliances are born to allow us to sleep better, such as noise machines, some people finally start using ear plugs to get a well-deserved and deep rest even in case of troublesome neighbors or street noises. And more and more are the apps dedicated to sleep and its management, it's as if we suddenly realized how important it is to sleep well, and the focus of our attention is suddenly switched to this very important human activity.

I can never forget how little attention there was in the past when I was a child on such a crucial topic as sleeping.

Now, fortunately, technology applied to beds and sleep is making great strides.

I sincerely hope that this guide to the best folding bed has been helpful, I love being useful to others.

If there is a reason why I decided to start writing for my friends at Pro Contro, it is precisely that I believe that human beings must act and co-exist as a single trans-national family, held together by this glue that it is the internet, a single community of living beings that help each other, how wonderful.

Until next time,
from yours



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