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I'm Pasquale.

Want to know how I learned to Descale my coffee machine?

There formation of limestone inside the machine makes the coffee a real one ciofeche.


I am a visual artist, I am always at work in my laboratory, and I constantly need coffee.

And I also happen to offer many to my friends who come to visit me.

My coffee maker at certain times becomes more slow and noisy.
It means at that moment that it is encrusted with limestone, and that I must intervene for save.

Do you want to go straight to the guide on how to decalcify? click here

The water contains within it i calcium and magnesium salts, which are good for our body (in the right doses), but less good for the functioning of household appliances, which tend to be exposed to these minerals wear out and lose their functionality.

It is necessary, or rather mandatory, to use a descaler for the coffee machine, if you want to continue having a good coffee for years to come. And carry out the descaling operation every 3 months.

Coffee machines are widely used in Italy, alongside the ever-present moka.

There are several models of coffee machines, there are those with pods, capsules, American and automatic ones.

But all of them are joined by their tendency to calcify.

Given that all use water at high temperatures to make coffee. And the water contains minerals, including limestone, which tends to create residues and at worst destroy the appliance e infiltrate also inside our drinks, making them into real ciofeche.

Descaling Machine Coffee Anti-limescale Decalcifier 5 liters ...
Descaling Machine Coffee Anti-limescale Decalcifier 5 liters …

  • The anti-limescale WoldoClean is perfectly suitable for electric coffee machines, machines with pods, espresso coffee machines, espresso coffee machines with filter holders, steam irons, kettles, coffee vending machines, filter coffee machines, and coffee machines. lever espresso coffee.
  • Suitable for all brands: Bosch, Siemens, Tassimo, AEG, DeLonghi, Gusto, Jura, Melitta, Krups, Miele, Nespresso, Philips, Rowenta, Saeco, Senseo, WMF, Rowenta, Tefal.

How to remove limestone (Guide)

Here is the definitive guide to how to remove limestone inside our machine.

The proceeding it's not very long, but must be performed with calm, it takes at least thirty minutes, but I assure you that it's worth it because the machine will return to work as new (if other problems of a different nature are obviously not present).

The operation should be repeated every 3 months.

We proceed with order:

  1. First you have to empty the machine completely, whether it is in capsules, or the normal one in water. Then we proceed to remove the present capsules or any other liquid inside it.
  2. As a second step, we need to fill the tank with water and the specific product that was purchased (obviously better in this case, refer to the proportions of the dilution on the instructions of the descaler in question, it is good to never make your own to be precise in this passage)
  3. Then insert a container under the spout.
  4. Activate the DECALCIFICATION program on our machine, but in some models this is not present, in this case it will be necessary to start the production of a simple coffee as you normally would, with the steam option deactivated. And do this until the tank is completely emptied.
  5. At this point, fill the tank with fresh water and restart the machine until it is completely empty.
  6. It is good once over the descaling process to perform some empty coffee to be sure that the machine is in excellent condition and that the operation has been successful.

How to decalcify the automatic machine?
How to descale the pod machine?
How to decalcify the capsule machine?

What is descaling?

Descaling is a cleaning process that removes limescale and its residues from household appliances that normally use water at very high temperatures.

The limestone is normally present in water, bad high temperature they disperse it more easily, separating it from the water itself and creating residues.

These are the ones residues to accumulate and to ruin our dear devices.

It is easy for these to begin over time become blocked up or to malfunction, showing signs of slowing down and slowing down.

In some cases these residues end up inside the drinks themselves, compromising the taste.
Excess limestone in the body creates the development of very annoying stones.

Decalcifiers are products that therefore combat the formation of these residues inside the machines.

What are descalers?

THE descaling they are nothing but industrial chemicals, harmless to humans if used following all the necessary warnings, but very powerful and capable of dissolving the limestone in our machines.

The descalers must be used with extreme care, because they are corrosive.

We recall that their packaging cannot be thrown away after use in the common garbage, neither in the differentiated one, nor in the undifferentiated one, but be brought in certain ecological pitches placed at the disposal by the own municipality for special waste.

It is preferable to always use gods protective gloves when the descalers are handled, and make sure they are not in direct contact with our body. They are highly corrosive chemicals (otherwise they would not be functional).

As far as human safety is concerned, once used inside our coffee machine we should not worry about consequences for our body when we are going to drink the drinks made with the machine being treated. There is no danger.

In some cases citric acid and vinegar are also used as an alternative to industrial descalers, unfortunately these, although they do something, never really solve the problem, indeed in the long run they tend to damage and affect the operation of the machines. I discovered it on my skin on my first pod machine …

Best descaler for coffee machine

EcoDescalk Organic Concentrated

EcoDescalk Organic Concentrate (9 Descaling) ....
EcoDescalk Organic Concentrate (9 Descaling) ….

  • UNIVERSAL USE. Our EcoDescalk Biological decalcifier can be used in any type of coffee machine, whether from espresso, filter or capsule (Nespresso, DeLonghi, Krups, Tassimo, Saeco, Bosch, Philips, Senseo, Nescafe Dolce Gusto …).
  • BIOLOGICAL DESCALER. The quality of our product is guaranteed by CAAE, a European certification body specialized in Organic Production. Our descaler takes care of and respects the natural environment. In line with the Green Philosophy of the EcoDescalk brand.

Here is a descaler completely natural, colorless and odorless, designed for those who pay a lot of attention to the environment, it is an excellent product compatible with all coffee machines (espresso, capsules, automatic or dripping).

Perfect, it makes the car like new and the coffee looks even better than before.

Highly recommended.

It worked great even on a capsule machine of a friend of mine, a good artist from the same city where I have my studio, which was completely clogged, to the point that he kept it in a corner, unused.
The water practically couldn't even pass, not even a drop, so much that the limestone residue was strong.

We used this product together twice, as it required particular descaling power, and we did it!

De’Longhi ECODECALK Natural Decalcifier

Here is another excellent natural descaler, sold online, and there will be a reason.

I used it successfully on my brother's machine, and it came out like new.

Just follow the instructions on the label, you can perform five cleaning cycles with a single vial. A good value for money then.

100 ml of product is diluted in half a liter of water, and the descaling procedure is started, it is very simple.

It is necessary to repeat the process 3 times reusing the product that comes out of the spout.

The water that comes out will pull out all the impurities from the machine, making it like new, certainly a great product to restore the vitality of your appliances.

It is always a good idea to make a vacuum coffee before and after use to keep the machine clean and make sure that it has been descaled.

Saeco CA6700 Liquid Descaler

Here is a liquid descaler proposed by Saeco to refurbish its own machine.

The package is elegant and the product succeeds in what it promises, that is, to refurbish any coffee machine, again allowing you to taste excellent drinks, getting rid of that unpleasant limestone aftertaste.

An octagon produced.

If you do not use your machine too much you can also use it once a year, but always read the instructions for your product and refer to the "warnings" and the signals that your appliance launches.

Electrolux Epd4 Premium descaler

The Electrolux descaling product is sold in a beautiful 500ml pack and can be reused for four washes (there are also four notches on the bottle to understand the exact dosage, thus avoiding wasting even a single drop of the precious product) .

It cleans its machine very quickly in a mere twenty minutes and allows you to make various passes, after some time.

Don't forget to make a vacuum coffee after use, to rinse the machine.

Woldoclean Economic decalcifier


Decalcifier Machines Descaling Coffee Descaler 750ml -...
Decalcifier Machines Descaling Coffee Descaler 750ml -…

  • The anti-limescale WoldoClean is perfectly suitable for electric coffee machines, machines with pods, espresso coffee machines, espresso coffee machines with filter holders, steam irons, kettles, coffee vending machines, filter coffee machines, and coffee machines. lever espresso coffee.
  • Suitable for all brands: Bosch, Siemens, Tassimo, AEG, DeLonghi, Dolce Gusto, Jura, Melitta, Krups, Miele, Nespresso, Philips, Rowenta, Saeco, Senseo, WMF, Rowenta, Tefal.

For those who want to spend a little less (but we really talk about very few euros of difference) here is a good economic decalcifier.

In case your machine makes tantrums even after an excessive deposit of limestone, this Woldoclean effectively acts freeing it and making it as new, or almost.

It is simple to use, 125 ml are diluted in 500 ml of water and the machine is activated.

The operation can also be repeated if desired.

Perfect and cheap. For those who want to enter the world of decalcifying machines from the main door without putting too much strain on the monthly family budget but at the same time without sacrificing quality.


Durgol Descaler 2 bottles

A dear friend of mine had a little machine stuck with water that came out everywhere and ran off to the sides, but it didn't produce even a drop of coffee …

A disaster that I do not tell you.

We then found this descaler in the supermarket and rushed home to try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

The treatment worked very well, despite the fact that years hadn't been decalcified on that machine …

Now it looks new, and makes a great coffee, when I'm at Francesco's house I love to sip it while I think about that day, and to water on the floor, everywhere.

All is well that ends well.

How to descale the automatic coffee machine

The automatic coffee makers often have a specific function that allows them to totally automate the cleaning process, without needing our constant attention.

A nice convenience.

The display controls make everything very simple, just follow the manual and don't panic.

The machine usually promptly signals the need for descaling, at which point it will only be necessary to insert the product inside the water tank and place a container under the dispensing spout.

And then press ok.

Usually the process lasts an hour, during this time the machine will wash itself.

Once the descaling process is complete, carry out some empty coffee to make sure that the machine is in excellent condition and that the operation is successful.

How to descale the coffee machine with pods

Pod machines are sometimes equipped with displays, which help to understand (depending on the model) when decalcification is actually required.
To run for cover before it's too late and the damage is already done.

Pod coffee machines require periodic decalcification, usually every three months, but in some cases it can take more or less time, depending on the use made of it and the model in question.

In some cases they are not equipped with a display, so there is a need to understand if and how they issue the maintenance signal.

If there is no type of light to show when to intervene, it is a good idea to use the three-month rule, which is normally the adequate time to make a good descaling of the appliance.

Just take the descaling tablets and insert them inside the tank, proceed with activating the washing cycle and the machine will automatically do everything by itself at this point.

How to decalcify the capsule coffee machine

It is very easy to descale the capsule coffee machine.

The same procedure as described above for the pod machine is followed.

Since when it comes to capsule machines there is no display to show us the vital data of the appliance, but of the warning lights.

In this case, consult the manual of your capsule coffee machine and check which of these lamps is the one that indicates the imminent need for a descaling.

In this case it will be necessary, as I indicated in the guide above, to insert our descaler inside the tank of the machine and activate the rinsing function, if present, otherwise start the execution of a normal coffee.

At this point it is necessary to place a nice large container under the spout for dispensing liquids.

Vinegar, bicarbonate, and citric acids (natural remedies)

Some people prefer to always use natural ingredients, so let's examine them together to understand what the alternatives to industrial products actually are.


Bicarbonate is a precious ally of human beings, used for the most varied applications, it is not surprising that it can also be taken into consideration in this case.

It is absolutely not dangerous for our health, but unfortunately it is equally ineffective against limestone.


Vinegar is absolutely natural and does not pose any risk to our health, being an element commonly used in the kitchen for human ingestion, it has an almost zero environmental impact.

However it is an acid that can be dangerous for all the rubber parts inside our car (with the vinegar I destroyed my first machine …).

It is equipped with a light anti-scale effifacia.

It can be considered only if you want to carry out a slight maintenance every now and then, but for a thorough treatment it is better to fall back on the other products in this guide.

Citric acid is better than vinegar if you want to make a real decalcification.

citric acid

Citric acid, despite the name and reputation it carries with it has a lower environmental impact than vinegar.

However, it is not so easy to find on the shelves of our supermarkets, it is therefore necessary to activate on the internet in special online stores or to refer to extremely specialized shops in agricultural products. Obviously not present in all Italian cities.

Citric acid should be used with extreme caution, because it is sold in pure form, it is not a joke with this kind of products.

In conclusion

Coffee in Italy is a real religion.

Once upon a time Moka was used, but in recent years there has been an incessant spread of pod machines, which make excellent coffee, especially if you are in a hurry.

While the moka, however, is very easy to clean, it is enough to rinse it immediately after use, the appliances that make the coffee are much more complex, equipped with gears that inevitably incur over time.

To stop this wear it is necessary to implement small maintenance measures, not excessive, but those that are sufficient, to ensure the functioning of our coffee machines for years to come.

In the beginning, when I bought my pod machine, I was totally unaware of certain procedures, I thought there was no need to ever intervene, that the machine could clean itself during life.

However, at my own expense (and those of my wallet), I had to discover that calcification is a terrible phenomenon, a kind of tumor for this kind of appliance, which can however be eradicated with a little care.

Care is always rewarded, towards any type of person or object.

It is for this reason that thanks to that lesson I have now learned to safeguard the health of my coffee machine and every three months I start the descaling operation, almost as if it were a game.

My friends are always happy with my coffee, I love conviviality, and every time they come they tell me that the coffee I make is higher than that of the bar. Considering that I live in a small town in Campania this compliment is very strong and makes it clear that the commitment that I put into taking care of my car is extremely rewarding.

I hope this descaling guide will help you.

Until next time.


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