πŸ₯‡5 Best Bicycle Lubricants 2019? (Shimmering Chain) –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Bicycle Lubricants 2019? (Shimmering Chain) –

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I'm Francesco.

When it comes to bicycles, you'll agree with me on one thing:

A dirty chain you can't really look at it.

Looking for the best lubricant of the chain for your racing or walking bike?

On Amazon I found a good price for my favorite lubricant, the WD-40 BIKE.

Lubricating the bicycle chain is fundamental.


Bicycles are real masterpieces in the state of the art of mechanics.
Fortunately, the world remains some completely "analog" object, which uses only the physical force to move and not an electronic brain that as usual takes away all the fun …

However, the mechanical parts of the bicycle are subject to chafing, and for this reason they tend with time to wear. In addition, atmospheric oxidation comes into play, inevitable given that the bike is mainly used in the open air. We cyclists are not afraid of two drops of water, but they gears of our medium in the long run yes.

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This is why we need to use an oil-based lubricant, to be regularly rearranged whenever the chain on our bike begins to look less sparkling.

There grease based lubricants and others based on oil, those based on fat should not be used for the chain, because they tend to ruin it, they are to be used only on bearings and on balls subjected to rolling and friction like those of the bottom bracket and the hubs, the seat post and the steering.

THE oil based lubricants instead they should be preferred as regards chain and derailleur.
There are dry ones based on Teflon and wet ones based on silicone.
They serve to make the movements smoother and more fluid.

How often do you lubricate the bike chain?

There are many theses regarding the frequency with which to oil the chain of your bike.

I personally clean it once a week, because I love to see it all shiny.

There are those who advise instead of cleaning it once a week, whether you are on city or off-road routes.

But in reality it is good even once every two weeks, if you want to have a transmission that is always efficient and durable.

You can also check the status of the chain by simply passing your hand over it: if it feels pasty and not very mobile, it means that the unequivocal moment to clean it has actually come. Same thing if you hear it squeak or produce strange noises.

If you use it for a few km a week and only on city routes, you can also avoid cleaning it on a weekly basis, and you can simply opt for a complete cleaning every two months.

Normally if you go off-road, it is good practice to oil it every time, because the dirt that is off the road ends up compromising our chain much faster.

It is always better to prevent, because a chain in poor condition, wears prematurely and consumes the rest of the transmission prematurely (crowns, pinions and pulleys of the gearbox).

How to lubricate the DIY bike?

Some prefer to completely dismantle the chain, or remove it from its housing.

But the operation of lubricating the bike can be done without having to disassemble the bike, there are also bicycles with double change in which this operation would be unnecessarily long and complicated.

It is good practice to hang the bicycle upside down with two hooks fixed to the ceiling of our garage.
Or you can simply flip the bike over and place it on the handlebar and saddle.

It is always good to take advantage of this moment to take a look at the wheels and the general health of the frame.

Then you can move on to focus on the chain.

It is a good idea to use a metal brush or a small brush to remove all the residues of soil and dirt that have accumulated during our raids.

Then we proceed to moisten a cloth of gasoline, or white oil, rub the chain, concentrating on every single mesh of the same.

It is good not to run in this phase, but to proceed calmly and slowly.

As soon as the cleaning of the chain is complete, it can be lubricated with oil.

This should be applied drop by drop on each joint of the chain.

In conclusion, it will be possible to brush carefully to give the lubricant the chance to penetrate every single link in the chain.

To use the lubricant correctly, make sure the chain of your vehicle is clean and degreased.

Never apply lubricant to a dirty chain.
Because it otherwise creates accumulations of dirt that ruin the game of transmission.

That's it, our chain is now shiny again and ready to let us go on the adventure again!

Best 2019 bike lubricant

WD-40 Teflon Bike, the one I always use

WD-40 Bike - Bicycle Chain and Mtb Spray Lubricant for all ...
WD-40 Bike – Bicycle Chain and Mtb Spray Lubricant for all …

  • This product is perfect for cyclists who love being outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Its PTFE formula provides excellent lubrication both in dry and wet conditions, reducing friction and wear of the bicycle chain

WD is a well-known brand, and there will be a reason why we see this logo in any mechanical and DIY workshop on the globe.

The WD-40 Bike designed specifically for bikes is a brilliant product, which I love.

In my opinion the drop version is superior to the spray version, as you can see from this video.

It perfectly lubricates all the mechanical parts of the bike, not just the chain. To be used after thorough cleaning and drying the excess lubricant at the end. To be used especially for wet routes.

The WD-40 Bike is Teflon, an excellent material to ensure that the movements of the chain and other mechanical components are always fluid with minimum friction.

The classic WD-40 is a very famous unlocking, but it CANNOT BE USED ON THE BIKE.

Not confusing the "WD-40 Bike" with its normal version does not bike.

A product easy to use, of great quality, very fast to act on the interested parts, perfect on the chain, but also all the other mechanical parts of the bicycle.

Promoted with full marks.

WD-40 Bike - Bicycle Chain and Mtb Spray Lubricant for all ...
WD-40 Bike – Bicycle Chain and Mtb Spray Lubricant for all …

  • This product is perfect for cyclists who love being outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Its PTFE formula provides excellent lubrication both in dry and wet conditions, reducing friction and wear of the bicycle chain

Star BluBike, fat for bikes

Here is a fantastic lithium grease, which can also be used safely on bikes.

I used it personally in the bottom bracket of the cranks and in the hubs of both wheels of my mountain bike and it literally shocked me for its intrinsic quality.

It can also be used for hobby uses, has a long life, I recommend buying the 150g pack, so as not to overdo it.

I have been using it for several months, it is one of my latest discoveries, and I am very happy about it.


Muc-Off Dry Ceramic Biodegradable for Chain, for the summer


Muc-Off Dry Ceramic Biodegradable Lubricant, 120 ml
Muc-Off Dry Ceramic Biodegradable Lubricant, 120 ml

  • Muc-Off proprietary formula contains Boron Nitride, Fluorine Polymers and Nano Ceramics for the best reduction of transmission frictions., Creates a dry ceramic veil that increases the duration of the action, Biodegradable, Detectable formula with UV detector (included in the package ) to understand where it is lubricating

Here is a ceramic based lubricant perfect for the heat and the summer.
It keeps the chain shiny even after many kilometers and km traveled in conditions of a lot of dust.

I always found myself very well.

Unlike wet lubricants it allows you to "forget about them" and avoid use every 100 km.

I even used it every 500km, because the chain didn't seem to need it.

An excellent lubricant, one of the best around now on the market.

It is better than similar, more substantial models.

Finish Line Kit Value Pack perfect for MTB or BDC

Here is a perfect lubricant for those who have a MTB or BDC, should not be diluted for use, you can directly use a brush.

Kit consisting of fat, oil and detergent.

The products are highly toxic so it is better to prevent them from coming into contact with children.

R.s.p. Ultra Slick Seal Grease, perfect for suspension

Here is a perfect grease to use on suspensions, forks and o-rings.

The tube allows an optimal dosage, it is not in liquid form so it can be safely kept in the backpack, without fear of generating disasters πŸ™‚

It is very smooth and keeps the air in great shape.

The tube is small just to prevent the grease from drying out even if it is used a few times (a bit like the concept behind the Attack glue tube …)

A great product, it's unrivaled in its kind.

Dry or wet lubricant?

Muddy winter conditions recall a wet lubricant, which guarantees a thicker consistency.

Conversely, warm climates order a dry lubricant, because it is thinner and better in case of dust and dryness.

Oil or grease for the bicycle chain?

Grease is not recommended by bicycle enthusiasts, in fact this badly penetrates into the chain links and in a short time risks becoming a sticky heap of dirt.

For example, if you go into a dirt road, the chain risks becoming a snake.

Better to use a specific oil-based lubricant.

Bike grease is generally used in bearings to keep them lubricated and to prevent water from entering. It is also spread over the threads of the bolts to prevent corrosion.

Lubricate with grease is used above all to protect bearings and balls subjected to rolling and friction, to protect them from water run-off and dirt which cause premature wear.

Where there are bearings, then headsets, center movements, wheel hubs. It is also good practice to protect the threads with grease to avoid seizing.

Lubricating grease means a viscous substance (so not strictly fluid), composed of a mineral or synthetic oil base, with specific additives for the applications for which the lubricant is intended. It follows that a "multi-purpose" grease that is efficient in all conditions of use cannot exist. On the market there are some that have a wide range of applications but if you want to keep your bike at its best, you should prefer special fats. The main features of a bicycle fat are:

β€’ Good viscosity, to withstand centrifugal forces;
β€’ Resistance to water and dirt washout;
β€’ Activation capacity at low operating temperatures

Source: www.bikeitalia.it/

What's in bicycle lubricants (teflon)?

Bicycle lubricants are mainly based on Teflon, or chemical PTFE.

Teflon is used to reduce friction in the chain, and therefore increase the movements of the transmissions.

Bike lubricants are usually made from petroleum, but some are more environmentally friendly, using biodegradable vegetable oil.

However, biodegradable lubricants are less slippery, therefore less functional, the advantage is purely for the environment, in fact their impact is decidedly less, since they have practically no toxicity, but unfortunately at the expense of a little performance.

What is Teflon?

It was invented 30 years ago, and is a fluorine based compound.

Teflon is present inside bicycle lubricants, but many do not really know what it is.

You have heard of this element probably in reference to the anti-adherent layer that is generally applied on frying pans and cooking pans.

Teflon is originally a white, light powder that floats on water, cannot be dissolved by any solvent, is highly resistant to any chemical substance and is odorless.

It does not conduct electricity, is not flammable and withstands a heat of 300 degrees centigrade.

It has hundreds of applications, is used when a durable and economical material is needed.

It is a polymer (that is, a long molecule composed of repeating units) called polytrafluoroethylene, formed by "bricks" that contain two carbon atoms and four fluorine.

It is precisely this element that gives it the property of being inert and unassailable.

In recent years it has also been used in the textile field, to cover clothes and fabrics in an impermeable way, especially those for camping and the outdoors.

This is the reason why it proves to be a precious ally also in the bicycle field.

In conclusion

Whether it is oil-based or fat-based, the lubricant is something that should never be missing from the expert cyclist's kit, I always carry it inside my bag.

The chain is a fundamental part of the bicycle, and must be treated with the utmost care.

The one for the bike more than a passion is a real choice, a lifestyle, a stance.

Who moves by bike is a philosopher-madman-romantic-revolutionary who wants to go in the opposite direction and contrary to this crazy and hectic world that wants us all locked up in these aluminum cages.

There is no electric car that holds, there is no autopilot that can make us happy with bike enthusiasts, we want to pedal with our legs and be the ones responsible for the direction to follow from time to time. We want to feel the wind on our skin, expose ourselves to the weather, why not? take some risks, put our lives at stake, feel the adrenaline rising.

By car you are becoming separated from the world, protected in a consumerism bubble.

The cyclist carries out a daily revolution.

This is why the bicycle is the real weapon of a revolution, and like any self-respecting weapon it must always be functioning and ready to shoot.

I love doing maintenance on my bike, and always keeping it in perfect condition, since I know that every time the weather is good, even in the middle of winter, I can go outside and roam free, feeling happy and independent.

Outside the logical capitalist crowds, they keep us glued to the workplace from 8 to 5-6 pm.

Lubricants for bicycles are essential to reduce bike wear due to the friction of the mechanical components on the inside, to protect it from the inevitable oxidation when exposing something to atmospheric agents, from water run-off and to prevent excessive heating during the use.

I hope this guide has been helpful, the important thing is to keep pedaling, and never stop.

We continue our two-wheeled revolution!

Good ride!

Until next time,


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