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πŸ₯‡7 Best Whitening Strips (Teeth As American Actors) Reviews – Pros Cons

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The first time I used the whitening strips I started with very low expectations.

27 years of Marlboro's daily smoke had ruined my teeth, now having turned a yellowish color, very little encouraging.

I had afraid to open your mouth and show your teeth.


I always laughed at half and half, like yourself hiding a secret.

And in the photos they asked me why I always seemed so serious …

teeth whitening before and after
here is mine before and after the strips

The whitening strips can be found in the pharmacy, but on Amazon I always find the cheapest prices, for example here is the page from which I buy my favorites.

Together with the eyes the teeth are one of the places where our gaze lingers when we talk to someone, this is why they should not appear neglected if we do not want to be discriminated against in this society that is ever more attentive to aesthetics.

One day my friend Gerardo, very fond of his teeth, of those guys who use the dental floss everyday since I was a child, updated on the dental cleaning, he told me that these whitening strips existed.

"GerΓ , but it will be the usual s******ata! "
"Trust me, Enzo, for once, don't be tough"

And this time he was right.

I thought it was the umpteenth ridiculous commercial gimmick, but given the ridiculous cost of the product, on a spring morning I decided in a particularly cheerful mood to order them online and try.

And I was stunned. In fact, they already work from the first application.

No miracle, be it clear, but a net tangible and admirable improvement on sight, my friends noticed it and complimented me. Above all, my mood and self-confidence have improved.

Obviously, no miracle, but already from the third application I began to see thewhitening effect on the color of the teeth, they seem increasingly shiny, that opaque halo was disappeared.

Just place a dozen or so on your teeth and let them work, while you do something else, obviously it's better to clean your teeth with a toothbrush first.

As fierce smoker and coffee drinker (even 5 a day!) I was resigned to having my teeth dull and yellowish forever, hence my skepticism.

Instead I was increasingly on good road.


They exist around Chinese products, whitening strips of dubious origin, highly dangerous. They come cyclically withdrawn from the market, because whole loads are discovered, as if there were a sort of illegal sale of these strips from China.

Keep well away from these products, on the packaging the European Community regulations must always be indicated.

Don't mess with your teeth and serious damage can be caused if you use even once whitening strips of poor workmanship, which do not follow medical standards.

It is always good to ask your dentist for advice.

The whitening strips are inexpensive and practical and a low risk of dentinal hypersensitivity, but to work they must be used over time in a constant manner, otherwise their effect will tend to diminish and then disappear.

How are bleaching strips used?

Not all whitening strips are used in the same way, it is always good to refer to the leaflet found inside the packages and which explains in detail what are the characteristics of the model we purchased.

However, there are basic rules to follow when dealing with this kind of strips, if you want to get the maximum result, in the shortest possible time.

  1. First you need to wash your teeth well before applying the strips. If you have it at home, prefer it electric toothbrush, which cleans the tooth more deeply. Otherwise use the normal toothbrush and a good toothpaste, with holy patience, moving from top to bottom for the teeth of the upper arch and vice versa from the bottom to the top for those of the lower arch, avoiding the movement above and below that it damages the tooth. It is important at this stage to remove plaque and bacteria, enemies of tooth enamel.
  2. Some whitening strips require longer laying periods, but normally 20-30 minutes are enough. You can use it for example in the evening, when you are at the computer reading or watching your favorite series, and you don't have to interact with other people.
  3. The strips must adhere well to the tooth enamel, both forward and back.
  4. At this point it is up to you to remove the strips and avoid drinking and eating especially foods and substances that risk coloring your teeth (such as coffee) immediately after treatment.
  5. There is a need not to act superficially when using a treatment with whitening strips, if you want to get the maximum possible results.
  6. Always better to contact your dentist before starting such treatment.

However, in addition to using the strips, it is good to have a correct dental hygiene, so it is mandatory to brush and brush your teeth three times a day after each meal.
Pass the dental floss in order to reach the points where even the best toothbrushes cannot reach. Possibly also use an electric toothbrush, which usually allows for more thorough cleaning.
Then rinse with the mouthwash.

About every six months it is also good to go to the dentist to make an accurate analysis of the health of your teeth.

The whitening strips are not miraculous, but if used carefully they are a powerful essential ally for the aesthetic health of your teeth.

Do the whitening strips work?

Absolutely yes, if used consistently.

And especially do not sensitize teeth.

they worked great on me, managing to lighten my teeth a couple of shades.

They do not work miracles, if you have really broken teeth, in pieces, it is better to contact a capable dentist as soon as possible. But to improve the color of their teeth they are perfect, especially if used consistently.

For me they certainly represented a nice surprise, and they helped me to regain confidence in myself.

It is important, however, to rely on serious and recognized brands and not waste time on Chinese economic products without the medical approval of the European Union, or risk making only major disasters.

After two or three months the results are tangible and it will be difficult to go back.

Also whiten ceramic teeth?

No, whitening strips whiten only natural teeth.

Best Whitening Strips Reviews – (2019 Definitive Guide)

Pro Teeth Whitening, my absolute favorites


28 Whitening Teeth Professional Tooth Activated Carbon Pro ...
28 Whitening Teeth Professional Tooth Activated Carbon Pro …

  • β˜… Pro Teeth Whitening Co. Premium Teeth Whitening Strips – With activated charcoal for professional results. Easy to use, with 3 simple steps to follow, immediate results in just 30 minutes for a brighter smile. FOR BETTER RESULTS, WASH THE TEETH WITH BRUSH IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE of the whitening strips to remove any active carbon residues
  • β˜… SUPPLY FOR 14 DAYS / 28 STRIPS – You will notice the difference in your smile after the first use. Our special and exclusive formula of our whitening strips removes stains caused by smoking, tea, coffee, sugary drinks and red wine.

Here are my favorite whitening strips, first I used LDREAMAM and then I switched to these and I must say that I am great.

After the first application I already noticed an improvement in fact, something that had not happened immediately with the LDREAMAM, probably because in that case I was just starting to look out on the world of stripes.

I've always been an inveterate smoker, and despite the constant warnings from the health ministry that it keeps telling us how bad smoking really is I can't imagine quitting.

I am among those who have never even tried to give up cigarettes, because I consider them an integral part of me, without which I would feel lost. Smoking relaxes me and makes me happy. Having said that, you will understand that yellowing fingers and teeth have always been a habit for me, and while I'm working on them for the first, I found a solution in these whitening strips for my teeth.

Coffee is also essential for me, and is almost always accompanied by cigarettes, this is also an enemy of white teeth.

With the Pro Teeth Whitening, however, I can fight the gray halo that would normally touch me.

They are excellent, they do not affect tooth enamel in any way and do not cause discomfort. The package is a two-week treatment, one strip per day is applied for only thirty minutes.

Some people need more applications to start seeing effects. However, they are excellent strips, which leave no aftertaste in the mouth of any kind.

When they are removed, one realizes all the residue they are carrying, and it is clear what the dirt they are fighting is, removing the patina from the teeth without being invasive.

Really my favorite strips of all time. The cost is also contained.


Ray Of Smile, my brother's favorites

My brother loves these strips, he wanted to buy them by himself, he's a guy who likes to do his own thing, a stubborn one, and he also loves to contradict me and have different tastes from mine, maybe that's why he chose this model as his favorite.

However, these Ray Of Smile are excellent whitening strips for teeth, which also whiten from the first application.

They work and above all they are good because they do not sensitize the teeth.

They must be used consecutively for 14 days, because the treatment lasts so long.

My brother's friends immediately realized that there was something different in his smile, these are his words, his direct testimony.

Once the treatment is finished, it is still good to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth so as to allow the teeth to "relax".
The strips in question are not aggressive on the enamel, this is done only as a precaution, to lighten the stress of the teeth.

The translations were perhaps from an automatic translator like google, as some phrases are rendered in quite a fanciful way. Nonetheless, not bad given that they are still very easy to use.

Great strips.
Results immediately.

The translation of the instructions in Italian leaves something to be desired


Bleaching Strips, Teeth Whitening Strips, Bleaching Strips ...
Bleaching Strips, Teeth Whitening Strips, Bleaching Strips …

  • No matter how much you take care of your teeth, some of the discoloration will occur. So, don't let yellow teeth keep you smiling. Our natural coconut activated carbon powder will help your smile turn white, bright and attractive
  • No matter how you put dental care, some discoloration is bound to happen. Well, don't let yellow teeth smile stop you. Our natural coconut charcoal powder to help revive your white, bright and attractive smile

The LDREAMAM strips are no less than all the others presented in this guide of mine, even if, as I said, my favorites remain the Pro Teeth Whitening.

The LDREAMAM are sold in a beautiful package equipped with a leaflet comparing the color gradation of our teeth, to understand how far we are in the bleaching of these.

Certainly a nice find that leaves the most demanding happy.

Inside the box there are 14 strips to be applied on the two dental arches.

As usual, they are easy to apply and only take thirty minutes to get the desired effect.

Once finished the action of the strips just remove the residues with a handkerchief and then proceed to wash the teeth again.

After a lot of coffee, tea and cigarettes, the teeth inevitably begin to lose luster and acquire a greyish patina, with these strips you can fight the problem and with the right constancy keep our teeth beautiful white and healthy.

They do not disturb the enamel.

What is immediately striking is their ease of application.

The teeth are washed first with the common toothbrush that is used every day, the toothpaste must not be particular but the common one is fine, and then you can immediately proceed with the positioning of the strips.

Just remove them from the glossy cardboard on which they are placed inside the package, and place them gently on the dental arch.
Once you are assured that you are actually in position, you just need to wait.

Be careful not to try to sleep with the strips in your mouth, a friend did it and woke up the next morning with your teeth coated with gel πŸ™‚

Only the time indicated by the manufacturer should be left: that is, between 20 and 30 minutes.

The coverage is not of the whole dental arch but only of the most visible teeth.

It is good to use them once a day for 14 days, this is the length of the treatment that you buy by taking the package at the link above.

These dental strips are very thin and easy to position.

They are based on water, maltodextrin and other all natural ingredients.

So this will make even those who love eco-friendly products happy.

Many people I know are comfortable with this brand and recommend it, the results come early and last. The color is uniform and natural, giving an elegant shade of white that will arouse envy in all the people around you.


iFanze strips

Another interesting product is the one proposed by iFanze, a beautiful box containing 14 sachets of whitening strips.

Therefore, each sachet has two strips to apply one for a dental arch.

It is very easy to put them on the teeth, the positioning is almost automatic, it is necessary to make sure that they do not stick to the lips.

Once at their just let them act for about thirty minutes, in this time they will attract to themselves the gray patina that daily goes to form on our teeth, and will remove it from the teeth.

Once removed the strips tend to leave tiny bits of gel on the teeth, just a simple rinse to be in place again.

3-4 applications are enough and already the teeth begin to change in gradation.

An excellent value for money.

Result very close to the professional one.

Teeth Whitening Kit Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening Kit Teeth Whitening - ISUDA Whitening Gel ...
Teeth Whitening Kit Teeth Whitening – ISUDA Whitening Gel …

  • What you will get in the package (Figure 6): Including 1x LED light, 2 mouth trays, 10 x 3ml whitening gel, 1x results table, 5x exclusive tooth cleaning gift, 1x detailed instructions. Our ISUDA home whitening kit uses a special formula and whitening system to whiten the teeth, ensures rapid and natural whitening of the teeth, making the teeth brighter and smoother than before.
  • NOTE THAT THE LED LIGHT MUST BE ACTIVATED BEFORE USE: It is necessary to open the rear cover and remove the film insulation under the 2 button cells. The insulating layer is specially designed to prevent the LED light from turning on during transport. Then reinstall the cells and the lid and the LED light is ready for normal use.

The Teeth Whitening Kit is a real complete teeth whitening kit, so they are not just stripes, but much more.

Let's see together then what is inside the package.

First we find some syringes of whitening gel, a beautiful silicone mask to apply over the teeth, a blue laser and whitening strips.

I know you are wondering what all these things are really for.

First thing I must warn you that in case you have caries, cuts or inflamed gums it is better to stay away from this kit or in any case contact your dentist and make a good visit, he will tell you what you can and cannot do.

I always advise against doing one's own thing without professional advice when it comes to one's health, especially dedicated parts like teeth.

I know a friend who used tooth enamel to use poor quality bleaching strips … But don't worry, the ones I presented in this guide are all safe and approved by the EU.

I recommend this kit to those who have not had great results with normal whitening toothpastes.

Not all teeth are the same, each case should be considered carefully indeed.

The instructions inside the kit are only in English, too bad that they are not even reported in Italian, someone who is not very polyglot could find this aspect a bit daunting, but in reality these kits are so easy to use that even a child would succeed.

Here's how to use the kit:

First you need to heat the silicone bit in hot water so that it softens and then sticks properly to the teeth, then you place a little gel inside it, put it in your mouth and then rest the laser LED machine for a good twenty minutes.

As you can see, in this case the shutter speed is shorter than the standard 30 minutes of the strips.

Finally, rinse the mouth and remove the gel.

After a few days of treatment, improvements are already beginning to appear.

A kit recommended for those who love the most complex things, and do not lose heart to tinker and try to understand instructions in English. Not recommended for those who love simple solutions.

they do their job very well

unfortunately the instruction booklet is only in English

Activated carbon toothpaste to whiten teeth

Activated carbon, as we know, is an almost miraculous substance for the whitening of our teeth, because it does not damage the enamel but allows a daily prevention.

Certainly a great ally to whiten our teeth, along with a cyclic use of the strips.

Activated carbon is excellent for those who have stains on their teeth, favors their removal, a first step we say to ensure an enviable smile.

The taste is very good and does not bother the mouth, the teeth feel scented after use.

As usual, we must follow the hygiene instructions we have always been used to, that is washing our teeth two or three times a day, depending on how many meals we have.

The taste is light, tastes like mint, but it will not annoy those who can't stand the taste of mint, it seems to be calibrated on purpose to be balanced.

Tooth Whitening Activated Carbon 100% Natural

Tooth Whitening Activated Carbon 100% Natural - Whitening ...
Tooth Whitening Activated Carbon 100% Natural – Whitening …

  • β˜… MAXIMUM PURITY AND EFFECTIVENESS – High purity activated carbon. The revolutionary ingredients contained in the bleaching powder with activated carbon are fixed to the most stubborn stains, thus allowing the coal to remove all the unwanted marks and marks from the teeth.
  • β˜… ALL-NEW FORMULA – Natural charcoal powder activated by teeth whitening by Pro Teeth Whitening Co.

Instead this is precisely the bleaching activated carbon, recommended for those who have more patience, because it requires a bit of attention to be used.

If you are in a hurry, I advise you right now to bet directly on the toothpaste version, you won't be disappointed.

If you want to try something more curious and healthy for your teeth instead, you can order this activated carbon and enter a new world.

It must be said that after being used, it is necessary to rinse the teeth a couple of times since it does not go away at the first stroke, but nothing serious.

Perfect for those who love natural and ecological products.

It is capable of cleaning the teeth slowly without being aggressive and therefore affecting their enamel.

Good, however, it is not too much brushing the teeth, to avoid unnecessarily "stressing" it.

This charcoal should be used twice a day, after a week you will already see the first interesting results.

Unlike the strips, however, it requires patience.
Therefore recommended to those with particularly sensitive teeth and wants to act very slowly on their own smile, taking it easy with let's say.

How do whitening strips work?

The whitening strips are made of polyethylene and contain a gel that must be adhered to the surface of the teeth, leaving out the gums.

The treatment lasts 14 days on average, but you can prolong it if you respect the rest times. Some have noticed marked improvements in the color of their teeth since the first application.

Can I use the whitening strips at night leaving them on?

Absolutely not, the treatment must be done during the day, and the strips must be removed after the 20-30 minutes necessary for their action.

Don't mess with what we put in our mouth.

How long do the results of whitening strips last?

If you smoke and drink coffee the results tend to last a couple of months, otherwise more.

In conclusion

Having a dazzling smile is essential, in a society like ours obsessed with physical appearance, you are truly debilitated, almost as if you are living an illness if you don't have a beautiful smile to show off.

Certainly this is of American derivation, in the United States in fact the cult of one's own body, and therefore also of dental aesthetics, reaches its maximum expression, and not even a small detail can be overlooked.

The teeth are contrasting on the face, because they are white, so you cannot fail to notice them, and during conversations and interactions with others, they are definitely in first place.

Thanks also to the spread of social networks and instagram it is always easier to be photographed, photos and memes have reached the level of true obsessions, they are the means by which we convey our ideas and express our being. Whether we want it or not.

So if you do public work, like me who works closely with customers in public relations for an important company in Turin, you can't help but have a smile always at the height.

A healthy white smile can make the difference, for example, to close an important business, some people have openly confided to me that they did not trust someone because they had crooked teeth in their mouth.

I know that to some this may seem like an exaggeration, but try asking around to your friends if you are not convinced and you will discover how important it is for them to interact with people with beautiful white teeth in their mouth.

If during a group photo you remain the only ones with a closed mouth, as it happened to me, out of shame. The others will begin to put forward suspicions about us, they will wonder why this person never smiles, or smiles with difficulty.

I was genuinely tired of always being in this position.

Then I happened to observe the American actors on Netflix, and I noticed how their smiles were always bright and their teeth so big, white and always clean,

At that point I realized that to stay competitive in this I had to do something and finally start taking care of not only my dental health, but also my aesthetic health.

Discovering the whitening strips was certainly something exciting, it is a real comfort to always have at home a tool with which to whiten my teeth to keep them in a good shade of white.

Finally I leave home happy, and I am happy to smile, to show my teeth.

No more guilt now when I drink coffee, I must not deprive myself of any food or drink, because I know that then I will be able to keep my teeth white despite these my vices πŸ™‚

The whitening strips have become a real status symbol in my family now, after seeing the results on my mouth, everyone wanted to try them, so I bought a small box for each one and my wife Michela and my children MariaGrazia and Nicola also begin to see the positive effects they have on their smile (we are all avid coffee consumers, so the yellow is always around the corner …).

I hope this guide has been helpful, it's always nice to share your experience.

Until next time!



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