πŸ₯‡5 Best Chain Sharpener For Chainsaw (Woodcutter's Guide) 2019 –

πŸ₯‡5 Best Chain Sharpener For Chainsaw (Woodcutter's Guide) 2019 –

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I'm Fabio.

I come from a family of woodcutters and I use the chainsaw since I was 12 years old.

You will agree with me on one thing:

Cutting wood with a dull blade is a real nightmare.

THE'sharpener it is a tool essential for anyone who owns one chainsaw.


The chainsaw if not sharpened over time it tends to get stuck inside the wood and causes shocks and movements that can also be extremely dangerous.

Keep the blades sharp allows you to consume less or gas or battery, and therefore optimize the performance of our chainsaw to the maximum, both in terms of time taken to saw and in terms of consumption.

The chainsaw is useless if not sharpened to the rule of the art, it happened to me in my youth, without realizing it, to continue using my chainsaw well beyond the sharpening limit beyond which the cuts begin to be absolutely inaccurate, and the engine starts to overheat, you lose control over the tool, which becomes absolutely difficult to tame.

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These things don't happen to me anymore, because now I know how to keep my chainsaw in perfect shape, always.

The chainsaw needs to be sharpened when facing any type of pruning, not just for demanding jobs.

I have a great experience in this world, in these years I have trained many people in the use of bricolage tools, in my laboratory many students have passed, and I have been lucky enough to have to deal with a disproportionate number of chainsaw models and chain sharpener.

Professional pruning chainsaws are extremely powerful as they are paradoxically delicate, if they are not adequately maintained over time they tend not to work in the same way.

Chain sharpeners are really essential to make the chainsaw chain look like new, giving it back the same power it had the day we pulled it out of the box.

Looking for a manual log splitter? Here the guide.

How to use the electric sharpener?

This video shows in detail how to use an electric chain saw for chain saws:

How does the chain sharpener work?

Chain sharpeners proceed filing the blades of each tooth in the chain.

Depending on the chain sharpener, the filing can be performed either manually going tooth to tooth or in groups of teeth.

Whatever the type of electric or petrol-driven chainsaw – which we own the chain sharpener is an essential item.

It therefore stands out among manual sharpeners (cheaper) and electric chain sharpeners (more professional).

Manual chain sharpener

Manual chain sharpeners are preferable if you intend to make sporadic use of your work saw, not all of them are woodcutters perpetually tested in the wood to cut wood.

The manual chain sharpener is slower and less precise than an electric one, but it is much more portable and comfortable to have behind.

Electric chain sharpener

On the other hand, the electric chain sharpener is able to work simultaneously on several teeth and to achieve a more serious and uniform sharpening along the entire chain.

They are decidedly less demanding on a physical level, in fact they do not require the same force of use and can also be used by physically weaker people.

They are also adjustable and therefore adaptable to any type of chain.

The speed is not to be underestimated in fact, when you are sawing you want to concentrate one hundred percent on this task and not waste time sharpening the blades, in this case for sure the electric chain sharpeners are the masters, since they are very faster.

How often should the chain saw be sharpened?

As a main rule the chainsaw should be sharpened well before any "important" work.

However, it should be sharpened once a month if pure wood is cut.

But there are many other factors to consider, such as
The frequency with which we need to sharpen the chain depends on what we cut, and of course, how often we use the chainsaw.

If you use the chainsaw only on wood, this does not act too aggressively on the blades, and therefore you can usually wait, on the contrary if you run into rock, sand or metal, it is essential to proceed with the immediate sharpening of the chainsaw.

There are electric chain saws for chainsaws that allow us to act much faster and more effectively on our blades.

In case you intend to use your chainsaw often on "difficult" surfaces, it is better to consider buying a "more demanding" chain sharpener, spending a little more, but those euros will be repaid in the long run.

How to adjust the chain sharpener?

Here is a video that shows how to normally adjust a chain sharpener in relation to the diameter and size of its chain:

Here is the size of grinding wheels depending on the diameter of the chain.

4 mm thickness for 3/8 β€³ small.
Thickness 4,5 mm for .325 "
Thickness 5-5.5 mm for 3/8 β€³ normal

It is a good idea to check that the chain sharpener you are buying is actually compatible with your chain saw chain.

Best Electric and Manual Chain Saw for Chainsaw 2019 (The Definitive Guide)

I tried to list in my guide the adjustable electric chain sharpeners with the greatest possible compatibility with all the blades on the market in Italy.

Oregon Scientific with 3 wheels, the champion

Here the professional chain sharpener for those who are serious, with three wheels, is practically fantastic.

The price is perhaps a bit prohibitive, so I won't dwell on it too much, because not everyone can afford it.

I was lucky enough to use it, and it's pretty much a daydream.

If you have no budget problems with this model, there is nothing better on the market, you will have a perfect, very easy sharpening.

A chain sharpener that could also use a child πŸ™‚

Einhell GC-CS 235, professional, the one I use every day

Here is Einhell instead, the sharpener that I own and that I use with great satisfaction every day, I find myself very well and good for all types of chains.

It is often used by professionals in the sector, there will be a reason.

This Einhell sharpens in two stages, so the shirt never gets warm and does not lose its original temperature.

Perfect for those who are tired of always bringing the chainsaw to sharpen in a specialized laboratory and prefers to do it themselves, saving time, money, and even blade wear.
In fact I heard stories of mechanics sharpening chainsaws in the "wrong" way and then being able to sell new blades faster to their customers … in our crazy Italy by now they hear about every …

Very easy to install on your desk, and also to use, there is a very comfortable light to illuminate the chain during the filing process.

Be careful to use the right gradation for your chain.

Practically perfect.

Guede sharpener, my brother's favorite (he also sharpens Chisel chains)

My brother, on the other hand, prefers this Guase sharpener, he is the opposite bastian and always loves to jump on the things I don't use, to differentiate myself from me … happy he

It must be said, however, that in this case he is right, given that I have tried Guede, and it is an excellent chain sharpener.

It is a practically professional product equipped with all the configurable settings to adapt to the chains sold in Italy.

In this price range it should be noted that it is the only chain-splitter
which allows an adjustment of + – 10 degrees for "type" chainsChisel".

It may seem like a small thing but in reality this mode is usually present on very expensive sharpeners …

It is extremely precise and fast, it can be used without problems even by those who are completely fasting in this kind of operations.

To use it it is good to first anchor it to a table.

Easy to adjust.

A next step if you have a cheap chain sharpener and you are tired, and you are looking for something more serious and effective.

Einhell 4499920 GC-CS 85, perfect for hobby use

Here is the classic model for hobbyists, that is for those who do not consider making a massive use of the chain sharpener but who at the same time absolutely do not want to be satisfied with a "Chinese" object or in any case of poor quality, which as my father always said lasts from Santo Stefano to Christmas. πŸ™‚

This economic chain chaser it is what it takes if you want good results without spending a fortune though.

It is made of plastic, but rigid enough to withstand the sharpening work.

Quietly sharpen small chains, but for large ones, or from 4.8mm upwards, it is better to use a disc to be purchased separately and not the one that is supplied.

The instructions perhaps leave you in a bit to be desired, but it is enough to refer to the online videos to immediately come to the head of the situation and enter into full action.

It is very precise for this price, perhaps the easiest to use and most precise grinding machine among those that are inexpensive.

This is why I highly recommend it to hobbyists, or whoever wants to approach this world and still doesn't feel ready to make big investments …

It is certainly more precise than those made by hand with the file.

Very easy to assemble and use.

It is not suitable for sustained daily use, since it is not a professional tool, but woodcutters who do not make this passion work will find their teeth in this tool.

Recommended for non-professional use.

Einhell GC-CS 85 Sharpener for Economic Chains

Here is another sharpener of this brand that has been able to bring excellent products to the workbench of many Italians, without leaving anyone unhappy. In fact it has a model for every price range.

Here I take in analysis this Einhell GC-CS 85m a beautiful economic sharpener, for those who do not want to spend a capital and also want to enter the world of sharpening from the main door, without sacrificing quality.

The tool must be fixed to a work table, possibly with large screws.

It works well, even if at times it may be a little imprecise on certain types of blades.

In fact, it tends to sharpen in a slightly conical way, meaning that the teeth of the chainsaw are consumed more on one side than on the other and in this way inevitably form a sort of cone-shaped sharpening section.

There are obviously tricks that you will often learn to use to limit this problem.

But my real question is: why instead of figuring out how to make a "crooked" work "straight" you instead buy a slightly more expensive tool but which can always provide excellent results consistently?

However, this is a good product, reliable and destined to last over time.

Easy to use, although I recommend referring directly to the excellent videos online that show in a flash how to use, rather than referring to the manual that actually leaves a little to be desired …

Very solid and functional.

Manual chainsaw sharpener

Here is how to use the manual sharpener:

Not everyone wants to use an electric sharpener, there are those who prefer the manual sharpener for a million different reasons.

The beauty of the manual sharpener is that it can easily be carried around, it must not be applied to workbenches, and therefore it is convenient especially if you are in places without electricity, or if you need some "touch up" to flight.

There is a friend of mine, his name is Pasquale, although he is not penniless he always prefers to use manual gadgets, he says he does not trust automatic machines.
And he made his life a Spartan laboratory to continually test his virility.

I understand this choice of life, even if I don't share it fully at times, I said in any case Pasquale prefers to use the manual sharpener even when he has the electric one available (or the times he comes to visit me).

This tool makes it easy to sharpen by hand even those who are completely fasting in this technique.

The beauty of this manual sharpener is that it can both sharpen the teeth of the chain and reduce the depth gauge of the teeth in a single movement. Really very comfortable.

It can be used on all chainsaws for sale in Italy at this time without compatibility problems.

Safety tips

Sometimes we don't pay too much attention when using our chainsaw, we imagine ourselves to be invincible, and nothing will ever happen to us.

Because bad things always happen only to others.

Not so, I experienced a bad accident on my skin a long time ago, and from that moment I started to look after safety a lot more when I work with dangerous tools.

Using a chainsaw is not child's play, in fact it is equipped with a sharp chain that can easily injure us.

When using a chain sharpener it is good practice to wear anti-cut work gloves and protective glasses to prevent the splinters from flying straight into the eyes.

It is also good to always proceed with maximum calm and avoid the chain moving faster than the sharpener.

I recommend using a vise to always keep the saw pointed towards the floor, so as to avoid keeping it next to the body.

The battery MUST ALWAYS be removed and disconnected, to avoid any accidental switching on.

In conclusion

Cutting the wood is a real passion, a pleasure, every time I go to my house in the mountains I love working, getting in touch with nature and cutting by hand.

I don't like packaged things.

I believe that a man should be directly responsible for his own life.

This is why the chainsaw is a tool that has always aroused so much admiration in me, when I saw the woodcutters at work as a child I felt like I was watching good giants capable of throwing down a tree.

It is fantastic how much technology has evolved to the point where it has made such a difficult task so simple.

Chain sharpeners are inseparable companions of our chainsaws, because otherwise they could not work in the optimal way, they would tend to freeze and become very dangerous for the user.

As an adventurous man, I believe that safety in outdoor work is the most important thing.

When I was young I loved taking risks, then one day I had a bad accident, I don't want to be here to tell you now, and from that moment I began to take the factors of dangers to which I exposed myself every time much more seriously.

Your safety is the most important thing, especially when working in a forest, and more when you are a family father.

Thanks to the best electric chain saws for chainsaws my life certainly flows more "smooth" as the chainsaw sinks smoothly into the wood without shaking in my hand, and thus making the wood cutting operation extremely safer and smooth.

Life in the mountains is something that only those who have tried for more than a week can actually understand, there is nothing more satisfying than being in direct contact with nature, far from the din and noise of modern life.

The chainsaw is the weapon of the new revolution.

And the chain sharpener is his worthy ally.

I'm ready to fight, and you?



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