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Want to see the pure happiness explode on a child's face?

Buy one now wooden house and place it in garden or on the terrace.

If you are a parent, you will agree with me on one thing:

These smartphones are destroying the lives of our children.

Bent, curved, hypnotized, isolated, they all look like little zombies to me.

It is something unwatchable, something must be done.

Their attention is now caught by these mobile phones, while the rest of the time is spent on video games on the PC or on television.

There is very little time for socializing with peers, and this is "controlled" by adults, in fact it takes place either at school or in private facilities such as gyms, painting courses, etc.

But do you remember when we were kids?

We used to run around like little savages, we interacted in the street in a casual way, we formed gangs, we were FREE to PLAY LIKE CHILDREN.

Without the suffocating control of digital machines, Google and adults.

The time has come to give back to our children their dreamy dimension of childhood, to make them come back to play outdoors, to make them free to work with their inner world and at the same time socialize with thefresh air that caresses his face.

Want to know which ones are the best producers of children's houses?

Keep reading.

How to mount the wooden house for children?

How to choose a wooden house for children?

The wooden houses for children are very fashionable these days, a year-old trend has come back into vogue, which was dormant but seems to be at the door.

The wooden houses must obviously be mounted outside, in the garden or on the terrace, but there is no need for a lot of space since they are small in size and will mainly accommodate our children standing or sitting on the ground.

Just a bit of lawn, a veranda or a courtyard and you can immediately start playing.

Wood is my favorite material when it comes to children's houses, as it inspires the imagination more, it directly refers to the woods, to a rural world, it's a way to escape from the greyness of the cities.

There are small houses equipped with slides directly, to allow a more playful and interesting variation.

Others have walls for climbing and real stairs.

Best wooden playhouse for children 2019 (Definitive Guide)

All the houses in this guide of mine are weather resistant, made with particular wood, in some cases vulcanized, right to prevent it from rotting. Wood compared to plastic does not give allergies, and wooden objects are known to have another charm, and not only attract even more children who immediately perceive them as objects of "value". πŸ™‚

WICKEY Smart Treetop, a real treehouse for kids

My brother went mad: he bought this Smart Treetop for his home garden.

I do not tell you, the delirium has broken out between the various cousins, and his home has become the destination of all the greatest adventures of the little ones of our extended family.

Wickey's Smart Treetop is the ultimate masterpiece of wooden children's houses. But it's not just that, it's much more.

It is the tree house that EVERYONE dreamed of since we were children, but it is also a mini playground.

Nothing is left to chance, the design seems to come from the best Tim Burton films.

There is a swing, a slide, a climbing wall and a tower with a small house on top. To feel like real Bart Simpsons, sheltered from the dangers of the world of adults.

It's all designed and structured to keep children in complete safety.

However, there is a need for so much space to be able to assemble such a masterpiece, obviously a large terrace is not good, but you need a nice garden with at least 6 square meters to allow children to play in the right space without getting hurt.

It is all made of natural wood impregnated in an autoclave, so before mounting it there is no need to proceed with any type of treatment.

The tower is my favorite part, in fact it has some beautiful grips and a rope to feel like gods real Tarzan.

It is very easy to assemble, just an afternoon and some manual work.

Really beautiful and fabulous.

ALIDA 382 x 257 cm, elegant Scandinavian style

This wooden house reminds me of the most successful Swedish design, it is very beautiful, it communicates serenity and joy.

La Alida was able to make this natural spruce wood house by catching everyone off guard.

Equipped with a beautiful undulating slide, for breathtaking descents in complete safety.

A wall to climb, and a beautiful structure in stilts almost 3 meters high to look at the world from above.

There is also a nice veranda and a very elegant ladder,

It has a capacity of 220kg, so even more children playing different games can play at the same time.

It is always funny to see a child coming down the slide while another is climbing and a child meanwhile poems poetry from the palafitte.

This is also a small playground that will certainly delight the little ones.

Fir wood is not treated and even less painted, but there is a reason for this, in fact in this way it is possible to guarantee its durability and a better resistance to sunlight.

Very easy to assemble this too.

Wiltec, Ecologic Toy House with a Smooth design!

Here is one of my absolute favorite homes, with an original and inimitable design, it looks straight out straight from a cartoon!

Even my children love it, and when I finished assembling it in the backyard they couldn't believe it.

Also this Wiltec is made of fir wood painted red, a beautiful bright red that immediately brings joy.

It is completely ecological because it is made entirely of wood, to avoid even allergies in the most sensitive children.

Perfect for playing and staging real family comedies, my children have a lot of fun and they play there every day, they are practically fond of this little wooden house.

Unlike other more expensive models, however, it is not equipped with accessory games such as slides and swings, let alone a climbing wall, it is a simple house, well designed, and that's fine.

The price is also low compared to more demanding models. It is an inexpensive wooden cottage for children, for those who do not want to spend a fortune but at the same time take home a high quality product destined to last over time and weather.

Highly recommended.

FATMOOSE VanillaVilla, like in American movies

Here is the wooden house that looks just like the iconography typical of American films.

Look at it well in photos and tell me if it's not you.

This is also a pile dwelling and is equipped with accessory games such as climbing, a slide and even a small adjustable swing.

It allows more children to play at the same time and turn it into a fort, the house of a lifeguard, the house by the sea, everything, children's imagination has no limits.

It has a beautiful design as I have already said that it recalls American films, your children will love it.

It mounts easily and the instructions leave nothing to chance.

GartenPro KINDER 220 x 160 cm, a real HOME

Here is a real home for children, as you can easily see from the photo, for those who love the most complex designs, and for children who do not like to leave anything to chance, but live the true experience of adults.

It is painted a beautiful yellow color and also has a nice fence, just the mignon version of a real home.

There is also a funny chimney pot.

It is about two and a half meters wide by two and a half meters, so be careful to calculate the right space on the veranda or in the garden.

Beautiful, nice and highly recommended.

Generic (TOMEK – 174 x 123 x 212H)

Generic wooden garden house (TOMEK - 174 x 123 x 212H)
Generic wooden garden house (TOMEK – 174 x 123 x 212H)

  • The wood of the product was subjected to pressure impregnation which is the most effective method of wood conservation, because it penetrates deeply into the wood and preserves it. Thanks to this it is protected against insect attacks or rot.
  • To maintain the natural color, we recommend using a colorless varnish. You can also paint the house according to your tastes. If you opt for this second choice, we advise you to paint the individual elements before mounting the house in such a way as to ensure a uniform color to all the elements of the structure.

Again a design that seems to come from an American film, this time we are in a natural park in the United States and the house in question looks like a ranger. Let's think about the Yoghi and Bubu cartoon, here.

Very beautiful and natural, it immediately brings to mind the most pristine nature.

The material of which it is composed is pine wood immersed and treated to withstand atmospheric agents.
Treated with vulcanization, which is an interesting process used to make it last as long as pine grids to make plants climb.

And above all it does not rot.

Practically perfect for years and years of play.

It is of excellent quality.

Nordic cottage with Wendi Toys slide, for those with less space

Di Legno Children's home on outdoor platform | Garden...
Di Legno Children's home on outdoor platform | Garden…

  • FEATURES – Size S (80 x 120 x 155 cm) closed type of house on platform (height 60 cm) with perspex window, full door, slide (length 118 cm)
  • OPPORTUNITIES – Gaming houses are designed to improve children's health and their daily routine. The cottage offers perfect opportunities to play outside even in adverse weather conditions. Little house is perfect for activities for children, birthday parties in their garden house. It allows you to enjoy adventures and can also be used as a storage area for toys and accessories

Here is a house with a typically Nordic style, made with excellent materials and finishes, waterproof.

Inside there can easily be two children, not more than two though, maybe it's a bit small if you want to create group game situations.

It is easy to assemble since all the pieces are ready and preassembled, it can be assembled practically alone without any external intervention.

Very beautiful, with a small red slide.

Suitable for those who do not have a lot of space but want to allow their children to have fun and give free rein to their imagination.

FATMOOSE PandaPark Pro XXL children's house

Another beautiful funny house with an irresistible design.

Open to the side, it can for example be used as an imaginary shop in which to make our children interact.

It is very beautiful, I would dare to call it photographic, in fact it has a nonsochΓ© funny and everyone when they see it they immediately want to photograph it, or rather put themselves in and get a selfi (yes, exactly, even adults … πŸ™‚)

Perfect for those who don't have many children and don't have much space.

It is easy to assemble even if it is better to ask someone for help if you do not have particular DIY experience.

How to mount a wooden house for children?

The first time I finished mount the house for my children these have looked at me as if I were God, like I'm a super-hero.

They were super excited.

The wooden houses are easy to assemble, they don't need some kind of bricolage knowledge, but certainly a bit of manual work doesn't hurt.

It is also better to get help from some friend who knows more than us, if we are really denied in this kind of operations, for example I have my friend Dario, a great geek and passionate about DIY that always runs to help when there is to assemble or disassemble things.

The instructions with which these houses are sold most of the time they solve any doubt, and you just need to follow all the steps step by step to get excellent results and become the heroes of our children!

Some houses are then sold in unfinished wood, in this case they must be decorated, but it is better not to carry out the decoration after the assembly, because there is only the risk of compromising the structure and making an aesthetic disaster.

Better then to paint the pieces one by one separately and then proceed to assemble them.

Wooden cottage for children or mini playground?

In the market there are valid alternatives to the wooden house that are more complex in terms of structure but similar in terms of concept.

If your children are more romantic and like to stage real family comedies, it is good to opt for the cottage, you will make them very happy. If instead you have children with more sporting and active tendencies, it will be better to opt directly for a mini playground.

The smaller houses are more suitable also for the smaller courtyards, or for example the terraces.

In addition, the houses are perfect for small children, who in this way absolutely do not risk getting hurt.

They are also excellent as decoration elements, perfect for taking photos and making our children real protagonists of the social action.

There are also more complex house models that have incredible accessories, such as slides, climbing walls, stairs, swings, ropes and platforms of all kinds.

There are also houses that can easily be interfaced with the trees in our garden, in case they are available.

The mini-playground garden games are recommended for older children, who can also play a few seconds without immediately hurting themselves if an adult's vigilance is lacking for some sudden distraction.

In conclusion

Once we used to play on the street, as children going out of the house every time was an adventure, we socialized in tambour, there were lots of friends, there were factions, we even fought, but always with iron rules of honor: never the smallest were beaten and no one kept beating if someone ended up on the ground.

There were certainly more risks, we lived in the wild, but living like this, a bit reckless, made us human beings complete, courageous and capable of taking our responsibilities.

The advent of video games, the internet and isolationist technology in general has reduced everyone, both young and old, to their homes.

While for adults it is more "acceptable" this situation, because it is believed that at a certain age "one becomes an adult", and therefore one must work, occupy one's time concentrating on an activity, see children always immersed on their smartphones, curved, isolated, it is very ugly.

I bought a little wooden house for my children just to let them relive at least a taste of what the REAL OPEN AIR GAME meant for me, and for those of my generation.

The tree house for children is a form of rebellion on the part of us parents of this world that wants to train our children like little lobotomized slaves.

There is nothing more relaxing and reassuring than seeing our children playing in the garden, free and happy, brings to mind scenes from the past, in which the world was less saturated with information, the streets were freer, and it was more smiling.

I'm happy to have grown up in a society where playing outdoors was the norm, now it seems that to allow their children to have fun in the open air, they need to jump through hoops.

Not everyone can afford to live in the open countryside, but mount a nice little house in your garden, that is certainly a small luxury that many can afford.

So if you have a nice terrace, a green space away from the cars, or in any case a space in which to mount the house for your children, you are lucky, because you can allow carefree hours of outdoor fun, especially in summer.

Do you remember the famous tree house of American films?
I've always dreamed it and wanted as a child.

The wooden houses are beautiful, children are taught respect for nature and what it means to live in a place other than cement gray.

The lodges with slide are my favorite, because they add a touch of fantasy to the normal garden shed for children.

Since I decided to enter this world and pull my three little ones behind me, spending hours in the open air is much more pleasant.

I hope that in the future there will be a nice turnaround, and more and more parents will realize what it means to set up an optimal environment for the psycho-physical growth of their children.

I hope this guide on the best garden sheds for children has been helpful, I have written it putting all the passion that distinguishes me.

Until next time,


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