🥇7 Best Burst Mowers? (Prato Precisissimo) –

🥇7 Best Burst Mowers? (Prato Precisissimo) –

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I’m Michele.

I live in Basilicata, and I have a house with a huge garden, which I love to keep perfectly in order.

I’m a perfectionist maniac.

So I’m inevitably an expert on petrol lawn mower.

Lawn mowers are sometimes called mower, however the purpose is to adjust the grass height of your own garden.

A proper lawnmower saves a lot of effort, because just one pass sometimes is enough to have a garden in brilliant shape that rivals the neighbors.

In addition to having a green thumb, you need the right tools to have a big lawn.

And this I’m about to write is the guide to the best petrol mowers currently on the market.

How does the lawn mower work?

The mower has a gasoline-powered electric motor that acts on blades that cut the grass underneath it. Allowing you to adjust the height of the cut, giving shape to our garden according to our needs, and making it more elegant and tidy.

Mulching mowers are the most accurate.

In the case of a motorized or battery-powered lawnmower, an ignition, push-button or ignition mechanism is required by pulling the cord for starting.

What is mulching?

Some petrol mowers are equipped with mulching, but what exactly does this term mean?

Mulching is the technique that allows one to chop the grass finely and then redistribute it on the lawn instead of accumulating it in the basket.

Mulching is preferable when the grass is dry, to prevent it from giving way to the growth of mushrooms once it has been re-deposited on the mantle from which it was cut.

BEST MOWER 2019 (definitive guide):

I now present you with a short list of the best models on the market, indicating both the conditions of use in which they are best expressed, and the price range for market positioning (whether economic, high-end or middle class)

Al-Ko 119613 Classic 5.15, my favorite mower!

🥇7 Best Burst Mowers? (Very Precise Prato)

Very light
Really easy to use

🥇7 Best Burst Mowers? (Very Precise Prato)

Not very big basket

I love this mower, I use it every week to keep my garden in perfect shape.

Extremely light, easy to handle and even silent, it is difficult to see that it is working if you are a few meters away from it.

Perhaps the only flaw is the collection basket, which is not very large and tends to fill up quickly if the grass to be cut is a little high.
It therefore requires to be emptied quite often.

It is equipped with a mulching cut-off cap, which allows the grass to be finely chopped and then distributed again over the lawn, avoiding wasting time of eventual emptying of the basket.

This Al-Ko is a semi-professional lawnmower suitable for lawns up to 1,800 square meters. Among the mowers analyzed it is among the heaviest, weighing about 33 kg. It has important blades that allow you a cutting width of 51 cm, this means being able to chop large quantities of short time.
It allows you to adjust 7 levels of height from 30 to 80 mm which you can adjust based on the growth of the grass. This means that it is very versatile and you can afford to let it grow enough without having to work hard along the way.

It has mulching functionality, you don’t have to waste time emptying the bag of freshly cut grass, but it is done in small fragments to fertilize the soil. This compensates for the small 60litri bag that reaches its maximum capacity in a short time if the grass is high enough.
Only one execution speed is provided, suitable for those who like to work calmly and without running.
It is a self-propelled petrol lawn mower that allows you not to tire yourself even in the case of irregular lawn level.
Medium to high range for medium to high level jobs.

McCulloch – M46-110, a nice inexpensive mower

This Mc Culloch is an inexpensive lawn mower that allows you to manage a 1000 square meter lawn, it is not self-propelled but it is still light and manageable. It is very easy to light, it is very practical to use even for women who do not have much physical strength.

It has a small basket of just 50 liters which is uncomfortable in the case of tall grass having to be emptied several times for fairly large lawns.
It allows you to make clean cuts from 46 cm, little noisy to shave the lawn in full relaxation.
An honest mid-range petrol razor with excellent value for money.

CASTOR FL46LMG HP35, lawn mower and blast and push

This castor is a petrol and petrol mower, it allows you to manage lawns up to 1200 square meters with a cutting width of 46 cm and a height of 27 to 80 mm.
55 liter grass collector is the least expensive economical petrol mower.

GartenXL 16LP-123-S, very light

Petrol lawn mower GartenXL 16LP-123-S 123ccm Lawn mower with ...

Petrol lawn mower GartenXL 16LP-123-S 123ccm Lawn mower with …

  • ENGINE: the GartenXL 16LP-123-S petrol mower is equipped with a carefully selected 3HP engine with a capacity of 123 cc, making it one of the most powerful lawn mowers in its class. With a nominal power of 2.2 kW, the petrol mower’s engine offers significantly better performance than the competition.
  • BODY: the resistant plastic casing makes the mower lighter. Weighing just 19 kg, the petrol mower can easily be maneuvered during mowing.

This garten is the lightest of the petrol mowers, given the weight of only 19 kg thanks to the body that covers the fully plasticized frame. 40 cm heat treated blades do not need to be sharpened.
40 liter collection basket and cutting width of 40 cm blades between 25 and 75 mm adjustable in 7 levels.
Excellent value for money, it is one of the best mid-range mowers.
Unfortunately, he presents the instruction booklet only in German.
It is the cheapest petrol mower.

Grizzly Mod.BRM 4210-20, great price quality

Grizzly Lawnmower Combustion Lawnmower Mod.BRM 4210-20 Engine with ...

Grizzly Lawnmower Combustion Lawnmower Mod.BRM 4210-20 Engine with …

  • Lawnmower with steel frame, thrust, with 99 cc petrol engine. The engine is a 4-stroke engine, therefore it has 2 tanks: 1 for green petrol and 1 for engine oil. Engine equipped with primer for easy starting
  • The cutting height adjustment is centralized through a single lever and allows 5 different positions, from 30 to 75 mm. A simple gesture is enough to effortlessly select the height of the grass cut most suited to us.

This Grizzly is a petrol lawn mower, it has 5 cutting height levels from 25 to 75 mm (easy to adjust) and can cut even the tall grass to a width of 46 cm at a minimum height that allows you to manage even medium lawns – large in a short time.
Excellent value for money, easy to operate, always starts at the first shot.

Alpina BL 460 B, no mulching

This alpina is a push mower, it is light enough to be powered by a petrol engine, weighing 24 kg.
It allows you to manage lawns up to 1200 square meters with cuts of 46 cm and adjustable in height between 27 and 80 mm in 6 levels that allow you to manage even very tall grass.
It is not equipped with mulching functionality, on the other hand it has a rear discharge function that does not oblige you to frequently empty the collection basket (55 liters capacity) in the case of large gardens or tall grass.
Motorized oil included in the shipment.

Al-Ko 119733


Al-Ko 119733 Classic Petrol Mower 4.66 Sp-A, Multicolor

Al-Ko 119733 Classic Petrol Mower 4.66 Sp-A, Multicolor

  • 2INONE function: Cutting with rear discharge and / or collection
  • The practical front handle allows easy lifting of the mower before and after use, XXL Highwheeler wheels with bearings that allow the mower to move easily on the ground

This AL-Ko is a 30kg petrol blaster, it is suitable for lawns up to 1400 square meters with a 46 cm cutting width. It is equipped with rear-wheel drive which allows automatic use even at reduced speed.
It is unable to collect the leaves and goes into automatic shutdown when the 65 liter collection basket is emptied which is still large.

Murray EQ 700X, consumes very little

This Murray is my favorite, let’s see why.
First of all because it has a 60 liter collection basket and mulching function.
It has a cutting width of 51 cm and height adjustable in 6 levels from 28 to 92mm allowing you to better manage even the tallest grass. It is not very noisy and as far as performing it consumes very little gas.
It is self-propelled and despite weighing 37 kg it does not tire you.

Alpina BL 380 E

This alpina is the cheapest mower among all those analyzed in this guide.
It is small in size and very light, weighs less than 10 kg, allows a cut width of only 38 cm and has a 40 liter collection bag.
It is powered by current, so I recommend it only for small to medium-sized gardens, you must pay attention during cutting operations to avoid breaking the cables with the blades.
Struggling to cut tall grass, despite having 3 cutting levels, it is adjustable from 25 to 65 mm.
It is foldable and allows you to store it in a small space once the work is completed and requires little maintenance.

Lawnmower that does not start, what problem can it have?

When the warm weather arrives, the time comes to use the lawn mower to maintain the garden.

The lawn mower that does not start is very common due to prolonged inactivity. If it doesn’t work don’t worry, read on and discover the most common causes and above all how to solve them.


It seems obvious, I know, but if you kept your lawn mower with a minimum amount of petrol, minor problems can arise.

When it is not used for months it is very common for gum deposits to accumulate in the carburetor tank or tank, which obstruct the passage of gasoline in the carburetor.

After only 30 days, gasoline can release rubber
Refueling it with fuel and mixing the old gasoline well with the new one (shaking the tank if necessary) you will be able to clean the filters that prevented it from carburizing.

Additives with specific petrol cleaning functions are also available on the market.


Did you fill up with petrol but the petrol mower still doesn’t light up? The time has come to check the candle.

I am assuming that the spark plug should be checked and / or replaced every season, after 25 hours (maximum 50) of use when the engine does not want to ignite.

In the event of failure, first of all you have to disassemble it, test the spark and the compression.

To carry out a good maintenance some steps are necessary that I am going to list and analyze in a very simple way:

• Prima di tutto devi staccare il cavo della candela.  A questo punto devi pulire tutta la zona dove è montata per evitare di contaminare la camera di combustione quando smonti la candela.

• Armati di una chiave per candele e smontala per poi pulirla di tutte le sporcizie. Non utilizzare assolutamente la carta vetrata, può rovinarla, ma utilizza solamente una spazzola di metallo, benzina per pulirla dall’olio o al limite uno spray apposito.

If the engine is dirty with petrol, it is flooded.

• In caso siano presenti delle incrostazioni, la porcellana è danneggiata o gli elettrodi sono bruciati è necessario sostituire la candela.

• Rimonta la candela e controlla che sia a distanza corretta. La distanza varia da un modello all’altro. Fai attenzione a non senza stringerla troppo, massimo 15 piedi per libbra, ed infine riattacca riattacca il cavo.

If, unfortunately, it happens that despite all these passages the engine shuts off immediately after switching on, it means that the problem is not the spark plug but is located elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, the engine does not start at all you have to fit a new spark plug and if you cannot solve the problem you have to have the ignition system checked.

Air filter

Don’t underestimate, always check the air filter well. It must always be perfect, and you have to replace it when it starts to deteriorate.

To clean it, simply use a low-power compressor.
If you notice that it starts to have defects (worn wires or rusty knobs) I suggest you replace it as soon as possible to prevent dust or other debris from damaging and / or causing engine problems.

Always check that the throttle cable reaches the bottom to allow the lever to perform its duty, open a channel and let the air pass.


Let’s now turn to oil control.
With the engine stopped, check that there is the right amount of oil, remove the meter and check its capacity.

In case the old oil is dirty, it has a dense and dark color, it is time to change it; I advise you to do it even if the mower is stopped from all winter.

The oil when it gets dirty no longer lubricates as it should and in the long run reduces the useful life of the engine.

I remind you that oil is a special waste, you have to dispose of it in a specialized eco-center to avoid polluting the environment.

Why does my lawn mower go out?

After analyzing the causes of the non-functioning of the grass cutter, let’s see together why the lawn mower turns off.

Usually these are small maintenance problems that can be easily solved, read on and find out what they are.

• Filtro sporco: se il filtro è in carta dopo aver smontato il coperchio del filtro con un cacciavite, pulisci il filtro dall’interno verso l’esterno.

Also remember to plug the hole where the filter works (suction) and clean it from dust. Now you can reassemble everything.

The sponge filter instead I advise you to replace it every time.

Only for temporary necessities, buy it anyway when you finish shaving while you are working, you can wash it with water and liquid soap, wet it with a little oil, mix it and reassemble it.

• Carburazione errata: Miscela troppo grassa (quantità eccessiva di olio) o troppo magra. 

• Finita la benzina: se il tosaerba a scoppio rimane a secco, come l’automobile, senza benzina l’auto non cammina; quando il serbatoio è sprovvisto di carburante il motore non può essere alimentato e si spegne.

Consider also that refueling the tank with old petrol (releases residues) and in the long run obstructs the fuel system. Old gas has a much stronger odor than a newly bought one.

Also check the petrol tap, if defective it passes too little gasoline and does not allow the mower to keep the engine at idle.

In the instruction manual you will also find information on the type of petrol to be used.

• Candela: verifica sempre che sia ben collegata, ogni candela presenta una distanza dell’elettrodo specifica e se non viene rispettata il tosaerba o non si accende o non tiene il minimo.

Remember also that the spark plug must always be kept clean, when it gets dirty it does not produce spark to ignite the engine.

Finally, consider also replacing it every season or whenever exceeding the 25 hours of lawn or garden shaving.

If you do not have experience and do not know where to put your hands I strongly recommend that you contact an expert to avoid causing further problems.

How to turn on the mower?

Turning on the mower with a petrol engine is very simple, it will take you less time to do it than me to describe it.

First of all

  1. you need to make sure the tank has enough fuel,
  2. at this point you have to open the faucet and put the fuel in circulation by squeezing the pump or operating the special lever.
  3. Now press the clutch and keep the gas open, you can finally start by pulling the cord.

To ensure that it can always be used easily, turn off the tap 1-2 minutes and empty the carburetor to complete the cut; doing so even when you leave the mower at rest then at the next ignition it will start immediately.

How to clean the lawn mower?

Cleaning is a very important aspect to safeguard operation and extend the useful life of the petrol lawn mower.

As a result of coming into contact with mounds of earth and residues of lawn mowing, the metal rusts and the motor is damaged, for this reason the cleaning factor is fundamental.

Do you want to clean the lawn mower but don’t know how to do it? Read on and you’ll find out.

At the end of each shave it is good practice to remove the grass residues from the blades to prevent the wires from drying out and then becoming complicated to remove.

Always remember to respect the safety measures: disconnect the spark plug before starting to avoid starting the engine and starting cutting blades during the procedure.

It is good practice to use special gloves to remove stones and earth from the machine and make sure that there is no leakage of petrol or oil.

When cleaning the air filters, avoid using chemicals to avoid damaging the filter. It is in fact sufficient to remove it, gently beat it and finish cleaning with a simple, strictly dry cloth. In case the dirt turns out to be boring, and the standard cleaning is insufficient I suggest you replace it.

You must also absolutely avoid that the filters absorb the oil, for this reason you have to pay close attention to the cleaning of the body. Armed with detergent and a dry cloth. Once the procedure is complete, insert the filter back in place.

Cleaning the carburetor is slightly more complex. A dirty carburetor causes the mower to turn off suddenly and / or prevents it from starting.

For effective cleaning I advise you to empty the tank of all the petrol, remove and clean the connections between the carburetor and the tank (and if necessary replace them).

At this point you can disassemble the carburetor, depending on the model the technique changes, always follow the instructions in the booklet.

Check the gaskets, clean them and if they are too dirty, replace them.

Pour a spray product into the carburetor that is suitable for cleaning, or use petrol to remove stain using a cloth to remove greasy dirt.

For the nozzles instead it uses a spray with compressed air due to the impossibility of using petrol and for a fouling a very thin wire.
Once the procedure has been completed, refit the carburetor following the instruction booklet.

How much oil goes into the lawn mower?

There is only one answer to this question: DEPENDS. The amount of oil to be poured into the sump varies from each petrol mower model, one thing is certain: THE LEVEL MUST NEVER LEAVE UNDER THE MINIMUM. Now you’re wondering how much is the minimum?

The answer is intuitive: each mower has a rod that allows you to monitor the oil level.
Usually the level is between 500 and 600 grams.

Usually in the auction there are signs of recognition (check which ones are in the instruction booklet) that help you and not a little to understand how much oil goes into the lawn mower.
Always check the oil before turning on the mower, if it should remain without you could melt the engine. Why risk it?

When changing the oil remember first of all to turn on the mower for a few minutes to make the oil more liquid and to facilitate replacement.

Once the engine is switched off, simply use a plastic container to store used oil, a funnel, the engine oil to be poured into the sump and a piece of paper to clean the shaft.

Alternatively, you can use a professional extractor.
It allows you to suck the oil without tipping the mower, without risking getting dirty, to better conserve the used oil to bring to the ecocenter for disposal.

Which oil should be used for the lawn mower?

The oil has the function of lubricating the engine, preventing seizures and giving it thermal stability.

Using quality oil extends the useful life of the engine, making you spend less money on extraordinary maintenance and giving you much less operating problems when you go to mow the lawn or the garden.

First of all I have to introduce you the concept of viscosity (dynamic or kinematic) is the main characteristic that differentiates each lubricating oil.
Viscosity indicates how the oil molecules run and the resistance of the lubricated objects to friction.

The viscosity index establishes how the viscosity changes as the temperature changes.
An oil with a high index is not very sensitive to climate change.
The Society of Automotive Engineers has classified the oils both on the basis of viscosity and on the basis of the temperature of use.

The viscosity should be supplemented with the performance of the oil determined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Association des constructeurs européens d’automobile (ACEA); the approvals of the producers depend on them.
In the classification there are two numbers for all the « multigrade oils », the first represents the winter value and is followed by the « W » (winter in English), the second by the summer value.

Instead there is only one for the monograde oils.
Let’s see a small usage classification:

  • SAE 30 oil when the temperature exceeds 5 ° C.
  • SAE 10W-30 oil if the temperature varies between -18 and 38 ° C. On the one hand, it is excellent for turning on the mower in very cold weather, but it has a rapid consumption at temperatures of 27 ° C.
  • SAE 5W-30 oil for temperatures between -30 and 40 ° C, usable in all weather conditions.
  • SAE 5W-30 oil in case of very cold temperature always below 5 ° C.

Check on the instruction booklet which oil should be used for your lawnmower.
Currently synthetic oils are very fashionable because they are valid for all temperatures without altering the frequency of oil changes

How much does a lawnmower weigh?

Depending on the type, the weight of the mower changes depending on the type of thrust, electric manual or combustion.
It depends on the components, the more they perform and the more resistant the weight increases. For example, the steel body guarantees maximum protection of the frame and the engine, but this leads to an increase in weight.
The manual ones are the lightest but most tiring, suitable only for small lawns. The electric ones, having a battery, are still light but should be used connected to the socket. These types of mowers are safely within 10kg.
The petrol mowers, on the other hand, need more protection given the importance and power of the engine, in addition to the various functions, they start at 15kg and can exceed 30kg, in this case I advise you to evaluate the presence of the traction system.


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