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Looking for a garden log holder?

I have a cottage in the country.

I love simple things.

To keep the house warm in winter I have a nice one fireplace it's a stove.

Obviously these are fueled by wood, and therefore need a good supply of wood near my home.

I love having a woodshed outside in the garden where I can store and store the wood I use for my stove.

Obviously if you too are a happy owner and user of a wood-burning oven or a traditional fireplace you know very well what I mean.

A nice wood shed allows you to have all the wood in order, to avoid terrible invasions of small animals that could find nest in our reserves.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing all wood piled up, he has something of Zen, inspires calm, and relaxes me.

Looking for a nice one manual log splitter?

On the market it is possible to find outdoor woodsheds made of wood, metal or resin, open and without walls or completely closed, like a wardrobe, the choice refers more than anything to the environment in which to place them. We often tend to look for an outdoor woodshed from Ikea, but it is good to keep in mind that this brand does not produce this kind of item, which can be found in online stores in the field of accessories and garden furniture.

The variety of models and materials for garden sheds allows to satisfy every aesthetic requirement, but also of budget.

Best outdoor shed 2019

La Marguerite Legnaia from Outdoor

Wood Outdoor Woodshed for Garden - Treated Spruce Wood ...
Wood Outdoor Woodshed for Garden – Treated Spruce Wood …

  • Already treated to withstand the outside (already waterproofed wood), from the roof to the structure. Roof with bituminous sheath waterproofed against the rain.
  • Able to contain up to 10 ql of wood (indicative measure, it also depends on the way the wood is cut).

This beautiful La Pratolina outdoor woodshed is beautiful, it has a design that immediately leaves you with bated breath and draws attention, even without the wood inside.

The instructions may leave the time they find a little, in fact they are not written in the best way, but this wood holder is so easy to assemble that you really won't need it.

However, it must be taken into account when assembling that the uprights have different lengths with one another.

It has a capacity of about 8 quintals of wood, therefore average.

The roof is not very sloping, and the woodshed itself is not excessively raised from the ground, this factor can be daunting for some buyers, and I invite you to take this aspect into consideration before proceeding with the purchase.

It is however very easy to raise it by means of boards to be appropriately placed underneath.

It has an excellent treatment against all atmospheric agents, which makes it practically "bomb-proof".

Packed very well.

Perhaps a negative aspect is that the holes of the fixing screws are a bit tight and to mount it you will need a few light hammer blows, nothing in any case not solvable with a little ingenuity.

At this price, however, there is not much better.

Perfect for those who have a passion for DIY.

There is a lot of sheath for the roof that can be used if desired also for the back and the front.

It is an excellent idea to always provide a cover also for the vertical walls of the woodshed, since it can happen that it rains a little aggressively and the wood goes to get wet.

Easy to assemble in two.

It can also contain bags of pellets.

Wolfcraft 5122000, minimal and ultra-capacious

Here is the beautiful Wolfcraft, honestly it's one of my favorite woodshed, and the reason is simple, just look at the design first.

It is extremely minimal indeed, but it absolutely does its duty.

It can accommodate logs of sizes from 25 to 50 cm can be loaded up to 1.0 meters in height and 2.34 meters in width.

The maximum that can accommodate is 1.17 mΒ³ of wood.

Then there are 4 plastic feet to keep the wood from touching the ground.

Mounting in this case is child's play, not like other much more challenging models.

However, it cannot be mounted under a certain length, so I advise you to check the dimensions on the site where you decide to buy.

Very large, it is assembled in five minutes, it has many holes to be able to mount it shorter or longer depending on your desire.

A product for those who love minimalism and want something that is both powerful and resistant.

Blinky 7969818

This Blinky can hold more than 5 quintals of wood, it is complete with mounting screws so you don't have to fret and you can immediately proceed to assemble it once it arrives at home.

The price is highly competitive, for those who want to take home an interesting product in no uncertain terms.

Dobar 29097 FSC

Dobar 29097 FSC - Wood log shelf for interiors ...
Dobar 29097 FSC – Wood log shelf for interiors …

  • Massa – Firewood stand: 39 x 39 x 85 cm, total weight about 5 kg – Wood – Outdoor shelving in the garden or balcony, firewood also suitable for indoor Indoor (apartment: living room or cellar)
  • Design: total 39 cm deep, rectangular wood decorative trellis-effect shelf, to allow air circulation and dry firewood in the porcelain wood shelf can

This Dobar 29097 FSC is a bit if we want the flagship of this guide of mine, it is in fact a valid woodshed with a highly competitive price.

I really like it because it has an interesting design and is decidedly large for its price range.

To be taken into consideration if one intends to be serious.

Bentley Garden, good value for money

This Bentley Garden woodshed is a beautiful product, unfortunately not very easy to assemble.

As soon as the package is opened, the first thing you notice is the relative fragility of the pieces to be assembled.

However, it should be emphasized that once mounted it looks very stiff and robust.

The design satisfies the view, and is an excellent complement to a beautiful garden.

Perfect for those looking for something with an attractive design and good quality, but without thinking of having to lighten the wallet.

The value for money is extremely interesting, unfortunately it does not arrive pre-assembled so it will take a little patience to fix it.

Another positive factor is that it does not require maintenance.

Festnight Capanno Deposito, indoor

Festnight Shed Storage for Timber / Firewood in Wood ...
Festnight Shed Storage for Timber / Firewood in Wood …

  • This firewood storage is an efficient solution for storing large quantities of logs.
  • This deposit for firewood is made of high quality pressure impregnated pine wood, which makes it very robust, durable and resistant to mold.

The Festnight proposes this beautiful wood storage shed, very easy to assemble, even if not exhilarating as an object in itself.

Recommended for those looking for something bigger.

The structure is perhaps a little weak, and requires some precautions not indicated on the manual to be pulled up.

However, nothing that cannot be solved with a bit of imagination and dexterity.

The weak point of this woodshed is that it must be used indoors.

For the rest, all in all it is a good product.

Quick-Star – Metal Shelving for Wood

Here is a beautiful metal shelving for wood, for those who want something more and are not satisfied with simple woodsheds but want a complex structure that can be used to host their own wood for the winter.

Evergreen Woodshed

The Evergreen woodshed could not be missing in my guide.

It's great.

It is easily assembled, some may want to extend the roof a little to have more protection during heavy rain days.

We are well aware of how harmful it is to wet wood, given that humidity greatly affects the heating power and consequently our households.

It is better to assemble it in two, since it is of considerable size and can seem like a titanic undertaking for only one.

It is taller than two meters and is definitely heavy indeed.

It can also be used for other purposes, for example as a scooter or bicycle container.

Keter Baule Sherwood Brown 270 Lt, beautiful design

Here is a nice trunk that always has a certain effect on its guests.

I personally keep it on the balcony to keep the necessaire inside for the care of my plants.

Unfortunately it is not built in super-resistant material, in fact it is plastic for exteriors, but if you do not have very special requirements it will be fine.

In fact, this Keter trunk can hold up to 270 kg of material inside.

Certainly it is not really a log holder but it can help as a container for materials of different origin and tools.

Outdoor firewood holder

The outdoor firewood holder is an essential accessory if you intend to be serious and keep your wood protected from the weather.

For example, I love keeping the wood logs cool and then I will have to dedicate to heating my winter home.

It is not certain, however, that to have a firewood holder you must have a huge outdoor space, absolutely, my cousin in fact has a very simple veranda, with small dimensions, and is a happy holder of a wood basket.

It is good when you are buying an outdoor firewood holder to prepare the space that it will cover by leaving a wall to lie on, so as to ensure maximum stability and security to the structure.

The wood that we want to use inside the fireplace cannot develop humidity, otherwise we run the risk of making it lose its effectiveness, a dry and well-kept wood heats up much better, there is no doubt, and we save several euros in the long run.

It is good in some cases to provide for the construction of a roof in corrugated sheet or in specially waterproofed wood, especially if you live in particularly rainy contexts.

The purchase of a firewood holder cannot be left to chance, it is clear, it is too easy sometimes to be superficial and to believe that you have made a great deal by bringing home an object which you then regret at the first intemperia, it happened to me, I know what I'm talking about.

The Chinese firewood holders are the worst, crumble like papier-mache in the first rain, leaving wood practically naked under the water … a tragedy.

The roofs of the wood holders are protected by a tarred or bituminous sheath.

Some of my friends have used woodsheds for interiors, they can opt for this choice because they have much less firewood, they live their winter home as a de-censure.

The indoor woodsheds are also suitable for those who live in practically harsh winter climates in which wood cannot actually be left outdoors.

The prefabricated woodsheds are the best, because they do not have the inconvenience of assembly, the structure is beautiful that ready, and you don't have to worry about anything else other than placing it outside.

One of the most worrying factors for future woodshed owners is to have to use special special tools to correctly assemble the new woodshed that you will take home with you. This does not happen with prefabricated woodsheds.

The DIY woodshed is the alternative for the most ingenious, for men who never have to ask and love to try their hand at big companies.

Unfortunately I have neither the manual skills nor the knowledge to build myself a woodshed, so I had to choose a nice prefab and install it on the fly in my backyard.

The most difficult part when dealing with the construction of a do-it-yourself woodshed is the waterproofing of the materials, which must be treated with impregnating solutions that ensure that they resist moisture well.

For those who do not want to opt for wood, there are beautiful alternatives in iron or metal, not very recommended, however, for the aesthetic factor, they are certainly less beautiful, especially if you want to equip your home with that classic rustic style that today is so much about fashion.

The best garden sheds are first and foremost beautiful to look at, they give a tone of joy and "order" to our house, that's why I fell in love with it immediately and over time I developed a real affection that flows at times into fetishism.

The garden fireboxes are assembled most often in fir wood, subjected to a special waterproofing treatment to guarantee total resistance in case of heavy humidity. The floor is then always lifted from the ground, to prevent the water from penetrating from below, the side walls then complete the work.

For those with special needs, it is good to focus on a beautiful modular garden shed, which allows you to grow and shrink depending on your needs, it is the solution that my friend Giacomo chose, retired to the mountains after a good career as an INPS employee, and now he is very happy, he has made a kind of common with other retired friends, and they have set up a beautiful modular woodshed which is certainly a pretty sight.

Firewood holder for fireplaces

The log fire for fireplaces is certainly an indispensable tool for all those who are equipped with a fireplace that must constantly refuel with wood, in fact it is no joke in winter when the temperatures are particularly rigid and there is need to "feed" the our fireplace continuously to make our house warm.

However, not everyone is close to a wood bank, many prefer to always have a stock at home to never be without wood.

In conclusion

The world of firewood is undoubtedly very fascinating and deserves not to be taken legally, sometimes when we find ourselves having to deal with garden accessories we tend to take them lightly, because we believe that things destined to be outside our house must necessarily be neglected, destined for ruin, humidity, cold.

But it is not so, we Italians love the "indoor" part of our homes, but I believe we will have to learn to copy the "outdoor" aspect from the Scandinavian people and take care of our garden.

A beautiful garden shed is first and foremost synonymous with a master of the house who is attentive to style and elegance, it is like a business card that can leave his friends stunned, and make them immediately understand who is in charge nearby.

I hope this guide of mine on the best outdoor firewood holders has been helpful, and I refer you to the next.



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