🥇 5 Best Aquariums for Water Turtles (Beautiful) –

🥇 5 Best Aquariums for Water Turtles (Beautiful) –

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The turtle aquarium is practically the undisputed protagonist of the entire furniture at home.

It is suggestive, fascinating, hypnotic.

My guests love to spend hours and hours admiring my beautiful turtles.


How to set up a turtle aquarium? What is needed?

It might seem like child's play, but actually setting up a turtle tank is a pretty serious matter.

You don't necessarily have to be a specialist in the field but surely you will have to use some special tricks if you want these special and nice living beings to spend their days happily.

First of all, the first thing you need to choose well is the glass tank (the plastic ones are not hygienic and are usually so small that they can only stress the animal). Instead, it takes a fish aquarium that has a rather thick glass, to prevent the amount of water needed by the turtles, with its pressure, to be split.

Yes, because of water for these aquatic creatures, it really takes a lot: at least 15-25 liters for every cm of turtle (you must already consider the average size that will reach in adulthood otherwise after a while you will have to replace it).

The tank must be deeper than long, so that the turtles can swim "in the depths" without the problem of not being able to turn around once turned upside down.

You also have to think about lighting and heating, just like in a real apartment. For the lights there are special neon lights that can reproduce almost the effect of the sun. Turtles love the heat but be careful not to "roast" them! A temperature between 27 and 29 degrees would be ideal. Secure the neon lights safely and maybe separated by a protective cover because sometimes the heat could make them explode and it would be damaging if they did it on these helpless little animals. If you add a timer you can simulate the alternation day night.

To stabilize the water degrees, if you are not in front of a species that lives well at room temperature, you need to provide a heater. This is placed inside the aquarium, in immersion, placed on the glass with a plastic suction cup.

Don't forget to buy the most important part: the filter. Without this you will find yourself dealing with a foul-smelling and slimy swamp. Turtles dirty much more than fish and I challenge you to have to empty such a heavy tank every two days by hand. A medium-sized external filter, although expensive, will be an investment that you will not regret and will extremely reduce the time and effort required for aquarium maintenance. There are also cheaper filters to be placed inside but in this case you will have to change all the water more often.

If you have thought of all these things, now you just have to prepare the "home" for your new friends. It will take a suitable backdrop (sand or gravel) and a non-submerged area must be created on which the turtles can go and take their siesta. This space must be easily accessible from the water and free of obstacles. They are the famous little islands that can be bought in any pet store.

Now all that remains is the final finishing touch: to embellish the habitat. There are many small complementary objects such as leaflets of water, shells, rocks. All little funny details to make your "Tartaland" more pleasant, but also to make the turtles feel more protected.

I recommend, however, not to choose sharp objects, which would become extremely dangerous, or caves in which these tortoises could get stuck and no longer be able to get out.

Does this sound like a huge job If you have taken note of the above everything will become much simpler than you may believe.

And remember: making and maintaining an aquarium will not only make you contribute in your own small way to guarantee the continuation of this species, but it will also work as a pet therapy, because caring for an animal helps you feel better, feel better and get rid of anxiety. Doing it in an aquatic environment also transmits calm and serenity, lowers the level of heart rate and blood sugar level, bringing well-being and peace.

How much water do you need for the aquarium for turtles?

The water turtle is a freshwater creature that needs special attention to live well.

Do you have water turtles in your home and you wonder how much water you need in the aquarium? If you want to know how to organize yourself to decide how much water to put in your aquarium, read our guide.

When you have an aquatic animal, such as a water turtle, the quantity and quality of water you use are fundamental.

The maintenance of its natural habitat depends on these.
The turtle must swim freely and move inside its aquarium so it is important that the amount poured is sufficient and that the quality used for the aquarium is distilled water.

Regardless of the size of the aquarium, the animal usually needs 15 or 20 cm of water.
This is the much needed to allow him to swim freely. If you want to make sure you have spilled the right amount of water, you can help yourself with a ruler.

Another trick you can take is to check that the water poured into the tank is as deep as 3/4 of the length of the turtle. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible to guarantee its safety in the event that it is turned upside down by mistake.

How to keep the aquarium clean for water turtles?

Have you just adopted a water turtle or are you thinking of adopting one and do you want advice on how to keep them in excellent condition?
Surely then the first question that comes to your mind is how you can clean and keep your turtle aquarium clean.
Find out what the secrets of impeccable cleaning of the aquarium are by reading our guide.

How to clean the turtle aquarium

  1. The first step in cleaning the aquarium is to remove the turtle so that it does not interfere with cleaning operations. You can temporarily put it in another aquarium or in a bowl.
  2. Remove the filters and heating appliances.
  3. Remove the dirty water in the aquarium so that any residue disappears.
  4. Fill the turtle tank with hot water and a little white wine vinegar (250 ml per 20 l of water). It is better to avoid chemical detergents, which are more difficult to eliminate from water.
  5. Clean the sides of the tank with a sponge and rinse the filter and the other elements present in the aquarium, such as rocks, other decorative elements and the substrate.
  6. Rinse the tank at least twice so that there are no residual odors.
  7. The seventh and last step is to pour the water into the tank, adding a good conditioner to eliminate traces of chlorine.
    At this point, all you have to do is recreate the habitat of your water turtle and put it back inside.

Cleaning large aquariums

If your turtle's aquarium is very large you need to use some accessories. The best choice, in this case, is the filter pump, a device that used at least once a week helps clean the aquarium from top to bottom.
Cleaning differences based on the period of the year.
In winter when the turtles go into hibernation you can repeat the cleaning operation every 10-15 days.
In spring and summer the turtles are awake and dirty more. Then, it is advisable at least to perform the cleaning once a week. Depending on the specific situation, you can evaluate whether to make cleaning more assiduous.

General recommendations on the aquarium

Today there is greater awareness and great attention in creating suitable habitats for sizes that over time exceed expectations, illuminated to give the turtle the right amount of light even in order to skeletonize and strengthen the carapace.
All in terracquari equipped with every care in respect of an animal that has greater needs than those granted in the past.

We no longer speak of an animal almost always won at village festivals, put in a small tank and released into waterways when dimensions became important, a practice prohibited by law to prevent alien animals from compromising the balance of ecosystems autochthonous.Therefore the modern terracquarium is a real habitat and the enthusiasts of the sector, on the many forums of portals dedicated to this sympathetic chelonid (scientific name that groups all the families and species of turtles and turtles), forums in which they discuss and exchange advice on nutrition, reproduction, optimization of living spaces in the terrariums, cleaning of the same case and of the tools contained therein.

Let's talk about how to clean the aquarium for water turtles and if this guide tickles your interest, because you too, like me, love this water slide, follow me in the next few lines because I can teach you, in my small way, something fruit of my experience over time, gained above all on dedicated and specific portals and on my personal experiences.

Speaking of cleaning the aquarium I can not stop as an introduction to the causes derived from poor maintenance even hygienic tank.A dirty aquarium will be viral for diseases that will be transmitted to the turtles and the carapace first is an obvious sign. A dirty carapace, mucilaginous like the water itself, it is a symptom of neglect and little love for the animal, a situation that can turn up until the death of the turtles. But I know that you don't want this to happen, so be prepared to follow my easy cleaning instructions aquarium for water turtles.

The ultimate goal of cleaning is to eliminate and minimize the presence of algae and of bacterial and viral load. All of this will be revealed with the optimal health of the reptiles, a scruple that you will have to have to grant them a long serene and ethically sustainable life .Non forget that we all pet lovers have an ethical responsibility towards them, so we proceed with the cleaning operations.

How to clean the aquarium for water turtles

Before starting with cleaning, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse with plenty of water. You will have to take the turtles, or the turtle if the animal is solitary, and place it in a temporary tank but do not forget your hygiene first because by coming into contact with the carapace, you could transmit annoying dermatitis, a rare but possible case.

Secondly, after moving the reptiles into the temporary tank (a large plastic container like a basin or an inexpensive aquarium that will always be ready as a reserve or for this type of situation is fine), proceed with the introduction of water into the temporary tank, gently, without frightening the animal, an operation that you can perform even before collecting water turtles.

If your terracquarium has filters, ladders and islands, that is any accessory that can be removed from the tub, remove it to have the maximum space available and clean the entire surface.

Now completely empty the tank of dirty water by helping yourself with a ladle or, if you have sufficient strength, emptying it directly into the kitchen or bathroom drain. In specialized shops you can possibly get a suction pump, a practical accessory that is well suited for this operation and for a negligible cost.

Now fill the tub with hot water up to 50% of the total capacity and pour in the dose of about 240/260 milliliters, distilled white vinegar, thus avoiding chemicals that could leave the animal unwanted. In case of excessive dirt you can use odorless bleach in the parts recommended for cleaning also human by the manufacturer. The actual cleaning will be done with a non-abrasive sponge: even in situations of excessive dirt, use a soft sponge to avoid damaging the glass surface.

Now carefully clean the filter and all the accessories and rinse it all with plenty of water: no odors of bleach or vinegar should remain, in case even small olfactory traces remain, empty the tank and proceed with a new cleaning without products for the purpose single to rinse the aquarium.
Cleaning is now complete; the last operations will be to fill the tank with clean water, clean and arrange all the accessories, pour in the dilutions provided an air conditioner that completely eliminates the chlorine, put the turtles back in their environment now ideal to live peacefully and in full health.

Best aquarium Water Turtles (FINAL GUIDE)

Zolux bathtub, my favorite

Zolux - Turtle water turtle, 50 cm
Zolux – Turtle water turtle, 50 cm

  • The Aquaterrarium 50 is a simple, effective and aesthetic habitat suitable for aquatic turtles or ideal for two turtles up to 5 cm.
  • Grid with a locking system: positioned on the upper part of the turtle tank, the grid is a safety both for the risk of escape and for external intrusions (cats, children …) or falling objects.

Following the decision to buy a sea turtle, my husband and I have carried out various researches so that we could choose an aquarium suitable to satisfy every kind of need, as turtles are species of animals that need to live in an environment similar to their habitat natural, 85% of diseases are caused by this alteration. By doing repeated research, we discovered that the aquarium market is vast, Zolux has been identified among the top 5 on the market.

We bought it about a year and a half ago at the birthday party of our child who loves animals. Initially we were not very convinced but when we read the characteristics of this aquaterrarium we were impressed and we immediately decided to buy it, satisfying our son's request.

I must admit that I was very satisfied, in my opinion it is a very functional and effective model, convenient for those who do not have much space available to take a bath or a pond.

Our desire was to keep the turtle at home without leaving it in the garage alone, it would have made no sense and it would have been unfair to both the pet and our child, for this reason we needed a container that was not overly large in how much, not having much space with my very lively children, it was not possible, fortunately also from this point of view I was lucky I found some measures that are neither too small for the turtle that needs to explore, nor too much large to cause discomfort in the available environment.

So we can say that, the advantages of this aquarium are multiple, on the upper part of the terrarium it has a grid with a locking system that acts as a safety device both for the risk of animal escape (turtles are perfect climbers) and for both external intrusions, moreover it is composed of 4 locking angles that are used to prevent any involuntary removal, having children these are fundamental elements.

In addition to a correct and healthy diet for the health and growth of the turtle it is essential for the prevention of many diseases, keeping the water always clean, at a suitable temperature so as to allow the immune system to react to possible virus attacks and bacteria, about this, the Zolux aquarium has a powerful, adjustable and congenial internal filter thanks to which I can save liters of water.

Not having much time available, with this filter I can stay calm so that the turtles live in a clean environment, which does not give off unpleasant odors, changing it every 15 days, even if they are animals that produce a lot of waste, for example, have the tendency to take the food and bring it into the water to eat it, also thanks to this system, the turtles do not suffer the stress of always returning to sudden changes of water.

However, the glass structure is very resistant, in fact I can wash and disinfect it very easily unlike a plastic container that would get dirty easily.
Finally, the aquarium has a platform maintained by a powerful suction cup through which we can satisfy the need to let the turtles out of the water especially in the summer without much difficulty. The purchase of a turtle, in my opinion must be accompanied by awareness that we need to dedicate time to cleaning the tank, feeding the food, pampering.

These are animals that live for decades, extremely delicate and if they are cared for well they also live for over thirty years.

In short, the main elements for a turtle are the water in which they can stay submerged for a long time, absorbing their oxygen, the essential sun for their body temperature and for the formation of the carapace the earth, but above all the aquarium that will become their home.

If you decide to adopt one of these specimens it is important to know their characteristics and to guarantee them optimal living conditions. I will recommend the purchase of this product to anyone who wants to take care of this species of animals, it is also an excellent starting point for making a gift original, as we did for our child who by now never leaves this fantastic turtle farm. We could not have made a better purchase, excellent value for money.

Vasca Nayeco, TO10006, my ideal solution

Choosing the Nayeco TO10006 turtle tank has been a winning idea for me because of its features:
• functionality
• practicality
• appearance and sympathy
• value for money

I bought the turtle tank Nayeco TO10006 from a year and I find it simply perfect. It is extremely functional and has an unbeatable value for money. It is made with quality plastic materials, which guarantee lightness and performance over time. And even my turtles seem really excited about it!

It has compact dimensions (size 45x23x34cm) but it was immediately very comfortable for Lollo and Iceberg, my small turtles that adore the rise and slide. Depending on their mood they can move, stand on or under the plastic platform, have a shelter even for periods of hibernation. In fine weather they often go up and down the short inclined ramp, in search of water and the shady areas created by the platform or of the rays of sun coming from the window. The transparent cover of the aquarium for turtles Nayeco allows the vision from the outside and from the inside, leaving the possibility to understand with a glance the health and the mood of our friends.

It also allows them a greater perception of what happens in the environment that surrounds them. The practical cover guarantees turtles greater protection. In my house this transparent barrier protects them both from our cat Wisky's little jokes, and from the not really cautious games of my 5 and 7 year old children, who love Lollo and Iceberg but don't give up throwing their sponge ball or chasing each other around the house.

A large metal grid placed on the roof of the roof completes the upper part of the Nayeco TO10006, creating easy access from above useful for air circulation. The grill can be opened to feed our animal friends and perform small daily interventions. As needed, the entire top lid lifts easily. The turtle tank itself, or the lower part of our Nayeco TO10006, is cheerfully transparent yellow.

The transparency of the colored part also helps to see immediately where Lollo and Iceberg are, what they do and how they are. The yellow color of our Nayeco my husband and I have made the boys choose it, because it is possible to have your own aquarium also in light blue, pink or see.

In fact, in addition to making the little ones happy, being able to have 4 color variants can help make the aquarium more suitable for the context in which it is located and for furnishing the room where it is placed. The raised platform inside is included in the price of the Nayeco TO10006 and resembles an islet, decorated with nice little plastic palms.

It has the same color as the tub but it is in opaque plastic, to guarantee however some privacy to our friends with the shell and a quiet hiding place for periods of inactivity and rest. The cover, the lightness and the good plastic material with which it is Once the Nayeco TO10006 is made, it is easy to clean, as the whole case is easily disassembled and remounted, is easily handled and not particularly fragile.

Every time I empty and wash my turtle tank I appreciate the absence of sharp corners, which allows for fast and deep hygiene with a few easy gestures. Finally, we must not forget that Nayeco TO10006 is a turtle tank ideal for the transport, to bring our friends with us on vacation or to the vet, thanks to its protective cover, the compactness and robustness that characterize it.

The many advantages of the Nayeco TO10006-Tub for turtles together with a very low price, mean that this product at the moment does not find equal on the market. Do like me. Try the Nayeco TO10006 turtle tank and you won't regret it. My word and that of the whole family, including Lollo and Iceberg!

Tartarium glass case for reptiles 80 – my favorite aquarium for turtles and reptiles

Tartarium 80, glass case for reptiles, water turtles and ...
Tartarium 80, glass case for reptiles, water turtles and …

  • Tartarium 80, glass case for reptiles, water turtles and earth, with 2 ramps
  • The Tartarium 80 glass case is equipped with supports and a dry area, made of white plastic with glossy finishes, with a plastic lid to help the turtles rest and provide optimal exposure to heat, essential for their well-being and growth. Plastic stands; 2 plastic ramps; with transparent plastic lid, to prevent the turtle from jumping out. Upper cover present only on the ramp. Black pad on the ramp not included.

I purchased the Tartarium 80 case on the occasion of the birthday of my girlfriend who is a great lover of reptiles. Honestly, at first I was hesitant because of the very cheap price. I thought that for that sum it would have turned out to be a poor quality product and I certainly didn't want to look bad with my girlfriend giving her a piece of crap that would have broken like the one she had before.

Instead I have to say that I was positively surprised and you only reported positive things about this object. All the problems he had had with other trays he had had in the past (collecting aquatic turtles since he was a child) did not occur with this case. His three baby turtles are gods in their new home and according to her they have a brighter color since they moved in and seem more active having so much space available, lots of light and no unnecessary obstacles.

Included in the price are two very large ramps on which turtles can climb, all three fit very well and during the night they rest next to each other without bothering each other. Each of the ramps is surmounted by a shelter to prevent the turtles from climbing on the edge of the pool. The first few days my fiancée didn't trust to leave the bath uncovered for fear

to wake up and find the turtles around the room.

After trying the Tartarium 80, however, he told me that he will never go back to the covered tanks. First of all this solution is much more aesthetically beautiful, the transparent shelter has an essential design combined with the light and bright colors of the case.

Then it is much more practical for both cleaning and not having hard-to-reach places where dirt accumulates that can create mold and cause serious health problems for turtles.

I remember that the old tub always stank after a while, even though my girlfriend washed it often. Finally it also seems that the turtles come closer to this solution by having an open environment that makes them feel more free.

Together with the tub I also ordered the filter that was offered as an option and I must say that it works perfectly. Its shape is very discreet and its power is balanced for the dimensions of the tank.

If it were too strong it would create small waves in the water and this does not please the turtles who when they go near you feel repulsed by the outflow and swim empty.

Moreover, thanks to the reviews of other users, we also learned something new about filters, discovering that in the past we had neglected the bacterial load of water. In fact, even if it doesn't seem completely intuitive, having the water too clean is almost as harmful as having too much water.

The correct ecosystem requires a small presence of bacteria that recreates the environment in which turtles live in nature. This balance is fully respected thanks to the filter that we have mounted without difficulty and then really cleans itself in an instant, without leaving any bad smell.

After my girlfriend had turtles for almost twenty years she thought she knew everything about them now but obviously she never stops learning. Now she told me that Ciano is her new favorite brand and her turtles seem to agree with her.

Product strongly recommended for value for money!

Tartario glass case 60 Ciano, my turtles love it literally

Ciano - Tartarium glass case 60 for reptiles, with ramp
Ciano – Tartarium glass case 60 for reptiles, with ramp

  • Ciano – Tartarium glass case 60 for reptiles, with ramp
  • The Tartarium 60 glass case is equipped with supports and a dry area, made of white plastic with glossy finishes, with a plastic lid to guarantee the resting of the turtles and an optimal exposure to heat, essential for their well-being and growth. Plastic supports and ramp, with transparent plastic cover, to prevent the turtle from jumping out.

A little over a year ago I became fond of reptiles and for this Christmas my older sister wanted to give me my second baby turtle. Being still a puppy compared to the one I had before, I feared that she might have problems living together with the other.

In fact, for the first time I noticed that it always remained in a corner of the case and came out of the water shortly. If you also have sea turtles you know that they need to rest in the dry to warm up and grow beautiful.

So I was quite worried that the "turf" of the larger turtle could have consequences on the health of the little girl. Speaking with a friend who shares my same passion, I came to the conclusion that the best solution was to give more space to swim in both, to make them feel better.

At the same time, however, I didn't want two separate tanks because I hoped to see them interact and play together and maybe reproduce sooner or later. I am not a breeder but I think it would be an unforgettable emotion to see your little colony grow with a litter produced in your own home.

At this point I started looking for a tank large enough to allow for a smooth coexistence. I must say that I found it and was very satisfied with both the price and the quality of the product. The Portuguese company that produced it, honestly sounded new to me, but it is understandable given that it was only the first time that I personally took care of the purchase of the tub (the first had given it to me along with the tortoise and it was enough until the second purchase).

As a first impact with this brand I can't complain: the company website guided me in the choice, showing me the features and accessories available. In the end I chose to buy the optional filter shown in the description because it is really very nice and fits in perfectly with the design of the tub.

I found myself so well that I plan to add other Ciano brand accessories to decorate the tub and make it even more welcoming to turtles. In particular I believe that the synthetic grass to be applied on the islet ramp would be of great help especially for the smaller one. In fact I noticed that when the large one is placed in the middle of the dry area, the small one remains downhill and begins to slide towards the water, falling from the ramp. Temporarily I solved with some plastic "steps" made by me but the grass certainly works better and is more beautiful to see.

The tub is delivered without a lid, but it is deep enough for the type of animals I own, so I don't run the risk of them jumping out. In fact, the only point where they could reach the edge is the islet I was talking about earlier, but fortunately Ciano thought of it before me putting on a small transparent roof, very pretty.

It does not create shadows, it does not hinder the turtles that do not remain stuck in any way and does its job; almeno fino ad ora non sono mai uscite, neanche la più grande che si riesce ad alzare con le zampine fino al bordo.In definitiva devo dire che questo acquisto mi ha lasciato molto soddisfatto ed ha aumentato la mia passione per le tartarughe di mare. Quando avevo visto che la piccola soffriva per la presenza della compagna più ingombrante ho temuto di dovermene disfare.

Adesso sono sicuro che siano diventate finalmente amiche, avendo tanto spazio per nuotare avanti ed indietro senza darsi fastidio. Sto addirittura pensando di comprare una terza tartaruga prima che la seconda diventi troppo grande, in modo da avere due cuccioli quasi della stessa età da far crescere insieme. Secondo me anche in tre riuscirebbero a stare abbastanza bene in questa vasca da 60 cm. In ogni caso per il futuro comprerei la vasca Ciano da 80 cm, perché mi sono trovato davvero bene con i loro prodotti.

ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool 40x20x19h, la sua forza è l’ecletticità

Mio figlio desiderava da tempo un animale domestico per prendersene cura: abbiamo valutato diverse opzioni ed alla fine tutti assieme abbiamo deciso che per Natale avrebbe avuto una coppia di tartarughe.
Per quale motivo?

Principalmente per la pulizia del loro ambiente: si sa, le tartarughe sono rettili che non sporcano la casa come cani, gatti, uccellini (in passato ho avuto una coppia di pappagallini ma le bucce dei semi volavano ovunque e non avevo uno spazio loro dedicato).

La tartaruga no, è discreta, pulita, facilissima da mantenere, simpatica con il suo timido mostrarsi e nascondersi nel carapace, estremamente rustica nell’alimentazione con prodotti secchi e mangimi dedicati che possiamo acquistare ovunque, dai negozi specializzati al supermercato dove ci rechiamo settimanalmente per lo shopping di casa.

Quindi la scelta fu abbastanza semplice e mio figlio sognava il momento nel quale, ovviamente consegnate da Babbo Natale, la mattina di Natale avrebbe trovato le sue tartarughine in casa.Mio marito d’altronde era tutto sommato entusiasta perché Rocky era uno dei suoi eroi di gioventù e se ricordate il film, Stallone/Balboa aveva proprio una coppia di tartarughine nel suo vecchio appartamento di Philadelphia, Tarta e Ruga.

Nomi che mio figlio non approvava ma quella questione sarebbe stata successiva.Ora occorreva una tartarughiera per mantenerle in buono stato, non ingombrante, facile da mantenere pulita, ideale per il nostro salotto, la zona più luminosa della casa.

Non fu difficile decidere il posto sopra il quale la tartarughiera avrebbe fatto bella mostra di se, un’alzatina di legno chiaro e, con le misure del mobile, ci recammo nei negozi specializzati per cercare il modello adatto a noi.

Nei negozi abbiamo visto tanti modelli, diverse marche e misure, diverse modalità e fini di utilizzo, ne abbiamo scelti alcuni con la riserva di controllare sul web modelli simili comparando i prezzi.La ricerca non è stata difficile e per le misure da noi ricercate abbiamo identificato, proprio per quel rapporto qualità/prezzo che dicevo prima, il modello ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool 40x20x19h, una tartarughiera facilmente ritrovabile negli store online.

Detto, fattoL’abbiamo ordinata e la consegna è stata davvero veloce: un paio di giorni dopo ci hanno recapitato a casa la tartarughiera dentro il suo packaging imbottito all’interno con materiali antiurto.L’abbiamo subito posizionata sul mobile, ora dovevamo aspettare le tartarughine, ma era previsto per la notte di Natale…

Arrivate puntuali il mattino le due nuove amiche di famiglia furono adagiate nel loro nuovo ambiente, spazioso considerando l’acquisto di una coppia giovane, sicuri che si sarebbero trovate a loro agio per lunghi anni.Eravamo tutti quanti felici dell’acquisto e avere scelto il modello ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool 40x20x19h ci ha non solo permesso di sfruttare lo spazio disponibile, ma di concedere alla coppia di tartarughe un ambiente idoneo, con diverse possibilità interne di avere sia la parte di acqua necessaria per le loro immersioni che l’isoletta centrale per rimanere all’aria.

In questo modo la loro essenza di rettili era anfibi era pienamente soddisfatta avendo scelto tartarughine d’acqua dolce.

All’inizio abbiamo dovuto capire come gestire la coppia di animaletti, ma è stato tutto semplice, ci siamo aiutati in questo tramite alcuni siti di amatori di questo grazioso animale.Il primo quesito che ci siamo posti è stato il cambio dell’acqua.In questo modello il sistema più rapido e consigliato è il cambio manuale, svuotando la vecchia con un contenitore e immettendo acqua nuova.

Con quale frequenza?Anche in questo i forum di amatori di tartarughe e rettili in genere ci è stato d’aiuto e il consiglio generale di tanti utenti fu quello di cambiarla con una frequenza quindicinale, noi lo facciamo ogni due domeniche.

Per il tipo di acqua usiamo acqua di rubinetto lasciata decantare qualche giorno prima, dopodiché la sostituiamo perché nel tempo si riempie delle deiezioni degli animali e del cibo che si discioglie.Una piccola norma igienica assolutamente semplice da rispettare per tutelare la salute delle nostre tartarughine americane palustri e prolungare la loro vita il più possibile.

Il terracquario acquistato, nel caso, consente di installare un filtro per la pulizia dell’acqua, filtro non incluso ma la vasca ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool ha spazio necessario se si sceglie questa opzione.

Il vetro è sufficientemente robusto, lo spessore è di 3 millimetri per un ottimo vetro che puliamo esternamente con un panno leggermente bagnato.

Il kit di oggetti allegati al terracquario non prevede oggetti incollati, in questo modo l’allestimento è personalizzato e può anche prevedere il non utilizzo di tutti gli oggetti o l’eventuale acquisto di altri per arredare con fantasia l’interno della vasca.

Essendo le tartarughe animali che non schizzano acqua al di fuori della vasca, per il limitato contenuto di liquido all’intenro (noi ne impieghiamo all’incirca 10 litri per ogni cambio), il modello non è previsto di coperchio di chiusura.Ciò va ad influire positivamente sul costo generale che con coperchio sarebbe stato decisamente superiore.

Abbiamo visto anche modelli simili, ovviamente più costosi per la presenza del coperchio, ma l’abbiamo ritenuto un optional per noi superfluo e non ce ne siamo pentiti.

Con questo modello ci siamo accorti che la nostra coppia vive bene, ha la possibilità di nuotare o di stare oziosa per lunghe ore sull’isolotto che noi abbiamo posto leggermente laterale per lasciare più spazio al nuoto, all’immersione.La loro lenta crescita è ideale per questo modello e due tartarughe possono convivere tranquillamente in una dimensione congeniale.

La zona asciutta è in plastica bianca, così come ci consigliavano alcuni forum perché trattiene e rilascia il calore più a lungo rispetto ad altri materiali.Le nostre tartarughe amano crogiolarsi all’asciutto godendo del leggero tepore della plastica.

Il peso del terracquario è di sei chilogrammi, relativamente leggero, comunque idoneo ad un vetro che non è sottile, nemmeno troppo grosso, di ottima qualità, perfettamente trasparente per goderci le buffe nuotate della nostra coppia corazzata.

Alla fine siamo rimasti soddisfatti dell’acquisto: tutto era come illustrato sullo store online dove abbiamo acquistato il nostro modello ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool 40x20x19h, si è adattato perfettamente alle nostre esigenze di spazio, la confezione era ideale per proteggere la tartarughiera, il prezzo davvero economico con grande facilità di pagamento e consegna in tempi rapidissimi.Ora ci siamo accorti che abbiamo un altro spazio vuoto e ci siamo innamorati di questi animaletti.

Stiamo valutando di acquistare un’altra coppia e sicuramente ci rivolgeremo di nuovo al modello ASKOLL Tartarughiera tartarium 40 cool 40x20x19h per le sue qualità sempre rapportate ad un prezzo competitivo ed a misure ideali per una giovane coppia.

Il nome?Alla fine ha vinto mio marito e Tarta e Ruga sono con noi già da tempo; le prossime sicuramente avranno un nome dato da mio figlio che, conoscendolo, sceglierà tra le Tartarughe Ninja i suoi eroi preferiti.


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