Prices, How much do they cost? –

Prices, How much do they cost? –

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Electronic cigarettes: what we owe their cost to and which are the best for value for money

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More and more people are tired of smoking the traditional processed tobacco found in cigarettes and cigars and want to get rid of the nicotine bond. In short, they want to stop smoking. In recent years, an alternative is proposing itself to be increasingly solid and valid, namely the electronic cigarette. And with the boom on the market of this new type of product, many have started producing their own model or range of proposals, making what was a niche world a boundless universe. So boundless that it is difficult to enumerate the brands, the varieties of electronic cigarettes and their components, with lots of features and related customizations. In addition to the functions and technical potential, when approaching electronic cigarettes it is good to be aware of how much they cost and what can be due to the cost. In fact, although above all in the initial lines to pass from the initial cigarettes to the electronic ones entailed first of all a net saving of money, with the expansion of this branch of the market in recent times they are also starting to levitate prices. And so it becomes difficult to identify the items of the various price ranges, and even more to understand which are really worth the cost required.

Some premises

Before going to see which are the best electronic cigarettes as a result of their quality / price ratio, let's try to understand which items correspond to the money required when buying one. A first distinction must be made between the kits available on the market, which are generally of two types: single and double. The first ones can cost 15-20 euros if they are extremely cheap or, in case you look for a higher quality, on 25-35 euros. In these, a sample is certainly included for each of the following components: atomizer, or where the resistance resides that allows the liquid to be vaporized (whose presence in the package depends on the product and the company's choices), a cartridge, a charger and a battery. For the latter, however, there is between 35-40 euros and 50-60, depending on whether one is looking for excellence or compromise. In recent times, prices have also increased by around € 4-5 compared to the first moments of the presence of electronic cigarettes on the market. In the case of double kits, two copies are supplied for each of the components already mentioned. Furthermore, it is possible to find individual components in packs of 1.2 or 5 pieces each.

Cost of electronic cigarettes

Starting from the main element that constitutes an electronic cigarette, or the atomizer, its cost can range from 6 to 12-15 euros, for an average duration of 30 days if you use the device with the same frequency as 20 cigarettes per day. If you have an atomizer with interchangeable head, then you can only replace this piece, going to save something. In addition to the atomizer, there is the cost of the battery, which is around 20 euros and guarantees, on average, 300 recharges and about 150 shots per charge. For the most avid smokers, having two batteries is the most effective way to deal with stressful days or in any case always be covered.
Finally we have the cost of the liquid (e-Liquid in technical jargon) at a cost of about € 6 for every 10ml. Cost which therefore varies according to the packs sold (in terms of quantity) and the manufacturer. In fact, in addition to all these specific expense items, there is the easier one to forget but more importantly, the brand: the more famous the brand will be, the more it will cost the device or the specific component that we intend to buy.
Given these premises, we can now see the three best electronic cigarettes in terms of quality / price ratio.

Kit V BOX electronic cigarette vw 7-60W

This product, which has met with some success on Amazon, boasts a series of really interesting and important features for an electronic cigarette. It presents itself with an attractive and very compact design, also by virtue of the precious material used, of a type actually rare to find in common electronic cigarettes. Specifically, the frame is made of stainless steel and alloy, making the product not only compact but also resistant to daily use. Not only that, the mod box included in the price has a large HD LED display that highlights the main data such as wattage, voltage, residual battery, state of resistance and so on.
The battery associated with the device is 2200mAh, guaranteeing more than enough autonomy to meet the daily use needs, if not even something more. In addition to the battery, there is also the atomizer, with a capacity of 2.0 ml with control of the air flow attached. Inside the atomizer we find a resistance of 0.2ohm.
Speaking of wattage, this electronic cigarette allows you to adjust it from a minimum of 7W to a maximum of 60W, allowing you to customize this value to your liking. If you are interested in the elegance, functionality and completeness of the smoking experience, this article must be yours without further delay.

Justfog Q16 Complete Kit

Very high quality article, the Justfog Q16 Complete Kit has been successful on Amazon, so much so that all the users who have tried and purchased it speak well. The electronic cigarette in question is original, included in a complete kit that includes a built-in 900mAh battery of the type J-Easy 9 and an atomizer of the category clearomizer q16, with a capacity of 2.0ml. Although the battery in numerical terms can make your nose turn upside down, guaranteed autonomy is more than enough to face the day arriving at night without regrets or unforeseen events. With regard to customization, this device ensures management on 8 voltage levels, making the device within the reach of experts in the field and newcomers who for the first time face the world of electronic cigarettes. Continuing with the technical specifications, there is a nation coil for the mouth and lung and the air flow control, more specifically through a ring that manages the spinning air. Besides all this, which already seems enough, it is possible to adjust the intelligent protection on 5 levels, making this device as well as functional and practical, even safe. In light of all this, we cannot not recommend this product, so much so that we have included it in our selection which, from a range of infinite possibilities and proposals, has identified three winners, including the product in question.

Justfog Q16 Starter Kit, Silver – 90 g

Dulcis in fundo, the Justfog Q16 Starter Kit, Argento – 90 g is well known for the thousands of features it makes available to the final consumer. Meanwhile, the kit, as can be deduced from the denomination, is only 90g, presenting itself as one of the lightest, most manageable and practical proposals that can be found on the market. Here too we find a 900mAh battery which, as already mentioned, if on the one hand seems small, on the other hand it guarantees sufficient autonomy to make life quiet without the impending worry that the device will discharge during use. The atomizer is a Q16, as per the product name, composed of steel and Pyrex glass. Like the two articles previously illustrated, we feel we can also recommend this precisely because of its technical potential and characteristics.

To conclude, all three devices described above do not include the use of nicotine, favoring the main function of electronic cigarettes, or offering a valid alternative to those who want to quit smoking.


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