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The smoking habit is one of the most expensive, both economically and in terms of damage to health.
Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are closely linked to tobacco smoking.
Do you want to quit smoking but do you think it is impossible or particularly difficult?

Electronic cigarettes can give you a big hand.
Let's see how and why, read on.

Look for the best electronic cigarette?

Look for the best atomizer?

First of all they allow you to have a cigarette in your fingers, even if totally different from the classic ones, you are able to provide your body with that dose of nicotine that you have become accustomed to over the years.
Unlike classic cigarettes, however, you can make as many shots as you want without smoking it all when you only want two shots and without having to light another one if one is insufficient.

Plus your clothes and above all YOUR BREATH they will never smell of smoke once they finish vaping.
Electronic cigarettes are not all the same, so it is very important to choose carefully the model and brand that best fits your needs.

This also applies to liquids to which, more often than not, you have to add a pipeline that gives flavor to the liquid.
Consider that just as you can buy tobacco, papers and filters and shoot a cigarette in total autonomy, in the same way you can mix the liquids of electronic cigarettes.

Do you have time and desire to do research or don't know where to start?
Don't worry, this guide will help you choose the best liquid for electronic cigarettes.

Savings packaging was especially successful in the market Rainlax E-Liquid Sweet is Salcar 17012904. They literally went like hot cakes, cleaning up and destroying the competition.

Rainlax E-Liquid Sweet Savings Pack allows you to choose from 10 vials of sweet fruity aromas.
Salcar 17012904 responds with 5 vials of 20 ml, whose water vapor generates an aroma similar to an herbal tea or a hot chocolate.

How to choose the best liquid for electronic cigarette

When you buy an electronic cigarette what makes the difference and lets you taste it like a PasciΓ  ** is the base **.
Starting from a quality base you can integrate essences that give it flavor and aroma.
If the base sucks the other ingredients can't work miracles.

The base consists of hygroscopic substances, which absorb the humidity of the area and produce steam; and from a solvent, called in technical jargon ** propylene glycol **, which is used to create a mixture of glycerine and distilled water to dilute the final product.

If the glycol is of poor quality it causes an alcoholic aftertaste that gives the sensation of chemical reaction, the one that most vapors hate and that I imagine you too want to avoid trying.
At this point you must be wondering:
How to choose the liquid for electronic cigarette?
Considering that, for better or worse, the price among the various producers remains very similar what makes the difference ** is the use you make of liquids. **

Buying Guide

Ready or to be mixed

If you are not very fluent, I advise you to orientate yourself towards a product ready for use and flavored.
If instead you already have some experience you will almost certainly prefer the do-it-yourself liquids, preparing the mixture that best suits your needs.
To obtain a personalized mixture is sufficient mix a good base with complementary additives that you buy separately.
Having said this, I can indicate the 3 types of liquids for electronic cigarette:

  • The Mixture and Bases, tastes to be flavored at a later date based on your personal tastes.

– The Aromas that cannot be vaped independently but must necessarily be mixed with the bases.

  • The Complete mixes, flavored by the producers, they do not need complementary aromas to be vaped, in fact they are already provided from the moment of purchase.

In this guide you will find the best products for each product category, either base mixture + aromas; is mcomplete iscele.

The more you buy, the more you save

You have the option of purchasing the liquid for electronic cigarettes in single packs, of varying quantities, starting from 10 ml up to different product dl.
Or you can opt for a multi-product kit with different flavors.
I always advise you to check the prices, and to opt for the maxi packs because as the quantity purchased increases the% discount increases, the more you buy the more you save

There is no substantial difference between single product formats compared to kits, although the kits are slightly more expensive.
It is tastes that mainly influence the purchasing choices, there are those who prefer a wide variety and are willing to spend a little more, and there are those who are fond of a single taste and can save some money.

Quality and health

The time has come to analyze the health problem.
First of all I want to write to you that you have the possibility to buy nicotine-free e-cigarette liquids.
Various e-commerce businesses, including amazon, are very attentive to consumer health and have decided to adopt a very strict policy in this regard; mainly for all those products that contain minimal amounts of nicotine.

Are you a fan of organic products? Great!
In this guide you will find the best products for you.
I will show you the best brands that provide 100% produced blends with natural products, so that you can maintain your good ethical and healthy habits even when you vape.

Always consider that electronic cigarette liquids must pass various stages of control.
They are also subject to the iso 9000 and following standard, those European standards that regulate the quality of products (C €) to guarantee their safety right from the production process.

The best liquids for electronic cigarettes of 2019

Surely you have realized that the taste of the electronic cigarette varies as the liquid changes.
For this reason it is time to help you choose them as simply as possible.
I have analyzed various types of liquids for you, paying particular attention to the characteristics of the mixtures and the ingredients used in the production of liquids.
Keep reading.

Rainlax E-Liquid Sweet

As indicated at the beginning of this article the company Rainlax has produced an excellent liquid.
This is particularly suitable for making a stock at a great price.
It supplies 10 fruit-flavored 10 ml bottles.
I recommend it in a special way to those who love sweet flavors and often like to vary liquid to propeia electronic cigarette.

Outstanding among all is the cola taste that is reminiscent in every way of the taste of the goleador we ate as kids.
The liquid is ready to use, only when the mixture needs to be diluted to reduce its flavor intensity.
You can use it within 48 months, after which it loses its qualities.

It is made up of 50% by Propylene Glycol and for the remaining 50% from Vegetable Glycerin.
As indicated a few lines ago is ready for use.
You can also add amounts of nicotine or a neutral base, depending on your preferences and habits.


  • Affordable offer: the ten 10 ml vials each guarantee you to be supplied for several months without having to make more purchases, and / or run the risk of being without liquid.
    All at an advantageous price, therefore it is an excellent offer considering the two years of expiry.

– Ready to use: it is very easy to use, it is sufficient to pour the liquid into the electronic cigarette and then operate the atomizer.
In case you are already an expert, if you are not an expert you will become it over time, this possibility allows you to modify and customize liquids to your liking.

-Ideal to vary: considering the great variety of tastes (apple, cherry, blueberry and cola among all) you can choose from time to time which one to use.
Changing taste according to the day or the whim of the moment in all simplicity, disassembling and reassembling the bottle in a moment and without difficulty.


The tastes are not chosen: if among the 10 flaons there are tastes that you do not like you are still obliged to buy them.
You cannot change the options of choice at the time of purchase.
The alternative that allows you to get around the difficulty is to exchange the indigestible liquid with a friend or acquaintance of yours.

Salcar 17012904

The brand Salcar offers you vials with a variable quantity up to 20 ml, allowing you to get discounts as you increase the quantity to buy.
It presents aromas of various types and allows you to satisfy the needs of those who love sweet fruity flavors, and to satisfy those who prefer bitter and dry flavors like coffee.

The Salcar company is very attentive to the health of consumers, in fact all the liquids put on the market are free of nicotine, guaranteeing you in fact products of absolute quality and above all safe for your health.

Despite the fact that Salcar has a large market share and is among the major producers of mixtures, there is a good chunk of customers who are not particularly satisfied with the product because they consider the industrial liquid to be in poor taste.
Now let's look at the pros and cons of what I consider the best economic kit among all liquids for electronic cigarettes.


  • Low prices: it has an excellent quality / price ratio.
    There is no other brand with which you can simultaneously supply 5 bottles of different flavors.
    In the same way, although buying with more orders, taste for taste, you can't find such competitive prices.
  • Taste: it is recommended for those who like to vary their experiences and not remain anchored to the usual flavors.
    Presents various batteries of products with very particular tastes, such as energy drinks or piΓ±a coladas, it allows you to vary drastically without having to taste every time the classic flavors with a fruit flavor.
  • Closure: it has an airtight closure for all the bottles which guarantees both excellent preservation, to maintain the characteristics of taste, and prevents you from finding yourself in the annoying situation of spilling the liquid by mistake, soiling clothes or pasture and losing part of the contents .
    This element is great for parents of young children who, often because of their curiosity, put their hands where they don't have to.
    The safety system prevents children from opening the bottle, pouring the contents on the ground or, worse still, drinking it.


  • Industrial: The taste is not suitable for those who have a very refined palate and need particular and uncommon aromas.
    In this case I suggest you try niche liquids, more expensive and more customizable.

Oshka 2015100

This Oshka it is a model of liquid mono taste, precisely with vanilla flavor. The bottle provides 30 ml of product, allowing you to have the supply for several days.
This product is often on offer on various e-commerce, particularly interesting news for those who are always looking for excellent purchasing conditions.

As for the characteristics, I can tell you that Oshka has invested important capital to establish itself in the liquid cigarette market, from a good German company, producing quality liquids.
He assigned the production of the pack to a very famous designer, for the aroma he adopted a very particular but winning strategy:
He decided to rely on the opinions of customers, paying particular attention and asking for continuous feedback on the basis of which he then directed the production.
He has adopted a very cooperative relationship.

The mixture is very valid, it has been recognized by the German pharmaceutical company as one of the best liquids for electronic cigarettes.
These analyzes were then confirmed by consumers, who were very satisfied with the product.

The bottle being of high quality is not at cheap prices.
Now let's see the features and the defects.


  • Refueling: the 30 ml vial guarantees a sufficient quantity of liquid for several days, considering that the duration of the supply varies from the use you make of it.
  • Quality: the company has invested several resources in obtaining a quality liquid, the packaging was made by a famous designer and the production took place listening carefully to the opinions of consumers.
  • Mixture: although the taste is very subjective, the German pharmaceutical company guarantees its high quality standard; much higher than the average of other liquids.


  • Taste: having specialized only in vanilla flavor, this may not be pleasing to those consumers who prefer liquids with a completely different taste.

Big Flavor BIG-100

There Big Flavor with this type of liquid he decided to adopt a very large 100 ml pack.
The maxi format saves money by significantly reducing the unit price per ml.

This is a product designed to act as a base and to be mixed with other aromas, but it remains valid to be smoked as it is.
Consider that being a glycol it has a sweet taste.

This, too, like Oshka is a quality German product, like the previous one, therefore it must respect a series of production procedures in order to be approved by the health authorities.
In my opinion it is the best neutral liquid.
The peculiarity of this liquid, in addition to its hermetic packaging, is the presence of a dispenser that makes it easy to use and improves its conservation.

Regardless of personal tastes, it is undoubtedly a high-level product and given the quality of the elements that make it up it could not be otherwise.


– Say goodbye: it is produced in Germany and must comply with the rules ISO 9000 and following in order to obtain the quality certificate.

-Pack: the bottle has an airtight closure that favors the conservation of the product, constituting in fact a safety measure for children, an attached dispenser facilitates its use avoiding to lose part of the product.

-100 ml: saves on the final price of the product by drastically reducing the unit price per ml. Excellent value for money and high average duration for each single bottle.


Aroma: having been designed to act as a base, if used alone it has a sweet taste that many people find to be unpleasant.

BioFumo 9111

Like the previous one too BioFumo it is a neutral liquid, it is to be mixed with other aromas to obtain tailor-made blends created ad hoc for every personal need.
It is an Italian product recommended for Made in Italy fans.

It has an important price, not cheap, a symptom of high quality and with a very gritty taste (without aftertaste neither bitter nor sweet) which allows it to be smoked even alone.

Its characteristics allow it to produce a good amount of smoke and remain delicate without irritating the throat.
Moreover, it does not cause headaches, nor a sense of exhaustion, which is often accompanied by those who make prolonged use of electronic cigarettes.

Now let's see the pros and cons of this liquid for Italian electronic cigarettes.


– Made in Italy: interesting product for the patriotic and for those who are particularly interested in the companies that produce entirely in Italy.
BioFumo is a medium-sized company that employs 70 people.

-Quality: it is a delicate liquid, it can be vaped both alone and mixed with aromas. It does not leave sweet or bitter aftertaste and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth.

– To greet: there are no contraindications, it can be vaped without suffering side effects, such as nausea or headache, which often accompany those who use electronic cigarettes.


– Illustrative sheet: it has a leaflet that some consumers did not like.

– Price: being a high quality liquid it has a high price.

How to use a liquid for electronic cigarettes

Did you quit smoking, but feel homesick for cigarettes when you wake up or after drinking coffee?
Then you can choose to buy an electronic cigarette.
The choice can vary between smoking neutral water vapor or mixing the base with some ingredients that modify the aroma.

Have you ever used an electronic cigarette?

If you have never vaped I suggest you choose ready-made liquids, instead if you have some experience you can opt for customized blends, which are better suited to your smoking needs.
The variety of products on the market makes it possible to satisfy both needs.
Now let's see how to use electronic cigarettes.

Disassemble the components carefully

First of all, make sure that you have recharged the electronic cigarette battery correctly.
At this point it is time to try the liquid, first all the components must be removed starting from the cap, then the atomizer and the protective cover.
At this point all you have to do is dismantle the atomizer, adjust the bin and pour the liquid.

Insert a little liquid at a time

The bottle always has a dispenser in the shape of a spout that allows you to pour the right amount of liquid, without making it overflow into the steam area.
In the unfortunate event that the liquid ends up in the steam area, the electronic cigarette may malfunction and / or cause problems.
Only after filling the liquid tank, do you recompose the electronic cigarette by reassembling all the components.

Without or with nicotine?

The cigarette is a valid solution both for smokers who want to quit smoking but cannot do it, and for the most curious who simply want to try to vaporizes flavored water vapor.

In fact, both liquids provided with nicotine and liquids with zero quantities exist, this allows you to reduce the quantities gradually until it reaches zero and allowing you to stop smoking.

Savings are in quantity

The greater the amount of liquid in the bottle, the lower the cost for each individual ml of product.
This means being able to buy high quality products at low prices.

To save money, I suggest you choose the most capacious packs, as an old saying goes: those who spend less spend less.


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