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Jai electronic cigarettes: for those who want to stop smoking and look for an elegant product

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The electronic cigarette is a device designed to offer a valid and safe alternative to those who consume tobacco processed through cigarettes, cigars and traditional pipes, helping these people to fight nicotine addiction.

If in fact the electronic cigarette on the one hand may not contain nicotine, on the other hand it maintains a series of aspects that makes it possible for the most hardened smokers to still be something desirable, as well as perceptible as a possible solution to smoking addiction.

In fact, some studies even show a 99% reduction in the risks associated with smoking, even if the effects of the various flavoring substances contained in the liquids inside the electronic cigarette are still being tested.

Nevertheless, with this type of product the person who uses it, perhaps moving from tobacco to this, maintains the gestures, daily rituals, mimics and perceptions related to smoking, facilitating the transfer of this habit from the tools of the past, just like cigarettes and pipes, to this new alternative.

Although for some it may not be easy to decide to leave the good old movie cigarette in favor of the electronic cigarette, once the decision is made an individual is where to make a choice.

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<p>Really difficult choice, if we think of the immense variety that the market offers between components (such as atomizers, mouthpieces, liquids, flavorings, resistances and entire electronic cigarette frames) and their brands.</p>
<p>The range of possibilities is therefore so wide that those who appear as new consumers or even just for interest risk not understanding anything anymore and being paralyzed in the face of such vastness of this world. In these cases, with the Internet, you can look for help or ask someone via social networks or by typing in Google our need and browsing a bit between the various online retailers, of which Amazon is the leader.</p>
<p>Even if in this way a first aid can be found, there remains something partially arbitrary that hardly helps to shed light. What you need is a real guide to the various brands and the best products of the same, so that the consumer has in mind what the technical characteristics of a product are and can choose it or discard it in full awareness.</p>
<p>In this regard, this selection is born, which I propose to you, which identifies the best products of a specific brand, namely the Jai. Our selection includes Jai electronic cigarettes with the most positive feedback from Amazon users, as well as having a high technical potential in relation to price. In short, here are the three best Jai electronic cigarettes.</p>
<h3><span class=NOVEL Electronic Cigarette Kit Ego t 1100mah CE4 0mg

To conclude our selection of Jai electronic cigarettes, we report the latter as also perfect from every point of view for those wishing to write the end word on the last page of their smoker story. On Amazon the NOVEL Electronic Cigarette kit Ego t 1100mah CE4 0mg has sold a great deal, collecting extremely positive feedback, thus offering itself as a highly desirable and quality product. But let's see what it offers: first and foremost, the 1100mAh battery, although a cross between the first two devices seen above, still guarantees coverage that gives the consumer safety, managing to arrive at the end of the day and quietly fooling what is desired. The materials are of high quality, showing an excellent workmanship of the product as a whole, making it also resistant and qualitatively considerable. Both from the reviews of Amazon users and from the data sheet imperfections emerge, all the more so if we consider that even the NOVEL Electronic Cigarette Kit Ego t 1100mah CE4 0mg does not include the use of nicotine, making loved by those who want, precisely, to close relations with this compelling substance typical of a now obsolete way of smoking, although still widespread. From an aesthetic point of view, design is striking, meticulously cared for in every detail and peculiarity. A product that is therefore advised not only to those who want to quit smoking, but also to those who demand something more in terms of the elegance and presentability of their electronic cigarette.

Q16 Complete Kit – Black 900mAh

The first on the list is an electronic cigarette of excellent workmanship, which has sold many pieces thanks to its qualities that we are now going to analyze. The product is presented perfectly in every aspect, and this very image of completeness has allowed it to reach an important amount of consumers, new and usual. The Q16 Complete Kit – Black 900mAh is an original Jai item that includes, as a denomination, a complete kit of components. attested as the novelty par excellence of 2016, this electronic cigarette does not use nicotine, presenting itself as we said to all those consumers who seriously intend to quit smoking, without however losing those moments reserved for themselves or the company during the day. The J-Easy 9 battery used by the Q16 Complete Kit has a capacity of 900 mAh, ensuring a longevity that covers the daily need. Moreover, among its components there is the 2.0ml cearomizer Q16 atomizer. As we have said, the autonomy of this device is able to satisfy the daily need of the user. Including the various features, there is also that of adjusting the tenancy at eight levels of use, making it accessible to every type of consumer. In addition, it includes an inhalation coil for the mouth and lung, with an airflow control passing through the spinning air control ring. Last but not least, there is the possibility of five intelligent protection circuits, so as to be able to regulate the use of the device in accordance with the requests of those who use it. If we were to conclude with an advice for you that you are reading and you are looking for a Jai ​​electronic cigarette, we would start by pointing you to the Q16 Complete Kit – Black 900mAh.

Joyetech – Ego Box AIO

Second product of our selection is an AIO (all-In-One) solution that knows how to make itself well known and we are sure that it will not disappoint you. Starting right from the start, it looks aesthetically black, showing off elegance and adaptability for every occasion. Behind the AIO idea lies the conception of a small electronic cigarette, so manageable and easy to carry around, and compact, making sure that you can always have everything you need behind you to indulge in moments of vape. The filling mechanism is the top that can be found in circulation, especially as it includes a child-proof safety system. Returning to the aesthetic component, in addition to the black we have an LED light that can be adjusted at will by the consumer, all powered by a 2100mAh battery that offers unparalleled coverage of the day, this being a battery size worthy of the smartphones of few years ago. Also this Joyetech – Ego Box AIO, like the previous one, is an electronic cigarette that does not require the use of nicotine, making it useful if not of fundamental importance for all those who are willing to stop smoking traditional processed tobacco. If you are looking for a compromise between functionality, personalization and elegance, this Joyetech – Ego Box AIO is just for you.

As we use to conclude, the world of cigarettes is vast but, if you want to orient yourself, here is the guide to the best Jai electronic cigarettes.


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