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Hi, I’m Alessandro!

I love my home in the Tuscan hills but above all I love my lawn and love to keep it always clean-shaven, perfect and tidy.

Always on ProContro Michele has already spoken to you about the petrol lawn mower. I who am more environmentally friendly and a green thumb from birth will talk to you about electric lawn mowers instead.

If you follow me in this guide I will reveal you all the secrets for a perfect lawn.

I will help you to find the solution to common problems like the lawnmower that does not start, I will explain to you for good the mulching, or that process that pulverizes the grass to redistribute it directly on the lawn, we will see how to clean the mower to the best.

Finally I will show you the ones that for me are the best electric lawn mowers currently available on the market to help you choose the best lawn mower for you and your garden.

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My personal experience

There is nothing to do and I believe you will agree with me when I say that if you have a lawn you always want to keep it in perfect order, at any time of the year.

There is no season or atmospheric agent that takes, I’m always ready to go take care of my garden.

I have always been an inveterate green thumb, I was born there. A family tradition we say, handed down to me by my father, who in turn inherited the passion from my grandfather.

While perhaps the art of gardening was more difficult for my grandfather, for us young people everything is much simpler thanks to the infinity of gadgets and accessories that are easily found both in physical stores and on online stores.

The prices of some products in particular have fallen sharply over the years and, thanks also to these modern times, it has become much easier to find them.

In my personal tool shed, built by myself with wood, I have everything I need and often too much. And inevitable is my beautiful electric lawnmower.

For the choice I saw many machines in person, and I also tried to get a good idea where I couldn’t touch, as happens when you search on the internet.

I have been fighting for years for the respect of the environment, I am also a volunteer for some non-profit associations that help with waste collection. For this reason my choice was towards an electric object, which did not use gasoline and which therefore did not affect my little biological world that I created around my house in the Tuscan hills.

Why choose an electric lawn mower?

  • Because it’s so easy to use. It does not need fuel, it does not need oil, it does not need spark plugs, it attaches to the electric socket and it goes.
  • Because it’s cheaper and the effectiveness does not change, so it allows you to have practically the same result by spending less.
  • Because you have a small lawn or a medium-sized lawn. It is in these cases that an electric lawn mower gives its best.
  • Because you are at the beginning, you have just discovered the world of gardening but you absolutely want to equip yourself with a tool that is really necessary to keep the lawn tidy.
  • Because it is much, much easier to clean, not to mention the maintenance that requires very simple and trivial steps that everyone can do without anyone’s help.
  • Because you want to work in a quiet environment, you don’t want to contribute to noise pollution and to maintain good relations with your neighbors.
  • Because you are looking for something light, easily manoeuvrable, which allows you to juggle the best without hitches on your land.

How the electric grass trimmer works: advantages and disadvantages

The electric grass trimmer works thanks to the current and therefore is fed through a very normal and convenient socket which obviously, depending on the case and the models, can be more or less long.

The electric motor feeds the blades at the bottom and cut the grass directly to the height you like best.

Being powered, the first advantage is given by the fact that it does not pollute. In addition it does not emit that unpleasant odor given by the combustion of the fuel.

They are much quieter than petrol mowers and clearly starting is far easier.

Dulcis in fundo, they are less expensive than petrol and battery mowers.

But there are also disadvantages to keep in mind, many like to evaluate all the pros and cons of a product before deciding to purchase.

The big problem is undoubtedly given by the sources of electricity. Before buying one you need to make sure you have a power outlet close to your lawn and easily accessible and to calculate distances well, because as is well known, the electrical voltage decreases as the cable length increases.

For example, I try to never exceed 30 meters away from the power source when I work with my lawnmower. For reasons of comfort, however, I did install a socket in the garden that is connected directly to the main line so as to make everything easier for me.

Another disadvantage is certainly the cable. When you use a petrol or lawn mower you are calm and you can turn how and where and how often you want on your plot. With the electric one you always have the cable behind and you need to pay some attention during the works.

Especially if there are plants or trees, with an electric lawnmower it is impossible to walk around it, rather it is more appropriate to go back and continue on the other side to avoid the cable getting tangled or in other cases destroying your plants.

It is easy for an electric cable to get caught on the plants but not only, imagine having a table and chairs in the garden.

That said, if you are like me, a lover of nature, and you have a small or medium-sized lawn, an electric lawn mower is just for you.

If you own the entire Val di Chiana, then you will need to find another solution altra

I have no problems with the cable and I find it fantastic the possibility of working silently and in total absence of CO2 emissions.

How to choose the mower that’s right for you

In general, lawn mowers can be petrol, battery and electric. For me the right compromise is the electric one and now I’ll explain why.

The choice must be made according to your needs, as I also wrote to you in the previous paragraph.

You must opt ​​for an electric lawn mower if:

  • you have a small or medium-sized lawn;
  • you want to eliminate the emission of CO2 in the environment;
  • you want to work with little noise;
  • you want an easy and fast start-up;
  • you want to spend less.

These are the guidelines, if you are in this situation, like me anyway, then know that the electric lawn mower will be an excellent and trusted gardening companion.

Mulching mower: pulverize the grass and reuse it to fertilize

Lawn mowers with the mulching system are simply revolutionary because they allow you not only to cut the grass, but at the same time to pulverize it and redistribute it evenly on the lawn, even when passing through the lawnmower.

You don’t have to do anything special, unless you make sure the mower allows this practice. You will only get great benefits with this system.

Do you know when that annoying felt forms in the lawn? Well, this technique really serves to avoid this!

Mulching is an English term. Mulch means « mulch », that is the compound that is used to apply on the ground to maintain a certain level of humidity, to protect from atmospheric agents such as heavy rain and many other reasons, all aimed at well-being and maintaining the soil.

A mulching mower allows you to chop the freshly cut grass in a surprisingly fine manner and redistribute it on the lawn. The smaller they are, the easier the decomposition will be, and therefore the earth will be fertilized, in an absolutely natural way.

I always recommend it to those who ask me for advice on gardening. It is a job that must be done in general, and with a professional mulching mower, you save time and energy.

I’ll tell you more. If you consider that with a normal lawn mower you have to collect the cut grass and then throw it away, with a mulching mower you won’t have to do any of this. More than twice the energy saved and more time for you to devote to your favorite hobby.

So, if you’re interested in mulching, remember to check that the mower you want to buy is capable of chopping the grass finely. In this case the quality is of fundamental importance, check that:

  • the mower has special rotating blades of excellent quality;
  • the cutting chamber is large enough to allow a more detailed cut;
  • a blade has the contraelica that allows the grass to remain in the cutting chamber for longer;

Electric lawnmower that does not start: what to do?

Let’s see the various reasons that may be behind a lawn mower that does not show signs of starting.

  1. Check the cable. Retrace the electrical cable backwards, and take a look at it in several places, especially in the folds. It may have broken down, or it could simply be disconnected from the main socket and then just hung up.
  2. Motor in automatic block. If the blades are dirty and therefore blocked, or if the motor is overloaded then the mower turns off by itself. Usually a clean to the blades or a wait of a few minutes solves the problem. Remember that this happens only to electric lawn mowers with automatic thermal block. A manual reset may be necessary and therefore I advise you to consult the instruction booklet.
  3. Defect of the ignition button. It may happen that the problem is simply given by the faulty ignition button, you immediately notice it in reality and the solution is to replace it.
  4. Burned fuse. Get a tester, always very useful if you have electric tools. With this, check the fuse and if it is burned proceed with the replacement.
  5. There is no current. A blackout occurs in all the houses in the world, so wait for the power to return or, if the meter has jumped, hang it up.


AL-KO Comfort 40 E – the one I always use on my lawn, with mulching and gathering

🥇 7 Best Electric Mowers (And The Close Mute!)

Cutting, gathering and mulching in a single mower
Perfect for small and medium sized lawns
Cutting width of 40 centimeters
43 liter collection basket
1400 Watt motor, very quiet

The time came to buy the final lawn mower and I didn’t want to compromise. I was sure, I wanted the best electric that there was, equipped with a mulching system, easy to use and therefore there was no way out: the AL-KO Comfort 40 E.

Where to start? He is very professional and you notice him immediately because he is built with excellent steel, a very resistant material. It is a long-lasting mower.

For those who know the products of AL-KO, this one is the big brother of the Comfort 34 E. The 34 E stands out for being perfect for small lawns, has a capacity of less than 37 liters and a power lower than 1200 W.

With the 40 E you forget all that you should theoretically do after you have finished mowing the grass. You know why? Because it is equipped with a collection basket with a convenient indicator that tells you how much is missing to fill completely. You can choose not to use it, and then let the cut grass be released on the lawn, or you can allow the harvest to be thrown away.

Or you can use the mulching system. By mounting an accessory that comes with the lawn mower, you can allow it to finely shred the shaved grass, practically pulverize it and redistribute it on the ground just behind the mower, all while walking on the lawn.

In short, comfort is at home, it is like getting in three with this device. Memo 3 in 1: cutting, harvesting and mulching in a single mower.

It is powerful, 1400 W and also very capacious, as much as 43 liters that allow a wide autonomy during the simple collection phase before having to throw away the contents of the basket.

I have a lawn that does not reach 500 square meters, the Al-ko ensures that the Comfort 40 E can be used on large surfaces up to 600 square meters. It is true, zero problems with the wire and if I had « more lawn » I could actually continue without problems.

I remind you that the thread should be bought, depending on the size you need. I recommend this from the Electraline, it is 30 meters but there are also different lengths. It’s orange and you can see it well on the green, so it won’t give you problems.

It’s very quiet and my impression is confirmed by what many users write online: it’s quieter than other electric lawn mowers.

It’s easy to use. The handle allows a safe control, the maneuverability is guaranteed by very large wheels and by the lightness of the mower itself.

Finally, the price is very respectable for such a product and for what it is proposed to do. I have never been so happy after a purchase. Satisfied in every way.

I absolutely recommend it.

Einhell GC-Em 1743 HW – the best-selling electric lawn mower

🥇 7 Best Electric Mowers (And The Close Mute!)

The best seller
Great price
1700 Watts of power
52 liter collection basket
6 cutting heights

The Einhell GC-Em 1743 HW electric lawnmower is an interesting article as it is excellent, is the most sold and does not cost much. This would be enough to convince many people but let’s see what are the merits of this mower.

Einhell is a leading German do-it-yourself company. Famous all over the world, it produces accessories with an excellent price and exceptional performance.

Einhell’s is a family of similar electric lawn mowers, the GC-Em is the one I think is the best for convenience.

This mower is suitable for lawns up to 700 square meters. So for lawns of small dimensions but also medium, with its cutting width of 43 centimeters and its dimensions quite contained. It is not small, of course, but the maneuverability is at the top.

It is very powerful with its 1700 Watts and at the same time it is also quiet enough to allow quiet work for both you and your neighbors. It is also available in the less powerful 1400 Watt version.

Mulching is not foreseen. Allows only cutting with back discharge and collection via convenient large basket 52 liters.

The cutting height can be adjusted to 6 different positions, ranging from 20 millimeters to 70 millimeters.

If you’re not interested in mulching, this is the electric lawn mower that’s right for you. Comfortable, powerful, light and convenient.

Bosch ARM 32 – perfect for a small lawn

🥇 7 Best Electric Mowers (And The Close Mute!)

Light and easy to maneuver
Great price
1200 Watt PowerDrive engine
Cutting width of 32 centimeters
Collection bin of 31 liters

The Bosch electric lawnmower family is really wide. ARMs and Rotaks are really effective and high quality lawn mowers.

There are some for all needs, the ARM 32 in my opinion is the right compromise for those who have a small garden and want to spend little.

The numbers speak for themselves: it is powered by a 1200 Watt Powerdrive motor, its weight is almost 7 kilograms, the rotating blades have a diameter of 32 centimeters, it has a large 31 liter collection basket. It can be adjusted to 3 cutting heights of 20, 40 and 60 millimeters respectively.

The great potential is perceived on small lawns. Simply perfect. It also allows finishing work on the edges thanks to the side combs.

It is possible to buy only the lawn mower but there is also the option that includes a comfortable garden extension. Depending on the case it will be useful to have it more or less long to facilitate gardening operations.

The engine is innovative and very effective, maybe a little noisy but it allows perfect work already in the first pass.

If you have a small garden you cannot help but buy a Bosch ARM 32 electric lawnmower. You will immediately realize the comfort, especially when compared to the petrol-driven ones.

You don’t have to be there to check the fuel level, and maybe have to recharge it just for a quick and easy pass. No, the Bosch attaches it to the socket, passes it on the lawn and it’s done. Store it in your tool shed and when you need it will always be ready for use.

The convenience of having an electric lawnmower is unprecedented. Even more so if the operation surfaces are not particularly large.

Absolutely recommended.

Alpina BL 380 E – effectiveness made in Italy

Italian product that guarantees excellent assistance and obviously efficiency. Alpina makes many, but the BL 380 E mower is the second best from various points of view.

First of all, it has a 1400 Watt motor and a 40 liter collection basket. It is light and maneuverable which is a beauty.

It is also suitable for medium-sized lawns with a cutting width of 38 cm, adjustable to 3 different cutting heights, ranging from 25 to 65 millimeters.

One of the strong points of this product is to be the best economic electric lawn mower on the market, in my opinion.

Are you afraid of spending too much? Do you want to start with a small step? The Alpina electric lawn mower is the one for you.

Certainly it has its weaknesses, for example it does not allow mulching which is very important to keep the ground in good shape and health. If you pay attention in the shaving phase and follow the guidelines of the good gardener, you will immediately realize that the Alpina will be an excellent companion.

But also see the positives. A large collection basket allows you to avoid back and forth and unload it. You have great autonomy before filling it completely.

Depending on your needs, if you like the Alpina brand, you can also decide to opt for another lawnmower. You find a smaller and even more economical version, namely the BL 320 E, and the larger and decidedly more expensive one, the AL1 42 E.

Makita ELM3800 – professionalism at a good price

The Makita ELM3800 mower is a good machine, perfect for small and medium-sized gardens.

When you say Makita you say quality. This mower is one of the best models on the market and is positioned at quite high levels.

Electric, with a powerful enough 1400 Watt motor, a bit heavy perhaps compared to other lawn mowers, but you drive that is a beauty. All thanks to the 4 good wheels on which it rests, the rear ones are slightly larger and allow truly optimal maneuvers.

It is nothing short of effective. A friend of mine, also fond of gardening, spoke to me a short time ago about how he was very satisfied with this mower. He told me that he wanted to aim for a quality brand and that he chose Makita with his eyes closed. And he was very pleased.

It has a cutting width of 38 centimeters, not bad I would say, and the cutting height can be adjusted to 5 different positions: from 25 mm to 75 mm.

It has a large grass catcher in the back, also equipped with a handy indicator that informs you when the load is full and it’s time to unload it.

The ignition buttons are located on the handle. There is also a locking system to avoid unintended machine start-ups.

I’ll tell you the truth, if he had the chance to do mulching, that is to pulverize the grass and redistribute it on the lawn, I would have bought it because it is a beautiful object, albeit classic but powerful, efficient and of great quality.

Absolutely recommended. You will not regret.

Gardena Powermax 1200/32 – does not stop at nothing

If you have a garden that is not too big and you want to spend your money well, I can only advise you the electric mower Gardena Powermax 1200/32.

It’s light, it’s compact, it’s fantastic and suitable for fast work. It is probably one of the easiest to use in terms of maneuverability due to its size. And so I would say that it is recommended for those who are entering the world of lawn mowers for the first time.

Not only is it easy to drive but it is also simple in its various adjustments, such as the cutting height that occurs through the so-called QuickFit system: a lever allows you to vary the height from a minimum of 20 millimeters to a maximum of 60mm in comfort.

It has a 30 liter collection basket that allows great autonomy. A 1200 Watt motor (hence the name of the product) guarantees excellent power that translates into great cutting efficiency, thanks also to a beautiful steel blade with a cutting width of 32 centimeters.

It behaves very well on both grass and tall grass. Really a valid product. Being electric you won’t have to worry about anything, you attack it and you go. Plus there is a convenient cable lock, to make your life really easy.

I have to be honest, reading the opinion of many people on the web, I realized that this Gardena lawnmower is really worth a try. For this I will do it as soon as possible, although it is not suited to the size of my land.

Gardena also has other lawn mowers that adapt to different sizes, this reviewed here is the one with the smallest engine and cutting width. For what it costs, the Powermax 1200/32 seems the most convenient one.

It is a complete tool and therefore highly recommended.

Vigor V-1033 E – the best economical lawn mower

I don’t usually like to consider economic solutions when dealing with a certain type of product, especially if it concerns an activity that I love like gardening. But here I am really taken by surprise, and what a surprise!

The Vigor V-1033 E electric lawnmower is a prodigy of efficiency and economy. It is because first of all it does its job of lawnmower very well, and then because anyone can really afford it because you find it at a very low price.

Economic does not mean low quality. In this specific case it means simply saving and taking home a really good lawnmower.

Let me be clear, it is not a lawnmower suitable for the lawn of a palace. It is still for small lawns and for these dimensions it is simply perfect.

It has a 1000 Watt motor and a cutting width of 31 centimeters. Allows you to adjust the cutting height to 3 different positions: 30mm, 45mm and 60mm.

The collection basket it is equipped with is 28 liters which is more than sufficient for small soils.

Many positive reviews make this mower a little gem to have at all costs. Quite light and easy to drive, even very quiet. Perhaps now you understand why at the beginning of the review I was speaking of surprise.

It’s just a pity that mulching is not possible. For the rest I can’t help but really recommend it to everyone.

How to clean the electric grass trimmer?

Cleaning your work tools is the first fundamental rule in gardening, because it allows the tools to last longer.

I start by telling you that you have to clean the electric grass trimmer every time you use it, if you weren’t already doing it start doing it as soon as possible.

It is easy and anyone can do it: the first thing to do is to unplug the electrical socket from the lawn mower because you will almost certainly need water to clean it thoroughly and we know that water and electricity do not agree.

So safety first and foremost, turn off the machine and unplug it.

You have to turn the lawn mower to one side, the really dirty part will be the lower part, the one that was in contact with the lawn and that it cut. Turning it you will have the opportunity to wash this area well.

You can use special tools to do this, such as a scraper to properly remove all the grass left underneath.

I use water only in very rare cases, what I find very convenient is the compressed air that serves to remove even the most stubborn leaves. Then the washing phase begins. Clearly after finishing I am careful to dry it if I have used even a single drop of water.

Another important element to clean well is the collection basket. Depending on the case it may be removable or not. It is obvious that if you can physically detach from the car you can wash it more comfortably even under running water, being careful to dry it well before using the mower again.

For thorough cleaning, you may have to remove the blade very carefully and even use work gloves, which are always very useful.

Cleaning is one of the advantages of the electric lawn mower, because it is much easier than the petrol-driven mowers, which need much more maintenance.

When you pick up the mower to use it, before turning it on, I advise you to always take a quick look at the bottom area, which is free of debris, and the engine filters, which do not have hitches, so that it does not go into overload.

One piece of advice I give you is to pay attention to the noise the engine makes when it is new, and therefore very clean. So often I realize that it’s time to turn it off and clean it properly, just because it makes a different noise.

How to sharpen the blade of the electric grass trimmer?

The blade must first be disassembled from the lower part of the lawn mower, which will be placed on one side to facilitate the process.

This thing must be done with the utmost caution as the blade of a lawnmower is really sharp. So get some good work gloves and wear them before you start dismantling.

The blade can be sharpened by hand with a file or by using a grinder.

If you use a file, first make sure to secure the mower blade to a vise. Then it starts to slide the file firmly on the edge of the blade, first on one side and then on the other. When the metal becomes shiny it means that it is sharp.

Just be careful to respect the right angle when you slide the file that is given by what is called the angle of the bevel of the blade. It is usually around 40-45 degrees but to be on the safe side I advise you to consult the instruction manual for your mower.

If you use a grinder the concept is pretty much the same, always pay attention to the contact angle and, please, take the necessary precautions, ie work gloves and a mask, as the dust released during this process can be harmful if you breathe .

Also make sure that the blade does not overheat due to friction. Heat can permanently deform the shape of the blade.

Once the work is completed, remount the blade, taking care to mount it in the right direction!

Remember that if you start the mower and realize that it doesn’t cut at all, it could be that the blade has been reassembled in the wrong direction. So don’t be alarmed and take a second look.

How much an electric grass trimmer consumes

Well, it’s easy to know first, because it depends solely on the type of electric motor that mounts your lawn mower or what you are about to buy.

Mine, that is the AL-KO Comfort 40 E has a 1400 Watt motor and consumes very little, especially if compared to a petrol lawn mower.

But consider that 1400 Watts are also many, as you will find models with 1200 Watt motors or even models with 1000 Watt motors, like the Vigor V-1033 E which is really perfect for small lawns.

I invite you to take into account another factor.

The quality of an electric lawnmower is also given by its effectiveness. Translated, from how many times you have to pass it on the lawn to have a perfect cut.

Just a moment ago I mentioned the Al-ko, which I own, which is simply the best on the market, and the Vigor, which despite being incredibly cheap, has an unparalleled efficacy.

So working with such a tool is really fast. You don’t have to keep it on for hours and hours.

Consumption is absolutely low and this is certainly one of the factors that lead a person to choose an electric grass trimmer rather than a petrol lawn mower.

In conclusion

The world of gardening is a beautiful world, isn’t it?

We are constantly immersed in a modern world that seems to keep us further and further away from what is our first great parent: Mother Nature.

When I work in my garden, I love doing it in total peace and serenity, to regain (or at least try to do it) a contact with the earth that we are inevitably and slowly losing everyone.

The best tools must guarantee total respect for the environment, so an electric grass trimmer is the best option for me.

Using a petrol lawn mower is an oxymoron. It’s a bit like saying « I love animals » while eating a steak.

I love coming into spiritual contact with my land when I practice this fantastic hobby, and I love doing it with the right means.

If you’ve followed me this far, it means I was very thorough and found this electric lawnmower guide very enjoyable.

It only remains for me to wish you a good job of gardening with your new electric tool. And the next article here on ProContro.

Hello from Alessandro!


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