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My personal experience with Husqvarna

πŸ₯‡ Husqvarna chainsaw (Definitive Guide)

I purchased this chainsaw because I needed a product that was not too bulky for the trees in my mother's home garden. The surface is not very large, it is about 250 square meters, but I needed it something functional and not too expensive.

I state that I already have some experience with this type of instrument (I already had one previously), so I had no difficulty in assembling the Husqwarna when it arrived.

Although I am not really a beginner, I must say that the assembly may not be so immediate. That said, as soon as I opened the box I was a little bit disappointed: perhaps, given the brand, I was expecting a little more quality materials.

Above all, the plastic does not seem to be so durable, and there are parts that I think should have been made of a different material, such as metal.

Apart from this, I said to myself, there is no need to expect too much, since the cost is not excessive and it is not a professional product. It's here I had to change my mind.

Husqvarna Professional 450e chainsaw
Husqvarna Professional 450e chainsaw

  • The Husqvarna 450 E-Series chainsaw (Guide 45), with a power of 2.4 kW for semi-professional use for regular maintenance by sectors or features. Comfortable to use, its weight is very easy and it is equipped with a very good anti-vibration system and a rapid roller chain tensioner.
  • Very light and easy to throw

In fact the chainsaw turned out to be an excellent work tool. It runs on petrol, and has a maximum speed of 9000 rpm, which makes it quite powerful. I must say that, in half an hour, I pruned a surface of about 50 square meters of shrubs, rather tall and branched, without killing me with fatigue.

The product does its duty very well. Reading a few reviews on this chainsaw, especially the less positive ones, I cannot understand, in the sense that it is also for those who carry out pruning or cutting a tree find the best position or their own working method.

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  • Powerful second-generation multi-purpose machine, ideal for those seeking professional value in a chainsaw. Starting is also very easy because it now requires less tear, equipped with fuel caps with retractable fins. The X-Torq engine guarantees extremely low consumption and extremely low emissions, while Smart Start, primer and automatic return stop switch always ensure the easiest ignitions.
  • Displacement 50.2cm³ Power 2.4kW Recommended bar length max 50 cm Weight (excl. Cutting unit) 4.9kg

It seems to me that this chainsaw works really good, considering, I repeat, that this is not a professional product but, in many respects, it is as if it were.

First of all, it is very light, because it weighs less than five kilos. We have to work for half an hour to realize how important the weight is. The chainsaw I used previously weighed almost twice, and pruning even a small surface was a very long and laborious thing.

Furthermore, a positive aspect is that the Husqwarna you don't have to warm up to start, but it works immediately (the previous chainsaw, which however was not of this brand, took a while to warm up, even if of the same displacement, 38 cubic cm if I'm not mistaken).

Another positive factor is the reduced vibration: one of the elements that can make a chainsaw hang on the nail is excessive vibration while working, because it becomes really difficult, especially to prune large areas. The chainsaw Husqwarna 236, instead, he left me pleasantly surprised, because it vibrates very little. The pruning operation becomes, with this tool, simple and not too tiring. Apart from the higher bushes, I didn't have to move too much during pruning.

Let's move on to the topic autonomy and consumption. I must say that this chainsaw is also good from this point of view, because the fuel that I put at the beginning, when it arrived, still lasts.

I say it and I repeat, the petrol chain saw is unbeatable, working without wire is a completely different experience.

Those who periodically deal with cutting and pruning work know what it means to find the cable between their feet, it is a real nuisance, plus you risk getting really hurt, because while you lower yourself to avoid the cable while trying to avoid a branch can be really dangerous.

There is no comparison with a cordless chainsaw, you can move as you please and in complete freedom, saving a considerable amount of time and working a lot, but much better. There are also battery-powered chainsaws, which work without wires, but their power, compared to petrol engines, like the Husqwarna 236, is far inferior, and performance is also affected.

Moreover, the battery life is not even comparable to the one that can give you a chainsaw that runs on petrol (which, in this case, is lasting a lot). I also used this chainsaw on a day when it rained a little, because I had promised myself to finish the job I had started a few days before: even with these weather conditions this tool worked quite well.

Of course, if I had an electric powered chainsaw I couldn't have done it and I would have had to postpone the job.

Clearly, if there had been a thunderstorm, I wouldn't have even left, but I think this is clear from the start. Surely, if there had been ten degrees below zero I would have had some problems turning it on, but this I think happens in all cases.

Other technical details: the engine is quite powerful, thanks to the technology called X-Torq; there is the Air injection system, which allows cleaning with air.
The bar: it is 35 centimeters long, the right length for DIY jobs.

The tank has a capacity of 0.2 liters, which is not much, but considering the size of the chainsaw and its low consumption, I also had to change my mind. At first I thought it might be a problem, but in reality it is not, because the fuel inside lasts so much.

Another factor worthy of consideration is the smell: while working with this chainsaw you do not feel that unpleasant smell typical of diesel or petrol chainsaws: another point in favor.

A chainsaw of this kind is however suitable for those who understand at least some of these objects, for example because every so often you need to top up with fuel (that is, you have to check the level) and you need to perform at least a minimum of engine maintenance. From this point of view, it's not like you can forget it, you have to be a little behind.


  • Powerful second-generation multi-purpose machine, ideal for users looking for professional value in a chainsaw.
  • Starting is also very easy because it now requires less tear, equipped with fuel caps with retractable fins.

But, apart from that, I would say that this chainsaw, for the cost it has, performs exceptionally well, with me it has not changed. Having bought it recently, I am unable to evaluate its duration over time, in case I plan to update my evaluation in a while, when I have done at least one season. Until now, however, my response is more than positive.

I repeat, I am not a professional gardener, I do not spend hours and hours of the day pruning and cutting with a chainsaw, but this one immediately presents itself as a product for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers and has no pretense of being what it is not .

If I had to summarize the features that make me appreciate this product the most I am: light, does not vibrate, good performance in a short time, excellent value for money.

If I really have to find a defect, the material does not seem to me to be the best, it seems that they have saved a little on this front, but never mind. The positive aspects far outweigh those that make the nose turn up a little, also because, while working, the things that matter are very different.


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